“I hate loving you” Bucky Barnes x Reader

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Word count: 4356 words

Warnings: swearing and light angst

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Notes: it’s unedited so I apologise in advance for any mistake :) Plus, I’m sorry it’s so long, I guess I got carried away haha hope you like it!

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“Why is he here again?” You asked Steve.

It had been five months since that damn James Buchanan Barnes decided to go back to the ice. For you, it was the best choice he would ever take. You two never really get along. He was always rude to you so you were the same to him, even when you didn’t even understand why he behaved that way. The team used to say you two had feelings for each other but you just laughed when you heard that and he used to make some sarcastic comment.

But the truth was that they were right. You had a crush when you first met him and you felt idiot as that crush developed into something else. It didn’t really matter how much you two fought. At the end of the day, all you wanted to do was being held by him. Of course, he went back to the ice not knowing a thing.

During the next months you felt like something was missing. There was no one to fight with, there were no blue eyes to look at or no laugh to hear that made you feel like Bucky did. Even when he wasn’t there, he made a living hell out of your life. But somehow you got used to it and started to move on. You even dated a guy for a couple of months but you ended up breaking up with him.

You really thought you were over The Winter Soldier but you were never ready to walk into the kitchen and see him there, eating a salad like he had never left. He looked at you, you stared at him like he was seeing a ghost but before he could say anything else you literally ran out of the kitchen to look for his best friend. Steve.

“Nobody told you?”  Steve asked taking the bottle from the floor. You had found him training down in the gym.

“Obviously no”, you said crossing your arms.

“Basically, Bruce found a way to take everything HYDRA put into his head out”, Steve explained. “We got him back yesterday, Bruce is working on it right now”, he added.

You knew how Steve had missed his friend, and you could see in his face how happy and relieve he was of having him back. But at that moment you couldn’t help but be selfish. You didn’t want him there. Not after all those emotions you had felt the moment he had looked at you up in the kitchen.

“And don’t you think telling me would have been a good idea?” You asked. He sighed putting the bottle down on the floor again.

“Probably. But it was so fast. As soon as Bruce told me there was a chance, I talked to T’Challa immediately” He replied.

“That I can see”, you sighed looking away, not knowing how to handle this situation.

“(Y/N) I think it’s time you two just…make peace?” He suggested which made you laugh sarcastic.

“Rogers, in case you didn’t notice, it’s impossible to make peace with that guy. The metal in his arm has actually gone into his brain and he’s impossible to talk to”, you said. Steve took a deep breath, looking down at you.

“Just give it a try, please?” He said.

You stared into his eyes and groaned. How the fuck did he do it?

“Do you have any kind of magic in those eyes? Because I swear no one can tell you no!” You exclaimed frustrated. He laughed and wrapped his arms around you. “Ugh, you’re sweaty”, you mumbled pushing away.

“Thank you for trying”, he said.

“Whatever”, you sighed.

As he started punching the bag again you just left the gym. How were you supposed to go there and be nice to someone you knew that hated you? Especially knowing that he wouldn’t make it easy to you. Anyway, a promise to Cap was unbreakable. It would make you as bad as if you took a candy from a little boy.

When you went up from the gym to the kitchen you were relieved to find Natasha there instead of Bucky. It would give you more time to mentally prepare yourself for…whatever was about to come.

“Hey!” She said as you walked in. “How you doing?” She asked as she prepared a sandwich.

“Did you know Bucky was back?” You asked taking a seat on the counter. She stopped for a moment what she was doing and looked at you. By the look on her face you knew she did. “Seriously? You too?” You sighed.

“I’m sorry, it was so fast and you were out” she tried to explain.

“It’s ok, really I just…” You sighed and started playing with hair. “I wish I had some time to prepare myself”, you added.

She smiled at you and kept on working on her sandwich. None of you said anything until it was finished and Natasha was seated by your side eating it slowly.

“You still like him?” She asked making you roll your eyes.

“I’ve never liked him, Nat” you said with a sigh.

“Ok, if you want to lie to yourself that’s fine with me”, she shrugged.

Shaking your head you jumped down the counter and exited the kitchen. Of course those comment would be back and you just weren’t in the mood to put up with them. You went to the elevator to go to your room which was two floors above. When you walked out of it you looked around to find Bucky at the end of it, looking out of the window. Should you go and talk to him?

“I hate you Rogers…” You mumbled to yourself as you started walking towards him. “Hi”, you said loud enough for him to hear you. He turned to look at you but didn’t make any sign.

“Hey there”, he said. You looked at him, trying to find some words to say.

“Welcome back, I guess”, you said looking out of the window to avoid his gaze.

“Thank you”, he replied still looking at you.

The tension was evident between you two. He was making you so nervous with that staring thing he had going on and you were doing your best trying to cover it.

“How are you?” He finally asked. Glad that he was the first one talking, you dared to look at him.

