pulled out in front of traffic b/c people were honking and I thought they were honking at me so I panicked.  swerved a lot, got pulled over, hyperventilating + half-crying, police officer had me do the whole “walk in a straight line stand on one foot” deal.  this was both kind of funny (because I do not drink and was in fact on my way home from buying milk) and humiliating (because I hate messing up and we were in full view of everyone driving by).  he let me off with a warning and then I parked behind a barn and cried for like a full minute.  unbeknownst to me mr. officer guy had followed me and wanted to know if he should call anyone.  no, mr. officer guy, you should not.

in short my first time being pulled over was about as anticlimactic as possible but PMS and anxiety made it 1000% worse and anyway now I’m home eating cereal with my milk how are y’all doin


“Choose Me” (ft. BTS’ Suga)

Before you could answer his text, your phone lighted up and flashed that Min Suga was calling you. He was always the impatient kind; the type to call instead of waiting for a text reply.

“Hi…” he barely breathed into the receiver, but there was no doubt that the voice on the other line was Min Yoongi. “…so, are you free?”

“I can be in your studio in 20 minutes, but again, why me?” Somehow, talking to him like this made your legs want to stand up and walk around your small dorm room. 

“Why not you? You were the one who heard it first and said that it lacked desperation and sadness…” He paused and you could almost imagine him pursing his lips in thought. “I think I know those feelings now. I made the song the way you described it, a song that would break your heart and still, you’d listen.”

“If you know that it already gives off that feeling, why do I need to listen?” you didn’t mean to sound so frustrated, but the pent up feelings just needed to burst out. 

“Because I wrote it while thinking about you.” As if he regretted admitting it, he immediately followed with, “…and you said it yourself, you’d listen… even if it breaks your heart.”

You remained silent, chewing on your lip as you looked at the photo of you, Yoongi and Jimin sitting on your cluttered desk. Jimin was in the middle, clad in his dance recital attire, while he had an arm over each of you with Yoongi clearly looking like he had been pulled into the photo while you were looking at the grinning younger boy. 


Your heart felt like it had been shot, hearing such a word being whispered by Yoongi’s low register, “It’s the only excuse I have left to see you.”

Finally, you nodded, even when he couldn’t see you and answered, “Okay, I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”

“Thank you.”

You found the road towards Yoongi’s shared studio much easier than you thought and even your steps were much lighter than you thought they would be. With your scarf (or Jimin’s?) scarf tucked securely around your neck, you pressed the buzzer. 

Yoongi opened the door, with his hair disheveled and back to his original black, greeted your with a controlled your smile. “Y/N, long time no see.”

Trying to smile, you stepped inside the studio and unraveled your scarf. “Y-Yeah, it feels like ages have passed since I’ve been here. Not much has changed, huh?” 

“Except you and I…” he muttered and caught your startled gaze. “A-Anyway, take a seat.” 

He led you to the chair that he usually occupied, the high-backed computer chair was once a familiar sight to you when you spent your days listening to Yoongi’s music with Jimin either playing games beside you or napping on your lap. As you took the seat, you were reminded of simpler times… those short, sweet, golden days when you weren’t in love with Yoongi and Jimin was just your bestfriend. 

Yoongi handed you the headphones quietly and you closed your eyes just as the song began. Slowly, your heart constricted in your chest as you the song progressed. Compared to what you listened to months ago, this song felt completely different, as if it was a different song entirely and each word spoke to you on a deeper level. 

Just when the last beat dropped, a tear fell off the corner of your eye.

Removing the headphones from your ears, you slowly raised your eyes to meet his. “Wow… what can I say, Yoongi? It’s beautiful.”

“Wh-Who sang the demo? His voice is beautiful…” you commented, breaking eye contact and the long silence that followed, wiping your tears away with your sleeve.

“A freshman named Jeon Jungkook. He owed me a few things, so I made him sing.” Yoongi answered from the seat in front of you.

“And you wrote everything?” 

“Every note, every word.” he exhaled, looking past your eyes and straight to your soul. “I meant all of it too, Y/N. Even when you’re in front of me like this, I miss you. You’ve been avoiding me and I don’t know how else I can reach you.”

Yoongi gingerly took one of your hands in his. “I’m not good with words… but that’s nothing new, so I wrote a song instead. I hope it reached you, Y/N.”

