Hiding places to kiss your enemies in. (Hermione x Reader)

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Reader(Girl) x Hermione

Warnings: girl x girl smut and general cuteness

Request: Hi!! I’m not sure if you’re willing to do any lesbian stuff but if you are, could you do a Hermione X reader where the reader is a Slytherin and is really nice but a massive smart ass so she always ends up fighting with Hermione and they somehow end up having sex in the restricted section and as they’re walking out of the library, snape catches them and sort of just raises his eyebrow, like he knew it was coming? Thanks!!

***I try to do my stuff in order of it being requested but I’m really excited to write this one so it got bumped up a bit, but I’ll get to the others soon I promise!

Word Count: 1.7k

You walked into potions, knowing todays class was shared with the Gryffindor’s. When you shared potions with them you always partnered with Hermione, not because you liked her, you two constantly bickered, but you had a mutual agreement to be partners since it was the logical choice given both of your extensive knowledge on the subject.

You turned to her and wished her good Moring in your usual way “Granger” she smiled closing her book “Y/N, good morning” and before you could exchange any more words Snape walked in.

It was no secret he wasn’t the fondest of the Gryffindor’s but everyone knew he favored Slytherins, especially ones who were good at potions like you. He walked past you and commented “usually students prefer to pair up with other students from their own houses miss Y/L/N”.

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Wolfstar Drabble...

The slender fingers in which my rather rough ones were captivated in were dragging me, as If I were some sort of dog on a leash. I was pulled further and further away from the Gryffindor common room- away from any noise but the exception of our unevenly paced footsteps. When I slowed down I felt the desperate tugging against the socket of my shoulder. It wasn’t hard but was just enough so that I got the memo that I needed to get a hurry on.

Before I got my bearings – despite being here 7 years prior, I noticed we were on the sixth floor, approaching the hardly used boy’s lavatory. I saw the light shimmer on my partner, peer, preferred person whom I spent my time with; Sirius Orion Black.

He was an arrogant son of a bitch – after all he created the rumour that’s what his own initials stood for. There honestly wasn’t one thing I didn’t love about him. I loved the shape of his hands and his slender fingers that got into every nook and cranny of my body that he wanted to visit. I loved his expressive eyebrows complimented by his grey eyes and high cheek bones. He was blessed with devious good looks from a family which spawned from hell.  His shoulders were broad, his torso toned. His legs long and coated in hair and Quidditch scars. His body had tattoos decorating its outer layer. I loved his tattoo of the moon so that he’d always know which one it would be. I loved his hair and the way it danced while hovering above his shoulders, the way he’d let me braid it on the odd occasion and the threat that if I told James he wouldn’t grant me liberties. But he was my arrogant son of a bitch.

He checked to see if the coast was clear before pulling me inside acting as if he were a ninja. His lips met mine as soon as I stepped foot in that bathroom. He pulled away grinning like a complete fool. My fool. He seduced me, leading me to the end stool which we use the most for our mischievous antics. When the door to the stool banged shut I threw him against it, pulling his tie loose and his shirt buttons undone to expose his collarbone.

“You know we should just—uh Remus” he groaned at the physical touch he craved.

“I like it when you use my name. Only you” I muttered into his ear when my mouth wasn’t attached to some point of his flesh.

His head knocked backwards as I committed a slight nibble on his ear lobe; a string of flavourful curse words also accompanied his expressive choice of vocabulary. In the next moment Sirius took it upon himself to tug my shirt above my head disregarding it onto the rather dirty floor. He placed his addictive lips onto the sensitive scarred skin where my bite haunted my reflection. A dirty moan escaped my lips, perhaps a mention of a syllable or two of my lover’s name. His shirt had been removed during some of the intimate actions. His legs manoeuvred us to a lengthier wall away from the door before triggering some sort of springy flexibility making them able to wrap themselves around my waist on my rather tall height. My hands fumbled with the silver stained steel belt buckle as the broken door creaked open due to the constant rather light hits against the unsteady walls of the stall. Sirius lightly ground his crotch onto my own while wrapping his arms loosely around my scarred neck. He had this tendency to hum into his kisses making his lips vibrate which caused unexplainable sensations bolting throughout my lips. The door opened again, quicker, almost like it was forced.