“Fine”, you said nodding before looking away again. “Nothing’s changed around here”, you added with a frown.

“I’ve been told you dated someone”, he said making you chuckle.

“It was nothing. Just a two months thing. Nothing serious”, you shrugged.

“It’s surprising that someone managed to put up with you and your attitude for more than a week to be honest”

And there he was. The asshole. The jerk. Of course he was still there and of course he still hated you. Taking a deep breath you looked at him.

“It’s surprising Bruce worked more than two hours to find a solution to fix your fucked up head”, you snapped.

You knew that was a sensitive topic for him and obviously that didn’t change. His eyes darkened a little bit due to the anger and he moved closer to you. But you didn’t back off. You stayed there, looking up at him, challenging him, until your chest were pressed together.

“Are you sure you want to go down that road?” He mumbled.

“You’re not scary to me, Barnes, so fuck off”, you said pushing away. He was too strong to actually move him but you walked away shaking your head.

“Brat”, you heard him saying.

“Asshole”, you said back.

You were happy when he didn’t say anything else but also surprised. Luckily you got to your room and were able to lock the door before he changed his mind and decided to keep on fighting. It was only then when you felt how fast your heart was racing and how fast you were breathing. Taking a deep breath you sat down on the bed before letting yourself fall back. Of course he wouldn’t have changed. And of course you still loved him. And fucking of course it would still be painful to see that look in his eyes every time he looked at you.

Before you could stop them, tears started running down your face. Tears of pain, tears of sadness and tears of frustration. What had you done to be deserve his hate?

“(Y/N)…” Suddenly you opened your eyes and sat up scared. When did you fall asleep? “It’s me. Steve”, he said turning on the light.

“What? I fell asleep?” You asked rubbing your eyes. You felt them puffy and dry after all the crying.

“Apparently”, he chuckled. “You didn’t come to dinner and I was worried”, he said making you look up. It was then when he saw your eyes. “Have you been crying?” He asked.

“No! Of course not”, you said moving your head out of his hand and getting up to go the bathroom and wash your face.

“(Y/N), I know you and I know how you look like after crying”, he said following you. “You’ve been crying”, he said again.

“So what?” You whispered looking at him through the mirror.

“Because of Bucky?” He asked leaned against the door frame.

“No”, you replied quickly looking down at the sink. “But I tried Steve, he’s an asshole and impossible to talk to”, you added walking out of the bathroom quickly.

“You still love him, right?”

His words made you stop in the middle of the room. It was the first time someone said love to talk about your feelings towards the soldier. Everybody used to say it was a crush or that you just liked him. But Steve just used the L word. Of course he knew you better than anyone else in the team. He was more like a big brother to you and had always looked after you.

“I…hate him”, you whispered. You heard him sighing behind you so you turned around to look at him. “What do you want me to say, Steve?”

“The truth. At least to me”, he said moving closer to you. You looked at him with a frown, trying to keep your tears inside.

“Yes Steve, I’m in love with someone who hates me, with someone that had never said a nice word to me. I love Bucky and after five months the feeling didn’t go away. I wish I could do something to just…forget about him but I can’t.” You said.

He was looking at you the whole time, not saying a word until you were finished. And even then, he just pulled you closer to him, hugging you tight as you cried over his chest, rubbing your back slowly in a useless attempt to calm you down. You felt slightly better after saying it out loud to someone but knowing that Bucky would never feel the same for you just made you cry even more.

“He doesn’t hate you”, he whispered after placing a kiss on your head.

“He does”, you said sniffing.

“Look, I’m not talking about Bucky’s feelings ok? You should. But believe me when I say he doesn’t hate you. Not at all”, he said. Not saying a word you wrapped your arms around him once again. “You hungry?” He asked and you shook your head. “Ok… I’m going to have dinner and I’ll come back later ok? You take a shower and calm down, please. You know I can’t see you like this”, he said looking down at you.

Once you nodded he kissed your forehead and walked out of the room, leaving you alone. You couldn’t believe you had just confessed your true feelings towards Bucky to Steve, his best friend. You knew he would say anything since he didn’t like to interfere in this kind of things, but still it worried you. If Bucky knew he would just make fun of you forever and it would be even more painful than it already was.

Since you weren’t hungry at all, you did as Steve told you and took a shower. It really helped you to calm down but you were still sobbing lightly when you got dressed into some oversize t-shirt and your underwear. You didn’t know what else you could so you took the book you were currently reading, The Lord of the Rings, and sat on the bed, leaned against the headboard and started reading. This was probably the only way you knew to escape reality at least for a while.

A couple of hours later you actually felt a bit better. The tension in your chest and the knot in your stomach were still there but at least you didn’t feel like you could cry any moment now. Probably reading Frodo’s adventure did help you a bit.

“May I come in?” You heard Steve from the door. You looked up and saw him popping his head in.