You contemplated for long while and Yoongi knew that you needed the silence more than he did. Thinking back to that day when you stood in the hallway on the phone with Namjoon, unintentionally remembering the whole conversation and the way the late afternoon light created colors in his hair, and how that moment felt like the answer to the question looming over your head, but now, you weren’t so sure. 

“봄날. That should be the title.” you squeezed Yoongi’s hand and added, “It reached me well, Yoongi.”

Yoongi brushed his thumb over your knuckles, “So what happens now?”

“I don’t know.” You sighed, answering his question by another, “Someone once told me that you can choose who you can fall in love with. Do you believe that?”

“No.” he paused. “Well, actually… I don’t know.”

“Why? Why not?” you pressed, trying to meet his eyes which were looking at your hands. 

“I’ve never loved anyone but you.” his gaze was sincere and warm in contrast to his cold touch. “Y/N, you’re my best friend and it took me a while to realize, but I know it now. I made you wait for such a long time, but we’re here now and you don’t have to do anything, I will come for you this time.”

Dachi’s words suddenly manifested itself in your head. 

‘He just doesn’t know how to love anyone including himself.’

You inhaled with closed eyes, his words brought back the answer that you lost, “Jimin… He… He once said that we all do unfair and selfish things for love. Do you also believe that?”

6 Months Later…







Genre: Angst/Fluff/Drama/Romance/CollegeAU

Pairing: ReaderxYoongi/ReaderxNamjoon/ReaderxJimin/Readerx?

Summary: It’s the number one rule: you should never fall in love with your best friend or worse, Min Yoongi. With love in the equation, it becomes much difficult to find the right answer. Is it really true that you can’t choose who you fall in love with?

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Nineteen Point Five Twenty Twenty One Twenty Two (END) Epilogue

a/n: If there’s 2 things that you need to know about this chapter, it’s that I didn’t intend for it to end like this and this was a DEAD GIVEAWAY about the ending. :) hit me with your best theories! I suggest listening to spring day while reading this!!! (I know I did.)


the little things. the glint in your eye when you smile. the way you brighten the room when you walk in. it’s the little things that get me. the happiness I feel when I’m around you. the way you make my problems melt away for a split second when we’re together

the support. the way you reassure me that everything’s going to be alright when I feel like it’s all over. you give me a sense of purpose when I’m with you. I feel valued.

because everything you do is enough for me to fall in love all over again

NCT MTL to date someone sexy vs. cute


Anon: Hey~ Can you make a MTL for me pls ? Who in NCT (all Member ) would date someone Who is more sexy than cute ? Sorry for my english xc i hope you understand me ^-^

I hope you enjoy this bub!

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Ten looks like the type to like curvy and sexy looking girls more than slim and cuter ones. I don’t know - he just gives off that kind of vibe. He has a pretty sexy look himself so probably would want someone who matches him well.

Johnny would love someone who looked sexy but was secretly very submissive and sweet - a side that they’d only show him. Physically, I see his ideal type as someone sexy, whether that was the way they spoke, how they looked, how they walked, how they danced or how they acted.

Yuta has already said his ideal type is someone 15cm shorter than him, that’d mean that they’d be quite small as a result. However, I think he’d like short and sexy girls. The contrast between their height and what they were like would really attract him, and would make him intrigued to know what your personality was like too.

I see Taeyong being attracted to confident and athletic girls to be honest. Well, either confident or athletic or both. He’d find confidence sexy, athletic bodies sexy and if they were both, he’d just be heart eyes, literally. I don’t think someone would have to be physically sexy, but if you had confidence or were athletic, he’d find that trait sexy.

Mark’s reaching that age where he’s moving on from the cutesy and adorable stage to becoming more mature and independent. And with that, I think his preferences in a partner are also changing. I’m not necessarily saying he likes “sexy” people like god he’s too young for that but he’d find fearless, independent and quirky girls more attractive that cute and adorable ones - I think it’s just the age he’s at right now.

Jaemin is the same as Mark. I think his preferences are changing right now and he’d like the change that those self-confident girls had over cuter ones. Of course, I think he’d still like cute girls, he’s still younger than Mark, but his preferences are definitely slowly changing at that age.

Jaehyun is probably a freak in bed sorry not sorry, so he’d like sexy girls. Or at least, girls who had a sexy side to them instead. Either way, as long as you could be sexy, even if normally you weren’t and you only showed that side in private, Jaehyun would basically fall at your feet.