“Remus door” Sirius complained, turning his head to face the stall door so I could show my affections with short kisses on his jawline. My hand waved in the air to reach the door which was out of my grasp. Suddenly Sirius’ movement and what seemed to be his breathing fell to a halt. I placed a final kiss onto the skin below his ear on his neck before turning to where he was looking.

“J-James” he barely stuttered.

His legs dropped and his grasp left my shoulders. In a way I felt like a piece of me left with it. He grabbed his shirt and tie which was pooled on the floor and put them on quickly, messing up on the buttons and he replaced his robe. I copied his actions and followed him as ran after his friend, who may never forgive we did this in secret.

“James!” he cried, drawing all attention onto his ragged and out-of-breath frame. He shouted it again, but James disappeared into the common room. We followed him, chirping the password - Fides amicitiae, roughly translating to Loyalty in Friendship. 

The portrait swings open and we see James with Lily and her friends; Alice, Marline and Dorcas throwing us the death glare. I gulp, fearing what James ‘Big Gob’ Potter will do. Surely he wouldn’t, right?

I try to look at him in the eye but he tries to make my objective impossible; and succeeds. Sirius flees to the dormitory blocking everyone’s attempt at conversation. By the time I had moved through the dense crowd and reached the dorm, Sirius was asleep, with sodden pillows and tear stained cheeks. He was hurt. I knew what was going round in his mind. His chest was aching with heart break. His best friend, brother, didn’t want to know- to understand why. To say he was happy for his happiness. To say he accepted him. Because that was one thing Sirius never had from anyone but me, acceptance. That ginormous ego and the confident front is just a façade of hierarchy which is what the children of pureblood families were taught to produce. He hates himself for it but it’s in the severed roots of his personality. And it will never leave him.

James should know this. James should understand why he didn’t tell him. He was scared. I would have known why.

But not everyone is me.


Day After –

The following morning, like most, James awoke and left before the rest of us. Was he really that disgusted?

With the tip of my wand I tapped the rather old looking piece of complexly folded parchment.

“I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good.” I muttered almost silently. Peter and Sirius were asleep still, however Sirius looked pained and restless from the strained expression capturing his face. 

The map tattooed itself with dark ink mapping out the grounds of Hogwarts, footsteps appeared everywhere. I scanned the map to find the boy I was looking for; James Potter. But before I thought of what action to take Sirius began to stir.

“Mornin’ moons” he croaked, his voice groggy from dehydration.

“Morning sweetheart” I replied, still focused on the map.

“Re, we need to talk, don’t we?” I nodded and sat on the edge of his bed.

“I don’t think James accepts us. I understand if you want to keep your friendship. We can end things and stay friends.”

“Shut up for a second moony, I’m in love with you and I can’t stop. It’s James he’ll get over it. He’s probably just pissed we got laid before he did.” He joked.

“I don’t ever want to stop seeing you. I love you- I love everything about you. Whether it be your secret stash of chocolate, absolutely everywhere. The way you can’t go to bed without a hot chocolate, the crinkles by your eyes when you smile and the amber glow of your eyes, the way your hand fits in mine like it was meant to be, every single one of your scars and the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine. That stupid smirk you do when I call you Remus, that muggle cologne you wear that makes me weak at the knees, your extensive knowledge about random topics and your shit-eating grin you get after we make love. I love the brand new sweater smell and the patched up old ones. I like your weird collection of socks, the way you thumbs stroke my cheek bones and you braid my hair. Because all of these things are just some of the reasons why I love you, they all add up to one incredible Remus John Lupin- there’s that god-damn smirk I was talking about. And fuck it’s like I’m declaring my love for you like I did prior to this but I’m so thankful you let me break you down because I wanted that so badly and now I love every single part of you. Because without you I’m half a man, it’s like I can only see half the sky like it’s kinda there but not quite right. Without you is like walking around with only one shoe, or half a bar of chocolate. Remus, I’m half a heart without you so I’m not letting you go. Not even for James.” He added.

“Jesus Christ Pads”


“Fuck indeed”

He didn’t say much else until he was ready to head down to the great hall for breakfast. He interlocked his warm fingers with my cold ones.

“I’m not going to lie to you moony I thought we were pretty obvious.”

“I mean I can understand if he was a bit grossed out about the thought of his two best friends getting it on but surely he would have clocked on with the amount of time we spend in empty classrooms together.”

