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You are one of the most talented and best people I've met (not personally, but anyway xP), your work (fics, roleplay, etc.) makes every one of my days most enjoyable and for that I am grateful. Do not listen to the Anons, they are people who have nothing better to do with their life than just criticize what they can not be, you have a husband, a job and great friends and especially to us, your most humble followers. (1/2)

Please do not let Tumblr, with people like you, honxrable, seapruncs, aequa and many more (not just this Fandom) makes us better people :)I love you, my Queen :3 (2/2)

Shout out to @shivisdivis for being one of my sweetest, most dedicated followers. Girl, I swear you were my first “like” when I started posting fics and I can literally always count on you to like anything I’ve put out since. I love it. Thank you for your encouraging words :D

Also, I’m going to tag @honxrable, @seapruncs, and @aequa, just so y’all can get a little reminder that we are appreciated by the fandom.

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Do you have any mutuals that aren't particularly your friends yet, but you like?

💛 @jyushimachuu : krizzia is a sweetheart whom i share an intense love for jyushimatsu with

💄 @ee-void : martin is a cool guy with awesome art u should definitely check it out!!

@homoufo : alexie has such an amazing aesthetic and he’s super cool.. one of my fave mutuals

🐰 @knife4 : ahh park is a cutie!! soft and adorable.. i wanna get 2 know park better!

@moritiz : kal is really fucking funny and adorable… i feel like I’m not cool enough to be mutuals. swaggie

🌼 @lawlliets : best source for exo content?? is super thirsty (especially for suho). thanks for blessing my eyes with the beautiful exo boys i love em

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How do I come out to my best friends? My mom found out a few years ago, not too long after I realized I liked girls & she didn't really flip out like I expected. She just took my phone for a week. I almost told my best friends, I've been throwing little hints but they didn't really catch on I think. I'm scared to tell them because they may not wanna be my friend anymore

Just out right say it I promise it will show you who your true friends are and it will also feel so much better to have that out in the open trust me I know

Poke - College!Ashton Irwin

Having a class with one of your best friends was something you really liked and sitting next to each other was even better. But when your best friend, Ashton, pokes you continuously, trying to tickle you, it’s not very fun.

The first poke was harmless, a small poke on your thigh that made you think he had wanted your attention. But when you looked at him he only smiled at you, his dimples on full display.

Playfully rolling your eyes, you smiled back before turning your attention to the front once again.

His second poke landed on your side, to which you jumped, letting out a small squeak. He snickered at your noise, writing in his notebook. You returned the favor a few seconds later, him giving the same reaction you did.

Two pokes turned to five which turned to eight which turned into a full blown out poke war. You weren’t even paying attention to what the professor was saying at this point, only focused on Ashton and his fingers.

“I swear I’m going to kill you when we leave here.” You muttered to him, sending a particularly harsh poke in his ribs which caused a not so quiet giggle to pass his lips.

You bit your lip to keep from laughing, watching a few students turn to look at you two then back to the front.

“Prepare for war, Princess,” You heard Ashton whisper to you.

You braced yourself, waiting for Ashton to poke you or tickle you or anything really. But he didn’t do anything but take notes and look to the front.

When class ended, you knew he had something up his sleeve, so you quickly packed your things and bolted out of the lecture hall. Running to your dorm for safety, you could hear foot steps behind you.

“Don’t run from me, Y/N!”

Ashton yelled to you, close behind you. You tried to run faster but his legs are a lot longer then yours and he quickly wrapped his arms around your torso, picking you up.

You let out a squeal, laughing and wiggling in his arms. “Put me down!” He laughed at your useless attempts to break free.

You continued to struggle, your back to his front as he walked into your dorm building. He had eventually made his way into your room, your roommate at class. “Ashton! I swear to Go-”

He had thrown you down on your bed.

You laughed, trying crawling away from him, but he had already pinned you down. Both wrists were in his left hand, whilst the other rested by your head.

“No, no, no, no, please don’t!” You wiggled in his grip, small laughs leaving your lips.

He grinned down at you, teasingly raising his free hand. Before you knew it his hand was at your sides and you couldn’t stop laughing.

You had managed to scream for him to stop a few times but even then they were undistinguishable, your words cloudless over with giggles.

Pretty soon he had stopped, his hand letting go of your wrists and you breathing heavily, trying to catch your breath.

“I,” breath, “hate,” breath, “you,” breath.

He laughed at your words, looking down at you with a smile. “No you don’t, you love my cuddle too much.”

