the sequel to this! Sorry it’s not reblogged and made easy to find, but Tumblr was having a hissy fit with me and it wouldn’t work :,C ANYWAY i can not tell you how terrifying the pressure was to make this– i didn’t expect the first one to get so popular and so i’m hoping i didn’t disappoint anybody with this trash XD but thank you all for all the nice comments on it!!!

There’s an anti blog that has compiled a list of “Larry debunks,” and because I like to stay honest, I read through them. Here’s what I can tell you.

  • Anti’s are usually “pro” another ship, typically Narry or Zarry
  • The most notes they had on any post was 492. 60% of all of their debunk posts had less than 100 notes. Most of them were reblogged with tags like “narry is real.” 
  • 80% of the posts were debunking shit from 2012 and 2013 that nobody believes is real anymore, including Larries
  • None of the posts were thoughtfully organized or convincing
  • A disturbing number of posts tried to debunk Larry by comparing it to Narry and then still concluded Narry is real
  • There were 3 blogs who did all the debunking

Basically, 3 antis, all of them Narries, are living on anxiety and offerings to an altar featuring Bullshit 1.0 and Elounor tweets.

Here’s what 1DHQ and antis want us to think the fandom looks like:

Here’s what the actual make-up is like:

1DHQ has created a narrative predicated on the concept of the silent majority, overly insisting that nobody believes in Larry, that anyone who does is deluded and antagonistic, when in reality, the antis are the vocal minority. The update accounts, supported by the 1DHQ machine, perpetuate this on a fan-to-fan level. It’s why Twitter can be so vocally anti at times.

Significantly more fans and casual observers can be classified as neutral than larrie or anti. As the curve trends to the larrie side, the antis will get increasingly vocal and vicious, but they have little to no real support. The fandom is a bubble. We exist in a vacuum where the sides appear to be clearly divided, but that’s not the case.

Don’t be fooled. Antis are not the majority. Larries aren’t even the majority. But the Larries are growing and the antis are shrinking. That is why the antis are fired up right now. 

“So hypothetically if I were to get you an engagement ring, what would you want it to look like?” Your boyfriend Michael asked, as nonchalantly as if he’d asked what you wanted for dinner. You were sitting on the couch having one of your lazy Sundays, a movie playing, you cuddled up to his side, one of his hands playing with your hair, the other holding his phone, which he was intently focused on.

You say bolt upright at his words, realizing that he had essentially just revealed he was planning to propose. Marriage had never really been something the two of you discussed, but you could clearly imagine a future with Michael. The two of you had been dating for 4 years and living together for one, you knew him just as well as you knew yourself and vice verse. The way you imagined it, marriage wouldn’t be that much different, aside from changing your last name to Clifford and maybe adding a few children somewhere down the line. You resisted the urge to freak out like a man whose favorite team had just won the championship title. Though this was a huge deal and certainly warranted a freak out, maybe he wasn’t planning on proposing right away, he just wanted to get a feel for what you would like when the time came. “I’d definitely want it to be silver.” You began. “And nothing too big.”

Michael nodded,listening intently. He typed furiously on his phone, taking notes you figured. “A round stone. And I’ve seen some that look kind of twisty on the side, that’s cute.” You’d never given much though to what you wanted your ring to look like. You knew some girls had probably dreamed about getting engaged since they were little, dreaming up the perfect ring and perfect dress but you’d never really thought that way. You’d always kind of taken a “if I meet that right person it’ll happen” approach to marriage and now you had definitely found that right person.

“Something like this?” Michael broke in, showing you his phone screen. Your eyes widen as you took in the ring he was showing you, it had to be one of the most beautiful things you’d ever seen.

“Yeah.” You said, trying not to sound breathless while internally you were freaking out. “That’s beautiful.”

“And, hypothetically, if I were to get you this ring, what size would you be?”

You smiled as you replied and watched as he typed the number into the notepad on his phone. “Good to know.” He said finally, placing his phone on the table and pulling you into him once again.

Feeling braver now you asked a question. “So, hypothetically, do all of these questions mean you might be asking me a very important question sometime soon?”

He smiled down at you. “Yes.” He replied after what seemed like an eternity. No hypothetically about it.

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wait who did michael makeout with??!?

michael kissed miles during his first month officially living in austin and working with rooster teeth back in 2011!!! barbara talked about it during the post podcast show #338, but it’s only for sponsors so here’s what she said if you can’t watch it:

“Was [the time Michael was drunk in the backseat of Brandon’s car with a bunch of people sitting on top of one another] the same night that, uh, Miles and Michael kissed? Did I ever tell the story on the podcast? I think it was after the strip club. It was either like— I think it was Michael’s first week here or something, like after he just got hired, and they all went out and got really drunk. And, uh, it was either Miles or Michael who sent me a video of them being like, “Hey, Barbara, wish you were here… and, uh, here’s this!” and then they just started kissing. Like, not making out or anything, but they kissed each other, and I have that video still on my computer at home. It’s blackmail material.” 

and also i’m like 99.9% sure that this is a picture from that night:

Leopika fic recommendations

Someone asked me to make a rec list ages ago, I’m sorry it took so long.  Some of these follow canon, some don’t; anything that’s set in an au from the beginning is listed as such. I added the author’s tumblr urls for those I knew.

