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So. I tried on two pairs of trousers in H&M. Same size, same pair of trousers, just a different colour. One fits, one doesn’t. So I thought hey maybe it’s a different pair and it’s not just a colour difference. So I tried on two identical pairs. Absolutely identical. One fits, one doesn’t.

Just thought I should mention it. Don’t be too frustrated if things don’t fit in H&M (and other stores like it). It’s just them fucking up sizes (they’re just completely arbitrary).


important background action there

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Hello!! RFAs reaction to MC who casts spells? Like lights candles and casts spells like a little witch. MC started because she found spells online and tried them out, but they actually seemed to work! Whether or not they really do is up to you haha

A/N: guys idk if you know this but i’m actually really into witchcraft- like magick, crystals, spirituality, spells, sO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS and i just im soRRY IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS REQUEST but i toned it down a little to spare y'all ~Admin 404


           -He was the one to bring the idea up in the first place, actually!

           -“MC!!! I can’t remember anything! I’ve studied this same page for the past hour or so and I can’t remember ANY of it. Uhg, why can’t there be any kind of magic to help me with this? You know, kind of like Harry Potter? Or the magic spells in LOLOL!!”

           -Now you weren’t witch-savvy but you were determined to find something that could help him!! Or at least make him feel as if he’s being helped! He needed to pass this upcoming test and seeing him suffer made you feel terrible!

           -So, thanks to the internet, you found a sort of “Study star” spell for him! You explain it to him and he is so!!! ready!!! to try!!

           -You light up an orange candle, as he focuses on the light. You had him draw a seven point star, had him dab a smudge of sage oil in the center of the star and on his forehead between his eyes. You also had him repeat the chant a few times.

           -You had him keep the paper in his hand the whole time he studied, and when he was done, he blew out the candle

           -Neither of you knew if it did anything but he did have to admit that he was excited to try it anyway!!

           -He came home the next day from his test extremely hyper, loud, and just all around excited puppy yoosung


           -He was yelling in excitement, jumping on the other half of the couch as you bounced up and down on the other half due to him. You agreed to do it every time he need to study, so he could get and keep his grades up!


           -He was disappointed about not getting the part he wanted in a play

           -And the moment he walked into your guy’s home, you were practically hit in the face with his negative aura

           -“Oh no, nonono, step back outside”

           -You pushed him out of the front door and he stood there completely confused. Too confused to even ask what was going on, or attempt to re-enter the home

           -He watched as you mixed salt and garlic and sprinkled it along the doorsteps, the windowsills, any entry point to the house

           -“MC what in the world are you doing can I please come inside now?? What are your sprinkling everywhere??”

           -You explained that you protected the house from negative influences, and that now he was able to enter the house

           -“I don’t want your negative energy up in here Zen, so I’m protecting our home. Now, come on inside and tell me what’s wrong, love”

           -HE DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE INTO THIS KIND OF STUFF???? MC can you give me more protection things? Self-care? BeauTY SPELLS????

           -You just sigh every time he asks but you do secretly draw him an herbal protection bath at least once a month and he just thinks you buy the MOST amazing bath salts because they smell and make him feel a m a z i n g


           -You’ve noticed her stress lately, it’s not like she hides it well

           -And you wanted to help!! But you just COULDN’T think of a spell to help

           -You thought of maybe combining two of them, but suddenly you had an idea!

           -You ran up to her with a bag full of different colour yarn, and told her the meaning of each colour. She was thrown off and wasn’t sure why you were telling her, but she played along

           -“You have to pick one according to how you feel, as in what kind of problems you’re having! Did you pick one? Oh good! Okay, the next thing you need to do is hold it taut. Got it?”

           -She followed your directions silently. She knew you believed in things like spells and magic and she wanted to respect you although she didn’t believe in it herself. Besides, she knows you’re just trying to help, and she can’t complain about that!

           -“Okay now, concentrate on all of your problems you’re having. Really visualize them as you tie knots into yarn. Yes, just like that! You’re tying up the problems and they can’t get away!”

