You know how there is that tumblr code about “i like your shoelaces”, “i stole them from the president” thing to know that the other person is a tumblr person or not… well… me and my excellent friend @gerardstolemycookie have devised a new code for our very own, MCR fandom…
If you hear somebody blasting Destroya from outside your window with a boombox… you start screaming the lyrics and run outside to join them.
Thats it
Thats the code
Now go forth my fellow killjoys
Blast Destroya with a boom box outside of some strangers house
If they start screaming, they could be going to get a gun… or you have just made a new friend.
Your welcome

transwithaloveofpans  asked:

could you explain the post about shoelaces and presidents? it would be greatly appreciated thank you

Sure! Do you mean this post?

So, it started in a post in 2012 (or earlier, I don’t know the exact date). As the Urban Dictionary entry explains, you would say “I like your shoelaces” in public as a sort of secret code if you suspect there’s another Tumblr user there. And if there is another Tumblr user, they would reply “Thanks, I stole them from the president” to let you know they understood the message and are, in fact, a Tumblr user. 

I don’t think people do this anymore, and if they ever did, it probably wasn’t a very common thing to do. Maybe they did back in 2012 when the post was recent and Tumblr wasn’t as popular as it is now. 

I also don’t think there’s any deeper meaning to the phrases. “I like your shoelaces” seems like a pretty common and nice thing to say, and if it turns out the person you thought was a Tumblr user doesn’t recognise the ‘secret message’, nothing would happen. But then “Thanks, I stole them from the president” seems weird and specific enough that you would know they understood the ‘secret message’, unlike if they just replied “Thank you”. 

Then other posts appeared making references to the shoelaces and president posts:

everyone knows about that whole “i like your shoelaces” “thanks i stole them from the president” tumblr thing right?? and we’ve all heard those really fake sounding stories about them right?? like someone’s teacher making a reference to sherlock or something yeah??


i was…somewhere….i don’t remember where but i remember i was out in public around a lot of people like at a mall or something?? and there was a girl sort of near/around me who randomly started up a conversation with me and i thought it was really nice and all that jazz. anyway she goes “i like your shoelaces” and i thought it was really weird because i was just wearing the same old beat up red chucks i always wear with these old gross gnarly laces like ????? so i just laughed it off like “haha yeah, they’ve got a history” and like her interest in talking to me immediately plummeted. like her face dropped and the light in her eyes dulled and she just kinda “haha yeah” and stopped talking to me and we went our separate ways. i thought it was odd but pretty much immediately forgot about it

so fast forward to a few minutes ago. i’m sitting on tumblr and come across one of those fake sounding “shoelace” stories and i’m thinking “no one really does that? when has anyone ever used the shoelace thing in real life?? never. because it never happens—” and then it struck me, like remembering a foggy dream

“i like your shoelaces”


What you young people need to understand… is that pre-Mishapocalypse tumblr was a very different place.

So when you find some of my popular posts from way, way back then… and, apart from the fact you all seem to have the same puns in mind (and seriously, I have read almost identical responses for what, 4 and a half years at this point?) none of you really understand how fucking weird this site was back then. Why the posts are, as they are. 

How prevalent gif usage was back then…

The Hipster/Fandom Wars…


Four trillion gay rainbow gifs…

Charlie the Unicorn…

Llamas in Hats…

All the fucking animal-based memes…

Everyone was gay, there were no other fucking letters in LGBPTA+, everyone was gay and god help you if you so much as whispered ‘bisexual/lesbian/ace’ at a fandom…

Everything was Harry Potter… we found a way to MAKE everything Harry Potter…

‘I like your shoelaces’ “Thanks, I stole them from the President”


Tumblr as a country!

Tumblr Con plans!


That freaking Prom thing

‘Hi, I’m Erica and I have a game on my blog that you can try’



So many memes we remember only in memory…

Like, there are things you don’t know… about that time. 


These posts are ancient relics of a different time, and like white male archaeologists of the past who were entirely ignorant of the cultures they were stealing from,  without context… you can only make pot-shot assumptions into the dark void from whence they came.

I just remembered that weird “i like your shoelaces” “thanks I stole them from the president” thing
Petition to bring this back as “Ich mag deine Schuhbändel” “Danke, ich habe sie Angela Merkel geklaut”

Today at school someone came running up to me from behind and whispered in my ear “I like your shoelaces” and I stopped in the middle of the hallway and took them by their wrist into a corner by the lockers and leaned in and whispered “Thanks, I stole them from the president” the person then took my hand and put a small folded up piece of paper in my hand that had their URL on it. Then they walked away like nothing happened.

I feel dirty.

