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I was reading back through the first reboot comics for writing purposes and made some insignificant-yet-very-significant discoveries that I wanna share with y’all.

Okay so like in the first picture Lara and Sam have a PlayStation 1 in their flat and I think that’s COMPLETELY FRIGGIN ADORABLE because those two adorable nerds probably played Crash Bandicoot on Friday nights or some shit and had a good laugh whenever they messed up and died because they were laughing too much to play and I JUST CAN’T.

I also discovered that Lara “Sexy Librarian” Croft has reading glasses as shown in the second picture and holy shit she just got 10 times hotter!!! HOT DAMN CALL THE POLICE AND THE FIREMAN!

Lara and Sam also share a double bed as shown (but not completely) in the second picture but y’all probably noticed that before anyways ;)

…God I miss Sam. They were so cute together.

so i watched star trek 2009 for the first time since before id refused to watch it until i’d finished tos and tbh it was overall underwhelming but if u think i didn’t cry when hearing that classic trek music in the credits u would be wrong


“The tombstones were waiting
They were half-engraved
They knew it was over
Just didn’t know the date”
-Bang The Doldrums

Fall Out Boy Creations Challenge  |  rosevestryanross
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Woops I just saw that ask the other person sent abt dan punching u in the face,,,, did u say yes? Did he punch u? Why did he ask so?

short version: i met dan and phil at kc tatinof and had them sign two text posts of mine, one of them saying ‘if dan howell punched me in the face i would thank him’ which made him laugh and then he asked if he could punch me in the face

it was glorious


another few days in the life of an underachiever (╯◕_◕)╯


Here’s to the best Duwang Meme Team out there. We may have gotten all of 3 serious pictures out of this shoot but at least it was a really fun time.

the perfect Josuke: @cellaira// the beautiful Mikitaka: @failmacaw// actual irl Koichi: @kori24// the Rohan derping in the bg of every photo: yours truly