So i was thinking about Asari (as you do) and specifically their skin, and what it might feel like. I mean they’re not mammals, they don’t have any hair, so it’s not gonna feel like human skin, but what would make sense? 

So I grabbed a couple of high-res screens and you can see what looks a bit like scales, not like… snake scales, but there’s definitely something going on there.

I’ve got two theories that I think would be pretty cool:

1. Butterfly Scales

The skin would feel incredibly soft, be a little iridescent maybe and if you rubbed them too hard it would peel and flake. This would make Asari prone to dermal abrasion, but good grief it would be beautiful.

Actual butterflies use their scales for colouring (patterns and shit) but also to keep them warm, the scales catch the sunlight and help maintain body temperature. Also, if a butterfly gets stuck in a spiderweb, the scales shed off and it can fly away. Similarly, if you grab an Asari, maybe the skin just flakes, meaning you can’t get a solid grip.

2. Shark Skin

Less pretty but a whole lot more badass, the skin would be fairly smooth in one direction, but raspy and rough in the other. Probably fairly durable to abrasion and good for hydrodynamics.

Sharks use their scales for reducing turbulence while they swim, but also as a kind of external skeleton. The scales are all attached to one another and reinforce each other and shark muscles attach to them as well as their internal cartilage. Just contemplating the kind of muscle structure an Asari would have if their muscles connected to their skin like that… they’d be able to move in some pretty interesting ways.

What do you think Asari skin is made of?

playing around with the new edge pen…

it looks interesting. It could probably make an okay shortcut (?) (or get around) for hair with lineart lol, and it’s good for text with borders and the like

by the looks of it, your foreground colour is your border while your background colour is what’s inside.

if you have opacity enabled, it’ll blend the two colours a bit when you’re going from very light pressure to higher pressure, and vice versa.

(w opacity) light pressure will show the foreground (diluted) while higher pressure will show the background, even if the min width is set high or at 100%, and even if the border is set to its lowest width

if you are doing something in one stroke, no opacity or high pressure w opacity will ignore the borders, while multiple strokes will overlap.

with opacity though, the borders will go away in single stroke when overlapping, but the lighter pressure strokes will go under the higher pressure strokes


EDIT: I didn’t notice this because it wasn’t mentioned on any of the english sites, but there is a way to have multiple strokes overlap and merge borders!

you have to hold down ctrl / cmmnd while drawing

… they even gave a better explanation of the colours too… this post feels redundant now


it would be cool if there were options for choosing if you want the strokes to blend together like watercolour options to blend different colours but keep the lines…

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All of your great plants fall into nightmare or? I'm sorry for akinf I'm curious ;w;

no prob!
noo like some of them might look like the darkest thing but none of em are nightmare courtiers or fell into nightmare (yet, laughs)

actually i got a few rather fervent dreamers like Enör or maybe Aodh

on Valens’ appearence in the last screencaps i posted, his ‘skin tone’ is quite dark because i can’t actually pick two colours so since he’ll be wearing an armor to hide his body i decided to focus on the face

his design being the following (light bark/base and dark leaves)

though Çihnn is a bit weird on that point, i’m still pin-pointing exactly where he stands in all this ! Let’s say for now that he tends to embrace his weird hobbies

oh and my necromancer Fëhar is soundless

then there’s that corruption thing hah but it’s more related to Mordremoth y’know. And im not quite sure i’ll make Cith actually get corrupted, its more on an au Cécile and i created around him and Anank !


Introducing Cassandra Way.

So, I wanted to do a wishacy, and I thought - why not?! But then I also wanted to do a rainbowcy, and, rather than making a proper decision, I just smushed the two together. So here’s our little lady, Cassie Way. She wants to be a bestselling author.

And if you can’t tell, the first colour is pink!

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"She's basically a mini you!" "No shit, she's my daughter after all"

“She’s my daughter too - do you think if I sprayed some colour in her hair and gave her a guitar she’s look like me?” Michael perked up at the thought of dressing up our daughter.

“You’re going to give a two year old one of your guitars?”

“Maybe a ukulele.” He mused. “I don’t actually want to take her out of that outfit anyway - she looks adorable.” He smiled, browsing through the photos I’d taken of her posing in our garden earlier.

I blog - mostly fashion and beauty stuff but I’d got enough followers that brands started sending me stuff and doing sponsorship deals. Since Michael and I had our little girl, it became more of a mummy blog and we’d just been sent some gorgeous dresses. I’d taken her out for a little photo shoot today and I was editing the photos now.

Michael was so proud - ever since she’d been born, he’d been proud of every single thing she did.

“She’s going to grow up to be just as beautiful as her mum.” Michael kissed my temple fondly.