           -She held it out to you when she was done visualizing, “Alright now what? Do we do something about visualizing the same problems and untie the knots, as if we’re letting go of- MC where are you going?”

           -You snatched the yarn from her while she talked, holding it far out in front of you as if it was evil, and you ran outside. She watched as you tried to quickly dig a hole in the dirt and throw the yarn in it, figuratively burying her problems

           -She shook her head and couldn’t help but smile. She didn’t feel any problems go away, but she did get happier knowing you wanted to help her bad enough that you’d run outside and try to dig a hole with one hand


           -He came home one day to find you rubbing some sort of liquid across your wrist, heart, and forehead. And only those places. He was thoroughly confused. You weren’t new to spell casting but he’s never SEEN you do it

           -It smelt like a mix of lemon juice, mint, basil, and a few more that he couldn’t place off the top of his head

           -He asked what you were doing and you just smiled at him, shrugging before you answered

           -“I made a spell! I boiled basil, bay leaves, coriander, lemon juice,-” He watched you list several things off but just tilted his head to the side out of confusion

           -“You…casted… a spell? Like as in magic? And witches?”

           -“Yeah! I casted it because…well.. I just wanted to strengthen our relationship and make sure our love is there and strong at all times…”

           -You looked down at your feet, pouting a little bit, hoping you didn’t freak him out, but he kissed your forehead instead

           -“Oh, MC, you didn’t need a spell for that. The love I have for you is immense, there’s no need to worry”

           -Which wOW you couldn’t tell if that was just him being honest with you or if your spell DID work. You’d have to try another one to see if it worked.

           -“But um, MC? What can I used to wash this mixture off because I really dislike the taste. I probably should have kissed your cheek instead.”


           -Can’t tell me nerd boy hasn’t tried to recreate spells from Harry Potter or the show Charmed

           - i also believe that he’s tried a few protection spells for saeran growing up

           -But lately you’ve noticed he’s had a string of nightmares and you felt terrible! Watching him wake up completely freaked out broke your heart

           -You weren’t sure how to really bring up the idea of performing a spell, so you just blurted it out

           -He just nodded and smiled towards you before saying, “Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Last time they got really bad I tired one and it seemed to help. Maybe with you doing it with me, it’ll work even better!!!!”

           - im sorry last time you whAT

           -You threw your shock out of the window when he pulled out the items you needed- salt, rosemary, rose petals, glass bowl, valerian, and polish moonstone


           -Helped him find a place by the bed to put the bowl where he wouldn’t accidently knock it over

           -Overall you had no real part in this?? He did it all himself??? You weren’t NEW to witchcraft or anything but??? You’re just disappointed that you had nO IDEA HE WAS INTO IT


           -He travels often for his photography

           -But this most recent trip, there was a little hiccup and made the trip a little dangerous

           -And you DID. NOT. LIKE. IT.

           -So you were determined to make sure he was safe every time he left the house

           -You were new to the whole magick aspect, and decided to find something on the internet and see if it would help at all

           -(Or at least help ease your mind about him leaving)

           -You decided to make a “Safe Travel” charm for him!!!

           -Crying a little on the inside as you tore a bit of your red flannel shirt (MC it’s not like it fits anymore, it’ll be okay), placed some dirt, large pieces of rock salt, and one of your favourite silver rings into it. The moment you were done sewing it into a little bag, you rushed to give it to him

           -He was surprised at the gift, but his heart immediately MELTED when you told him what it was, what it’s made of, and why you made it. HONESTLY DIDN’T WANT TO LEAVE ON TRIPS AFTER THAT, how could he worry his MC that much??

           -He swore to be 500% careful when he left the house, and NEVER do anything to make you worry. Neither of you knew if the charm actually worked the way it was supposed to, but it did remind him that he needed to take your feelings into account when he takes trips


           -He’s seen you participate in spells and rituals before

           -He’s even read up about the magick! Mainly because he was interested in the black magick aspect before meeting you

           -Now that he’s met you, and you participate in the white magick, he figures what could it hurt.