“However it is James Potter.” I nodded in full agreement of the fragment given forth.

“And it’s not like you’re my dirty little secret” he said after a brief pause as Marline and Lily both worked it out.

The closer we got to the great hall the denser the crowds of wizarding students got, my mouth was drooling at the thought of which combination of foods I could have for breakfast. Once we walked in nobody stared, everything was normal. We joined the girls; Lily, Dorcas, Marline and Alice.

They greeted us like they always do, we all ate in silence, which was until the ginger, and observant Gryffindor sparked the conversation.

“What’s up?” she asked, making me look up confused and Sirius choke on his pumpkin juice. We didn’t reply still in a state of slight bewilderment.

“What?” Sirius asked her after he had recovered his breath.

“Well, peter is looking over here like a sad puppy and you’re sat with us.”

“Oh- it’s just that you guys are more sensitive about the matter then James.”

“What did that arse do?”

“Uh- he knows. About us.” I reply, not wanting to relive the experience again.

“Oh- how?” she asked cautiously.

“6th floor boy’s lav.”

“Oh.” She said and gulped

“Jesus Christ when are you two not—“Marline retorted,

“Before Quidditch, moons, in the dorms.” I said quietly.

“There was that one time—“Sirius started but stopped himself when he realised who he’d be speaking about his sex life with.

“How far—for research purposes?”

“Sirius’ belt. So no actual nudity but it doesn’t take a genius.”

“Oh, well when we clocked on we said we’d look out for you guys and this is us following through. Just let us know when not to come knocking.” I nodded. Sirius grabbed Lily’s hand.

“Evans. Thank you. He hates me” Sirius cried without tears. She comforted him in a way I couldn’t.

It was a Saturday, which meant no classes and Sirius didn’t have any detention since he was trying to maximise his time spent with me. After we finished up at breakfast we followed Lily ‘the best advice giver’ Evans, Marline ‘ to cool for school’ McKinnon, Alice ‘the soulmate of frank Longbottom’ Fortescue and Dorcas ‘looks sweet on the outside but could kill you and make it look like an accident’ Meadows.

I liked when we hung out with the girls, Sirius really connected with Marline and Dorcas, and I on the other hand really got on well with Lily and Alice. The girls adored the fact that we were gay; it meant that we could give them guy advice, fashion advice – that one was Sirius’ expertise, and apparently we were hilarious and a rather cute couple.

The girls took us to a rather secluded spot by the lakeside. Lily whipped out her wand and perfectly whisked up a soft baby blue blanket on the grass for us to sit on. I sat against a rather old tree with Sirius sat in between my legs leaning against my torso.

“Who’s got dates?” Sirius asked, creating what would be an in-depth conversation about the upcoming ball. He grabbed my hand, just holding it. It’s something we do to be affectionate.

“James keeps pestering me. And well I don’t know what to do.”

“In his defence he has matured. I mean he isn’t tormenting Severus anymore.”

“Only because I asked him to Remus” I just shook my head.

“You know Lily, I’m not saying anything but we were in denial at one point.” Sirius added.

“Fine, if no one else asks me I’ll go with James. But if he tries anything I will not hesitate to punch him.”

“If you’re gonna punch that arrogant arse at least let us watch” Marline suggested and we all laughed at her idea.

“Some Hufflepuff guy, Michael- goes by Mikey.” Stated Marline.

“Frank asked me. He got so nervous bless him” replied Alice, tucking a few stray stands of hair behind her hair.

“Dorcas?” asked Sirius.

“A Ravenclaw asked me. Timothy Parks. He’s a new student here.” He nodded.

“I still can believe James walked in on you two.”

“Neither can I. did he not hear any noise and think I’ll go to another bathroom?”

“He probably thought someone was taking a tricky shit to be honest, he really is oblivious.”

“I think you two took his innocence.” We all laughed at Marline’s comment.

“How are you two enjoying magical beasts?”

“We switched to more useful classes after the accidental run in with James.”

“Uh—explain” Dorcas demanded changing to a more comfortable position.

“Peter and James were looking for James’ Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them textbook, while Remus and I were playing a muggle version of snap. And James asks where his book is and naturally—“

“Naturally” I said again for emphasis.

