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Omg so you said to send you those au! Please do the "Model who looks and acts really professional at the photo shoot but is actually a huge nerd AU"!!!

SOOOOO if you didn’t think this would be model!Harry after that Marlon stuff last week, I’m sorry–it’s totally model!Harry. 

Draco made his way over to the photoshoot that was featuring his latest designs, he liked to make sure that everything was perfect–as as perfect as possible–when he was unveiling a new line for a new season. This was no different. Especially since Pansy had informed him an hour ago that the model he always preferred to use had retired or some other such rot, and that they’d hired some other male model for today. 

Draco’d nearly had a conniption fit. How could they fail to let him know of this change so near the time for the photoshoot? And then Pansy had informed him that it would be fine, the new model would fit the cuts perfectly, and, “He’s worked for H and M darling, it’ll be fine,” she said with a dismissive hand wave as they rode the car to the site. 

“H and M?” Draco had practically screeched, “He’s going to be modelling Malfoy originals Pansy! I can’t have some off-the-rack model!” 

Pansy just patted his leg and opened the door to the car, “Come on Draco, do you really think I’d have approved of him if I didn’t think he could do it?” Draco huffed, but allowed Pansy that point, he trusted her judgement and he had to trust her in this. 

He likely shouldn’t have been surprised that Pansy was right, and the new model was just as professional as his old. This new model, a one Harry Potter, took direction very well and didn’t fuss when Draco kept demanding perfection. Draco would never tell anyone, but he was rather impressed with this Potter, he’d never met a model who didn’t balk under his direction. 

Once it was over, as everyone was packing up and Draco was preparing to leave, Pansy came over to him and asked, “So, what did you think?” She was smirking knowingly, and Draco knew she’d be insufferable for the rest of the day about how she was always right. 

“He was fine,” Draco admitted grudgingly and headed for the exit. Pansy’s laugh echoed behind him as he went, and then he was at the doors.

“Excuse me,” came a voice from his left just before he was about to open the doors and make his way outside. 

Draco stiffened, he hated getting interrupted, and even though he wasn’t doing much of anything except leaving, he was still annoyed. “What?” he snapped, turning to see the model, that Potter, standing to his left. 

Potter looked far less sure than he had under the lights and with the cameras pointed toward him, and he pulled his loose jacket tighter around his torso. He gave Draco a little nervous smile and said, “Sorry, it’s just–I’m such a huge fan of your work Mr. Malfoy–” He let out a laugh and his hands tightened where the gripped his jacket, “It was an honour modelling for you today.” 

“Oh,” Draco said, blinking at the model in surprise. It wasn’t that he wasn’t used to compliments on his work. Draco knew he was the best in London, much less the wider world fashion circuit. He wasn’t prepared for the attractive model he’d been pleased by his professionalism and standoffishness while modelling, to be well, human and flustered, it charmed Draco inordinately. “Thank you,” he said, and leaned against the outer wall as he took in his new model. “You wear my clothing well.” 

Potter’s eyes widened and he licked his bottom lip before grinning again saying, “Thanks.” He shifted his weight on his feet, and Draco felt even more charmed by his obvious embarrassment. 

He could hear Pansy scolding him in the back of his mind: don’t date your models Draco. But, he could see her even now, flirting with one of the photographers, and she didn’t dictate his life anyway. It had been so long since Draco had done anything except finalize designs and make sure everything in production was going according to plan. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d done anything for fun. 

“I was going to grab a coffee, would you like to join?” Draco asked and moved to push the door open a little, tilting his chin invitingly to Potter. 

“You–you want to get coffee with me?” Potter asked in disbelief. “But I’m–” 

Draco grinned to show off his teeth, “You’re interesting. Come along now, I don’t have much time.” 

Potter seemed to give up trying to find his tongue and nodded eagerly, the smile on his face reminding Draco of the easily excitable puppy his cousin adopted a few years ago. Draco pushed the door fully open and led them out of the building, assured that Potter would follow. 

Fic: For Want of a Nail Ch.18

Pairing: InahoxSlaine (orangebat)

Rating: PG-15

Chapter: 18/?  ~previous chapter: ch.17~

Words: 3.8k

Genre: Humor, romance, angst, fluff


There is too much Inaho wants answered and so, rather than just leave Bat after shooting his aircraft down, he takes him in for questioning.  