           -He’s been pretty down lately, and you felt horrible about it! The both of you knew nothing really caused it, but you still wanted to try to help

           -He was walking into the room to ask you a question about this new movie he saw, but noticed you were sitting at the altar you set up

           -You were sitting in front of 3 yellow candles, he could smell cedar, and he watched you sprinkle some herbs around the candles

           -He kept hearing you mutter to yourself, and he decided not to disturb you. But once you were done, he definitely questioned just what you were doing

           -“You were testing a happiness spell? What for? Are you not happy, MC? Is everything alright?” He actually got REALLY worried like oh nO MY MC IS SAD???

           -“No, no! I wanted to see if it worked because… I mean, if it does work I was gonna suggest you try it. You’ve been down lately and I just want to help but I guess I should have just asked if you wanted help and I’m sor-”

           -He cut you off before you could apologize by hugging you. He muttered a thank you before he kissed the side of your head. He agreed to try the spell with you, as well! that was easy, thought i’d have to fight more

So maybe hold me close

I don’t ask for more

Morning Sunshine ;)

A/N: Scanning through my WIP folder this morning, I found this. The two love birds having their tranquil moment on bed in the warm sunlight. I didn’t even remember when I sketched this, but I decided to give it a go anyway cuz it quite suited my mood of today ;P  Turns out colouring is still my weakness though. And this piece is kinda rough, not well made at all, due to the time limitation.  However I like how possessive Arthur looks here. xD  

Title is from the wonderful track “Be Mine” by Alice Boman.

ok so i’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. you might know i have synesthesia; in my case i find sounds have colours. this is no exception for music as well, every song is unique in their colors and movements of it, and listening to it it’s so fun! but i don’t want to talk about synesthesia, i want to talk about the colours in green day discography and how it affects the way i feel about their albums. i’ll talk about every album that’s come out and, based on my synesthesia, the best time in the day to listen to them. i’ll try my best to describe the albums, but don’t expect it to be a super detailed list! also if you want to know a particular song you can always ask me! also there are some songs that deserve an analysis on its own. so here we go!

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when the shadowhunters cast is hot but you also really love their personality and its a whole mess;

matthew daddario is the kind of hot that has you shaking your head because hes such a dork and inside youre like dear god i cant fucking believe ive fallen for such a dad like hes literally chasing birds calling himself the bird king mATTHEW and yet he’s the perfect aesthetic of a hot man

Harry shum Jr. is the kind of hot that has you ripping out your hair because quite frankly no one should be allowed to dance like that and have that kind of body???! and on top of it he is a precious bean. he is so generous and his laugh is better than all of us

dom is the kind of hot that is like unbearable and youre like lord have mercy of fucking course he has two different coloured eyes and then two seconds later hes playing with a dog and singing songs and youre crying because what kind of goals

alberto is the kind of hot that you kind of stare at from afar because youre like how can someone so pure exist in a body like that what did i do to deserve this kind of pain and maybe youre sobbing a little when you watch him on tv because he is probably the embodiment of an angel i swear to god hes so nice look at him

david castro is the kind of hot where youre like kicking a wall because buddy??? did we ask?? the answer is no we did not so put on a shirt for the love of god but also please dont and keep uploading videos and never stop lauGHING because its fantastic and hes so humble why

isaiah is literally the kind of hot that makes me want to throw myself into a river like he smiles and youre like oh look lmao its the fucking sun parting the clouds what the fCUK and his eyes are so kind just like his soul and youre like dying because all you want is a peaceful life

emeraude toubia is the kind of hot that makes me want to tear out my eyeballs because listen first off she is An Actual Goddess and she laughs like puppies (is that a thing) and she is so grateful for her life!! i cry because i want her hair to like strangle me idek who i am anymore she changed my life

katherine is the kind of hot that youre literally sobbing over because she looks like a doll????? my mom my princess my angelic little sunflower she is so pure i have never seen anything as pure as her she is a cat, she is a pup, she is a bunny rabbit also her gIGGLE I WANT TO die anyway she raised me

Always My Girl (Kendall Jenner Imagine)

Request: No 

Pairing: Kendall Jenner x Reader (Y/N) 

Warnings: Explicit language

Word count: 988

NOTE: Unedited! Just a quick writing, hope you all like it :)


Originally posted by kendalljbrasil

I sat in the car, my legs shut tightly and lips pressed together while I tried not to breakdown for the fourth time since we’ve gotten into Kendall’s car.

