Fate/Grand Order Ibaraki Douji Line Masterpost

I should stop working for free since I need money lol…….. but……. A lot of my friends really wanted Ibaraki and weren’t able to roll her……. And that made me sad…… So I said what the hell and translated her lines as a warmup.

How did you expect Ibaraki to be? A punk? Secretly moe? Jokes on you she’s an archaic speaking mob boss.

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Monsta X Reaction To Minhyuk’s Sister And Jooheon Secretly Dating And The Members Find Out About It When Minhyuk Introduces Her To Them


*Looks at Jooheon*
“Son? You didn’t tell me?”


“Did you know she’s Minhyuk’s sister? How did you two meet? What is this?”


“Hold up… Sis? And Jooheon? Please tell me this is a joke… Not Jooheon… Jooheon is mine!”


“Jooheon!? Why Jooheon? You have poor taste in men”


“Did I hear right…?”


“Can I kick Kihyun? I feel like he really deserves it”


“I knew you were hiding something from us! Never expected it to be a girl though…”

I hope you liked it~
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o.k. in theory i like the fanon that ana was important 2 mccrees life in some ways or that she was sort of a parental force cause it fits what we’ve seen of her character from voicelines and her comic and stuff and also because pharah & mccree are 2 of my favs and the idea of them being close in some way is very gratifying, the idea of them having the weirdest most unexpected surrogate sibling-y relationship moreso but in practice it rlly fuckin sucks how much #Content there is thats just like. jokes about Hey Haha Its Ana And Her Cowboy Son that ignore the fact that ana also has uh…. a daughter …. first and foremost …. who’s a major character ….. and really cool and good….. and also the focal point of ana’s introductory trailer

also i feel cheated out of what could potentially be the best overwatch content possible, i.e. recreating classic bart and lisa moments with small scrappy wonderful kid fareeha and angry teen shithead jesse mccree but like honestly thats your loss, guys

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I never thought about the KogKag height differences. Since she's still 15 do you think she'll grow anymore? Then again she seemed about the same height at the end of the series.... Omg I can imagine Kouga teasing the HECKIE out of Kags omg. Also. For your consideration: kogkag cuddling like all the time in the beginning to the point that when they're just standing around Kagome looks up Kouga all frustrated because she forgot how tall he was HA.

PLEASE my heart is Weeping that’s so cute!!! and i completely agree: koga definitely has a whole arsenal of short jokes prepared for kagome lmao. and… his favorite thing is to pick her up for kisses B)

LISTEN. rt didn’t change anything appearance wise about any of the characters despite three years passing so i’m saying she grew at least an inch or two! but what good is that when she still has to crane her neck to look at her boyfriend

tiny :’((♥

“It’s a stereotype that all Jews know each other.”

Me, searching for apartments in NYC talking to complete strangers: So I’m a coordinator for JVP…

3 PEOPLE SO FAR: We’re all a part of JVP too! Wow! And we know every person in your Boston chapter and I think we’ve met one time at a meeting….

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Hey I need some whittynovels advice. I've been obsessing over a character lately and at first I thought it was okay but now it's like causing me pain?? I sent you an ask a while ago about this and you said that you were the same about Juliet (sorry if i spelled it wrong). But I genuinely feel like crying rn and can't sleep thinking about this character and how I'm not like them or will never be with them and idk man I need advice on how to chiLL THE FUCK OUT please this isn't a joke

I FEEL THIS SO HARD HOLY SHIT I’VE LITERALLY CRIED MYSELF TO SLEEP THINKING “juliette ferrars has the life and the boyfriend that i want and i know she’s not real but i would literally be her in a heartbeat rather than be me” and I literally cannot reread shatter me due to the fact that it actually hurts me. The last time I read ignite me, I had to stop and go to bed when I reached chapter 55 because I was crying so hard that nothing like that will ever happen to me, and I felt so alone, and fictional characters were supposed to be relatable and people I look up to, but I’d never been so jealous of anyone in my entire life. 

it’s definitely a self-confidence thing, and something you’ll have to work through. if you wanna come off anon and talk specifics, I know EXACTLY what you’re feeling.

EXO reaction ; You're dating someone else after break up (pt. 1)

Hey anon, I’ll try my best to make you cry. Ugh. But I think this will turn fluffy. Depending on my mood. [+ My laptop hang so basically, I have to post it one by one. Please noted that the arrangement will always be based on their ages.] I manage to trick my laptop so yeah.

Xiumin - She used to look at me that way. The way her eyes glimmered like the stars. The way how lines formed whenever she laughed at my jokes. He looked upwards as he hold back his tears. I can’t give the attention she needed… that’s why she left me. I know I should be happy for her but I can’t. I know I love her so much. I love her so much to the point that I’m willing to–”Minseok?” he wiped his tears immediately as soon as he heard you called him. “O-Oh, Y/N.” He tried his best to act normal but he can’t. “W-What are you doing here?” he asked. She smiled sweetly at him. “Oh-uhm… I just came from a date.” He pursed his lips. It is painful to see the one that you love smiling from ear to ear because of their someone new. “You?” “I was watching the one that I love having the time of her life.” He sniffed. “Can’t you take me back? I’ll try my best to spend time with you. I will do everything I can just to be with you. Even if it means I have to let go of everything.” Tears welled his eyes which mirrored yours. You held his shoulder as you sobbed. “That’s why we can’t be together… you give me too much that you often forget about yourself. Minseok… please promise me that you’ll look after yourself.” He held your cheek as he wiped your tears. “If we’re meant for each other, we’ll end up together.” You removed his hand from your cheek before running away from him. I guess I lost her. Forever.

