Bubblegum Boy

Summary: Phil works in a chemist - a boring Tuesday morning is interrupted by a tall boy clad in too much pastel-pink who doesn’t quite understand how hair dye works.

Genre:  Fluff bc im trASH

Warning: none? 

Words: 4.3k

A/N: yes it’s been like 5 years i apologize I Have no excuse im so sorry

Phil didn’t mind working behind the counter at a Chemist. He saw goodthings; like happy couples buying pregnancy tests and students getting their passport photos taken. He saw not-so good things too, but he didn’t focus on those.

Phil tried to be sociable to his customers, he really did. But the gauges, blue hair, piercings, and tattoo sleeves were always eyed with fear; as if the ink lion on Phil’s forearm was planning on eating people alive.

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Awww Liam is literally the sweetest like some people don't appreciate how much he actually cares about us. And the way he said 'for the time being' makes it sound like he hopes Zayn will come back just we the fans do. I really hope the fans will stay by the other four boys side and still support them cause they need it now more than ever

he really does have the biggest heart. he cares so much and he just wants us to know how much they care and how much they need our support as well. it’s almost like he wants to reassure himself that we still care too. that makes me so emotional. that the 4 of them think that we would abandon them after this. never.

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i think Zayn couldn't be more clear in the interview. first of all he said I AM IN CONTROL! so basically he admitted that he was being controlled like we all assume the boys are by their shitty management! (1)

second of all its normal that he will someday work in music again! its his passion after all. maybe he will just produce! maybe he will just write. we don’t know but he can now figure himself out without pressure and for me that’s brave AF (2)

I honestly think that zayn was being pushed too much by the management and he just couldn’t take it anymore. and if he decides somewhere along the way to go solo I’ll support the hell out of him. (3)

people are criticising because “if he couldn’t do it with his four best mates how can he do it alone?” cause he will take it at his pace! he will be in control!cause he will do things when he feels like he can and not when someone says he has to (4)

I think it was never him getting out of 1D. I think this was him getting out of a contract that was killing him. cause if he was leaving the band just to go solo, they would all have left. this wasn’t a band dying. this was the contract all along (5)


I do mainly agree with you. The only think that annoys me is that now that he’s “free” he still very obviously isn’t fully in control. They want to make us believe that he went to Dan Wootton (of all people) the day after he left the band to talk about his fiancee (did you hear the audio? he sounds so odd). I wish he could just enjoy his newly won freedom but it seems like he’s still under mgmt’s spell and he doesn’t deserve that.

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More Stacy's Mom au there's that part in the song that goes "You know I'm not the little boy that I used to be I'm all grown up now baby can't you see" and Levi just really feels that he's older and just wants to diddle Eren but it's just his own

fantasy tho he thinks it’s for reals like he thinks Eren is giving him bedroom eyes or purposefully bending over in front of him but in reality it’s just Levi’s overactive imagination (or peeping tom!Levi like in the song too much? sorry bruh h a h)

it would be no coincidence that he always passed by the bathroom door when it was cracked open and eren was getting out of the shower or how he’d always let his eyes linger when he spent the night and saw eren walking out to the kitchen in the mornings in a pair of sweatpants hanging low on his hips

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Just so you know, I'm the asexual anon... thank you so much for just being so supportive. You actually answer asks, so thank you for replying. Can I ask, do you ever feel like you are broken? Like all of your relationships will fail because you aren't sexual... it's a "deal breaker" as my partner said...

oh man all the time!! especially when society puts so much pressure on people that sometimes it feels like that “defines” the relationship ya know? like nooooo there are many different types of relationships??? HA BUT yeah i’m always asking like am I missing something???? That I don’t want to bang the nearest human being???? But everyone sees the world differently, just like how they experience it differently. Also more people than you’d think are not interested in sex!! Boys especially, so don’t think about it too much, give people a chance, just go with the flowwww. And don’t feel broken! BE CONFIDENT

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What type of guy would the strawhats + Law, be interested in or would catch their attention? (I always see people on most blogs asking about girl types but never boy types, time ta switch things up I think.) Hope things are going alright with you. I love your blog and hoe you go about witing. *sends a hug your way* (っ´∀`)っ

(Thanks for the compliments ^.^, I’m okay (mostly). Thanks for the request cause it’s good to have this type of request from the other point of view^^) (Hope I got it right though)

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I got really emotional earlier bc I was thinking about Larry and how much good their co would do for the LGTB+ community. They're such a big boy band and you can tell they both have been waiting for so long. Having massively successful people to look up to. Not going to lie, four years ago when I first saw Larry stuff I was a tad homophobic but seeing them together and everything has helped me understand & appreciate. Like, seeing how much they care for and love each other has opened my eyes.😭

I get emotional over it too.

