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Inspired by @neikarasu ‘s fic Eclipse. I jumped the wagon. Thank you base god for amazing writers with amazing ideas.

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Centipeedle Gem Theory

I think centipeedle is a chrysoprase gem. If you look at the photo set I have attached to the post, you can see the similarities between the two. Glowing like green, with brick red colors are on both the chrysoprase gem, and centipeedle.

Another thing I noticed is that Centipeedle has 11 characters. Chrysoprase also has 11 characters.

I’d like to dive right on into this new series, and go ahead and list some details that I found to use as a future reference (credit to Aphmau for the photo, of course)

Starting from the far right, my best guess is that this is some sort of character familiar to Aaron. He has his sword, red outfit, and same hairstyle. Probs going to be played by Aph’s husband

EDIT: someone told me that the “sword” is actually confirmed to be a guitar, which still fits with Aaron’s personality

The middle is obviously Aphmau. Her outfit kind of reminds me of Blake from RWBY, with a color switch. It looks like she’s a Meif'wa of some kind

The one on the left is really leaving me at a loss. Their skin appears to be a bit darker than the other two, so maybe there’ll finally be some racial diversity. It also looks like they have white hair, with a while/teal robe to match

Another point of mine is that the series seems to revolve around a tree, which Jess released art of on her Twitter. Perhaps this is like the tree from Tinker Bell, which provides some sort of mineral that everyone needs to survive? Or maybe it’s just a symbolic tree; my guess is as good as yours

Thanks for reading my ramble lovelies xx


ok so this is just 2 of my most recent drawings (bunny isn’t finished) but i am currently unemployed and rent is coming up and after rent i really won’t have money for anything else (ie: food/gas) and i don’t wanna give like a sob story or anything because im not looking for pity i just wanna be able to eat so like would anyone wanna buy a commission ????? it can be whatever you want but im best at animals. you can give me the price u want to pay even 1 dollar i don’t care! but i will ask that if you want colored digital pls at least 5 bucks i hope that’s reasonable just bc it takes me hours to finish. and if you can’t buy one it would be so rad if u could just reblog it or like tell a friend who might be into it

also these are photos of my computer screen in sai bc im paranoid abt ppl stealing but obv if you pay for something you’ll get the actual hi res pic ❤️

thank u so much ??? :0


So, I promise the dress isn’t the same color as my skin as it looks like in the photos, but I do have to say, its not particularly far off! That and the exposure issues I’m having with my camera make it so the dress isn’t super visible, so I apologize for the inability to see the details. It’s so gorgeous, comfy, light and flowy, and with a golden belt from Charlotte Russe to give it a it more shape it has quickly become one of my favorites! The dress itself is from Target, and the shoes I’m wearing are from Journeys.

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Ok but Calum is part white. It's ok to refer to him as POC but don't forget that he is half Maori not full. If you want to respect his Maori side only that's fine but he is also Scottish and I doubt he is sitting back on the bus thinking why the lighting in that photo has him looking more like dad's skin color than mom's.

This I understand. I think it’s petty to make a big deal out of it.

thebluefloof replied to your photo “today I drew a dragon with a very cute snoot 5 hours in Photoshop CS6”

I noticed this was a grayscale on Twitter, do you use the ‘color’ layer style to apply the first 'coating’ of color or a different style? :0

The WIP I posted on twitter earlier ended up being turned into a multiply layer, with normal layers underneath it for color! c: It also has several overlay layers on top with different colors (in this case reds and purples) to make it look more colorful. I might post my drawing process here if people are interested!

My hope is not to cause any negative feelings with this post I just need to vent and possibly have discussion.

So this person I know just posted a photo with like most of her friends and it was all white people and I don’t know why but it made me want to cry and I just don’t understand how you can have a picture with 15+ people in it who are your friends and there isn’t one person of color. Like you have NO friends of color. What!?

Am I right to feel this way? Like I just don’t understand.


The New Golden Age of Underground Metro Stations

Photographer Chris Forsyth has released the latest images from his photo series Metro. Having previously gone underground to capture the surreal beauty of Montreal’s metro system, Forsyth traveled to Europe to shoot stations in Munich, Berlin and Stockholm. His photographic style portrays the stations in their best light – bright, clean, colorful and completely absent of people.

“Seeing the design strengths of various metro systems, from the hand painted cave-like stations in Stockholm, to the well-lit modern platforms of Munich’s U-Bahn, I really began to feel the how good design can change your day for the better,” says Forsyth. “Whether it be awe-inspiring or simply bright and colorful, I can only imagine how it feels to start your daily commute in one of these metro stations.”

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Guys I Think I found Something

