“I shall serve no otherYou are MY king…”

Here’s something I snuck between some bigger projects (which are keeping me from being too active - sorry if I’ve been unresponsive! Let me make up for it with… well, art, lol.) This was another sketch that evolved into a rough animation. The magical crown idea wouldn’t leave my head and I couldn’t resist giving it a shot… Pretty pleased with how it turned out! And ya, I have a thing for Merlin being so fiercely loyal that he comes across a bit dark and possessive… Arthur likes it too! ;)

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we’ve got to stop not meeting like this - in dreams written under pillows for the night to forget in a single kiss of the sun, in faces we drink to cut the manifestation of life into a single entity. all my broken pieces spell out your name. all my tears hold my hand tighter than your eyes. all this silence reads better than the final scene of us. losing you has turned me a new shade of blue, and I don’t know how to paint anything less than my favorite. I don’t know how to not taste you in my coffee, how to use less sugar because even if its too hot, there’s still a slight breeze to my right. I’ve been saying your name in the mirror hoping that I would be better at goodbye this time, but you’ve been gone for weeks already, and I’ve been sleeping with a memory so real I can hear you knocking against my temples. darling, though silence and secrets are dark places that always require company, the longer silence remains untouched, the longer the miscommunication creates its own stories..and I may have put all my sand into the same castle, but belief will only drown you if you forget to exhale the bad. you said be love… like that could be easier than being human. sometimes when the clock passes me up and all I’ve been doing is wondering if I’m on your mind, I realize that I’m probably not. I realize that things have changed, we’re no longer the same. the words we tell each other, it’s all more memories to forget, some people look better in your memories anyway. and it’s just these fucking feelings, they stay longer than the actual person. and it’s just this fucking heart it keeps beating for you, and I’ve been trying to pump it with enough drugs to keep me going for another week, but that’s the thing, isn’t it? what we had? it was unhealthy, so here’s the truth about me. I need to let go of everything that’s killing me, I’d drink to the sound of your voice, but I haven’t heard it for so long, maybe it sounds like the waves crashing onto the shoreline, we’re worlds apart. we’re all a little lost when it comes to love, so maps won’t help us find lost treasure. lately, I’ve been feeling a new shade of red. lately, I’ve been feeling other things, it’s never you, but occasionally, I’m still stuck here, maybe it’s this depression. maybe it’s just me. I’m still trying to be okay, but if I don’t, fuck, I’ll stay until the very last second to find out.
—  The Ate & The Bunso

I can’t tell you how sad i was, that after an HOUR of getting ready, when i went to turn my nice camera on the battery was dead…dont be like me kids, always charge your cameras. hopefully my silly space effects make up for it??

NYMA!!! I know she’s not perfect, I’m not a huge fan of how the yellow tones don’t reeeeally pop out (even after so much work ug) BUT! she is done! and I am actually pretty happy with my construction? some frustrating things, but i KNEW that was just with the territory. I’m trying desperately to get my construction progress (and extra photos) on my Patreon, but its down right now for some reason??? bleh. 

so here she is…Nyma; SQUEAKADEEKS STYLE! 

[will smith poses] a gay

the squad made a pokemon AU for our sonas so heres my sin sona as pokemon trainer

obviously hes part of team skull but he aint a normal grunt. bc thats boring. no hes the guy in charge of the teams laundry bc he has a full water type team and somebody gotta keep those nerds from walkin around in stinky uniforms right??

it’s the bae’s birthday today so I doodled his pretty face

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You and Drewlikesrice are really the only YouTubers in this community who remain strong in the RT4 message and stay true. These flakes dont even do RT4 they just cash in on the community you created and stab you in the back.. I mean carbstrong, steph, bonnie, FL, slim like tim, craig etc all turning against you? HOW SHIT! You and DLR keep it up

When you are too focused on your weight you will ALWAYS get out of balance in life.

Bonny is first to say Im a great guy in person but her biggest issue with me is she can’t hack that her bf has a few pimples and it doesnt look good for insta/youtube. Im always like ‘who gives a fuck! is just skin and most of us go thru something like that in our lives.

“hey mossy what’s been happening with you lately how’s life been treatin ya?”

well i downloaded all six seasons of the nanny last night so things are going Pretty Damn Well if i do say so myself 👌


I looked up ballistic missiles today. And learned how they differ from cruise missiles. I mean, I hear these words all the time, but I felt like I wanted to know what they actually mean.

