Name: Cas or Bash

Birthday: April 4

Gender: Very complicated

Orientation: Attracted to men

Age: 18

Favorite soda: Probably Sprite or Root Beer, but it depends on the mood.

Favorite candy: ZOURS. FUCK YES. also, anything chocolate. and sour.

Favorite pizza: Cheese. I know, I’m boring.

Favorite salad dressing: I don’t like salad. Unless it’s fruit salad.

Favorite meal: Mmmmmmm favorite mealtime is dinner and fav meal is probably pasta, bacon, chicken, and peas or baked potato soup. Yessssssss. Or twice baked potatoes. Fuckin love that shit.

Best memory: Goodness, I have a lot of memories. Mmm off the top of my head, I’ll say going to Italy this past month. I’ve always wanted to travel and go to Europe and I finally hit something off my bucket list.

Best friend: Don’t have one, but there’s someone I’d like to consider my best friend even if we don’t talk as much anymore. Sigh. I have very bad luck with best friends.

Best relative: Either my aunt or my grandma. My aunt is super nice and caring and hilarious and my grandma is a grandma. XD they’re both great.

Best pet: Ooh! My Havanese, Josie. She is the cutest ball of fluff you will ever see. XD

One random fact about you: My school won outstanding overall musical production in the entire state last year. It’s a huge honor and I actually had a part in the show.

One random fact about your day: I spent the morning writing up a closing checklist for my work because we constantly forget about the things we’re supposed to do when closing the store XP

One random fact about your job/school: I work at Cinnabon! As for school, i’ll be majoring in Psychology and doing the AFROTC program at the university as well as learning  foreign language. It’s gonna be a crazy three years.

One random fact about your favorite tv show: my fav tv show changes with whatever I’m watching…..but my fav is probably Psych right now, though I finished it weeks ago. Not sure of any facts off the top of my head though

One random fact you wish was a fact but it isn’t: That I’m an extrovert who has friends to hang out with and doesn’t rely on tumblr for all her social needs. Sigh.

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Hi! I've struggled with eating for a really long time and I'm a vegetarian and I was wondering if you had any tips or an eating plan? I want to be healthy but I am constantly struggling with what to eat

Hi girl! I’m not qualified in any way so I would personally recommend seeing a dietician who can give you a customized plan. However, I will list some vegetarians meals that I love and are healthy!

Eggs/egg white omelet with lots of veggies, mozzarella or feta cheese and flax/whole grain bread
Vegetarian breakfast sandwich: whole wheat English muffin, scrambled egg/egg whites, vegetarian sausage patty, spinach
Oatmeal with peanut/nut butter, fruit, honey, whatever healthy toppings you like :)
Green smoothie (look at recipes online, so many awesome options)

Big salad with all of your favorite veggies, spinach/kale base, beans (for protein), avocado, and vinaigrette dressing
Sweet potato with cinnamon and almond butter, fruit and Greek yogurt on side
Whole wheat pasta with pesto
Soup with whole grain/flax bread
Acai bowls
Vegetarian lasagna made with zucchini instead of noodles
Oven roasted mixed vegetables, grilled tofu with teriyaki or pesto, brown rice or quinoa

Answers :)

@lilcelest tagged me to answer a few questions. :3

- what is a favorite food you’d recommend?

Oh my, I love food so this is kinda hard. I guess at the moment I would recommend one of my personal favorites.  Roasted potatoes with parmesan cheese, also brown rice with mushrooms and almonds. And if you can get your hands on some Bohemian honey cake try it ;). Oh and also have some Greek salad!!!

- do you like tomatoes? (just wondering)

Yes! Lately i use them a lot. In cooking and salads. :)

- which time period do you prefer most when reading/watching something?

Nowadays I really like ancient history, especially Mediterranean and Middle Eastern. Although it’s hard to find many that have not been whitewashed or objectified or spun into some sort of propaganda….

- which horoscope sign do you have?

I’m a Sagittarius/Tiger/Type O. ;) i have a friend who is really into that sort of things.

- how long does it typically take for you to get out of bed in the morning?

Depends on my schedule. if i have things to do and places to go, then I’m out of bed in a second. no snooze. But if my day is cleared then I roll around the bed for like an hour. 

- recommended show/book/manga/etc that doesn’t have a mainly romantic plot line? ( please indulge me for a moment)

I guess all books, when put under a microscope have a romance in them. Unless you read scientific and medical journals. Even historical books are filled with epic romance. So I recommend: The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins,  Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder, Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche, Dreamcatcher by Stephen King, Roverandom by J. R. R. Tolkien. I guess if I really though about it I could think of a few more. Also to me at least,  The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov is and amazing book but not mainly romantic. 