On how different the events of both seasons would be had Slaine spent time in the Deucalion.

Chapter 18: Wanweird

Wanweird: misfortune; ill or unhappy fate.

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BTS reacting to you calling them “daddy”

| Requested by Anonymous | 

Fandom: BTS

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Daddy Kink

Author’s Note: There were like three or four people requesting this; so here you go ~ 

Jungkook: Hearing it for the first time, he would shoot you a confused glance, not knowing whether he imagined it. But if you repeated it, I can see him smirking at you and giving it a try. He would not mind being called “daddy“ during sex, but he would not totally get into it either. I think it would be entirely up to you, how much this kink was integrated in your love life; if you stopped using the term, he would never bring it up either, but if you kept on calling him “daddy“ he would probably develop a liking to it, just because of the way you said it.

V:  Taehyung would totally be up for it. Being the creative sexual mastermind he is, trying out the daddy kink would have probably crossed his thoughts already. He would give you a wide smile and would encourage you to repeat the word later on when you were having sex. After a few times it would be very likely that he would want to try  switching the roles and calling you “mommy“. Whichever one the two of you like better would stick, making your whole sexual experience even better.

Jimin:  He would be very surprised. I don’t think he would ever expect you to call him “daddy“, so he might even make a confused face and ask you to repeat what you just said. When he realised he heard correctly he would blush and ask you why you would ever call him that. If you started pouting, he would probably giggle at your silly antics, not getting in to the matter any deeper.

Rap Monster: Namjoon would simply adore it. Since he loved the way you sounded when you said the word “daddy“ he would always encourage you to not be shy and just say it again, since it (like he never failed to assure you) turned him on as well. As the time went by, Namjoon would never pass up any opportunity to serve to your favorite kink, integrating lines like “You make daddy feel so good, baby girl“ or “Cum for daddy“ into his dirty talk.

J-Hope: He would have never thought himself to like this kink, but once he heard the word leave your mouth, he would get hard so quickly, surprising both you and him. If you did not only like the title, but also wanted him to actually be your daddy in bed, he would quickly be engrossed in the role; both of you astonished by the way one word changed your whole sex life for the better.

Suga: If the word slipped past your lips while you were having sex, Yoongi would stop his ministrations and just stare at you. You might start to blush, expecting him to laugh at you, but before you could apologize for the potential awkward situation you might have created he would start to smirk at you and say something along the lines of  “Do you like what daddy’s doing to you, baby?“. From this point on, he would never cease to use this piece of information against you, turning you on so much more whenever he whispered similary dirty things in your ear.

Jin: Honestly, Seokjin would have just been waiting for you to say it. He would be euphoric, demanding you call him “daddy“ again and again. I think he would also expand the field quickly from asking you to repeat it from time to time to punishing you for using his real name. Jin would really bloom in his role as your daddy dom, doing everything to take the best care of his favorite baby girl physically and emotionally.

Four minutes in and two people are dead: god, Rebels didn’t even fuck around a little bit, given that a teenage girl blows up a guy with a bomb very casually as the FIRST DEATH ON SCREEN.

(Reasons I don’t believe Grint and Aresko in “Call to Action” when they’re like, “No casualties.”  PEOPLE ARE DYING, GUYS, you can’t belatedly say, “No, our heroes were only shooting stun blasts.”)

It was a ways into TCW before we saw any of the heroes killing anyone – I think kablob17 pointed out it was Barriss in “Brain Invaders.”  Rebels?  Never fucked around.  God, I can’t believe we initially thought this was going to be too light and fun.  IT MURDER TIME, indeed.

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1) Write your name in song titles

A -  Alice Francis - Shoot Him Down!

L -  Rebecca Sugar - Love Like You

E - One Republic - Everybody loves me

X - TheFatRat - Xenogenesis 

2) Why did you choose your url?

because It represents my nickname (Sigma) but the way OGQ says it. and it’s…cute (OGQ being one of my classmates)

3) What’s your middle name?


4) If you could be a fictional/fairytale being, what would it be?

A hellhound

5) Favourite colour?

I love purple the most tbh. 

6) Favourite song?

I have no fav. They’re all too awesome. But as of now I’m stuck with 4 cod damn songs.

7) Top 3 fandoms?

Half-Life, Pilot and Homestuck.

