24 dates (part 2/3)

pairing: nico/maki (side nozomi/eli)

rating: M

summary: A doctor and a super idol start dating each other. It’s kind of a mess, but it’s kind of perfect. (Sequel to 24 visits)

words: 11k~

warnings/notes: strong sexual content dates 12/13. all mistakes mines.

ao3 link | tumblr link part 1

Date seven:

Place: Nishinkino General

Time: June 2nd, 1:00 pm

Yelp: 4/5 | Date: 3/5 Nico’s

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Under the read more are 63 gifs of the lovely Katherine McNamara in her recent Tigerbeat video. All of these were made by me for roleplaying purposes and are 224x180. I would seriously appreciate it if you liked or reblogged if you use. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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Imagine: Meeting Cas at a coffee place.

(Human!Cas X Reader) (I know Cas isn’t extremely popular, but he and Cas fans need love too)

It was between rushes on a Friday midmorning. You usually took the slow as an opportunity to wash down the tables left by the waves of morning customers. The bell over the door jingled as a man in a ill fitted jeans and a faded shirt walked into the shop. You rattled off your usual greeting knowing your co workers were no doubt slacking off in the back. You glanced up from the table top see the man looking around the space aimlessly. You abandon your task to greet him at the cash register. You sign in on the computer before catching his attention.

“Hi, what can I get for you?”

He turned with his whole body to face you. “Uh, yes, I’d like a coffee.”

“Okay… one black coffee, What size?”

His eyes flickered to the stack of cups to your side. He swallowed. That’s when you noticed. He was fairly attractive and didn’t carry the usual stench of homelessness that the streets allotted, but beyond those indications were the more subtle signs; hair thick with oil, torn dirtied hands, all the money he had in his hand with no sign of a wallet. What tipped you off the most was the weariness in his eyes, the exhaust coupled with malnutrition. You glanced back towards the break room. It was quiet. The man pressed two crumpled dollars to the counter.

“Small. Please, keep the change.” He nodded.

You hesitated, brain stuttering to find a way to give him back some change. You offered him a strained smile.

“Thank you.” You replied grabbing a large cup. “Why don’t you sit down? I’ll bring your coffee over when it’s ready.”

He nodded easily. He took a seat at the nearest table and just sat staring straight ahead, hands in his lap like a student avoiding any trouble in class. It brought a tinge of sadness to your heart and you wondered what you could do for the man. You didn’t get much homeless people in this town, but the mentality towards the few here was harsh. The townspeople often drove them towards the city where they were out of sight and couldn’t conflict with the preconceived notions they clung to.

On a whim you grabbed a scone from the pastry case. You bit your lip for only a moment before finding the resolve to carry through with your plan. You hated lying, but this one couldn’t hurt,right? You brought the food and coffee over him. He glanced up at once, a tortured smile lingering in his lips.

“Here’s your coffee, sir. Oh, and would you like a scone? We accidentally had too many and I don’t want it to go to waste. You’d be doing me a big favor.”

His tongue darted over chapped lips as his blue eyes found the food. He nodded humbly.

“Very well, if it helps.”

You smiled brightly setting it on the table. “You’re a lifesaver.”

His brows knitted and he muttered with a labored sigh, “I doubt that.”

You began to turn away, but paused. You shook your head in disbelief of what you were about to ask.

“Hey, my break just started… do you mind if I take it with you?”

He gestured to the chair across from him. “No, not at all.”

“Let me just grab a cup.” You pointed to the espresso machine. “I’ll be right back.”

You quickly pulled a cup for yourself, mind still distracted by the homeless man. There was something about him that didn’t sit right with you. He exuded an air of someone lost triggering every nurturing instinct in your body. There was something more than that, an errant curiosity that urged to be sated. Every way he moved screamed uniqueness, but you couldn’t pin down why. You moved back to the table settling into the chair across from him. He took a tentative sip of coffee oblivious to your staring. You attempted to act casual as you spoke.

“So, what’s your story?”