20 followers you want to get to know better challenge

(yes I have no life and am answering this a minute after tronlersbooty posted this but thank you)

rules: tag 20 people you want to get to know better and fill out the questions so they know some stuff about you!

  • Name: Jason
  • Nickname: J, Jdong, dongers (not the appendage)
  • Star sign: Gemini
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 181cm
  • Sexual orientation: something in the vicinity of gay 
  • Romantic orientation: also something in the vicinity of gay
  • Favourite colour: purple, blue-green, blue-black (yes I’m weird and like mixing colours)
  • Time right now: 9:11pm (Sydney time)
  • Average hours of sleep: 7
  • Lucky number(s): 8, 6 (racially motivated) 42 (thanks Douglas Adams)
  • Number of blankets I sleep under: one (sometimes two when it’s cold)
  • Favourite fictional character: um… maybe Pierre from War and Peace?
  • Favourite famous people: Troye Sivan (you don’t say), Cara Delevingne, Matthew Eriksson, Abdullah of Jordan, Lee Lin Chin, Nicola Sturgeon, Ruby Rose
  • Least favourite famous people (I added this because I’m a vindictive piece of faeces): Fred Nile, Donald Trump, Tony Abbott
  • Favourite book(s): Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, The First Circle by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (hopefully spelled correctly)
  • Favourite bands/artists: definitely not Troye Sivan (definitely not sarcastic), Taylor Swift, Rachel Platten, Mary Lambert (and the Berlin Philharmonic, Mariss Jansons, Ray Chen, Anne-Sophie Mutter, and Lang Lang)
  • Dream trip: Probably to Europe and just seeing things and taking too many photos
  • Dream job: something musical or something legal (judge or rights lawyer or something) or something scientific (why not a Nobel Prize as well)
  • What I’m wearing at the moment: black jeans, black jumper, white t shirt

So that’s me (very interesting obviously) and 20 people is likely to be exceedingly difficult so here goes

dreamy-tronnor, heartshapedwhirl, tronniefrantamellet, queefingmarshmallow, quirkyhowell, itstotalsarcasmblr, coffee-and-nutella, tyleroakleystattoo, yikestroye, troyestuff (is this 20 yet?), troyes-technical-difficulties, introyeverts, sexyspudboyy98, ironicinternet, krabbiest, livewiretroye, tromnor, koalasontoast, and even though they don’t follow me troyesivan and tyleroakley!

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Maybe the dress is some two year old erdem she begged for herself? And the overall look is bad, too much blush and it's wrong colour for her. She should really learn to do her makeup or pay for a professional to do it. And maybe buy a hair brush and some products. To start with. I'd really like to see some pics of her with Mark or Martin, I'm dying to know what they think of her. Can make an educated guess but still. I bet they'd have an amazing conversation with her!!

Even if that dress is a custom made Valentino, it is ugly as fuck!

The recycling of shoes and jewellery indicates her presence is not important enough to justify the expense by her husband.

The fact that she hasn’t hired a professional to do her makeup indicates either that she’s so full of herself she thinks she can do a good job herself (sorry, if she thinks that, she’s wrong) or that her husband wasn’t prepared to cough up the cash.

The hair is…indescribable once again.

The only good thing I can say about her tonight is I like her lipstick…

What gets me though is what gnanon mentioned. She arrived alone? Where are Ben’s friends? Where are Tim and Wanda?

Also, a tall woman with a lean body such as her who has modelled in the past should know how to pose for a picture…. For fucks sake!


A few days ago I wanted to practise traditional inking (for someoneknowswhatcomic), so I did some Deponia fanarts :’D First two are Deponia’s version of “I’ve got butterfly in stomach” (means: love). I would love to hear how I should colour this picture, I did only one version because  I have no ideas :v

And third is 1 of I don’t know how many(maybe 3) pages of short comic based on bonzly’s or anonymous puzzler’s post where Rufus while being operated by Gizmo is somehow awake. I dunno if  I will make those 2 pages, if you  like this page and want more, please tell me :v And yes, it’s my first drawing of Gizmo (I used reference, but only for sketch on other paper, so I was using this for making Gizmo XD )

Deponia belongs to Deadalic Entertainment and Poki

I was tagged by my hammer bro bang-scott-lang :D

1. Write your name in song titles:

N- Not Today // Twenty One Pilots

I- I Will // Sky Ferreira

C- Clouds // One Direction

O- One For The Road // Arctic Monkeys

L- Lolita // Lana Del Rey

E- Everybody’s Watching Me // The Neighbourhood

2. Why did you choose your url?

bc pietro is my aesthetic

3. Middle name?


4. If you could be a fictional/fairy tale being what would you be?

a vampire bc i love nighttime and sleeping during the day maybe a superhero bc that sounds fun af or maybe like…idk…a wizard? yer a wizard harry

5. Favourite colours?

pale pink and black

6. Favourite song at the moment?

Hometown by Twenty One Pilots and Hold Me Down by Halsey (I have two, okay?!)

