I’m a solitary creature. I survive alone. I am not accustomed to attention and I live with my shadow. It’s not something I wanted rather, it’s out of necessity to stay private than have people come and go while taking pieces of you. And there’s this thought in the back of my mind saying I might spend the rest of my life like this. But then again, you came.
—  And I just thought you should know, I want to be alone, with you.

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there is gonna be some mess. In pann there are some pics that people said it's kxk jetsking...but you can really see them, it's to far. It feel like the pics of the pool all over again x.x I'm worried ...

something is happening on twitter kfans are going crazy but i can’t understand tf is going on all i know that it’s related to k a i s t a l help

yeah its not them anon, that pict is said to be taken 7-6 August, Krystal was in Italy for a photoshoot in 3-8 August.



besides, jongin was still injured at that time, right? (and he still hasn’t fully recovered yet, right?) so why the hell he would do such sport?
it doesn’t make any sense lmao this rumor is so goddamn lame

you know what? i have a feeling sooner or later NB would translate this bullshit, and allkpop/koreaboo would make an article about it

tbh… it’s funny that we have new kxx rumor now hmm 

Saga Saturday: Starting Out.

Komiði sæl og blessuð, þingmenn,

I have been doing a “Saga Saturday” tag for quite while, but I have never been very organized about it. So, perhaps it is time to start taking it more seriously.

Something I would really enjoy seeing is more people interested in the Sagas. Of course, many of you already read them (some of you have read even more than I have), but I also know that a good portion of my ‘Thingmen’ (all of you followers) have had little exposure to them. I would like to change that, but I will need all of your help to do so!

What is “Saga Saturday?”

It is a day to appreciate the “Art of the Saga.”

What is a “Saga?”

A Saga is typically a medieval Icelandic tale, written in narrative prose, of family conflict and daily life. They tells tales of marriage, love, battle, raiding, heroic feats, kings, feuds, old age, strong women, and much more. They are far more than dull, historical tales. They are vividly painted stories that illustrate a deep and rich culture that followed the infamous “Viking Age.”

Why should I bother reading “Sagas?”

If you are fascinated with Vikings and their way of life, you will instantly find yourself taken away. Although these stories mostly reflect the culture of later medieval Iceland, they held a deep admiration and curiosity for their “Viking” ancestors. Many characters go abroad and raid, behaving as “Vikings” would. However, you gain much more that just the raiding. You get insight into cultural patterns and ideals. These Sagas are the window into their society and way of life. With these sagas, you are able to begin peering into aspects of everyday life, which is far more valuable than the actions of rulers alone.

Where would I begin?

If you want to gather a taste for the tradition, I recommend one of three sagas: Njal’s Saga, Egil’s Saga, or Laxdæla Saga. The best part about these is that you can already read them for free on The Icelandic Saga Database! This way you don’t even have to spend money to enjoy the lives of the medieval Icelanders. Just keep in mind that the translations are free because they are old. If you enjoy reading them, I suggest looking into the modern translation available on places such as Amazon. Here are this major sagas and their summaries:

Njal’s Saga:

“Written in the late thirteenth century, Njal’s Saga is the most popular and powerful of all the great Icelandic Family Sagas - a compelling chronicle of a fifty-year blood feud. Blending dark dreams, strange prophecies, sexual slander, violent conflict and fragile traces, it is at once heroic and deeply human. Throughout, memorable characters struggle with their passions, including Gunnar of Hlidarendi, a great warrior with an aversion to killing, the complex and villainous Mord Valgardsson, and the wise and prescient Njal. But as they search for honor, they remain dominated by perennial man-made problems: failed marriages, divided loyalties, the law’s inability to curb human instincts, and ultimately the terrible consequences when decent men and women are swept up in a tide of violence beyond their control.” (Summary from Njal’s Saga - Penguin Edition)

Egil’s Saga:

“Egil’s Saga tells the story of the long and brutal life of the tenth-century warrior-poet and farmer Egil Skallagrimsson: a psychologically ambitious character who was at once the composer of intricately beautiful poetry, and a physical grotesque capable of staggering brutality. This Icelandic saga recounts Egil’s progression from youthful savagery to mature wisdom as he struggles to defend his honor in a running feud against the Norwegian king Erik Blood-axe, fights for the English king Athelstan in his battles against Scotland and embarks on colorful Viking rain across northern Europe. Exploring issues as diverse as loyalty, the power of poetry and the relationship between two brothers who love the same woman, Egil’s Saga is a fascinating depiction of a deeply human character, and one of the true masterpieces of medieval literature.” (Summary from Egil’s Saga - Penguin Edition)

Laxdæla Saga:

“Gudrun is headstrong, proud and the most beautiful woman in Iceland. the tragic story of how she comes to betray than destroy the only man she has ever truly loved lies at the heart of this forceful family saga, which traces the passions and blood feuds of three generations of strong women, wise leaders and hotheaded warriors. Written around 1245 but telling of earlier centuries, when magic rites and sorcery closed with the presence of Christianity through a rapidly changing Viking world, this tale of revenge slayings and sacrifice, desire and regret, is one of the best-loved works of Icelandic literature. The accompanying sequel tells of Bolli Bollason, Gudrun’s adored son, and his fortune-seeking exploits.” (Summary from The Saga of the People of Laxardal and Bolli Bollason’s Tale - Penguin Edition).

Some words of Advice…

There is one thing to be wary of when reading these sagas: they are not meant to be taken literally. By that, I mean to say that they do not exactly reflect the period they claim to represent. They reflect the culture that wrote them, that of later medieval Iceland. They should be read understanding that concept, if possible. But, most of all, enjoy them! I study them academically, but you do not have to be so critical, as I am. They are wonderful tales of medieval heroes, you need not fret over their historical role.

The Goal of Saga Saturday:

So, with all of that being said, the goal for this “project” is just to have a day where people can enjoy sagas (if they so decide to). You do not have to read them, but if you are interested in Norse culture and history, I highly encourage you to enjoy a few Saga Saturdays, when possible. We will discuss them and feature them occasionally. In the end, it is an opportunity for awareness and appreciation surrounding the saga-world.

Another goal, or ideal, of this “project” is to bring together a community of Saga-lovers to discuss the material, resurrecting these tales from their dusty, historical shelf. We shall see what becomes of this, though.


I know that not all of you are “saga-lovers,” and, of course, you do not have to feel obligated to become one either. Still, I think many of you have a “saga-lover” dwelling inside of you, if you are following my blog already. Nevertheless, it is up to you all to decide whether “Saga Saturday” should continue to strive forward. If so, I will continue to discuss the sagas in more detail and provide sources for the continuation of enjoyment in the “Art of Saga-telling.”

Skál og ferð vel,
— Steven T. Dunn.

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do you really think it could be mgmt fucking with us to discredit everything the bears have done for us so far? even though it is a possibility, I feel like the timing is too significant, and also the fact that Louis has been sort of hinting towards an interaction with Perrie for it to be fake. Like, H&L have proved time and time again how much smarter than their OT they are, and I really doubt mgmt would plan as far as this for it all to fit and us to "fall for it" [1/2]

also, let’s not forget Louis’ rainbow tag recently and his selfie about “still waking up” which many fans were speculating had something to do with the “bears coming out of hibernation” after his several selfies only hinting to sleep. I dunno. I’m very optimistic about this, still. [2/2]

It really comes down to the type of people you think Louis and Harry are. So it’s no wonder that anti’s think the bears are trolls they believe that Louis and Harry are the worst versions of themselves, the ones the media puts forward for public consumption. 


Add, I will laser you to death if you keep staring at me like that.

