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We look not at what can be seen, but we look at what cannot be seen. For what can be seen is temporary, but  w h a t  c a n n o t  b e  s e e n  i s  e t e r n a l. For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God - a house not made by hands, eternal in the heavens.

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Hunt with me: I’ll write a drabble about your character and mine on a hunt together.

(so I decided this was gonna be set when Hela was around ten or eleven because I need bby!Hela)

She must have been dreaming, because there had never been a moment in her life when the Immortan had taken any interest in her. He allowed her and her mother to stay up top, but he showed no favoritism towards either. Yet now he had shown up and ordered her to accompany him on a hunt. What they were hunting and why, he refused to tell her. She would have to go with him to find out, whether she wanted to go or not.  

Hela ran to keep up with her sire as they journeyed through the caverns, the preteen unused to being outside the vault. She caught sight of Rictus as they neared the Gigahorse, sidling close to the Immortan for fear that her brother might accidentally crush her under his boot. But the fear dissipated as quickly as it had come, for she was lifted into the machine and it seemed moments later they were on the burning plains of the wasteland. 

It was her first time in a vehicle, and she hardly cared that it was hot and the wind whipped sand in her eyes if she leaned too far out of the window. This was the closest the girl would ever get to flying, and she loved every second of it. 

Then they came upon the prey they were hunting, a battered car decorated in the spikes that she recognized as the Buzzards. Joe was leading the hunt with two other vehicles, an envoy each from the Bullet Farm and Gas Town. Engines roared furiously as the trio maneuvered to trap the car between them, the sound deafening to her ears, which were protected only by her hands covering them. The Immortan gave a disappointed huff at the sight, but the Buzzard surprised them all as it began to ram into the Gigahorse, trying to spike the tires to send it careening into a sand bank. He took the wheel in both hands, dropping his weapon back into his lap to regain control of his vehicle as it began to quake from the force.

But then there was a quick movement from the corner of his eye, and the pistol was no longer in his lap. Instead, there was a gunshot, crisp and clear, followed by the shattering of the Buzzard vehicle’s windshield. Scarlet painted the cracked glass, the car suddenly losing control and crashing as its driver was ejected from the window, the body rolling in the sand before falling limp. The hunting party stopped immediately to survey the wreckage, but Joe turned to see his daughter, the child he wished had died in place of the sons he’d lost. 

In her small hands, still smoking from the shot, was his pistol.

ohmygod i was reading a post on my dash and remembered a thing

did i ever tell you guys about this time back in my previouS PREVIOUS job where this creepy guy who…well, i don’t want to call people ugly but his is a face that would not rake in museum tickets, let’s just say that, and honestly he was (is???) creepy af, okay, gawd, he probs thought i was into him idk coz i talked to him a lot but that was because i was a) mostly new and b) on the same team as him so it was unavoidable, and some of the other people didn’t really like him, like he could be really annoying and creepy in that “drooling sack of cesspool sad” kind of way. anyway. i don’t want to say that maybe he thought there was something or maybe he liked me idek i hate saying those things out loud about myself but it felt like that???? coz this one time, holy fuck, this one time, this was when i was still religiously walking to and from and that office, and i was night shift, thIS ONE FUCKING MORNING OHGOD he was like “do you want me to walk home with you?” whiCH WAS SO FUCKING OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE and i was really uncomfortable and i was like “haha no thanks, i appreciate the sentiment tho” anD GUESS WHAT FUCKING HAPPENS YOU GUYS GUESS WHAT FUCKING HAPPENS

he literally, legitimately fuckiNG FOLLOWED ME ON MY HALF-HOUR WALK BACK TO MY CONDO

and i couldn’t fucking shake him because he was like 4 feet behind me just walking in silence and i had my headphones on and my music just loud enough but i couLDN’T FUCKING SHAKE THE FEELING OF HIM just the fucking knowledge that he was liTERALLY BEHIND ME and i was hoping maybe he was going to turn at some intersection and head on home bUT NO FUCK NO all the fucking way to my condo building and when i got there he waved and said “bye!” like it wAS SO FUCKING NATURAL FOR HIM to just folloW ME HOME WHEN I CLEARLY SAID NO and needless to say i slept uneasily for about two weeks i mean he never tried anything before or after that, buT THAT WAS LEGIT THE CREEPIEST THING

