• obi wan: this is crazy, but i'm having feelings again, like some kind of 14-year-old kid or something. you remember feelings, right?
  • anakin: yeah. i have feelings every single day of my life.
  • obi wan: do you?
  • anakin: are you saying you don't have feelings?
Show Me Where it Hurts (will you make it okay?) (Oliver/Felicity; T)

Summary: Set immediately post-5x17. Felicity patches Oliver up.

A/N: Well, I never thought I’d be writing these two again, but here we are. I actually really enjoyed this episode for the first time in a long time. It was a great character exploration for Oliver and I felt like this was the show I signed up for in the first place. This little drabble is just my way of trying to process that.

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“John, it’s - it - it - it’s over for me. I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m shutting everything down.”

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one thing i love about fanfics that usually doesn’t happen in movies?? it tells you how the ending is gonna go right there in the tags. you don’t have to wonder if your character is going to die because some Cinema Edgelord McGee might try to spice up the plot with a Twist like…Death or something

Student x Teacher Prompts

- I jokingly asked if I slept with you, you would raise my grade and you said… yes? How are you still teaching here?

- Everyone knows I have a crush on you and everyone jokingly put stuff like ’(insert name) thinks you’re hot’ into our project. Now we all forgot to take it out and you called me in after class.

- I was emailing/texting you about an assignment and my phone autocorrected to say something sexual, but you aren’t saying no…?

- I was trying to send you a picture of the answer for a question you had but in the background you could see my almost naked body and I’m so sorry.

- I thought that you sent that confession of love to me for real and I responded sincerely but I forgot that it was your project for school.

- I’ve started making up excuses to come to your tutorials but you’ve caught on to my huge crush. When I’m leaving one day all you say is ‘I think you have to come to tutorials so often not because you don’t understand but because the blood flows from your brain to… somewhere else when I teach.’


Request: I’m so excited that requests are open! I know you said that you don’t write death but idk if this will be okay: Do you think you could do a Bucky X Reader where the Reader is dealing with a recent loss of a family member and she keeps breaking down but she’s afraid someone will see her crying because it makes her feel weak and then one day Bucky finds her crying and comforts her and it all leads to fluff and cuddles? Thank you! And if you don’t wanna write this then it’s fine. Have a great day!

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A/N: I lost my grandfather nearly two years ago, so I sympathize with this loss; I understand how it feels and I hope you can move through. It helps me to see things like a rainbow, like he’s saying hi, or have a little laugh when something happens and saying it’s his way of “I’m here!” like when my transmission went out on his birthday week. That vehicle used to be his.

Warnings: Reader has lost a family member.

Word Count Total: 597

Short Imagine #110

Title: Loss

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in the orphan black tag while the cast is at paleyfest like… tatiana who??? titty malaysia??? graeme… granite freemason??? leaky fawcett? the jordan river???? kevin ham sandwich?? just josh jokesonyou?? air miller? maria conan doyle. ?? library of alexandria??? krispy brown?????

all i see is evelyne brochu who are all these other people i don’t know this must be a new show or something in which she’s the lead i just don’t know

Tagged by @diplodocus28 for.. Hold up, isn’t it a bit redundant for it to be “Stop, Drop”. Stop what you’re doing, and drop everything you’re doing? Why not call it something a little more fitting like Freeze Frame or Snapshot. Although, I assume the intent behind wanting to see one take a picture of their self is to attempt to candidly catch a glimpse into a part of their life they may not have share yet, or unintentionally share something about there life via where they are or a object in the shot. Then it should be called “I want to know more about you by you sharing a picture you taken of yourself in a place you normally wouldn’t” or better yet “The Irregular/Informal Portrait”. Tagging @dizzy-pup @fieryforge @256th and @me-and-my-beard

✁ hogwarts. gc  ‘”

  heLLO YALL Its ellY BACK AGAIN with them shitty ideas!!! anyways this is like the upgraded version of vacant.net, where we kind of talk sometimes but it isnt as active as it used to be :(( anyways! i just wanted to meet new people and do something fun… so :)) 

  basically this will be a public group chat on kik, and i will be accepting people? like i mean its nothing complicated, just like… a group chat? you are reQUIRED to talk at least once a week but that’s pretty much it ( i just want friends can you not tell )

  i might not accept everyone ( depending on how many people enter? dont let this flop pls like all of my events kind of flop ) and i’ll keep accepting people like yess building up a friend group ! anyways !! have fun? and make friends

to enter :

- please reblog this post! (likes don’t count)

- follow me? maybe? you don’t have to exactly

- kik is REQUIRED

- send me an ask with your name, age, timezone and hogwarts house

- be a hp / multifandom / myth / aes. blog ( this is basically a hogwarts gc? but you don’t have to know hp to join ;D )


- if this doesn’t get 30 notes i’ll delete the post and the gc :))

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My favorite part about white people insisting lance not having a cuban name is fine, is that whenever i mistake some white french persons last name for any other European country they get mad because apparently there is a big difference. and im erasing their culture or something. Guess it doesnt work that way for none white people tho.