8) Why do you like tumblr?

because at least it ain’t deviantart

9) Tag 9 people

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I weigh 120 pounds, how much smack will I need for my first try? (Injecting) How many mg are in each bag?

The first thing I’m going to tell you is this: DON’T START SHOOTING.

Of course, as always, you have most likely already made up your mind so my second course of action is harm reduction.

I cannot and WILL NOT give you dosage amounts especially for heroin because there is no true way to know just how much you’re getting and the fact that you even want to know such an exact measurement for a street drug like heroin worries me greatly in terms of your experience level with this incredibly potent and dangerous drug.

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i feel like anon should only be used for nice asks or sensitive info asks, not ‘i want to say something critical but don’t want to deal with any backlash’ .. ….. you’re pretty much shooting yourself in the foot doing that by ensuring that the person has a decreased amount of respect for you and your opinions that way?? idk i personally never send asks that are in any way negative/disagreeing on anon, like it just makes no sense to me :// if you want someone to listen to you, there has to be a connection there :/// it just makes things seem more hostile and if you can’t back up what you’re saying then maybe don’t say it………..

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Being "colorblind" is actually racist, even if you don't mean it to be. It's basically telling people of color that their race doesn't matter and that you're just going to pretend they're white. Erasing and disregarding someone's race isn't "progressive" or "accepting".

In your mind it does. In mine it does not.

If you feel that way I would not judge you as being overly preoccupied with color whereas I am not aware of color at all.

We can;t have it ALL ways,. No matter what one says about their feelings and how they are living among others there is always someone that is going to come along and pull a power trip like this.


Its not working.

itsprofessork said:

I agree with anonymous here. Being ‘colorblind’ is problematic because when you don’t see race, you don’t see systematic or institutionalized racism. In order to fix a racist system (umm…the Charleston shooting anyone?) you need to acknowledge that race is still a salient factor in US society.

wesayso-foundation said:

And that is the kind of rhetoric that incites civil disruption.’You make up your mind that someone has an agenda and then you release the hounds.

you  cannot decide how a person feels or thinks just because you want to. 

I am comfortable with who I am. I don’t need anyone else to redefine me.

Instead of sitting around all day trying to think of ways to sound more important and intellectually superior to others, why don’t you focus on more important things. Use all that passion to do something useful, like finding a cure for AIDS or ending world hunger.

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Do you think it's possible to portray images of people who fit the dominant standards of beauty in a way that is still challenging norms? Like, can people who happen to fit into the dominant standards of beauty still express themselves in ways that don't reinforce those standards?

If u just happen 2 fit that standard, u look like The Creator intended 4 u 2 look. If I as a photographer just happen 2 only shoot people who just happen 2 fit the dominant beauty standard, i’m adhering 2 & perpetuating that standard. & bcuz images r powerful, i am quite likely also telling anyone who sees my work that beauty only looks one way. So, what does that say 4 everyone else?

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Hello, this is Static Noise Monster. Im 5'8 slightly lanky dude who likes blastin' that music,and making sure my shoulder length hair stays as black as the tires on an automobile. Other killjoys jokingly say music is my significant other, but I'd say it's my raygun that's my little buddy. I dont really like to use him, but sometimes I gotta because of them hecka annoying dracs, or some person makes me blow a gasket. Did I mention I have anger issues?

“Kid, if you show up here with anger issues, that’s like throwing gasoline on a brush fire. We’ve already got plenty of stragglers with nothing better to do than pick a fight. I know the city tells people that we kill everybody that pisses us off. But that’s not true. If you want to survive out here, you’ve got to learn to avoid violence. You can’t shoot your way out of your problems, and you’ll end up taking innocent lives if you try.”

Dr. D is judging characters!


- My Top Ten -

Today… I’m a year older! Oh.. damn!  :)

But everything will be fine because I’m actually feeling one year younger! (Lol)
So, i decided to share with all of you my top ten. This top ten is not by notes, votes or comments whatsoever, but by the photos that i like most and those who gave a lot of pleasure to shoot and to edit. With no specific order! Believe me.. It was a difficult choice!
Of course that most of you will have a different opinion or say that i should had picked other photos… but so far this ones were those that marked me in a deeper way in different circumstances of life.