“-naturally I said in my bed. James then comes back with I’m not talking about your broom. Which is called beast – inside joke eh moony?” I nod in response to conform this. “And again, naturally I say I’m not talking about that beast. Then Remus dragged me out of room.” The girls doubled over in laughter. They couldn’t believe what happens in boy’s dormitory. To be honest it’s usually Sirius’ fault.

“I suppose we do some funny things. I always find it funny to think about the variation of pet names we have for each other. When Remus is in a good mood he tends to give me a cycle of the pet names: padfoot, pads, babe, my lil punk and Sirius. But when he’s in a bad mood it gets rather funny; commander hair gel, fleas, high maintenance and my all-time favourite piss-lord.” Sirius told them, a feeling of content bubbled up inside of me. He was happy with me to share those things with our friends.

“You talk about me too much babe.” I stated.

“Well that’s because you’re adorable.” he told me

“Fuck off, I’m not even gonna be subtle with the flirting now” I said quietly so only he could hear.

“Re, I never asked how the prettiest boy at Hogwarts is doing today.”

“I don’t know, how are you?” I replied, as he sat up for a brief moment putting his hair up in a messy bun being held together by putting his wand through it. He does this sometimes to turn me on – it works or just because it’s on his nerves, regardless, it turns me on.


He blushes, locking eye contact with me for a few moments, “Fine” he said, his voice cracking. He placed a light kiss onto my jaw.

“Don’t. You know what happens if you do that”

“Now we know how James felt” hollered Dorcas.

“Nah, there was also partial nudity and noises” Marline retorted.

“Oh for me it’s such an unfortunate series of events that there was only partial nudity.” Stated Sirius.

“Fucking hell Pads you’re bloody horny all the time.”

“Hey it’s not my fault, it’s what you do to me.” He said, smirking at what he thought was a witty reply.

“Let’s change the conversation for the girls’ sake.” I stated and everyone agreed.

“TRUTH OR DARE” Alice yells. We start to discuss rules, as everyone rather reluctantly.

Sirius volunteered to go first which meant I was next. “Truth or dare?” Alice asked him.

“Dare” he stated boldly.

“I’ll give you a choice; give Remus a lap dance, ask McGonagall to marry you, confess your love to Severus.”

“Ok, so my choices are to give my boyfriend a lap dance—“

“That’s not happening.” I interjected.

“I mean ladies, it would end up further then a lap dance and we don’t want you to see that” he said arrogantly.

“Third one is a no. So McGonagall it is.”

“Do it when you next see her. Remus, truth or dare?” said Lily Evans.


“Ok, name one thing that turns you on.” I gulp and realised the sudden redness in my face, everyone including Sirius turned to face me.

“Uh- do I not get a choice” I stuttered.

“From that reaction- no.” said Alice stubbornly.

“Uh- well uh- I- it-uh.” I stammer, I stay quiet for a few moments in attempt to calm my erratic heart rate- and failing.

“Moons I’ll go first make it easier. Remus does this thing where he gets angry – it’s a weird thing, the last time he got that angry was when he punched Lucius. And his from was perfect and he just grew confident and a layer of sweat formed and after the breaths he took were so deep- fuck. It’s hard to explain it’s when he looks after me, and he looks bloody fit while doing it.”

Sirius said that and the girls absorbed every single word and made my cheeks go redder.

“when Sirius does his eyeliner under his eyes and has hair in a kinda bun thing with half of it up and half of it down with free strands framing his face, and bloody hell I have no idea why I’m telling you this.”

“so like this moony?” he said looking at me with the wand still holding the section of his hair up in a bun and the bottom half of his hair still dancing around his shoulders.

“Precisely” I whisper.

“Lots of things you do turn me on, but now isn’t the time for that list.” He whispered into my ear.



The following day-

Last night the dormitory was empty for a while so we had some fun, in a bed and not in a classroom or a bathroom stall! Before we slept in my bed I drew the curtains so James wouldn’t see. He still hadn’t spoken to us or kept eye contact. The following morning the curtains were slightly open and I saw James there, I nudged Sirius awake and he hid underneath the duvet.

“Moony, why didn’t you tell me?” James asks.

“It wasn’t just my secret to tell.”

“Bloody hell mate, I thought we were friends that you’d trust me enough to tell me.” James hissed and left the room in a brisk stroppy walk.  Sirius wriggles his way from underneath the duvet. He slithers his way so his torso was pressed against my pale, scarred one. He kisses me lightly a few times, smiling brightly after each one.