Oh I know like I KNOW.

Once I was talking to some dude at like a college tour or something a few years ago and his name tag said “McGonagall” and I was like “!!!! Like Professor McGonagall!!! my friend named her Scottish Terrier McGonagall because she’s Scottish too” and he was like “um,,,,I’m not Scottish??? I’m Irish????” And I was like “oh ok, cool”
then he asked me what I was (yeah, he asked we “what are you?” 🙄) and I was like “I’m Cuban” he LEGIT said “is that like Puerto Rican or something?”


Comparison between my fancy!grimoire and my working!grimoire. The working one is where things go first. I’ve written down a lot of useless information. Anything I frequently refer back to gets a post it in the page. And then when I really really frequently refer back to something, I copy it down into the fancy one, complete with fancy lettering and illustrations and colors and gold ink. 

My fancy grimoire gets reblogged with tags like “goals” and “inspo” (which makes me feel so fluffy inside 💙) but I also want you to know that I don’t just crank out those pages perfectly on the first go! You want a fancy book? Get a fancy book! I’ll help you decorate! But the first thing you need to have a fancy book? A messy book.

“Ignore the others.  You write for yourself.  Continue to do that.   Never stop writing for yourself.  You write for your own enjoyment, and some people just buckle in for the ride with you.  Some won’t like it.   But you’re not writing for them.  You’re writing for yourself first, those who like your writing second, and those who don’t like it?  Sucks to be them.”

– my father, who hates reading and writing in general, upon mentioning weird reviews that have pissed me off lately

Also, because I feel like you need something like this after those ridiculous anons, I’m tagging you, @rivendell101

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People in the roleplay community seem to have like their own special tags for everything with like these special added things like stars and everything ( I hope i'm making sense rn ) but do you maybe know if everyone comes up with it themselfs or can you find it somewhere bc it looks pretty but I don't know much about how to come up with something like that myself, thank you!

to be honest i’m just as clueless as you are about how people make these ! i know a site like fsymbols.com exist and it has all kinds of cool symbols and text generators and etc which help but i supose people just find different kinds of symbols and combine them/put them together on their own ! if anyone knows more about this than me, don’t be afraid to elaborate !!

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Hi!! Just wanted to let you know that in your gender post that you stated Eve was made to be a "helpmate", but I think the original Hebrew is "ezer" which just means "help" or "shield". I think "helpmate" translates into "ezer kenegado" or something like that. Idk, I might be wrong, but just thought you should know. Be blessed!!

Yes hello! In the verse mentioned, Genesis 2:18, ezer kenegdo (עֵ֖זֶר כְּנֶגְדּֽוֹ ) is what is used! So you’re right that ezer on its own only means “help” or “helper” – but what is used in 2:18 is indeed the term often translated as “helpmate” or perhaps “suitable helper” or “helper opposite him.”

I did only mention the first half of the phrase in my post even though the verse has the full thing, so I’ll go back and edit that. Thanks!

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The amount of gay in this chapter was off the charts, and we didn't even have a moment between Kurogane and Fai! Could you imagine?? I am so glad you noticed Nokoru sleeping in Suoh's lap, because this is very important for science *flails* but also did I miss something because I'm so used to you calling characters by other names that I legit saw the name "Suoh" and was like, "who the hell is that"? NICK. SINCE WHEN DO YOU CALL MINOR CHARACTERS BY THEIR ACTUAL NAMES. I CANNOT COMPUTE.

OH MAN. I’m so beyond amused that you actually noticed that. That is incredible. 

But FULL DISCLOSURE; I totally had to google Suoh’s name halfway through typing the tags because I legitimately couldn’t remember it. 

More Full Disclosure: I do this often. 

Especially when it comes to minor characters like the Clamp Detectives. I know that one of them is named Nokoru but I can’t for the life of me remember which one that is. And what is the name of the third detective? Who even knows. It’s a mystery of the universe. Literally no-one knows. 

See look now I have to google it halfway through making this post.This is how ridiculous I am. 



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