- any memorable childhood story you want to tell?

Hmmmm… my childhood was fun and filled with excitement, I’m not sure what stands out though. Maybe when my best friend and I decided to run away from home and have and adventure and find vampires and dragons so we ran away from our supervisory adults ;) while we were in the park. But because we got too scared to leave the park and go into the big city on our own we sneaked into the old and mostly abandoned stadium that is right beside the park. We spent a lot of time just exploring the abandoned and desolate place. Got chased by some homeless dogs who lived there in a pack and followed and old cat to get away from them. She was hiding behind an old shed at the top of the stadium stairs/seats. In the shed we found an old box of lost-and-found from god knows when. In it there were two similar bracelets and we both kept one. A few books. I still have one of them. I still haven’t read it… mine is The Madagascar I love by Arkady Fiedler and his book is Battle Cry by Leon Uris. We met and old man who feeds those stray dogs and took care of them. He was an old professor who worked at the mechanical university that is not far from the park. He introduced us to the dogs and then they were very nice to us and let up pet them. When Alexander told him that the old stadium looked like a graveyard and it was scary he told us that graveyards serve prove there was life before death and we simply chose to focus on the finality and the negative, and that just because something has no future it does not mean that all it’s past should be forsaken. It took us years to understand him fully. Then he led us back to the park and to the grown ups. Although it seemed very long to us, we were actually gone for less then an hour. ;) We got our adventure! To this day we talk about it. We did not find vampires, but the pack of dogs were kind like wolves when they were scary, we later made friends with them. We found a treasure chest and we met and old wizard. Not really, but naturally, that is how we decided to remember him! 

Sorry about my grammar. 

Lets see, my questions are:

- What is your favorite horror movie? (even if you are not a true fan)

- If it was possible to terraform other planets would you be willing to go to one as a pioneer?

- Has global warming affected your area severely?

- Favorite lyrics (musical taste does not matter) and why?

- What is your favorite season of the year?

- What kind of drunk are you? ;) happy, cutesy, bouncy, grumpy or sad?

- What was the last thing to make you laugh and the last thing to make you cry?

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I recently started putting salsa rather than dressing on my salads. (I love salad. Usually have it at least once a day). I think it's much better now tbh. I'm definitely gonna try your black bean salsa.

I really like salsa ‘cause I’ll want potato chips sometimes but I can’t really eat that many before I feel off and want veggies or something else instead. So I normally prefer salsa chips with lots of veggies in the salsa (unless I like “need” some specific other junk food for some odd munchie). Beats a bag of cheese puffs any day. Plus you can disguise the taste of veggies you don’t like in the salsa, so it’s a good way to sneak in something you might otherwise avoid eating. And yeah it is good on a lot of things too (meat, eggs, etc). Never tried salads though but I could see it working. 

Food Diary: Broccoli, Potatoes and Cheese Sausage Recipe

I thought I’d share this really easy breakfast recipe that I’ve been making with The Boy for several years now. We like food that’s easy to prepare, and we prefer not to have rice for breakfast because it makes us sleepy instead of alert for the rest of the day. Instead, for this dish, we replaced it with a lot of broccoli and some potatoes, not a lot, to make a bed of cheesy vegetables for whatever meat we’re eating. It’s very filling and satisfying, and really easy to make. Enjoy!


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Things that I enjoy and that give me a pleasant feeling

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Songs: I like lots of songs. Currently listening to a lot of neutral milk hotel, Amy winehouse, and the early no doubt. 
Films: Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Scream, SLC Punk, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Shining.
Shows: American horror story, Bates Motel, HIMYM, American Dad. 
Food: potatoes(any kind) pasta, migas, Mac and cheese, and fruit!

Tell me your favorite things :)

Favourite Things Tag ☾

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Color: burgundy 

Food: potatoes. throw some cheese on those suckers and we’re golden

Smell: my boyfriend Mock Orange

Movie: The Lost Boys, or pretty much any 80′s movie tbh

Genre of music: I listen to pretty much anything, theres not a whole lot I don’t like, but I have a specific streak for country and kpop

Texture: bunny fur? bunny fur.

Time of day: like ¾ pm

Day of the Week: sunday, even though I work, idk there’s something calm about sundays

Celebrity: Tom Hardy or Natalie Dormer

Drink: Dude, definitely milk. If we’re talking alcoholic then Dragon Bomb.

Precious stone: ruby and moonstone

Animal: milk snakes

Flower: lily

Video game: Harvest Moon, Skyward Sword, or Assassins Creed 2

Fruit: peaches and raspberries

Vegetable: snap peas?

