Today was mostly good until it wasn’t until it was better again.

Today there was: potential/hope on the job front (sort of), frustration on the current job front, the best Old Fashioned(s), lots of Daredevil and Marvel discussion with my comic book nerd/friend that I haven’t seen in ages, tacos, the “fancy glass” at Stan’s for my Shiner because they like Ellen and I, and disappointment in a patron who was way too much of an asshole.

But having your own version of Cheers means the manager takes care of you and keeps an eye on the subpar human. So that made it better.

Plus, the jerk in the picture seems to miss me and I was home before midnight.

I can’t afford to pay my bills next month.

Or potentially the month after. My fiance recently ruptured his PCL on his knee for the second time, which is putting him out of work for several months. So, as much as I hate to ask, if anyone wants to buy some commissions from me or just donate to me please contact me about it. 

I’m offering literally like $5-$10 commissions for the time being. I can draw furry stuff, Pokemon, basic cartoony characters, and general out there psychedellic nonsense. 

Some pencil sketches…

So, I’m not the best. But I am pretty cheap! 

Please if you can offer anything, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I’m just a little college kid living with my temporarily disabled fiance and we’re just really desperate, we have no family to go to that can help and none of our few friends are any better off than us.

If you can’t help out, please signal boost this.

If you don’t want a commission but still wanna donate, my email is theprinceoftrash@outlook.com .

Thank you so much to anyone who helps out. 

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stepheniemeyer. com/pdf/nm_extras_miscalculation .pdf in this New Moon Extra written by SM from Rosalie's POV, Rosalie says that (p 2) "Yes, I was jealous of the way Alice felt about Bella." and I just find that really sad. I mean, I know she can be very vain and all but if I were Alice, I think I would still pay Rosalie the same amount of attention as before. I mean, she IS her sister. You think that Alice would know about Rosalie's Jealousy as well, despite Roes' 'i'm better' attitude.

Yeah it makes me sad too. I think it’s meant as like “ugh Rosalie why can’t you just be happy that Alice has found her best friend!” but Rosalie has been Alice’s friend and sister for 50 years and gets instantly dumped for Bella–of course she’d be hurt and jealous. Anyone would be! 

Alice had this habit of just jumping ahead. She sees that she’ll love Jasper so she starts loving him before even meeting him. She sees that she’ll be a Cullen, so she starts living like them and loving them before even meeting them. She sees that she and Bella will be great friends, so she jumps ahead to them being besties without really getting to know her first. And Rosalie is sitting there like, “YOU’VE KNOWN HER FOR 5 MINUTES AND YOU ALREADY LIKE HER MORE THAN ME?” YOu don’t have to be a diva like Rosalie to feel rejected. Anyone would, I think. 

I'm sorry

But Barry better work hard to gain Iris’ trust again. He hurt her so bad. She thought she knew him better than anyone, but all these people he just met a few months ago, now know him better. How would you feel if you were the only one kept in the dark? Not okay. I don’t want him to just be like, “well she’ll get over it. Just needs time.” And go hang out with the STAR LAB people just still forgetting about her. She may need time, but he needs to fight for her. He’s been not a very good best friend ever since he’s woken up, yet she has.

I know he’s going through a lot and is super busy saving the city, but Iris deserves some of his time. They’re lifelong friends and she’s the love of his life. He owes her this.

Barry was someone she was always honest with. And sadly sometimes when you look at it, he seems like her only friend. So with that said…She deserved so much better.

All I’m saying, is that he better do everything in his power to work on their relationship.

The writers need to give us that at least.

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find better friends i stg if she cant accept you as a lesbian or any other gender than she can fck off

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How would BTS react when they realize they love you more then a best friend?

Jin : I can’t wwait to see her agaiiiiin~~

Suga : *fail everything thinking about you*

J-hope : I think he will try to make you feel the same by being more close , skinfull , making you laugh and everything like that

Rapmon : He will maybe dress better for you *even is his sweat and glasse he is perfectly sexy right?* like hoseok make you laugh , seduct you until you feel for him.

