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INSPIRED BY @x-men-headcannons​‘s post HERE about Warren’s feathered wings being unbearably itchy while they’re growing back in

I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time I was drawing this thing
that headcanon is my favorite xD

Not pictured: Warren checking every direction; looking left and right more times than a kid learning to cross the street to make sure nobody was around to witness this

ALSO NOT PICTURED: Warren didn’t check well enough; Quicksilver zooms by, snaps a polaroid shot of this embarrassing scene, and thumb tacks it to the school bulletin board. He would be dead meat when Warren finds out.

…If Warren could catch him

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anonymous asked:

Please give me all the headcanons!!! I'm thristy af right now waiting for the new chapter

i feel you, anon!! like, i know being an artist is really hard and i’ll respectfully wait for the new chapter for as long as it needs, but im also dying to know what will happen and i have to fill the wait with something

so, in the hopes to make the wait a bit more bearable, and because im still recovering from the flu, have some sick headcanons (well, it’s mostly one big headcanon, but still)

  • he tian rarely gets sick, which thank god for that because he is insufferable when he’s sick a real hassle to take care of
  • like at first he would pretend for the longest time to be okay, because he doesn’t want to admit to be sick even if deep down he knows he is, and that always puts him in a bad mood - the ‘get away from me if you know what’s good for you’ kind of bad mood
  • so he would go on like this until it gets so bad that he can’t avoid the issue anymore, at which point he just closes himself inside his apartment until he feels better
  • mostly because i feel like he is the kind of person who hates to be seen as weak and ask for help, and who is not used to take care of himself or be taken care of
  • guan shan is not going to take any of this bullshit of course, so as soon as he realizes how sick he tian actually is he shows up at he tian’s apartment to make sure he is curing himself properly
  • which he isn’t, so guan shan ends up taking care of him by taking his temperature, making sure he drinks enough fluids and takes medicines at the right times, cooking him soup, etc. all the while complaining about what an idiot he tian is for making his flu get so bad
  • and he tian is so not used to this the first time it happens, but the minute he realizes that it’s okay to keep his walls down around guan shan, he becomes the most needy fucker when he’s sick, always asking guan shan to cook him something, or bring him stuff, or keeping him warm
  • on the contrary, being sick is not a big deal for guan shan, but he makes sure to stay home so he doesn’t get worse
  • and he assures he tian that no, he’s fine, it’s just a cold, there’s no need for he tian to go there and check up on him
  • which of course he tian completely ignores and ten minutes later he is at guan shan’s house
  • and he tian would try to do all the things guan shan does when he is the one who’s sick, but it always ends in a disaster (he manages to fuck up even pre-made soups)
  • so he tian usually just ends up sitting near guan shan’s bed while guan shan tries to rest
  • but even if he has three covers on top of him guan shan keeps shivering a lot, so after a while he tian just tells him to scoot over and climbs into bed with him to keep him warm
  • guan shan complains about this at first because “you’re going to end up getting sick too” “i don’t mind” “well, i do, because im the one who will have to take care of your needy ass when you’re sick”
  • but in the end he doesn’t put up that much of a fight because it’s actually nice to have he tian wrapped around him
  • so of course the next day he tian is sick too and they spend the rest of the week curled up together next to the humidifier, half buried under a mountain of blankets and crumpled tissues and bickering about being sick
  • “this is all your fault” “oh, really? who stuck his tongue down my throat even when he knew it was colonized by bacteria?”

as usual, if anyone wants to add their own headcanons, please feel free to do it!!

jaime/brienne week

day two: duty + favorite song day

bruce springsteen, this is your sword (½)

These are the few things I leave to thee
This sword of our fathers with lessons hard thought
This shield strong and sturdy from battles well-fought

This is your sword, this is your shield, this is the power of love revealed
Carry it with you wherever you go, and give all the love that you have in your soul [x]

gomboc123  asked:

For the headcanon thing, could you do an FMA Marvel AU please?

Oooooh yes!