Stop worrying, you pussy.

“Y/N. Please. You’re biting your lips and the last thing I want is to have you eat me up with those chapped lips” I knew she was joking and I knew better not to think about how her pussy felt between my tongue and mouth at the moment.

“Kendall, we’ve been together for what? Two months? And I’m meeting your family. Not to mention that you have like fifty people in your family”

“You’re overreacting. They’ll like you. I like you! Please stop worrying” she said, glancing at me for a second and giving her full attention to the road again.

She was in a pale blue blouse that made her nipples slightly seen and she had jeans that hugged her beautiful legs delicately.

Although, the last thing on my mind was her body when I was nervous as hell.

I ignored her cheerful talk -although, it did not help me to cheer up even the slightest- and continued to look around to see if we’re close. Cause if we were, I was going to try and escape.

“Okay. There we are” Kendall looked at me through her sunglasses and smiled.

“Can we do this another time? Please? I’m not feeling well and honestly, I feel like I’m going to shit myself any minute” I sighed again, touching my chapped lips which was something I always did when I felt nervous.

She let go of the steering wheel and a small giggle left her mouth.

“Come on babe. They’re already fond of you. Kylie already follows you on Instagram and mom made your favorite pie for tonight. Please Y/N?”

“Fuck this. Let’s get to it, my tits are freezing!” I let out a shriek and closed the car door behind me.

Kendall was already in front of me, waiting for me to hold her hand and walk towards the door.

She guided me through their front porch and we stood in front of the huge white door.

“Ready?” Kendall asked and waited for my approval.

“Wait. How do I look? Do I look okay”

“You look perfect, please stop worrying. I promise everything will go great” She gave my hand a squeeze which was interlocked with hers and rung the doorbell which made me even more nervous.

If that was even possible?

I heard the laughter coming from the house and gulped.

It shouldn’t be this hard, right?

I’m not meeting Obama. They’re just Kendall’s family. And they happen to be worldwide famous. 

No biggie.

“Look who’s here! We’ve been waiting for you two since this morning!” Kendall’s mom opened the door with her signature smile -I watch them on TV, so what- and hugged her daughter lovingly.

“Hey mom. Sorry, it took us long”

“Oh shush! And you must be Y/N! Come here,” before I took in what was happening, I found myself inside Kris Jenner’s arms.

She smelled like expensive perfume and…maybe a bit of wine?

“Hey,” I tried to make a conversation and awkwardly hugged her back.

I probably looked so weird.

“Please honey, come in. They’re all waiting for you two! We’re hungry,” Kris smiled and led the way, us following behind her and me looking like a lost puppy.

The Jenner household’s hall was decorated with two chandeliers on the ceiling and black and white coloured ceramic tiles on the floor. I held myself back from gasping at every single glamorous decorative object in the hall.

After ten minutes, we were sat at the long dinner table, everyone was chatting and having a small talk around me.

“You okay,” Kendall looked me in the eyes and touched my arm that was covered in lace material which felt quite itchy on my skin for a second.

I nodded softly and smiled back.

“So, how did you two meet?” I glanced at the voice that asked the question and saw Khloe smiling at us.

I was so nervous that I could even forget my name.

“Um…we met through mutual friends. At a club,” I smiled shyly.

“Nice! How old are you again?”

“I’m eighteen” I answered Kim’s question feeling a bit more relaxed.

“Do your parents know about you and Kenny?” This time, Kylie shoot the question with her wine glass on one hand and I felt myself visibly gulping.

I was literally sweating under the huge chandeliers and my tongue felt too dry.