Jeno is literally so adorable himself, so a cute girl would appeal to him. It’d allow him to be all cutesy around you and shit. I do think that he’ll have a soft spot for “sexier” girls or less cute girls, because he’d want to get to know them and see their secret cute side.

Hansol could go either way. Honestly, I don’t think he’d care one bit about how you looked to him. Whoever he ends updating, he’ll think that they’re the most beautiful and stunning thing ever to grace the earth. He’s definitely a romanticist, so as long as you liked that and could show it back, I don’t think he’d care about how sexy or cute you are.

Taeil, I literally say this everything omg, is probably quite traditionally Korean in dating preferences. Cute girls/boys would really make his heart flutter, however we’ve also gotta remember that he is the oldest member of NCT too. Because of this, I think he’d also be attracted by the matureness of sexy girls/boys.

I just see Doyoung with a cute girl, I don’t really have a reason for this. Saying this, on stage, he is very charismatic and can be daring if he wants to be - so, maybe a girl who had a secret sexy side who only showed it to him, he’d like a lot.

Unfortunately we don’t know much about Kun, but from the little we have, I think he’d suit better with a cute girl. He seems easily intimidated and shy, so someone more sexy than cute, might be too much for him. He’d want to feel like the dominating one in the relationship, and I think having a cute GF/BF would allow him this.

Haechan, to be fairly honest, I think he’d be like Hansol and not really care about what kind of vibe you had, whether that was a sexy and fearless one or a sweet and cute one. However, I think he’ll end up with a cute person in the end, and their relationship would just be so cute omg.

WinWin is an angel okay? He is so soft and so sweet and adorable. Someone more sexy than cute would be quite dominating for him- he’d want someone to match him perfectly and have a similar personality to him - a cute one.

Renjun is such a softie and sweetie. Whoever he ends up with, I think the relationship would be very cutesy and sweet and adorable, no matter what. So naturally, a cuter person would suit him better and let this happen.

Chenle is literally a baby. If he started dating someone “sexy”, it’d be weird as hell okay

Jisung, he’s too young for someone sexy lmao


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Joining a new school was always rough. Being a few years past school age and joining the school as staff didn’t make things much better, especially since you were invited to this school because you were a mutant, just like everyone else at the building.

You walked through the front doors with a suitcase of your minimal belongings, and you were instantly overwhelmed. This wasn’t a school, it was a mansion!

“You look a little lost, Chere,” a man commented, walking up to you. He had a peculiar accent, and his eyes were a striking red and black.

“I knew this was going to be a boarding school, but this is bigger than I thought,” you commented. “I’m Y/N, by the way.” You held your hand out for a handshake.

“Most people call me Gambit, but you can call me Remy,” the man introduced himself, returning your handshake. “I gan give you a tour of this place if you want.”

“A tour would be greatly appreciated,” you told Remy. He held his arm out to you, which you took with a small laugh.

Remy showed you around the building, including to your room so you could drop off your stuff. He concluded the tour in the courtyard.

“When classes aren’t going on, there’s usually a bunch of teens out here running around,” Remy told you. “But I like coming out here sometimes when it’s quiet like this.”

“But wait, aren’t you a teacher?” you asked. Remy had pointed out his own classroom on the tour.

“I don’t have class right now. And showing you around is a lot more interesting than making lesson plans,” he replied.

“Oh, but I don’t want to keep you from your work,” you commented with a joking tone to your voice.

“But what if I want you to keep me from my work?” Remy asked with a smirk. He took your hand in his and kissed the back of it. “I want to get to know you more, if you’ll let me.”

“Are you asking me on a date, Mr. LeBeau?” you asked, feeling a blush start to form on your cheeks.

Remy gave a nod. “You don’t have to answer right away, but now you know where to find me,” he said, stepping back and letting your hand slip out of his.

“We can go on a date, on one condition,” you said. Remy raised an eyebrow. “You pick the location because I have no clue what’s around here.”

Remy laughed. “Okay, you’ve got a deal,” he stated.

Quite The Impression

A/N: An anon request where Spencer tells Morgan about this woman he met at his library, and Morgan doesn’t actually think she exists, but as they’re talking, a woman walks into the BAU, and it’s the woman they were talking about. @coveofmemories 


“Not so fast, Pretty Boy,” Morgan said as his kid brother walked into the BAU with a cup of coffee and a giant smile. “It looks like someone had a good night.”

Spencer smiled, understanding what Morgan meant. After years of working together, he had picked up the way he spoke, although that wasn’t how his own mind worked. “Not that kind of good night,” he replied, sitting down and taking a large sip of his coffee. “I did have a nice night last night, but not the kind of late one you’re implying.”