7. Top four fandoms?

Marvel, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, and Sailor Moon (I don’t post much of sm on here but on my personal…well, that’s another story)

8. Why do you enjoy tumblr?

bc it’s a great distraction where i can be myself and i can express my love for pietro and stiles here easily…and, well…YOU GUYS

9. Tag 9 mutuals: 

u dont gotta do it, just tagging some mutuals that pop up

auntiepeggy bisexualsuperheros capgrantrogers eyeofthetigeress fallen-angel-assbutt infinity1321 jpadaleckiis kwik-e-silver (I litterally did it in abc order lol)

Drama in the Glade → Gally

Request from lisawopwop: Hey! Could you please do an imagine thats like a love triangle between gally, newt and the reader. Could you maybe do two chapters? One where gally gets y/n and one where newt does. Ty! Good luck with your new acc xx

Fandom: TMR
Pairing: Gally x reader

Y/N: your name
Y/E/C: your eye colour

A/N: Thanks love! I’m not that good with love triangles (I haven’t read so many books with them, or written any), but i’m gonna try my best!
BTW: Y/N is the one coming up in the box after Thomas instead of Teresa! This one is going to be in no one’s POV, TELL ME WHICH POV YOU’D LIKE ME TO WRITE IN♥
Here ya go!


Love triangles is something you’ve been introduced to before. It’s old-news. This is just a regular love triangle. The only thing is that the charming girl once used to be in a relationship with one of these boys.

Meet Y/N. She’s our charming girl in the story. She’s also the only girl in the not-so famous Glade. Y/N first came up from the box scared, but soon grew to love all the boys, not caring she was the only girl. In first, Y/N wanted to be a runner, so bad. But because of the protective boys, that didn’t happen. She ended up as a track-hoe, that’s why Zart was one of her best friends, along with Winston. Though, she was friends with all the boys in the Glade.

Then we have Gally. Gally is one of the proposers in our tragic love story. He’s the keeper of the builders, and never would he ever think that Y/N would be so kind to him. But she was. Whenever Gally got irritated at the new greenie Thomas, she would be the only one that could calm him down. She was the only one he would listen to at all. It didn’t take long time before Gally developed a strong crush on Y/N. That was one of the main reasons he was one of the boys that was against Y/N being a runner.

Over to Newt. Newt is our second proposer. He also appears to be the second in command in the little group of boys. Newt was not one of the boys that didn’t want Y/N to be a runner. He knew she could take care of herself, and that Minho wouldn’t let her be a runner if he knew that she couldn’t be one. Newt started to develop feelings for Y/N when he gave her the tour. He couldn’t resist it when he saw her eyes full of curiosity when he showed her around in the Glade, telling her about the different jobs.


It was a regular morning in the Glade. Y/N had woken up at six o’clock in the morning as usual. She had walked down to her friends Zart and Winston before breakfast as usual. And now, Y/N was in the food-line, ready to get her breakfast.
“Yeah, I have a feeling today’s gonna be hot!” Y/N said, as the line moved forward.
“Lucky you Winston, you’re in the bloodhouse all day, the weather pretty much won’t affect you at all!” Y/N said again, but Winston just laughed it off. 
“It’s not like the slicers don’t notice the temperature Y/N, we’re pretty much sweating all day,” Y/N was about to say something when Gally interrupted.
“Yeah, the builders notice it too,” Zart and Winstoon looked as they were about to burst out in laughter. They both knew about Gally’s feelings for Y/N, pretty much everyone knew about them except Y/N herself. Being polite, Y/N just smiled at Gally.
“Yeah I actually thought of that when Alby gave me the tour! The fact that I don’t have any muscles and the temperature, I immediantly crossed that and being a runner off my list!” Y/n laughed, trying to lighten up the awkward atmosphere. Gally just nodded awkwardly and left. Y/N playfully hit Winston and Zart, and glared at them
“What?!” Zart said and laughed a bit.
“You slintheads!” At this Winston and Zart broke down laughing, Y/N didn’t want to, but couldn’t help her laughter aswell.

“Hey Y/N, mind if I sit down?” Newt asked as Y/N ate her lunch with her friends.
“Of course not, sit down?” She smiled at Newt. He sat down. Y/N, Zart, Winston, Dave and now Newt continued their conversation. Minutes later, Gally came over also.
“Room for another glader?” he asked. Y/N smiled back at him.
“Yeah sure!” Before Gally could ask to sit between newt and Y/N, Newt said.
“I’m sure Winston won’t mind you sitting next to him,” at this, Winston smiled, and nodded.
“Yeah, you can sit by me if you want Gally,” It looked like Zart and Dave was about to explode, Y/N didn’t get why they were making the silly faces so she just asked as a normal person.
“What’s so funny?” she smiled, wanting to get the joke. Gally’s ears got red, as Dave spoke.
“Nothing, just an inside joke we have with Newt and Gally,” now both Zart and Winston laughed with him. Y/N just shrugged it off, eating her breakfast.

