guys i think we should declare the week from 2/7/16-2/14/16 cockles week like…i dont think we’ve ever had this much cockles in 1 week??? like we’ve had them flirting on twitter 3 fuckin times, we’re getting a livestream, we’ll get misha and 2 j2 panels where they’ll prob talk about the campaign, we’re getting valentines day cockles ops and we’re getting cockles clothes like………..this is hell week

harveydiamondsmyth asked:

Out of the two Qrow/Winter Who do you think has the best/worst reaction to hearing "I love you" said directly to them by the other one?. PS: sorry if this sentence makes no sense its like 9:42 and I'm tired as balls.

as you choose cause i like both ways


Prompt: Pansy and Hermione get drunk together and make a bet for who will be the one to get drarry together. 

Hermione isn’t much for bets. She’s not very much into drinking either. She usually can’t stand Pansy Parkinson, but somehow all three gets combined when their mutual friends “hates” each other so much they have to go to the same party so they can keep an eye on each other. So Hermione finds herself in someones room, with Pansy and they’re actually holding (a very tipsy) conversation when Pansy makes a bet Hermione knows she can win. She can’t refuse. Getting Harry to kiss Malfoy will be way easier for her than for Parkinson to make Malfoy kiss Harry. So she agrees.