  • Roy was an average young man who joined the military during the WWII era because he wanted to protect his country and help bring about change. After a training exercise leaves him severely injured and unable to be sent to the front lines, he agrees to be a participant in a program that could heal his body and in turn, after the procedure, he discovered he had incredible physical strength and endurance. He vanished toward the end of the war after fighting the H.O.M.U.N.C.U.L.I. and was found in a semi-frozen state in the arctic in modern times.
  • After being recommissioned, one of his first assignments was to engage a possibly hostile ‘alien’ that appeared out of nowhere. Upon further investigation, he met with and spoke to the princess, soon to be queen of the distant planet of Amestris, Riza, who he found clad in armor and wielding a hammer called Hayate *shot*.
  • The above two are very unfamiliar with the way the modern world works, though Roy is more so familiar with it, so when not helping save the world they explore and go on dates alsdkfjsa.
  • Edward and Alphonse Elric are mutants who excelled at their father’s carefully crafted school for ‘the gifted.’ Edward’s abilities are similar to his father’s, where he is able to read minds but also telekinetically move objects, whereas Alphonse has incredible strength and speed.
  • Winry Rockbell was the top of her class at the world-renowned technical institute she attended, earning a prestigious award for the prosthetics she engineers for wounded veterans. But after playing around with her equipment more, she discovered that she had the tools to build a nearly impenetrable suit. And with how crazy the world had become, she kept it under wraps for a time where she may need to use it…

So this is long overdue, but here goes! I would first like to start off by saying, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK GUYS?! I’m honestly one the biggest (if not the biggest) potatoes on here. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would reach 600+ followers. I can honestly write a huge essay, double spaced, MLA format, twelve point font, on how grateful I am for all of you guys! 

I made this blog a little bit over a year ago. It started out as a blog in which I rped as both Steve and Tony (Hopefully no one was actually around to see how much of a mess that was). I then went on a huge hiatus because of school and all that jazz. Right around the time the second Civil War trailer came out, I wanted to pick this blog back up, but after careful evaluation, I took on Tony full time, because I kind of felt like I wrote him better. And it was all down hill from there!

Since I was a tiny little fetus, Anthony Edward Stark has been my favorite person in the Marvel Universe. There’s not a single day that goes by that I don’t think about Tony. I put him up there with Jesus, tbh. Because of this, I had a huge fear of not portraying him correctly. Although there are still times where I doubt myself, you guys are the people that reassure me that I’m doing something right, and because of that, I’m eternally grateful. I kid you not, since I started this blog, I’ve really gotten to truly understand and see Tony in a way I never thought possible, most of that has to do with all the wonderful people I’ve gotten to know and talk to.

I wish I could do some kind of special give away, but I’m a broke college student and can barely afford a packet of ramen noodles. My photoshop skills are probably worse that a four year olds macaroni art, so I just hope that this post can somewhat express how truly thankful I am for all of you! I also kind of had an idea of making a Q & A video of me answering y’alls questions, but we’ll see! I’m going to put the rest of this post under the cut, because I feel like it’s already hella long!

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Rose and Tentoo on a Torchwood mission for my DW secret buddy, the lovely @skyler10fic ​! Inspired by some posts she’s made recently as well as this month’s “Torchwood” prompt for @onelifenet .

Skyler, It’s been very nice chatting with you and I wish you a very happy week/month/year full of fun adventures! :3

I loved the talk between Snow and Regina on the bench. There’s this very subtle moment, where Regina admits she was a terrible step mother (which is also just kind of weird, because they’re like the same age now, but whatever) and she asks Snow how she endured it. Here’s where Ginny really kills it - a single tear is falling from her eye, and she talks about how not one, but both of her parents died, and she was basically an orphan who also had to fear for her life because the Evil Queen wanted her dead. You forget sometimes how bad she had it, because Snow is always so cheerful and upbeat, but it was no walk in the park for her (deep swallow from Regina for being a huge part of Snow’s misery).

Then she says something really important, “I made a conscious choice to hope and not give up,” and just…wow. That is so real, so raw, so true. Sometimes people who have it the worst are the most positive and upbeat of all, and it’s not because they’ve been dealt an easy hand, it’s because they choose to make lemonade out of lemons. There is a lot Regina can learn from Snow, which I guess is why they made Mary Margaret a “teacher” in the alternate universe (nice touch, writers).

Anyway, just reminded me why I love this show. Ridiculous, over-the-top villains and plot twists, sprinkled with nuggets of wisdom and truth.

Fairytales for the win.


26.9.2016 || ART TAG 

So continue to this post here i finally finished my art picturing Voldronall gang taking a selfie , so here my headcanon for the characters taking photos :D 

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