Generation Dean
Introducing DEAN, the new face and sound of K-pop

When did you start dabbling in music – what and who were your early influences?
I started making music when I was 16 years old. It was mostly rap back then, and my earliest and biggest influence was Kanye West.

You went from working behind the scenes as a producer/songwriter to becoming a full-fledged artiste. How has the early experience of collaborating with big name US producers such as Mr. Carmack and Esta influenced your current sound?
I was really into the sounds that were popular on Soundcloud. I liked hybrid genres such as chill, futurebass, and soulection house. Those sounds helped make me into the artist DEAN. That’s where the “direction” and “colour” of my music came from.

Where and what were you doing at the moment when you realized you had a #1 hit on the Apple US kpop chart?
I think I was in the middle of a tour somewhere when I found out. That was a cool moment.

You’ve described James Dean as the inspiration behind your moniker. In what ways do you relate to him?
I liked the rebellious side of him and the philosophies he lived by. The fact that he was an actor also played a big part in my desire to create songs that have a strong cinematic feel to them.

What emotions or mental images do you hope to evoke in your listeners through your music?
I want my listeners to feel the rawness of my music and I want them to be pleasantly surprised by it.

How would you summarize your personal style?

If you could collaborate with any brand on a fashion line what brands would you choose?
Supreme, Undercover, neighborhood, Prada, Junya Watanabe

Whose wardrobe do you covet - and why?
I like Luka Sabbat’s style. He favours the same street brands I like, and he has some seriously cool shoes.

As a performer do you change your look often? What are your go to pieces?
I don’t change my looks intentionally. Comfort is really important to me. My go-to pieces these days are shirts.

What were the last 5 pieces you bought?
Recently I bought a Japanese style shirt, Prada shoes, a silver ring, a cap, and Supreme underwear.


3 words your friends would use to describe you
Sensitive. Thoughtful. Thoughtless.

Dream holiday destination?
Somewhere in Europe.

Last thing you Googled?
Supreme 16F/W release.

A guilty pleasure?
Anything for a midnight snack.

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Why do you call Marinette 'Mari' in your fic? I don't remember that being a nickname used in the show. Just curious. (is it to save time by writing a shorter name? lol)

Mari is a nickname that, when I write long-fics, Adrien always ends up giving to Marinette at some point. He clearly has an affinity for nicknames (My Lady, Bugaboo, Princess (I don’t like this one though, lol), etc..) and so I tend to play that up just cuz, lol. He’s usually the ONLY one in my fics that will call her Mari (he also calls her other things, like Mare-Bear, on occasion, and Love–that one will be coming up a lot more now in SF, lol). If you notice, it’s only when the chapters are told from his perspective or when he’s speaking that Marinette becomes Mari. Everyone else calls her Marinette. And I call her Mari because, well, cuz I can, haha!

Hope that answers your question!

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Creepypasta #927: My Strangest Case At The Ludlow Sanitarium For Unaccountable Children

Length: Long

My legal name is Natalie Gnoss, but I still use my late husband’s name, Saynt. It suited the kind of man he was. We were married for two glorious days before he vanished without a trace from an island you need a ferry to get on and off of, a ferry that wasn’t running when he went missing. 

Ten days of searching only made me discover how much I would miss Jesse. I thought diving back into work would distract my mind, but the cold, hallow memory of his disappearance stayed with me like one of my daily patients.

I hold a doctoral degree in clinical child psychology and work as a pediatric psychologist at the Ludlow Sanitarium. I specialize in hard to reach cases and cases involving complex thought processes which make up the entirety of the children’s world. I once believed that my work illuminated the dark path of human knowledge. But after all that has happened to me, I believe all I do now is show the world just how vast and cavernous it is.

The cases at Ludlow’s all center around children have no identifiable names, features or faces and match no missing child reports. Most are also deemed “un-adoptable” and require specialized care. At least a dozen families search our selected (a few of the more dangerous children must be held inside The Warm Room during these times, as they have already made several attempts to escape) a week, but nearly all of those families leave empty handed. 