“Do you think you saw me?” I shook my head, anxious-but excited for what was going to occur next.

He kisses me for a fourth time before murmuring, “love you but I gotta go see Reg”

I signed slightly disappointed but let him go. He walked butt-naked across the dorm, knowing, I was watching his every movement. He glanced at me one final time before disappearing behind the wooden door.

I get up, skip showering since I showered last night. Making my way down to the breakfast hall where my favourite ginger Gryffindor, Lily Evans. I fill my plate up with food and out of the corner of my eye I see the one and only James Potter scowling at me putting me off my fried eggs.

“James still being a tosser then?” asked Lily, taking my silence as a yes.

Shortly after starting breakfast Sirius walks in, with what seemed a terrifying facial expression, neutral. As soon as Sirius walked in James walked out with Peter following about ten strides behind him.

“Hey Pete” I stated hoping for a response.

“Hey guys” he said before following James out of the hall.

“What’s up Gryffinwhore?” asked Marline.

“That arrogant tosser potter” he said emotionless.

“Right that’s it, I’m not dealing with you moping about near me, ugh makes me feel sympathetic. Let’s go sort shit out girls.” Marline instructed, Lily, Dorcas and Alice followed behind promptly. Sirius chased them out the hall and I chased Sirius.


The girls headed to the common room where James would be, pouting by the fire. Our theory was correct he was sat playing wizard chess with Peter, winning probably.

As Sirius and I walked in everyone turned to look at James, fearful for what might come next.

“Right you bloody tosser what is your issue?” Sirius said starting with casual tone to yelling the further along the sentence he got.

“Is it not self-expletory?” James asked trying to keep calm.

“Well no not really” interjected Lily.

“You know what Evans, I don’t give a shit what he thinks. I’m a shitty person, with a shitty situation. Remus he accepts me, he loves me. Hell he’s the only one who will. Potter I’m gay. Really fucking gay. My family is pureblood and prejudice so I shouldn’t really be yelling that this loud but I don’t care anymore. I’m sorry you found out the way you did that’s not how we wanted to tell you. And I don’t care anymore what anyone thinks because I love you Remus and I love your kisses which feel like home, among other things.” He shouted at him, my cheeks turning red. He started to cry towards the end. Not out of sadness but anger.

I engulfed him in a hug so he could sob into my chest until he composed himself.

James was yet to say anything and people were waiting. Sirius just let down his confident façade to let James in and James did nothing to respond but stare at him.

“For fuck sake kiss him moony. Kiss him like there is no tomorrow. He needs you.” James said out of no where

“He always needed you” he muttered before disappearing among the crowds.

And so I kissed him. Until tears turned into other things. He pulled me even closer and rested his hands on my arse. Creating a circular motion with his thumbs. I accidentally bit his lip – he groaned. People had stopped watching which meant we could get a quick get-away to the dorm upstairs. Once we hit the stairs we don’t detach from the lips but our hands are everywhere. He was untucking my shirt and pushing his hands further and further up my torso. He ran his thumbs over my nipples sending a shiver down my spine. His tongue danced around my mouth and his hand had started to slowly move lower making me feeling lots of emotions.

When we reached the door I fumbled with the handle while Sirius had already starting to remove some of my clothes.

“Moony fuck moony” he muttered in between kisses.

The dorm was empty, thankfully, and that meant we could finally let loose.

“Moony tie me up.” Sirius begged, that request kinda threw me.

“Now–?” I asked hesitantly, he nodded vigorously.

With a wave of my wand, Sirius was tied up and waiting for me on my bed. I pulled of the remainder of my clothing and pulled the curtains shut.

“Si- what’s the code word that you say when you want me to untie you instantly?”

“Remus.” I nodded and got to work.


I moved my tongue slowly across his skin, starting at his inner thigh I avoided his cock entirely, moving it across the bones of his pelvis. Slowly up the torso and quickly over the nipples, across his collar bone. I was now hovering above him, our cocks are touching- creating enough friction so that I could bust right here. Sirius began to grind against me making my movements shaky. I ran my tongue up his neck with coated his skin in Goosebumps and the air filled with his groans.

“Do it moony. God please just do it” he begged.

“As you wish” I growled into his ear tugging at his ear lobe with my teeth lightly afterwards.

