idk what if the Inquisitor was a kid ? It wouldn’t be called The Inquisition, it’d be the deadly babysitter squad.

( thank you @bittersweet-blue-hearts for the prompt )

In the abstract, one of red’s specialties is supposed to be emotion—the whole rich, complicated, fervently-felt spectrum of unique feelings. But in practice, a lot of red’s mechanical space is about dealing damage and killing your opponent so often that red tends to be about this one emotion:

RRAAAGGHGHHGHGH. Rage! Fury! Anger! (Lots! Of variations! Of one! Basic! Emotion!)

That’s not to say that Screaming Battle Rage isn’t a fine emotion to express sometimes! It is. But it’s not expressing the whole sweep of emotions that red’s supposed to be about. And we’ve heard from many of y’all that you’d like us to find opportunities for red cards to depict other kinds of emotion. OKAY WELL STRAP IN.

So like, what if a red spell were about tough and prickly emotions, like catharsis, regret, and homecoming? What if red card-drawing were flavored as the process of expunging a complicated knot of painful feelings that are now, finally, in the past, and about the dawning possibility that, together, we might just be able to labor through the lingering ache of those past tragedies – and maybe even dare to feel a wrenching surge of hope?


Cathartic Reunion art by Howard Lyon

Both mother and daughter, Pia and Chandra, thought the other had died long ago. They’ve been apart for years, living with that ache. But that’s in the past now.

Anyway I guess what I’m trying to say is YOU BROUGHT THIS ON YOURSELVES TUMBLR I love u bye


Cullen might be an ex-templar, but the amount of apostate mages in the inquisition has to effect him some way.

Potion brewing day.

2 nb mage nerds exchanging recipes and trying to figure out which ingredients are the same things with different names.


More (messy) OC mageform designs for fun [in other words, mahou shoujo everywhere]. White kid’s name [here] would be Noel. :) [violin /duelist /gold] ; Lilika’s [parasol /mageknight /skyblue]

Expanded on stitchy-based themes too. I like the idea of variations of similar design too much – it’s just like MMORPG armours! hehe