Dan is starting to worry me, even though everyone is saying that he’s an adult, and he can deal with it, I feel like he’s feeling down right now.

If you were feeling bad about yourself and suddenly thousands of people were turning it into a joke and laughing about it, wouldn’t that be awful?

Some individuals don’t understand that even thought someone is “famous” or well known to the public, doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings and words just don’t get to them.

Dan, we love you and make us smile everyday and that’s amazing so please feel better, and don’t try to play off the bad things as a joke, ok? Don’t feel the need to do that.

Phandom, stop.

So, as everyone knows, Tyler and Josh are performing at the VMA’s tomorrow which is a huge opportunity for them and I’ve noticed that a lot of blogs/news sources haven’t really been paying too much attention to tøp seeing as acts like Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber are going to be performing too. So I thought we could do something I call the #AreYøuReady Project which, for short, is basically the clique getting together to get as many people hyped for twenty one pilots performance as possible. We can do this by:

- Going to as many asks boxes as possible and sending #AreYøuReady? on anon (do it on a private tab so your account doesn’t get suspended).

- Tweet the hashtag as many times as you can. Tag @MTV.

-  Instagram this photo with the hashtag.

- Put the hashtag on your Snapchat story.

- Repost that photo anywhere you want.

- Post the photo and hashtag on the reddit /music forum

- Basically anything to get the word out there to people that may not know who twenty one pilots are.

I think it would be super cool if we all got together and did this for Tyler and Josh and showed them how much we support them cause I’m sure they are super anxious about being on live television and it might make it easier for them to know that their clique is right beside them.

Imagine Combeferre wearing headphones most days and listening to audiobooks on his way to classes. Now imagine that he and Courfeyrac had the same model ipod and he accidentally picked up courfs by mistake one morning. Imagine Combeferre bouncing along all the way to school to happy pop music. You’re welcome.

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ehh you dont ship kagehina, how come? who do u ship them with then..

It’s not that I don’t ship them, it’s more like… I’m not as into the ship?? truth be told I can’t really see them being with anybody else but each other but imagining them in romantic situations is a different story…

Hey everyone, i just want to let you know that daniellekoste and me (delightfullydanni) are not the same person. We are two different people with two different accounts and two different faces and lives and etc etc etc. I’ve gotten many asks about my wonderful pax fics but i’ve never written a SaM fic in my life lmao so i felt like this should be addressed. If you’re looking for the fic master that is Daniellekoste not me. I am a simple girl who draws and never writes. thank you this has been a psa.

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also dewey just called her "the hot one". he told steven, a young child, that his assumed sister was just "the hot one". he's definitely just a direct metaphor to show young girls that they don't have to give gross men the time of day if they don't want to.

Also, if you thought a woman was the sister of a ten year old, what is the oldest you would put her at? About 20? We know Pearl is actually 1000s of years old but as far as Dewey was concerned Pearl was in her early 20s, if that. So he would have been a 40 year old man flirting with a 20 year old lesbian. And to think there are people who don’t see anything wrong with that.

When i haven’t felt love, i thought it’s just easy. That when you love someone, they’ll also love you in return. I thought it’s as simple as standing under the rain and let it fall to you. But as i get older and fell in love for the first time, that’s the time i understand the meaning of love. It’s not all about happiness and butterflies but it’s about pain. It’s just ironic how we can do things for someone we love even if it means losing our happiness just to make them happy.

Being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back, is so painful. I thought i understand that but the moment i fell in love with him, i already knew how it feels like. I love him but he doesn’t love me and i need to be okay with that. But God knows how many times told him how much i love him. I wish for every star to make him fall in love with me. But it’s really hard. I’m doing everything to make him fall for me but i always end up disappointing myself. It’s just painful. You’re always there for him but why on Earth he can’t make his heart beat for me? Is he really that cold hearted? Am i the problem here or it’s him that’s too blind not to notice me? Is my love not good enough to make him fall in love with me? I just don’t get it, why you we can’t just love the person who loves us. This is so painful. Maybe, just maybe i am difficult to love. 