“Sure”, you said smiling a little as you put your book down on the bed. He walked in and took a seat next to you, examining your features, probably looking for any sign of recent tears.

“How are you feeling?” He finally asked.

“I’ve been reading The Lord of the Rings for the last two hours. I could probably speak elfic by now”, you joked. He chuckled and took the book, examining it silently.

“I’ve been talking with Bucky”, he finally said with a sigh. You tensed up as he said that. He didn’t tell him right? He couldn’t do that to you. He was like your brother. “Don’t worry, I didn’t say anything”, he added quickly as he saw your expression. Thanks to that you relaxed a bit but you were still anxious. What had they been talking about?

“And…?” You pushed him after a while of silence.

“I don’t know what I can say…” He frowned.

“He hates me right?” You said feeling how you broke a bit.

“No. You drive him insane”, he said with a chuckle before looking at you. “(Y/N) you really should talk to him about this”, he said.

“No.” You said simply. “He will laugh at me and make fun of me for it. I can’t deal with that”, you said.

“He won’t”, he assured you putting the book on the side table. “Trust me on this one”

“I always trust you, Rogers”, you said hugging your knees against your chest and resting your chin on them.

“And have I ever failed you?” He smiled innocently at you.

“No…” You admitted looking down at the bed. “But what am I supposed to say? He’s an idiot. We can’t say two sentences without fighting” you frowned.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what’s in your head when you see him”, he shrugged. “Just go and improvise”, he made you laugh with that.

“That’s the worst plan ever, Captain”, you told him with a sigh.

“Just…try it.” He said once again looking at you.

With a frown you looked up at him and then down. You couldn’t. It was true that you could resist a bullet wound, a broken bone and everything. But you wouldn’t be able to resist a broken heart. You just knew it. You were too scared of that to even trying.

“Sleep it off, babe” he said kissing your head before getting up and going to the door. “But I think it would be worth it”, he added before walking out of the room and closing the door behind him.

Fucking 3 a.m. and there you were. Rolling around the bed, not being able to sleep because all you saw every time you closed your eyes were his eyes. Full of hate. And at the same time you just couldn’t get Steve’s words out of your head. Why would he be so sure about you talking to him? It didn’t make sense. And why did you drive Bucky insane? Was that even a good thing?

Once you got sick of being in bed you just got up, changed into your training clothes and left the room. Maybe a punching bag session would help you clearing your head. As you walked into the gym and FRIDAY turned on the lights for you, you went to your locker to take the tape for your fingers and knuckles. Seated on a bench you started wrapping it around your fingers methodically and once you were done you got up and walked to the bag.

Without hesitation you started throwing one punch after the other, picturing Bucky’s smirk all the time. That damn sexy smirk that made you want to punch him in the face. Gosh, that would really feel good. Why did he have to be so rude? So asshole? Why couldn’t he see you?

“Damn…” You mumbled when you felt yourself tearing up once again.

Taking the bag in your hands you pressed your forehead against it, taking some deep breaths in order to calm you down. You were better off when he was away in the fucking ice. Sure, you missed him, but it was much easier than having him around and not be able to actually have him. Especially when you craved his touch, his voice, his laugh. But you knew that was impossible.

“Damn it!” You screamed punching the bag with rage this time. “Why do you have to be so fucking idiot?” You mumbled to yourself as you kept on punching, stronger every time.

“Feisty, aren’t we?” You stopped punching the second you heard his voice.

This wasn’t possible. What was he doing down there? At fucking 4 in the fucking morning? How was it possible?

“If karma exists…it hates me”, you mumbled to yourself before you just kept on going with your training, ignoring his presence.

“And now you don’t even say hi? And I thought we were making progress” he said now closer to you. You had to take a deep breath in order not to turn around and punch his head. “The cat got your tongue?”

“What the fuck do you want Barnes?” You snapped, stopping the bag from swinging but not looking at him.

“There she is”, he said. Without even looking at him you could see the smirk on his face. That stupid goddamn sexy smirk. “Actually I went to the kitchen to have some water”, he said. Suddenly he appeared on your visual field but you had to look away. He was just wearing some sweatpants that were hanging low on his hips. Of course he didn’t use a t-shirt to sleep. “And I heard the noises down here. I got curious and came down, thinking it was someone…”

As he didn’t finish the sentence you looked at him for a moment. Exactly, he was wearing that stupid smirk. You turned around and walked to the bench where you had the bottle of water you had taken from the kitchen before coming down. You knew he was teasing you. He wanted you to react but you didn’t want to give in. Not for once.

“You know. Someone who can actually fight without help”, he said.

This time it was him who had hit a sensitive spot for you. Since you had been the newest addition to the team, you didn’t have as much experience as the others. Due to that fact, you used to need help in missions if you got surrounded by your enemies. You hated that. You felt weak and useless but you knew telling the team not to help you would mean your death. Plus, they wouldn’t even listen to you.

