I Need Some Help

Like really bad. My part time job has yet to pay me for the week and I’m down to 0 in my bank account, which is bad because I’ve got serious bills I need to pay to the bank and even when I get my check it won’t be enough for me to last.

So here’s my offer to you for help. I’m offering for one week $5 FULL BODY, ONE CHARACTER COMMISSIONS (including color and shading)!

You name them, I’ll draw them.

Please provide me with reference whether you would like a cartoon character or OC.

Send your requests and money through PayPal to Chill8ter@yahoo.com.

Seriously I could use all the help I can get right now.

“I lived without knowing where all of the people from my hometown had scattered. Then, around the time when I was in my fifties, I took my daughters to Yeouido, where there were still banners up after the broadcast of the war-torn family reunions. As I was going past there, I tried to see if there is someone that I knew. From the distance, some woman had walked past me with her two daughters, and somehow I felt that I had seen her face somewhere before. So, I looked back, and she was also looking back at me. We both called out our names, ‘Aren’t you so-and-so?’ Then, we exclaimed, ‘It is you,’ and ran up the street and gave each other a hug. There was such excitement for quite a while. I used to see her with my mom when I still wore pigtails, so it made me think, ‘Oh, you are living like this without your mother too.” Next to us, my friend’s daughters said, ‘We planned on coming the day after tomorrow, but she fussed at us to come today. It looks like she was destined to meet you,’ and they both started crying. They started crying too because us moms were holding on to each other, crying. That’s how I met my friend.”

“고향 사람들 다 어디로 흩어졌는지 모르고 살았어. 그러다 50대 쯤 됐나, 여의도에서 한창 이산가족 상봉 방송한 뒤에 아직 현수막들 붙여져 있을 때 딸 데리고 가봤거든. 혹시 내가 아는 사람 있나 보면서 지나가고 있었어. 저기서 어떤이가 딸 둘 데리고 내 옆을 지나가는데 아무래도 어디서 보던 얼굴이래서 뒤돌아보니까 걔도 돌아보더라고. 그러고 ‘아무개 아니냐’ 둘이 서로 이름을 불렀지. 그랬더니 ‘너 맞구나’ 그러면서 도로 뛰어가 끌어안고 한참동안 난리였었지. 갈라머리하고 다닐 적에 엄마랑 같이 얼굴 보는 사이였는데, ‘아휴, 너도 엄마 없이 혼자 나와서 이렇게 사는구나’ 싶더라고. 옆에 친구 딸들이 ‘엄마가 내일 모레 가기로 했는데, 오늘 가자고 야단을 해서 왔는데 아줌마 만나려고 그랬나 봐요’ 그러면서 딸들도 죄 울어. 엄마들이 붙잡고 우니까 지들도 옆에서 다 울어. 그렇게 친구를 만났지.”

me and @poppypomfrey​ were talking and hc that lily like. REFUSES to call sirius by his last name no matter how casual she’s tryin to be bc one time she saw him flinch when avery said ‘hey, black!’ and so now she calls him by literally any other colour 

  • “eat shit cyan’
  • “Maroon I got your test mark’
  • “Cornsilk here use my hair-tie’
  • “Aquamarine stop fucking DRAWING on my CHARMS NOTES” “that’s nice periwinkle’
  • “crimson omg do you remember last night when melanie griffiths called you a shit-eating asshole because i do and it was excellent’
  • ‘turquoise pass me a bagel’‘’tan i literally bet you ten gaellons that gramophone isnt spelt ‘grammar phone’ you absolute arse’
  • “oi orange! tell potter to met me by the fourth floor staircase!”“violet hold my beer i KNOW i can flip of this table”

anonymous asked:

Can I say I have chronic pain if I haven't been diagnosed because when people ask me whats wrong w/me thats my only answer, but I don't want to be insensitive to people who've been diagnosed?

I think chronic pain is a symptom, so  you don’t like need a formal diagnosis to say you have it.  

Most of us lucky diagnosed spent weeks, months, or years being undiagnosed so if anyone gives you crap about not having a name for what causes you pain yet, they just be hypocrites.   Hugs and best of luck!  