Before he could compose himself I slammed in and quickly bottomed out. He pushed himself on me and my lips nipped on sensitive bits of skin. He spat out a few flavourful words. I continued to thrust in an out feeling the sweat coating us both. His legs weren’t tied up so they wrapped themselves around as tight as possible. It was over quicker than anticipated but Sirius’ legs were still wrapped around my frame.

“Untie me” he stated, and with a wave of my wand his wish was granted. He pulled me closer so our faces were almost touch. He legs were no longer wrapped around me but were still touching me keeping me in place. His pressed his lips against mine in a sweet and loving way.

“What’s up?” I asked him.

“Will everything be okay with James?”

“You really wanna talk about that now, given the situation.”

“The situation?” he asked, knowing full well what I was talking about.

“Given that my cock is still inside of you” I said in between kisses.

“Yeah, I like it.”

“I would bloody hope you do” he shifted slightly and my hands flew to his waist.

“You alright moony?” he asked playfully.

“Stop moving.” I hissed, which only made him move more.


The door creaked open so we both froze.

“Shit. Pete, don’t come in.” stated James.

“Hey if you’re still in here Sirius, can I talk to you?”

“Uh- right now?” he asked, his voice high.

“Yeah, that’s kinda what I was getting at.”

“It’s not recommended” I pipe up.

“Shit. All I wanted was to say that I uh—“James said, Sirius started to rock back ever so slightly. I whimpered at the friction being created.

“You’re playing a dangerous game black” I hissed.

“I wanted to say sorry. I’ll uh- leave you to it.”

“Thanks James” he half panted- half stated calmly.

As soon as the door clicked shut I pulled out. I kissed him one more time.

“Mmmh you smell like sex. Don’t shower.”

“Okay moons”

The door clicked open one more time. “James Potter go talk to him properly or so god help you!” shouted Lily Evans.

“I don’t wanna go in there.” He said back. She wasn’t taking no for an answer so we could hear her pushing him forward. Sirius took it upon himself to pull the duvet from beneath us. He sat in between my legs and I stole the cover and wrapped it around us, he held it across us as I wrapped my arms around his torso.

The curtains were ripped open in the next moment and Lily Evans had realised why James didn’t want to come in.

“Are you guys still—“

“No” I answered putting her mind at rest. Sirius shifted backwards.

“But if you keep doing that we will be. Stop it” I hissed into his ear, he just gulped.




get to know me: favorite brOTPs → the [tenth] doctor & the master (doctor who)
         I like it when you use my name.
          You chose it. Psychiatrist’s field day.
           As you chose yours. The man who makes people better. How sanctimonious is that?

Doctor/Master, a quick recap

Third Doctor: You’ve come here to kill me, of course?

Master: But not without considerable regret.

Third Doctor: How very comforting.

Master: You see, Doctor, you’re my intellectual equal. Almost. I have too few worthy opponents. When they’ve gone I always miss them.


Rex Farrel: And you’re not angry?
Master: Because the Doctor’s escaped again? No. He’s an interesting adversary. I admire him in many ways.
Rex Farrel: But you still intend to destroy him?
Master: Of course. And the more he struggles to postpone the moment, the greater the ultimate satisfaction.


Jo: Doctor?
Third Doctor: Mmm?
Jo: You felt sorry for him, didn’t you. You wanted to come down here and see that he was all right.
Third Doctor: Well, he used to be a friend of mine once. A very good friend. In fact, you might almost say we were at school together.


Master: Doctor, why don’t you come in with me? We’re both Time Lords, we’re both renegades. We could be masters of the galaxy! Think of it, Doctor, absolute power! Power for good. Why, you could reign benevolently, you could end wars, suffering, disease. We could save the universe.
Third Doctor: No, absolute power is evil.
Master: Consider carefully, Doctor. I’m offering you a half-share in the universe.

Third Doctor: You’ll never understand, will you? I want to see the universe - not rule it! 


Master: You’ve always been my greatest stimulation, my dear Doctor but now, you inspire me.


Sarah Jane Smith: Who’s that?

Third Doctor: He’s my best enemy. He likes to be known as the Master, don’t you.


Master: A cosmos without the Doctor scarcely bears thinking about.


