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why do you ship jess/rory?

Hmm, I have a pretty complicated relationship with this couple mostly because I feel like the high points of Gilmore Girls have always been distorted by bad writing (even with Luke/Lorelai too).

But I prefer Jess over all the other guys because he loved her when it counted. He wouldn’t humiliate her with a public breakup like Dean did (twice), he broke up with his girlfriend before starting something with her (*throws shade at Dean again), and he would rather she follow her dreams than be with him (ok Logan). And even though he struggled a lot with expressing it and even though a lot of his mistakes were rooted in high school boy level immaturity, the development he underwent by the end of season six shows how much he progressed. (I’m REALLY into character development, in case you haven’t noticed)

And I feel like he’s the only guy who 1) can adapt to Rory’s needs for the future while 2) still being an anchor to home/the past. I think you see this best in season six when she dropped out of college. Seeing him brings her back down to earth and reminds her again of who she was before, but more importantly, it pushes her to go forward. I feel like Dean was too tied to Stars Hollows “high school” Rory, while Logan never fully understood where she came from, so the balance that Jess has is incredibly delicate and valuable. That comes for a deep understanding/knowledge of who Rory is, which is more than just “oh he likes to read too”. It’s not that he reads books, it’s that he’s able to read her. And the wonderful part is that Rory is able to the same for him.

So one thing I’m excited about in the reboot is to see how the nature of this relationship continues as Rory’s drifting about adulthood. Her mom and family are the most important relationships, without a doubt. But between the three guys, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jess is the one to help pull her out of the funk. That’s just how their relationship works. “It is what it is.” 

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I think that as a lover of Scorbus, I can say that everyone in this fandom loves you, your art is sometimes really lovely, sometimes really dumb and crazy, you have a bit of everything to be perfect. I know that you are taking recuests, so I was wondering if you would like to draw on ink something from our King!Scorpius / Griffindor!Albus AU, because I'm loving this 2 caracters and I want to see how you see them.

Anonymous asked: (Sorry 4 the bad English, I’m an Italian student) Anyway I was wondering if u can draw something about King!Scorpion and Slytherin!Albus. Like something with a badass Scorpius and a punk Albie like @al-ways-trouble and @ask-scorpius-hyperion-malfoy Thanks if u do this! 

[ InkPenciltober 2016.10.28 - King!Scorpius & Punk!Albus ]

I ended up leaning towards what the anon asked for and drew punk Slytherin!Albus instead of the Gryffindor AU because it’s double badassery Scorbus *v*

I’m more used to drawing sweet and modest characters so I have no idea if I got the look right… but I hope you like it all the same!

me and emilie might just have gotten vip tickets for tatinof stockholm, we might have gotten the two best seats in the entire theatre and we might be crying

Eiffel’s favorite book is James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl.

He’s never been quite sure why. He never liked to read much, his ADHD made it hard for him to sit down and concentrate long enough for him to really get into a book, but something about Dahl’s work made it easy.

Sure, James and the Giant Peach funny and has magic and giant bugs, what 10 year wouldn’t like that?

Or maybe it was just that it was his first real book. It had been a gift from an aunt, and Eiffel had almost forgotten about into he picked it up one day and decided to read it out of boredom.

He finished it in two days.

And maybe, in fact most likely, though Eiffel hasn’t really though about it himself, he wanted to be James,who didn’t have any friends, who got away from his shitty guardians and had magical adventures and who become a hero.

And Eiffel always wanted that.

He found more by Dahl and loved it all, practically Fantastic Mr. Fox and George’s Marvelous Medicine.

Of course he brought James and the Giant Peach with him on the Hephaestus, the same copy he got in 1992, primarily held together by duct tape.

Minkowski laughed when he told her.

“So.. uh, what’s your favorite book…?” had been an awkward ice-breaker type question posed by Eiffel.

“To Kill a Mockingbird” said Minkowski, “what’s yours?”

She wasn’t sure what she was expecting, maybe Lord of the Rings or maybe a comic book or something. She was not expecting

“James and the Giant Peach”

and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Really, Eiffel? Isn’t that a children’s book?”

She did feel a little bad when she saw the hurt look on his face. 

Later, she assumes it’s because Anne loves it, and she’s not entirely wrong, Eiffel did plan to read all of Roald Dahl’s books to her.

They only made it halfway through The Witches.