“Actually…my parents don’t know about me” I hesitantly answered and waited for someone to roast me.

Or even kick me out?

I couldn’t even look Kylie in the eye while answering her question.

“Kylie, it’s none of your business” Khloe cut the silence and I felt the tension between each of us on the table.

“No- no. It’s okay!” I quickly spoke and gave a small smile to both of them.

Literally a small smile. Maybe even a half?

“No, I’m sorry, it’s really none of my business. Sorry for asking,”

“More pie anyone?” Kris finally cut the tension between us and offered more pie -apple pie, heck yeah- and I couldn’t be happier.

“I’ll get some,” Kourtney chime in.

They were all very nice and as the minutes passed, I felt myself getting relieved and more relaxed in front of them.

“You okay?” Kendall turned her attention to me and put a strand of hair behind my ear.

I shyly nodded and felt my stomach dancing in excitement.

“I love you,” she whispered while she leant in and kissed below my ear which made me squirm and giggle.

“I love you too, Kenny”

“You’re always gonna be my girl, you know that right?” She asked and I made an inhuman voice inside my head wishing that she didn’t notice my facial expression.

“I wouldn’t want anyway around”


Quick centering exercise

1. List five things you are grateful for right this second. Maybe it’s ‘my good health’ or ‘my warm bed’ or ‘my fun workmates’ or ‘my new jacket’. 

2. List four things you’d like to achieve today. Maybe it’s just ‘take a shower’ or ‘go for a walk’, or maybe it’s ‘follow up a resume’ or ‘talk to my friend about my issue with them’. 

3. List three things that you’re worrying about right now, and in a few words why you’re worrying about each. Be completely honest with yourself. 

4. List two people who genuinely lift you up and make you feel supported, hopeful and happy. 

5. Write this down - “I am a person with all of the colours within me. I’m capable of many different lives, and I get to decide which one I live.” 

6. List two things you do that you’d like to do less in life. Maybe it’s ‘do less late night shifts’, or ‘ stop hanging out with that person who brings me down’ or ‘argue less with my sibling’. 

7. List three things you do that bring you genuine self-esteem. Maybe it’s ‘working out’, ‘playing a computer game’ or ‘finishing a book’ or ‘making a good coffee’.

8. List four things would like to improve upon. Maybe you’d like to be more organised, maybe you’d like to get up at the same time each morning, maybe you’d like to listen more and talk less. 

9. List five things you genuinely love about yourself. Maybe you’d do anything for your mother, maybe you are really good at helping a friend in a crisis, maybe you’re a very loyal employee, maybe you love your handwriting, maybe you like the scar on your leg. 

10. Lastly, write this down - “I am powerful. I am strong. I am full of all things - love, sadness, light, anger, fever. I deserve happiness and only I can create it.” 

betsforsythetrash  asked:

Will you write Bughead's first official date?

Thank you, m’love! A little bit of fluff before we have to endure some heartbreaking Bughead moments in the next episode - but also many kisses, hopefully!

He’d been just as, if not more, nervous than the moment just before he kissed her for the first time. He hadn’t exactly been sure, given her reaction, that this was something she wanted too. But then she kissed him, on her terms, and his heart got stuck in his throat. This was real, this was happening, he had to do this. 

“H-hey Betts?” he asked, wincing at his nervous voice. 

“Hmm?” she replied, not looking up from her text book. 

“I was wondering if you wanted to do something tonight?” He didn’t dare meet her eyes as he felt her look up at him. Her features were arranged in a puzzled expression. 

“We are doing something tonight, Juggie. We’re working on The Blue and Gold like always,” she said, brows knitting adorably in confusion. Jughead took a breath to steady his nerves. 

“No… I mean like, do you want to do something together? Like go on a date. With me,” he finished lamely, willing his vast vocabulary to return from wherever it had fallen out of his head at the sight of pretty green eyes. There was a beat of dead air as she took in his request. Jughead Jones was asking her out on a date. It was so… uncharacteristic. She never thought she’d see the day, him looking at her in apprehensive embarrassment. A thrill shot through her at the thought that she’d caused those feelings in him. Sure, she’d enjoyed their fleeting kisses immensely but she wasn’t sure what they’d meant. This helped clarify. 