Shop: EB Games or Chapters

Fashion style: used to be more alternative but I find myself dressing more like a stereotypical white girl lately. It changes with the day, I guess

Boy’s name: Valiant or Icarus 

Girl’s name: Diana or Rio

Potato chip flavor: SALT AND VINEGAR

Meal of the day: dinner

Ice cream flavor: cookie dough

Soda: black cherry

Popcorn: movie popcorn w/ layered butter plz

Season: fall

Month: may

Word: so many; ilk, miasma, mellifluous, sonorous 

Disney princess: Mulan 

Insult: douche canoe, dumb butt

Eye colour: either husky blue or really dark brown/black

Dessert: anything with chocolate tbh

Restaurant: BP

Language: I only speak English, but Mandarin and German are super awesome

Thing about myself: ability to make people laugh

I tag: eager-iys, stanza-starkdb5kjjgot7

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One Movie - Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe 

Two Songs - Joy by Rend Collective and No More Dream by BTS

Three People - Adam Young, Min Yoongi, Do Kyungsoo

Four Shows - One Piece, Supernatural, Robin Hood, Doctor Who

Five Foods - Broccoli+cheese soup, breeeaaad, chocolate chip waffles, curry chicken+potato with roti, red beans and rice. 

I tag kingdomkeepers365 annnnnd lramd (only if you wanna!)

I was tagged by the awesome lady-of-rohan! Thank you so much. It means loads. <3 ;-; *sobs*

Color: turquoise, aquamarine, chartreuse

Food: chicken Alfredo, mashed potatoes, green beans and bacon, my mom’s mac n cheese, pork chops and potatoes, steak chimichanga. Italian, Mexican, Chinese foods. I’m not all that picky, really

Smell: Viva La Juicy Noir, Twilight Woods, anything sweet and sugary

Movie: How To Train Your Dragon (1&2), Big Hero 6, Lord of The Rings, Coraline, Wreck-it Ralph, Captain America (1&2), Star Wars, Star Trek, The Help, Guardians of The Galaxy, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Bambi, Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron, The Lorax, Ladyhawk. Lots of old movies too like To Kill A Mockingbird, You Can’t Take it With You, Meet Me In St Louis, Now Voyager. I have a movie obsession x3

Genre of music: I have a weird taste in music. Anything that has a deep meaning that I can relate to with a unique sound

Texture: fleece, clean bedsheets c:

Time of day: night. The sun pisses me off

Day of the week: saturdays and sundays

Celebrity: Benedict Cumberbatch and Sebastian Stan!

Drink: sweet tea

Precious: my old toy poodle Skittles, my Toothless plushy and my sister :p

Animal: owls (especially barred owls) bats, dogs, panthers, meerkats, horses, zebras, do dragons count?

Flower: morning glory

Video Game: The Evil Within, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and Awakening, Far Cry 4, Pokemon Omega Ruby, Outlast, Mass Effect, The Legend of Spyro, Ratchet and Clank, Infamous, Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

Fruit: strawberries, peaches, grapes, oranges, watermelon, bananas

Vegetables: potatoes, green beans, lima beans, tomatoes. A lot but I can’t think of anymore

Shop: Best Buy and Barnes & Noble

Fashion style: If I could afford really nice clothes I guess it would be something like soft grunge with ripped jeans and beanies with a spiky collar or bracelets. I dunno xD

Boy’s name: Carmine, Trenton, Titus, Joseph (it was my grandfather’s name too c: )

Girl’s name: Blake, Shiloh, Reagan, Matilda

Potato chip flavor: cheesy garlic bread

Meal of the day: steak chimichangas. I’m craving them ;-;

Ice cream flavor: birthday cake and cookie dough!

Soda: cream soda, voltage and whiteout mountain dew

Popcorn: caramel popcorn is nice ;3

Season: autumn and winter are great

Month: October

Word: Eidolon

Disney princess: Merida, Rapunzel or Tiana

Insult: dickweed, turdfart, lil shit

Eye color: forest greens or striking blues or golden browns

Dessert: gooey butter cake I make for my family

Candy: Ohhh, here we go! Hershey with almonds, Twix, watermelon bubblegum, blue berry flavored hard candy, gummy bears, Skittles (not my dog!) Crunch, M&Ms, Starbursts, Nerds, BabyRuths, Snickers, do chocolate covered raisins count? Almost any candy

Restaurant: Olive Garden

Language: English

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Wed 7/22/15

I ended up having a ton of dessert last night, but I woke up with a fresh start so I was determined to make the best of it.
Breakfast: 2 eggs with asparagus

Lunch: went to a Jamaican restaurant for the first time with a friend. It was delicious!!! Got chicken, beans and rice, plantains, and sautéed cabbage. Also had a Jamaican soda called kola champagne, yum!!