These children were found in places and times that permanently stumped law enforcement and medical staff. Some of them seemed to have been the victims of human trafficking, their minds constantly foggy or disconnected from the bad chemicals their kidnappers put into their bodies in order to make names and faces hard to recollect. Others seem to have been the victims of abuse. Then, there were some cases that were beyond categorization.

Jordan was six when he was found alone on a tiny island in the San Juan, spotted by fisherman off the coast. His skin is slightly gray and he speaks a language that sounds like a mixture of Finnish, Spanish, and Japanese. Aptitude and memory testing yields a genius level status. He also must be restrained 18 hours a day due to his seeming need to bite into any living flesh and eat it. Resident for 4 months.

Mary, we guess ten, was found on the other side of a locked door inside of a tavern after new owners were trying to make a storage room. She was found standing alone in a room of oozing brown oil on every surface, oil which never seemed to stick on her but couldn’t be removed by anyone else, or so the police file says. She has not spoken a word since her discovery in the room. She is kept in isolation. Resident for 1 year.

Jasper, eight, was found walking down a corn road in Pennsylvania. He moves and speaks with odd, jerky motions, as if he has something very important to say or do and then stops himself before he starts, all in a constant loop. I watched Jasper’s hands many times, how his cheese-wheel safety pen shook in grueling, hour-long efforts to write a “T” or a “W”. 

But Jasper communicates in other ways. He reads the newspaper and points out interesting or infuriating lines to me, and smiles when he overhears a joke between staff. His eyes sparkle with desperate, radiant intelligence, longing to speak to the world. Resident for two months.

Jennel was found on roof of a Church in Arkansas at age 2, who pushed and gurgled out near-perfect Tibetan. The sanitarium was able to seek funds from the state for an on-call translator. The translator said that she believed she was the 16th reincarnation Dalai Lama, murdered twice by government officials in the past two years in China. 

Oddly -or aptly, depending on your view- enough, 5 year old Jennel is oddly at peace with remaining here, trying to speak to these children of love and enlightenment. I asked her if she wanted me to write a letter to Tibet, she shook her head and said people need to be free from places as the ideas themselves are. There is something calm and charming about her. She may be resident for life.

And then there was little Victor Ganes.

The local police department brought in another eight year old boy, found talking down strangers from jumping off a bridge in Boston. They boy had no identification, and claimed to have “no affiliations, family or associations”. It was true; the entity of the registered Ganes family had disappeared off the face of the Earth. When authorities asked Victor where he wanted to go, Victor replied: “take me to the Sanitarium.”

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SCREAMS AT UR CUTENESS!!! but also hair goals maaaan how do you keep the long parts behaved? XD or is that natural? mine always poofs up and goes back to covering the short side even with hair spray

I have to iron all my hair. My natural hair is kinda wavy orz

Hey look, exclusive pics of me with my natural hair (I took the other photos just as I was going to shower, so these are 4 hours later).

But also it might have to be with the fact that it’s just used to be that way by now. I mean, years ago I had my hair split in the middle, and if I tried to change it it would feel weird and make me a little uncomfortable, like when you tie your hair into a ponytail and after a few hours, if you let it loose again, it kinda “hurts”.

And from time to time I use something called “japanese straight perm”, which as the name says, it straightens your hair until it grows. So that may have helped a little too (I still have a little at the end of the long parts).

Tho, when it’s windy my hair is a mess and my sidecut gets a little covered lol

  • someone:so ben why did you change your name
  • kylo ren:You think I was going to use my filthy Muggle father’s name for ever? I, in whose veins runs the blood of Salazar Slytherin himself, through my mother’s side? I, keep the name of a foul, common Muggle, who abandoned me even before I was born, just because he found out his wife was a witch? No, Harry. I fashioned myself a new name, a name I knew wizards everywhere would one day fear to speak, when I had become the greatest sorcerer in the world!