“Can you leave me alone? Just for once?” You asked after taking a long sip from the bottle.

“That would be too easy, don’t you think?” And once again he was just behind you.

“What’s your problem, Barnes?” You snapped turning around to face him. “Why do you enjoy this so much huh? Torturing me every single time you see me?”

“Me? You are always the one picking up a fucking fight for the lamest things!” He exclaimed frowning. “And now it is my fault?”

“You were the one coming down here! Right now! And decided to stay when you saw it was me! The person you apparently hate the most”, you said feeling yourself on the edge once again. You didn’t want to cry in front of him but you knew it was hard to control.

“I don’t fucking hate you! You just drive me insane, don’t you understand?” He said louder now.

“And what’s that supposed to mean James!? Because I swear that I can’t keep on doing this anymore, it’s fucking killing me. I can’t manage you looking at me like that anymore, it’s too painful don’t you see? The only reason I keep on fighting you it’s because that’s the only way we can talk and I would rather have that than nothing at all.” You were now literally yelling at his face.

“Oh of course! Because we can’t be friends right? Fight or nothing, that’s the deal with you right?” He yelled at you as well.

“I can’t be friends with you, you dumbass.” You said lower at the moment. Feeling the words bubbling in your throat. Would you be able to say them?

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked crossing his arms.

“That I’m desperately in love with you, fuck!” You exclaimed. “That this months had been a living hell because you weren’t around. That I had missed you more than I want to admit and I still hated seeing you back because I know you hate me and I love you and I fucking hate loving you”, you said with tears in your eyes now.

When you finished talking you found yourself much relieved, like something heavy had left your body. But now you were right on the edge, really to fall, ready to break. And the only person who could save was standing in front of you, looking at you in shock. You knew he didn’t feel the same. You had been so stupid. You shouldn’t have listened to Steve and you knew it.

“Forget it”, you mumbled before walking out of the gym as fast as you could, wanting to leave him behind, as far from you as possible.

First of all you were going to kill Steve. Somehow he managed to give you hope when you shouldn’t have had any. And then you would just try and avoid the soldier as much as you could. You didn’t want to see his face ever again. You would still go to the missions with him because it was your job but that would be all. But the worst part was having to pick up your broken heart and try and fix it again, knowing you wouldn’t be able to. How did you allow yourself to fall so hard for anyone?

When you walked into your room, tears streaming down your face like a cascade, sobbing like never before, you started taking off the tape from your hands. You wanted to hate him. You needed it but at least for now you knew it was impossible.

A knock on your door took you out of your thoughts. Somehow you knew it was him so you didn’t want to open the door but before you could control yourself, you were already at the door. Indeed, he was there, on the other side, looking at you still shocked.

“James just leave me alone, please”, you said as you started to close the door again but he put his metal arm against it, stopping you.

“No”, he said simply.

Suddenly you saw something changing in his eyes for a second before he placed his flesh hand on your neck and kissed you fiercely, closing the door with his other hand before placing it on your hair. Your hands travelled up his body until you placed them on his hair and his neck while his moved down to your hips to pull you closer to him. You didn’t know what this meant. It made absolutely no sense at all and still you didn’t want to pull away from him. It felt good. Really good. His lips were soft but the kiss was pure passion. His breath was fresh somehow and you tasted mint in his mouth. And as he tried to pull you even closer, making you arch your back, you realised you had never felt like this. At home.

“Bucky…wait, stop…” You finally managed to pull away to look at him. He looked down at you but didn’t put his hands away from you. “What are you doing?”

“What I should’ve done a long time ago, doll”, he whispered stroking your head before pecking your lips. “I told you. You drive me insane. Every time I see you I just want to devour your lips, every time I hear you laugh I want to be the reason you’re laughing”, he said smiling a little and you swore you could see some pink on his cheeks. “But I thought you hated me and I still loved you. It drove me insane, I swear”, he said. As he said those words you felt your heart suddenly racing once again.

“You…you love me?” You whispered, being too afraid of believing him.

“(Y/N)…when T’Challa’s scientists took me out of the ice, I didn’t think of a cure, I didn’t think about what HYDRA had done to me… I thought about you. Only you.” He said before kissing you softly again. “About your laugh, your eyes, about how funny you are when you’re furious but still a bit scary, how adorable you are when you’re sleepy and how moody you are every morning. I just wanted to see you, babe”, he confessed.

“And couldn’t you say all this just months ago?” You asked smiling a little. He chuckled and kissed you again.

“I was busy trying to hate you”, he whispered. “I’m glad to tell you it didn’t work”

“I’m glad”, you said smiling at him.

I just wanna say that, I think Call is like quite strong from someone his age and size.

Okay, just hear me out, because it’s repeatedly mentioned that he’s rather small compared to Jasper and Aaron, but:

-In The Iron Trial, when he and Tamara are going to save Aaron, outside the bowling place, Call lifts himself up onto the dumpster with just his upper body strength just after walking a long way whilst having been injured and very tired.