“Okay, so spill it, Pretty Ricky,” he laughed. Morgan figured it was about damn time that the kid found some happiness in his life. They both loved their jobs, but to be the sole focus on one’s life wasn’t healthy - and neither had been able to find someone who could understand the balance necessary to work for the BAU and carry on a successful relationship. “I can only assume by the smile on your face that you met a pretty honey yesterday.”

As Spencer finished taking another sip of his coffee, he smiled, remembering the forwardness with which the librarian asked him out yesterday. “I did,” he smiled. “I had to return a book to the library and the librarian is new. Just out of a master’s degree in the field and extremely beautiful.”

Of course he would meet a woman at the library, Morgan thought to himself. Most people picked up dates in bars and through work, but Spencer found his companions through libraries and chess tournaments like a true nerd. “So tell me about her. Describe her to me.” Morgan formed an immediate picture of what she might look like - exactly the kind of woman that Spencer would be into, but once he’d started describing her, Morgan couldn’t reconcile the differing images.

“Where do I start?” Spencer wondered aloud without actually wanting an answer. “When I walked into the library she looked kind of out of place. Societal expectations tell us that the typical librarian is supposed to be nerdy and not typically ‘beautiful.’” He hated that kind of thinking, because he fell victim to it also. Someone that looked like him wasn’t supposed to be an FBI agent either. What had that one man from the militia called him? That’s right, he called him ‘a pipe cleaner with eyes.’ “Anyway, she’s on the short side. Long, wavy Y/H/C hair that goes past her shoulder blades. She looks gorgeous in red, which was what she was wearing yesterday. Her eyes are…and her smile…” Spencer started floating off into a daydream thinking about Y/N. “And when I went to return my book, she just asked me out, very straight-forward. I was really thrown off.”

Morgan practically choked on the drink he’d just taken a sip of. That did not sound like the kind of woman that normally went for Spencer. This woman sounded extremely confident, which was at odds with the kinds of women that tended to go for Boy Wonder. “She just asked you out on a date out of nowhere?” he asked incredulously. Even Morgan didn’t have a ton of women just asking him out with no lead up; that was a kind of confidence he admired.

“Yea,” Spencer said disbelievingly. “I asked her for her name first, because we didn’t even know each other’s names, but then I handed her my card and told her I’d love it if she called. I haven’t heard from her yet though and I didn’t get her number. I was so thrown off and nervous, I just walked out with my book.

That Morgan could picture. In his experience, whenever someone made a move on the genius, he tended to stumble over his words, blush like a madman and then awkwardly walk away. “Well how am I supposed to know if this woman even exists, kid?” Morgan teased, smacking him on the shoulder as they both went to grab something to eat. He knew Spencer wasn’t the type to make something like that up, but as the proverbial big brother, he felt it was his lot in life to make fun of him regularly.

“Of course, she’s real, Morgan,” he said defensively. However, upon seeing Morgan laugh, he realized he was only teasing. “Why would I lie about that? I mean she was beautiful. I really hope she calls. I can’t believe I didn’t get her phone number. I’m such an idiot.” After grabbing a candy bar from the vending machine, because as a genius, the smartest move ever was to eat a candy bar with his coffee for breakfast, he and Morgan made their way back to their desks. Today was going to be a heavy paperwork day. 

As soon as they approached their desks, Anderson ran toward Spencer, claiming that someone was there to see him. Morgan hadn’t sat down yet, so he joined Spencer in his walk toward the elevators. 

“Hi, Spencer!” Y/N said, feeling a little bit off in such a foreign environment. “I’m so, so sorry to come to your work place, but I meant to call you last night when I went home and when I reached into my pocket for your card, it wasn’t there. Last thing I wanted was for you to think I blew you off and I remember you saying you worked here.”

Morgan looked between the two in stunned silence as he gave her his phone number verbally so she could program it into her phone. “Just texted you, so now you have mine too,” she said, turning towards Morgan. “You work together?”

“Yea, nice to meet you,” Morgan said, extending his hand toward Y/N. “I’m Derek Morgan. Spencer was actually just telling me all about you.”

Her hand still clasping Morgan’s, she turned her head toward Spencer. “Oh really? Good things, I hope.”