One day somebody asked me in anonymous why the title of my blog was “Images From My Mind”, well..there’s no secrets behind that title and the title means exactly what you read. Most of the times i try to imagine a scenario for a photo. I always try to imagine the perfect result long before leaving home to shoot, long before pressing the camera button … sometimes even when i’m about to sleep, watching Tv, having dinner, etc… and that became one of my main goals in photography!
And for all those reasons.. those are my “Images From My Mind” where “The mind shoots… and (later) camera performs!”

Thank you very much to all of you my friends, followers, people in Tumblr, reblogers, curators, editors, staff, people who just like my photos and also people who don’t like my photos! We can’t have all the same tastes, right?

Wish you all the best! Thank you very.. very much!

I’ll reply to all of your messages tomorrow because today i’ll be out all day.


My Top Ten (left to right with no specific order)

I fucking love the clip of Quiet shooting Big Boss’s cigar to light it because it makes me imagine everyone on Mother Base is getting up to redneck styled “hold my beer and watch this” shit.

Like there’s no way Quiet liting Boss’s cigar with her fancy shooing didn’t start with Boss taking a sip of on-site brewed beer and saying “Hey Quiet, you know what’d be fucking sick?” 


I didn’t know much about Thomas Brodie-Sangster before I got the chance to photograph him. He was described to me in lots of different ways one of which was as “one of the Game of Thrones actors”, but I was determined that ‘Game of Thrones’ was not a series that would interest me the slightest. Of course now, I have been proven wrong and the series feels like a bastard son of Tarantino, Hugh Hefner and Life of Brian. It has now sucked me in and left me begging for more (although in a constant state of confusion). The shoot with Thomas was not because of his part in Game of Thrones but because he is now also the voice of one of the Thunder Birds. You may have seen Thomas first as the kid in the film Love Actually or as Paul McCartney in the film Nowhere Boy, but all of this seems a long way from Game of Thrones and Thunder Birds. It’s as if the young boy turned into a man could, then finally he got to play the parts of a boys imagination. Nice guy too, not fazed by all the success. – Pal Hansen

someone: inception wasn’t the greatest. the concept was cool i guess but it was kind of bor-

me: so like, anyways! u know that scene where they’re in the hotel in the dream and eames is on the floor about to put the needle in his wrist—which he was totally capable of doing by himself by the way—and arthur just fuckin, comes over, gently takes eames hand and puts the needle in for him while eames lays back and smiles up at him and is like “security’s gonna run you down hard” and arthur smiles and shoots back “and i will lead them on a merry chase” and eames huffs and says “just be back before the kick” and arthur is like “go to sleep mr eames” like what the fuck? was that eames seriously telling arthur to be careful and to be safe??? was that arthur honestly smiling back at him and saying “of course, im going to be perfectly fine” like it sounds like a conversation they’ve had before? don’t even get me started on the “EAMES? he’s in mombasa!” honestly arthur how the fuck did you know that. HOW! why was there so much subtext, c nolan? i need answers it’s been 5 years i am tired

I wrote it like a scene. I very much imagined it, in my delusions of grandeur, that I was basically writing out, you know, I had it plotted out where she would shoot it. I wasn’t going to tell this to the director or any of the writers, you know, but in my own way I just wanted to formulate it so that it had its own shot set up. And as a result, when I heard the whole thing, I was like ‘Oh, this is going to work great, but this is way too long for television. I’m going to have to cut this.’ And I looked at it and I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t look at anything, because there was a version that was verse, chorus, and then out, and all the meat is in the second verse. So, I was like we can’t get rid of that. And I was like am I just getting up my own ass? Am I just being an overly protective writer? That’s a very typical tragedy: we get so attached to things. And so I didn’t want that to be the case. I wanted to be open to the idea of cutting things. So, after we shot it, I think they saw what was really hitting Lea and what was hitting us in the room. I really humbly, you know, just on bended knee, asked our directors and producers, ‘if you can find anywhere in your heart to keep things, because again, this is no vanity here, I just think if you cut certain parts (I like had it highlighted), if you cut certain parts, just cut the whole thing. You know, there’s no point. This song has no value anymore if you just decide to chop it up for time. I’d rather it not be in there at all if you need to cut the second verse or this.’ Ryan kept a significant chunk of it and the stuff that we cut is more extraneous stuff that’s more musical than it is lyrical content. To me, that whole thing was lyrical and that’s why it hits us or hits the episode in the way it does.
—  Darren Criss, Gold Derby Emmy Livestream 

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About the shooting... Why do people call him terrorist? Is it because of a solid evidence, or because thats what news would call him if he were muslim? Just curious, since in my country they just said it was "probably" a hate crime

(I’m white as hell and I feel like I’m not entirely qualified to answer this question, but I am going to try. If anyone would like to add to this, please do. Hell, rip my words to pieces if you think I deserve it. My heart goes out to those of you that are suffering because of this. I can’t begin to imagine what you’re going through.)