-Also, in The Copper Gauntlet, in the barn at Mrs. Tisdale’s place, he climbs the ladder with his upper body strength as well because it hurts too much if he doesn’t.

(I mean have you ever done a successful pull up? It’s hard isn’t it?)

So if that doesn’t say something about how strong he really is, or how much pain tolerance he has, then I don’t know what does.

  • Clint:Hey Wanda, can you read Natasha to see if she likes me or not?
  • Wanda:*reads Natasha's mind
  • Wanda:She says if I read her mind again she's going to kill us both.
Beach Days

Requested by @iwillbeinmynest hope you like it

A/N: I had a rough day but you guys deserve a new fic. This is on the shorter side but I didn’t wan to drag it out. Love you all and as always my requests are open and I’m always available to talk.

Warnings: Insecurity?

Prompt: “Quick kiss me”

It was a hot day when you decided that you wanted to go to the beach. All you had been doing was training, going on missions then more training. It was a constant cycle of being tired and bruised.

Walking into the common room where the rest of the team was lounging you walked over and sat in Wanda’s lap. “I want to go to the beach.” You said causing everyone to look at you at your sudden exclamation.

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this guy i’m friends with on facebook and had like one class with freshman year sent me a link about harley and the joker because he read my article about the two and now we’re talking about marvel and when i mentioned bucky + natasha instead of bruce + natasha he said “SHE AND BUCKY WOULD HAVE BEEN SO GOOD TOGETHER WHY DIDN’T THEY GO WITH THAT?!” in all caps so @marvelentertainment … BuckyNat

Kiss a Stranger

Summary: College!AU. After you deny to participate in a round of spin the bottle, Nat dares you to kiss a stranger in an italian restaurant instead. It happens to be Bucky.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,178 

Warnings: nothing I can think of, it’s just fluff

A/N: Hey everyone! Guess who is back from vacation and going to start writing again? Me! This fic is kinda inspired by the “Kiss a Stranger” Scene from the Nerve trailer. I hope you like it!

“Come on Y/N,” Nat whined and tried to reach your arm so that she could prevent you from getting up and leaving the living room. It was party night at Tony’s because his parents were on vacation (again). 

They used to do that a lot and so there was a party on basically every weekend at Tony’s place. But this time it would be different. This time it would be better, at least that was what Nat and Tony had promised you shortly after you had declined the offer. This time it would be better because the exams weeks were officially over and you had no excuse to stay home all night. Besides, this party was supposed to be much smaller than Tony’s usual parties. It was supposed to be just your groups of friends and all of them had decided that a night off was the best decision that could have been made. 

So you agreed.

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Hey can you do bucky + 40: “Did you mean like… this?” please!

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40: “Did you mean like… this?” 

Warnings: Explicit Language, Oral Sex, and Strong Sexual Reference.

Part 2/2 of #14

Read Part One

.     .     .

You avoided him for weeks.


Everyday you woke up at the time when he would go on a run with Steve or Sam. He’d come into the gym sometimes while you were sparring with Natasha, but you pretended he wasn’t there. You didn’t want to even think about what he did after watching the both of you spar anymore, but some part of you deep down wanted to know what it was like to grant him his fantasies. You made sure to stifle that thought whenever you were in the same room as him, which was few and far in-between after that fateful morning.

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Prompt: “what did you just say?”

Character: Bucky Barnes

Warning: There’s an asshole in this, kind of angsty?

“What did you just say?” You stopped in your tracks and turned around to look at the man who’d spoken. Some random stranger on the street who obviously wanted to start a fight…or if he didn’t he was going to. 

“Are you deaf? I said your boy toy there is murderer.”

“See, that’s funny because from where i’m standing he’s a victim, who has pricks like you telling him that he’s a murderer for something he had no autonomy over. So from where i’m standing you’re a class A dickhead.” You weren’t laughing because it was funny, your laughing was out of pure spite, pure anger. The fact that these assholes kept calling Bucky names in the street. The fact that a man who was still suffering emotionally and mentally was being verbally abused in the streets and they thought it was okay. They didn’t even fucking understand. 

“He’s a fucking murderer.” 

“Do you want me to smash your face? Because it’s looking awfully tempting. Stop harassing people in the street when you don’t even fucking understand the situation.” You tried to keep as calm as you could. Bucky was standing off the side and he looked so small and then this asshole just had the nerve to seem so pleased with himself…it made staying calm increasingly hard. 

He didn’t even have to say anything, it was the look on his face that finally did it. That had you launching yourself at him only to find yourself stopped short as familiar arms wrapped around you and pulled you away. Hot breath on your neck, “He’s not worth it. It’s not worth it” You wanted to believe Bucky, you really did…but it was worth it…he was always going to be worth defending. He tried so hard, why couldn’t people see that, why did they have to be so mean?