Y/N had gotten the job to pick up all the apples, pears and carrots today. She looked up at the tree. There, on the highest branch were (of course) The best looking one.
“You need help with that love?” Newt came over, since he had been looking at her, he knew exactly what she was thinking.
“Thanks, that would be great! I was thinking of that one,” Y/N pointed at the apple. Newt rolled his shirtsleeves up, and went to climb up the tree.
“You want some more while I’m up here?” Newt didn’t look back at you, so he didn’t see the part with you switching with Phil while you went to the toilet. Phil decided not to answer, wanting to see Newt’s lack of flirting-skills.
“Mhm,” Phil answered in a high-pitch voice, pretending to be a girl.
“Catch,” Newt threw an apple down at Phil, thinking it was Y/N.
“It’s that one, ey?” Newt said, still not looking down.
“Yeah,” Girly-Phil answered, trying to hold his laugh back. Newt’s masculine voice, really seemed to need to get upgraded.
“You know… I usually don’t climb trees anymore. Clint and Jeff kind of forbid me to do it, because of my limp,” Newt said using his incredible, ridiculous, fake, masculine voice. Phil was about to burst out, he couldn’t do it anymore. But before he did it, he quickly waved Zart over, trying as hard as he could to hold it back.
“Oh!” Zart looked weird at Phil’s girly voice, but he just hinted up at Newt.
“Yeah, but you know, I’ll do everything for you, just ask me,” He threw the apple down, and looked down at what he supposed was Y/N. Instead, he saw two laughing track-hoes (or what he’d call them “bloody, shucking slintheads”).
“Come and save me, Newtie! I think I’m passing out!” ‘Phillis’ laughed, and held his stomach. Newt threw an apple at him and Zart, climbing down the tree.
“Oh, I’m so sorry Newt! I forgot to tell you that I went to the loo!” Y/N apologized, and got her basket with apples back.
“Too bad Y/N, you see, Newtie told us all these amazing stuff!” Phil told her with a grin on his face.
“Oooo! I wanna know too!” Y/N looked at Newt (who now was at the ground, glaring at Phil and Zart).
“Relax, it was just some inside joke, not so funny if you weren’t there, promise,” Newt said, not looking away from Zart and Phil.
“Boy, you have so many inside jokes withe everyone! Who are you, the pope?!” She laughed, patting Newt on the shoulder, walking over to the pears.

Gally had been preparing for what to say to Y/N all day. He had decided to just act cool about it, crack a few jokes and make her laugh. Even though he had repeated the scene over and over again in his head over a thousand times. Yet, when Y/N walked into the kitchen, ready for her lunch, sweat running down her face. Gally totally forgot the plan, and went with a weird improvisation. When she walked pass him, his hand flew up to support his head, as he leant himself against the wall.
“He-eey Y/N,” Gally said, making his voice a bit deeper. Y/N turner her head to face him, and greeted him politely.
“Hi Gally, is it really hot outside or am I made of ice?!” She laughed, stopping in front of the hilarious looking boy.
“U-u-uh, well i-I wouldn’t say you’re made of ice. I mean, you can’t cuz you’re so hot, and-” before Gally could ruin it anymore for himself, Newt stole Y/N away from him.
“Hey love, you ready for lunch?” Newt slang his arm around her shoulder/neck.
“Howdy, cowboy, I’m not a cow!” Y/N laughed, as she took his arm off her shoulder.
“Besides, I was talking to Gally,” as she had turned around the keeper of the builders were nowhere to be seen.
“Well… Seems like he was done talking if you ask me,” Newt said, and walked Y/N over to the food-line.
“Hmm… weird…” She mumbled, and walked over to a table. Suddenly Gally walked pass her.
“Yo Gally! Wanna sit here?” Y/N patted the seat next to her, which made Newt (that was sitting across from her) jealous. But the other glader gave her the biggest smile ever. 
“Yeah, thanks!” He sat down, maybe he could do the jokes now… 
“Hey Y/N, wanna hear a joke?”
“Yeah sure, hit me,” She turned around so she could face the nervous boy.
“What did the glader say to the other glader?” 
“What?” she smiled, waiting for the answer.
“I don’t know, you tell me!” They both laughed hard, poor Newt just made a grimace, stood up from the table, and left the two laughing shanks.