Jimin : We all know our Jimin , aha I think he will be cuuuuuuuuteee , playing with you , cuddling , kisses ect..

Taehyung : He will stay him , weird , cute , 4d :’)

Jungkook : He will be really shy , a little bit mentalbreaker trying to listen to his hyung but when you have his hyung.. you mind be fail..

In this world we are best friends

In other universe we are lovers

In the past we are brothers

In the end you are my soulmate 

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Does scoliosis get worse after you stop growing? I saw that I'm your last post and I'm freaking the hell out. My growth plates are closed. I have a 23 degree curve. I'm in so much pain and I can't breathe. What's wrong with me? Is my orthopedic bullshitting me? I'm so lost! Help me, if at all possible God bless 😘

Okay friend take a couple deep breaths!! In most cases this isn’t something to worry about. Here is how it works to the best of my knowledge:

The curve of the spine can increase after the body is done growing because of gravity. This is, for lack of a better word, natural, like where the image of the crooked little old lady comes from. You get older, your bones get weaker, gravity begins to take its toll and since you’re already a bit bent it has more to work with, if that makes sense.

It’s not the same as, say, a virus proliferating or a disease continually getting worse. It’s also not the same as the progression of the curve during puberty, etc. In most cases, the increase after growth has stopped is gradual, mild, and won’t have many more effects on you physically (and on your daily life) than the condition has already had.

I’m sorry that post made you nervous! Again, it’s not that the curve just keeps progressing steadily, but doctors shouldn’t be telling their patients that once you’re done growing it’s guaranteed to stay the same forever, because that’s just not true. Again, it’s mostly just gravity, such that the more severe your curve is now, the greater the increase will probably be once you’re done growing.

I hope this helped! Try not to stress about this, 23 degrees is pretty mild so it’s very unlikely your curve will increase dramatically. I’m sorry you’re in pain, all I can say is keep a heating pad close and maybe consider physical therapy.

If you’re still concerned don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor!! Good luck! xoxo

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Hey there. I've never made any kind of blessing or spell before but, basically, I recently made someone I don't really care about very angry, but in the process also upset someone I do care about. I've never been good at talking emotionally face-to-face and I have a feeling they don't want to see me now - but I want to give them some kind of blessing. Do you have any basic spells or charms I could start with to try and help them out, make things a little better? Thank-you.

Sounds like you need some confidence my friend. Sure I can help
1) Yellow Candle
2) A Shell

1) Focus on the unlit candle for a bit with your intent and your problem in mind
2)  When you feel comfortable enough light the candle then hold it UP in your RIGHT hand and say  “Please give me the confidence so I can be the best,
I failed it once but now I will be better than the rest.”
3) Pass the shell through the flame then say  “May this be my lucky charm so my wish can come true.”
4) Kiss the shell for good luck and pass through the flame once more and say 
“May my charm help me in all I do”
5) Once youre finished with the spell say “so mote it be”
6) Carry the shell with you
I hope this helps a bit, if the confidence wasnt what youre looking for I surely can help otherwise. 

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I just hate how people have a stigma against people being somewhat introverted/shy/quiet I mean like I don't see what's wrong if somebody doesn't chat a lot or something and why people feel like they need to talk more.

There’s literally nothing wrong.

Story of my life here. Personally for me it got better once I got to the University. Maybe there are more people with whom it clicks, or maybe with time you just grow to understand that not everyone has to be the same just like other people do.

But before in high school I was constantly told how I should act by probably EVERYONE.

My best friend kept telling me to “do a normal face” when I simply wasn’t smiling. Why do you want me to smile in the middle of a lesson? Why do you expect me to smile or not feel upset when classmates drew dicks on my coat with permanent marker or broke my phone by throwing my bag?

My second best friend left me because I didn’t talk enough and wasn’t funny enough to entertain her and she said that if I wanted to be “gloomy” I have to do it with someone else. 

My teacher constantly kept calling me a grey mouse because I didn’t want to talk to the majority of my classmates because I didn’t like them. “Vika you have to communicate, you have to open up more to people.” “Oh Vika is such a shy quiet little mouse pipipipipi” Yeah go on, laugh at me.