(I have two other ficlets by Mina Lightstar that disappeared from the internet, I tried contacting them… I’m not gonna post them anywhere without consent but if you’re really into their writing, shoot me a message.)

Accidental Kiss by sabershadowkat (i think some of Leorio’s wording is unintentionally.. a little insensitive at some points, but I liked it nonetheless)

Accustomed To by houndoom

action&reaction by youandyourlilies

Advent Ground by Mina Lightstar (nsfw)

Bringer of Spring by Blossomwitch (nsfw implied)

Bringing the Kids Along by peroxidepest

Coming to a time by Maaya

Dark Night by Blossomwitch (warning: self-harm)

December 25th by trixie/nw (nsfw implied)

Disadvantage by trixie/nw (nsfw, god bless nen chain sex)

expecting by trixie/nw (nsfw-ish)

Endangered by Mina Lightstar (adv, has Leopika moments, so pre-slash, maybe?)

Epilogue by @tastewithouttalent

Excitement by Harukami (nsfw)

Fallout by @tastewithouttalent (nsfw)

Fifteen Ways To Grow Old Together by YasminM (nsfw implied)

For How Long by bikun/Mina Lightstar

Goodbye by AllyCatxandi

Good Enough by bikun/Mina Lightstar

Healing by Blossomwitch

Heimweh by @the-smallest-kurapika

hypnotized by the way you move by lime/iwaoidk (nsfw, trans Pika)

if you want, when you need by commovente/@aobaejousai

in medias res by commovente/@aobaejousai

Interludes Series (Rest, Insomnia, Waiting, Parting, Disguise, Fever) by @tastewithouttalent (nsfw) (oh man, if you’ve ever spoken to me about Leopika fics, you know I adore this series, it’s my absolute favourite.)

Interrupted by houndoom (nsfw)

Jungle Fever by Mina Lightstar (this is more of an adv fic with some Leopika hints but definitely worth the read)

Let’s Get Physical by Caprichoso/@fartoomanycrushes (nsfw implied)

Minimal by @tastewithouttalent (nsfw)

Miles to go by trixie/nw

Morning-After Pill by Mina Lightstar (warning: drunk sex) (nsfw implied)

nine snapshots of kurapika and leorio past york shin city by princess-kally

Open X Doors by olivemeister (nsfw implied)

Playing Catchup by EnohIO

Quiet by @tastewithouttalent (nsfw)

Quixotic by bikun/Mina Lightstar

Reunion by @tastewithouttalent

Reunion by Laronmi

rhapsody by Aetherdrive (nsfw)

Shared x Space by olivemeister (nsfw, trans Pika)

Sleep, Baby, Sleep/Feed my Fascination by Caprichoso/@fartoomanycrushes (dfab, nb Pika)

Supplies x Closet by dicksakura (nsfw, trans Pika)

Take what you can get by Eva

That’s Not What Friends Are for by Araibito

The Birds and the Bees by Mina Lightstar (nsfw)

The Domesticity Arc by Mina Lightstar (nsfw) (please read the author’s notes and decide if you want to give it a go, it’s funny but may be considered insensitive by some.)

the intersection by commovente/@aobaejousai

The Seven Deadly Sins by Blossomwitch (nsfw)

The Question of Legacy by peroxidepest17

The Weight of Chains by sabershadowkat

time and a half by lunarlunch

To Build a Home on Gentle Hands by Queerapika/@the-smallest-kurapika

Turn Your Eyes to the Sky by harukami

until then by Yellow

wishing; a little more than token resistance by pyrality


All Folks Are Damaged Goods by Queerapika/@the-smallest-kurapika
 (AU fic, Pairo is alive, genderfluid Pika)

Doctor and Hitman by Lord_of_Spirits_and_Bazongas (Mafia au)

Down If You Are by delmareve (@delmareve) (nsfw)

Sanhitori City by Insomiak/@insomiaksunrise

Spring Haze by caseyvalhalla (Modern fairy tale au, trans Leorio)

The Blacklist by delmareve (@delmareve)

AU fics:

Cigarette (it doesn’t have a title, i just put this ;_;) by @delmareve (Mafia au)

Duty by bikun/Mina Lightstar (Kingdom vs. Pirate au, not a whole fic just set in that au, not sure what to put down here)

Hippocratic Hypocrites by Katharos

I know exactly why I walk and talk like a machine by Queerapika/ @the-smallest-kurapika (android au)

The Name Game by Eloarei (Coffee shop au)

When It Happens (I’m Gonna Be Holding On) by PeopleCoveredInFish (college au, nsfw)


“Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?” by commovente/@aobaejousai

Deflowering by bikun/Mina Lightstar (nsfw implied)

drifter by @dondake

In Vino Amaritas (AO3 link) by @fartoomanycrushes

jugular (AO3 link) by @dondake

Leorio-centric drabble by lazarus-game

Untitled by @insomiaksunrise

Untitled ficlet by bikun/Mina Lightstar

And with all these in one place, I’m finally gonna make an acc to review them, god bless all Leopika writers, you’re doing god’s work. <3

If you enjoy(ed) any of these fics, please consider dropping the writers a line (or a full comment of incoherent rambling like I’m likely to do haha)!