Dinnertime. Y/N had just delivered the fruits and vegetables to Frypan. She was now sitting with Winston and Zart, laughing at something Winston had just said.
“Hey Y/N, can I- can I tell you something?” Gally came over.
“Yeah, of course, is it another joke? ‘Cause, Winnie just told the funniest joke-” 
“Uhm, no, it’s not really a joke, so… Could you maybe come outside for a bit? It’s kinda private…” Being oblivious, Y/N just smiled and nodded.
“Yeah of course!” She turned around to her friends before she stood up from the table.
“Don’t you shanks dare to eat any of my chicken!” She laughed, and followed Gally outside. Newt saw what had happened, and decided to tag along.
“Hey, mind if I join?” He smiled at them.
“Oh, well, Gally was suppose to tell me something private, can’t it wait?” Y/N asked Newt politely, not wanting to hurt his feelings. The boys gave each other a stare.
“I love you Y/N!” They said in unison. 

After Newt and Gally’s small love-confession, Y/N had just walked out of there, not talking to anyone for the rest of the day. Two days later, she had still not talked to them, but Y/N had changed her mind. She couldn’t just not talk to either of the boys. So she got both the boys to talk with her together with her in the end of the Gardens.
“I’ve been thinking of your little, uh… confession,” Y/N started, getting more and more nervous for the boys reaction of what she was going to say.
“And I’ve come to a conclusion. Look, I still want to be your friend! And I don’t want the awkward silences with anyone of you! So I figured out that I would just have to pick one of you…” The boys’ eyes lit up of hope, praying she was going to choose himself.
“Newt…” Gally’s eyes went down to his shoes, standing up, and getting ready to get out of there. Before he could move, Y/N spoke up.
“I’m so, so, so, so, so terribly sorry! But I just want us to be friends,” Y/N smiled at Newt. That wiped his smirk off, and Newt mumbled a “whatever”, then walked away, letting the two awkward-situated lovebirds alone.
“Is it me?” Gally’s grin had disappeared, and a smirk had taken it’s place. Y/N laughed, and hit his toned arm playfully.
“Who else is still talking to me?” She said, sending him a grin. Gally playfully looked around himself, “searching” for anyone else.
“Well… It seems like that would be me,” He smiled down at her, cutting the act.
“Yeah,” Y/N Y/E/C eyes shut, as she leaned in, meeting Gally’s lips. They kissed long, with full of passion, both had been waiting for this for a long time. Y/N realized just the day before that she had been having feelings for Gally the whole time. Gally on the other hand had been knowing what he felt for Y/N since what felt like forever. As they pulled out of their hot make out session, Gally smiled down at Y/N.
“Why me?” He asked the question he had been wanting to ask since Newt had left.
“Well… I sort of found out yesterday that I had been having a crush on you since some months ago…” Y/N looked down, suddenly feeling an interrest in her plain, brown shoes.
“Well, then I should’ve kissed you for a long while ago then,” Gally just smirked, lifting her chin up, and kissed her.


A/N: I’m SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SOOOO sorry I haven’t updated since… FOREVER! I had to take a seven hour drive the day after I started this. Then school started, and I literally just came home from a tenting-trip with my whole grade! I hope this turned out OK though! And give me a message if ya want anything (ships, imagines, preferences…), ALSO tell me if this is a better writing-style or not! 


Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. Choose 25 people to be tagged. I was tagged by scoutklyn


1 - last beverage: Naked, the green one

2- last phone call: w/ my friend theunoriginals

3 - last text message: my friend Emma

4 - last song you listened to: Often by The WeekNd

5 - last time you cried: two days ago

6 - dated someone twice: no, never have

7 - been cheated on: no, but probs would be like who’d wanna stay with this lol

8 - kissed someone and regretted it: no [never have]

9 - lost someone special: maybe, kind of paola”

10 - been depressed: ye

11 -been drunk and threw up: no

12-14- THREE FAVORITE COLOURS: green, green, green


15 - made a new friend: ye

16 - fallen out of love: meh, kind of? i had a crush on a dude [which lots know] but i’m positive he just dislikes fat girls

17 - laughed until you cried: haha lol i’m the queen of laughter

18 - met someone who changed you: everyone changes me a bit

19 - found out who your true friends are: no

20 - found out someone was talking about you: haha plenty

21 - kissed anyone you follow/follows you: nope

22 - how many people do you know in real life that you follow/follows you on tumblr: probs three people or four lol

23 - theres no question here, which i will make. why:

24 - do you have any pets: mh, 1 dog, used to have 4 birds until we sold them

25 - do you want to change your name: nope lily the swag special

26 - what did you do for your last birthday: i had a pizza party in school special for me, we went in the teachers lounge and ate free pizza and played a quiz which was fun with friends.