“Sure, Juggie,” she broke out into a grin. “Sounds like fun.” His responding timid smile set butterflies loose in her stomach. She couldn’t wait. 


She hasn’t been able to calm her nerves all day, her fingertips tingling in anticipation. The Blue and Gold was empty when she arrived, keeping the suspense alive for a little longer. 

Jughead arrived twenty minutes later, slightly out of breath as he swung round the corner, familiar paper bags in hand.

“Sorry I’m late. Sustinence,” he joked, pointing to the Pop’s take out bag in explanation. 

“That’s ok,” she replied, a sudden and new shyness colouring her speech. 

“I thought maybe we could stay here, y’know where it’s just… the two of us,” Jughead mumbled, his voice catching on his words. Betty smiled gently. 

“That’d be perfect.” She watched as Jughead spread out a fleece blanket on the floor, putting down their food before grabbing a few of the worn cushions for them to lean on, opening his laptop and starting up an old movie. 

“What are we watching?” she asked, coming to join him on the floor. 

Some Like It Hot,” he replied, cheeks covered in a dusting of pink as he waited for her approval. She bit her lip. 

“I love that one.” He turned his head to smile at her from the corner of his eye, a smile she noticed he reserved only for her. 


Her evening had been magical, the simplicity making it even more so. He’d opened up to her in ways she didn’t know he was ready to do, talking to her in hushed tones in their bubble of Blue and Gold as the fading dusk turned to black, shrouding them in secrecy. She already knew his favourite film, what kind of music he listened to, what his friends were like. The inane small talk wasn’t necessary with them. Side by side in the room they’d made their own all that mattered was that he wanted to be there, next to her.

“I didn’t know I could feel like this, Betts,” he murmured out of nowhere, picking up her hand to play nervously with her fingers to avoid looking at her eyes, the mesmerising green capable of pulling even the deepest confessions from within him – it was terrifyingly exhilarating. For the first time he wanted to spill all his fears, hopes, desires. “I didn’t… I didn’t think that I…” he stuttered, pausing to take a deep breath as emotions he wasn’t used to feeling bubbled to the surface.

“Hey, Jug,” she cooed, his name on her tongue the sweetest symphony he’d ever heard. “It’s ok. I’m just me. And you’re just you. We’re us,” her smile was so honest and lacking any kind of judgement that he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Her cool palm cupped his cheek and he leaned into the sensation, closing his eyes in blissful contentment, tension leaving his shoulders. When he opened his eyes again she was still there, still smiling, willing to give him all that he needed to take. He turned his head slightly, brushing dry lips against her hand, basking in faint blush it caused to bloom across her cheeks. She settled in closer to him, arm resting down the length of his for the rest of the night.


She looked at him from the corner of her eye as the movie drew to a close, his features illuminated in the glow of the screen, long eyelashes brushing his cheek with every movement. She longed to reach out and touch him. Her eyes snapped back to the screen as she saw him move to look at her, stifling a yawn as the day caught up to her.

“Tired, Juliet?” he asked softly. She nodded.

“Walk me home?”


They walked in companionable silence, hands linked automatically as they ambled along the sidewalk, hoping to make their time together last that little bit longer. 

“Your tower awaits,” he quipped as they reached her front door. She laughed, looking down at her feet, still unwilling to let go of his hand, reassuringly warm in hers. 

“I had a nice time tonight, Juggie. Best first date ever,” she whispered, rosy pink blossoming across her cheeks once more. He loved that he could cause that.

“Me too,” he said, leaning in for a sweet goodnight kiss. This time it wasn’t one or the other, he thought, as he saw her move to lean towards him too. They were coming together, both needing this, needing each other, and excited to find out where these new things between them would end up. Betty tilted her head further into the kiss, pulling a groan from deep inside Jughead’s chest as she slipped her free hand into his hair. He held her waist, dragging her closer, knowing he’d never tire of tasting strawberry milkshake on her lips. 