M!A with CBS 0/3


My first kiss went a little like this (Lin x fem!Reader)

A/N: I’M BACK! After removing myself from technology and reading about a billion books I’m finally out of my writers block and will be hitting the computer and EVEN GIVING YOU A NEW FIC YOU LUCKY LOT! So without futher a do:

Ibethwritesimagines asked: Can you do a Lin Manuel x Female reader where it’s her first day of acting as Eliza in the play and she’s gets nervous when the kissing scene comes up and Lin whispers something calmly in her ear likes it’s going to be okay or something. So she trusts him and they share a kiss and after the show Lin asks the reader out. Thanks! Btw can you tag me? (IDK how to tag people so I hyperlinked you idkk is that tagging okay idkk?)

Oh no. Oh, nononono. Oh, dear God. You held the script in your shaking hands, re-reading the words over and over again:


You, a human being, had a crush on Lin-Manuel Miranda, like the rest of the world. And you, a human being, had just been cast opposite him in the most wanted role in the world, right now. Eliza Hamilton.

Clutching your coffee a little tighter, you dangled your legs off the end of the stage. This helped to calm you, until Lin came and sat next to you.

Look at his perfect eyes and his perfect hair, and his perfect eyebrowsandfaceandcheekbonesandsmileandlipsandbodyandwaithe’slookingatyouandhe’stalkingtoyoustopomgchilloutbrainwork.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” He asked, a soft smile erupting from his lips.

“Mhmm.” You completely forgot you had steaming hot coffee in your mouth as it dribbled down your chin, “Shit. Shit.”

“Uhm, so anyways,” Lin laughed it off, making you feel more at ease, “I see you read we have to kiss.”

“Ah, yes, slight problem, though,” You looked at his concerned face, “I-I’ve never kissed anyone before.”

Letting out a little laugh, you began to do what you wish you hadn’t; you talked.

“I mean, I’ve never kissed a human being before- but I haven’t kissed anything else, like I don’t kiss other things, okay I kissed a frog once it was an accident I watched Princess and The Frog and thought, oh well that must be legit,” – stop talking ohmygod stop talking right now, Y/N-“And, I ended up with salmonella, BUT I DON’T HAVE IT NOW, DON’T WORRY, but I’ve never kissed anything, except a frog, but it was years ago you won’t get anything.”

Lin was in complete and utter silence.

“Cool story.” Was all he could say, “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.” He rested his hand on top of yours, and pulled you up, to which you gladly obliged, before turning to ask you something, “Actually, doesn’t matter.”

Lin began to talk to Groff, leaving you, yet again, panicking over what to do.

The day eventually came, you were looking forward to performing, and The Schyuler Sisters went really well; the audience clapped and cheered. Renee noticed something was up, though, because she came and sat by you, putting her arm around you.

“What’s wrong?” Renee’s voice was warm and kind.

“I really like Lin, and I’m scared of kissing him.” Renee was someone who you could tell anything to, she wasn’t a gossip so she wouldn’t tell anyone.

“Don’t worry; you’ll be fine, besides it’s my song straight after it!” Renee joked, pulling you in for a hug.

The first few bars of Helpless played, just breathe, (breeeeeeeeeeeaaaathe, this is my street I smile at the fa-) sing your song, smile. Oh look, the audience is singing along, and there he is. Mr Perfect swaggering onto the stage.

“Oh look at those eyes.” Damn right, those eyes were gorgeous.

He came closer to you, noticing the panic in your eyes, and whispered low whilst the chorus danced, “You’re going to be okay. I’m way more nervous than you are.” What was that supposed to mean?

But then his lips were on yours and you couldn’t breathe. Suddenly sparks flew, pushing deeper and deeper into the kiss, Lin holding your hips and savouring every moment. You both felt it, that feeling, that rush of air, it wasn’t just a kiss. It was something more, it was something else.

Your lips parted and Lin couldn’t break the gaze with you, looking at you with wide eyes, like he needed more. He needed to kiss you. Again and again.

Soon the show was over, you were helping to pack everything away, laughing with some of the crew. That was when he came over to you.