I honestly think having a name like Winona is so cool. Winona gets to have her own identity. When someone says “Winona” you immediately think of her although there is a person named Wynonna Judd or something but they aren’t as well known. Winona isn’t a Vanessa, Emma, Kate, Lily, Jennifer, and other names that many actresses have. She is completely original and that’s amazing.

ahhhh, i forgot to share a hilarious story about my sugar daddy crush

so idk if i told you now i’m part of his conversation class to improve english - so yeah now i’m kinda his student - anyway!!!! last class we were discussing people that are p-art of hall of fame cause they’re amazing at what they do and he gave us a list to fill. one of the items was actor/actress/director and of fucking course i had to put lin manuel miranda cause that man is a fucking genius and DESERVE to be known!!!!

lol when he asked what i put and i said his name, his eyes widened, his jaw went slack and he said ‘woah, i wasn’t expecting you would pick someone i never ever heard about in my life’ cause like we share a lot of stuff in common, so yeah. and he just looked impressed ahahahahaha i laughed at his face and he just kept looking at me like ._.

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Please use me

My own personal exertion service. Do you truly like it when I burn my initials into your ass with my saber while you choke and cry on my cock.

Do you love how I drag you around my rooms by your collar? How I lift you by your neck and expect you to follow me each time I call you another degrading name? Does it truly please you to be fucked into a limped and sobbing state? Bruised to the point of discomfort in any position. Bleeding and begging under my boot.

Is that how much you want to be used

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1/How many times this woman gonna be trashed and used by the same fucking people. So Z Larson is one of them. People are so stupid, they run with the pack cause it's edgy to make fun of T and dissed her, but when they need to promo they shit music, only one is relevant T Swift, not K Trash W or K Kartrashian. I keep writing the same thing, like mostly everyone in this blog, and here Calcium Harassment, who finally understood he needs her name. Mag. you said to my post earlier he did.

Part 1

@squishypal who seems to enjoy everything I write, so here. I know you haven’t finished Seven’s route but I think you might like this anyways~

Also, for @zanimez who’s allowed me to gush about Seven and this fic. Thank you for that. Here, have the WIP for them that I have so far. 

[I’m trying to stay away from writing my MC’s name so I’ve been using the typical “MC” format while using she a lot. I threw in my headcanons for my MC as well, so prepare for that.]

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- “Draw what you love best!”

Jane: - “It is easy. My family.”


yes, it’s that bad. of course it’s that bad. help me deal with what happened to me and acknowledge how awful it is


Noiz x Usagimodoki, prolly a print for EOY 2014.

What would Raven-Symone say...

Raven-Symone on Rosa Parks:

There are two wrongs here actually, but no one wants to talk about it.  Yes they were wrong for making her move – obviously she was tired – but Rosa could have avoided the whole thing if she hadn’t sat where she wasn’t supposed to.  Rules are rules and just breaking them may not be the best way to go about change.  Just my opinion.

Raven-Symone on Harriet Tubman:

I’m sorry…but Tubman?  Haha!  Who named her?  I mean, listen, do I really want to trust you to lead me to freedom when your name sounds like an obese guy?  Haha!  It’s not racist, I just can’t.  Right?

Raven-Symone on Martin Luther King Jr.:

We haven’t actually heard all the facts here.  What was he even doing on that balcony?  Who actually uses the hotel balcony?  I think we need to first wonder why he was even out there to begin with because if he had just stayed in his room, he would still be alive today.

Raven-Symone on Jim Crow Laws: 

I personally wouldn’t even want to go to a restaurant that didn’t allow Black people because who would be in the kitchen frying up the chicken?!  Haha!  Besides, restaurants can still choose to serve who they want.  Where is Al Sharpton fighting against “No Shoes, No Shirt” regulations, huh?

