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Thoughts on the new DA on Arrow? Do you think the girlfriend line has a deeper meaning?

The most important thing about DAs on Arrow is this : they never last.

The job is jinxed. Like Defense Against the Dark Arts (which coincidentally is shortened to DADA). 

Anyhow, assuming this fellow is going to stay for a while, do I find him fishy? YES. Because history has been witness to it, any new character in government machinery on the show has been in cahoots with the big bad. 

Best case scenario where this DA is concerned? That he’s someone like Sebastian Blood was, who’s only a clog in the machinery with Prometheus.

Worst case scenario? That he is Prometheus. (Which I don’t believe is very likely for a lot of reasons at this point, that you can see here)

Honestly, I feel like it’ll be more of a parallel with Blood. Because Sebastian Blood was someone who won over Oliver and got his support slowly over time, both as Oliver Queen and as the Arrow, only to reveal himself to be Slade’s guy. But, in the end, he had an attack of conscience and died knowing he’d helped the man he’d come to consider a friend, and he was pivotal in the destruction of Slade. 

I believe that’s going to be the parallel with the DA. Oliver and the Green Arrow will trust the guy over time, only to realize that he’s working with Prometheus. Whether he redeems himself in the end or not can’t be said at this point. 

In Season 2, Oliver Queen was single (with things unresolved with his love interest) and in a position of a lot of power as the CEO of a multi billion dollar company, his father’s legacy. In Season 5, Oliver Queen is single (with things unresolved with his love interest) and in a position of a lot of power as the Mayor of Star City, his mother’s legacy.

In Season 2, the Arrow was working with Lance (a cop), bringing on Roy (a street fighter), and making a new team with Digg and Felicity at the core. In Season 5, the Green Arrow is working with Malone (a cop from what we’ve seen in an episode), bringing in a bunch of street fighters, and making a new team with Felicity and Digg (who’ll come back undoubtedly) at the core.

The parallels are already asunder. Notching it up, with the personal interest, the obsession over the Green Arrow, and the fact that Oliver had a direct hand in his making, Prometheus is a lot like Slade Wilson. (And I don’t think it’s because his girlfriend slept with him 12 years ago. That does not a great villain make.)

Now, why is Slade considered by many the best villain on Arrow yet? It’s not just because of his personal vendetta, not just because of the extent of his hatred. No, it’s because while Deathstroke was a big bad, Slade Wilson had been a relatable character that we had all loved.

I’d loved watching Slade in the flashbacks, teaching Oliver how to survive, becoming both a mentor and a friend. And even knowing that the woman he loved had chosen Oliver, he still considered Oliver his brother. It wasn’t until he got injected with Mirakuru and got up to find Shado dead that he lost it. It wasn’t till Oliver put an arrow through his eye that he became Deathstroke.

(I personally still loved Slade until he killed Moira. That scene was so brutal, I wanted him to die after that. The fact that Oliver let him live still stuns me).

And just like Slade had Sebastian Blood and Isabel Rochev

dismantling Oliver Queen from every front, I believe the new DA Adrian Chase(like Sebastian Blood, a man in the government who earns Oliver and GA’s trust, only to betray it later, and then die trying to redeem himself)

and that reporter woman Susan Williams (like Isabel Rochev, a manipulative woman who wants to undercut Oliver’s professional integrity while propositioning him. And like Moira had been wary of Isabel, Thea is wary of Susan)

could be the new cogs in the machinery - to get close to Oliver politically and personally, and ruin him from the inside when the moment comes.

And, Detective Douche Malone is a part of it too, I believe. (I find it really interesting that he’s a cop dating Felicity, Mayor Oliver Queen’s very public ex, and yet his first meeting with the man is as Green Arrow, and he’s bringing him new about Prometheus of all people. Curious, isn’t it?)

Keeping such similar factors, the changes this season will only be because of the changes inside Oliver himself. And that will be the testimony to his journey, how he reacts to similar situations differently.

Prometheus, is a very worthy adversary, who’s waited a long time to come to the screen. I don’t think he’ll be anything less than Slade Wilson was. I still think it’s Tommy Merlyn. You can read the whys and hows here.

As for the DA? I totally believe he’s like Sebastian Blood - he loves the city, he makes friends with Oliver, betrays him, and then dies redeeming himself. That’s my theory at this point.