27 - what time did you wake up today: 5:10am

28 - what were you doing at midnight last night: wathing Smosh: The Movie, it’s pretty decent can’t hate

29 - name something you CANNOT wait for: THE MOVIE DEADPOOL NEXT YEAR IN FEBRUARY. also to meet my love of my life

30 - last time you saw your mother: this morning

31 - what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: TO HAVE A NICE BODY.

32 - what are you listening to right now: it’s like a thing to keep the humidity nice and steady? i dunno ol

33 - have you ever talked to a person named Tom: i think so?

34 - what’s getting on your nerves right now: nothing rly but i just thought about my ‘friend’ named michael who like ignores me for some reason

35 - most visited website: i dont go on the computer often but on my phone snapchat, and a website probs pornhub lol or efukt.com

36 - blood type: dunno

37 - nickname: lil, everyone[inside joke], lily allen, swag money, john speed, shithead[not offensive]

38 - relationship status: single ;( someone wanna change that

39 - zodiac sign: AQUARIUS :)))

40 - pronouns: she/her, i’m a girl lol

41 - elementary: ??? why lol

42 - high school: idk if there’s a pedophile but theres rich people we have macbooks

43 - college: none so far, any surgeons want to recommend?

44 - hair color: brown

45 - long or short: my hair? long ;(

46 - height: 5″ 6

47 - do you have a crush on someone: kind of.. it’s like i’m to scared to crush on people…

48 - what do you like about yourself: i like smiling a lot and i feel adorable and cute but like sexy at night [by the way im 14 and stupid]

49 - random fact: i like making new friends also if you like me go hit me up ya know

50 - tattoos: nope

51 - righty or lefty: right yo

52 - first surgery: none i think?

53 - first piercing: my lobers

54 - first best friend: i think it was this girl, named Reagan. ye.

55 - first sport you enjoyed: i play basketball and i swim

56 - first vacation: i dunno man?? but i like going to wisconsin dells or any water park :)

58 - first pair of trainers: haven’t had any, i think you mean trainers in gym? i had like a person kind of for like 30 minutes for free.

RIGHT NOW (oh yeah i forgot the last questions were supposed to be for last year, well, everything i just answered was from beginning to now lol srry too lazy to change)

59 - eating: nothing

60 - drinking: nothing

61 - I’m about to: do homework but poop

62 - listening to: my dog barking

63 - waiting for: my laziness to stop

64 - want kids: honestly idk

65 - get married: probs, dunno, i like a lot of people

66 - career: SURGEON


67 - lips or eyes: eyes

68 - hugs or kisses: HUGS CUDDLES SNUGGLES but kisses are hot

69 - shorter or taller: taller

71 - romantic or spontaneous: BOTH :)

72 - nice stomach or nice arms: nice arms? stomach is cute either way

73 - sensitive or loud: idk whatever floats your boat 

74 - hook-up or relationship: relationship

75 - trouble maker or hesitant: hesitant? don’t want a trouble maker


76 - kissed a stranger: no

77 - drank hard liquor: no

78 - lost glasses/contacts: no don’t have any

79 - sex on first date: no im 14

80 - broke someones heart: i dunno maybe over the internet

81 - had your own heart broken: lol

82 - been arrested: no

83 - turned someone down: ehh

84 - cried when someone died: no

85 - fallen for a friend: lol


86 - yourself: meh

87 - miracles: as long as they happen

88 - love at first sight: kind of

89 - heaven: not really

90 - Santa Claus: no

91 - kiss on first date: maybe 

92 - angels: meh

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Hi I'm Shii! My favorite color is blue but I also like pink! My favorite ship is Nami/Vivi. My favorite flavor of ice cream is cookies and cream or maybe mint chocolate chip. I have 6 kittens! One that is inside and then 3 barn kits outside and two new tiny ones that I am caring for (those two adopted me today actually)!!!!!!!

Hello Shii chwann~ I love blue and pink too ^^/ They are actually one of my fav colour combination? Pink and Purple is really nice tgt too :D And my favourite ice cream flavour is cookies and cream too!!! Not a big fan of mint actually but I don’t mind mint chocolate hehe :)


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Continued... I mean, it seems like he did (not saying it's a bad thing that he did) but I thought he bleached it to look all one colour because maybe he wasn't as accepting of the fact that he had the disease and two tones made him self conscious?

Let me explain Vitiligo to you. It’s a condition that kills skin pigment inside skin cells in a person’s body. Anyone may get it, but it is obviously most prominent in someone who is a darker pigment. Slowly but surely, pigmentation in skin cells will die in patches. It may stop after a few months, a few years, or fully take away the pigment throughout the whole body. Everyone is different.