So Ryan Ross’ instagram profile picture is a picture of him in bunny ears. What most people (or at least I think) don’t think about is when the photo was taken, I took a closer look and I said to myself ‘fuck that really looks like it was taken from the Pretty. Odd. Era’ so I google ‘ryan ross bunny ears’ and more pictures came up, his instagram profile pic came up and a couple others all with the same outfit, guitar, guitar strap, and color/number of piks (is that how you spell it?) On the mic stand. So by now I’m like, ‘well this is actually friggin gr8. His insta profile pic is from the Pretty. Odd. Era, that’s nice, it was a good time there’s nothing wrong with that’ but then…BUT THEN…I go back and look at the other pictures I found and one of the suggested pictures caught my attention, it was a picture of Pretty. Odd. Era Brendon wearing bunny ears. Now I’m intrigued. Was this like a thing that the band did? Was it to celebrate Easter once? NOPE. now I don’t know how legit this story is but I visited the original page where one of the pictures of Ryan came from and it was linked with a caption of a girl telling a story of how her and her friend wore bunny ears to a panic! Show in 08 and they ended up throwing them on stage, and Brendon and Ryan literally wore them for part of the show. Just them and from the pictures (I found one of both of them so I know it was one incident and not two) they looked like they were having a good time, goofing around, being generally happy little bunny boys. The girl ended up getting them back, so we know they didn’t keep them. Maybe it was just a moment that he really enjoyed, a fond memory. But it would have to have been important/stuck with him if it’s still his picture 8 years later?! Unless hes just been to lazy to change it since he put it up…No! That can’t be right because instagram has only been around since 2010! It has to be something more then, because that’s still two years after the photo was taken. (This is saying if he got an instagram the same year it came out)

Did I find new ryden lore??? Or am I over thinking this?

DIY Galaxy Mason Jars

Use colorful acrylic paint to easily create colorful galaxy glass jars.

Find this DIY Galaxy Mason Jar Tutorial from The Swell Designer here.

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A nebula is a cloud of gas and dust located between stars and/or surrounding stars. A galaxy is a collection of stars, gas, and dust bound together by gravity. (source)

If you need galaxy inspiration, check out the Copyright Free NASA Galaxy Photos here. These photos are from a huge collection of NASA’s “Picture of the Day” archive.  

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3rd gym prom headcanons

I’m bored af so yeah.

-Kenma and Hinata are the cutest couple. Everyone loves Kenma’s man bun and their corsages. They’re outfits are really nice soft colors.

-Kuroo manages to pull his hair back and everyone loves it 💯👌🏼 he and Tsuki are both kind of matching Kuroo wears a black and red, Tsuki is in a classic tux with a white shirt. Kei loves his fucking hair but before the photo it just goes poof! And his awful bedhead is back.

-Bokuto is all black n blue and Akaashi is white n blue Bokuto fixes his hair like Kuroo but it doesn’t go poof. He looks fucking good and he just keeps snap chatting everything. Everything

- Kuroo and Bokuto steal like half of the fucking snack table. They even steal the whole tray of strawberries for Tsuki from the chocolate fountain.

- Kuroo and Bokuto are the first to dance and they’re pretty good. They dance alone for a good time until they fucking haul Tsuki in with them and just sandwich him for the rest of the prom. They only let him go when he wanted to take off his jacket but Akaashi pulls him back in.

-Kenma and Hinata sit basically the entire prom because shou respects that Kenma’s doesn’t like big crowds they eat and take selfies for most of the time. They only do the slow dances and it’s really cute.

-Kuroo: *slow dancing* I love you babe. Tsuki: I love you too… Bokuto-san that’s my ass. Bokuto: *slow dancing on him* sshh just move to the music.

-Akaashi manages to steal Tsukishima from them on the last slow dance and just smirks at Kuroo for the whole time. Kuroo tries to not get jealous because he wasted all his slow dances with Bokuto.

-none of them managed to get prom pictures. So when they went to McDonalds they took them there.

-they stay wake till 4 at Bokuto’s watching movies and eating their 100 chicken nuggets, order of 12 large fries, 7 pocket pies ((Kenma only shared with Hinata, he fucking hissed at Bokuto for trying to get one.)) and milk shakes.

-Akaashi starts crying because that was Kuroo and Bokuto’s prom and he’s not going to see their pain-in-the-asses anymore. Tsukishima starts choking up too because he remembered he’s two years younger than Kuroo and he can’t really see him. They all eventually start crying they stop when something in a movie made them laugh.

-They spend the night at Bokuto’s all in the living room snuggled up against each other. Bokuto wakes up first finds his selfie stick and takes a picture of them all sleeping. He wakes them up with his crying because he really doesn’t want to graduate anymore like he used to.

Raccoon skull sports bras coming soon! I’ve finally gotten to printing and wash testing the bras….and so now I just need to take photos. 😁 this is something I’ve been wanting to make for a while because I feel like so much of the workout gear I find is bright colors, and almost never made in a style I actually like 🌿 #SOVRIN #healthgoth

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That photo was taken up on the SPN set in Vancouver. Like last time, I actually had the really fun opportunity to record Jensen’s vocals on set while they were filming. We rolled in to set a few hours early and before wardrobe and makeup and all that other crazy TV land stuff, we just jammed a bit! The specific process was Jensen recorded a scratch guitar track, then sang to it   [source]

Hello! I am Professor Willow.
What color of complex fitness-wear would you like??
Thank you SO much to Hopie for the photo and for her time messing around with me yesterday in this closet cosplay! I BELIEVE another part of her video adventures is going up on her Instagram today! @hopiechan
GUYS. ALSO. I just posted a video of my makeup process on our Youtube @ TWINZIK

OR: https://youtu.be/gXg1AU9XwMA

*It’s a very simple video since his makeup isn’t terribly complex (all Pokecharacters’ faces run pretty generic), but if you’d like to see me do a little QUICK contouring and beard-laying, then please check it out and let me know if you’d be interested in more videos like this!
I can make sure the next one is a lot more complex…or at least interesting! That’s probably important.
#PokemonCosplay #Pokemon #PokemonGo #professorwillow #twinzik #crossplay #ClosetCosplay #cosplaymakeup

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