sodapunko asked:

you probably get this question all the time. but whats one of your favorite episodes of bobs burgers?

oh man okay I do get this question pretty frequently and honestly I am terrible when it comes to picking a favorite of anything let alone a bob’s burgers ep

so here have a list instead:

crawl space, the belchies, bad tina, ear-sy rider, tina-rannosaurus wrecks, mother daughter laser razor, boyz 4 now, carpe museum, the frond files, the equestranauts, the kids run away, tina tailor soldier spy, speakeasy rider, the gayle tales, the oeder games


It’s like 5 months late (never say I don’t know how to procrastinate) but buhtterbeer hermioniegranger here’s my fulfillment of the selfie challenge! I know you’ve all been eagerly awaiting this moment pffft

feat amy’s whale shirt and futile attempts to be cool

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first of all THANK YOU to all you lovely people following this blog, and sorry it hasn’t been updating much as of late. it’s known that things in pmdu are pretty slow but I’m still Pretty Super Hype for telling Prince’s story and my zest for him and the universe is slowly returning. Hopefully after I get through my latest batch of commissions life’ll let me refocus on pmdu again and I can really get some comics/writing out at last (as well as finish comics like Perspective ‘cause holy shit)

so to make up for my lack of content HERE’S A FUN FACT: 

A while ago, I wrote a non-canon piece starring Prince; it is 11,391 words -  24 pages long on google docs. None of you will ever read this piece of writing. 

Which is a shame, really… It’s pretty well-written if I do say so myself. Hurts me a bit that none of you will ever get to read it. But it’s for the best! Trust me… Just figured, if none of you can ever read it, the least I could do is let you know it exists. 

So yeah it’s really long, only two people in this goshdang world have read it, and it shall stay that way until the end of days.


From Shuse’s birthday.

Found this while going on niconicodouga. Gonna try and upload it later.


Meme Cherry Pop!!!

Jules tagged me to list some of my favourite fictional character names. As previously noted - this list will not be organised by genre… Just as they pop into my head… So, it’ll probably be pretty damn random! And so it begins…

Atticus Finch - To Kill A Mockingbird
Ramona Quimby - Beverly Cleary Novels
No. 6 - The Prisoner
Emma Peel (Mrs. Peel) - The Avengers
John Steed - The Avengers
Shylock - The Merchant of Venice
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern - Hamlet
Banquo - Macbeth
Mr. Pink - Reservoir Dogs
Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski - The Big Lebowski
Travis Bickle - Taxi Driver
Jules Winnfield - Pulp Fiction
Kurtz/Col. Walter E. Kurtz - Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now
Hercule Poirot - Agatha Christie Novels
Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle Serials/Novels
Milo Minderbinder - Catch-22
Tristam Shandy - The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman
Bertram (Bertie) Wilberforce Wooster - The Jeeves Novels
Bernard Black - Black Books
Blanche Devereaux - The Golden Girls
Stella Kowalski - A Streetcar Named Desire
Humbert Humbert - Lolita
Sancho Panza - Don Quixote
Holly Golightly - Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Inigo Montoya - The Princess Bride
Leopold Bloom - Ulysses
Augie March - The Adventures of Augie March
Vladimir and Estragon - Waiting for Godot
Eeyore - Winnie The Pooh
Lorna Doone - Lorna Doone
Pippi Longstocking - Pippi Longstocking
Tuppence Beresford - The Secret Adversary
Tintin - The Adventures of Tintin
Paddington Bear - Paddington Bear Stories
Adrian Mole - Adrian Mole Novels
John Self - Money
Moll Flanders - The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders
Dr. Strangelove - Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
Marge Gunderson - Fargo
Brains - Thunderbirds

I quit… I could keep going, going, going… Like The Energizer Bunny. Except I am not The Energizer Bunny… Getting sleepy after a rough night! I am certain there are names that I have forgotten… And I will be pissed at myself for forgetting them… But here’s the list… It’s been fun!

once again weirded out by having money, even if it’s just dragon money. i just bought 20 familiars i didnt have