I’ll admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of Mamamoo. I didn’t get the hype when they debuted, nor for their past comebacks, but they’re all I hear about. The more I saw them, the more I felt like I didn’t want to ever support them for the spiteful reason that I thought they received enough support and there were way more underrated groups. But I was amazed at their ASC starting performance, which made me want to know more about them. Now I understand why fans are so proud of Mamamoo; they’re talented

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There is a group from urology (residents & intern) that makes early rounds and there is three of them. They walk 3 wide down the hall & expect every nurse to move for them. They never say excuse me or anything (rude). Yesterday I had my back to them and they could see me and one literally ran right into me. I was livid and he got mad at me. Idk how you deal with men that have such ego complexes on a daily basis, but you deserve an award. (Not all men in medicine are like this, but a lot are).

Who ARE these assholes???

You know, I’m not a tough person and I must be honest: I have days when I do a kickass job of shutting people down. But on most days I’m just trying to survive internship and the thought of creating friction with people who are smart enough to screw me over, undermine me, or ruin my reputation with shit talk for the next three years makes me very nervous. Diplomacy is key. 

I’m very undeserving of any rewards at this point, but one of my life rules is this: If you plan to come at me, I ALWAYS fight back. 

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Caves, Cars, hit points, and Steve.
I was just testing tonight feeling out the new block hit point system we have and found a cave. What was interesting about it, is that it didn’t descend straight down and there wasn’t any ore in it either.  I ran through it and saw another opening not to far in. I thought wow what a cool place for a small base.

Cars are now harvestable. Rather than blowing up you can mine them and get metal. But if you are smart, you will use a wrench and disassemble the car to get all kinds of cool parts, like short metal pipes, springs (now required to make a blunderbuss), cloth, small engines, batteries, radiators and more. You can still loot them too, but the loot isn’t guaranteed like before, since you can harvest them, and now that they aren’t entities (eating collisoin and server cpu) we can have a lot more cars in the game. I will thin the wasteland down, as that was too many cars, but I got good framerate rendering that many cars, where the old way would have choked my cpu.

Speaking of the blunderbuss, its now the most powerful shotgun in the game, followed by the sawed off, and then the long barrel pump. Of course range and reload time make a big difference, but for up close one shots, the blunderbuss is king.

Speak of block hit points, before, all blocks had 10 hit points and then we used a hardness to say how hard it was. In the end it was really just a bunch of math that made it difficult to balance the game and also made it impossible for us to really display a health bar for blocks. So you had no idea how tough a block was before actually minining it 100%. Now each block shows a hit point value as you harvest it and you can see how effective your tools are and the impact low stamina has on damage too, feedback that was always invisible before. Plus you will get a feeling for what blocks are the strongest in the game because well, stats are awesome.

A while back I introduced zombie Steve. He as still in t pose, but now he is rigged and animated, and I must say he and Arlene are the creepiest zombies thus far. Both of them have the most horrific motion captured movements I’ve ever seen.

I’ve made a LOT of other little tweaks and changes. I hope to shoot a video soon showing off some A13 in action. I need to fix a few death animations and glitches yet, but I’m getting close.

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Hey, its the person who is tired again, i was wondering, everyone talks about depression. What does it truly mean and how do you know you have it. Would you say i have it? Sorry, but i really want to understand.

I just want you to know that I’m not a professional so I can’t really diagnose you. But these are the common signs:

  • Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness
  • Loss of interest in activities you used to enjoy doing
  • Appetite or weight changes (don’t feel like eating or eating too much)
  • Sleep changes (hard time sleeping or sleeping too much)
  • Anger or irritability
  • Loss of energy (lazy, unmotivated)
  • Self-loathing/negative thoughts  (”I hate myself”, “My life sucks kind of things)

Don’t keep this to yourself because you are amazing and you don’t deserve to suffer. If you’re hurting, please consider telling someone how you’re feeling. Allow them to help and support you through this.