Okay. Let’s say someone kills people just for the sake of killing people, right? They kill because they want to, and because they enjoy it. It’s a game to them. They feel no remorse. They are a psychopath. A serial killer. That person is evil, but they are not a terrorist. They have no agenda to perpetuate. They are genuinely deranged.

Now let’s say there’s a white man who is unapologetically racist, homophobic, sexist, bigoted, and overall a terrible person. This person sees a gay black woman and chooses to hurt her just because of what she is. That is, of course, serious business, and he is a terrible person. There is nothing in the world that could justify his crime. But it wasn’t planned. He was motivated only by his own anger and prejudice, and it was an isolated incident. It was a crime of passion and hatred. That’s what a hate crime is.

This wasn’t either of those things.

This man, the one we’ve all seen on the news, had an agenda. He is a white supremacist, and a proud one at that. He targeted a sacred place, a church. Not only a sacred place, but a place with historical and cultural significance to black people. The people he killed were defenseless. He knew he was going to kill them before he even saw their faces. He planned this. It was all purposeful. 

It wasn’t random. He wasn’t insane. This was an act of terror. 

This was meant to instill fear in the black community. It was meant to make them feel unsafe. It was meant to “put them in their place,” probably, as disgusting and terrible as that is. This man hurt innocent people in the name of perpetuating white supremacy.

And if that isn’t terrorism, then what is?

I fell in love with her the way
fireflies fall in love with the light.
In a way, I knew she was always
a part of me and I couldn’t
run from her even if I tried.
But how could she ever love
me back– she shines like 
shooting stars and I am only
a single ember admiring from
—  You’re incredibly unattainable but you’ve stolen me so easily

I used to have this weird interest with killers. I read books on what they did, what they thought, what they were like. I watched documentaries and dramatizations. I watched the shows that glorified them like Criminal Minds and Law and Order. When major shootings happened I followed them closely. I stayed up for over 24 hours watching live feeds of the chase after the Boston Bombings. I sat refreshing websites for hours after the Sandy Hook shooting. 

It was never with the gross wish-fulfillment/idolization you hear from a lot of white boys. I always thought they were monsters, they were just monsters I couldn’t understand. Monsters who were fascinatingly larger than life.

But as I got older I realized that was only because we had made them that way. They’re really fucking ordinary. As ordinary as their victims, and less deserving of attention. I can’t read those books or follow those news stories or watch those movies anymore. I get nothing out of watching the same five headlines played over and over again on CNN for hours. It just contributes to the worst parts of our culture. It takes every bad deed and puts it on the individual and lets us completely look away from our culture.

I really strongly urge you today to think about that and counteract that. Do not give in and care for the individual. Fuck Dylann Roof and whatever he stood for. Fuck his motivations. Fuck his upbringing. Fuck finding out where he got his weapons. Fuck his mental health. This is a day for a discussion of why black people are targets of hate. Of the role of guns in society. Of the entitlement of white males.

But not the entitlement of that white male. He was a self-righteous asshole and a cog in a machine. If we only look at this shooting we will not be looking at the ways it is just like all of the other shootings before and after. If we only look at his racism we will not see all of the societal racism that birthed it.

If we should humanize or contextualize anyone here it is that church, and the important work they have done.


The sex scene?…Oh, my God…It was funny, we have to sort of rush shooting it because a I was on my way onto a flight, and Stephen and I have talked about it and like, this is what we wanted… We wanted it not to be sort of, you know, zero to one hundred in seconds. We didn’t wanted to be cheap, we wanted the love to build and show that they wanted that for so long, like you do when you are with somebody and is romantic, and beautiful and fun…So we’ve talked of it for a while and Stephen and I were like laughing because…that’s what happen..You are so close, so close, you are so close to somebody, and you hit him accidentally in the face, my boobs are like everywhere…It’s just the whole thing…But everyone is so sweet. I love working with our crew and everything is very comfortable…We really had a really good time…

Emily Bett Rickards [Melty.com interview] x