He brought that one with him, too.

About a year into the mission, Eiffel decided to read it again, late one night when he couldn’t sleep.

“Officer Eiffel…?” asked Hera.

“What’s up, Hera?” 

“This is stupid… but will you… read me your book…?”

He was a little taken back by the question.

(He thinks of Anne, climbing into his lap, insisting “Read to me, Daddy!”)

“Yeah, of course.” he said, flipping back to the beginning of the book.

Every night before he went to sleep, he read her couple chapters. He did voices too, even though he’s terrible at it.

Hera loved it anyway.

(Anne always loved it, too)

Kepler, Maxwell and Loveless laughed too when they found out. (who even knows how the topic had come up) They weren’t expecting his answer, either. They weren’t sure what to expect, but it was not that.

Jacobi, on the other hand, scoffed.

“Please, Eiffel. Matilda is way better.”

Eiffel just looked at him for a moment.

“Figures,” he said.

Jacobi has yet to figure out what that means.

Eiffel has read James and the Giant Peach several times since the mission started. It helps to fight off the homesickness, the paranoia, and the anxiety. He’s got it practically memorized by now, but he doesn’t care.

It’s his favorite book.

A written-in-one-sitting drabble because I’m FEELING SO MANY THINGS.

Written as a tag to 4x05.

Phil could feel her eyeroll–despite the fact that he was staring at the back of her head. Her dark hair was pulled back into a ponytail as she changed Tai Chi positions. Phil found himself thinking about how much he liked her hair at this longer length before he was able to shove down his admiration and focus on the reason he was there.

“Is there even the slightest chance you’re going to let it go?” Melinda sounded dry and tired, and yet…hesitant? An unusual tone for his partner.

“Nope.” Phil kept his voice light as he clicked the door to her room shut and leaned against it. She knew he was the only one at base who would dare enter her room without waiting for a response to the knock, and she knew why he sought her out. He wanted to know more.

Melinda took in a deep breath and smoothly switched positions, turning to the side so Phil had a view of her profile. Watching Melinda do Tai Chi always relaxed him, ever since the Academy. Her graceful movements and serene expression eased away his tension, and she radiated in a way that made it difficult for him to look away.

“You said I was there, but you didn’t say what happened. Was it a dream?” Phil mused aloud, watching as her body grew more tense the more he spoke. “A nightmare?  A memory? Something…else?”

Melinda finally dropped her hands to her sides and threw him a look of exasperation, and he raised his eyebrows innocently at her in response. 

“Aren’t you supposed to be getting ready to go out on another mission?” Melinda gestured to his suit and tie.

“I’ve still got time,” Phil answered easily. Melinda shook her head and strode over to grab her water bottle from her desk, which stood right by the door.

“Well? I’m just wondering what could have happened, because you’re deliberately not telling me, which makes me think it must not have been good.”

Melinda’s water bottle barely touched her lips before she put it down, not taking a single sip. She just looked at him instead, her eyes intense with emotion Phil couldn’t decipher.

“I mean, were you seeing me in the infected zombie form?” Phil continued, hoping she would get fed up with him and tell him before the curiosity ate him alive. He wasn’t sure what it was, but the way Melinda was acting made him suspicious. His heart was beating faster for reasons he didn’t stop to think about, and he felt like he needed to know what she saw. It was important somehow. A piece of a larger puzzle that he needed in order to solve it. “Was it–”

Suddenly, Melinda’s hand yanked at his tie and Phil stumbled into her. Her lips pressed against his in the most captivating way. He barely had a chance to touch his hands to her waist before she pulled away. 

“That,” Melinda’s voice was slightly breathless, making her impossibly more attractive as she looked up at him with dark, imploring eyes. “That’s what I saw.”

Phil just stared at her in disbelief, trying to process what this meant. For him. For them. He could see the uncertainty in Melinda’s eyes, and knew he had to assure her quickly before the curtains were drawn over her emotions and she withdrew from him.

“Well,” Phil said slowly. “Why didn’t you just say so?”

Melinda’s eyebrows drew together and she opened her mouth to respond before Phil stepped back into her space and smiled softly, one arm circling around her waist and drawing her closer to himself. His other hand slid around her neck. “It would have been nice to know that I could have done this earlier.”

He bent his head and caught a glimpse of her smile right before he kissed her.

