Okay, I need to make this clear: I do not dislike anyone purely because thay ship Lucaya, but after being faced with all this Anti Riley stuff today I needed to say something.

Why is it that Riley Matthews takes all the crap of this fandom? As I said before it is not Lucaya that I dislike but people who are anti Riley because for some reason they’re not just “Oh I don’t really like her” no it’s this “I hate this character, Maya is way better, Riley should go jump off a bridge.’’ That’s the anti’s I dislike.

Even if there is a screencap of A FICTIONAL CHARACTER OF RILEY MATTHEWS someone will go “she is so immature for smiling”. WHY? CAUSE SHE IS HAPPY? Let me remind you, you just got mad at a made up person for smiling.

Or how about the constant argument that comes whenever someone says Riley does not get enough screen time with her mother. “Well Maya doesn’t have a good family…..” Oh for Christ’s sake! Growing up without a father is tough but it’s not an excuse or pardon for everything. She has a mother who obviously cares for her, enough so that she works often to pay for her and a new stepdad who loves her. You wanna know how I came to America? My parents back home were drug smugglers and thanks to them I was sent to the US foster care system where I was there until I was twelve. I came here when I was eight yet I have never used that as an excuse or asked others to take that into account.

I like Maya as a character, in fact after Riley and Smackle, she is my favorite character. And I’m not gonna get on you for not having Riley as your favorite. But can we please stop getting on A FICTIONAL CHILD because she is the way she is and may not be what you want? Because guess what, that is one of the many secrets of life. ACCEPTING PEOPLE FOR WHO THEY ARE

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idk if you'll answer this but i am still so upset/uncomfortable at the writers trying to give ezra (A HORRIBLE, LYING PREDATOR) this happy engagement and all the girls (hanna telling aria it's 'love') just being so happy for aria like aria is my favorite liar but i just get so sad when i see her with ezra because i feel like she should know better and she always abandons her friends for him which i find to be super unhealthy... i'm just praying they finally break up for good before the end

I hate to burst your bubble (because I agree completely) but I’m 100000000% sure they will be endgame. If there’s any original ship that’s going to be endgame, I’m positive it’ll be them. Which does suck for those of us who are just really repulsed by that situation. And truly, a huge part of it is because of the writers. It was slightly better and easier to stomach when you believe he didn’t know her age when he fell in love with her, but to find out that he did know and that he’d been stalking her friends… it’s a lot. :/ I guess it is what it is. 

In my ending for Aria, it’s a completely different story hehe