Original designs for the controversial Agri Birds game trailer.

These were done last year during summertime when we had absolutely nothing to do at the studio. So, we fooled around a little bit and ended up creating this weird Farm AU for Angry Birds.

I drew these (very sloppy) concepts for our own amusement, these were never meant to be shown anywhere. But little did I know that they would be actually used one day.. which was today!

We had amazing core team that created this madness and also ended up making the actual trailer! We never imagined this would become a real thing but it did!

StellaxGale is canon.

I woke up in the middle of the night and thought “I’m so glad a man is the summoner”

like ok in FFVIII anyone can be a summoner junction that shit you gotta junction that shit and in FFXIII everyone does it then there are character-only summoners like Yuna and Garnet and Eiko who are also the white mages which is like a passive function over active (and you could call that a sexism thing too whatever) and then you also have jobs it’s very customizable

what I’m talking about here is the character specific summoning yeah you’ve got your one character and it’s a dude????? WHAT?? you got Noctis summoning that shit????

I mean of course yeah you can say that deviation from female-assigned summoning is due in FFXV to a) how your party is male and b) how your only playable character is in fact a man so what else would they do anyway they could only break the pattern if they wanted summoning to be a function but I still got really excited about it

FFXV is not a problem-free game or anything clearly but I think it’s cool that Noctis is your summoner

Well now I'll have to come back hey?



…and I’m also liking the new character designs and elements in FE14. They’re doing MU better because of those elements too, so they can be more personal this time around.

But I’m still kinda skeptical because I still see (atm) a single character personality with a random name slapped on it. I hope Intelligent Systems stuffs my words in mouth about this though. Then I’ll be pleased.

As for the SMT crossover…not sure what to make of it just yet. My only thought so far is “How will they make this work” is all.

But this aside…guess i’m back now lol. Oh and on a side note I cracked up laughing with the “Oh Nintendo you-” when I saw Lucas announced. Oh and HELL YES DK64 WOO HOO!


Everybody represents a facet of himself [Mal] that he has lost and that’s why he keeps them close and safe, and yet at arm’s length.

— Nathan Fillion, Firefly: The Official Visual Companion, Volume 1


Y’ello everyone! Take some of the fancomic’s artwork/development for your viewing pleasure :> Still have much to draw and write, but things are going steady! Sorry for the long-post but…it seems that photo-posts don’t deserve a ‘read more’ tool…right. Great.


I don’t think I remember doing a picture with so many different noses, hairstyles and body-shapes in it. i’m glad they are ‘just’ 13 because I was starting to lack ideas for those noses! GEEESH.

And the hardest part of the character design was to make them all different but still similar enough to look like they are bothers. As if designing independent characters wasn’t hard enough >_>

I have a love-hate relationship with group pictures. Hate to do them, love to see the final results. *looks at the fruits of her labor* Yup, I dig it.

Okay! So this is my headcanon for the Westergard family! 

It is rather usual for everyone to assume that Hans’s brothers were cruel and bullied him frequently, but…sometimes neglect is the worse kind of abuse. Physical pain can be more tolerable than psychological pain, and I think that his brothers didn’t exclude Hans from their lives with the actual purpose of hurting him. I really think that they all suffered from the same predicament: the constant hunt to find their purpose in the kingdom of the Southern Isles. The problem was that Hans came too late, and when he wanted to show that he was good enough and could be of value, all the positions were taken. So, let’s analyse each brother, one by one.

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I can definitely get behind this


cyd-the-cynical requested something from Twilight Princess with a palette of my choice, so here is Midna with #8!  I’ve been trying to do these without too much blending but I just said screw it on this one ha.

hikakao requested the Deku Palace Guards from Majora’s Mask with #12!  (I forgot how cute these little buggers are! No matter how frustrating they can be, eh heh…)

Aaaaaand an anon requested Midna riding wolf Link with either #7 or #12!  I chose 7 because I would never be brave enough to use these colors if left to my own devices… but it was fun!  (Now if only imp Midna weren’t so hard to draw kdjfbgjdfb)


I finally did a thing I said I was going to draw! Because that never happens. Haha!
A simple lineup of my versions of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys (now with names so you guys can know which is which).  This is my favorite kid’s story, and just one of my all time favorite stories in general, and I’d love to do a project related to it someday.  Don’t know when or what, but it’ll happen someday. Also at some point I’ll do actual nice refined drawings of these characters.

I love jumping/flying dreams and man, would it ever be sweet to make a game that replicated that feeling

I think this game would be all about the loose-limbed springing effortlessly around and off high places, maybe having an adventure with a mission so you actually have a purpose but mostly just having a massive quiet world to zwoop around and be chill in

also shadow folk

I love shadow folk