i ve just a little research about Saban Moon and according to Sailor Moon Wiki, Saban had nothing to do with this project.  Toon Makers, is a North American animation company. In the early 1990s, they teamed up with Power Rangers producers Renaissance Atlantic, and pitched a series to FOX to make a completely different “Americanized” version of the successful Japanese franchise Sailor Moon. i actually like this picture and want to share it in here.

Thanks for the tip sis! :D

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After a few days of staying with Geno de-aged Sid starts to question Geno and his older selfs relationship. "So if we're roommates why aren't any of my clothes in the room I'm staying in? And you have a wedding ring on but I haven't seen your wife? Also why would your wife not live with you but I do?" And Genos just standing there in a cold sweat and barks out "Shouldn't know too much about future, Sid! Go to your room" and Sid just retorts "you mean the guest room"

okay but imagined de-aged sidney sneaking out to the living room after he knows geno has fallen asleep because he wants to watch tv, and he’s rummaging in the drawers looking for the Finding Nemo DVD that Geno showed him when he sees a DVD labeled - “Sid and G, proposal vid”

so he pops that in, the way geno showed him how to, and the screen fizzes to life. A man, with dark curls and wide, hazel eyes is biting his lips and looking at…something. It’s like one of those new phones Geno showed him, but with a wider screen. And with a start, Sidney realizes that the man in the video is a grown up him.

Then Geno appears on the TV, flashing a post-it note at the camera that said, “Marry me, Sidney?

“What are you doing?” in-video Sidney says, smiling as he looks up. “Is this a prank? Because you know you’re supposed to set up the camera beforehand, right?”

In-video Geno crumples the post it note and stuffs it in his pocket. “Not prank,” he promises, before bounding back to Sidney’s side and kissing him. “You see later.”

The video cuts to black, music starts playing, and it turns out the whole thing is Geno indirectly proposing in a bunch of different ways to an unsuspecting Sidney. They’re at the zoo and Sidney is pointing at some penguins, and Geno is whispering to the camera, “Sidney, you make me so happy. Will you marry me?” as Sidney shouts from afar, “Geno, come over here! Look at them!” In another instance, the camera pans down from where Sidney is practicing slapshots down to where Geno is sitting in the bleachers, a notebook in his lap that once again asks Sidney to marry him in messy handwriting. Then it’s yet another scene, where Sidney is passed out in bed and surrounded by a bunch of fluffy pillows, and Geno has stuck a post-it note on his forehead asking Sidney to marry him.

(Another scene is Sidney in the locker room, next to some guy with a soul patch, who says something unintelligible. The subtitles says, “Hey Sid. You should marry Geno. He’s been asking you for three months.”

In-video Sidney is pulling on his shirt when he asks, “What does that mean?”

The guy responds, “Geno says it’s Russian for ‘You have a big ass.’”

In-video Sidney rolls his eyes. “Okay, Flower.”)

And de-aged sidney gets to see how much geno loves him and how much his teammates love him, and how happy older-Sidney is with his new family anyways im emo for this and i would love to read a teeny drabble based on this pass it on  


they’re always changing the dye in my hair and sometimes it would be a lot redder than it normally was. I normally have brown hair, but for the show they just amped up the red color. But at the beginning of season 4 they just amped it up way too much. My hair was the same color of Elmo’s hair. So the executive producer started to call me Elmo. I was like, “Thanks.” But actually Elmo is pretty cute, so I don’t mind.

since i quit smoking and i can’t get high as a coping mechanism anymore i gotta actually like……do things to take my mind off of stuff so thus far in the last 4 hours i built a window enclosure for grover and cleaned the entire downstairs bathroom and now i’m going to do all the dishes and make dinner from scratch i guess

The real question about season 7:

Will we get the floof back? 

Originally posted by crazy-red-cat

This is medium floof, about five inches on top and maybe seven on the side.

An inch of hair takes about a month to grow for most people.

If they start filming in mid-July and stopped at the beginning of April, that’s only a maximum of four months, not enough to manage full floofage.

Like, I’m not actually complaining about short-hair Gold…but I MISS THE FLOOF!

I could even live with a wig for the first three or four episodes if it gave the floof time to catch up…

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13, because I'm just so nice

also dis:

13. Realistic

I stopped trying when I drew the first leg TvT sorry guys but HERE HAVE THIS DERPY NOODLE. He’s saying “blop.” Like…not even bloop. Blop.

@subbalubba, @nightly-noivern

Ummm??? I like Pontac and Graff and their writing.

I think they were told to write towards a light hearted kid friendly theme too?

But I actually like their writing regardless.

I think it’s really cute. ♡♡

I also think the voice actors do well with it.

What exactly is wrong with their writing? I feel like they did what they were told and directed to do?

Maybe I forgot something from the games?

I literally don’t understand.

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I actually like created my own "Googleplier" but it's Amazon Echo, so when you called Blue Google "Google Prime" I can imagine her being like "escuse me bitch?! There's only one Prime in this household and it's my SISTER!"

Oh that’s cool! She would be like him in a way :O

And sasssssssy too don’t we all love a sassy Prime Minister

My brain is going to Optimus Prime why am I like this

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you are not in an eighties band. I believe that you have a false perception of yourself as well as everyone else. your identity very well may turn out tobe null because of them? some of your folks are the most pretentious I have seen and its disgusting, and really not healthy, for anyone.

Ok first of all, HAHA what the actual fuck is this message? And I sort of have an idea of who this is, and if so, please fuck off and Move On.

Second of all, when have I ever said I believed I was actually in a band? Why do you think I have a false perception of myself? I mean, this blogging about bands and borrowing some of their aesthetics is just called… being interested in a thing….

I have many interests, this is one I particularly like at this moment. I do a lot of things, I go to school and study something I actually like (which have nothing to do with 80s bands mind you), but it takes up a lot of time and energy and I have to do and think about other things on the side, and that’s not necessarily bad. Don’t come and police my identity, I’ve struggled enough with it in the past and I have had enough with people trying to dictate what I AM. (again, nothing to do with bands from other decennia).

And really, talking shit about my friends? Sure they might be a little pretentious but who isn’t? Actually I’ve seen WAY WORSE, when we do it it’s mostly just for fun. I believe making assumptions about someone else’s identity (whom you don’t even know) and telling them what to do is a bit pretentious, but that’s just my opinion.

Look, there might be many unhealthy things about the way I live my life but liking music bands is not one of them.