“Hi!” It was cheerful, unlike the nervous one earlier in the day.

“Hey!” He grabbed a lead from you and put it to the side, pulling you to sit beside him on the steps, “I need to talk to you about something.”

You looked at him concerned, “No, no everything’s fine. In fact it’s amazing,” flashing his cheeky grin, he bit his lip when he looked up at you, “I’m really falling for you.”


You collapsed on the step beside him, clumsily falling a bit. Both sharing the same expression of ‘oh my goodness’, you looked at him and kissed him. This was the real thing, and you wanted this a whole lot more.

“I trusted you when you said you were more nervous than me, I trusted that those words meant something, and they do don’t they? Please say it, say it so I can because I’m terrified of saying them.”

“I love you.” You both said at the same time.

Lin placed his forehead on yours and you looked into each others eyes, suddenly the world didn’t matter. It was good. And right. He was yours and you were his.

Alexander and Eliza.

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explain yourself rob/misha make out when they are drunk,i need to know more dont hide that in your tag tell me moreeeeeeee

It was in the rob and Matt panel and the question was something like ‘weirdest thing on stage’ and rob just immediately starts talking about almost making out with Misha frequently on stage and the only reason they don’t is YouTube and here I am, an innocent trash gnome, like THERES NO YOUTUBE BEHIND THE CURTAIN AND THEY ARE DEFINITELY DRINKING….conclusion ???

kabuki-akuma replied to your photo “kabuki-akuma: @daronnefcy thank u for creating such a gorgeous…”

I sorta made Toff’s mouth/jaw less human and more monster, and let’s just say to hide it, he eats fairly better than others.

hmm you mean something like that?

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Hey my dude! So, I'm real nervous, because I might have to get heart surgery soon. Could you possibly do headcanons on what the paladins would do if their s/o was really nervous about something like that? Thanks, love!

yes absolutely!! i hope everything goes well for you!!

- he tries to stay cheerful for you, supporting you until the surgery date comes
- when you’re finally put under, everything he’s been hiding (the worry and fear) comes up. its not a pretty sight, but the crew helps him through it
- he’s there for you when you wake back up, holding your hand. he’s probably going to crack a cheesy joke like “i wouldn’t let some nasty doctor break your heart, you know?” but for real he looks like he’s going to cry

- he’s aggressively supportive. he doesn’t even let you bring up what will happen if you don’t make it out bc its not gonna happen fam not on his watch
- when you finally go under, he ends up isolating himself while he waits. if anyone tries to approach him, he gets snappy. its one of the ways he keeps his worry from blowing up into everyone’s faces
- when you come out of surgery, he pretends that he wasn’t worried at all. him? anxious??? never.

- REPEATEDLY SLAMMING THAT MF PANIC BUTTON, BRO!! (he’s supportive but he doesn’t hide how worried he is for you. he couldn’t hide it if he tried)
- when you go down under, he patiently but anxiously waits for you in the hospital guest room. unlike the other paladins, he didn’t bottle up his emotions, so he’s mostly ok
- he’s so fckin relieved when you come out of surgery. he hangs out with you in your hospital room until visiting hours end

- they know it’s unlikely you’ll die during surgery, but they’re worried anyway. they probably do a lot of research on your condition
- like keith, they get snappy and grumpy when you go under. she tries to keep herself busy why she waits for you to come out, but in the end, she just ends up brain-fried
- they’re probably like, dead asleep when you wake up bc they’ve been stressing out too much, but they’re also holding your hand. shhh don’t wake them

- ALSO SLAMMING THAT MF PANIC BUTTON but gently. more gentle than hunk is. he’s not panicking hard enough that he can’t support you through this but he’s worried. 
- he’s with you when they put you under, and when you’re finally asleep, he silently waits for you in the waiting room. he can’t focus on anything else why he waits, so he just kind of sits in silence until the doctor calls him back in
- when you wake up, you can see the tension leave his face. he’s not allowed to kiss u but……fuck the rules? he leaves a lil peck on ur cheek anyway. fuck the rules. 

