I blame Tumblr for this

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What the fuck did Martin just say on colbert?

Um…I am screaming here. I just watched the Colbert interview and, well, did anyone else catch what he said when Colbert asked him if he had seen any of the johnlock fanart? He said, “well I have done some of them actually…” Then he goes on to clarify… “I painted some of them….” When he said the first part I was like….what the fuck did he just say? Martin….back in the basement! They really should never let him out!

Please let Yuri on Ice’s canon gay pairing triumph extend and shower Hibike with that luck as well

Impact Ep Thoughts!

((As you can imagine.. OMG have I EVER been looking forward to this ep. Like WHOA have I. I didn’t expect such a srs ep though, GOSH.

I’m just gonna… spit out some thoughts… and since there’s a lotta Virg thoughts… I’m gonna main post here. XD Spoilers beloooow!))

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This was exactly the kind of clip I was hoping we’d get, when I went to sleep last night. I was hoping we’d get a clip of them in Isak’s bed, Even still asleep, while Isak is awake and holds him. I was hoping he’d talk to Sonja somehow and that she would help. Then I was hoping they’d talk once Even wakes up, even though he might not be okay yet. I can’t believe all of my hopes came true. The writers did exactly what I was hoping would happen for Even and Isak <3 

*minor RWBY spoilers*

On one hand I don’t trust Henry,

but on the other hand, hello Henry, how you doin? ;)

I can’t even google kurapika without being upset at the first results showing up, I’m trying to find one of his quote for chirst sake I don’t need those “he’s overpowered” articles



Okay I’ll bite

Just watched episode 1.


1. Yuri is awkdorable. This is probably going to be one of those show that gives me major second-hand embarrassment, isn’t it?

2. Victor’s quite mysterious and refined, approved.

3. Yuri P. is a little shit, not cool bro.

4. Minako, Yuko and Takeshi are fantastic, A+ friends. The toddlers are super cute too.

5. Yuri had the same dog as Victor and fangirled him all throughout his youth. There are pictures on his wall! This show is just going to be so awkward, isn’t it?

I’m so sad about the next episode being the last, not only because it’s the end of this AMAZING season, but I didn’t know there was a Skam fandom on Tumblr until a week ago, because it is a norwegian show, and norwegian TV-shows don’t usually have a fandom on Tumblr. So I’m finally able to fangirl with other people like I’ve wanted to do since the show started, but now it’s ending..