I just bought this shirt. Three days ago, I bought it. I am just now realizing what it reminds me of …

:/ I’m cleaning out my closet to give away clothes I don’t want anymore. And I haven’t worn my Avatar shirts in almost six months. Like I packed one for the art show, but still didn’t quite feel up to wearing it? I don’t want to give them away, because I keep telling myself I will eventually feel like wearing them in public again. But I don’t know how long that’s going to be… Six months is way longer than I would have guessed for me to still not “feel it.”

Maybe I’ll put them in vacuum bags to keep them safe, and pull them back out when I’m ready…?

So now I have to be super corny, and will have to continue to be corny probably all through next month, but today is May 23rd which makes it exactly a year ago that protectnatasharomanoff2k15 and I started talking to each other. <3 We started talking about the Ruby/Sapphire Pokemon remakes and the rest is history. 

Here’s a picture of our dorky faces. Thank you for everything, love~