I mean Tony and Rhodes had to meet T’Challa properly before the airport battle right? Like how did that even go down. “Your Highness, hi. You here to kill Barnes?” And then T’Challa stares at them through that dope-ass mask and Rhodey’s like, so done by now, just “Can you not?” 

Meanwhile Spidey’s like in the corner with Vision discussing the giant cat man in the quinjet with them. Is that a Furry? When did the Avengers get a Furry? Vision zones out after that, he’s connected to the internet to find out what a Furry is. He is bewildered. Further research may be necessary.

Tony and Nat like, talking strategy about ‘going easy on them’ and Nat’s kinda miffed that her spider motif is being infringed upon by the twelve year old. Tony and FRIDAY arguing about what shoe boutique to preemptively buy out for Pepper Potts because he’s got a bad feeling about this.

Just. Team Iron Man. Wild.

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Imagine Bucky thanking the other members of Team Cap + Sharon for helping him and Steve during Civil War

“Coffee’s on me,” Bucky says. “Whatever you guys like.”

“I don’t drink coffee,” Sam says. A baldfaced lie, but he’s not going to let the Winter Soldier win him over with a bashful smile and coffee.

Everyone else seems pretty okay with obvious bribery though, and it is pretty funny to see Bucky balance two full trays of lattes and baked goods.

“I got you a cookie, since you don’t drink coffee,” Bucky says. “I know you eat cookies.”

He’s got Sam there.

“Oh, he got you a cookie,” Sharon says, and sips at something that leaves a foam mustache on her upper lip. “That’s sweet.”

“He’s not sweet,” Sam says. “He’s a calculated killing machine, and only by the grace of Steve Rogers does he go.”

“Got that right,” Sharon says. “Polite, though.”

“And generous,” Sam concedes. “This cookie is big as my face.”

Maybe, bribery will be enough to overcome any other shortcomings Barnes might have.

Window Of Opportunity - Sebastian Stan x Reader

Anonymous said: 4,6 and 13 with Sebastian Stan?? Or just 4&6 whatever you like better

4. “I had to see you again.” - 6. “I missed you.” - 13. “Come over here and make me, then.”

You always felt calmer at night time, perhaps it was the coolness of the air around you, or the quiet of the world which normally sounds over your own voice. People were going to bed now, some people already were in bed in fact, but for you your night had only just ended.

Sebastian walked you to your front door for the fifth time in two weeks. This little outing had just so happened to be your fifth date, and sadly it would be your last for a while. Tonight Sebastian was to leave on flight 103, he’ll be going to Ireland for a while to film for a movie and that’s why he’d rushed out as many dates as he could with you. Not that you were complaining about that.

The past two weeks have been amazing, you practically spent every day with him and the dates were always a surprise, he insisted on it. Thankfully you’d managed to get him to agree to going on dates planned only by you when he returns, just so it will be fair.

He’d taken you to posh restaurants, a fortune teller, a concert for your favourite band, camping. Your favourite date was the one where you had a sleepover at Sebastian’s but you did it like a ‘proper teenage girls dream’; that isn’t to say it was extravagant or anything. You made a huge bed fort, ate junk food, watched rom coms (which Sebastian had a surprising affinity for), gossiped, and then made out for a bit. Whilst that was your favourite, tonight had ended pretty well after he took you out for a couple of drinks until the sunset went away, then he’d taken you to go stargazing.

Sebastian picked a star for the two of you to share, though you knew it would probably be impossibly to find it again amidst the millions of other tiny white dots in the sky, you promised to look at it every night and think of him. He promised to do the same thing.

“Are you sure you’re not cold?” Sebastian asked, you’d dressed in a nice summer dress but now that it was around midnight you had felt a little regret not bringing a jumper or something.

You rolled your eyes at him, “calm down babe, we’re almost at my house.” You slowed down your pace slightly and clasped your hand around his, allowing him to lace his fingers between yours. You continued to walk together, your conjoined hands swinging between you as the silence took over once more.

Talking wasn’t a necessity between you and Seb anymore, not after the days you’d spent just properly getting to know one another. Now you were just comfortable. And it broke your heart to think that this might end; once he’s gone on that flight you’ll have to put a lot of faith on Sebastian and hope that when he returns he’ll still want to be in a relationship with you, of course you’ll have skype and texting to sate any desires for a connection with him through the weeks he’ll be gone. But part of you was worried that you’ll just slowly drift apart, he will be in a different time zone as well which just adds more problems.

His hand suddenly tightened yours and you looked up to see him giving you a gentle glare fixed on your eyes, “get out of your head, okay?” Gulping, you nodded your head and shrugged your shoulders as some sort of apology. He understood what you meant and leaned in to kiss your forehead. “We’re here.” He announced.