“Only good things. Frankly, I was wondering whether or not you actually existed the way he was going on about you.” Spencer’s face curled up into an embarrassed smile, the blush rising to his cheeks quicker than a thermometer on a hot day. Hopefully, Morgan’s endless teasing of him wouldn’t drive Y/N off. 

Thankfully, it only served to make her smile wider. “Well then,” she said, “I’m glad I made an impression. I don’t want to keep you from work, I just wanted to make sure that I got into contact with you, so you didn’t think I blew you off. I’ll text you and maybe we can get together this weekend.”

“That s-sounds great,” Spencer stammered. “I’m really looking forward to it.”

“Me too,” she said, turning toward the elevator and giving both men a small wave. “Oh and Spencer.” A big, dumb smile still plastered on his face, he spun around to look at her. “Just so you know, you made quite the impression too.”

As the elevator doors closed behind her, Spencer let out a nervous giggle. “Oh man,” Morgan exclaimed, slapping him on the shoulder even harder than he had before. “She is something else. And you are smitten. You should text her now.”

“You don’t think it’s too soon?” Spencer asked. He had always been under the impression that there was a timeline for these types of things.

“Y/N doesn’t seem like the type to beat around the bush. She asked for your number and she came her to get it again when she lost it,” Morgan replied. “Screw the rules. Screw what’s expected. Just go for it.”

ambiguity of expression

(read on ao3)

When Derek comes back from winter break, there’s something subdued about him.

Dex isn’t sure where or when something changed. But there’s a quietness to the way Nursey moves now, a stillness in his words that wasn’t always there before. Nursey walks into the Haus and the smile’s still there, the one that hits Dex like a good check, but then he turns away from the kitchen and towards where Dex is sitting on the biohazard of a couch, and for a second Dex sees the smile slip off the planes of Nursey’s face. Just for a moment, when Nursey is facing that in-between zone, when Dex shouldn’t be looking but is, the tilt of Nursey’s mouth and the angle of his forest eyes suddenly feel heavy, restrained. And then their eyes meet, and Nursey’s lips are more smirk than smile, and the moment passes.

Dex scowls and returns his gaze to his laptop screen.

He doesn’t know how he feels about this Nursey.

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completelydonerightnow  asked:

My English springer really likes to swim. If we go near a river he will jump right in and swim for the entirety of a walk. He ignores ducks and swans, but I'm worried that one day hell get a bit too close and get hurt. Are there any ways to teach him to keep a distance from them? Also, what are the other things we should be looking out for?

Continue rewarding him for ignoring them. Once he notices them and realizes they’re interesting (because them running away makes chasing them inherently rewarding) it’s much harder to work backwards. 

I don’t think you need to look out for anything in particular, but as someone who once had to swim into a river in January to get a setter back from the geese she was chasing, make sure to keep your dog on a long-line when he’s swimming so you’ve got a way to reach/restrain him in an emergency. 

Just a Friend to you

Josh Dun x reader: Just a friend to you

Request: Tyler or josh x reader based on the song ‘just a friend to you’ by Meghan trainor? ❤️❤️❤️

Warnings: None

Why you gotta hug me
Like that every time you see me?
Why you always making me laugh
Swear you’re catching feelings


“Hey (Y/n)!” you spin around to see your best friends Josh, Tyler and Jenna sitting in a booth of the diner you just walked into.

Your heart rate quickens when you see Josh stand up and make his way towards you, before you can react he pulls you into a tight embrace “I missed you” he whispers as he leans his head into the crook of your neck letting your senses fill up with a mixture of sweat and deodorant. He squeezes you one last time before letting you go, “Hi (Y/n)” Jenna speaks as she pulls you into a tight embrace, Tyler awkwardly gives you a one armed hug “How have you guys been? It’s been like a week since I’ve last seen you” you question

Before anyone else could say a word, Josh spoke up, “oh yeah we’ve just been fighting aliens” “Aliens aren’t real Josh” you smiled shaking your head “Well have you ever seen one (Y/n)” he fires back “Nope I can’t say I have” “You’re welcome” he says.

You chuckle while looking down at your shoes.

“We better go, we have some recording at the studio to do” Tyler speaks

“Alright well have fun boys, and Jenna” you reply while finally looking up, Jenna flashes you a smile “Cya (Y/n)” heading for the door with Tyler, “Catch up with you guys soon hopefully” you call out to them, Josh kisses your forehead “Goodbye (Y/n)” you were too stunned to reply before the bright yellow haired man made his way out the door,

You slump down at a nearby table and got ready to order something.