My reaction to every time Arbakuei appears and especially when she touches Sinbad(or maybe even in fact anyone):

… Can I just stab her or something? She is being creepy again.

Megaman Battle Network Figs Are Happening




(So I wrote this last week and I’ve not read the latest chapter so I don’t know if this conflicts or not but here you go)

The rest of the soldiers have already retreated with their horses. Levi can just about hear the hooves clapping against the cobbles, slipping in their haste, but it’s quickly being drowned out by much heavier footsteps.

He is still in the basement. There is nothing here; it had all been for nothing. Whether there was nothing here from the beginning or someone had got to its contents before them, he doesn’t know, and at this rate he never will. He needs to leave. Soon there won’t be enough time to get back to his horse. He can’t die here. Not like this.

“Erwin!” He calls, voice heavy as he throws it from his lungs. Levi has called several times now but again he is ignored.

Erwin is on his knees, frantically heaving rubble and splintered wood. He doesn’t even seem to notice the blood dripping from his fingertips, smudging along rocks and twisted pipes, staining his white trousers. Levi wants to run to him, pull him away, throw him over his shoulders if he has to, but the second he moves away the beam he is supporting with his shoulders will fall, crushing Erwin beneath it. With his back to Levi, muttering like a madman, Erwin hadn’t even noticed.

“Erwin. There’s nothing here, we have to leave, we have to –“


It is an animalistic roar, nothing like Levi had ever heard from Erwin and it leaves him stunned, breathless in his shock.

“No. There has to be something here. There has to be –“

Levi can’t see Erwin’s face, but he can hear the thick desperation clogging up his throat. The pain of failure is almost a visible weight on his shoulders.

“Look, I don’t know what’s going on but there are titans coming, Erwin, and we have to get out of here.” Levi can’t help but think that he sounds somewhat pathetic right now, his voice almost a plea, something close to fear clipping his words. But he can’t really bring himself to care, not when that stubborn fool continues to crawl on his knees, pushing aside rocks and broken bits of furniture, scrambling for just a scrap of proof, just a hint to the secrets he has been desperately searching for all this time .

“I’m not leaving until I’ve found what the hell Grisha was talking about.” Erwin snarls, but the ferocity in his actions is dying, his hand slowing like an aged clock. Levi can’t watch this. It always pains him when he is forced to witness the rare moments his commander cracks.

“Erwin-,” he tries, doing his utmost to quell the shaking in his knees. As the thundering above them gets closer, the walls around them start to crack. Another beam collapses, almost blocking their exit.

“If I don’t have this, Levi, then what was this all for? What do I have left?”

“You have me.”

He doesn’t mean to say it, but there is something desperate inside of him clawing at his chest to get to Erwin. Right now, Levi thinks he would be willing to admit anything if it will convince him to stand up. He can’t help but think he should have broken Erwin’s legs, kept good on his threat.

Erwin is yet to stand up, yet to look back at Levi, but he has stopped, seeming to have broken out of his manic trance.

The titans are getting closer, the pounding of their heels sending shockwaves through the ceiling. Levi doesn’t know how much more his back can withstand.

“Just for now, Erwin, can that be enough? Until we get home, can I be enough?”


“Please, Erwin.”

He finally turns round, his blue eyes widening. He returns from that dark place in his mind seeming to finally understand the situation that they are in. A panic that doesn’t suit him strikes his features.

“Levi, what are you doing? Get out of here!”

“I’m not leaving without you so get the hell up!” he cries, the beam creaking as it pushes him down, he’s got seconds, at most.

Erwin scrambles to his feet and rushes towards Levi, helping him to heave the beam aside, chucking it to the ground.

It’s only then that Levi notices the pounding footsteps have stopped. All Levi can hear is his pulse beating against his ears, and each heave of their shared breath. Erwin is so close, close enough to touch. 

With a deafening crash and the grinding of rocks above them the sky, so blue and bright is revealed to them, before ominous shadows and grotesque faces loom over them.

Levi fought for the chance to see this sky as a free man. He looks up at Erwin, and remembers that he now fights for a different blue, a different freedom. 

“Let’s go, Erwin”

He refuses to let his dream die here. 

you’re my sweetheart

(for @youreturningscarletscarlet, who needs a little bit of silly fluffy nonsense in her life after writing SAD SAD THINGS. ily! <3)


Len wakes up the morning of February 14th to a cold, empty bed.

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yall slept on this so i’m here to remind you it exists