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What advice to you have for someone who is getting hate?

IGNORE IT. Literally, there will always be someone that hates you. It doesn’t matter if you’re actually a saint. People get jealous, they feel bad about themselves, or they just enjoy hating things. Don’t fuel the fire by acknowledging pointless natterings.

Delete it, block the ip, don’t go to blogs that make you feel bad about yourself. Tumblr is a hobby, but if it’s causing you emotional pain, it’s time to unplug. Your health is more important.

I feel like this is probably in reference to the fact that there are now third party blogs for people to send hate about people to, but don’t obsess over those either. Don’t like the blog? Just block it, && report it if you feel necessary. Also, probs shouldn’t take advice for shady looking blogs.

People are going to say lots of nasty things about you in your life. People are also going to say lots of nasty things about people you care about in life. Save any fucks to give for people that actually have the courage to do it in person.


a fanmix for the for the things that happen in the dark between the devout Catholic and the man who believes he’s a god.

  1. Sarcilege - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  2. Bedroom Hymns - Florence + The Machine
  3. I Don’t Have a God - Robots in Disguise
  4. Mercy - IAMX
  5. Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode
  6. Closer - Nine Inch Nails
  7. Want - Recoil
  8. Hallelujah - Imogen Heap
  9. Take Me to Church - Hozier
  10. Tuning Out… - Bastille

Listen here.

shuffle da music

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You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your ipod, phone, itunes, media player, etc. and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people.
One rule: No skipping. 

1. Chesley’s Little Wrists by Pavement

2. Psychic City by YACHT

3. I Lied by Nicki Minaj

4. Everything’s Exploding by The Flaming Lips

5. Lion in a Coma by Animal Collective

6. Paradise Engineering by YACHT

7. Islands On the Coast by Band of Horses (ok technically it was cedarwood road- that U2 song but like itunes put it on everyones device and idk how to delete it so that doesnt count okay ok)

8. The Purple Bottle by Animal Collective

9. Statement of Vindication by Bikini Kill

10. Know the Way by Grimes

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February Fluff~~Day 24~<3

next victim is spyoflove! Amy! I did it! I played him, I love him. Unf. puddingbot!! Your commentary always makes me laugh, and your commitment to Hideki puts us to shame XD!! You offer some solid real life advice and I admire that- also! MY FELLOW SHIZUO FANGIRL! *glomps* it’s hard to find people who admire that hothead and not his counterpart, hehe! I love your writing and you were one of the blogs who inspired me to put my stuff up to, you’re a beautiful person inside and out! <3


Amy was finishing up the dishes after dinner while Hideki went to take a shower. He surprised her by coming home early from work, and she was walking on airs with the excitement of being able to spend a night nice together relaxing. Light jazz filled the kitchen as she hummed along with the tune on the radio, bobbing her head and swinging her hips slightly as she dried the plates and put them away. She decided to take a few more minutes to clean the entire kitchen when she heard the water still running as she put the final dishes away.

She was lost in her own little world, singing and dancing with the music, and she didn’t even notice him in the doorway. He grinned to himself as his eyes followed her. Her sweet voice carrying through the room, the silly way she danced along with the music as she wiped down the counters and cleaned the stove top. He shook his head, embarrassed for her once she took the broom handle, using it as a mic as she giggled and swept the floor. His smile returned when the song ended and she stretched one hand in the air with the long note ending the song.

The next song that started to play made him nostalgic. One of their dates that she got to pick where to go, had them in a swanky jazz bar, typically not his thing, but since she was happy, he was pleased to oblige. They’d gotten free drinks all night when the waitress mistook their celebration as their engagement, and Amy had gone with it nonchalantly, when all Hideki wanted to do was pay properly, his conscience almost getting the better of him until she flashed him one of those brilliant smiles. He could never win against them, and mentally justified the free service somehow. She’d surprisingly gotten him to loosen his image for a few hours, not much, but enough where he was smiling and enjoying himself more so than he’d originally thought he would. The night ending with her trying to persuade him to dance, just once dance, but he was definitely not intoxicated enough to indulge her quite like that. She resigned with a laugh, saying that him actually putting up with the bar was enough of a surprise in and of itself.

He chuckled as he snuck up behind her, stealing her hand and twirling her around. Seeing as they were at home, he felt a little more comfortable indulging his sweetheart a little beyond his normal means. She gasped and jumped at his touch, eyes wide and cheeks burning red as she bit her lip playfully.

“Caught again huh? You can’t just sneak up on me like that all the time!”
“If you were a little quieter, you’d have heard me approaching.”
“No one ever hears you approaching, you have ninja footsteps.”

She laughed at his frown, twirling herself under his arm and humming with the new song.

“So what’s up pudding cup?”

Hideki rolled his eyes he twirled her around once more, pulling her in closely and chuckling at her shocked response. He kissed her hand as he lead her out to the middle of the room, before pulling her close once more and swaying to the music. She looked up and him confused, and he couldn’t contain his smirk.

“Are you feeling okay?”
“Perfectly fine. Why do you ask?”
“Because…you never want to dance.”
“In public no.”

He twirled her elegantly a few times and spun her out, before bringing her to his front once more, dancing perfectly in time with the song and making her eyes go wide.

“When did you learn to dance like this?”
“We’ve attended banquets and parties on occasion, correct?”
“W-well yeah, but you never dance like this.”

He dipped her backwards as he brought his lips dangerously close to hers.

“Just because I don’t, doesn’t mean I’m incapable.”

He stole a quick kiss before pulling her back up, swaying softly as a slow, more romantic song played on the radio. Amy wrapped her arms around his neck and looked up at her husband, eyes darting between his before a grin pulled at her lips.

“So, pudding pop, what other sorts of secrets are you capable of containing?”

He stopped, raised an eyebrow at her as he lowered his glasses and looked over them at her.

“That’s classified information I’m afraid I can’t tell you.”

He smirked as he lifted his wife into his arms, kissing her passionately as he made his way to the bedroom.

“Although, perhaps a demonstration would be in order.”

That radiant smile he fell in love with years ago lit her face like it did every time, warming his heart as his smiled back and closed the door behind him.

the like. 12 hours leading up 2 a concert are the slowest most boring hours of your life. this is scientifically proven by Science and Scientists

fun autistic things: when youre one of those people that picks up a speaking/typing style if youre exposed to it for too long and your typing style changes practically every few hours based on what youve been doing

I had the power to make this so sad but I chose to let this sappy goop flow from my brain and out of my ears onto a canvas.
You’re welcome for that, you ungrateful piece of shit. 

city and colour is so good i swear he’s the kind of artist that you can listen to a couple songs and then from there on out you will always recognize when one of his songs comes on the radio

                    ❤ —- “…I wonder…if there is anyone who
                                is…creepy like me? Would they play
                                    games with me in the cemetery at night?”