I loved you from the start
So it breaks my heart

When you say I’m just a friend to you
'Cause friends don’t do the things we do
Everybody knows you love me too
Tryna be careful with the words I use
I say it 'cause I’m dying to
I’m so much more than just a friend to you

You’ve been friends with Josh since high school,

You were the one he cuddled up to when he was lonely,

You even went to prom together but ‘Just as friends’ which broke your heart , Tyler and Jenna have both talked about it to you, “He likes you trust me, you just gotta make the first move” you can recall Tyler saying “By the way he acts around you pretty much everyone thinks he’s in love” said Jenna.

You have wanted to tell Josh about your feelings since high school but you never did for the fear of rejection.

When there’s other people around
You never wanna kiss me
You tell me it’s too late to hang out
Then you say you miss me


You stare at your now cold coffee recalling all the times Josh has kissed you (not on the lips) when no one was around, at Tyler and Jenna’s wedding we were both outside getting some fresh air he told you he can’t wait to get married one day and then kissed your temple before walking back inside, When you Jenna, Tyler and Josh were having a movie night and Tyler and Jenna went out to get some junk food Josh kissed your cheek before getting up to go get a glass of water.

It’s been a year since you and Josh have hung out alone, he always says that he is busy no matter what day or time you ask, but then says that he misses hanging out.

It confuses you.

A friend to you
A friend to you
A friend to you

You have mentioned to Josh about being more than friends.

“Hey Josh imagine if we were like Tyler and Jenna” you hinted “Yeah but we are just friends (Y/n) that wouldn’t work”


Yes I know I didn’t use all of the lyrics (that’s because there is a lot of repetition)

This was my first song imagine so don’t be afraid to tell me how I did, the person that requested this you can get me to do it again if I didn’t do the song enough justice J

Have a good day/night everyone, stay alive

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What are your opinions on the incident with Marine Le Pen with the wearing of the hijab? I find her actions purposefully disrespectful and an attempt to further the National Front's agenda. Especially how she going on about how she is making a stand for "freedom and equality". (I think I have just found my least favorite female politician of the day)

I personally think nobody should police women’s clothing but yeah, it comes off more as a publicity stunt to me, the way she dramatically walked out of it. It’s intended to play well with her far right base. Because she was in Lebanon and she didn’t have to agree to the meeting with a senior Lebanese cleric if the hijab is an issue in the first place. I’m pretty skeptical she wasn’t told beforehand, because a dress code of sorts is the norm like when you’re meeting religious leaders. Michelle Obama and Nancy Reagan wore veils when meeting the Pope, for example, because that’s part of the dress code for women. Ngl I also find it a tad hypocritical, if her position against the hijab or burkini in France is basically that ‘in Rome, do as the Romans do’ and she claims these things are inimical to French culture- but she doesn’t apply that standard to herself when she’s in someone else’s country? And she only makes a fuss about ‘secularism’ and ‘equality’ and ‘freedom’ when it’s about Islam most of the time, not say, Catholicism in France. 

But in general I’d say Le Pen not wanting to wear the scarf herself to meet the Mufti is a much smaller matter than her parties’ policies towards the hijab and French Muslims in general. If she doesn’t want to wear it to meet the Mufti OK fine, it’s about her own choice- but imposing that on other people is another matter. IMO freedom & equality includes giving a margin for people to practise their religion in public. I know existing French law bans government officials from wearing any religious symbols but Le Pen wants to go even further including private individuals when she says she wants to ban ‘ostentatious’ symbols. Who’s this gonna disproportionately effect? Less so Christians, but probably Muslim women who wear a hijab and Jewish people (re: the kippah). 

It’s not that there aren’t issues with women being forced to wear the headscarf (it’s compulsory in Iran, for example) but IMO insisting they can’t wear it is also taking away choice. It’s the same old policing of women’s bodies, and that’s not something the state should have a right to do. And headscarves in general aren’t even totally alien to Western fashion amongst non-Muslim women? Why does it have to be made into such a big deal? Her idea that you can tell from peoples’ attire alone whether they’re radicalised is absolute bullshit. Some of the Brits here who went to Syria to join IS didn’t even appear that religiously devout to people who knew them before. 

I think no religion is above criticism and yes, there are issues with sexism in terms of how society has applied and interpreted religion- that’s something I personally experienced having a very conservative Chinese Christian background. (That’s an issue where there is a lively discussion going on amongst Muslim women themselves.) But imo Le Pen and her party are clearly pushing it in a manner motivated by bigotry and to the point of making people feel they cannot express their personal religious beliefs. 