Realizing he was right you shrugged, moving to hold yourself up with your elbows. “Touché.”

Running his fingers through his hair, he smiled at you, watching you manage to catch your breath.

“Now that I’m not dying,” You sat up all the way, sending Ashton a playful glare, to which he held his hands up in surrender. “What are our plans for the day?”

His fingers almost immediately landed in your hair, playing with a few strands, twirling them around his finger. “Cuddle?”

You smiled at his suggestion, before laying your head on his chest, his arms wrapping around you. You took a deep breath, instantly relaxed. Your heart fluttered as he continued to play with your hair, the small gesture giving you butterflies.

He shifted and laid down, pulling you with him. With him on his back, you put your head on his chest, slotting your legs together. You draped your arm across his stomach, drawing different shapes and squiggles on his chest. His fingers were still in your hair and you couldn’t help but want something more with Ashton.

You wanted to wake up with him beside you, with him holding your hand and kissing you goodbye and good morning and just because he can. You wanted goodnight texts and I love you’s. You wanted him.

Quickly sitting up, your cheeks flushed red. “I’m hungry. Do you want anything from the machine?” You asked, referring to the vending machine at the end of the hall.

He sat up, trying to grab your arm, but you were already off the bed. “Hey, you okay?”

You bit your lip, nodding. Shuffling through your purse for some money, you tried to ignore the butterflies in your stomach. You knew you shouldn’t be feeling this way. He was your best friend and all up until now you thought of him as the brother you never had.

“Y/N..” His voice was stern and you looked up from your purse.

“I’m just hungry, ’s all.” You shrugged, grabbing a few dollars and walking the door. “I’ll get you those one chips.”

Quickly waking to the vending machine, you pressed the familiar combination of yours and Ashton’s favorite snack. Watching the bag fall, you waited a minute before repeating the same process.

After grabbing both bags you slowly made your way to your dorm room, trying to make the journey as slow as possible.

When you opened the door, Ashton was standing there, pacing.

“Hey, I got you some chips. Sorry for acting so weird, I just… I don’t know.” You shrugged, closing the door behind you.

“Why are you pacing?”

He looked at you, opening and closing his mouth before letting out a sigh. He pinched the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes before looking up.

“I’m sorry in advance.”

You were about to ask what he meant by that, but you never got the chance. His lips were on yours, his right hand cupping your cheek whilst his left held your waist. You dropped the chips to the floor, your hands reaching up to grab the back of his neck. The kiss was slow and soft, making your heart skip a beat and your stomach to flip.

After a while, he pulled away, resting his forehead against yours. “I really like you, a lot.”

You laughed, pecking his lips. “I really like you a lot too, you big dork. Now,” You smiled at him, pulling away. “About those chips…”

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james is a trans man but Thomas doesn't know that and he was saying gross transphobic shit and James called him out on it and Thomas is like "why do you care so much" and that's his James Madison came out to his douchebag best friend

and then james slam dunks his ass and gets better friends

the end

no? that’s not how it happened???

fine tjeffs can have a redemption arc I GUESS

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I'm single because I fell for my best FRIEND. Every single time I think I am over it, when we text or see each other or talk on the phone.. it makes me feel like I have everything I want and I fall right back in. We have every aspect of a relationship except the actual relationship but when we're together it doesn't feel that way... It's complex.

I’m sorry dude I used to be in that boat… It honestly won’t get better until you find someone new



youre one of my favorite people to talk to! youre so funny and talented, i love seeing your art. im glad that were friends!


we don’t talk a whole lot, but youre really nice and im glad to know you. i hope we can become better friends in the future


youre a really good and fun person. im glad weve started talking more lately. i know i havent made the best choices lately and im still sorry for that, but im glad that were moving on and becoming friends. youre really sweet!


i havent known you long, but youve been very kind and helpful to me especially these past few days. you seem like a great and caring person and im really glad that i met you! 


oikawa is such an important character to me, and I feel like I could write a whole paragraph on how much he means to me and so many other fans, but instead just have this. his friends want him to know he’s loved!!! tooru, you’ll keep on growing like the determined little fresh leaf that you are!!!! i love you!

