Not to Brag But...

(Our party is pretty deep in our cups by now and the paladin is trying to have a real moment with the NPC Kari, an enchanter who is helping us with a unique object that we ran into during our pub crawl. The ranger, who never drank before and is extremely far along, tries to subtly pitch in some insight. Very subtly.)

Paladin Bard: Well, Kari, I had a feeling that you got your talent somewhere, but I have to be honest with you.  People like you, you give me hope.

Kari: Hope?! What kind of hope? Why do I give you hope?

Paladin Bard: You give me the hope that my friends and I might actually survive this and get enough money to be financially independent and live long lives some day, and that not all adventurers end up as skeletons in a tomb–

Kari: Most do!

Paladin Bard: I’m well aware…

Ranger: (heavily drunk & slurring) Lack of skeletons’ good!

Kari: For what it’s worth, I’m kind of impressed by the crypt delving.

Ranger: Thaaaaaaat’s nothin’. (releases loud and unexpected belch)

Yesterday was tough..

It was the first time that I told a medical professional that I felt like not existing would be a better option that continuing on in life.

When I left my therapy appointment I left with extremely high anxiety and I was gripping my steering wheel. I cried..and then I carried on with my day..

Not a lot of people know the state that I am in, because telling people that is extremely hard. I have felt like I have FAILED at everything in my life in the last 2 years.

I’m tired..
I am so fucking tired…
BUT I reached out to my main people, I let my guard down and I told them I’m not ok and I needed help..simple as that..

I am not making this post to get sympathy or for people to feel bad for me..I am making a post for that ones that feel like there is no hope, that they don’t have anyone out there.

You do..get loud..make someone listen..you are worth it, I promise you!

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I got a message saying that I am completely copying this other artist's style. I looked and saw that we do in fact have extremely similar styles. I feel really terrible now, I have been working really hard to improve myself and my art I feel like it all went down the drain, like I have to change my style now. Do you think I should?

well, in my opinion it depends, but in the end its really all up to you anon.

were you intentionally heavily inspo'ing off this artist? that could be why things have arrived to what it did. some artists may or may not be comfortable with that (from my exp most generally.. aren’t.) If you were and didn’t realize the how heavy the inspo was, try expanding your inspos then! try lookin at several different art styles and artists that WAY out of your comfort zone and your league!! test everything there is to try and eventually you’ll mish mash something of your own!

If I was being too assumptuous and you weren’t, then honestly, i wouldn’t think too hard about it. There are many people out there and I wouldn’t be surprised yall might sometimes accidentally have the same source of general inspos and coincidentally have similar looks.

but hey, like i said, if you want to change your art style thats up to you; if you feel uncomfortable about the fact someone else has similar art to you, then make yourself even more original than the next!

honestly, i feel like one’s art will never stop changing and evolving bc artists are always learning new things, so, in the end, i believe any kind of “style change” you have will come natural to you!

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hi i just wanted to say that youve always been my favorite artist on here. the things are draw are just so pretty and your art style is beautiful and i for one would be extremely sad if you deleted your art. youre really really talented dont ever stop arting my dude.

aw thank you idk i feel like my art has been shit lately. i dont like what im drawing people are better off with better art

•~ Announcement?~•

So I am feeling extremely and horribly ill at the moment.

Like full on chest pains and coughing till my head hurts kinda shitty sickness.

And I wanted to let you know that if there is any drop in my activity that is the sole reason why.

Funny story, about ten minutes ago I was in the shower for at least an hour because the steam was helping my shit lungs to function and I nearly fell alseep at least three times.

So wish me well as I wait out this stupid sickness and I’ll get back to business as usual when I feel better.

Au Revoir.

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I’m tired of my grandma making me wear dresses, if i even try to suggest her something i would like to wear she would completely call me crazy and say that i am a woman and not a guy.

Yesterday night i got screamed at because my grandma found out i was inlove with a female and i had a tomboyish attitude.
The thing is, i don’t feel like a female, i feel like a male in a female body.
I feel like i was born in the wrong body, i feel so forced when my grandma forces me to wear dresses and things i don’t like.
I wanna have an extremely short hair but i can’t cause my grandmother said i would like a guy.

Some people in my place won’t understand how i feel and said it’s just a phase and guess what

It’s been years and i still feel the same, i am just so tired and i really needed to vent.

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Ok but this is taking fat to another new level Doppio isn't fat in your drawings he's on my 600 pounds life 😂😂 and smh why every anon sucking up like she wasn't even that bothered by it, and like ngl this on the level of unhealthy fetishes it's like self harm fetishes

omg!! This ask… is a wreck.. are you ok, anon? I’m worried about you.. is life treating you ok? are the friends and family in your life sweet to you? is your heart hurting?  I hope someone hugs you today because I honestly sense something horrible about you, It is ok not to like my art! I don’t really care to be honest with you, but even comparing those two things is extremely worrisome, I hope you will block me and have a much better day where you feel well enough to not send strangers hate over a fictional person’s body! wahaha 

Why’s Flowisk so unpopular in the west when it’s so cute, anyway? First Tumblr gets stuck recommending my own posts to me because the tag’s so dry, then I’m finding my own unsourced (though admittedly old and shitty so I’m fine not being sourced here) art as example for the pairing, from someone who hates it.