My now trending post about Vitiligo (in which you’re talking about), shows three women and Michael Jackson. They all have Vitiligo to a different degree. Society accepts these women to have Vitiligo, even the one woman who completely lost color. But as known, Michael Jackson also lost all his pigment, but people still say he bleached his skin and wanted to become white. I was using satire, sarcasm to make that point. Michael had it just as much as those women do.

Michael wore different shades of makeup throughout his life to hide his blotched skin patches. I don’t blame him for wanting to become one solid color since no one really knew what vitiligo was. He wore his glove to hide his changing hands. Long sleeves to cover his arms. Etc.

There’s also word that Michael took medication to ease the process so it wouldn’t become so prominent. He wanted to look natural and not fall to more tabloid press. He’s the largest and really first celebrity to have a disease that no one understood, thus not believing.

That is why i made the post. To inform people of Vitiligo and to spark awareness of it. It is beautiful and intriguing, but also a condition that can cause severe sun damage (thus explaining Michael’s hats and umbrellas). I want people to know that Michael did NOT bleach his skin, yet to the public, it’s still going around that he did. That’s why society accepts those women, and not Michael Jackson.

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Name: Billy
Nickname: Rum, or Butt
Birthday: March 31st
Sign: The one that’s a truck
Gender: Male
Height: 5′ 10″/177 cm
Sexual Orientation: Demi (yes I am half god)
Fav colour: Green
Time rn: 17:51
Average hours of sleep: ???
Last thing I googled: inches to cm (haha)
Happy Place: Where my friends are
Number of blankets I sleep under:  Just a sheet in the summer, two in the winter
I would like to know more about: EVERYTHING.  Well, maybe not everything, but almost.

If you see this and want to do the thing, then feel free to consider yourself tagged.

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Getting to know me 
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Nickname: Chase, Chasey, Bubby, Jesus, and dude

Star sign: Capricorn

Gender: Cis-Male

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Height:6′5″ but when people ask i just asay too tall, maybe 3

Favourite colours: Purple green and black

Average Amount of Sleep:  
Hahahaha i either get like 4 hours, or 12, there is no inbetween

Last thing I googled: Garen counters

First thing to come to mind: Why is there hotsauce on my desk

Happy place: Anywhere with internet, or reading a book

How many blankets I sleep with: One or two

Favourite Books: Harry potter, anything by Rick Riordan, the ight angel series by brent weeks, and fanfiction trash 

Favourite Artists/Bands:  Neck Deep, The Front Bottoms, Attila, Stacked like Pancakes, im always a slut for pop punk trash

Last movie I saw at the movies: Inside Out, with my SO at the time

Dream job: Teacher, or Full Time Streamer

What i’m wearing now: Boxers and my work shirt because im a bum
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Thank you to, iamluhantrash l3the and chansootrash for tagging me, you lovely little angels!!! I’m sorry this is really late; I’ve been away recently and haven’t had the time. The questions were slightly different in each tag so I chose the questions from the most recent. Hope you don’t mind~~~~~~ 

How tall are you? I am 166 cm 

What style and colour is your hair? It’s brown and wavy and falls to mid-back~ I’d like to cut it short but I don’t know, maybe 

What colour are your eyes? Hazel 

Do you wear glasses/contacts? I do, indeed 

Do you wear braces? Nope 

What is your fashion style? Comfortable~ Just leggings and whatever else I can find 

Full name? That’s cute 

When were you born? 4th May 

Where are you from? Little old Britain 

Do you have siblings? I have two one older sister 

What kind of student are you? I really try but I have no idea what’s going on. I’m always asking people for help and I feel so sorry for them but bless them for being so lovely and kind and helping me when I’m being no more than dumb 

Do you even like school? Don’t even get me started 

What are your favourite school subjects? Either Business Studies or Computer Science 

What are your favourite shows? The Walking Dead, Educating the East End, The Jeremy Kyle Show, Catfish, Teen Wolf, Humans and Pretty Little Liars 

What are your favourite movies? Aladdin and The Lovely Bones~~~~ 

What are your favourite books? I prefer non-fiction books and my favourite is The Saddest Girl in The World by Cathy Glass but I don’t really read often, oops 

What is your favourite pastime? I’m sorry but it’s Tumblr… 

Do you have any regrets? Too many to count 

What is your dream job? I don’t know, I’ve had ideas but I’ve grown less fond of them, maybe something in business? 

Would you like to get married and where? I’d love to get married but I’ve never really thought about it. I wouldn’t mind where we get married, I just want to make it memorable and be surrounded by my family and loved ones~~~~ 

Would you like to have kids someday? Maybe. I’ve thought about adopting but I don’t know if I will.

Are you a girly girl, regular girl or a tomboy? I’m a little bit of all three~~~~ 

Do you like shopping? Of course 

What countries have you visited so far? I have been to Germany, Spain, France, Belgium and Portugal!!! 