Slowly Echoes

The only coherence I ever had.
It wasn’t your breath,
it wasn’t my tongue.
I could be a concept.
I is my name for you every time
you use your name in vanity,
in a sweepstakes to win
the universal contest of
naming things after our eyes.
You’re always making
yourself into twins.

You are an emerald.
You are a Jonathan.
You become Samantha.
You derive from a room
named Jocinda. El-Burai,
the beams of madness
and whipped into four
frenetic paces named
Jean-Charles: l’histoire
en bete cette nuit. I feel
that basic when it shuts
the door and I am again
alone with my bank device.

Just like I needed to be told
I was not guilty, they gave me
a scripture saying none of it
had happened, I earned the
right to disappear into word
space. I do believe you are
honey running down the faucet.
How did you pronounce your
feet onto the moldy leather
couch? I swear I bought a new
place for our bodies to exist.

Any sign of grief is being
farmed out to the lowest,
they took and strung it out
to see how fish - hollow bellied,
mercury rotten - they could catch.
You have placed I inside the
the nomenclature for a box
that goes into the ground
to play the song over again
when each side has wiped
its tears. An altitude of making
peace with the distance je
suis ensemble
each part of
you an American holiday
absconded by time and
our gross liquidate freedom
that pulls you away
and pulls you back in
like a horrific rock glowing
hot we can’t stop reaching
for our true love our mouths.

the-nerdy-stjarna  asked:

Whoa! That was a crazy cliffhanger. I expected one but still. Wow! Poor Nathanson never stood a chance on this show. Shouldn't have named him. And Real!May will be so pissed when she finds out. So. Okay, I'm sure you'll get asked that question like 30 times, but what's your take on the poster? Will they play merry-go-round with who gets to be LMD or will they just make us (and all the characters) paranoid? (Flashback to Ward killing 33 thinking it's May)

Hi @the-nerdy-stjarna

HERE is my take on the poster.  And I have no doubt that at some point during this B Arc we will know, think, or have it hinted at that EVERY single member of the team is an LMD at some point.  Right now we know May has been replaced and that’s it.  We don’t know how many more have been built or what AIDA’s intentions are..  Can you imagine a B finale where they are all in one giant creepy warehouse, they all get separated, its chaos, and no one knows who is who!

And yes RIP Nathenson you were doomed from the start!

you made me come to your house because you had partial custody and you made me eat foods that made me vomit and your stupid fucking wife hated me and i was never accepted and everything you ever did was fake as fuck i can’t believe that i ever fell for it, living with you while you called me names and laughed and yelled at me because i wasn’t as much of a man as you and you never tried to do anything to help me because you should have never had kids and my mom didn’t even know how to raise me because she was 18 when you knocked her up because you lost your first fucking kid because you were an alcoholic and were desperate for another one but then abandoned us when you found out she was pregnant. and i didn’t even know how to be like you so i just tried to act like you no matter how much it hurt and i didn’t like it because i thought maybe you’d accept me but you never did. i was 6 years old without a fucking dad and i was never accepted in my neighborhood because i didn’t know how to act like a boy and i was piss fucking poor for years because you left us. and now when i finally get away from you it hurts even more because every single aspect of my personality from the music and the movies that i liked to the jokes that i tell and how i dress and act are just like you just to be like a real man. but i don’t even know how to function living without you because you got me hooked on weed and pills every single day of my life and i can’t even function in school or public now. every single story about your glory days as a druggie and a teenager just make me want to be like you because i keep feeling like you’re a real man even though you’re not a man you’re a fucking coward and you’ll never be anything you’re nothing you’re less than nothing

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Okay so I go to a vocational high school, and I'm sophomore in an AM class, and I have freshmen. Next year I'll be in PM and my freshmen will have freshmen of their own. I want them to tell the new freshmen that I am a dude and use my name instead of my dead name, but they don't even use my name now. What should I do?