Mafumafu @ The Meaning of Notes (082815)

Mafumafu: “Do re mi fa so la si do, what sort of image does each of them have? Which one sounds bright and which one sounds dark? I thought that ‘la’ sounded bright. For one reason or another. I wonder if it’s because I use it standardly when I’m tuning my guitar?”

Not-116: “Fa------------------------- wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I like Fa”

Mafumafu: “Fa ------------ wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww only shows that you’ve lost your mind”

Mafumafu: “Each person is different, but there were many opinions that said that “Fa so la” seemed bright, “Do re si” seemed dark, and “Mi” is kinda cute!!! Well, recently I’ve been told that “Mafumafu-san sounds like a “re” or a “si”” so I was interested!!! I understand it clearly now, you know!!!! Thanks!!!!!!! (Smile)”

Urata: “Hahaha laugh”

Mafumafu: “I’ll upload the dialogue data for your voice drama on Nico Commons okay!”

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Your art is amazing and I love all of your sets and pieces! Have you ever thought of doing something like the 7 deadly sins modern ? Or like a modern scooby doo ? Even if not I literally can't wait to see the rest of your stuff they give me life 😍😍😍✌🏿️

There are 5 sets of drawings that I’ve ALWAYS wanted to draw, but haven’t thought of a strong enough concept that excites me enough to pursue them. They are:

A seven deadly sins series

A card deck series

A zodiac series

A tarot card series

And a Greek mythology series!

One day I’ll get enough confidence/motivation to draw them! One day!

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since you're in a harry potter mood, thoughts on regulus black?

lol I love him! (Of course I do he’s a dead-before-the-series Marauder-era character with literally no screentime and just enough description to pave the way for boatloads of fic, lmao.)

I mean tbh for the above reasons I always found the whole Black family really interesting, and over the years I built up a ton of fanon for them, which is a really good way to enjoy characters that have so little canon presence there’s very low risk of being Jossed. I’d already written him in fic a few times before HBP, so when HBP came out and had the ~RAB~ thing I was immediately like YESSS.

If by “what are your thoughts” you meant more, like, my headcanon or whatever, let me explain, no, there is too much, let me sum up:

I mean I’ll start off by acknowledging that kid joined the Death Eaters and was obviously a racist dick, like, just so we’re all clear that I’m not skating over that lol – but I always imagine he winds up in the Death Eaters in a similar way to Draco, partially because he believes in the blood purity garbage and partly because he’s been sort of coerced/manipulated into it by people around him, but then the actual reality of it was way out of his depth. What makes him more interesting than Draco to me though is that transition from “in over his head” to FUCK YOU VOLDEMORT I WANT U TO KNOW IT IS WHO DISCOVERED UR SECRET!! I mean he was probably like 18? 19?

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Oh, the GF fandom just loves coming up with more Stanguish AUs. Since I wrote a quicky for Jim’s Ghost!Stan AU, I thought why not write a quicky for busket​‘s Reverse Portal AU?
So here’s the Stans talking after they deal with the Feds. I feel like things would have happen similarly to the way they did at the end of ATOTS

Stanley waved at the kids has Stanford motioned them to go to bed. It had been a long night for everyone and he definitely knew he and his brother needed to discuss a lot of things. Mabel quickly turned around and gave Stan one last big hug, not wanting to let go.

“Aww, please can we stay up! We just got a second grunkle!” she pleaded.

“Oh, don’t worry sweety! I’m not going anywhere, I promise.” Stan said, patting her on her head with his arm. “Now off to bed.” She sniffled a bit but let go of him and scurried off. Dipper was waiting for her up the stairs and smiled one last time at the Stans before he too went into their bedroom.

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Tfw your google chrome is blocking Tumblr. Jfc.

tonight i was getting tacos with some friends and a group of guys from my college came in to order. one of them overheard me talking about another guy and he proceeded to lower his pants to try and show me his ass because he thought i’d like it since i am gay. i’d like to let you know that i don’t fucking tolerate homophobic slurs in any way, shape or form so if you’re even thinking about it, i’d like to kindly tell you to fuck off because i’m not having it.