So yeah, that stunt of hers- she’s conveniently a champion for ‘equality’ and ‘freedom’ as a figleaf for her bigoted agenda. 

anonymous asked:

Louis absolutely seems like the kind of person who just can't be single you know? Since the xfactor he really only was single in 2015 and that's when he got briana pregnant. I don't mean this in a bad way it's just that everyone always has that one friend who just can't be /not/ in a relationship you know? And Louis is sooo that person. Well and Liam kinda too tbh haha.

louis: [is single for five minutes] i walk a lonely road, the only one that i have ever known

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Gabi i LOVE your optimism but at this point shy do you still think they are not doing this when all the usual suspect are pushing that they are dating again and when we have a pic and I dont think it'll be the last of el with Louis wrist in it..? I don't doubt we'll have pics of them again its already started.. and I thought they might play the "only friend" stuff but the articles don't go this way...

I’m not optimistic, I’m just looking at the reality. Whatever this is, and I’m not gonna call this E 2.0 because even Douis 1.0 got more exposure than this, is ridiculous. Nothing is happening, literally nothing. Rumors she’s gonna be at the brits? Well she wasn’t. Some ppl really thought that THIS Louis Tomlinson who fought tooth and nail would ever walk the red carpet with her like lol, didn’t they learn anything from Douis? And then this trip. Because some Larries ‘knew’. First it came a few weeks ago. Nothing happened. And then yesterday that he’s at the airport kissing her etc. The comment then got deleted because the person lied off her ass. Not only that but E was in London partying that time. So what is exactly you want me to admit or talk about? That the Sun is still lying? Newsflash they always will. Or you want to discuss how if they wanted anything to happen they would’ve paraded them around the busiest streets? That E would’ve fought for the littlest clue to get exposure?

The fandom is the most annoying these times. It’s like they want to cling to the idea of reading the clues right and they are suddenly believing random anons and random stalkers and as always, being proven wrong one by one. And to think E would act like a Messiah and end babygate… I don’t know if I should cry or laugh.

In the meantime Larry is enjoying some nice time in Jamaica and Jeff is following the head of UMG.

Jughead Jones x Reader

A/N:Hello! So #3 and #16 were requested by an anon so I hope you like this one! Also sorry if it’s too short. #3:For God’s sake put some pants on.“ #16:“Coffee. I need coffee.” “You look like you’re about to cry.” “No. I need coffee.” ———- It was 9:07 am when you heard a knock at your door but it took you a couple minutes to get up because you didn’t want too. The knocks got louder and louder as you made your way down the stairs and to the door. “Y/N open up it’s me Jughead.” When you finally opened the door the first thing he said to you was “For God’s sake Y/N put some pants on.” And he walked right past you. “Coffee I need coffee.” He said in almost a sleepy way. “Yeah sounds like it.” You replied “You okay Jug? You look like you’re about to cry.” “No. I need coffee. And you need pants.” (Not my gif)

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You’re Late

Authors Note: So as some of you may know, I try not to discriminate when it comes to who I write for. If they bring little flutters in all the right places, I will. So I got this request and I have to admit, James McAvoy is an enticing being. His accent. The way that he carries himself. Like this badass, let me teach you somethings but in a proper but not so proper way. Anywho.. I’m rambling sorry! Thanks for the request babe. XOXO

Trigger Warning: Pure Smut

“ Lemme get an imagine with those James McAvoy gifs I sent you(;”- Anon

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What happened in the cave in the Witcher 3?

okay so basically i was like.  “what if i play all of tw3 in one sitting” which.  idk if uve played tw3 but its… a p fuckin huge game.  big mistake.  

but like!! i was doin pretty well for a longass time.  days one, two, three, four and the morning of five?  i was chill, makin my way through, completing all the quests without too much trouble.

but then.  THEN.  i get to the last fucking quest before the end of act three, where philippa eilhart takes u into this cave, leads u to a point, u do some shit, and she poofs the fuck outta there, leavin ur ass to fight ur way out.

okay, this is where shit went sideways.  i got here… right before lunch?  so i leave, eat lunch with @mulderz, and am like, okay, cool, ill just walk outta the cave when i get back, beat the wild hunt, and be done.  five days well spent.