It’s extremely possible that there’s some confirmation bias with what I wind up searching, but when I look it up from Japanese artists I find so much more support for it that it feels almost like it’s just the natural takeaway, for them to at the least be BFFs after the pacifist ending. At the least, enough to spawn doujinshi and for this one daily drawing challenge account to include “Frisk and Flowey” as a theme following other character pairs like “Toriel and Asgore”, “Alphys and Undyne”, “Asriel and Chara”.

Not trying to pressure or anything, just kinda surprised it’s that uncommon over in these here parts.

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Seriously, I love it! I love it so much! I love cuddling Solangelo, and I love your art, I am BLESSED! ❤️💕❤️💕I'm also sorry to hear about your art block, it sucks... I hope you feel better now... and I REEEEALLY hope that making my gift wasn't too hard on you é-è it made me really happy and I feel extremely lucky you were the one that made my gift ^//////////////^ Have a wonderful 2017 ❤️

You are so sweet my dear! I am so sorry that I took all that time to do it, is just that all the time I tried it never came to be how I wanted, and I wanted to give you a good gift! Im happy enough with the result this time!
Im also so glad you liked it! I hope you have an AMAZING, WONDERFUL 2017 MY DEAR!!!!!!

feeling a tad out of touch with myself lately, working beyond my limit & dealing with extreme life changes, but there’s nobody like me out there and I’ve got to remember & try to keep thinking that.
I’ve got to keep keeping on when the going gets real tough, and to remember who I am and what I’ve worked so hard for and have to continue to do. To really stick to making the world I live in a better and happier place with and for everybody. It’s just that sometimes wanting to be the strongest best player destroys the player.
BUT, I’m a badass Kween.

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I'm 18 ftm and don't pass. I have friends that say they are accepting but they misgender me sometimes and use my birth name most of the time. I introduced my new name to them not very long ago but still. I feel extremely invalid. I feel like I'm just faking it and I'm really cis but I have dysphoria.. I'm really lonely even with friends around me at all times and I'm not sure what to do. My parents are transphobic and I'm away at college so I'm at least isolated from them. What should I do?

Okay so I felt a lot like this when I first got to university. I felt like I wasn’t valid because I was unsure of myself, I had no one around me who understood being trans and I even went through a phase of hyper-femininity in an attempt to force myself back into the cis box.

It didn’t work. I got super unhappy. I checked into therapy and, in a fit of bravery, put myself down as transgender on the form. They said they were backed up and wouldn’t have a therapist for me until November but, if I wanted, there was a trans group that I could go to in the mean time.

I went. I was nervous, mildly terrified. I thought these strangers were going to judge me for not being trans enough and make me feel bad. Instead, I made lots of friends who validate me just like I validate them, and I learned how common these fears are in our community.

Basically, find your people. If there’s a GSA or a trans club or therapy group or anything, join it. If it’s unhealthy, move on and try to find something else. Just find people to validate you and teach you that everyone who has ever been trans has had the exact same doubts and fears you do. It’s really, really worth it.

every time i listen to penumbra i get really overwhelmed by how much it means to me and how much i love it and honestly its the best thing in my life which says a lot bc i’ve been extremely bleak for a while and it makes me feel okay so yes i love this show it is so good

i just saw someone say that s4 and the final problem were hands down the absolute best season and the best episode of sherlock “(or maybe even ANYTHING) EVER”.

i honestly do not understand. i cannot fathom. i s2g if you liked this season and that episode, you do you, i am extremely happy you’re not stuck in what i and many people are stuck in, that you can enjoy it, i really am, but it baffles me on this level, how did we watch the same thing?

liking gay things is fun and all like yes i love representation but it’s such a pain to get involved in the fandom bc you always have a ton of straights obsessed with anything gay and its sooooo uncomfortable trying to figure out who is lgbt and who just enjoys the show and who treats us grossly and should be avoided at all costs

When the teams get their asses kicked by Supergirl
  • Oliver: This is so humilating
  • Ray: I know my armor feels like paper against her
  • Firestorm: Dammit we can't get even land a single solid hit
  • The Flash: I do feel extremely powerless
  • Sara Lance: This is the best day of my life* starts humming hit me baby one more time*

I drew @thatsthat24 because he’s amazing and him/his videos constantly make me smile (also he’s extremely similar to my former stepdad, who I have many many good memories with, so just watching Thomas’s video or seeing a picture of him or anything just gives me a sorta sad but also fuzzy and warm feeling) and that’s just so good for me right now because I’m going through a pretty rough patch right now.

Thank you Thomas Sanders for being so great and caring about everyone!

I used 3 different styles in this: my normal style, a more realistic style and the Steven Universe style because he loves SU