Best Friend: *gets a boyfriend*

Me: Wow what is this overwhelming and undeniable rage that I’m feeling? Good thing she and I are Just Friends™ or I might think this was jealousy haha! Wowee buddy my guy, you and I are gonna have a great time over the next few months while I highlight every single one of your flaws to her just to make sure she knows she can do better. Like me, for example. But remember, we’re Just Friends™

A solangelo request based off of this jily fic, for @fameclearlyisnteverything . Sorry it took me so long, but if it makes you feel any better, we’re sitting at 3k words, so I hope that makes up for it :)

One of Nico Di'Angelo’s worst qualities was his lack of self-preservation.

He knew this. He had been told this by many people, including his father, his sister, his best friend, his best friend’s girlfriend, his cousin and his cousin’s girlfriend, and that weird old man at the state park office who kept track of spelunkers who visited the caves. Most people would take this as a sign that they should be more careful, more cautious with their safety. Nico usually took this as a sign that he was doing his job right. After all, speleology wasn’t exactly a safe job.

The first time they met, Nico was sitting in the hospital bed with an IV tube in his arm, and for the first time he felt that maybe he should listen to the people who told him to, pardon his French, chill the fuck out. It was not the first time he had done something without thinking on one of his research escapades, but it was, unfortunately, the first time it had landed him in the hospital. His stomach churned and he frowned. Damn it.

The door clicked open and Nico sighed, preparing himself for a condescending lecture on forest safety. “Hi, Mr. Di'Angelo. My name is William Solace, and I’ll be your doctor today.” Nico lifted his eyes from where he was absentmindedly scratching at the hospital bedsheet. “Hello,” he sighed resignedly. The doctor grinned.

“I can tell you already know what’s coming,” he chuckled, blue eyes wrinkling and Nico wrinkled his nose distastefully.

“I’ve only gotten it twice,” he said dryly, “so go ahead and give it to me again.” The doctor laughed outright, and Nico would have felt irritated if it hadn’t had a pleasant sound. As it was, his stomach still hurt, so he just pouted instead of laughing along.

“You’ve been doing this sort of thing for a while now, right Mr. Di’Angelo?” Dr. Solace asked as his eyes skimmed over the file in his hands. Nico nodded, then realised the doctor wasn’t looking at him. “Uh, yeah.”

“Sorry if this is rude, but…” Dr. Solace turned his bright blue eyes onto Nico and his lips quirked. “Aren’t you supposed to be well versed in botany and forest survival?”

Nico didn’t respond, only scowled and scratched at the itchy white blanket of the hospital bed. The doctor pressed further. “You know not all plants are edible, right?”

Nico finally snapped. “Well I know that. Just… Kakos berries look a lot like juniper berries, okay?”

“Yeah,” the doctor said, eyes twinkling. “I know. You’ll be more careful with that, right? You got lucky today.” Nico rolled his eyes.

“I’ll do my best to avoid poisoning myself again,” He deadpanned.

“That’s all I can ask,” Dr. Solace said with a grin. Nico stayed silent as the doctor gave him a brief outline of the treatment they were giving him, and what he should do to maintain his health once they released him. It was the basic “drink lots of fluids” and “sleep” spiel, and once he finished, Nico yawned.

“Some sleep would be good for you,” Dr. Solace noted. “You look exhausted. I’d say see you soon, but I’m rather hoping you won’t need to come back, Mr. Di’Angelo,” Dr. Solace said amicably as he made his way to the door. Nico mumbled something like a goodbye, closed his eyes, and leaned his head back against the pillow. Yeah, I’m not really planning to come back, he thought as he drifted off to sleep.

He was back two weeks later, and this time Nico was more annoyed than he was contemplative. Yes, okay, he took a big risk and it hadn’t exactly paid off. But now he was losing precious time, and he was feeling really good about this. The cavernous tunnel he had found seemed to lead to another cave, and if the rock formations on the walls of the tunnel were any indication, there were some really interesting formations further down.

He probably should have assumed the fall from the ledge was longer than it looked, but he had jumped down from larger heights. He didn’t expect the short leap to cross to the other side to result in this.

The door opened and the blonde doctor he’d met before walked in. Nico felt embarrassment rise in his stomach. So much for not coming back.

“Well, hello. Long time, no see, huh?” The blonde doctor joked, his expression half smiling, half concerned. “

“This was just a freak accident,” Nico said quickly. He suppressed the urge to squirm like a scolded puppy as Dr. Solace’s eyes fell on the black cast around his left leg.

“Uh-huh,” The doctor said doubtfully. Nico opened his mouth to argue but snapped it shut at a pointed look. “Jumping off of ledges in dark caves usually end up in worse, Nico.”