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Have you ever draw something so hard like an anime character with a mouse before?

Yeah, I used to draw with my mouse before (when I just started to draw, so at the very beginning). I think I did a lot of drawings using vectors. I was using GIMP back then and it was really hard and tiring. 

I just did this one for fun. xd

And this one with vectors but still with my mouse:

Colors with my mouse (no vectors):

And I took so much time for this, wtf. I hate using my mouse. OTL

i wanted to say something about yuuri and viktor’s beach scene this last episode, where viktor playfully offers to be yuuri’s boyfriend;

a lot of people were saying, “man, yuuri just cockblocked himself, why did he do that? why’d he say no?” and generally complaining about it which i get and understand but like…

yuuri is still scared of viktor. he sees viktor as a completely different entity than regular people, like some sort of god, and thinks from the moment he met him, “i don’t match up to this person at all, this person is too good for me, this has to be some long drawn out dream or prank.” it’s like every time we look away he’s driven himself into another pit of insecurity, its horrible

and since he’s still terrified and in awe of viktor, he doesn’t see him as another person, so it’s hard for him to see eye to eye with him.

the other part is that viktor is a playful guy at heart; he has amazing accomplishments and has done and seen incredible things, he’s an adult man, but he’s still someone who likes a good laugh and wants to tease others (not maliciously of course– though he can be tactless and careless, he doesn’t have a genuinely mean bone in his body). he likes to have fun and one of his favorite pass times is to poke at yuuri and yurio. yuuri is now used to viktor teasing him all the time, so he never really takes anything to mind besides his coaching.

yuuri definitely likes viktor, but since he’s scared of him, LOSING him, he puts up walls, even higher ones because he assumes viktor is always just making fun of him.

yuuri admires and loves every inch of viktor, but doesn’t take him seriously, and that’s why he shuts down anything he finds off in viktor’s speech or wording. to yuuri, viktor is not a person; viktor is his god. a dumb, willful, silly god but a god none the less and their relationship is never going to progress until the both of them get their heads out of their asses

so yeah. thats all i have to say bye

Seriously, this is getting absolutely ridiculous. I saw IHs complaining about IRs taking control of #bleach tag and i’m getting tired of this bullshit.

First of all, what a lie. I’m looking through #bleach tag right now and i didn’t saw any anti-ichihime post tagged as #bleach yet. (Why don’t respect others ship like Pokemon shippers do?)

For second, if you dislike something, instead of solving it privately (as mature people would do) do you prefer to tag it as #bleach and put rude tags insulting people? Calling ‘em dumb? Now excuse me! What a hypocrite behavior this is… You need to know that YOU are the one who is making Bleach tag one of the worst tags to look through, and you’re making yourself look dumb by turning a discussion into that way instead of simple keeping your anger to yourself.

I don’t understand what people gain from insulting others. How about to grow up? You know, rather than exhibiting a childish behaviour of this sort? You can learn to do so without shoving your opinion down, proving your point is totally different from persistently-openly attacking people who likes your NOTP.

If the way to defend your ship is by insulting others, buddy, maybe your ship is not as good as you think it is or you are very insecure about the things you support.

Let me make this clear enough for everyone, and now get this into your brains: People ship WHATEVER they want to, people draw and write whatever they want to. Your OTP is canon? Nice! Good for you! People are not obliged to accept it, damn!

You’re making people know Bleach fandom as the WORST and RUDEST shipping fandom, are you proud with that? So fucking stop to go out insulting shippers, you’ll make us look bad on our fandom!

AND blaming others doesn’t make you right. It makes you a coward.

Grow up and have some respect.

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$10 sketch commissions

My car’s having some trouble and I could use a hand saving up for repairs. I’m taking 12 single figure sketch commissions that look something like this:

$10 a pop, one color or b/w, any kind of human/animal/monster character. I’m 100% okay with tasteful nudity and gore/body horror is encouraged, but nothing overtly sexual in nature please. Message me here on tumblr or send an email to truthrayy@gmail.com. Thanks so much!

Take The Hint

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader
Words: 1020
Requested by Anonymous:  Hey there! so I was thinking about a Gabriel x reader fic about the reader trying to woo Gabriel but he’s completely oblivious. Like you are always cooking sweets for him or helping patch him up but he doesn’t think much of it. Maybe fluff and smut? 