She pulled away, glancing nervously up at her house. “I have to go… goodnight Juggie,” she said reluctantly, leaning in for one last chaste peck, knowing she couldn’t pull away if it turned into more. 

“Night, Betts,” he replied, watching her run up the steps as an indescribable warmth spread throughout his entire body. Here’s to the first, he thought as he walked across the street, and to many, many more. 

anonymous asked:

hi! I'm a danielle stan, but I respect that you don't like her/have your own opinions of her. but, I have to ask, why is the 'larry' (i hope I got it right) fandom so mean to her on her social medias? There's a difference between not liking her and saying it on your page, and just harassing her on her own page- yknow? Do you agree with that? It just makes me so sad because there are more mature ways of going about this than commenting that she doesn't deserve to be happy or she's complete trash.

Hello again.

I presume you are the same person who has messaged me repeatedly, but always politely (thanks for that), which is why I keep responding. Also I can’t imagine there being more than one self-proclaimed “danielle stan” hence my powers of deduction.

This has absolutely nothing to do with Louis and Harry’s relationship. In fact if you go through my responses and posts about her (they’re all right here) you will find that, aside from using gifs of Harry, I don’t think I’ve ever used Harry to make a point about why I don’t like Danielle.

I’ve personally never attempted to make Danielle aware of what I’ve said, meaning that I don’t @ her on twitter or comment on anything that comes from her social media profiles because I don’t care. Tagging her name to something on Tumblr is far from what I’d consider harassment as she would actively have to seek out what I was writing in order to read it. It’s other people’s prerogative with how they want to express their feelings, but I’ve never come out, shaking my fist in the air, declaring that Danielle Campbell doesn’t deserve happiness. Mainly because I don’t actively sit here hating her, I have mostly apathy for her, unless she’s doing something that I feel is hurtful to others. 

Which brings me to my next point…

For someone to willingly insert themselves into a bearding contract in exchange for anything, but particularly to try and boost their own career as a celebrity, is pretty fucking disgraceful. The only instance in which I can think that bearding is excusable is if the person in the closet’s safety would be compromised by them coming out, otherwise the entire thing sends a very sad and wrong message, which is that being gay is something to hide. 

Why do I think that this is the case with Danielle? Well, it roots very deeply into a lot of time spent looking into all sides of the conundrum that is Louis Tomlinson and coming to the firm belief that he likes men. Well, my belief is that he likes at least one man, and that man is Harry Styles. This is purely based on information that is available to everyone and which I put into an article I wrote two years ago: Some People GENUINELY Think That Louis Tomlinson And Harry Styles Are In A Relationship There was also this whole thing where they dressed up rainbow coloured teddy bears, but don’t worry about that. 

With that as a core belief of mine, to see someone like Danielle Campbell exploiting the homophobic practise of bearding for her own personal gain is infuriating. A lot of people have asked why I don’t get mad at Louis, or that maybe Louis is closeting himself. To imply that would be to imply that Louis is ashamed of not being straight, which I certainly do not consider to be the truth. 

Louis’ boss is Simon Cowell. Simon Cowell cares about making money. Simon Cowell and his marketing team at one point told One Direction that their target audience of young girls and women, who would like them less if they were gay. And that is a terribly heart-breaking thing to imagine someone telling a group of 16-18 year old boys. Simon’s tactic with One Direction has clearly never been about music, but about fame and money. In his autobiography he wrote about his tactics for fame:

This is unfortunately testament to how the entertainment industry works. However, there is absolutely no case in which I would agree to help closet someone in exchange for money and fame because you’re basically saying, “I am willing to profit off of homophobia.” If someone is willing to do so, then I retain the right to call them a flaming heap of garbage, because that is what they are. 

Peach Plum Pear

Ichiruki. AU. Not!Angst.