Turns out the big ones can cover 10,000 km in about 30 minutes.

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Theres a blurb I like that I read ages ago and I cant remember who wrote it. I know it wasn't you but I was hopping one of your followers would help me or you (please!) Its about Harry and how he is still in bed and his girl had just come out the shower and he's turned on so he begs his girl to let him fuck her so she lets him while she's getting ready and thats about as much as I can remember. PLEASE HELP A SISTER OUT ! Por favor !🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

THAT!!! WOULD BE MORNING WOOD PARTS 1 AND 2!! BY @harryandmesohappily!!! Go forth, read, enjoy, and tell her how much you enjoy it! x

I usually try to make happy videos of Darcy/Steve. They are one of my favorite OTP.

However, this video took an unexpected turn. I was looking for a song to fit some of the new scenes I put together. I chose the song ‘What About Now’ By Daughtry.

After watching the completed video I noticed something. Maybe it’s my imagination, but the video seems to give the impression that it can be hard being in love with a Superhero. And, for a Superhero to be in love. Not a perfect relationship. But they don’t give up on each other.

This was not my intention, it just happened. I do like how it turned out.

have i mentioned how much i like svt’s hair this era???

i mean, from the second check-in was released vernon’s wavy dark hair thing was already slaying, posts were made about it, scrolls were written, sonatas were composed

jihoon’s hair this era is definitely the best, if not second to vernon’s,,, it just looks So Good like damn

we don’t talk abt minghao bc ppl faint when we talk abt minghao… all u need to know is that he’s killing it and he looks scary good

seokmin, junhui, hosh and coups are rocking dark hair and it looks lovely. wasn’t sure how coups’ hair would turn out esp. with the disaster it was in boom boom mv but everything’s just dandy (for) now!!

jeonghan……. man ik fans were iffy about his haircut but i think most if not all of us can agree that he looks rlly damn good??? plus it really fits the concept this era and now he looks like a spoiled lawyer’s hot son esp in that varsity jacket

seungkwan’s hair looks good. he looks like one of those artists u meet in downtown toronto that only come out in wintertime bc it fits their aesthetic. jokes aside his hair looks really great and artsy

mingyu’s hair turned from cheeto dust to the cream that kinda gets stuck on the edge of ur coffee cup and it looks nice. he looks like gyujin 

josh & chan… man idek if they have the same hair colour but it looks the same in 240p. i really like that hair color. i think this is chan’s best hair colour so far, and jisoo’s second best (*coughs* grapefruit). anyways the hair colour really complements their uhh *spins wheel* cheekbones

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Kara's path to become a successful reporter turns out way bumpier than expected that Cat has to come back and take over Snapper's role to teach Kara how to be a decent reporter.

P L E A S E. I would kill to have her lowkey keeping tabs on Kara and just getting more and more frustrated because what is this girl doing? Cat having a stack of the magazines with Kara’s articles covered in red notes and snide comments until she just can’t take it anymore. (Honestly this is barely fanon like I 100% believe this is what Cat is doing in between any diving ok.)

you know, I realize how jaded I’ve become when i look at a show like Skam and at every turn, even if i knew the outcome was /not gonna be that bad/ I still get surprised by it. even if logically, my brain has already deduced that this show has a set purpose and that purpose didn’t involve high stakes drama, I STILL have that thought in the back of my head that things would all go tits up. Because THAT’S WHAT I WAS CONDITIONED TO THINK. How many times have we seen relationship drama get dragged out season after season with no happy ending in sight? how many times do we get to see POSITIVE queer storylines where they don’t get killed off *cough* the 100 *cough*? how many times do we get to see POSITIVE QUEER RELATIONSHIP represented? how many times do we see mental illness being dealt with in a way that’s like not that big of a deal? I’ve been so accustomed to preparing and assuming the worst, and constantly being let down by SO MANY tv shows that have dropped the ball on these important issue, that i am so fucking jaded even with a show that clearly does not have even the INTENT to drop the ball. I cannot stress how important this show is, and how we need more shows like this and how much we need creators and producers TO STEP UP and represent us better. 

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Matilda what's with the colors in your hair?

Matilda: Some anon gave me a M!A where my hair turns the colour of the people I have a crush on!

Matilda: I’m pretty sure Tori already knows I like her, I did just call her boobs NICE WHY DID THAT COME OUT IF MY MOUTH!

Matilda: Not sure how Tamara and Ell with react to this…