A/N: I didn’t do smut for this one…sorry.
A/N2: If you would like to be tagged in anything, send me an ask.

You had the cupcakes iced and decorated with little gold wings that you hoped would make Gabriel smile. If you could make the archangel smile, that would completely make your day.

           “Something smells delicious,” Gabriel’s voice startled you, “Are those cupcakes?” he asked, eyes wide.

           “Yeah. I made them,” you nodded.

           “Do they have angel wings?”

           “Yep,” you smiled proudly, “Made ‘em for you.”

           “Cool. Thanks, Y/N,” Gabriel smiled and grabbed one of the cupcake. He kept smiling as he ate, making you so happy.

           “I guess they’re good,” you said.

           Gabriel nodded, “So good,” he grabbed another one, “Where are Sam and Dean? Need to talk to them about something.”

           You sighed, knowing he had only come to see the guys, “Library.”


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If ever there was a day I didn’t feel like working…today is that day.  I’ve been somewhat productive to this point, but I’ve already worked my hours requirement for the week…unfortunately, I still have to hang out since I have a project team that will be here at 3:00.  Sooo, I’m going to get started on some of the 11 Questions that @foxinthewheatfield tagged me for a while ago!

  • What is the most personally meaningful thing that has ever been said to you? A while after we’d started dating, something really horrible had happened with my husband’s family and he just came up behind me while I was getting ready in the morning and laid his head on my shoulder and said, “Man, this really feels like shit.”  I suppose that’s an odd thing to select as the most meaningful thing anyone has ever said, but if you knew my husband, you’d understand.  He’s the most stoic human in the world.  That was the first time he’d ever shown me that he really needed me and sought out my presence for comfort.  I feel like I want to explain this a bit more (since I probably sound like a crazy person saying this is my most meaningful thing), but I can’t without sharing things about my husband’s family and upbringing that I know he prefers to keep private.
  • What is one secret you have never told anyone before? Can be silly or serious. I cheated on my first husband. Granted, he was horrible and treated me like crap, but that’s no excuse.  He never found out and I never told anyone, to include my family. To be fair, the husband (current) knows that secret, but I honestly couldn’t think of any that he doesn’t know. 

  • What is your favorite season and why? Easy, fall!  Not only do I love the change in temperature, but it kicks off all of my favorite things to celebrate–starting with my birthday!  :)  I feel like the celebration starts with my birthday and then there’s one thing after another through the New Year!  There’s just such a feel-good aspect to fall!

To be continued… :)        

do you know what i just realized i would love to have a scene where of some reason philip ends up with lukas’ bike and because lukas is in danger or philip thinks that he is or something philip takes the bike and he can like barely control it but he still goes really fast so he’ll get to lukas as quickly as possible and oh my god

Spoopy Nights #28: Disguise

Could you do something where reader is Clark Kent’s girlfriend (and doesn’t know he’s Superman) so for halloween she dresses up as Supergirl, but has on a ‘really bad disguise’ as a joke (which consists of glasses, a work skirt, and a halfway buttoned white shirt (I.e the classic Clark Kent/Kara Danvers look) ) and Clark just finds it hysterical while reader is just like “babe? whats wrong? BABE? TELL ME”  -  anon

(First time with Clark!)  

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 “Wilma i’m home!” Clark yelled as he walked into the apartment before chuckling as he dropped the keys into the bowl on the side table.
“Oh hey!” You called out “So i have some good news, bad news.”
“Clark Kent, ready to report any news.” He chucked coming into the bedroom and grinned when he realized you were in the bathroom.

He pulled the dry cleaning bag towards him, opening it as he started humming the Flintstones melody, getting into the spirit of The Daily Planet’s annual Halloween party.
His face dropped as he noticed his suit in the bag. No, he thought after his heart jumped out of his chest. The fabric was different among other things, he admired the suit in the bag as it was noticeable a lot of effort went into it, and his heart swelled with pride and relief that his secret, was still his own (and the leagues)

“Clark are you there?”
“Yes!” He replied perhaps over enthusiastically.
“They had a mix up and they closed early so they gave us these. I’m really sorry, i know you had your heart set on the Flintstones.”
“There’s always next year.” He smiled and sat next to the costume and pondered using his super vision to see what you were doing. Automatically he chose not to, being the gentleman he was, and he wanted to see what you wanted to show him.