Tell them. I was in a similar situation to yours and once I came out to everyone, they were all very supportive, even the people I thought would be least likely to support me. Be assertive and insist when you need to.


things my parents call me by

- somebody

- tall person

- you

- bitch

- [deadname]

- *nothing, they just shout something across the hall and expect me to know i’m being addressed*

They get so mad when I have headphones on like “what if there’s an emergency, you wouldn’t hear me”.  I don’t wanna hear you.  I almost wish I hadn’t told them my name just so they couldn’t engineer the situation around addressing me and avoiding using my name to be so toxic.

petrorhagia  asked:

26, 4, 15

26| How would you describe your gender/sexuality.
I identify as bisexual. In terms of gender I’m afraid is far more complicated than that. I was compelled to conform to both genders in different contexts since I was a child, and I have reached a point in which I can’t choose what I really am anymore. Now I’m just stuck in the middle between the two. So I simply let others assign me the gender/pronouns they prefer (mainly because that’s what I’ve always done, my gender has never been something I’ve had control over even when I tried to) 
4| Do you like your name? Is there another name you think would fit better?
I think my name is quite beautiful and poetic as it is, although I wouldn’t use it online. [Xshayarsha is far more beautiful anyway]
15| Five most influential books during your lifetime  teenage years [in chronological order]
Das Parfum, Paradise Lost, Faust, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, The Waves.

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nickname: Jeff, i’ve been using this username for a while, when i first joind a fandom, i picked it randomly but know whenever i’m registering to a new website i use it, i know it’s a masculine name but i’ve been using too much that it became a gender neutral name for me as well as the guys i usually talk to in my main fandoms

star sign: leo

height: idk… about 168-170 centimeters

favorite music artist(s):

last movie watched: i’m not really into movies i don’t really remember what was the last movie i watched.

last tv show watched: kiss him not me and cartoon network’s shows

gender: female

hogwarts house: probably Gryffindor or ravenclaw

pokemon team: i’ve never played any of the pokemon games, my parents never bought me game consoles

average hours of sleep: about 6 or 7 hours, but in holidays it’s about 10 or 12 hours

dream job: i really don’t know tbh

favorite characters: Komaeda, Hinata, Tsumiki, Kaede, Maki Harukawa (Danganronpa) Idate, Ivlis, Satanick, Fumus and a lots of demons from the mogekoverse :3

Tagging: @xraraa , @xyumechii, @gellaby, @emi-yourbestnightmare, @gayemalf cuz why not. @immovablespace-acalanaatha forgot to tag you holy shit-


- “Draw what you love best!”

Jane: - “It is easy. My family.”


yes, it’s that bad. of course it’s that bad. help me deal with what happened to me and acknowledge how awful it is

secret relationship starters

Feel free to alter to fit muses.

