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Can I request #6 & #9 with Zach? Can it be full of angst and then just angry sex later on?

Zach smut is sexy as heck,, thanks for requesting!! enjjjoy my children ;) xx

** its not that angry?? im super sorry, like i just idek. if anyone wants to request a separate imagine i’ll do like anger anger in that, sorry **

#6: “It was a dare.”
#9: “You’re acting like baby.” “And you’re acting like a bitch.”

“Calm down, Zach,” You chimed, touching his arm gently. “It was a dare.”

“It was a dare?!” He exclaimed, stepping toward you. “I don’t care, Y/N! You shouldn’t mess with people like that!”

You stepped back from the seething boy, wishing that Justin had never texted you the stupid dare. “You’re acting like a baby.” You folded your arms across your chest, frowning up at the tall boy.

“And you’re acting like a bitch.”

Your mouth grew dry, yet your hands became clammy. Did he just call you a bitch? Zach was a friend, a best friend actually, and you wished it was more, but you guys never fought. Perhaps if you never accepted the dare Justin had set upon you, Zach wouldn’t be glaring holes into your face.

“How was I even messing with you?!” You raised your voice, confusion flooding your face.

“Because,” He stalked toward you, making you step back in reply, before he pinned your body against the wall. “When you kiss someone you should mean it.”

Your heart was beating faster every second that passed. His breath quickened as he stared into your eyes. He was serious, but he was also seriously hot. Damn this boy.

“How do you know I didn’t mean it?” You quietly asked, honesty lacing every syllable.

His breath hitched at the meaning behind your words, hands reaching up to cup your face. You ran your tongue over your bottom lip, Zach’s eyes flicking to your lips before trailing back up to your eyes.

“I dare you.”

Your stomach ignited at his whisper, his lips lightly dragging along your neck. The tight grasp you had on your pants dropped and you moved them to his shirt instead, pulling to bring his body further against yours before crashing your lips on his.

He growled into the kiss, moving his hands to your waist in order to pick you up and carry you over to his bed, your legs wrapping around his waist. Your kiss broke apart as he lay you down, his breathing unsteady as he attached his lips to your neck.

“Z-Zach,” You stuttered, running your hands over his back. “I want you to fuck me.”

His growls were deep, and you could tell he was still pissed off deep down. “Do you dare me?”

You swallowed hard, dancing your fingers along his spine. “I double dare you.”

He chuckled against your neck, the feeling of his smile against your skin caused your stomach to twist in excitement. You were very aware that you were in his house, but the excitement and fear of someone coming home just fueled your want and need for Zach.

“You’ve been rude all day,” He kissed down to your chest. “And I think,” He paused, moving down to unbutton your pants. “You need to be punished.”

You let out a small moan at his words, helping him take your pants off, the cool air igniting goosebumps on your skin as he slowly dragged them down your legs. His warm hands gripped your thighs tightly as he moved up your body.

“How?” You breathed.

He smirked, getting off of you and standing up beside his bed, running a hand through his dark hair. He unbuttoned his pants and took them off, stepping back to his bed and hovering over your lying figure.

“Why don’t I just show you?” He questioned, rubbing the insides of your thighs. “This lesson has to be taught physically.”

You smirked. “Go ahead, take your anger out.”

He kissed you slowly, hands moving closer to your panties. “I intend to.” He whispered against your lips, his fingers rubbing your panty covered core.

You held back a small moan, running your fingers through his hair as he moved down to pepper kisses over your neck. He sucked and nibbled areas, blowing cool air onto the fresh hickies as the bruise developed. You let out a sigh of contentment, lifting your legs around his waist, his hand still teasing your clit, as you pulled his body closer to you.

“I’m angry with you,” He moved down your body, hands now running along your sides. “Because you take a dare,” His fingers looping under the edge of your panties. “And make it feel as though kissing me is some sort of joke.” He teasingly took his time sliding your panties down your legs, making the wait so much more painfully long. “When in fact, Y/N,” He threw the discarded piece of clothing across his room. “I’ve wanted to kiss you for as long as I’ve known you.”

Fire ignited your veins the moment the words left his mouth, your clit instantly being worked with his wet mouth. You moaned his name, your hips involuntarily bucking upward, only making his mouth take more of you. He flicked his tongue, amused at your reactions. A chuckle left his mouth, the vibrations causing you to shiver in pleasure.

“Just fuck me, Zach.” You pleaded, ready for him to just take you. He licked your core softly, teasing you, occasionally sucking on the sensitive bud that made your mind swirl. “F-Fuck.” You gasped.

He lent his head back to face you, smirking cockily at your flushed face. You couldn’t even tell if he was angry anymore. He seemed to be enjoying this way too much. “Are you sure?” He asked, hands rubbing your outer thighs.