“And the good news?”
The door swung open and you walked out in a half buttoned blouse revealing a supergirl logo underneath it, paired with stockings, pencil skirt and fake glasses. Resembling a look Kara and himself had mastered.

He tried so hard. He tried really hard. But the grown Kryptonian elapsed into a fit of giggles on the bed.

“Babe?” You frowned “Whats wrong?”
He composed himself before losing it again causing you to look in the mirror and wonder if there was something on your face. Not finding anything you implored more.
“Babe! Tell me. Come on, i’m Supergirl but in disguise!”

“Nothing sweetheart.” He said wiping the tears from his eyes. “Can i get a picture for Kara? Please?”
“Only if you get dressed in the suit.”
“How could i refuse that?” He grinned and extending his hands to grab yours and pulling you close to him for a kiss.

Tommy Shepherd Squad Update!

Well would ya look at this? I followed up on something I said I was gonna do! 

Alright, so I’m going to tag EVERYONE in the ‘network’ or whatever in this post and then give some more detail about what’s planned to go on here in the TSS, so this may get just a little bit long. 

First up, me! My name is Via. I like/follow from @yoitsviaa and reblog from @peterparkerfanclub (obviously) and I use she/her pronouns.

Next, we have Shani over at @sobasicallyimafreak. her pronouns are she/her!

Then: Emily over at @mygoshbane who likes/follows from @for-your-eyes-ohmly Once again: please inbox me with your pronouns!

Then: Orage over at @orageinamarvelsky ! this person likes/follows from @cocythe They’ve said that they aren’t really picky about pronouns but that they/them are preferred, so i’m gonna use those!

Next: Iris (cool name) over at @hawkeyearrow who’s pronouns are she/her! 

Then: @barrys-quakes aka Kayla who’s pronouns aren’t in their bio either. Y’all know the drill by now. 

Next: Ainsley from @lornaadanes who uses she/they pronouns! Glad to have you! Also: She posts her fanart to @ainsleydoesart and any art she does for this thing will be there, probably!

Next: Bailey from @youth-revengers who uses she/her pronouns, welcome buddy!

Then: Rachel from @urgoingtohell uses she/her pronouns and has a very nice icon 

Next: whichever lovely person runs @hydrangeasss (please let me know your name/pronouns! thankss)

Then: Lollie from @lolliepops-rox who uses she/her, he/him, and ne/nim/nir pronouns!

Next: Sachi from @softermochi who uses she/they pronouns

Next: @revolutionary-revelations who has neither pronouns nor a name in their bio, so hmu please!

Then: Başak over on @captainkittysparrow who’s specific pronouns aren’t mentioned BUT they are genderqueer and say that they’re cool with whatever pronouns you wanna use, so take that as u may!

Then: @angstychaosmagicuserkaplan (who’s URL is a mouthful but a very accurate one at that) once again, no name or pronouns, please come chat with me! (that sounds like i’m taking them to a principal’s office, i promise i just want your name lol)

Next: Joy B from @notoverjoyed who’s pronouns aren’t specifically mentioned!

Next: Tommy (because God is alive and he is working every day) from @crumplelush  who’s pronouns are they/them!

Then: @mycroftrh who’s pronouns are he/him or ze/zir. You can find also find him at @magnetos-dynasty which is what i suspect he’ll use for the network, but i’m not sure. A name drop would be great, my guy!

Last but not least: @amerilestequeen who’s name isn’t specified but who’s bio says they’re great at finding unloved characters so, same. Pronouns are: she/her


On the survey under ‘things you think I should know’, two people said that English isn’t their first language. That’s totally chill, you guys! Don’t worry about it! As long as you’re ready to share some cool Tommy Shepherd related things, that’s all that matters.

Also: out of the sixteen people who said they want a group chat, a few said they would prefer it to not be via skype. Does anyone have a preference for what app we use? I’m thinking kik is the easiest. Also the group chat is gonna be totally optional, don’t worry. 

The age range of this little group here is 14-33, if you aren’t okay with following minors/non-minors let me know and I’ll let you know who’s who!

That’s about it. You don’t have to follow everyone, but please follow enough to stay in the loop and definitely follow/track the tag #tommyshepherdsquad

Also! If you want anything in particular (ships, blood, etc) tagged so they can be blacklisted, reply to this or inbox me to let me know. 

Please like/reblog this so I know you’ve seen it! This is gonna be so fun, i swear.

