actual angel sam wilson looking like a 90s fashion cover for @riakomai​ ✌️

see them all here! (#my palettes)

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What's the biggest fight you two have ever had? (What am I doing, I don't even like angst!)

T: … we actually have an ongoing argument at the moment…

T: and so on and so on… It makes me sad thinking about it… I´ve never seen him so angry and loud…. *sniffs*


some free-hand portraits i did for The Swaingels last night!! i did them all one after the other

i’ve been watching a lot of grayscale-to-color process videos from other artists lately, and they’ve inspired me a ton! and thanks to all of my portrait practice, my face shading has improved a bunch!

also N got the feature spot just because i really like how his turned out

can we talk about how Mike and Ginny have no concept of personal space and the best part is that its unconscious. Like the first time they both consciously reached out to touch each other (that we see) was the hug and we know how that turned out 🔥 


Here’s some lailvarez as part two of your gift!!! Im posting them separately cause I have a few headcanons I wanna share on lailvarez (i know it’s not evident on that it’s lailvarez but this is how i get out of drawing faces and it’s aesthetic) (ps i did not draw those flowers it’s a texture i canNot draw tht well)

  • Laila is an aesthetic hoe
  • Like Aesthetic Hoe
  • #doitfortheaesthetic
  • She loves roses and converse and converse with roses
  • She’s also T I N Y
  • Like
  • alvarez could pick her up in one hand
  • Come to think of it
  • I bet she’s done that too
  • Sara alvarez is a lipstick lesbian
  • Dont fight me on this
  • She has so many different lipstick colors
  • So many
  • Laila likes to do alvarez’s makeup
  • She does a decent job
  • For the most part laila doesnt wear too much makeup
  • But she was that girl in middle school who wore glitter eyeshadow
  • She still does on occasion
  • Laila and alvarez go stargazing all the time
  • Sometimes it’s a team thing
  • Sometimes just with jeremy
  • Sometimes by themselves
  • They’re the actual embodiment of the no homo bro memes
  • Even tho every knows they’re together and really fucking gay
  • “Bro,,the stars are beautiful but,,ur beautifuler bro”
  • “Bro” “bro”
  • they both say “no homo” and “that’s gay” v regularly
  • the moral of this story is that they’re in lov and i lov them
BTS Reaction || Hanging Out Too Much With Their Idol Crush And They Get Into A Scandal
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Rap Monster

“I can’t believe this is serious, I’m in a terrible friendzone how do they not notice”


*He’s flustered*
/ Did they notice? It’s not like I was obvious… /


*The members (being the little shits they are) make fun of his ‘one sided crush scandal story’ and when you’re around they act even worse*
“Don’t mind them, Y/N. They stopped growing mentally and physically after turning 10.”


“How the heck do I flirt now when those dumb rumors are out???”


“WAIT, SCANDAL? MOI? PARK JIMIN IN A SCANDAL? Oh hollup, it’s with Y/N, I can survive that.”


“Y/N, do you want to explain something? When did we get into a scandal?”


“But… W-what?”


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Why would you call yourself a trap

Because it’s empowering. It deweaponizes the word in my mind when i use it for myself. Like how is anyone going to hurt me with the word trap if I’m already using it to describe myself? Taking that word’s gravity away for myself, in turn, takes away that word as a weapon for others. Slur reclamation isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine. But it’s something that helps me out a lot.


Couldn’t decide if I liked this better with or without the shades, so have both!! :D those are totally V’s sunglasses. I’ll leave how he acquired them up to your imagination

Thanks for sending in this request, Anon~ it was fun to work on, so 
I hope you like how it turned out too n_n

From this art meme: Send me a character + expression!

We’ve been working on an animated typography project in college for the past two weeks, so I went with one of my favourite TAZ scenes; Angus’s first magic lesson. I had a lot of fun with it, even if it did turn out a little plain! Enjoy?

EDIT: Just realised I have like 20 seconds of dead air at the end and i dONT KNOW HOW TO TRIM IT

ah yes look @ that wip that I’m actually systematically working on unlike my other one that I gave up on

this ?? started out as a color study and a color palette challenge I decided to do and it turned into one (1) saucy yet sad hanzo shimada

enjoy :^) please do not remove caption! The updated version that is not a preview should be around soon enough since I’m actually working on this like damn what is this how do I even have this much motivation

Some reasons why Tyler Breeze is a delight on social media/outside the ring

  • Although it’s over, if you haven’t seen Shootin’ the Breeze With Tyler… Breeze on Youtube, it’s a gift (x)
  • His appearences on Up Up Down Down have been a joy
  • He has a side-instagram for his dogs, Tigger and Kanga
  • He regularly reposts and links dogs from shelters that are up for adoption
  • He’s been defending his fellow superstars from haters on Twitter with some high-level sass
  • When other wrestlers are regularly with him on social media posts (eg. Dolph Ziggler, Natalya and Zack Ryder)
  • He’s been regularly posting about wanting to fight Tye Dillinger for the past year