“Yes, I’m sure.” You nodded your head, consenting completely and wholly. Fuck, you just needed him.

He grinned this time, opening his bedside table draw and pulling out a condom. He passed it you, and you smirked, opening the square packet as he slid off his boxers. You sat up on the edge of his bed, ushering him closer to you in order to roll the condom onto his length. He let out a small moan at the feeling of your hands on his cock before he gently pushed you back onto the bed as he hovered over your body, one hand resting beside your head. You looked at his length nearing your entrance, and oh god, did it make you wet. He gently slid his free hand up and under your shirt, gripping your side as he teased your entrance with his cock. Boy, was he hard.

You reached down, gently gripping his cock, making him moan and drop his head into the crook of your neck. He let out a shaky breath, lifting himself back up in order to line himself up with your entrance. His eyes only darkened as they watched your face, his cheeks flushing as he pushed into you.

A deep groan left his parted lips. “Fuck.” He choked, going deeper.

You closed your eyes, letting out a moan against his lips as they connected to yours. He pushed in all the way, hitting your g-spot, making you let out another moan. Zach smirked, pulling out teasingly slow before thrusting back in. Your world shook as the pleasure consumed your body. This is what he meant by punishment - doing small things that caused a large deal of sensitivity and all things good to your body and nerve endings.

“Open your eyes,” He demanded, panting. “Y/N,” He sounded stern, pushing deeper with every thrust. “Open. Your. Eyes.”

So you did, meeting his angry ones. He needs to get angry more often. You watched his eyes darken further, clouding with lust as he pounded into you. “Zach,” You moaned. “Oh, f-fuck.”

He chuckled lightly, speeding up his actions, groaning each time he hit your g-spot. His hand that was still resting beside your head clenched the sheets to keep him balanced as he took his other hand from gripping your side and lifting your leg up to rest over his shoulder.

“Fuck yes,” He moaned into your neck, his pace quickening. “You’re so fucking…” He growled. “Tight.”

You rested your other leg on his shoulder too, only making Zach go deeper inside of you. His hand traveled down, teasing your clit. You knew that you wouldn’t last long if he added even more stimulation. But of course he did, because it’s Zach, and he just wants to see you cum.

You moaned loudly, hands gripping the back of his neck and hair as he began circling the sensitive bud with his fast fingers. Fuck him, honestly. Ironically, too.

“Every time,” He groaned, quickening his fingers. “I think back to that kiss, I-” He cut himself off, letting out a moan as your lips met his. “It makes me so fucking mad,” His thrusts were unforgiving as he pounded into you, the sheet in his hand pulled tightly. “And so now I’m taking it out on you.”

The pace of his thrusts quickened, as the feeling in your stomach grew. His fingers making the pleasure you were feeling doubled, his moans fueling your excitement. He was so damn sexy when mad. He took his anger out into you, going deep and hard, growling into your neck and kissing up your jaw. He was mesmerising, his cheeks flushed and eyes dark, while his body caused yours to buckle and writhe under his ways to pleasure you.

God damn, he was beautiful.

You could feel yourself getting closer, as was Zach, his thrusts only grew in pace while his fingers rubbed harder. “Fuck, yes,” He panted. “Cum with me.” He choked out, growling and moaning into your neck.

You gripped his skin, anywhere and everywhere, moaning his name and kissing his lips. The pressure built, your stomach twisting in excitement, before Zach completely undid you.

“Cum now.” He demanded, short of breath. “Now, fuck yes, now.”

With another thrust you were gone, your mind spinning in elevation, scratching his skin as loud moans left your parted lips. He took both hands to your hips as he came too, focusing on riding out your highs together. He watched where you connected, milking every last drop from his erect cock. He let out a content sigh, running a hand through his dampened hair before leaning down and kissing your lips, hands cupping your face as he gently pulled out of you, gasping softly into your neck.

He collapsed beside you, letting out a breath, before turning to face you. Your body was still in bliss as you turned your head to look at the boy lying beside you, grinning.

“Remind me to thank Justin.”

idk if this was even good lol but i hope you liked it either way 

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yoonkook - 01 (btw ur fics are so soft my heart goes boom!!!)

01. things you said at 1am

aw thank u sm i hope u like it! :** idek what this is bye

“Shouldn’t you be in bed?” Yoongi asks. It’s late and he thought everyone would be asleep by the time he got home from the studio. “You’re like twelve.” Jungkook is on the couch in the living room, a rerun of an old drama (that Yoongi definitely doesn’t know the name of and certainly hasn’t watched every episode of) playing softly in the background as he scrolls his phone.

“I’m still twice your size,” Jungkook counters. Yoongi raises an eyebrow at him. “Uh, I’m twice you size hyung.”

