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OK so I’m in this group chat right? and I’m talking to these people and one of them finds out about George’s old band and he starts sending us links and I don’t think he has a Tumblr so I might as well post them because someone’s gonna it might as well be me. Apparently George was in this old band called Beats and baby miso. They’re actually pretty good but the camera quality shit because it was like 2010, but trust me that’s definitely George.




(he takes off his shirt :^) )

One thing that pisses me off about a lot of fanfiction about Danny Phantom is that Tucker turns more into an side character than he was in the show. Everyone focuses Danny and Sam nowadays, it seems. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like reading Sam/Danny stories but I also want to read stuff that has Tucker in it as well.

You know?

Just stuff like Tucker and Danny playing video-games and talking about the newest movie that came out and talking about girls. Them making a YouTube channel and fucking around in the lab. Them having a movie marathon and falling asleep on top of each other. Tucker helping Danny get all fixed up because Sam was sick or something. Tucker and Danny going out playing on the swings because they just took down Skulker and they want to act like little kids again. Tucker trying to teach Danny how to hack and Danny trying to teach Tucker about the stars. Them tying to figure out how to cook and making a mess. Them getting kicked out of the movies because they wouldn’t stop throwing popcorn at each other. Them playing pranks on everyone on April 1st and getting away with it.

No romance, nothing sexual.

Just brotherly fluff.

 And not just Tucker and Danny.

Tucker, Sam, and Jazz throw Danny a big birthday part because he works so hard to protect everyone and he needs it. Tucker and Sam messing with people’s head by acting like each other. Tucker hacking into the government and watching as the GIW run around like a bunch of idiots after cutting off the power. Tucker and Jazz talk about convincing her parents to have Danny take online courses. Tucker standing up to Dash so Danny didn’t have to be shoved into a locker with broken ribs. Tucker flirting with a girl and actually being hit on back.

Just Tucker fucking Foley is one of the most underappreciated characters in the whole show.

And that kinda pisses me off.

Calvin really is amazing. Tons of youtubers dislike him and he knows it. He’s known as the cancer of youtube and well he really is a cyberbully but when he fucks up he admits it. Yet he will give up a trip to Vegas on his own birthday and stay up for days doing videos for his fans. He doesn’t like face vids but is ok with doing them because they make his fans happy. Sure people are gonna say he does it because its his job and it’s how he gets his cash flow but he’s been doing this a long time and was cranking out vids when he didn’t have millions of fans watching. He truly loves his fans and it shows so much. It’s in the way he interacts with his fans on twitter and in every thank you he says in his facevids. God bless his leaf soul. 

Also…his hair looks like it should be washed yet he changed 3 times in a 8 min video. Not to mention the curtain/bed sheet. Goddamn.

League of Legends Snapchats!

you guys are always asking me about pro snapchat names, so i finally made a comprehensive masterpost of NA/EU esports snapchats for you to follow! i got all these usernames from the org’s/pro’s other social media, so they are 100% verified. if i’m missing someone, let me know and i’ll update the list.

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By the way, if you start your game development process with “It’s  just gonna be the same format as those anime dating sims, but with an actual story”–that’s you, starting your project by figuring out the core mechanic.
Your core mechanic is dialogue trees.


it’s a speed paint i guess? of that… previous one… you can just feel my frustration at… several points, well, i mean, if you aren’t bored out of your mind from the lack of music

i’ll probably… delete this later…

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It's just me or these pictures of kaistal during the "date" are a little edited?

No, It’s not only you Anon

I was thinking, why not the whole video? They went in this cafe escape room and someone released the footage and leaked this photo to the journalist. Why only two pics?

And tbh, theses pics seems cropped. Look at the first pic with stripes that appear on the screen, like someone zoom in this. I think maybe somebody was with them, because why there isn’t any other proof?

If they had the cctv record, why not show the whole video? If that was a date, cafe date, where is other pics of them? Only pics of kxk inside the escape room? Well, maybe because they were not alone, if someone had more pictures, it wouldn’t be a kxk date, only with the two. There is no reason to show the pics when there are with other people, right?