I absolutely invite you to add to this

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Hello can I request hc of RFA+V and Saeran (i'm sorry if it's too much) on yandere MC, like she turns really scary when she's jealous and threating people. Thank you I really like your blog so much~

It’s not too much at all! I love the concept of a yandere character so this was a lot of fun to write! I hope that you enjoy!~


  • You and Yoosung had decided to go to the mall to buy some matching outfits
  • As you went into the changing room, one of Yoosung’s female classmates noticed him and went to say hi
  • You came out just as she was hugging Yoosung telling him how good it was to see him and how they should hang out together sometime
  • Your eyes become dark and you fake smile, prying the girl off of your boyfriend saying to her “Maybe we could all hang out together and look at my knife collection. I could even show you some of my favorites up closely.~”
  • The girl laughed nervously as Yoosung seemed blissfully unaware of what you actually meant as he went to go look at another shirt
  • Before the girl could leave, you grabbed her arm telling her “If you ever think about touching my Yoosung again, there will be consequences, got it?”
  • The girl nodded in terror as you finally let go of her and Yoosung came back with another shirt for you to try on
  • “You’re such a yandere MC, and that’s one more reason why I love you.” Yoosung said with his own dark smirk forming on his lips
  • You never realized that Yoosung knew what yandere meant, but assume he knew because of all of the games that he played
  • The two of you walked out of the store, hand in hand, becoming the couple that everyone knew not to mess with


  • Zen got you front row seats to his newest musical, a production about a murder mystery 
  • Your boyfriend performed flawlessly as usual, but it was his co-star that made you rage on the inside
  • She was his literal partner in crime for the production and the two of them had some intimate moments together
  • After the show was over, Zen invited you backstage to show you around
  • His co-star came up to him, telling him that his performance was amazing
  • Of course being the narcissist that he is, Zen took the compliment and focused all of his attention on her
  • You casually went over to pick up one of the prop knives and smiled cheerfully as you swiftly put the fake knife against the girl’s throat
  • “Looks like I could be a great murderer huh?” You said happily as the girl completely tensed up
  • Zen laughed awkwardly as you pulled the knife away from the girl’s throat only to press it against her stomach
  • “I think that if you don’t leave my Zen alone, then I may just end up having to get a real knife and slice you up.” You told the now terrified girl
  • You removed the fake knife from the girl as she ran out of the stage area
  • Zen blinked a couple of times in confusion asking “Um what was that all about MC?”
  • You batted your eyelashes innocently saying “It’s just that I wanted to be the one to tell you how amazing you performed tonight and not her but she ruined it. You were absolutely perfect Zen, the greatest performance I’ve ever seen.”
  • Zen smiled with pride as he completely forgot what just happened and started telling you how great he was
  • You smiled and nodded, mainly because you knew that nobody was ever going to mess with your Zen ever again


  • You and Jaehee decided to go to try out a new restaurant in town for a date night
  • It was a fancy place so you and Jaehee got extra dressed up for the special occasion
  • You noticed that the waitress would always smile at Jaehee and be extra kind to your girlfriend
  • As the night went on, Jaehee seemed to be talking more with the waitress than with you, making you very upset
  • Once the waitress was about to pass by, you stuck your foot out making the young girl trip and fall
  • Jaehee gave a worried look but you only smirked as the waitress tried desperately to clean herself up
  • She wondered out loud how she tripped and you replied “I stuck my leg out in front of you idiot.”
  • The waitress looked surprised and you got up out of your seat, kneeling down to be face to face with the scared girl telling her “And if you keep flirting with my girlfriend like that, then I’ll do something much worse than trip you.”
  • The girl quickly got up and bolted out of the room, much to Jaehee’s shock
  • “MC what were you talking about? Were you serious?” Jaehee asked as you took her hand and led her out of the restaurant
  • “Of course Jaehee! I can’t have anyone else trying to get close to my amazing girlfriend.” You told Jaehee as she blushed brightly
  • You smiled and kissed her cheek, vowing to yourself that if anyone ever tried talking to Jaehee like that again, you’d make sure they would never walk again