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Hi! I looooove your blog. Can you do an exo reaction where they walk into the living room and catch you watching high school musical. Thanks and again love your blog :-D

how sweet are you tho?! thank you and thanks for requesting! 

xiumin: Even I think that’s too much and I live with Suho…

*walks out and sees it playing* RETREAT! RETREAT!

Y/N: Zac Efron is so hot! 
kris: You can still say that after seeing me? *thinks you’re crazy*


*when they start singing and you turn up the volume* Kill me please.

No. Just no. 

*googles ‘what to do when adult is behaving like a 12 year old’*

*tired of your fangirling/boying* Are you seriously watching that again?

*calls members for help* This is the nth time I’m waking up to highschoolers singing happily on lunch tables and I think I’m going crazy.

I just don’t get it like… like why would you watch it without me? You know how much I love Zac.

Hey, what are you wat- OMG WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING?! *bursts out laughing*

*high pitched fangirl scream* OMG IT’S ZAC!

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bruh don't apologize i'm actually honored you're comfortable enough saying this much to my question!! i've had a hard time w my gender identity for most of my life but i've been finding some peace too, esp understanding that liking stuff categorized for 'girls' or 'boys' doesn't invalidate my identity; those classifications are culturally variant and patriarchally designated like there's no one way to be a dude or chick or nb, ya feel? also i found out we have mutual friends and that's rad af

haha in the end i got kinda nervous writing that much but it felt nice to get shit off my shoulders and put it out there even if only temporary. but yeah, long story short, living in this flesh suit resulted in a lot of self damaging behavior and weird ways of trying to project and forcibly see myself in a better light vs. accepting and working more in reality to cope and move forward. happy to hear good things from you too. if u ever see me around again say hi!

Jack at 2 years
  • 36 inches tall
  • 29 pounds
  • 19 1/2 inch head
  • Has started waking up in the middle of the night since we moved him into a big bed
  • Likes to say “I need….” (usually paci, which he still has, water, or chapstick)
  • Not a huge fan of eating meat
  • Had his first visit to the ER over the weekend after getting his foot stuck under the couch and refusing to walk on it for several days. Nothing broken. 
  • Totally obsessed with all things sports: tennis, basketball, and hockey
  • Started skating lessons last month and seems to be loving them.
  • Gets way too excited about lights.
  • Likes to help with chores: feeding the dogs, switching loads of laundry, and sweeping are his favorites
  • Becoming way too much of a mama’s boy. Does not understand personal space
  • Not a biter but seems to attract the biters at school.
  • Favorite foods: watermelon, applesauce, yogurt, bananas, pretzels, and M&Ms
  • Favorite TV show: Dinosaur Train (or Dinosaur Choo Choo as he calls it) and anything sports
  • Favorite toys: wooden train tracks, his hockey set, any kind of cars, and his Fisher-Price grill
things I don’t like about the ‘90s

Today I was reminded of the 90s by a buzzfeed quiz on “how well do you remember the lyrics to sk8r boi?” (to people who are too literal, the 90′s, aka my childhood, lasts until 2009.)

Not that the particular song was necessarily problematic, but it made me a little uncomfortable when I heard it again.

I realized that exactly the “sk8r boi” song type of culture or mentality for 90s teens/kids was pretty much the epitome of the “I’m not like other girls” idea that was so detrimental. I used to be that. I feel like “I’m not like other girls” was in particular used by girls who considered themselves smart, because masculinity being the epitome of everything means that pink things and makeup and dresses and feminine things are “weak” or “stupid”. I feel like this led to a lot of girls suppressing their femininity because they didn’t want to look “weak” or “stupid”, and felt always they had to prove that they were strong or smart. 

Although I will admit that, unfortunately, I might have been one to say such things as “I’m not like other girls” or “girls cause so much drama”, in practice my closest friends were always girls, and I didn’t develop close friendships with guys until late middle school and high school. I hope against hope that children these days will not have gender stereotypes shoved down their throat by society. It would be incredibly hard to deal with as a parent. I imagine a lot of times it feels like there’s nothing you can do—I know my own dad used to say “sweetie, you can still wear dresses and kick butt.”—but to no avail, because I was “not a girly girl”. 

Today, in 2015, I’m happy to say I wear dresses and kick butt. I don’t personally like wearing makeup often, or pink, but you know, I applaud women who do (that’s such a SKILL bruh) and I am amazed by that girl who pulls off all shades of pink so well and so coordinated (also a skill~)

Feminity is a beautiful thing, and it is strong and it is smart. I was worried a lot coming to MIT about gender and STEM (for obvious reasons) but actually, the people I ask for help all the time are often girls. At our admitted student meeting in Colorado, the only current freshman who showed up were all girls. 