Looking up, you found your house to indeed be in front of you. And it had suddenly turned into a very lonely looking sight. “I’m going to miss you,” you admitted, turning away from the two story house that now seemed like an empty mansion you no longer wanted, “a lot.”

“I’m going to miss you too, but, you know, I’ll be back soon and when I do get back we can have another sleepover or something.” Sebastian had to bend his knees slightly so he could look into your eyes, the expression on his face was bright. He had a smile filling his face and those blue eyes of his that you loved were practically shining. It all just showed how much confidence he had in your relationship and that really helped with making you believe in it as well. “Now you go to bed, I’ll call you when I land in Ireland okay?”

“All right,” you said this with a lot more glee, your boyfriends happy spirit apparently being contagious. Automatically, your arms went and wrapped around his neck so that you were able to pull yourself up to begin kissing him. Seen as it was going to be your last kiss for a while you took some liberties, not caring that you were stood outside and not in the privacy of your bedroom.

Five minutes of kissing must have passed before Sebastian managed to form enough energy to refrain from you, this sort of refrain you didn’t possess though you felt it would have been quite helpful. “Okay, goodbye, Y/N.”

“Bye.” You kissed him once more.

He kept this kiss much shorter than the other one. “I’m serious, goodbye.”

You nodded your head, “goodbye.”

“Bye.” He began to walk backwards.

“Bye.” you responded back, trying to keep the goofy smile from forming on your lips. It became impossible though as Seb almost fell over, he managed to refrain his balance after a second though. “You okay?” You asked through the giggles.

“Yep, goodbye.”

“Bye.” You said again, watching him walk down the drive. And then once he got to the end of the street you decided to call out his name. “Seb!”

He turned around to face you, and you could just imagine the confused expression he must have had on his face. “Yeah?!” He called back.

“I miss you!”

You believe you saw the white glint of his teeth appear beneath the bright street light, “I miss you too!” He called back, beginning to walk away again.

Finally you got into your home, no longer feeling as bothered by its emptiness and concerning yourself more with how excited you were for him to return. You kept your mind busy on that, knowing if you let it stray then you might make yourself sad again and Seb would just whine at you if you did that.

So instead you got ready for bed. You put on your pyjamas, brushed your teeth, and got into bed. You decided to put on a movie for a little bit, choosing to watch Civil War for obvious reasons. By the time that was over, you were starting to feel drowsy and so you cuddled up against your pillows and allowed sleep to take over you. Only, you never truly got it as you began to hear some banging against the window.

The sound had you jumping out of your bed and reaching for the bat you always kept at the end of your bed. As a female living alone in her twenties, you were always scared about intruders, hence the unused (until today) steel bat that had been your comfort through the years. The noise was coming from your window, and when you turned to it, hoping to catch the sight of an idiot bird or something, you were surprised to see Sebastian’s head appearing from the side, a guilty expression on his face.

You couldn’t believe it. You even turned the light on, just to make sure you weren’t dreaming things but not even the light made his silhouette in the window disappear. Curse words escaped your lips as you opened the window, allowing Seb to climb in.

“Hello,” he said, dusting off imaginary dirt from his clothes. “Miss me?”

Words were hard to form at first, everything you tried to say came out as a stuttered mess. Of course you were happy to see him, you were always happy to see Seb but it was rather strange him appearing at two in the morning via your window of all places. He must have climbed up the pipe next to your window, and that image alone made your mind swirl once more. “What?” It was the only word you managed to get out, when really you wanted to rant to him about how dangerous it was and how strange it was as well.

He raised an eyebrow at your one word, having to decide for himself exactly which part you were asking about. “I had to see you again,” he explained slowly. Your reaction wasn’t exactly a confidence booster; the slightly angry (or disturbed, he couldn’t really tell) expression on your face conveyed the idea that you didn’t want him there.

“Why?” One word questions seemed to be working out for you and so you decided to stick with that until you manage to get all your senses back into working order.

His shoulders raised and then dropped, “I missed you.”

A laugh escaped you then, it only lasted a second but you knew it had made you seem a little insane. You had no more words to use in your limited vocabulary and so you simply embraced him, your arms taking their usual spot around his neck. It was an amazing feeling, so amazing you found it hard to name. It was an overwhelming sense of love that swirled violently in your belly yet only brought happiness despite it’s aggression. You’d never thought of yourself as a lucky person, yet here you stand at two in the morning feeling like a truly blessed girl.

And it was all because of Sebastian. This man had made sure your two weeks together had been amazing. This man had kept you so distracted on the first date that your anxiety couldn’t get in the way and spoil it. This man had decided you were worth giving up his last few moments before going back to work. This man… was just amazing. And yours.

Tears began to escape your eyes and when Sebastian felt the dampness hit his neck he pulled back slightly so he could look at your face, “what’s wrong?!” His hand that had settled on your waist rose up to wipe away the tears.