Raven-Symone on The Civil War:

You know, sometimes families fight.  It’s just how families are.  But that doesn’t mean that either side is necessarily right or wrong.  You have to look at the bigger picture and just because you disagree with someone doesn’t give you free license to try and change everything about them.

Raven-Symone on The Atlantic Slave Trade:

Hey, I know I could use a free cruise, am I right?!  Haha!

She is such trash.  Like, c’mon girl, if you wanted a job with Fox News that badly all you had to do was apply.  They are always looking for another coon to shuck & jive over there.  Ask Stacey Dash how big her paycheck is and then mosey on over.  I’m tired of this African- Just-American making excuses for every damn thing.

Edit: Apparently a lot of y’all believe these are real?  Either y’all slow or she really is such garbage that you can picture this coming out of her mouth.

but first, some music

“The Bernice Johnson Dance Studio made me who I am today. It kept me off the streets. I hung around a group of kids who would go steal a car every Friday, but I could never go with them because I was always in the studio. Learning to drum made me feel proud. It made me feel like I was connecting to my culture, and also helping to pass it along. Our teachers took a trip to Africa every year. And they’d come back and talk to us about the latest dances and beats. I learned that so much in Africa revolved around the drum: harvest, marriage, circumcision, everything. I learned that our names were changed when we were brought over during slavery, and so we’re all connected, and you never know who might be your family. Everyone supported each other. Bernice had a rule: ‘If you come from my studio, and you make it to the top, you come back and bring five more with you.’ I’ll bet you there were more Bernice Johnson dancers on Broadway than any other studio.” (¾)

I still call you my ex
even though we technically never dated
I guess even though you broke my heart
I still want to be lucky enough to say that I had you in a way that others don’t
it sucks to be just an “almost” to you,
someone that you “used” to like
when to me you were “everything” and someone I will “always” love
I know someday it will hurt less
it won’t kill me when I see your name
it will just be a dull pain that I’ve gotten used to
but maybe I don’t want to get used to it
I think I’d still rather be in pain from loving you than to have never loved you at all.


Greetings, witchy tumblr! I have created a free-to-use alphabet for anyone who wants to use it! While I made it with magickal purposes in mind, I won’t stop you for using it in any other way.

I like runes that are easy to write and equally easy to learn and remember, so I tried to make these that particular goal in mind. Most of the runes also resemble their anglo-roman (or is it latin?) counterpart, so it’s also easier to read the runes without having to check its corresponding letter constantly.

I made two versions, one is more round and smooth, while the other is angular and sharp.

I’m bad when it comes to naming things, so the name “desert runes” came from my current desktop picture of a beautiful golden desert during sunset. Also it sounds nice?

I’d love it if you tagged anything that uses this script with #desertrunes or #desertscript so I can see it, especially if you use it to make sigils!
Have fun!

EDIT: Now with fixed title card and the R on the sheet. The R was flipped earlier, oops.

EDIT 2: Added numbers and some marks! Final edit I swear.

EDIT 3: I LIED - The amazing goblinwitch made a font out of these, check them out HERE!

'Suga talks about his solo mixtape, goals, and more in Grazia Magazine'

Suga talked about his recently released solo mixtape, goals, and more during an interview with ‘Grazia’.

First, Suga explained the meaning of the name 'August D’. He said, “I flipped 'DT Suga’, which was used in some lyrics before. DT means D Town and it signifies my hometown Daegu. I think I will be using this name when I work aside [from BTS] since it has a good meaning and also sounds cool. Plus I have a good feeling [about the name] because my mixtape was released in August.”

He continued about his mixtape, “It has everything regarding hip-hop. The lyrics are strong and might make you go, 'Huh? Was he like this? Can he use these lyrics?’ Overall, I am relieved that I was able to tell the story inside my mind.”

Lastly, Suga shared his goals, and explained, “The media creates issues by standardizing beauty with how skinny you are. But there are people on the other side of the world that starve to death because they can’t eat. We have to give them more attention. Won’t I be able to turn the attention that way if I can become an influential person?”

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