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I like your art))) As about Voltronstuck, how do you think: wich God Tier each of Voltron crew have?

well.. uh…… sorry. I can’t choose 8ω8 I like all it.

Coran - Mage of Hope
Allura - Witch of Life
Keith - Knight of Blood
Shiro - Heir of Space
Hunk - Page of Breath / Page of Void
Lance - Prince of Mind / Prince of Light
Pidge - Rogue of Heart / Rogue of Doom

Pidge - Heir of Light (+grimdark)
Hunk - Page of Hope
Lance - Thief of Breath
Shiro - Seer of Void
Keith - Prince of Rage / Knight of Time

Why Hawke Must Side With The Templars

Okay, I’ve needed to get this off my chest for a while.

This whole mage templar dispute thing - it’s driving me nuts. I was recently looking at statistics as to how many people sided with the templars vs those who sided with mages, and I just - ugh. There was an outrageous amount of people that sided with the mages - most in fact. Okay fine, I get why people sided with mages. I do get why, however, when I say I understand why, that does not mean, for any reason, that I agree with that decision.

And here’s why.

Let me first explain why I get why people sided with the mages - for Pete’s sake, I always play as a mage. They’re the freaking best, and I think their story is amazing.

I totally understand the mage oppression thing. Mages are being oppressed and treated completely unfairly by these templars. Meredith is fucking nuts, and the chantry is supporting it - or, in Kirkwall, becoming a neutral party which doesn’t help anyone.

Templars are out of control, and people view them as heroes, because propaganda and gossip coupled with horror stories about crazy rampant mages plague the streets. People see templars as the ones who can protect them. So, given this, as in any society, templars are given reign to be able to treat these mages badly, and people advocate for their imprisonment.

Mages are being unfairly ripped from their homes, and parents never to be able to see their children again is a huge issue. These mages are allowed little to no freedom, and they are basically kept in a Circle for their entire lives. They are even thought to be the Maker’s “unwanted” children, and are taught to feel terrible about themselves, which is completely wrong.

Mages are also thought to be able to snap at any moment, and that the majority are actually insane blood mages looking for newborn children to sacrifice. Now, the side that argues mage freedom is the side that firmly believes that these mages should be free because not all mages are like that, not all are crazy blood mages, and a lot of them are better people than most. They’re clearly at a disadvantage in society, and viewed as a major threat, which isn’t true of all mages. It’s unfair, and the fear that’s associated with these people is out of control.

For the most part - this is true! Most mages want nothing more than to live peaceful lives. I completely - TOTALLY understand that, and definitely agree.

If given freedom, these mages have power that could help so many people! They would also be much less likely to be prone to blood magic because they’ve been backed into a corner and have no choice. If they were given this freedom, mages would be able to thrive and wouldn’t go to such drastic measures to protect themselves, which templars CLEARLY provoke inside them.

Is that right? Is that a pretty good explanation?

Right, now listen to my side.

Mages. Are. Fucking. Dangerous. It doesn’t matter what anyone says about control. One of my absolute favorite lines from DA2 is Fenris’s quote that goes: “I have no doubt that mages can be good and decent men, able to resist temptation. But how many temptations do you wish to offer a man before he will give in?” This is the absolute truth for these mages. They are offered ultimate power every single time they close their eyes, or are backed into a corner. Some are stronger than others and are able to resist this, but there are many mages out there that are given this incredible power and have absolutely no idea what to do with it or how to use it - or worse yet, abuse it.

They’re dangerous. There’s no getting around that fact. They’re dangerous, badass, and extremely powerful. They are able to tap into the essence of the fade and create and do things that no normal man can - and when one says that a mage’s power is like that of a templar’s sword - a templar isn’t able to set an entire city on fire or summon an army of demons with a swish of his blade - whereas a mage has every ability to do so with a wave of their hand.

You cannot compare. You can’t.

Let me also make something very clear - there is so much evidence in Dragon Age lore that proves that not all mages are born with the innate willpower to be able to muster and master this power. Weak or strong, in either case, each is given the exact same amount of power. The weak cannot handle this power, and therefore fall prey to powerful demons - which result in death and destruction. The powerful, or even borderline powerful, have a much better chance at mastering this ability, and are therefore born with the ability to control magic.