Yoongi closes the door behind him and drops his bag on the floor, sitting on the couch next to Jungkook. He’s been waiting up more and more, Yoongi has noticed. And maybe it’s just because he’s growing up, needing less sleep. But he can’t help but notice that he only stays up late like this when Yoongi is at the studio. “What’s the time?” he asks. His voice is slow and gravelly with exhaustion.

Jungkook shrugs. “Past one maybe.”

“You shouldn’t wait up Kook-ah,” he scolds, but there’s no real bite in it. He likes it that there’s always a light on when he comes home, likes the fact that he gets to talk to someone for a few minutes before he goes to bed. 

(Likes the fact that that someone is Jungkook).

Jungkook shrugs again and Yoongi leans against him. “I don’t mind. I mean, I—” He licks his lips. Yoongi’s eyes do not follow the movement. “I like being here… seeing you when you get home.”

Yoongi wonders where Jungkook gets the confidence to say exactly what’s on his mind, like he isn’t scared of his feelings at all, or what they might mean to other people. He thinks about telling Jungkook that every time he unlocks the door late at night, it’s with a tight feeling of hope in his belly that Jungkook will be waiting up for him. “You see me all day anyway,” he says instead.

“You know what I mean,” Jungkook laughs, leaning his head against Yoongi’s shoulder and looking up at him. “I like seeing you, y’know. Not with the others. When it’s quiet and… and we can just be like this.”

Yoongi can feel Jungkook’s eyes on him, but he can’t bring himself to turn his head to look at him. He doesn’t know if he could stop himself from kissing him if he did. “We should go to bed,” Yoongi whispers.

“Should we?”

Yoongi can’t help looking at him now. His eyes are staring right into Yoongi’s and there’s this smile on his face like he can hear how fast Yoongi’s heart is racing in his chest. “Jungkook,” Yoongi says, voice strained. He’s trying so hard to be the responsible adult here. “You’re only—”

“I’m not a kid anymore.” Normally, that kind of statement would make Yoongi roll his eyes and ruffle Jungkook’s hair. Right now, it makes him lean down to capture his lips in a kiss.

Jungkook makes a small noise in the back of his throat when their lips meet and Yoongi panics for a moment that he read the situation completely wrong. And then Jungkook’s hands are in his hair, holding him in place as he brushes his tongue across Yoongi’s bottom lip.

He pulls back with a gasp and Jungkook frowns at him. “Hyung?”

“Sorry, I’m not—” He sighs, curling a hand around Jungkook’s waist and dropping his head onto Jungkook’s shoulder as a flush colours his cheeks. “It’s just a lot,” he whines.

He feels more than hears Jungkook’s giggle as it shakes through him, long fingers cupping the back of his head gently. “Maybe we should go to bed for now, huh?” And no, Yoongi wants nothing more than to stay out here and keep kissing Jungkook. He thinks the pout he is sporting when he sits back to look at him does a pretty good job of displaying that sentiment. Jungkook laughs again. “We can, do more. Of this. Tomorrow, or… any other night. Or in the day. Whatever is fine. I mean, if you want to that is.”

As much as Yoongi enjoys Jungkook’s awkward rambling, he takes pity on him. “I want to.”

His eyes are so bright when he smiles. “Okay. Tomorrow then. Whenever.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes and pulls Jungkook up off the couch towards the hallway where their rooms are. “Tomorrow.”

Send me a ship and one of these and i’ll write a minific

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I think I might be ace. But I also have depression?? And a friend of mine that's gay made a passing comment that "most ace people are just people with depression". And I felt so invalidated, like idek if I'm just one of those hets that tries to go into lgbtq spaces?? Like I find guys and girls beautiful, and I can think of sex as enjoyable in theory for the emotional intimacy, but I don't see someone & want to get in their pants ?? /.\

Hey, I’ve had depression for as long as I’ve been ace. And so have many others. That’s nothing to worry about. The connection between neurodivergence and asexuality is common, and doesn’t invalidate anything. My depression and asexuality go hand-in-hand, and I’m proud of that.

That doesn’t mean you ‘invade’ any spaces. Regardless of the reason, you’re ace, and that should be respected.

- Fae

Ok but … Steve wasn’t even there to see Bucky off when he left for war. Bucky had no idea that Steve got into training and was transformed into a mighty super soldier. What if Bucky just stood there, waiting for Steve. But Steve didn’t come. What if Bucky felt like Steve ditched him because Bucky got this chance and Steve didn’t. What if Bucky went into his first battle thinking his best friend was mad at him.

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I may be short but I have a lot of anger. I'm... I'm like... Idek man... I just... have a lot of anger.... any tips on how to relieve some?

Screaming into a pillow work for me…