Fourth Doctor: We must pool our resources.
Nyssa: The creature that killed my father
Fourth Doctor: I can’t choose the company I keep!
Master: An alliance with you, Doctor?
Fourth Doctor: In the circumstances, yes.
Master: If we do cooperate, there’ll be no question of you ever returning to Gallifrey.
Fourth Doctor: If we don’t cooperate, there’ll be no question of Gallifrey.
Tegan: Doctor, what are you doing?
Fourth Doctor: Please. Shush. As Time Lords, you and I have special responsibilities.
Master: Together, then.

Master: Together?
Fourth Doctor: One last hope.
(The Master and the Doctor shake hands.)


Master: Doctor, we must form a plan. I propose one, we withdraw to a position of temporary security. Two, we reconfigure our two Tardises into time cone inverters. Three, we create a stable safe zone by applying temporal inversion isometry to as much of space-time as we can isolate.
Tegan: Look!
(The Monitor fades away before their eyes.)
Master: Horrible.
Tegan: Hardly more horrible than shrinking people.
Master: No. Do what you like, Doctor. Logopolis is yours.
Tegan: Doctor, stop him. He’s getting away.
Fourth Doctor: No, no, no, no, listen. Reconfigure the two Tardises into time cone inverters? It would work. What a brilliant mind.


(The Master is pinned by fallen debris.)
Fourth Doctor: One good lift deserves another, don’t you think?
(The Master groans, and the Doctor heaves the large chunk of masonry of him.)
Master: I’m very grateful.


Master: It seems we must always meet again.
Seventh Doctor: They do say opposites attract.


Master: Doctor.

Tenth Doctor: Master.

Master: I like it when you use my name.


Tenth Doctor: I’ve been alone ever since. But not any more. Don’t you see? All we’ve got is each other.

Master: Are you asking me out on a date?

Tenth Doctor: You could stop this right now, we could leave this planet, we can fight across the constellations if that’s what you want, but not on Earth!


Master: Dying in your arms. Happy now?

Tenth Doctor: You’re not dying, don’t be stupid. It’s only a bullet, just regenerate.

Master: No.

Tenth Doctor: One little bullet, come on–

Master: I guess you don’t know me so well, I refuse.

Tenth Doctor: Regenerate, just regenerate! Please, please! Just regenerate! Come on—

Master: And spend… the rest of my life, imprisoned, with you?

Tenth Doctor: But you’ve got to! Come on. It can’t end like this. You and me, all the things we’ve done? Axons! Remember the Axons? And the Daleks? We’re the only two left. There’s no one else…. REGENERATE!

Master: Heh… how about that? [grins] I win.


Master: Tell me, where’s your TARDIS?

Tenth Doctor: You could be so wonderful.

Master: Where is it?

Tenth Doctor: You’re a genius. You’re stone-cold brilliant, you are. I swear, you really are, but you could be so much more. You could be beautiful. With a mind like that–we could travel the stars. It would be my honor. ‘Cause you don’t need to own the universe, just see it. Have the privilege of seeing the whole of time and space, that’s ownership enough.

Master: Would it stop then? The noise in my head?

Tenth Doctor: I can help.

Master: I don’t know what I’d be without that noise.

Tenth Doctor: Wonder what I’d be, without you.

Master: [smiles slightly] Yeah.


Tenth Doctor: Get out of the way.


The Master: Get out of the way.

Season 3 - Episode 8 - 'the show must go on'

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this is the final episode of season 3, i really hope you all enjoy it.

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I Like It When You Use My Name //Closed RP// Gingerten

Oh, this had just been too easy.

Becoming Prime Minister was just the start. He didn’t even need to get this far. It was just a bonus. He estimated that the Doctor would show up about 18 months after he landed here. That gave him plenty of time to get his plan together.

Any day now would be when the Doctor would turn up, and he was right. He could feel his presence, and it was exactly when he became Prime Minister.


He stalked the Doctor. Making sure he was never out of his sight. He may as well go out to greet him.

It’s not like the Doctor could do anything to him either.

He sent in a couple of police officers, waiting for the Doctor to be separated from the Freak and Martha. He silenced the both of them before he would make himself known.

He walked with a slight bounce in his step, waiting for the right moment to speak up. Feeling the confusion and panic coursing through the Doctor.

Oh, this was just too good.

He smiled to himself, putting his hands in his pockets as he stopped behind the other Time Lord.