Mages are susceptible to possession and summoning beings of great power, they are capable of burning down a city - a SINGLE man in one instance is capable of this destruction. And if one feels threatened, even a little, it takes but a slip of the mind to allow a demon to enter and turn them into an abomination.

Mages have power beyond comprehension, and a lot of it hasn’t even been explored yet. This exposure to the fade allows them this ability, and though there are those who are able to control this power, not every mage is like this. And therefore incredibly dangerous.

So, with that, it is no surprise that the Circle was created. And it makes SENSE. Come on people, the Circle is absolutely necessary. Mages are capable of being a danger to others and themselves! The Circle was meant to teach them how to control this. The Circle’s creation was meant to be a safe place for mages to practice their magic and master is so that they can eventually become successful citizens of Thedas without being a danger to themselves or others.

However, now the Circle is a prison, as the templars have turned it into that, and its former purpose has been skewed.

This is where the debate gets tricky.

The Circle is necessary, definitely, but it absolutely needs reformation. It cannot continue to treat these people this badly and lock them up. That’s why it’s so important that mages are put in these Circles and taught how to control their magic. And when they can, they can leave. That would be the most ideal set up. But it’s not like that, because people don’t trust them.

Which makes sense for the most part because of what they’re capable of.

Soooo, anyway, I need to get back on track here.

So, then this whole Kirkwall thing happens, and mages and templars are at each other’s throats, and finally Anders takes things into his own hands and blows up the fucking Chantry because it’s a neutral party and will inevitably incite rebellion.

Let’s break this down, shall we?

Meredith is pissed because she suspects blood magic in the ranks of the Circle, and Orsino has had it with her bullshit so he’s not taking it anymore. So they’re arguing.

At this point in the story, it makes sense for Hawke to wonder if Meredith is actually on to something, or if she’s just bullying Orsino. (In my opinion, sadly enough, I realized before it had even been revealed at the end, that the man who killed Hawke’s mother had been in cohorts with Orsino, so I would have supported the raid with that information) However, without that information, there would have been no evidence to support this raid of the tower, so the mages would absolutely have my support at this point.

Then, as Orsino goes to try and get help to calm the dispute, which I completely agree with, Anders blows up the fucking Chantry.



A mage, KILLED the Grand Cleric for ALL mages. He did it - in the NAME of mages.

He doomed them all, as Orsino said.

The line is so fragile at this point, that there is so little hope for mages.

But this line is where people tend to get confused who to side with - or not confused, because most people side with mages.

No, bad idea. Lemme tell you why.

I did at first, I actually was like - fine. Mages are oppressed, this needs to stop. I need to do what’s right for these innocent mages and defend them! -

- And then something happened.

During the fight, mages were turning into abominations and killing people. They were being either backed into a corner by templars, or they were using blood magic and summoning demons to protect them - but still killing people.

That was when I paused the game, sat back, and realized my mistake.

I see Anders’ bigger picture thing - but I saw an even bigger picture.

Think about this.

If you support/protect the mages - you are supporting and protecting BLOWING up the damn Chantry and all the Grand Cleric had done to keep peace, you are supporting this war and mages and that decision to kill those innocents. You’re supporting the mages who turn into abominations or resort to blood magic. You are supporting the right for mages to use their magic to kill people. You are supporting Anders. That is what everyone in Thedas would see, and therefore your credibility would be lost to the majority of the population.

So, after I thoroughly thought that through, I restarted the last bit of the game to change my decision.

I changed it because I saw the fact that in this situation, people would NEVER listen to my Hawke and what he had to say if he didn’t support the safety of the people as well as the Chantry. They wouldn’t listen to him because he would have been a mage protecting mages, and that’s all the people would have seen. The only respect he would have earned would be from the mages that fought for their lives and those who rebelled in the Circle’s throughout Thedas - and may I remind you, that is a VERY small population.

Hawke, as a mage, already gains a portion of respect from those people. What he needs is to earn the trust and respect from those who are not mages. He needs to show them that he will fight for THEIR safety and protect them from crazy mages who would blow up the damn chantry and kill thousands of innocents by turning into abominations or using blood magic.

THAT is where he needs to draw his influence.

Because of what Anders did, and HOW the war started, there was no chance that my Hawke was going to side with murderers. Because THAT, if you break it down, is exactly what he would have been doing if he sided with the mages.