Joanna Newsom | Peach Plum Pear

For @blooming-stars​: ‘rukia as a sassy bartender that ichigo has a crush on ; )’!

This is loosely based on the idea that they would find each other in any universe and both just know that they were meant to be. (So, soulmates, I guess…) Enjoy! Thank you for your patience! 1286 words.


Work is good.

Work is that kind of monotonous printing-press process, right now, and it’s good. It’s good, isn’t it? It’s getting him money. It keeps him busy - keeps him up at 6 AM every morning and until 12 at night - and really, that’s all he could ask for.

Other things? Less good.

The feeling that his one-person apartment was a two in a past life, and that the cupboard in his bedroom used to be full of dresses and sunhats and some colour, and maybe something artsy - not like his monotone business suits and dress pants (and that one old t-shirt from his childhood that reads nice mood, or something).

Work is good for the next few months.

Then, even work begins to feel misplaced. As if for all the daily routines he does he’s still missing 5 hours of something that should have been there next to him to begin with. And, yeah, Kurosaki Ichigo has never been a man of fate (or faith, for that matter). But he did grow up seeing ghosts at 3 AM cowering underneath his bed covers so, yeah, he thinks that he can handle a little bit of…

Déjà vu, he could call it. Yet he has a feeling it’s a little more unavoidable.

(Maybe, a little more catastrophic).


Déjà vu is still the only explanation he has for why he finds comfort in the wooden beams of a bar a few blocks from his workplace.

It’s on one of those days where the rain mixes with the scent of asphalt to create a heady, warding concussion, one of those days where he feels the burden of something inexplicable. (One of those days is becoming most of those days, but he doesn’t want to title the unexplained just yet).

      He breathes.

There is a tingle of embers under his skin as he walks through the doors, so he thinks that, maybe, the downpour has drenched his nerves, too.

(Or rather, until he catches sight of a 4”8 figure of regal lethality, he realises that he has previously had few embers to compare it to).

She starts a wildfire.

      He sighs.

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To Date #1

This HC/series is a MASSIVE SHOUT OUT to everyone here who has helped me reach over 100 followers! I never thought I would get 1 follower let alone 100- so thank you so much. I apologise for the lateness of my thank you but I’m afraid my cheating mini series took much longer than I anticipated!

This is dedicated to the beautiful @zahnbuerste who was one of the very first people to ever converse with me over Tumblr and is just the dearest person- truly nice to the core. Thanks for all your kind words and inspiration and I hope you enjoy these

The RFA & CO try to plan the very best date for MC… and of course… because they’re RFA & CO…. everything goes to hell.

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mintchocolateleaves  asked:

23 for the fluff tropes! Kaito with... anyone one you want! If that's alright?

(fluff trope prompts!)

I, a mildly-touch-averse intellectual: *googles “what is a slow dance”* r i p

TIL that this page exists. the things I do for y’all, man


23. slow dancing

“May I have this dance?”

Akako looks up to see Kuroba Kaito standing before her, left hand extended. “Not going to wrest your partner back from Hakuba-kun, then?” she asks, a little coolly.

Kuroba shrugs slightly, and doesn’t follow her glance to where Nakamori Aoko is. “Hakuba’s been waiting to dance with her all night – as if Aoko would actually say no if he asked, the idiot.” He pauses. “So, are you coming or not?”

“Your manners are deplorable as always, Kuroba-kun,” Akako says, though she places her right hand in his nevertheless. It’d be ruder yet of her not to accept, and she can’t deny her curiosity either. “What prompted the sudden invitation, if I may ask?”

Kuroba leads her towards the dance floor, where a slow ballad is beginning. “Consider it a thank you on Aoko’s behalf for tonight, I know you helped pick her dress.”

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Like Father, Like Son. The design flaws of the Sonally Kids

Do you want to know what else I don’t like about Mobius: 25 Years Later? (For my previous rant see here) Just how uncreative they were in creating the Sonally children. Now, I’ve said before that I appreciated the names Sonia and Manik as a reference to Sonic Underground but to be honest that’s about all the praise I can give.

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