Whenever there was a fun meeting and I ended up drinking-meeting new people there had to be someone who told me to HAVE FUN. TO TALK MORE. TO LAUGH MORE. I hated parties. Once you don’t talk the attention of your friends are slipping off somewhere else and they start to act as if you’re not even there and then ask you why aren’t you enjoying it.

Whenever I did drink and did ended up opening up a bit and not feeling as shy my friend said that I would be so much better if I was always drunk. It was probably like 5 years ago and I still remember it everytime I drink.

I still hate the quiet. Whenever the conversation just dies up and I am unable to continue it and the other person is quiet as well. Even though I know it’s not true I still feel like it’s my fault for not being able to communicate well enough or not find a good theme for a conversation.

Seriously if you ever told someone anything like “you have to talk more” just stop doing it. You have probably no idea how it makes the other person feel (ESPECIALLY if you’re doing it to your FRIEND) and how much worth your words actually hold. Even though it’s better now and even though YEARS has passed personally I still can’t quite get over it. So just. Don’t do it. Don’t make anyone feel like they are wrong or not fun for simply being quiet or shy. Don’t try to change them by making them feel quilty for the way they are.

Because it sucks.

Dear future girlfriend

I will love you. That’s it. I can promise you that. I’ll ask you how your day has been and want to genuinely know everything that happened. I’ll tease you a lot so be ready. I will do all kinds of stupid stuff just so I get to see that smile on your face. You better get used to laughing while I’m around because that’s what I do best. I’ll hold you in my arms when your day just didn’t go quite how you planned. We can spend all day watching Harry Potter movies and making fatty, unhealthy food for our midnight snack. I will show you off. You’re my girl, my world. Who wouldn’t be proud of you? I’ll show you compassion, faithfulness, trustworthiness, and true feelings. But once again, I promise to never let you go a day feeling unloved.

Things I love about you

1.Your glowing heart. How you overlook every crooked part of my soul no matter how creased or tangled, and see me as strong and beautiful. You make me see the better parts in myself when my mind is doubtful.

2.Your loving spirit. It’s like laying in a field with the sun shining on you-warm and beautiful.

3.Your laugh & smile. Whether you’re running towards me arms open with a goofy grin, or you’re smiling even though it feels like hell. I can always wake up knowing that smile will curve up against your freckles and radiate the contagious laughter within you.

4.Your kind eyes. The way you see things in a different view, and perspective. You pick out the good in people, especially me. You look at the world in your own way, even at your darkest hours.

5.Your unique mind. Whenever I feel like my heart is breaking you always know what to say, even if yours is too. You know right from wrong which is very admirable because I struggle finding my way between them often.

6.Your brilliance. It shines through all the effort , thought and hard work you put into things which is something I envy and appreciate about you. You’re intelligent and bold, your mind is completely breathtaking.

7.Your taste in music. I love how we can jam out together and share songs we both have fallen in love with. How you can tell me to listen to a certain artist when I’m feeling down or for when I’m feeling happy.

8.Your humbleness. You are the complete opposite of arrogant or selfish, you are not ruled by your ego or effected by others. You recognise when you are at fault which is rarely, and speak with honesty towards others.

9.You. You’re completely everything I need. You help me to do better in life, love myself more, appreciate the little things, and to be everything I want to.
I love you endlessly, and unconditionally. Thank you for being my home, and my best friend.

—  Some of the many things I love about my best friend

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Kind of weird question, but you remember that "Still a better love story than Twilight" meme, right? I saw one with Snape and Lilly, and I'm just curious what your take on that is? I know it's kind of like comparing apples to oranges, but do you think one is better than the other, even though both I think are kind of problematic?

Snape and Lily isn’t a love story. 

A.) Snape was obsessed with her. He never really loved her. Not in a way that a person should want to be loved. 

B.) There was never any indication that Lily had romantic feelings towards Snape. He was her best friend and he betrayed her with his prejudice. 