Now that my Hawke is viscount of Kirkwall AND a goddamn mage, how much do you think the city respects that? He is their CHAMPION. The one who stood up for the citizens and vouched for the safety of the city. They BEGGED him to become viscount. What do you think he is capable of doing now that he is viscount? He can change the CIRCLE. NOW he has influence over these people who see a mage and RESPECT him! That is the type of mage that the people need to look up to and see to feel safe. That is where Hawke can make a change.

Instead, if you go the opposite route, the people chase you out with damn pitchforks and curse and spit at you.

Great. How much influence do you have now? Yes, he is someone that the mages respect, but that’s it. Everyone else would see him as a threat, just like the rebelling apostates.

My point is that Hawke, MAGE Hawke ESPECIALLY, should absolutely, in that situation, side with the Templars. He still doesn’t agree with Meredith, and he stands up to her by sparing the lives of mages who surrendered - WHICH GAINS THEIR RESPECT.

The all around benefits of siding with the Templars FAR outweigh the benefits of siding with the mages. If people took even two seconds to think about this, they would see that, no matter how you look at it, siding with the Templars and protecting the city is the right thing to do.

All that people see though, is the unjust that mages face, and they right away jump to this HUGE decision to start a war and side with the side that they think is innocent. Noooo, guys. NOT in this situation. This situation does not WARRANT that action! This PARTICULAR situation must have Hawke defend the people, so that they can see that this mage is a protector for all, and that he stands with the right and just and wants to bring justice to the Grand Cleric and all who died in the Chantry. THAT is what Thedas should see.

Mages need to be vouched for, I know that, and what they’re going through needs to be changed, and in the end, the war did start a movement for their fair treatment, but again, for this particular situation, siding with the Templars is the best way to go.

Hawke can still stand up and defend these mages afterwards, he can still draw his influence from being viscount and make changes through that. It’s not like he doesn’t have the chance now to do something about it - he still can! Especially now that he’s viscount - and someone that the people respect and praise for his actions to protect the city.

Think about it, if the Templars had blown up the Circle because they believe that mages were using blood magic and killing people, do you think I would have sided with the Templars?

Absolutely NOT.

Anyone would be able to see that what they had done was unfair and unjust and that they had gone too far. The people of Thedas would see that Meredith had gone mad, and that the templars were out of control, and therefore, this would have warranted Hawke’s action to side with the mages and bring justice.

What Anders did doomed the mages of Kirkwall and ruined chance for compromise.

Now, I can’t necessarily say what he did was…not without reason or didn’t end up serving a purpose, in that aspect I think what he did was necessary, but just because it was, this would mean that Hawke’s actions to side with the templars was also necessary. That’s tricky, I know, and one action would have to lead to the other. What Anders did ended up serving as the momentum mages needed to finally break free of the hold the templars had on them, so, as I said before, in a way this was necessary.

But so was Hawke’s decision to side with the templars.

If this doesn’t help you see the reasonable side to this - then I have no idea what will.

But yeah, that’s my side, the logic behind it had been thought through VERY thoroughly, and overall, this was the conclusion I came to-

As should you.

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Doesn't the lack of an arm cut down on the chances of seeing the Inquisitor as the protagonist again by a LOT? I mean, a mage (like Isii) could probably be okay after a while if they practiced, but... my Lavellan was an archer. (Which, tbh, was the biggest reason that killed me, especially since her identity as a hunter was VERY important to her.)

Possibly. Though I would say that, in a world filled with magic and enchanted items, it’s not impossible for them to find a work-around. Only having one arm does not make the Inquisitor helpless. It’s simply something they need to adapt to. (Out of curiosity, I did a quick search and found a video of a man demonstrating archery techniques with only one arm. He’s not quick enough for combat, but I found it interesting nonetheless.)

NT Moments - Te vs Ne
  • mr-entj: I used to be a US ranked world of Warcraft healer. That definitely got all the chicks. "Hey baby, want to ride with a US ranked Restoration Shaman?" - ENTJ pickup line.
  • INTP: HAHAHA! Why did you pick a healer? So that you have control of everyone’s lives?
  • mr-entj: YES. I like to take on the most important role.
  • INTP: Stereotypically, it'd be an Fe person.
  • mr-entj: I don't trust people with important things, and I get anxiety when I DPS because I feel like they're going to fail at healing me.
  • INTP: I usually played high DPS mage. I like grilling and smiting things.
  • mr-entj: I tanked and healed. Either in the front or the back but never in the middle.
  • INTP: That...made me think of human centipede for some reason.
  • mr-entj: ............
  • mr-entj: INTP, no.
  • mr-entj: This is a train of thought I cannot follow you.
  • mr-entj: You are on your own.
  • mr-entj: Godspeed.