“How do you know I jumped?” Nico said defensively. Brown eyes locked with blue and Dr. Solace’s eyebrow raised pointedly. “The park ranger who brought you in said that you told him you did.”


Dr. Solace shook his head with a sigh. “As a professional, you should know better than that.”

“I got excited,” Nico muttered.

“Excitement isn’t worth risking your life,” The doctor smiled crookedly and Nico felt his cheeks warm. “Yeah, okay,” He mumbled.

“I’ll prescribe some pain medicine for you,” Dr. Solace said. He tugged out a penlight. “Just going to check your eyes to make sure there are no issues.”

“I didn’t hit my head,” Nico said quickly as the doctor leaned over him.

“Humour me,” Dr. Solace’s smile widened. Nico fell silent as the doctor flashed the penlight into his eyes. “So what exactly are you searching for?” He asked, leaning forward to look deeper into Nico’s pupils. Nico caught the whiff of a really good smell, like grass in the sun combined with something muskier. It took him a moment to answer.

“Um, I’m studying the rock formations in the caves. Not searching for anything specifically, but rock formations tell us a lot about the area’s old ecosystem and the nutritional diet of the organisms there, so we could make a really incredible discovery that could help our current ecosystem. I have a friend working in environmental sciences and forestry, and he thinks we could figure out how to maintain the area’s flora based off of the composition of the bedrock from a few millennia back so—“ He broke off, noticing Dr. Solace’s was grinning at him with an amused look on his face. “Um, sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing?” He put away the flashlight. “Follow my finger with your eyes please. I see you really do get excited about this. I can almost forgive you for jumping.”

Nico struggled to keep his eyes on the doctor’s finger as he moved it from side to side and front to back. “I was—sorry—I talk a lot when I talk about rocks,” Nico said awkwardly. Dr. Solace laughed, and Nico blinked at the sound. He had a really nice smile, brilliant and warm. Nico shook himself internally. Maybe he had hit his head.

“It looks like you’re clear on any head injuries.” Dr. Solace pulled back and wrote something on his clipboard. “I’ll be right back.” He tucked the clipboard under his arms and moved towards the door. Just before he opened the door, he paused and glanced over his shoulder. “And just so you know, don’t apologize for being passionate about something. Besides, it’s—“ He cut himself off with a cough and yanked open the door. “Er, try to rest Mr. Di Angelo.”

Nico pursed his lips and sighed, slumping against the pillows. With a broken leg, it wasn’t like he would be going anywhere. At least his doctor smelled good. And was cute. At the last thought, Nico jumped. Oh my gods, go to sleep.


Over the course of the next few months, Nico dropped by the hospital regularly, uncharacteristically obedient to his doctor’s orders. Of course, half of the time he was accompanied by a friend, which Will suspected was to make sure he actually came. The blond guy with the glasses had been really nice, talking to Will about Nico’s recovery and treatment, and promising to make sure Nico didn’t keep doing stupid stuff. Will had noticed his tall, military stance and felt confident he would keep a good eye on the speleologist.

The tall, black haired guy with the startling eyes he had been less confident in, since all he had done the entire time he had been in the room had been ask Will strange questions and wink at Nico when he thought Will wasn’t looking. His blonde girlfriend who had come with them, on the other hand, would probably make sure to keep Nico in check. She had certainly kept her boyfriend from embarrassing Nico, smacking him on the arm every time she noticed Nico was getting particularly red in the face. Both of them had been remarkably nice, despite their intimidating looks. Also, why was every single person Nico associated with uncommonly attractive? He supposed attractive people hung around each other or something.

After all, Nico was cute. Really cute, if you asked Will, which of course, no one did, because… well. Nico was his patient. Still, Will was a sucker for brown eyes, and with every visit Nico relaxed a little more, and he had a really, really nice smile when he wasn’t scowling at something Will suggested he do.

Will probably should’ve known by Nico’s sixth visit that he was getting in too deep. They were removing Nico’s cast, and Nico was struggling to keep the excitement off of his face. Will was watching him fondly as he fidgeted, the light in his eyes brightening as the cast came off. He didn’t notice the other doctor was saying something to him, too focused on the grin that split Nico’s face, until the doctor nudged him in his side.

“Uh, sorry, Michael. What’d you say?”

Michael squinted at him. “I was asking you if he was cleared to get back to work yet.” His voice dropped. “Dude.”