What is the scariest nightmare you ever had? I almost always forget my dreams. I have forgotten most of my nightmares but I remember when I was younger I used to get them a lot and I used to be scared to fall asleep. 

Do you have enemies? I don’t know~ I hope not but I don’t know 

Who are your best friends? They are the most precious people to me in the world!!! 

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1. Spell Your Name in Song Titles:

J. Jackie and Wilson - Hozier

U. Ultraviolence - Lana Del Rey

L. Long & Lost - Florence & The Machine

I. Is There Somewhere - Halsey

A. All About Us - He Is We ft. Owl City

2. Why did you choose your URL?

because I looove Parenthood and Gilmore Girls and I want to be a Bravermand and a Gilmore lmao

3. What’s your middle name?

I never know how to answer this. My middle name is my mother’s last name bc here in Brazil the kids usually get the last name from both parents so it’s more like two last names and no middle name….. idk…. De Marchi

4. If you could be any fictional/fairy tale being, what would you be?

idk maybe a mermaid!!!!

5. What’s your favourite colour?


6. Favourite song at the moment?

With Arms Outstretched - Rilo Kiley

7. Top four fandoms?

Friends, Gilmore Girls, Chuck, Parks & Rec and The Office. That was four right? Right

8. Why do you enjoy tumblr?

because idk many people irl who like the same stuff I like so it’s really nice to come here and talk about my obsessions with people that enjoy the same stuff I do :-)

9. Tag nine mutuals

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1) write your name in song titles:

S- Stars: Au Revoir Simone
A- Alien: Britney Spears
R- Ready for the Weekend: Icona Pop
A- Are You Satisfied?: Marina and the Diamonds

2) why did you choose your URL?
Well Clara Oswald is my favorite character from DW and idk I still like her a lot even though I’m not really into the show any more.

3) what’s your middle name?

I have two…
Alice and Helen

4) if you could be a fictional/fairytale being, what would you be?
Hmm… I would love to be a fairy or a witch!

5) favorite colours?
Pink, light blue, purple, mint green, gold, dark red.

6) favorite song at the moment?

Maybe Stars by Au Revoir Simone or Every night by Hannah Diamond

7) top 4 fandoms?
Ever after high, monster high, Steven universe, gravity falls.

8) why do you enjoy tumblr?
I can see cool and amazing fan art of my favorite shows and I can laugh at dumb stuff and look at pretty things

9) tag 9 of your mutuals

ghostlypal lamb1999 roboboners
you don’t have to do it…

Get to know me (well you’ve read it, may as well finish)

I’m kidding…anyway. 

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Sign : Taurus (April 27th)
Height : 5′ 8
Sexual orientation : panromantic asexual
Favourite colour : black…black is a color. 
Sleep? : ahahhahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA *eye twitches*
Lucky number : 13
Last thing I googled : diy indoor Halloween decorations 
Word that comes to mind : why?
Music I’m listening to : Do You Want it All - Two Door Cinema Club
Number of blankets I sleep with : Just one
Favourite fictional character : You expect me to pick one? 
Favourite famous person : Frank Iero
Celebrity crush : I don’t think I have one, tbh…
Favourite book : Catcher in the Rye… teenage angst for the win, right? RIGHT!?!
Dream trip : Everywhere. Except maybe Southern USA. And like… touristy places. We can leave those out. 
What you’re wearing : lacy black lingerie c; okay actually an old RocketRocketShip t shirt and some cut off pyjama pants… I haven’t seen sunlight in a week, send help

Alright I’ll tag dreamdorkspizza lordmeowdemort genderb-tch caged-human xxkawaii-sex-godxx kiara–nix  gay-ouija-bitch ademorda urnipples but honestly if you’ve read this far and you haven’t done one of these in 3 million years, I’m tagging you too. Have fun! 

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Nickname: Gabbers, Gabi, Gabbles, Gibbins.

Birthday: January 3, 96

Star sign: Capricorn

Gender: Female

Sexual orientation: Straight

Height: 5′4″

Favourite colour: Red

Average amount of sleep: Bro, I don’t even know. Five hours maybe??

Last thing I googled: Uhh.. I googled something about Biology bc I was doing a quiz haha

First thing to come to mind: How the fuck does my boyfriend sleep for so long

Happy place: Bed, or covered in puppies

How many blankets I sleep with: Two thin quilts?

Favourite book: The Great Gatsby or To Kill A Mockingbird

Favourite artist/band: Always We Came As Romans. I feel like they’ll always hold that spot in my heart, but I also really enjoy Panic! At The Disco and A Day To Remember

Last movie I saw in cinemas: The Gift (strange movie, lemme tell you)

Dream job: Exotic Vet, with endangered animals <3

What I’m wearing now: ……A pikachu onesie…

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