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What if Louis tweeted damn it's hot because he already saw what harry is wearing on his way to LA? Maybe they video chat or something. I dunno. I'm imagining things. 😁😁😁

yeah I would like to imagine that Louis knew what Harry was wearing as well. because damn Harry looked good.

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Have you noticed how Taylor seems uncomfortable around Harry like in that TMZ video of them in the hotel lobby? I mean I was obviously not there, but she acts different around him than most. She doesn't like like talking about him either.

Do you think 1989 was written based around their relationship and only? A lot of people think “I Wish You Would” is about Joe because of the phone call from hell and “Wildest Dreams” for Conor because he is “so tall”. Also “Clean” for Jake because +  of the emotional impact he had on her (We’ve all heard “All Too Well”. I’ve read the secret messages, but some of the songs don’t fit right with their relationship.

Hello my love, I’m sorry I didn’t get to answer your question earlier, I always seem to get the questions that need sources etc on a Friday when I’m out but I’m here now and I am going to be taking your question bit by bit.

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top 5 alt-j songs?

Okay, fine, but they’re not in order or anything!

Breezeblocks (Definitely gonna not want to watch the video if domestic violence is especially disturbing to you. But this was what got me hooked on alt-J.)


Every Other Freckle (Now presented in doublebooty because I don’t know which video version you’d prefer.)

Dissolve Me (Have an acoustic version as well because why not? I hope you like xylophones.)


I want to put Hunger of the Pine and one of the Bloodfloods on here too but I can’t bring myself to knock any of those 5 out of the list. Also: a quieter one like Pusher and/or one of the interludes.

Honestly, if you want a good intro to alt-J then you should just put on An Awesome Wave and chill for a while or go on a relaxing drive or casually clean something.

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I don't want to sound like I'm scolding you or anything because I love you and your updates about your research(!!!) But a deep voice does not mean you're man and saying that you were probably called a man because of your voice is kinda transphobic

Well, Overstepping SJW Anon, there are three reasons that multiple people could have identified me as male in my video like they did: my low voice, my hand, or a generalized assumption that a scientist working with that animal is male. In any case, there are people who have incorrectly identified me as male, and per Tumblr dogma, I get to be bothered, and I get to assert my proper pronouns, right? Would it be different to you if I were gender-nonconforming and wanted to be referred to using zie/hir pronouns?

Truly, fuck right off if you want to shake this stick at me. I deserve to claim, protect, and defend my womanhood just as much as the next woman (of any background) does. It has actually literally nothing to do with trans* issues. It does have to do with underrepresentation of women in scientific fields–I want my gender to be visible in popular depictions of science as well as in professional settings. Thanks for playing. Enjoy my womanly research.

maritza, flaca, daya, they all represent me. they represent my people. i love watching oitnb and seeing latina women on my screen, and i love seeing latina women speaking spanish because they’re speaking to me. it’s my mother tongue. and they’re great and funny and incredible and i love them and yes, i know they don’t get enough love. i still think it’s completely unnecessary to put down or criticize other women to praise them.

if ruby rose got a lot of attention is because she’s a model, and she was already famous before oitnb. there are so many pictures and videos and gifs of her because she has a career, and she’s well known. diane, on the other hand, is just starting. no one knew who the fuck she was before oitnb. and I LOVE to see so many people who like her character and want to know her backstory, i love seeing more maritza in my dash. and i still think it’s 100% unnecesary to talk shit about ruby rose just bc you think maritza is not appreciated enough.

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Honestly I get kinda mad at Hima-papa and our fandom when I think about we all just casually forgot two entire continents (Africa and South America). I think Africa contributed a lot of interesting history and South America too.

I feel like because he made a choice to center the series around the World Wars, the focus switched to the European and other World Powers because that’s what the average person is most familiar with. As a result their characters became the most fleshed out over time, making it easier for Hima to use them, as well as fandom.

He has made concept art for Ecuador, expressing that he does want to draw South American characters, and Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Botswana, and Uganda were all in the Gakuen Hetalia video game (Hima also posted some character concept art for some of the girls).

Unlike in the past where he just did everything based on WW2 antics and fun facts, he travels to these countries and researches them thoroughly before introducing a character. It takes time to introduce more characters into his already vast sea of nations. I doubt he’s doing it on purpose just to ignore these two large continents, considering we do have Cameroon, Seychelles, and Egypt + Ancient Egypt recently in World Stars. He’s getting there.

As far as fandom goes I think South America does pretty well. There’s tons of OC South American nation ask blogs. Africa, I’m not so sure but I have seen a Kenya before. It may just be not many people know enough to feel comfortable making fanwork. From my understanding a lot of South American blogs are made by those who live there.