Will squirmed under the piercing look in his friend’s eyes. “What?” Michael turned to the side and Will followed his lead, facing each other and turning away from Nico who was chatting to the woman removing his cast.

“You’re not being very subtle.”

Will frowned. “Subtle about what?”

Michael stared at him. “You’re joking right?”

“Michael. Come on.”

“You have serious crush on that guy, Will.” Will choked and Michael closed his eyes, shaking his head in disbelief. “You didn’t notice?”

“Mike, he’s my patient.” Will whispered even quieter, running a hand through his hair. Michael rolled eyes. “Yeah, I know. That’s what I’m saying.”

“I—I—don’t. I mean—“ Will wanted to deny it, but he wasn’t stupid, and now that Michael brought it up it was so obvious and he just felt like an idiot. “It’s illegal.”


“We can’t talk about this.”



Michael patted him on the shoulder sympathetically. “Yep.”

Will exhaled. It was okay. He could squash this.


He could totally not squash this.

William Solace was a good doctor. He knew he was a good doctor. His patients knew he was a good doctor. His fellow doctors knew that he was a good doctor, maybe even the best at the hospital. Everyone knew he was a good doctor. He had not only graduated med school at the top of his class, he had aced his residency and been the first to get a fellowship. He helped every patient he could, always to the best of his ability and with the most care he could. So why did he have to be punished like this?

It was starting to get on his nerves.

He forewent a greeting. “Are you kidding me?”

“Well hello to you too, Solace.”

Will’s smacked the report on top of the counter in the small patient room as he passed his other hand over his face. “Nico. I just… why are you doing this to me.” It wasn’t a question, more like a wail of distress in the most professional voice his poor, frustrated heart could manage.

The recipient of that statement smiled thinly from his spot on the hospital bed, dark hair falling limply in a wan face. Will saw a lot of sick-looking people in the hospital, and had managed to maintain the appropriate level of emotional distance between himself and them. He was a naturally compassionate person after all, and becoming too connected with a patient could yield traumatic results if…things went wrong. He still couldn’t help the pang in his chest at the sight of the gaunt cheeks and ghostly skin of the man in the bed. “In my defense,” the man said, shrugging a frail shoulder, “I’m not doing anything to you. I’m the one in the hospital bed.”

Will gave him his best unimpressed look. Dark brown eyes blinked back at him. “You’re not funny.” Will scowled as he picked the report back up again and scanned it for irregularities.

The guy shrugged again, and frowned as the movement tugged on the cords of the IV strings attached to the inside of his elbow. “I never said I was.”

“Twenty days without eating. That’s what the report says. You went twenty days without eating. Humans need to eat, Nico.”

“Okay, but that’s two days less than last time, so I get credit for that, right?”

Will gaped at Nico, who was staring at him with a straight face. The worst part was, he couldn’t tell if he was being serious. Nico Di'Angelo had a dry sense of humour, as Will had learned in the frequent visits Nico had made to the hospital in the last seven months, emergencies and check ups included. Will ended up spluttering indignantly. “You’ve got to be trying to give me a heart attack. That’s the only plausible explanation.”

“It’d be kind of problematic to try to kill off my doctor, don’t you think?”

“So you’re trying to kill yourself off?”

Nico coughed weakly, lifting a hand to cover his mouth. Will fought the urge to rub his arm soothingly. The last thing he needed was to get sued for sexual harassment. “It’s more like I forget that could happen.”

Will exhaled slowly. “How can you forget your own mortality?”

Nico lifted a corner of his mouth, eyes drifting shut as he tried to keep them open. “Very carefully?”

Will muttered a curse under his breath and Nico coughed out a laugh. Will noticed his struggling to keep his eyes from shutting and he shook his head. “I’ll let you sleep, but when you’re awake I’m coming back and we will have words. Hospitals suck, and I only work in one. I don’t know why you keep spending your time in here.”

Nico was already half asleep as he mumbled, “It helps when your doctor is hot.”

Will dropped his clipboard.


Will didn’t bring that conversation, and Nico didn’t remember it. He recovered quickly enough, and after a long talk about safety, Will managed to get a half-hearted promise to for the gods’ sake, please be careful, Nico.

Sure enough, it was a full two months before Nico came back. Will told himself that it was a good thing for multiple reasons, mainly that it meant he was probably keeping himself alive and also because he didn’t think his heart could take it. He ignored the empty feeling in his chest.