-Via <3 

UPDATED 10/27/16 to add pronouns/names and to say:

 Things you can put the tag on:





Basically anything Tommy related that you want us to see, slap it under the tag and some of us are bound to see it. 

Also: Someone suggested that we use Allo for the group chat app, which i’ve never heard of but am willing to look at. Anyone second that movement?

EDITED 10/28/16 to add MORE names and pronouns! Also: I’m gonna put up a little survey to decide once and for all to decide what app to use for the (again, optional) group chat! It’s between Kik, Allo, and WhatsApp right now!

SLBP Questions

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Nobunaga: What’s something you’re proud of?

Being in college, studying something I like and being able to study other languages, things that my sisters didn’t have the chance to.

Mitsuhide: What are you really good at?

Oh god. I don’t know. I’m really good at reading a 300 pages book in a day lolol. Ammm, I don’t know. I’d like to think I’m good at languages, and I enjoy grammar stuff a lot, so maybe grammar too?

Yukimura: What do you find extremely embarrassing?

A lot of stuff, actually. But pretty much having to explain things I like or why I chose that major, everything that has to do with explaining things about myself to people that are not my friends/family.

Saizo: When do you put on a fake facade in front of others?

When people ask me if I’m ok. I don’t like worrying people, because I feel like I’m just bothering them. I’m honest about how I feel only with people I really trust.

Masamune: What do you feel insecure about?

Everything. Well, I dunno. My anxiety is pretty bad so if I have an anxiety attack I’ll feel insecure about legit EVERY SINGLE THING I’VE DONE IN MY LIFE lolol. But like, in normal situations, I’m pretty insecure about my writing/stuff I do, but since that’s normal I learnt to ignore it. 

Kojuro: Do you act mature or carefree for your age?

My mum says I act too mature for my age so. But I know I’m too childish when I’m with my best friend.

Hideyoshi: What makes you smile or laugh?

Writing, reading stuff from my friends and going out. Also, reading bad grammar jokes makes me cry in laughter.

Inuchiyo: What is something you want to protect?

My mum, my friends, and myself.

Mitsunari: What makes you impulsive?

I think when I’m too happy/excited, or when I’m way too mad lol. Also, if my anxiety hits I can be impulsive as hell.

Ieyasu: Has anyone ever betrayed you before?

Yeah lolol I have a mess irl right now because of something like that.

Kenshin: What do you find to be beautiful?

Ammm… I think things I enjoy are beautiful. Everything I like for me is beautiful. So idk.

Shingen: What’s the most serious illness you’ve ever had?

Asthma. I had a crisis when I was like 4 years old and I couldn’t breathe at all, I woke up at 4am feeling like I was being asphyxiated. My mom had to take me to the hospital lolol. I was there the whole day after, the doctors wanted to see if I was ok enough to go back home.

Shigezane: Do you hide your feelings behind humor?

Yeah. I joke a lot with my best friend about us dating to hide that I actually like him.

Toramatsu: Have you ever hidden your feelings for someone else before?

More times than I can count.

Yuki: If at all, how do you flirt?

I can’t flirt at all. Like, I suck at it.

Keiji: When is a time where you are most wild/hyper?

When I’m excited for something. I talk a lot, and nothing can shut me lol. Also, when I’m scared of nervous. My anxiety hits so I get hyper.

Nobuyuki: Do you like to tease your siblings and/or friends?

Yeah, I usually tease my friends but I’m the one getting more teased because I’m the shortest so.

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The Shortest Distance

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2ff2DyG

by Annaelle

Maybe a kiss or something, because there’s no way their first kiss—or Alec’s first kiss in general—on the wedding went that smoothly.

Words: 3247, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2ff2DyG

Oh man, for the record. I honestly don’t..ship….much of anything hahaha. Like if something is in canon I’ll be like “cute!” but actively shipping is just not something I’m into. (*cough* karamatsu/chibita might be the only exemption *cough*)


@peachpolaroids I love ALL the parents in Clarence! The dynamics between each pair are different and fun to write and explore. 

@president-frankensteinok AtsuTodo doesnt have much from canon for me to pull from BUT I think there are a lot of really great headcanons and art for that pairing! I havent drawn much Oso fanart lately but if I draw AtsuTodo I’ll be sure to tag you! (and thank you for the kind words!)