  • “I am not ready for them to find out about us!”
  • “It’s cool, [name] promised to cover for me.”
  • “My roommate’s out of town. Want to stay the weekend?”
  • “We’ve got to stop being so careless.”
  • “Look, if we get found out, I could get fired!”
  • “It’s hard to believe you actually care about me when you’re so hellbent on keeping this from all your friends.”
  • “I can’t tell them! Do you have any idea how they’d react?”
  • “Jesus, with all this sneaking around, it’s like being closeted all over again.”
  • “We have to tell them sooner or later.”
  • “Let’s tell them the truth. Tonight.”
  • “I’m only dating [name] as a cover. You’re still my baby.”
  • “[Name] agreed to ‘date’ me until we’re ready to tell everyone.”
  • “Are you ashamed of me?”
  • “I spent two hours hiding underneath your bed until they left!”
  • “Shit! Someone’s coming! Get in the closet, get in the closet!”
  • “Let’s just tell them! What’s the worst that could happen?”
  • “No one can know about us.”
  • “Let’s just keep this between us for now, okay?”
  • “People wouldn’t like it if they knew, you know that.”
  • “I’m not ashamed of you, I’m just not ready to tell anyone yet.”
  • “You still haven’t told your parents about us? But you promised!”
  • “It’s kind of fun, having a secret.”
  • “Let’s go out of town. Somewhere where nobody knows us.”
  • “Yeah, so… I may have accidentally told [name] about us…”
  • “I don’t care what you do, just get [name] to promise to keep quiet. Pay them if you have to.”
  • “I’m tired of being your dirty little secret!”
  • “Once I break up with [name], then we tell people.”
  • “But you’re going to divorce them soon, right?”
  • “This isn’t a relationship! Relationships don’t involve one party climbing down a fire escape because the other is too ashamed to admit they’re dating them!”
  • “Okay, fine, but can I at least tell [name]?”
  • “If I don’t tell someone, I’m going to go crazy!”
  • “Shhh, be quiet. Remember, someone’s still downstairs…”
  • “Fuck it. Let’s get a motel.”
  • “Either we’re open about this, or I’m ending it.”
  • “When I said I liked you, I didn’t expect to be sneaking around all the time.”
  • “I can’t do this anymore.”
  • “Why haven’t you told your friends about me? Is it because I’m not as well-off as you are?”
  • “This was fun at first, but the novelty’s worn off.”
  • “It just feels really shitty, to be the secret boyfriend/girlfriend.”
  • “Look, either we date secretly, or we don’t date at all.”
  • “I’m not supposed to be dating, period!”
  • “If my parents found out about us, they’d go ballistic.”
  • “Just one more year until I’m out from under their roof and I can date whoever the hell I want.”
  • “Dating in secret never works out.”
  • “Where are we even supposed to go for our dates?”
  • “Just once, I’d like us to go on a date that didn’t end in us having to get a motel room out of town because we don’t want to get caught.”

anonymous asked:

so is vitya sort of like a pet name for viktor? i'm a bit confused about their relation to each other and when you would use vitya. thanks! (p.s. i love your style its literally my everything)

Thank you!

Well, russian names have different forms.

1. A formal form is official and is used in documents, in formal communication, when we address a person with a higher social rank, a senior person, or simply a person who we respect. Usually we use formal names with patronymics (but I don’t know the name of Viktor’s father). So Viktor - is a formal name.

2. A colloquial form is used when we address a person in informal communication, acquaintances, friends, family. So Vitya is a colloquial form. (I honestly want Yuuri to call him Vitya so much unngh).

There is also a stylistically lowered forms - Vit’ka, Vityok - but it has a bit disrespectful attitude if used not by close friends or relatives. It’s more for bros/buddies type of communication.

3. A diminutive form is used in friendly and intimate communication, when we address a person we are close with. These forms are usually emotionaly colored, and express our warm, tender attitude to a person. So Vitechka, Viten’ka, Vityusha are diminutive forms.


Noiz x Usagimodoki, prolly a print for EOY 2014.

but first, some music

I still call you my ex
even though we technically never dated
I guess even though you broke my heart
I still want to be lucky enough to say that I had you in a way that others don’t
it sucks to be just an “almost” to you,
someone that you “used” to like
when to me you were “everything” and someone I will “always” love
I know someday it will hurt less
it won’t kill me when I see your name
it will just be a dull pain that I’ve gotten used to
but maybe I don’t want to get used to it
I think I’d still rather be in pain from loving you than to have never loved you at all.


Greetings, witchy tumblr! I have created a free-to-use alphabet for anyone who wants to use it! While I made it with magickal purposes in mind, I won’t stop you for using it in any other way.

I like runes that are easy to write and equally easy to learn and remember, so I tried to make these that particular goal in mind. Most of the runes also resemble their anglo-roman (or is it latin?) counterpart, so it’s also easier to read the runes without having to check its corresponding letter constantly.

I made two versions, one is more round and smooth, while the other is angular and sharp.

I’m bad when it comes to naming things, so the name “desert runes” came from my current desktop picture of a beautiful golden desert during sunset. Also it sounds nice?

I’d love it if you tagged anything that uses this script with #desertrunes or #desertscript so I can see it, especially if you use it to make sigils!
Have fun!

EDIT: Now with fixed title card and the R on the sheet. The R was flipped earlier, oops.

EDIT 2: Added numbers and some marks! Final edit I swear.

EDIT 3: I LIED - The amazing goblinwitch made a font out of these, check them out HERE!