Girls are pretty cool. 

(*I could add many disclaimers about what this post is not intended to be about and stuff, but I hope y’all get it)

Outtie means boy? Seriously??

The delusion is strong tonight on my Twitter timeline. Now, I don’t know too much about being pregnant, as have never been able to have children myself, but someone tonight thinks Skanka is having a boy because her belly button was an “outtie” at the Oscars. Now, I don’t know if they have seen the Bora Bora pics, but the “outtie” is no longer an outtie then. Plus am almost certain belly buttons cannot pop out then pop back in again, right, while pregnant? Please correct me if I am wrong. Like I said I’ve never had children and cannot remember if sisters or best friends did that while pregnant.

gemma styles | the better looking styles | assistant to a bunch of knobs

sup, i’m gem and i babysit a bunch of boys who don’t know how to put down the seat when they use the loo and also enjoy ruining my life basically. other than that, i speak to animals like eliza thornberry, dye my hair too much, and i’m incredibly bitter.

aim: outofstyles


     My Heart’s Already Burning

You’re worried about suggesting too much.
You’re afraid I might presume.
All because your last man
fell for you too soon.

Well, my heart’s already burning.
And nothing’ll put this fire out.
Don’t worry about leading me along
'cause I'm gonna follow without a doubt.

I know this last boy said he knew.
But he didn’t know like me.
When I say you’re the one,
I mean you’re the only.

Well, my heart’s already burning
And nothing’ll put this fire out.
So cozy on up to my flame,
and let me show you what I’m all about.

Some thoughts about Paint It Black

  • It was a weird direction. Not bad but this one makes me think even more about how I don’t want the show to end up been just like a procedural show.
    I definitely think they should go back to show the boys playing other characters instead of FBI agents all the time.
    They have a very good clothing department, please use it.
  • Dean’s scene meeting and flirting with the nun reminded me too much of his first meeting with Anna. The same smile that it’s not the same smile he gaves every girl (which makes me think about a very sexist subject but anyway), in a church surrounded of beautiful glass art.
    Kinda weird for my feelings.
  • The confession scene broke me (I will comment on this one in another post.) Once again, Jensen Ackles been BRILLIANT. 
  • So curious about Rowena and the MOL. I’m not prepared to see witch!Sam if that’s where they’re going.
  • I’m so glad Crowley insists of not harming the Winchesters, which makes me think once again that if he does something drastic against them it will be via Castiel. Especially since he can throw him the card “I gave you grace to keep you alive and save Dean.” Not pointing another betrayal, I mean Crowley trying to coax Cas and/or killing him. Because it can’t be that easy as revealing Rowena he will not kill them and end of subject, right? He’s hurt, especially because of Dean.
  • Sam’s support was so fundamental. I mean HE WAS DRIVING.
    Dean is so scared, and I loved that Sam insisted on trying to get Dean to believe there’s a way for hope. It kills me and I’m trying to imagine how Sam will know about what Cain said; if in a sort of battle field at the finale or before as a confession. 

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the new music part isn't the issue bc he's been dicking around with naughty my boy for quite a while and who knows what the future holds but the way the writer was trying to make it sound like he's itching to release new music right away when the reason he gave for leaving was because everything got to be too much and he wants to chill makes him seem kind of insincere and idt that's like zayn at all. he's not quoted once actually talking about new music either plus that dan guy is an ass anyways

yeah he wasn’t quoted talking about new music you’re right. which is why i didn’t bring it up before lol bc like i said that part isn’t important to me really

also i know this is a serious message and we’re having serious time but i have to tell you i had a good long belly laugh over you calling him NAUGHTY MY BOY




Alain est régulièrement dans la station McGill. Si vous le croisez, allez le saluer. Et si vous voulez faire connaissance avec lui, il se fera un plaisir de discuter autour d’une poutine ;)

Alain is often in the McGill station. If you run into him, go say hi. And if you feel like getting to know him, he’ll be happy to chat over a poutine ;)

The story

“I’ve had children with a woman from the far north. She was too kaput, too drunk. At some point I couldn’t take it anymore, she dumped me there. I ended up alone, no job – I used to be a contractor. She dumped be, and I found myself with my boy who was three, my daughter two, and a small baby. I toughed it out for three months, on my own. I couldn’t make it anymore, I was out of strength. It was too much work for one man alone, it was too hard for me, I did not have a choice, I called Youth Protection and had them adopted. And that broke my heart. I’ve been drinking ever since.”

“I got back in touch with my kids about six months ago. They’re 24-25. They looked for me, and to tell you the truth I’m quite happy, I made beautiful kids. I found myself a place to stay last month. Things keep getting better, I’m in the process of turning my life around. My next goal is to furnish my place. And to quit drinking.”