It’s never a bad idea to just take it upon yourself to bring attention to it by making fan material if you’re passionate about it.

Some people really piss me off. 
I posted on youtube that i think it’s fucked up how people call miley a slut when she is naked in her music video but selena is “sexy” when she is naked in her music video. So they call me ignorant for saying that because selena “wasn’t naked” well she was in the shower…naked and you could see her nipples and boobs through her white shirt. You couldn’t see mileys nipples or anything like that. But still miley is more slutty?
So i am ignorant because they ignore the facts. 
Well society is fucked up, can’t people do whatever they want to without being called disgusting names? It is their fucking life, oh you don’t like it? Go away and leave them alone. Why do you have to call them names, it doesn’t make you cool or awesom or look any better. It makes you look so much worse because you are a freaking hater. Please get rid of that fucking double standards!

hiya snuggets! i made this one to basically satisfy my need for dobsley chemistry. i havent watched the 6th season [mostly because id rather stuff a ruler up my nose than be witness to delena bollocks… entirely because, actually] and from the best of my knowledge, there hasnt been a single dobsley dance this season… this is the first season with no dobsley dance? well aint that a fucking outrage, goddammit! im speechless… but that stunt double dance [which looked like complete arsery, btw] of fuckery [i.e. delena dance] was allowed to be put on screen? i told you, outrageous, utterly. but, for clearer understanding, please read this brief on the video: 🌻 stefan and elena meet at jo and alarics wedding, stefan saying how its surreal as to where they are standing today [seeing as that the perfection of a stelena married life is all the 2 wanted, just this kind of happiness is all the 2 ever wanted] 🌻 elena says to this that they never actually got to see a wedding in the visions that they shared [the s5 human stelena au] 🌻 the two keep talking and stefan falls into this moment of happiness he is sharing with elena, he couldnt help it… it kinda just slips out of his lips when he asks elena to share the last dance with him 🌻 when elena says “Stefan —”, stefan realises how [apparently] wrong it was of him to ask her that, quite obviously she would want to share the last dance with damon seeing as she is in love with him… [but complete TWATTERY that is, we all know it is ;)] 🌻 but then elena stops him from speaking any further by saying that to share the last dance with him is what she wants too [basically] 🌻 and then when stefan says “Elena Williams” [reference to stelenas fake proposal at the bar], elena gives that beautiful little giggle that only stefan can bring about 🌻 but in the end of the video, elena says this one thing to stefan, that its actually “Missus Elena Cooper”, which takes stefan very off-guard [because we all know what that implies] and makes him very emotional too if you had the time to watch the video, thankyou so very much! please smile when you see this because there will always be hope that elena will get back home one day :) we will never lose hope, thats just how us stelenas roll… AND ALSO, the little message by the end of the vid [DONT MISS IT BTW] is just a lil snippet as to how i feel about stefan and elena and where they find home, the two will eventually go home…

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How do you feel being a young youtuber?

Well I used to be a “young youtuber” but now I’m pretty much the standard age MOST people start their channels at. I think there are some people younger than me now with substantial audiences but I could just be imagining that. 

I mean it kinda stinks because you have to try a bit harder to prove you’re cool to hang out with but other than that you just make stuff. People will be like “why should I watch you, you’re ____ years old” and it’s like “because I got a nice dick and my videos are good.”

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I have a small problem I was hoping you could help with since you've probably dealt with stuff like this, but I was told by an adult that I shouldn't be playing video games (Witcher 3, to be specific) because they're for boys. Any way to rebutt that without exploding in rage?

You can politely say “suck my dick” 

If that’s not appropriate, saying “I don’t care” works quite as well. 
Because really, who the fuck cares what that person thinks. While you’re off having fun being a grey-haired hot dad, that person will be busy worrying who plays what. 

A video game is a video game. It doesn’t have a personality and it doesn’t choose which gender to be played by. 
Do what you want! 

The main reason why I need cheering up yesterday (I'm still sad)

Remember when I said that my friend won us tickets and that I “will” get to meet Youtubers? Well guess what? My grandma wouldnt let me go! I asked her if I can use the car and she said no. I understand because it’s like half an hour of travel but it’s just a lost opportunity for me to meet my fave Youtubers on Friday. I mean, it’s not Mark or Jack but I still want to go because I have more favorite Youtubers than them.

This isnt a big deal to you guys but it just hurts from my perspective. I have been binge watching Mark videos to keep me happy but I couldn’t smile or laugh for very long and I end up crying.

Also, I cried a lot last night in the bathroom because I didn’t want to disturb people here and question me why I was crying. But don’t worry I didnt do anything to harm myself.

I have been crying for 2 days in a row now and I dont know if there are still tears left.

