omFG so I today I was waiting at the water fountain and Im looking at this girls shoes and I notice her shoelaces were like this pink twisted with black and it was really cool and IM like, “ I like your shoelaces”

 and she stares me and screams, “ you’re from tumblr!?”

and IM just like what. oh. OH

SO IM ALL, “ lets just go with that ”

Okay, so in one of my classes I have the option of doing this “getting to know you” crap stuff for extra credit, and there’s a picture of a candle on it. The first question was: Think about the candle. Is there anyone or anything to which you want to dedicate the candle? You can simply think about the dedication, or you can post it to share with your classmates.

Out of all the serious things and people I could’ve chosen, I put “The Sherlock Fandom”. 

So today on the bus home from Edinburgh this evening, the bus was getting pretty full so as more people were getting on, everyone had to sit next to some random and this really cute guy sat next to me like he must be 19 or something. Anyway, he was reading manga and normally when some random sits next to me, I feel awkward but it wasn’t and I was just like wat and I’m 99.5% sure he has Tumblr. 

Like seriously guys

What if he was my soul mate or something

I completely forgot about the “I like your shoe laces” thing bc I was bursting for a pee but like I wish I did now and I’m kicking myself but aw man

I know it was just a year ago, but I’m curious. A guy walked up to me at Epcot and said “I like your shoelaces.” I looked down and saw I was wearing sandals, so I was confused. He asked me if I was on tumblr, but I wasn’t active a lot on here at the time.

Sir, if you see this…….what the hell? I don’t understand this joke or what I have to say back. It’s like “I stole them from the president” or something?