If this was you, message me!
  • Customer: oh your name is Katie? So is mine! Is it short for anything?
  • Me: nope, that's it.
  • Customer: Oh wow, me too! I always get asked if I'm actually Catherine, it's very rare to meet someone else who's just Katie!
  • Me: haha I know. I used to want to be Catherine or something, but then I figured I like my name as is. There's an abundance of Catherines anyway.
  • Customer: *starts to smile* have you read the book?
  • Me: *grinning* not yet but I've read TFIOS. I cried.
  • Customer: can't wait to see the movie!
  • Me: oh yes, it looks so good! There's heaps of stuff on the internet, if you know where to look.
  • Customer: *looks very serious* I... Like your shoelaces...
  • Me: *freaking out* I stole them from the president!
  • Customer: oh my god, this is the first time I've ever been able to do this you have no idea how happy I am- side note, don't tell my mum... I write smutty Destiel... And don't want her snooping on my blog.
  • Me: understood. I write Johnlock ;)
  • Both: *fangirling* (then her mum comes back and she sort of goes quiet and looks at me and goes 'shhhh' and I never got her URL! :( )

On the last day i had choir at school this year, i got a class award.  i got up and asked to make a speech, and as i had several tumblr friends in the room with me, i said: “i would just like to say to everybody in the cult, i like your shoelaces”. only one of my six tumblr friends understood.  the one that understood promptly stood up and said “thanks, i stole them from the president” we high-fived each other and i looked around and most the class was sitting there like

I saw a Tumblr girl at the east river park

There she was, thinspo as she can be.
Pink and black Nike sneakers, VS sport leggings & a pink sweatshirt.
It was cloudy, and even if she was wearing long sleeve you could see that she was tiny.

I wanted to speak to her, at least stay strong. But I’m 25 and I don’t want to be a weird guy that walks up to girls while they are training. She seemed my age, but you never know…

Anyways, do we still use the codes?
“I like your shoelaces & thanks, I stole them from the president”

anonymous asked:

Can you please explain more of the horrible old tumblr things... hardly anyone documents them and I need to know the secret shame

if you mean explain in depth send some specific ones and i’ll be so glad to but for now here’s “At Least It’s Not As Bad As It Was” part 2

  • swiggity swag what’s in the bag
  • do she got the booty? she dooooooo
  • you know that one cringe post that got screencapped that was that person on fb like “tumblr’s boring” and then like 500000 fandoms were like “superwholocks get your salt, potterheads get your wands, avengers fans have a hulk” ???? yeah there were soooo many posts like that and it was in all 100% complete seriousness i swear to god
  • “we have a hulk” just became a tumblr quote in general when talking about why it was a better site
  • “facebook’s images don’t move but tumblr has gifs… sound familiar? *a gif from harry potter* reblog if you’re not a muggle”
  • extreme hatred towards facebook in general?
  • that “other girls: list of “”negative”” traits” “me: list of “”positive”” traits” image but in total seriousness
  • every american ever trying to sound british (this includes me) and you’d see quotes like “i’ve been watching so much bbc lately i keep talking in an accent xD” (also directly from me at one point probably)
  • tumblr university/tumblr island
  • fandom games (like hunger games but not)
  • dashcon (p sure everyone’s heard about this tho)
  • “is cecil white or poc” discourse every other post and back then 98% of them were like on the white side 
  • “muggles can’t reblog this”
  • gifsets didn’t exist it was just shitty unedited gifs with no textures or coloring
  • when custom themes became a thing and everyone was trying to figure out how to get one and what made them special
  • the co.vu discourse
  • reddit “invading” tumblr
  • people being told to kill themselves if they didn’t get a superwholock reference followed by like 200 gifs along the lines of sherlock telling them they had a small brain
  • really weird fandom covers of songs ?? (see: prince loki)
  • rise of the brave tangled dragons (i think i just got a hernia typing that)
  • star trek: into darkness came out and suddenly everybody and their third cousin who’d never seen it before wanted to fuck whitewashed khan (see below)
  • “i like your shoelaces” “thanks i stole them from the president”
  • unironically calling david karp daddy

2011/12 tumblr things:

  • you cant have a tumblr if you’re 12.9
  • “frickle frackle” or some shit idk what the fuck….
  • the virus
  • “i like your shoelaces” “thanks i stole them from the president”
  • quotes written on paintchips?
  • the fluffy chicken girl
  • do you love the color of the sky?
  • Teenager Post #whateverthefuck
  • the that’s what makes you beautiful song, but with different pitches of laughs
  • circus afro meme
  • that one post that was like “reblog if you support gay rights” and then so many rainbow/glee gifs that it cut off and it was just vertical gray lines that took like eight minutes to scroll past
Can we start a thing for when we go to see TFIOS...

that when we sit down in the cinema and you think the person next to you might be a fan from tumblr you simply state the normal : ‘i like your shoelaces’

If someone says this to you, you reply with the normal : 'thanks, i stole them from the president’ but you add ’ with Hazel Grace' 

1. by doing this you acknowledge that you are both from tumblr and can become best friends, but most importantly…
2. you are agreeing to offer tissues and when the movie gets really emotional you can hold hands and offer emotional support/ be emotional wrecks together