“I don’t know, I’m just so happy.” The smile that filled his face was adorable, and it just made that aggressive swirling in your belly begin to hit your insides harder. “Is it too early to say that I love you?”

“Probably. But I feel the same way so who cares?”

You didn’t kiss him, instead you hugged him tighter and Sebastian knew why. You’d already told him that you thought that a hug was a much more powerful thing than a kiss. A hug told the person that you were equal to them, and that you were happily bonded with them. A kiss could distract a person, whilst a hug was an innocent and much more romantic way of declaring companionship.

Once you were finished squeezing him as tight as you could, you pulled away and wiped away any remaining tears from your eyes. “You have to go now,” the words hurt to say but you knew it was the right thing to do.

His eyebrows scrunched together, “why?”

“Because what if some paparazzi saw you climbing into my bloody window in the middle of the night, it will be so bad for your image Seb.” You thought this was a good reason, but he still didn’t seem to care. Instead of doing as you’d ordered, he moved even further away from your window and took a seat on your bed. Bouncing on it as he sat down. “Sebastian Stan, you need to go.” You stretched out the ‘o’, finding that you sounded very much like a child when you did it but you hoped your whining would get him to actually listen.

“My car is outside and it’s got all my luggage in it, my phone has an alarm on it telling me when I need to leave. I thought this through. So, if you still want me to leave…” He began to empty out his pockets, placing his keys and phone onto your bed side table. Once he’d done that, he laid down on the bed, placing his arms behind his head, “come over here and make me, then.”

Bucky Barnes learning about periods would include

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Steve Rogers learning about periods would include

  • one day Bucky was in kitchen, making himself a sandwich when he overheard Nat and Wanda
  • “are you okay, Nat?
  • “no, i’m on my period, it hurts like hell”
  • “can you check if i’m leaking. i don’t want to smudge my blood all over Stark’s white couch”
  • Bucky’s eyes going wide
  • “was Nat okay? why was she bleeding? they haven’t had a mission for like 2 weeks”
  • “what is a period”
  • him going to your shared bedroom
  • google search
  • “what is a period?”
  • him gasping when he reads about it
  • “but it’s not fair”
  • “what should boyfriends do when their girlfriend is on her period, please”
  • him reading “how to make a woman feel better when she’s on her period” on wikihow
  • taking notes
  • “okay, i can do that”
  • reading about pads and tampons
  • “that’s so smart”
  • searching your bathroom cabinets and seeing that you have neither pads nor tampons
  • going to store to buy them all
  • not knowing which one to buy because there are too many
  • buying them all
  • all the ladies in the store swooning over him
  • also buying lots of chocolate and sweets
  • stopping by Nat’s room to give her some pads and chocolate
  • “here, Nat, these are for … you”
  • her going speechless
  • “leave this room right now or else i might fall in love with you”
  • him going to your shared bedroom to storage all the … goods
  • you seeing him sneak into your bedroom with … tampons and pads?
  • “what are those, Buck?”
  • “oh .. i just read about, you know, periods, and i saw that you were out of all … this stuff so i went to buy them”
  • “you’re an angel”
  • rewarding him with kisses and cuddles
  • “you need to tell me when you’re on your period, so i can take a good care of you doll, okay?”

some pynch + opal thoughts that i’ll eventually write into a fic 

  • ronan homeschooling opal because obviously he’s not going to go to college and will be spending his time at the barns while adam is off at a university, and he can’t exactly send opal to public school Because Hooves
  • adam has never been a particularly big fan of children because he feels like he doesn’t know how to talk to them, but opal is literally made from stardust and magic and ronan, so she’s different. and even though she calls ronan “kerah,” she just calls adam “adam,” and that means something to him. 
  • adam becoming gradually more comfortable with opal and so whenever he’s at the barns over the weekend he sits on the floor with opal and plays monopoly and teaches her card games and she says screw the rules, because she’s partially ronan, and she makes up her own rules and adam just decides to humor her 
  • opal riding in the backseat of the BMW every weekend when ronan drives an hour away to pick up adam from college. at some point she learns all of the words to the music that ronan likes and she sings along loudly, if horribly
  • consider: adam and ronan taking opal trick-or-treating on halloween oh my goD…,,,,,, and halloween was always a big occasion in the lynch household bc niall would dream up some cool shit but ronan hasnt celebrated it in years, and now he finally has a reason to decorate and celebrate again..,, and adam probably never went trick-or-treating and never experienced any of that and so it’s incredibly important to him to make sure that opal has a great experience. g o d 
  • actually: just holidays in the parrish-lynch household in general. because you know that the gangsey would all convene at the barns on thanksgiving and ronan would probably cook the entire meal and threaten anybody who dared step foot in his kitchen while he was cooking (except adam because he’s cute, and opal because he can’t say no to her)
  • and okay god i have more but i just have the biggest grin on my face rn thinking about this so i need a BREAK if anyone has hcs they’d like to share pls let me know