The day he shoved through the door to find a pale, shaking Nico in the hospital bed, he had never felt so conflicted. The speleologist looked so sickly that immediately Will went into an internal panic, but part of him felt a wave of relief that he was here.

“Before you say anything,” Nico mumbled. “I was rescuing my dog. I’ve at least been trying to avoid giving you a heart attack.”

Will breathed out a laugh. “Gods, Nico.”

“Hypothermia is not the worst that could’ve happened, I think.” He offered Will a small smile. Will noticed his lips were blue.

He ran a hand down his face. “Is the dog okay, at least?”

Nico waved the question off. “She’s fine. Apparently, fur helps keep you warm more than a soaking wet coat. Percy and Annabeth took her to the vet and she’s with them. They’ll probably be in here later. To lecture me, most likely.”

“Well—“ Will began, but Nico cut him off. “Don’t you do it too,” he scowled.

Will was going to argue but instead he said, numbly, “Your lips are blue.”

Nico flushed. “Yeah, it’s—I’m still kind of cold. But I’m okay. They gave me hot chocolate and stuff.”

“Good.” Will looked at the floor, feeling for the first time like an awkward resident rather than an experienced doctor. He should probably go, but…


Will looked up, locking eyes with Nico who was biting his lip, his cheeks pink. “I don’t—maybe I misread things, but— I mean— Jason and Percy, and Annabeth all said— and I kind of thought— maybe—“ He inhaled sharply. “Okay. Do you maybe, want to get coffee sometime?”

And there it was. Will blinked. The room was silent as Nico awaited his response. After a few moments passed, Nico’s expression darkened. “If you don’t—“

“I’m transferring you to another doctor.” Will blurted. Nico slammed his mouth shut, a look of hurt splashing across his face. Will quickly cut him off before he could say anything, stepping close and holding up a hand to stop him. “No—wait, listen! I’m transferring you to another doctor because doctors can’t date their patients!”

Nico froze. “Date?”

Will blushed. “That’s what you wanted right? Or, wait, sorry, am I assuming? I just—I’d love to get coffee, if that’s what you want, it doesn’t have to mean anything—“

Will was interrupted by Nico laughing, deeper and happier than he’d ever heard before. He paused midsentence, flushing. “Will,” Nico grinned, reaching up to take his hand and squeezing it. “Go transfer me to another doctor. We have a date.”


Exo { Sehun } angst series Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14

Your best friend tells you that Sehun is cheating on you

This is the final part of the series ~ just a little epilogue to tie things up c:

I had a lot of fun writing this series! It was amazing to see how many people read and left comments and asks on it; each time I saw one my day would get 300% better ^U^. I hope you guys liked it too and thank you for reading!

If you want to see more angst series, go ahead and vote for who you want me to write about (info a couple posts down, titled “curious + poll”)

Admin Incy

Exo Reaction To You Being Friends With Got7

Request: Can I have an exo reaction to your Guy best friend being a member of got7 - Anon

hope you guys enjoy it remember I do not own the gifs unless stated differently.

-Admin Kirra-Jane


Originally posted by phosphoresces

*just stares at the member like he’s telling him that you’re his and you do anything you’re dead*


Originally posted by incrediyeol

“what..why didn’t I know you were friends with them, let alone best friends. just remind him Y/N that you’re mine ok I don’t want to loose you, got it.”

Wu Yi Fan

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“What…since when…how”


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“Could you of least have picked a member that was just as bad as my kids come on at least it could have been jinyoung but of all people you picked Jackson”


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“hmmm ok… so back to what i was saying…which song do you like better” doesn't really mind that your friends with another guy because he trusts you.


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I had to ok


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“I don’t know if i like this or not like at least you have friends but did it have to be with another guy especially jaebum like come on.”


Originally posted by parkchanyeolieoppa

imagine that D.O is the member of got7

“you hurt her I'll hurt you, got it”


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*Just Glares At The Member And Is Basically Saying You Touch Her You’re Dead*


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*contemplating what to do in this situation*


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“ok now that they are your friends i get to be friends with them too but why did you have to friends with bambam like come on now I’m gonna have to watch you like a hawk around him”


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“I don’t have to worry I’m too fabulous for you to leave me. plus there all peasants”

Ashes (Phase 1 - Part 1)
(F!Reader x Young!Genji Shimada)

[Spotify Playlist]

A/N: I’ve decided to break this up into small-ish chapters. I feel they kind of have a better effect when you can read it bit by bit; they’re like daily scenarios that build up into a bigger story. While you and Genji are the main characters of this series, everyone else who features plays a big part too. Relationships are complicated things and involve a lot more people than you think.