no!! NO!!!! u see, during lunch, i forgot the route i took to get in the cave.  so like.  now im lost.  in the goddamn cave. and i CANT FIND MY WAY OUT.  

sleep deprivation is hitting me really hard at this point, so im getting a bit disoriented (actual quote from during lunch, to sydney: my whole world is spinning and youre the only things standing still.  gay and also dizzy), and i keep getting turned around.

so then im like.  fuck it i’ll watch a let’s play for the first time in my life to get outta here… EXCEPT I’VE BEEN UP FOR SO FUCKING LONG I CAN’T FOCUS ON THE LET’S PLAYS.  so that doesnt work.

i try to leave again.  i get lost again.  i run into some critters that are twice my level and die for the first time in two days.  i cry.  and i mean REALLY CRY, angry, frustrated tears, because im so lost, and the world is gonna end, and geralt is gonna be starving to death in a fucking CAVE when it happens, cause im LOST AS SHIT.  

like.  im this fucking close to finishing the game, but i literally cant, because im lost in a fucking CAVE.  i have 100% quest completion, ive found everything there is to find, fought every nest, etc etc etc, but this one cave stands between me and sweet, sweet, victory.  and ive been up for five days, so i have the emotional maturity of a toddler.

more attempts.  more tears.  i cant go on twitter bc one of my close friends @attano has a geralt icon and i know if i see his tweets geralts SMUG FUCKING FACE will be taunting me.  im alone, in my room, just me and my damn ps4, mano a mano, in a true battle of wills.  most intense emotional experience of my life

idk how long this went on for, but at least six hours, because by the time @mulderz drags my ass to dinner, im still in the cave.  and also pissed.  and crying.  and that bitch laughs at me.  which, fair in retrospect, but at the time i was like YOU DONT UNDERSTAAAAAAAAAND

the closest ive ever come to ragequitting a game and never picking it back up, tbh.

worst part?  when i have another go after dinner, im out in less than five minutes.  still cant figure out how i got so turned around.

Another 2 Day Post


I brought workout clothes to work.

Since Tues/Thurs are my non stop days, sometimes I come home at 5:30 and I can’t muster the gusto to change into work out gear and walk over to the gym. By bringing my bag and changing at work, I eliminated the need to walk all the way up to the apartment, thus making the gym trip more likely.

It’s a good thing I changed too. It got cold(er) again, definitely below freezing by the time I got home, so had I walked into the warm apartment, there would’ve been no way I would have gone out again.

30 minutes in the gym. 15 elliptical. 15 bike. Rowing and Triceps to end it.

Leftovers for dinner. I stuck my hand into the Russel Stover’s box one too many (three too many) times after, :/ 


Class. Grading. Submitted Midterms.

A few errands

Odd weather, freezing with wind and light snow, so a workout on the treadmill it was. 40 minutes of intervals. 2 minutes brisk walk. 5 minutes jog.

Either the wifi, or Pandora, or my phone was being finicky, because my music kept randomly stopping, or took forever to buffer. That really threw a kink in my motivation to run, but I powered through the silences and commercials (which had no trouble playing). And pushed a little harder when the music did finally play.

Ended the sweat session with legs and a core workout. Someday I know these planks will get easier and I will be able to go beyond 30 seconds.

Just a little something here that I just only noticed yesterday while I was making this gifset. But Luna is like wearing a nightgown there, which has a very symbolic meaning in my opinion. She is about to slumber , almost ready to rest. But she cannot not yet do that fully, as we know she continues on aiding Noctis even after her passing in some ways. 

Darkness is taking her away and Noctis drifts off into the light. He lives, she dies. He walks in the light, she slumbers into darkness. Awaiting the light of the chosen one to pierce together with him through the darkness, to know eternal peace together at the end.

This is purely my interpretation, and works for me and makes it even stronger, their relationship I mean :D 

White lilies

I looked at your face, pretty. Every
hair was in place. Your eyes were just
the perfect distance apart to make it 
look like it was aligned by stars. Your
skin had a stunning glow. Your lips
just begged to be kissed

I looked at the way you speak. The
way your laugh coincides with the 
rhythm of the world. The way you
walk as if the world was on your
shoulders yet you kept a straight 
face. The way you’d storm out when
you get angry and it’d look like you
still cared.

But when I looked into your soul,
beautiful. Every flaw was a 
contribution to its perfection. Every
scar was a flower crown. Every
thought that comes out was as pure 
as honey. And what makes it
beautiful was how it was like
everyone else’s but completely