or i thougHT IT WAS

until this one time, monttttths later, i was walking to the office, it was about 7:30pm, and i’m waiting to cross this street, right, and this foreigner (i’m gonna say he was middle-eastern, about late 30′s to upper 40′s) walked up beside me and i was like yeah okay that’s fine coz we’re all waiting to cross right. buT THIS GUY FUCKING STARTS TALKING TO ME. not even just your polite casual “hi” like fuLL ON CONVERSATION and just saying the creEPIEST FUCKING THINGS like “do you always go this way?” “i think you’re quite pretty” “how old are you?” “how long have you been living in this area?” and i fuCKING HAD MY HEADPHONES ON AND WAS JUST TRYING TO IGNORE HIM and trying to walk faster and i just could not fucking believe that this guy would fucking creep on me in full view of a ton of other pedestrians and i mean just it wAS FUCKING SCARY he didn’t follow me all the way to work, he had to turn away after about 15 or 20 minutes and i caNNOT EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU the relief i felt but i was pretty fucking shaken and after that i kept changing my routes to the office and basically stopped walking to work, i started taking the cab more often even if it cost quite a bit even without traffic (because of the flag down rate)

oh yeah, like taking the cab is going to protect me from creepy fucking assholes coz hahaha more than ONCE i got creepy drivers. now i don’t mind chatty taxi drivers, i really don’t, if they’re fun or if they’ve got opinions on current events, then i like to listen and have conversations, but when the chats are like “how old are you? do you have a husband/boyfriend yet? what?! at your age?! impossible! you’re really pretty! what’s your facebook, i’ll add you up” i jUST NO F U C K N O and that happened to me mORE THAN ONCE and i always end up giving some fake random name that would not be memorable

moral of the story this is why sometimes men are scary to me and if you’re going to sit there and tell me #NotAllMen then i will literally shove you down my toilet after a night of heavy eating so you can eat my entire ass

a playlist about two broken men who need each other to survive [x]

1.Damien Rice - Delicate 2.Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova - Falling Slowly 3.Jump Little Children - Close Your Eyes 4.Sia - Breath Me 5.Ólafur Arnalds - Only the Winds 6.The Antlers - Putting the Dog to Sleep 7.Samuel Gajicki and Kristin Wiberg - Here in Your arms (Hello Goodbye) 8.The Irrepressibles - Two Men in Love 9.Taylor Swift - You Are in Love 10.Troye Sivan - Gasoline 11.Neil Hilborn - Static Electricity

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fun fact: im 17 and haven't had my first kiss yet. i did have a boyfriend for like 5 days when i was 16 but idek dude.

fact: i’m 15 and i haven’t either someone kiss me

send me and interesting fact about u and i’ll reply with one about me

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does it bother u when ppl who have already met taylor like 37 times or went to a ss or got a package or have just been noticed by taylor a lot online etc STILL reblog themselves every fuckin time she's on to try to get noticed it bothers me bc i feel like they should appreciate what they have and give other people a chance but then if i was in there position i feel like i would still want 2 b noticed so idk what do u think lol

Omfg idek I feel you like I would still want to be noticed again I feel like HAHA though I myself don’t even bother trying anymore because what’s the point she follows SO many ppl it’s kinda useless?!?!?! Then again it works for some ppl so who fucking knows lmao I DON’T KNOW IS WHAT I’M SAYIN IT DOESN’T RELALY BOTHER ME AT ALL BC I DON’T PAY ATTENTION ANYMORE LMAO 

Okay since we’re throwing this out there:

I am a pansexual panromantic.

 I was born female, I recognize I have a female body, and most of the times I identify as a girl, but I am kinda genderfluid in the sense of I don’t give a fuck what you call me? Like I’m a chick yeah but I’m a dude idek it’s weird. GO ANDROGYNY

I like all ships. Otps and ot3s and yeah. I like polyamory 


We’re all humans and that’s that.