This starts off bad, gets worse, but it’ll be alright at the end. Your best friend is kind of borrowed from another series I love. While the name is the same, the character is wildly different. See if you can pick her <3 :)

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“Genji, you have to come to this lesson—you’ve skipped out on too many.” You tried to reason with your childhood friend, but were pointedly ignored as he continued playing on the arcade machine. As per usual, he was surrounded by his admirers; cheering him on and not really caring that he had a lot of other responsibilities he had to deal with. Not like you. “I can’t keep making up excuses for you!” You called over the crowd, but the noise rose and your voice was drowned out.

As you were pushed back by the growing crowd, you were reminded that it was moments like these where you questioned where your friendship was headed. Every single time it hurt like hell. The two of you had grown up together, both part of an alliance between your families and similar in age. You had been inseparable for such a long time, but now… Now it felt like you were slowly drifting apart.

It was killing you.

You were more invested in the relationship than you would like to admit; you had genuine feelings for Genji after all. You knew more about him than anyone else—watched as he turned from some awkward kid to someone that everyone wanted. It was such a cliché that you had loved him before anyone else had, but he had never noticed because you had always, always been there no matter what. You were steadfast, loyal and dependable.

Sadly, somewhere along the line Genji Shimada had changed and it just wasn’t the same. Who was it that you were loyal to now? Was this young man still the Genji you grew up with?

“He’s not going to leave anytime soon.” Your friend Yugiri grabbed your arm and pulled you back from the crowd and out of the arcade. “He can’t hear you.” She was stern and you knew her words held a deeper meaning than what was obviously stated. “Let’s get going. It’s his fault if he’s in trouble—and yes, I’m stopping you from making excuses for him this time.”

You hesitated, but walked away.

Yugiri was your dependable girl friend. She was a little older and could see things clearly when you couldn’t. While the young woman was sweet and caring with you, people often said she held a dark fire within her. She hadn’t started to step in and drag you away until recently. You supposed she had had enough of Genji too. “I’m not sure what you see in him anymore.” She drawled, moving her hands to rest behind her head as you both trudged down the road.

You could feel her eyes on your back and you sighed, feigning a smile. “Mmm, I’m starting to wonder too.”

And it hurt so much.

[Part 2]

Hi! I am an ENFP and I’ve been doing some research on the best study methods for ENFPs and this is what I have found: 

Study in Groups

  • Studying in groups is ideal for extroverts! This can become a problem however, when studying with best friends. Instead, try making new friends in your classes. Sit up front and make friends with other people who sit up front. Those who sit up front are more likely to be willing to start a study group with you.


  • In your study groups, it could help if you discuss the topics that are to be covered on an upcoming test. Having conversations regarding the topic will keep you engaged and help you to retain the information better.

Teach Others 

  • Teaching others helps extroverts retain information! I personally find it helpful to teach friends by working through stuff on a white board or by quizzing them using flash cards I have made. 

Use Your Energy Wisely 

  • Intuitive types might have trouble staying focused for long periods of time. One way to combat this is by studying in blocks. Schedule breaks after 20-30 minutes of studying and never study through breaks! (This is one of the areas I personally struggle with). Allow your mind time to recuperate. This not only gives you something to look forward to while studying, it also helps your study sessions become more productive!!

Relate to the Material 

  • ENFPs have a hard time finding the motivation to study - especially if it is in an area they are not interested in. So, find ways to relate to the material through personal experiences or memories. 

Use Your Imagination 

  • This is especially useful for memorization. There are tons of interesting ways to memorize words or lists for a test. My personal favorite is using mnemonics, but you can also achieve this by creating stories to link key terms or by making up jingles. 

Switch Up Your Routine!

  • This is a great way yo keep you interested while studying! Use a different color highlighter for each chapter. When taking notes, switch up how you write your headers or how you organize your information. Use tumblr as inspiration! You could also try studying in different environments. If you’ve been studying at the library all week, try studying in a cafe next, or in a garden, or a park. Your possibilities are endless! Your perceiving side will embrace and enjoy change.’

Do any of these work for you? Have any other suggestions about how an ENFP should study? Let me know!

Signs as “out of context shit my best friend has said over facebook”

ARIES: March 21 - April 19
“Put him in the dark until he stops screaming.”

