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so i saw you asking for some freewood prompts but i wasn't sure if you were feeling angst or fluff so i have supplied both: for angst i was thinking of something inspired by the phrase "am i supposed to just let you go?", and for fluff “i’ve been breaking my phone on purpose just because you work at the help desk AU" (you and your fic are awesome btw)

Aw, thanks, that’s really sweet of you! <3 So, I REALLY liked both of these prompts a lot, but the fluff one is speaking to me, so I decided to go with that one for now. But the angst one is hovering in the back of my mind, too! :D

Gavin walks into the electronics store, frowning and tightening his hand on his phone in his pocket. “Uh, help desk?” he asks the greeter, and is pointed to the very back corner of the store. Despite being a Saturday, and despite being just after lunch, the store is relatively empty as Gavin walks through, which is why it’s easy to see the help desk and the man standing behind it – looking bored as hell – from fairly far away. Gavin freezes up. He’s been putting this trip off for days, hoping his phone problem would fix itself, and he’s seriously regretting it now, because the guy behind the desk is really hot and Gavin can’t help but expect he’s going to think Gavin is an idiot, and if he’d just come in a few days earlier maybe this guy wouldn’t have been on shift.

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More (messy) OC mageform designs for fun [in other words, mahou shoujo everywhere]. White kid’s name [here] would be Noel. :) [violin /duelist /gold] ; Lilika’s [parasol /mageknight /skyblue]

Expanded on stitchy-based themes too. I like the idea of variations of similar design too much – it’s just like MMORPG armours! hehe

’ 7’ here’s a speedpaint of this piece! also, i couldn’t decide between this version and the one here to upload,,,

mercenarysexuality replied to your photo “Little pencil sketch. Hnnng Cullen. Maker give me strength„”

Holy crap what are you doing to my heart

*Cullen’s voice* Whatever you wish, m'lady, whatever you wish.

(Aaaah another drawing wow I’m being productive)


Those who can tap into the raw energy of the Fade and block the whispering temptations of demons are truly exceptional. When they turn that mental focus onto the field of war, they can be truly terrifying opponents. Rains of fire, walls of ice, or even the ability to heal allies make up a mage’s toolkit. Most employ considerable skills rendering foes not only weakened, but also vulnerable to physical attacks, setting up opportunities for their teammates to exploit.

the chantry treating tranquillity as a ‘solution’ to the 'mage problem’ is one of the most extreme and visceral forms of censorship imaginable 

don’t like what we say? we’re not just going to silence your opinions and lock you in a tower your entire life, but we’re also literally going to brainwash you into being a willing slave