The tragedy of Severus Snape’s character isn’t that he loved a girl, couldn’t get her, and then lost her. The tragedy is that he was never able to grasp the concept that Lily was a person rather than a thing to be owned. He believed she belonged to him, and was angry that first James, and then a boy who looked exactly like James had greater claim to Lily than he ever did. 

Had he really loved her, he would have been happy for the time they shared. He would have been remorseful of his cruelty towards her in their teenage years - not just for the fact that his selfish actions got her killed. He would have treated her child with care because he would have known that’s the way she would want him to treat Harry. Instead, he continued to let his prejudices (this time against James) guide his actions. 

Snape is an incredible, complex character. But his isn’t a love story. 


“Sam, what the hell? You’re a little old to be jealous aren’t you?”

“Don’t act like that. I know you better than anyone else, Y/N, and you know that. I just have a bad feeling about him. You trust my judgement right? You’re my best friend.”

i really really need someone to hug me and tell me they love me and then let me cry on their shoulder for a while…

Have you ever lost a best friend.
—  And wondered how they’re doing? Whether or not they miss you like you’re missing them right now? Whether or not they are actually doing better or worse without you. Whether or not they are willing to have you back in their lives? Whether or not they regret in any way that this friendship ended. You want to talk to them so badly but you just can’t pluck up the courage to because just the notion of having a one worded reply from someone who used to send you paragraphs was enough to send you right back where you started. You’d hate to think that they are absolutely fine without you, but chances are, they’ve probably replaced you with someone else, they don’t think about you and that’s what kills you the most.

You know, I feel like I’ve been complaining a lot lately and making stress relief-sketches because of my back and school projects etc and I honestly feel bad for only telling you people when I’m having bad times, so I thought I should also let you know that this weekend was good for me and that I was and still am very happy.

My back has gotten better, I’ve been doing my exercises, I met my best friend again, I’m making plans for something I’m looking forward to with all my heart, I’ve been making progress with my project and you people are still here with me and it’s great. 

I just felt the need to thank you people again for sticking with me, I’m trying to not complain too much when things don’t work out, especially because they’re usually minor things that just mess up my day, but you people are always so lovely to me and you’re all precious to me. 

So yeah, because I don’t want to only make personal posts when I’m unhappy: I am happy right now, and I wish all of you a wonderful day and a wonderful night, I hope things aren’t grim for you and I wish you all the Best. <3

the signs from a gemini’s perspective

Aries: i fuckin love you but when you guys talk over me it makes me wanna kill you with my bare hands

Taurus: you guys are too damn slow for me and i love it

Gemini: i love you guys so much. i don’t have any other words okay bye 

Cancer: you guys are too annoying damnnnn i can’t stand you!!! i’m sorry but it’s rare for me to actually like a cancer. you cry too much

Leo: i feel like you’re better than me at everything and it’s so annoying lmao i love you!!! you guys are the greatest friends, you’re so loyal and kind and i love that let me lick your faces

Virgo: you annoy the HELL out of me. somehow you guys manage to bring out the best and the worst in me. i love u tho, and i admire you. i love having long talks with you because you always seem to just GET me

Libra: you guys are just too cute. you’re sooo kind to me every time and you’re so chill. the only thing is that you can be such people pleasers… you fail to show your personality bc you’re afraid of what people will think. you don’t need to do that, you’re amazing!!!

Scorpio: damn every friendship i’ve had with you guys went terribly bad. we tend to start the fuckin world war III. our battles can destroy everyone around us, so yeah. but you guys are cute sometimes

Sagittarius: you guys are always so big!!!! and amazing!!! i love u, you’re so nice and positive and i like that

Capricorn: you guys are too serious for me and it kinda scares me sometimes lol 

Aquarius: YOU ARE THE BEST PEOPLE EVER i love you so much you just GET ME in everything you’re amazing i wanna kiss your pretty faces

Pisces: why do u copy peoples personalities :’( it’s so sad bc you guys are cute and supportive and you can be so much more if you stop hiding who you truly are