But my friend insisted to video Bethany Mota and Macy Kate to greet me so I hope she could. It will make me really happy.

What keeps me going right now is IndyPopCon pictures and panels and all the stuff that will be happening there.

To all who’s going: have a lot of fun and say hi to Mark, Jack, Bob and Wade for me!

We need more Mica

Seriously. I think she needs to be in more AH and RT videos because she is absolutely hilarious and she fits. It’s not like she’s just there because she can be, she’s there because she fits the dynamic well and she’s less of a guest and more like one of them.

She is a beautiful cinnamon roll, too perfect for this world who is funny and needs to be in more videos.

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I feel that this tour is also inferior because of the lack of surprises. Red and Speak Now had guests dan SN had different acoustic cover songs. Gigi and Martha didn't count for me because I felt that it's anothee excuse to show off her famous friends, like the Bad Blood video......

She has had musical guests on this tour as well. Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons sang Radioactive with Taylor in Detroit, Little Big Town sang Pontoon with her in Pittsburgh, Echosmith sang Cool Kids with her in Philly (Night 1) and Rachel Platten sang Fight Song with her also in Philly (Night 2). And I’m sure there are plenty of other guests to come in the future.

As for her “showing off her famous friends” during Style, she said in a recent interview that she wanted to come up with some surprises that nobody would expect, and nobody would expect actual models to walk the catwalk at a Taylor Swift concert.

She may not do acoustic covers or B-Stage songs anymore, but there’s still a lot of surprises involved in this tour.

I just left this as a comment on the Akinator video, but I think it should be posted here as well, so…

For everyone asking about question 14:

There are two highly likely possibilities for what the actual question was; both of these having to do with the possibility of Phan being “real.” These possible questions are, “Does your character date another YouTuber?” and, “Is you character gay?” (or something along those lines). Question 14 was probably skipped because no matter how it was answered, people would have freaked out.

For the first question:
If answered with “yes,” then everyone would freak out because that would basically mean that they had just come out.
If answered with “no,” the shippers would again freak out and accuse them of lying.
If answered with “don’t know,” for the sake of answering the question without revealing/denying anything, people would attack them for not choosing a definite answer.
Regarding the second:
If answered with “yes,” then it would again mean that Phil had just come out.
If answered with “no,” the reaction would be similar to that of the first question if answered negatively.
If answered with “don’t know,” people could have the same reaction as if the first question was answered like that, but in addition, people could jump to the conclusion that Phil is questioning his sexuality.
“Probably” and “probably not” don’t make sense as answers to either of those questions.

So, assuming question 14 was one of these two possibilities, there’s really no positive outcome from any of the answers they could have given, which means that the most logical thing to do would just be to skip it. Dan and Phil are not required to tell us anything that they don’t feel comfortable sharing. Please respect their privacy (and them as people) and stop hounding them about skipping the question. Thanks

I’m going to submit this instead of sending an ask because I know it’s going to be far too long to fit in the ask-box, I hope that’s okay. If not then… Oops? :P

I want to personally thank you for making that video, (and every other video you’ve made. Seriously bless your soul) it’s so well done and it also helps those of us who only stalk you but aren’t in the RP understand which kids belong to which parents, ect. I can tell you spent a lot of time on that because holy sh*t it’s amazing.

Also, I would just like to point out how creepily good you guys are at fancasting people to portray your children (or future grandchildren, whatever :P) I mean, each of you probably already know this because duh you have eyes, but I’ve never really paid much attention until the video and now I’m just…

It’s actually kind of scary. Like, on one part of the video it went from Ethan, to Della, then to Benji and he’s just W.O.W. He’s such a perfect mixture of the two and I honestly cannot believe Rebecca and Matt didn’t actually give birth to him. I just don’t understand HOW? And it’s not just with him, it’s Every !! Single !! Person !! Here !! What kind of witchcraft are y'all using?!

Sorry, I feel like I’m rambling. Basically I wanted to say that all of your hard work is truly appreciated and I think I speak for everyone when I say: WE ALL LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH, LINDA! And again, thank you, for everything! Xoxo :)

Oh my god I just… so, see, besides that I actually love making them, this is why I do this! You’re unreal, and tbh thank YOU. oh my god… I love you, okay? Wow. *cries* and yeah, I know, we choose faces for our “kids and grandchildren” rather well, hahah. I love that they are so similar, too.


