Tom Hiddleston wearing the Reiss Noir Melange Weave Shirt, $106. 

While I wait for confirmation on the 1982 Pornstar shirt Tom Hiddleston was wearing yesterday (hopefully tomorrow) let’s #tbt to the shirt he should have worn.

Random thought but if Kryptonians were born via the Codex and they didn’t have natural births/pregnancies

Would they have belly buttons

I used to only ever wear black for a period of time and I recently started trying to wear more colours and it honestly is so refreshing and I’m so glad I decided to do so

So I read Until Tomorrow by @rizascupcakes, and it’s an amazing young Royai fic that I would 10/10 reccommend. Here are the adorable young nerds.

so for today in pokemon go stories that sound fake but aren’t, I was battling a blue gym by my house today and there’s a couple of kids nearby and I’m mostly ignoring them, just trying to take over the gym for valor and one of the kids comes up to me and goes

“aren’t you our library teacher?” and I was like “yes. yes I am.” and yeah when I looked at the kids closely I recognized three of the four and the first kid points to me and asks if I”m playing pokemon go and what team I’m on and so I tell him

and apparently two of the kids were blue and he and the other boy were valor and had been trying to take over the gym and failing for the past twenty minutes but my pokemon were a lot stronger so I immediately take over the gym and they load their pokemon into it but then the blue kids take it over again and I spend like a legit amount of time battling two of my students for a gym at a catholic church and it was actually really fun and cute but also weird as heck

ohhh my gosh ok i just realised the reason i’ve never been able to change in front of friends is because i was so scared they would think i was predatory like.. this is a normal thing for wlw apparently but i only just realised omg i used to have so much anxiety about this

like when i close my eyes, and dont even care if anyone sees me dancing.
like i can fly, and dont even think of touching the ground.
like a heart beak skip, like an open page, like a one way trip on an aeroplane.
that’s the way that i feel when i’m with you,

brand new.