Snacks: apple, wheat thins and laughing cow cheese, Brussell sprouts

Dinner: chicken thigh, garlic mashed potatoes, Brussell sprouts

Workout: interval on the treadmill for 20 mins, a little abs on the machine.

I ate a lot more bread products than I wanted to today, but I think moderation is important. I got hungry again around 9 but was very proud of myself for having a big glass of water instead of a dessert. I feel like my workouts aren’t very intense because I don’t really have a focus I’m just going into the gym kinda lost and doing the same ole routine I’ve done for years. Tomorrow I’m hitting the gym for strength so maybe I’ll try some new stuff.

I find kolo songs to be some of the weirdest things ever…Like in Valpovo they have some that translate to like…I don’t want to eat cheese, lets eat potatoes, don’t ask me why and like there are a lot of words in some songs that like just don’t translate to anything. They’re that old

microbiallesbian asked:

It's okay :) what foods do you eat..? Maybe we can go on a date c: and the kind with cream cheese -3- mmm yummy :3

Really now? :P. And I like a lot of food. I eat pretty much everything except sushi, shellfish (because I’m allergic), and sourkraut. I’m a big fan of potatoes, I’m a meat eater, I love fruit, veggies, ice cream… All the food haha! What are your favorites?

anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite restaurants and things to order at them? Do you have a recipe for something that you love that is really great that you can share?

I don’t eat at a lot of food chains but I go to this sushi restaurant in Chateauguay a lot, it’s called Kiso and they have a vegetarian sushi menu I like. all of the names are in French so I couldn’t tell you what they’re called. now that I’m a vegetarian, I have a hard time ordering food when I go out. but my favorite Mexican place (El Jimador) makes good cheese quesadillas and I get them with beans and rice. and Jimmy Johns makes sick vegetarian sandwiches. as for recipes I make at home, I really like vegetable pot pie and mashed potatoes. it’s really easy to make. and I like cauliflower “wings”. just bread and fry cauliflower and put whatever sauce on it. I’ve made orange sauce, buffalo sauce, and sweet chili sauce :) my dad also makes bitchin black bean burgers. mash the beans and add bread crumbs and an egg to bind it, and then cook it on the grill.

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One Song: You Love Her Coz She’s Dead - Sundays Best (This was almost impossible to choose.)

Two Movies: Girl Interrupted, Silence of the lambs (I guess)

Three TV Shows: Uuuh… Kuroshitsuji, Hannibal, Merlin

Four Video Games: Dishonored, Dragon Age… Haven’t played lots I really really liked like the ones mentioned before but, Beyond: Two Souls, Mass Effect (Haven’t finished the series but sorta like it so far)

Five Foods: Pho Bo, Beef rolls filled with cream cheese and baked potato with tzatziki, almost anything with spinach, Vanilla ice cream with syrup, chilinuts

Six ppl to tag: I don’t know that many tumblr people, most ones I do already got tagged so I tag everyone who sees this mahaha… \o/

Today I tried sopes. They’re my favorite Mexican food so far! It’s a round piece of bread with raised edges. There are different things you can put in the center like meat, cheese, potatoes, etc. You eat it with your hands :) Actually I’m surprised at just how different the food is here. In the U.S. we have lots of Mexican restaurants owned by Mexican people, so I thought it would be more similar. So far, all the food (and candy!) I tasted is really good. Thank you to Nore and her family for showing us around and feeding us so well! And of course for hosting us :) http://ift.tt/1IsLGsW

During summer, this is what a typical dinner looks like. Lots of mixed greens dressed with apple cider vinegar and lemon, veggies sautéed with veggie stock, daiya cheese, and whatever protein I have on hand (salmon in this case) and one crispy smashed potato, all covered in a tangy radish greens dressing! Not the prettiest, but fast, nutritious and delicious! #glutenfree #celiac #paleo #healthyfood #cleaneating #lowfodmap #foodporn #veggies #VSCOcam via Instagram http://ift.tt/1TVld9i

I want to scream. I ended up having the banana split and counted it as 950
Cals. Put me at 2100 because I messed up and had mac n cheese, cornbread, AND cereal. Hah. Great. Wasn’t at all hungry, and was literally ON MY WAY downstairs to use the elliptical, and then just started eating the leftovers from dinner. I had (a lot of) pork tenderloin, potatoes, and asparagus. I’m at like 2600. Damn damn damn. And all I want to do is keep eating but I’ll be in a bathingsuit tomorrow. Screw it I’m gonna try to fast tomorrow. Or at least for 18 hours from now. I don’t want any advice or anything honestly thank you but I just needed to vent.