So this is a bit of a looking back at it now kind of post so yeah. I remember when I first started watching the sidemen this was during winterbreak I was looking at Vik’s GTA channel and I saw that he posted, like just posted a video of the sidemen doing that accent challenge so I was like let me watch this. Whille watching it i was thinking “omg Simon is so cute, Ethan’s laugh is fucking great.”, and so on. Then I went on to watching Vik’s GTA videos and laughing my ass off because they were so funny and then I went to the Simon’s channel and watching all of his videos and thinking oh my god he’s hilarious and then JJs and then the rest of them.  Then they weren’t as big, well except for JJ because he’s JJ but, Simon was at like 900,000 or something like that and like Vik just hit a million. Then they weren’t that known and like looking at it now I’ve been watching them for a few months and like they all have grown so much in life. Like now they have panels, they have sponsors and other things they do for companies,and they have many things and like looking back at it now you would have never thought they would have grown so much in such little amount of time, like they are a great inspiration, they are showing you that if you work hard and you enjoy what you do you can get so far in life and if you don’t think they are a inspiration then you don’t know what an inspiration is then. Like it’s crazy to think that  they weren’t even known that much a few months ago and now they all have a million plus subscribers is crazy to think about.  I was just thinking about it over like, I’ve only been watching them for a few months like I said before and they’ve grown beyond what you what think a group of youtubers would grow. Saying I’m proud of them is an understatement, I’m beyond proud of them, I’m beyond saying they are people to look up to, they are people who have worked their butts off to get where they are and I see that as something I want to do when I get older, as something I want to accomplish just like them and it may not seem like they’re trying to be like that, but if you really think about it they are and it’s great to see so many people strive to be just like the sidemen and that’s so cool.

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What do you think of the supposedly leaked DAI dlc survey? I thought it was fake at first, but have since seen several people confirm the survey's extistance so now I'm uncertain.

So for reference, the leaked DAI DLC survey is a screenshot supposedly taken from a consumer survey that reveals a possible story-based expansion for Inquisition. 

First, I’ve taken a number of surveys like that for AAA titles. I would not dismiss it straight off as a “oh well why would they be doing a survey that spoils stuff in the first place?” because they happen all the time. There are market research companies that cater to video games specifically. I would question when this survey was given, particularly because in my experience a survey like this would either have been done well in advance of development (pitching multiple possible DLC expansions they could pursue to see which one gets the best response) or fairly shortly before release (when they’re trying to determine the price point that is suitable to consumer tastes). I’m also a bit skeptical because (if I’m not mistaken) the screenshot looks like the poster was taking the survey on his/her phone. In every AAA title survey I’ve taken, they were very concerned with having people take the survey on the computers/laptops provided by the company doing the market research. We weren’t even allowed to have our phones out of our pockets/purses during the session. Perhaps whatever company was managing this chose to handle things differently - but it seems like you are asking for a leak if you have someone taking a survey like this on their phone. 

It doesn’t prove anything, it just makes me suspicious. 

Second, there are some people who are reacting to this as if the leak indicates that they are only going to do one more DLC. This was simply a part of a survey (supposedly) for a future product, not a leak of everything they intend to release for DAI.

Third, I’m skeptical because of the actual plot content of the “leak”. It implies that you will be facing off against a Qunari invasion (which is possible, I remember seeing something about Qunari-related assets being found in the base game, though I don’t recall the source) and that you’ll “embark on a last adventure with your team to confront the one who started it all”. While it could refer to the one who started the conflict with the Qunari - it sounds to me more like that line is referring to Solas (especially considering that I would be shocked if they didn’t save his return for their final DLC)

Is it just me, or does having a Qunari invasion during a “Solas returns” plot seem kind of… odd? They wouldn’t be allies - not given his opinions of the Qun. True, Fen’Harel could essentially “stir up shit” in order to use the chaos to cover over his own actions, but from the way Solas is presented, I would think he wouldn’t want to unleash war and suffering and death on innocent people just for the sake of distraction - particularly when he’s doing a perfectly fine job keeping himself hidden without such drastic measures. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence that both things are occurring at once? But that too seems like a weird choice. Story-based DLC tend to have a singular driving plot. It just feels a bit disjointed to me.

So maybe the “one who started it all” isn’t Solas? But then who the heck would it be? And why wouldn’t they save the continuation of the base game’s giant cliffhanger for the final DLC? 

I’m also a little iffy on the inclusion of a new high-difficulty gameplay mode in a story-driven DLC. That also seems a bit odd to me. 

It just sounds like there’s too much crammed into that description with very little to tie it together. If the whole point is to sell me (as the survey-taking consumer) on the product as if I were seeing a small advertisement for the DLC, then either their survey writer failed at their job or it’s someone trying to hit a bunch of keywords for things they think the fandom will get worked up over. 

TL;DR - If it’s real, the “pitch” was (in my opinion) poorly written for what the survey question was trying to accomplish and we probably shouldn’t read too much into it. I have a number of reasons to suspect that it’s not, but I can’t discount it as a fake entirely. I personally don’t put much faith behind this one.