  • Jumin had dragged you to yet another business party
  • At first, you didn’t like going to these boring parties but you soon realized that they were a great opportunity to make sure Jumin wasn’t being harassed by any other girls
  • You were about to go get the two of you some drinks when you noticed a young woman going up to Jumin and talk to him
  • As the two of them chatted away, you grabbed two drinks, but not for you and Jumin
  • You walked up to the snobby woman and she looked you up and down muttering “Not very impressive.”
  • You simply smiled as you poured both of the drinks over the woman’s head
  • She shrieked, saying that she couldn’t breath but you only giggled
  • “The next time you ever think about talking to my Jumin, I’ll push you over a lake instead of just pouring some drinks over you. So back off. Now.” You practically growled the last part
  • The woman ran away and you turned to a very amused Jumin
  • “MC, what kind of emotion was that? I must know.” Jumin asked as you wrapped yourself around him
  • “That’s just my way of showing my love for you Jumin. Now lets go home and I can show you how much I really love you.” You said to Jumin as you lead him out of the party room
  • Jumin still was unsure what he had witnessed but you knew that if any other girl would try and get close to them that you would simply toss them out of the way


  • You had finally convinced Seven to take you out on a date and he decided to go to the movies with you
  • It was a sold out show but the two of you didn’t mind and went anyway
  • Your seats were towards the back, next to a couple of girls who eyed you and Seven up
  • Seven sat down next to you and you snuggled up against him, hoping that the girls would get the point
  • But they must have been oblivious and one of them came up to Seven telling him that he was cute and his glasses were adorable
  • Seven smiled sheepishly but you got up from your seat and pushed the girl down on her own saying to her “Leave my boyfriend alone or else you will pay. Severely.”
  • The couple of girls looked scared out of their minds and left the movie theater
  • You smiled as you went to sit back down next to Seven again
  • He put his arm around you and whispered “That was the coolest thing that you’ve ever done. I love you MC.”
  • You kissed him on the cheek and cuddled closer to him, ignoring the movie as you kept thinking about how you would always protect Seven from anyone else who would even dare to say anything to him


  • You and V took evening walks in the park almost ever night since he found it relaxing
  • You were use to people offering to help V because of his poor eyesight and for the most part, you didn’t mind
  • Until one evening as you and V took your walk, holding hands as you helped guide him
  • Someone called you on your phone, making the two of you stop for a minute
  • You stepped only a few feet away to take the call but as soon as you finished up, you saw some girl clinging onto V’s arm
  • She was insisting on helping him since he couldn’t see well but he was politely declining
  • You stomped over to the two of the them and ripped the girl away from your boyfriend’s arm
  • “Unless you want to become blind like my boyfriend, I suggest that leave us alone. Right now.” You said in a sinister voice to the now scared
  • She tried to come up with a weak excuse about how she was only trying to help V but you walked over to her and looked her straight in the eyes saying “If you don’t leave right this second then I’ll not only blind you, but I’ll shut up that little mouth of yours.”
  • The girl ran away too scared to even try and argue with you
  • You smiled triumphantly as you walked over to a very confused V
  • “M-MC… Were you… Was that…” V tried to say but you only grabbed his hand again and continued to walk down the pathway
  • “Don’t worry about anything V, I’ll make sure to always protect you from any unwanted visitors.” You said happily to the still confused V
  • But no one, and you mean no one, would ever lay a hand on V ever again unless they wanted to be dead


  • Saeran was still going to therapy to try and become a functional member of society again after he escaped Mint Eye
  • He was making great progress thanks to your help and encouragement and he was honestly so grateful to have you in his life
  • You always met up with Saeran after his sessions to go to the ice cream shop and enjoy each other’s company
  • It seemed like any other day until you both got to the ice cream shop
  • The two of you ordered and were happily chatting until a girl came up to Saeran and told him that she’s seen him around there a lot and wanted to get to know him better
  • Saeran gave her a “No thanks” and continued to talk to you
  • But the girl was persistent and asked for his phone number so she could call him sometime
  • Saeran was about to tell her to leave until you got up from your seat and grabbed the girl’s shirt saying “He said no. If you keep bothering my boyfriend then I will make you pay, limb by limb.”
  • The girl became confused and terrified and bolted out of the shop
  • Saeran smirked at you as you happily finished your ice cream
  • As the two of you were walking home, Saeran said “I never knew that you could act like that MC. I kind of loved it.”
  • “Anything to protect my Saeran!” You said as you smiled and he smiled, grabbing your hand
  • That was the first time in a very long time that you saw Saeran smile so you secretly decided to act that way all of the time, all for your Saeran

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i've been thinking about the lup thing and i almost feel like griffin had to have approached justin before he decided it was canon so that justin would be aware of taako's backstory changing and so there would be a more cohesive personality for her and stuff? but i don't know, we'll how it turns out next week.

i mean griffin told them all in-podcast that he was trying not to mess with the backstories they made for themselves so im a little inclined to believe they like. super dont talk about this show with each other outside of recording…? like maybe he could have… kinda hope he did tbh, but im doubtful