I have to say, that didn’t happened in july. Look at JI’s hair colour doesn’t match. 

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I cant imagine having a contract like that. Why is this gaster so mysterious?

Because it’s Gaster. I mean… this character is the definition of mysterious, don’t you think ?
Here, on the fandom, it’s like we all know who he is very well because of all the comic/fanfic/theories. But if we take just the facts the video-game give us… it’s not that much. You need to dig far to know some stuff about him. Or even found him. And that’s part of why I love him so much. 


As artists, we thrive when we can express our comfort and our discomfort. If a certain scene is really challenging for us, if we’re in an environment where we feel safe, we’re able to do our work. She makes me feel so safe, and so empowered, because I see the beauty in what she’s doing, I see the way she treats everyone so well. It doesn’t matter what you do on the show, she’ll want to talk to you, make a joke, share something about herself. She loves sharing pictures and videos she found on Facebook. [laughs] And her daughter, telling stories about her and her husband.

She brings you in, and it feels like family. When you’re in that kind of family environment, when you’re tasked with doing something difficult, you can allow yourself to be brave because you know you’re surrounded by people that love you, that only want the best for you. From day one, it’s been that wonderful. I was terrified. That first scene we’re in together in the pilot, I was so scared. Here she is, being amazing in this room, and I just want her to think I’m amazing too.

Serious talk here

You guys are crazy. 
I can’t believe I managed to reach 530+ followers and have all these nice comments by doing that little work done?

I’m well aware that it is thanks to Castel (heavenfell-au) and admin Sans from The Undertale Fadom fb page that I gained that many followers in so little time, I’m lucky and I thanks them so much, but seems like some people are really interrested in what I do and I started feeling guilty because, well… 

I realised I can’t do a comic and have a job in the same time. 
I’m really tired and exhausted, mentally and physically, each time I come back from work and don’t have the heart to do anything beside relaxing in front of some funny videos or playing video games, aaaaand that really sucks because I want SO FUCKING MUCH to share my AU and all the ideas I have with you guys!

All of this to say, maybe I’m not the best writer and I have a hard time writing in english, but the feedbacks I had on the Huntertale beta fanfic were good, maybe I should try put the comic thing aside for a moment, and start thinking of my project as a fiction instead? 

Would you guys like it even if I promised you comics pages?
I don’t say writing takes less work than drawing but I just feel like it would be less exhausting for me to do so, with my Girlfriend and bilingual friends to help me with english.

Tell me what you guys are thinking.
I love you all. 

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Hey! Out of boredom -and because I loved the idea so much- I just recorded your Eyeball's version from "It's Over, Isn't It" and underlayed it with your comic ... is it okay with you to upload the video if I credit you? The watermark is also shown, wouldn't wanna repost anything without your consent :)

Yes that would be fine if you have a link back to the original comic. Also please send me the link when it’s up because I would very much like to see it.

Whoops, I meant to send this privately. Well. Free advertising.


Ok, so… bad luck over here. This recoding is the only proof that I painted this portrait, because, well, somehow Paint Tool SAI didn’t fucking save the image!!! I don’t know what happened, but I have accidently closed the program before saving the painting (but the program didn’t ask me to save it, really really weird). I’m so frustrated with myself because I know I should have saved it earlier. I guess I like to live in the edge :P Well, lesson learned. So in the first minutes after that happened I literally wanted to cry.. I went to sleep and now I woke up, glad that at least I recorded the process.

My advice for this situation: just get over it. Or paint again.

Reference (reminds me of Victoire Weasley!)
Music: My Heart (Piano & String Version) - Paramore - by Sam Yung

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I’ve read a lot of books but I very often find inspiration from TV shows, movies, and video games, Is it okay if it feels like the balance has shifted away from books in the media I draw inspiration from?