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ooo kat youre still doing that fe meme?? i wanna know how abooout 17 n 26?? c:

17. henlivia, i love them to death and also lucigo

26. Grandmaster and Hero, they’re literally my killing machine but in term of design, i like mage the most \o/

My Favorite Hetalia RPs

-Everyone is a succubus (Or half incubus, or one person isn’t. Usually the FACE family is a mixed incubus family.) 

-Most of them are cat people and like two of them aren’t. (Specifically those people that aren’t rescue the cat people from the black market and have like a cat people half-way home) 

-I love giving America disadvantages and seeing how he can deal with them.  (Loss of strength, blindness, missing limbs– this one especially if he’s a veteran [war veteran Alfred is my fave]– wheelchair, ect. He’s such a strong character) Bonus if he has to end up with Russia, and Russia has to learn to be a little sweeter if they aren’t physical equals.) 

-I also love making Prussia a literal fairy? He just seems perfect to be fey. (Isn’t demon a little obvious? That iron weakness drives him crazy.)

-Any AU in which France owns a restaurant/bakery/is a chef.

-America is in trouble and Canada is a protective older brother. 

-England in positions of power (King/head of house/powerful black mage. I like making him the bad guy sometimes :3)

-Medieval settings. (America and Canada as princes. England as a pirate or a king. Prussia as a knight, usually, but he could be a prince. France as castle chef or adviser or lord. Magical creatures if not court politics. Fantasy medieval AUs. Russia as royalty or a saucy peasant, or the black hand of the king.) 


The Rules for Lovers Chapter 11 (aka hell chapter) in GIFs

I usually write out my thoughts/reactions to a chapter as I go to make writing AO3 comments easier. However, it soon became clear to me that my reactions to chapter 11 are best expressed in GIF form, so I’m going to go ahead and post my comments here.

Thanks, @adreamingsongbird for ripping out my heart. I don’t need it to live. 

Under cut for spoilers (and length). 

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Real Strength

“Who told you?”

Bickslow only stood there, on the other side of the door, with his arms crossed. “You should have never tried to hide it from us, Lissy.”

“Lissy,” the dolls the circled around his head mimicked. “Hide from us, Lissy.”


“Mira did,” he said, the visor on his helmet pushed up so he could glare in at her. “Lisanna, do you know-”

“Ugh!” She literally let out a groan then and turned away from him. “She’s so stupid! I told her to tell you when you got back from your job that I had taken one and-”

“And what, Lisanna? You know how long it takes for a broken arm to heal? Huh?” He came into the house then as she walked off, closing the door behind his babies. They didn’t know that they were really supposed to be upset with Lisanna though and rushed over to follow her. “You think that I would have bought that you were gone that long? Or that Mira would have been able to keep it quiet?”

“Well, not her being quiet about it. I was just hoping to come up with a better lie before she told on me,” she admitted as she glanced over her shoulder at him. “I had no idea that she’d only be able to keep it a secret for one day though. Hour, really, as you only just got back into town, right?”

He was ready to be friends just yet again and continued to glare at her. “Why did it need to be a secret, Lissy? That you got hurt? Why did you-”

“I just didn’t want you over here, that’s all.”

“Then say that,” he grumbled though he made no move to leave. Only followed her over to the couch, which she laid down on. Pappa and Pippi took to landing on her stomach while the others took to the armrests for a place to land.

“Say that,” they mimicked their papa, though he wasn’t listening to them. He just kept staring down at his girlfriend, focused on that sling her right arm was in.

“Fine. I don’t want you here. Okay?”

“Not okay.”

“Bickslow,” she whined, but he only shook his head, reaching up to knock his helmet off before setting it on the ground. It was easier to stare her down that way.

“No, Lisanna. How come I couldn’t know that you broke your arm? Huh? Did you break it doing something you shouldn’t have been?”

She frowned at that and looked back at him. It was so hard for her to take him seriously when they were arguing with that stupid face tattoo of his. Then the way that his tongue naturally fell from his mouth at every chance it got. She wondered at times how he hadn’t bitten it off at some point.

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