Luhan - “Y/N…” he said as soon as you entered the VIP room he rented for the two of you. You could see hope on his face. You could say that he doesn’t get enough rest by looking at the dark circles under his eyes. “T-Take a seat!” he said as he pulled out the chair. “Thank you Lu.” “What do you want to order–?” “Lu, let’s get straight to the point. Please?” I feel like my world stopped spinning as soon as she said those words. My heart shattered to pieces knowing the reason why she wanted to leave immediately. “O-Oh… W-What do you want to talk about?” he asked. “Stop following me around especially when I’m with him.” I can’t keep myself from following her. Just seeing her with that guy kills me but not seeing her is worst. “I know what I’m doing. Now that what we have has ended, focus on your job. Do you thing and mind your own business, same goes with me.” How she say that easily? How could she move on that fast? “How could you say that?” he asked you before letting out a sigh. “I just want you to understand that Luhan. Good bye,” you said before leaving him there, dumbfounded. She just walked out of my life but I want her back.

Kris -  I can’t afford to see her with someone else. He’s not like me. He far from me. I don’t see the reason why she broke up with me and date him. Am I not enough? Where did I go wrong? “Hyung! Hyung!” he pushed Chen away from him as he walked wobbly towards the door. “Don’t stop me! I need to see Y/N!” he yelled which garnered the attention of the other EXO members. “I need to see her badly.” They saw how their eyes was glistening. Suho sighed before dialling his phone. “Y/N, can you come over?” “Why oppa? Is there something wrong?” “Y/N? Baobei, I promise not to break your heart anymore. I promise I’ll spend more time with you.” “Kris… haven’t we talked about this earlier?” I heard her sigh from the other line. I know she wanted to have closure with me but I can’t afford to lose her. Never. “Kris, you have to move on from me. You have to be happy.” “How can I be happy if you’re not here with me? If I know you’re with that a–hole? Baobei, he’s cheating on you. Come back to me. I’m much better than him.” “Kris… let’s talk once you’re sobber.” “Baobei! Baobei!” he called but you ended the call. Tears started to stream down his cheeks. I don’t want to lose her.

I’m sleeping now. Byebye~ See you tomorrow~ I love to break your hearts you Hahaha! Such a tease writer. Good night! (here) actually it’s midnight so I have to sleep. Feedback please?

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this girl that I really like always holds my hand in class and we hug for a really long time every time we see each other and she always grabs my hand first or hugs me first but idk if she's gay or not. should I ask her how she feels or?? please help I really like her but idk how she feels I can't tell if she's doing it as a joke or not. she doesn't know I'm gay and I don't want to tell her if she's not because I haven't told anyone yet

It seems like she likes you, so I say you should ask her how she feels. Just causally bring up the hand holding and long hugs in a conversation and ask her what that’s all about, try not to make a big deal out of it. 

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Ok, please lets not use the excuse of social media "interaction" or "her saying she wants a boy" in SOCIAL MEDIA, to determine her sexuality. And that she is 100% straight. Her tweets seems more like a joke to me 😂 i find it hilarious and sarcastic, i mean even she laughed about one of them and later tweeted she was jking lol. I think it was made clear in the past few days how social media/hollywood can be fake and manipulative aka Miss Cobra. Part 1++

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Also I love it how people think Taylor's career is "over" please she's still gonna sell millions(because she actually put her stuff to buy on iTunes unlike others. Oops) and she'll still have a higher net worth then Kanye.

i mean yea she can still sell albums but the major media is like completely against her right now and so are a lot of consumers anyway. it’s a joke but it comes from that

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Loved the Today interview. I still can't decided if Carson was trying to ask Gwen if Misery was about Blake (missing him) or if Misery how it feel to date him (in a playful joking way). I love how her eyes light up like a Christmas tree when his name is mentioned, she is so in love. I feel like she is slowly becoming more open with her relationship (she never has been one to give much about her personal life in interviews). That being said I am scared for the Howard S. interview.

Same. I can’t get over how happy she is and how her face lights up when certain things are said. I’m just so pleased for her. 

And I agree. I’m really worried about Stern, honestly. I just hope he at least attempts to be relatively respectful. As recently as April and May, he SO SO wasn’t (and even said he was on Gavin’s said and pretty much said Gwen is a c*nt), and he and Gavin have a long relationship of sorts, considering he was back on the show even in the 1990s. I mean, Stern’s an absolutely misogynistic shitbag at the best of times, so praying she’s able to handle whatever he throws at her okay. There’s a chance that we will get her being more open than we’ve had her before as long as he’s not TOO bad, though.