He set down the cup. “It’s a bit of a long one, I’m afraid.”

You smiled encouragingly. “I’ve got a few minutes.”

Well today has been pretty shit.

A big fuck you is being sent out to more or less everyone I know. Friends are crap. We’re better off without them.

Except Internet friends they’re great. (Story is in the tags for you nosy lil fuckers)

my past four days as an Adult™

speaking as someone who would genuinely love to live my life playing my instruments and writing and reading in my pajamas all day– i actually have to say….

office work isn’t so bad. especially after 4 years of working retail, it’s a really calm environment. i’m nowhere near as socially drained in the evenings, and obviously it’s a lot easier physically.

basically what i’m trying to say is it’s okay to become a corporate sell-out – mostly because there are free snacks in the break room and the desk chairs are spinny, but also because it actually isn’t as soul-sucking as you’d imagine and it really won’t kill your creativity.

if you’re a creative person, you take that with you everywhere. it’s just a part of you, and if you gotta pay bills on your way to becoming an artist or a musician or an author or something, i swear it’s not so bad.

anonymous asked:

i'm not a dude but i'm a non-passing transwoman so I like "look like one" is it okay if I submit nudes?

You absolutely can. Literally anyone can except straight guys. I don’t and never will consider trans women to be guys even if they don’t “pass” that doesn’t matter to me

anonymous asked:

100% agree with you that the universe has a cruel sense of humor. Was watching the 2013 VMAs again a few days ago and I remember almost everything that happened that night, but I have zero recollection of the boys being there. That's how much they were not on my radar. And now I spend more time than I'd care to admit on this hellsite thinking/caring about them. Funny how life works.

I remember distinctly watching it with a teen girl I was mentoring at the time and being like, “Okay, which one is that one? The only one I know is Harry Styles.” I also remember being a huge TS fan back then and cheering when she went off the goddamn rails about Harry. Now I look back at that and fucking cringe. Life, man. 

‘Cause they say home is where your heart is set in stone
Is where you go when you’re alone
Is where you go to rest your bones
It’s not just where you lay your head
It’s not just where you make your bed
As long as we’re together, does it matter where we go?

Voltron Week Day 3: Home/Family

I like the idea of Keith growing up in a culture based on war and hate, eventually coming to find love and safety with team Voltron. His family. :’)

(Please don’t tag with any ships. Thank you.)

I just wanted to say something for all of the IchiRuki fans out there: As an IchiHime fan, sure of course I’m happy, but I’m so sorry for you all too… If you are mad, feel cheated and anything in between… I don’t blame you honestly. There was a lot going on between those two and I know how that pain feels (hint: it’s really bad and it hurts *cough*narusaku*cough*). But anyways, don’t let anyone else stop you from shipping your ship okay? Your ship was special and for someone to tell you to stop… No. Do not allow it. Please be strong and I really hope you will all feel better with time. You guys and your ship will always be special, ya’ hear?


jackson + looking blissful 😌

[more rough trans] basically hobi waved and screamed “goodbye” and jimin was like “your leaving? your gonna leave like that?”  

JH: you wanted to do the live… (cant read the tone here sorry)

JM: you wont eat food?

JH: I have food in my room

JM: *mumbles* dont go…. *mumbles more* dont go

JH: *grumbles stuff i didnt hear…fill in the blanks man*

JM: leaving? your just gonna leave?

JH: *intensely looks at camera and whispers* jimin-ahhhh~~ jimin…ah… (wtf man)

then he just leaves his phone with jimin, oh come on man!!

“I don’t expect you to excel, my hawk, but I expect you to do better…”

Inspired by an AU Kai and I talked about where Clint gets ‘borrowed’ along up to Asgard. It’s a problematic time for everyone involved :)
And wow, I haven’t drawn horses in like ten years…?
Art blog: questionartbox

I can’t believe out of character crossover art is going to be my final piece on this particular blog jslkf

anyhow this is @charismaticabalone mun’s fault for encouraging me and also theres no doubt cronus would have a fanny pack ))