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I am somewhat new to the Overwatch fandom. I don't actually play the game but I absolutely love the characters and I'm just wondering like ???? Where McHanzo came from??? No hate no hate it's a really cute ship but I feel like I'm missing out on something here?? Is there like a particular reason why it's so popular, other than its just really cute??

I honestly have no idea who started McHanzo. I just remember one day scrolling the Overwatch tag and someone posted some type of art piece of it and it got super popular.

OC Kissing Week Post!

OKAY! So I’ve seen a few of these posts going around and thought “Hey, that’s a swell idea!”

Basically, if anyone wants to write or draw or macaroni-art our OCs smooching for OC kissing week, then you are more than welcome to! I love the idea of OCs interacting and just want people to know that if they would like to do something like that, I am a-okay with it! 

For this week, there is no need to ask for permission (as this is just a fun free-for-all kinda event), but all I ask is you respect my OCs sexualities and preferences, which will be shown below (where applicable)!

If you do decide to do something, please tag me so I can find it! :D

Varlen Lavellan :: 23 :: Dual dagger rogue/Tempest :: he/him :: pansexual :: 6'1”

Anacrea Trevelyan :: 32 :: Lightning mage/Knight Enchanter :: she/her :: demi-bisexual :: 5'8” (note: platonic kisses are preferred unless there is suggestion of pre-existing friendship/relationship)

Nyvera Lavellan :: 25 :: Archer/Assassin :: she/her :: pansexual :: 5'6” (note: good luck)

Jaime Trevelyan :: 30 :: Warrior (sword/shield)/Champion :: he/him :: heterosexual :: 6'3”

Hanin Lavellan :: 33 :: Warrior (2h)/Reaver :: he/him :: bisexual :: 6'2” (note: only platonic kisses for OCs <25 years old)

Delton :: 26 :: Dual-dagger/”Fire mage” :: he/him :: pansexual :: 5'9”

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Hi I tried to vote for your book but I'm not really sure if I'm doing it right is it just tagging it as something I like to read? Just wanted to make sure I'm doing it right

so you open this link and click on each individual list 

and then click on “vote for this book”

Art hour will start at 2:00 (Eastern time)

Just a couple more things I’d like to point out before you do anything.

1.) you do not have to draw my ocs/art specifically for me. It can be whatever you want as long as it’s some form of art!

2.) it does not have to be draw recently. It can be something you drew a while back and you still like it. You can totally show that off.

3.) you don’t have to submit it to me. You can reblog it or post it on your own blog and tag me in it (using the hashtag ’#sharewithjere’)

4.) Make sure if you do submit it, it’s not on anonymous! I’m going to say some along the lines of ’(submitted by __________)’ so people know who you are!

5.) you can be a complete stranger or a close friend. I don’t care. Just submit it! I just wanna see some art.

6.) just have fun! I want this to be a good first experience. So let’s try and make it a good one! Please participate! I’d love to see your art and help get you guys out there!

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what the actual fUck is the deal with tiny!dan like, , , , what's the hc here. .. . . .

tiny!dan is actually a creation of my friend @fire-side-treats, an idea that I absolutely adore and stalk relentlessly to learn every facet about his life that I can. maybe one day I can work up the courage to write for them about tiny!dan. but definitely got stalk that blog for more information on him. the tag I created was for my use if I ever try and write something about him ^.^

So as it turns out silverfawn is also the name of some kind of rat? You posted something fawn and silvermist related so I was like YEAH SILVERFAWN! But I looked it up and in the silverfawn tag there’s a hella amount of rats. Bleh.

i was on a roll drawing something proper every day!! tho i didn’t finish this todayyyy OTL ..BUT I’M VERY EXCITED TO!! this is my superhero!kook au (where he sweeps jimin off his feet literally) that i wanna work on more eventually~~~