Where you draw your inspiration from doesn’t really matter. A lot of people draw more inspiration from current events, people they know, their personal experiences, etc., than from movies or books. So, it’s fine to draw inspiration from wherever you find it, however that doesn’t mean you get to stop reading. Reading is important for writers not because of inspiration (although that’s a nice perk), but because being well read helps you be a better writer. It keeps you exposed to the mechanics of writing, it exposes you to new words and ways to use them, it trains you to recognize what works and what doesn’t work, and helps you to understand things like character development and sentence structure. 

Trying to be a writer when you don’t read is like trying to be a gourmet chef when you’ve never eaten anything but soda crackers. It’s possible, certainly, and you can learn a lot from doing, however you’ll be much better if you have personal experience with the craft you’re trying to achieve. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question may go unanswered. :)  

Well. My day has been made.

Besides being the greatest day ever because it’s Tragically Hip day, Mike Clattenberg, director of my all time favourite Hip video The Darkest One, LIKED A FUCKING PICTURE OF MY DOPE KITTY GUYS! (Not to mention the god damn man behind Trailer Park Boys!)

Second time I’ve had run ins with him - the first time was when he tweeted my tweet because I entered the dopest kitty contest and won.

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Can I get a written ship for EXO and BTS. My name is Jessica and I'm 5"2. I'm opened minded and always willing to try new things. I'm easily frightened and people say my reactions are "cute". I love drawing,video games, dancing,singing and fashion. I also love making people laugh and I'm always smiling myself. I tend to put everyone before me because I don't like to see people hurting. I guess you could say I'm sensitive because when it comes to music I cry, I'm just really passionate about it.

Babe, you sound adorable yet v refined as well, you’re an interesting person!

EXO: Chanyeol

Originally posted by parkchny

- so Chanyeol loved your vibe when he first met you, delicate, a bit girly, yet friendly and bubbly. when you two finally were able to have a conversation, he couldn’t help but be in awe.

- I feel like once you guys became more interested in each other, he would bring you into his lil studio and show you music, you’d cry a little when he performed a sweet and slow acoustic song about you and how you became his muse! awe, and afterwards you’d blush so hard n look away and he just laughed and gave you a big hug

- you two would play video games with baekhyun sometimes too, but usually it was just you two. somehow you would always beat him! he’d get kinda mad about it, but when you two danced together he always taught you something cool!

BTS: Jhope

Originally posted by you-got-noo-jams

- he’d find you adorable omg. when you two first met it was sort of a double date, but also kind of a blind date? Namjoon brought his gf and though you and jhope would be good together so there you two are. anyway, it was  a horror!! movie and hobi here loved your reactions so much ugh he was laughing his ass off (but he was also hella scared both of you were holding on to each other for dear life)

- So now whenever he can he likes to jump out and surprise you because your reactions are always so cute and funny. your relationship would be really playful and unique. lots of little games and competitions and inside jokes

- he’d enjoy your selflessness, but would also make sure you don’t hurt yourself while doing it. he loves your kind, gentle soul and would envision having a family with you one day, its his favorite little daydream! aww

Hope you enjoyed it, sorry if you didn’t bb!

credit to the gif makers!


since people cant fucking read im gonna try to say it here, i’m getting really tired of some comments on my videos, even if its just a few it irritates me because it is kinda obvious that if you don’t think dnp are together or don’t ship them you shouldn’t even click on the video in the first place. well, you can watch it (why tho) but please keep your opinion to yourselves because you are not gonna get anything by hating on me. we have totally different opinions so my youtube channel it is not your place. people are saying that im overreacting and all that crap, like?? cant you take a freaking joke? the things i say on my videos its just me trying to be funny, nothing more. you seriously need to get a sense of humor. (i do believe that some clips are phan slip-ups) im literally putting on my videos “jk” after almost everything i say because some people are too senseless to realize and i thought things would change but it got worse. (oh and read the description before watching a video..srsly)
please! stop! labeling! dan! and! phils! sexuality!