TAURUS: April 20 - May 20
“omg it’s like secret santa only gay and better than actual secret santa”

GEMINI: May 21 - June 20
“!!?!??!????!!!!!???? My hair looks like delicious noodles”

CANCER: June 21 - July 22
“listen. big glass tubes of Science”

LEO: July 23 - August 22
“I know interesting things happen with HRT but spontaneous arachnid production seems a little out there.”

VIRGO: August 23 - September 22

LIBRA: September 23 - October 22
“I will get a *frozen milk while you two bang on a clifftop or whatever.”

SCORPIO: October 23 - November 21
“Quick question- are velvet hoodies cool”
“if you’re a Russian crime lord”
“I am, so thats good to hear”

SAGITTARIUS: November 22 - December 21
“Subtle cinema jerking”

CAPRICORN: December 22 - January 19
“I did not realise how much of a walking shitpost I was until I was shown this”

AQUARIUS: January 20 - February 18
“do any of you fuckers actually think or are your brains about as powerful as a sony walkman”

PISCIES: February 19 - March 20
“if I randomly disappear its because I’m covered in egg or some similarly good reason.”


for @bisexualmerlin. happy birthday!!! you’re awesome & i love you. i hope you had a great day. :)

[Caption: 5 gifs of scenes from the Shadowhunters TV show.

1st: A group of people walking together. It reads “Human beings in a mob”.

2nd: The Inquisitor sitting in her chair from Isabelle’s trial. It reads “What’s a mob to a Queen”.

3rd: Valentine holding the Mortal Cup and yelling. It reads “What’s a Queen to a God”.

4th: Clary holding the Mortal Cup. It reads “What’s a God to a non-believer”.

5th gif: Clary talking to someone off-frame, looking pissed off. It reads “Who don’t believe in anything”.]

Psychology (Bucky x Reader)

So… First one shot! Hope you like it! Please give feedback!

Warnings - violence, cliches and fluff and too much of a positive attitude? If that’s a warning, there you go.

Summary - You’re the teams psychologist and Steve has assigned you to watch Bucky while he goes on a mission. What could go wrong?

Words: Too Many To Count…..

Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name


Being the teams ‘psychologist’ as they put it, has its perks. I personally like to call it, BFWTTTY meaning Best Friend Willing To Talk To You. Sure it’s long and no one uses it as a real thing but it’s better than Dr. Y/L/N.

I’ve been here since the battle of New York, but no one realized it until Bucky came back. That’s when Steve went ballistic trying to find a psychologist for Bucky whilst Tony was looking for loose employees to cut.

That’s where I came in.

Most of the team accepted me somewhat quickly except for Natasha, Bruce, and Bucky.


I’ve always made it my mission to make Bucky smile, even a little teeny tiny one, but alas, no. He just stares at me with his big blue eyes with his mouth set in a tight line as I sit across from him in my office.

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I smile brightly at him as I wait patiently for his answer. He holds my stare, letting a few sighs of boredom escape. My smile falters a little as I look back down on my paperwork for him. Pushing my glasses up, I look at Bucky again with his stare still there.

“So, Bucky, how’re the nightmares?” I ask quietly for the umpteenth time leaning back in my big roll around chair behind my large desk with Bucky across from me, in the dimly lit room I can tell he stiffens a little, I smirk to myself.

“I asked Steve since you won’t speak to me.” I shrug, keeping my stare with him as he does mine.

His lips tighten even more together as his metal hand creates a tight fist. I glance down at them and raise a brow,

“Really Bucky? Come on, please give me something here, just let me help.”

He just stares.

I shrug and put a bright smile on my face as I close my small binder and set it on my desk. Clasping my hands together, I look at Bucky and nod towards the door.

“We’re done, Bucky. Have a goodnight, I’ll see you next time.” I smile even bigger at him, he rolls his eyes and practically flashes out the door. I sit back in my chair and nod to myself.

He’ll talk to me, sooner or later, right?

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Everyone wanted me to do more themes so here you go. This is my first time fucking around with an idea of a large header blog and I’m not sure if I like it, but I’m my own worst critic and we all know that. Also, uh, sorry for the conflicting lyrics I started to listen to the BoM soundtrack, whoops! sorry if the colors are a little screwey I need to organize them better oopsie! As always, thank you guys for supporting me!  As always, thank you to danversrps for beta testing and helping with the code a little! Give her blog a follow if you want quality rp memes and a great friend~ THIS PAGE LOOKS BEST ON GOOGLE CHROME.


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