Look, I know I’m not funny, okay?

Anyways, my friend was telling me about how she went to this party and everyone tried to greet her, but she just got really serious and said “I’m motherfuckin’ starboy” before turning around and leaving immediately and I was like “wow that’s the most Derek Malik Nurse thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life” so I present to you:

Nursey literally does this for two weeks straight after the song comes out because he thinks he’s funny or something and everyone is so fed up w him but lowkey, Dex thinks it’s dumb and funny and cute and will like snicker every time Nursey does it so uhhhh he continues doing it just to make Dex laugh. Okay now fastforward a few months, they’re dating, Dex does not find it funny anymore.  


Suicide Squad


Imagine Being Harley Quinn And The Joker’s Daughter

For My Followers

Your life had a bad start.

You were bullied relentlessly in school so badly you tried to kill yourself and ended up admitted to a Psych ward.

Budget cuts in Gotham he you transferred to the civilian ward in Arkham.

There you were cared for by Dr Harleen Quinzel.


“Hello (Y/N) how are you today?” Dr Quinzel asks quickly as she rushes into your room. She looks ruffled and flushed. I watch her from the top of my loft bed.

“I’m fine how are you? You look like you just had a quickie,” you remark and giggle raucously. As a coping method you’ve started joking and laughing more.

“I’m good and it’s wasn’t a quickie (Y/N) it was just a kiss. Not like any of that of your business though,” she says. “Please come down.” Laughing you jump down and land on your feet.

“So Missus Quinzel tell me about the person who gave you the kiss,” I request and bat my eyelashes at her. Harleen shakes her head and ruffles my hair.

“He’s very clever, quite handsome in an unconventional way, and he makes me laugh,” she murmurs.

“If he makes you laugh it must be true love,” you declare and clap your hands. “If you get married don’t run off and leave me here please!!”

“Oh (Y/N) I would never. I’m going to be here for you always,” she promise and kneels down to my height. “I promise if I run off I’ll take you with me.”


She kept her promise.


“Mister J she’s in there!” Dr Quinzel shouts from outside your door. Raising an eyebrow you peer over the edge of your loft bed and watch the door.

Seconds later it busts open revealing Harleen and a green haired man.

“Missus Harleen! Is this the man you’re running off with?” you ask immediately and hop down.

“Yes (Y/N) now take my hand we have to go,” Harleen replies and holds out her hand. She seems nervous and you quickly realize it’s because this man is the Joker and she’s helping him escape.

“Is this Mister Joker? He doesn’t seem as bad as the other nurses say,” you muse and look the man up and down. He smiles widely at you, it’s a smile you instantly like.

“I ain’t so bad babydoll. Now just take your mommas hand, we hafta go,” he instructs. The thought of Harleen being your mom makes you squeal.

“You’ll be my daddy?” you question and take her hand without thinking.

“Sure thing baby.”

And with that you broke out of Arkham with your new family.

Okay but Sombra constantly flirting with Widowmaker to see if she can crack her and make her react, but then after a while it stops being a joke and she actually cares about her now, and widowmaker not reacting because she wants to see how frustrated she can get Sombra, but then she realizes she thinks Sombra’s cute when she’s frustrated, and they both fall for each other and then one day widowmaker finally flirts back and Sombra like collapses she’s so surprised.I just want Sombra and widowmaker to be gay for each other.

Always My Girl (Kendall Jenner Imagine)

Request: No 

Pairing: Kendall Jenner x Reader (Y/N) 

Warnings: Explicit language

Word count: 988

NOTE: Unedited! Just a quick writing, hope you all like it :)


Originally posted by kendalljbrasil

I sat in the car, my legs shut tightly and lips pressed together while I tried not to breakdown for the fourth time since we’ve gotten into Kendall’s car.

Stop worrying, you pussy.

“Y/N. Please. You’re biting your lips and the last thing I want is to have you eat me up with those chapped lips” I knew she was joking and I knew better not to think about how her pussy felt between my tongue and mouth at the moment.

“Kendall, we’ve been together for what? Two months? And I’m meeting your family. Not to mention that you have like fifty people in your family”

“You’re overreacting. They’ll like you. I like you! Please stop worrying” she said, glancing at me for a second and giving her full attention to the road again.

She was in a pale blue blouse that made her nipples slightly seen and she had jeans that hugged her beautiful legs delicately.

Although, the last thing on my mind was her body when I was nervous as hell.

I ignored her cheerful talk -although, it did not help me to cheer up even the slightest- and continued to look around to see if we’re close. Cause if we were, I was going to try and escape.

“Okay. There we are” Kendall looked at me through her sunglasses and smiled.

“Can we do this another time? Please? I’m not feeling well and honestly, I feel like I’m going to shit myself any minute” I sighed again, touching my chapped lips which was something I always did when I felt nervous.

She let go of the steering wheel and a small giggle left her mouth.

“Come on babe. They’re already fond of you. Kylie already follows you on Instagram and mom made your favorite pie for tonight. Please Y/N?”

“Fuck this. Let’s get to it, my tits are freezing!” I let out a shriek and closed the car door behind me.

Kendall was already in front of me, waiting for me to hold her hand and walk towards the door.

She guided me through their front porch and we stood in front of the huge white door.

“Ready?” Kendall asked and waited for my approval.

“Wait. How do I look? Do I look okay”

“You look perfect, please stop worrying. I promise everything will go great” She gave my hand a squeeze which was interlocked with hers and rung the doorbell which made me even more nervous.

If that was even possible?

I heard the laughter coming from the house and gulped.

It shouldn’t be this hard, right?

I’m not meeting Obama. They’re just Kendall’s family. And they happen to be worldwide famous. 

No biggie.

“Look who’s here! We’ve been waiting for you two since this morning!” Kendall’s mom opened the door with her signature smile -I watch them on TV, so what- and hugged her daughter lovingly.

“Hey mom. Sorry, it took us long”

“Oh shush! And you must be Y/N! Come here,” before I took in what was happening, I found myself inside Kris Jenner’s arms.

She smelled like expensive perfume and…maybe a bit of wine?

“Hey,” I tried to make a conversation and awkwardly hugged her back.

I probably looked so weird.

“Please honey, come in. They’re all waiting for you two! We’re hungry,” Kris smiled and led the way, us following behind her and me looking like a lost puppy.

The Jenner household’s hall was decorated with two chandeliers on the ceiling and black and white coloured ceramic tiles on the floor. I held myself back from gasping at every single glamorous decorative object in the hall.

After ten minutes, we were sat at the long dinner table, everyone was chatting and having a small talk around me.

“You okay,” Kendall looked me in the eyes and touched my arm that was covered in lace material which felt quite itchy on my skin for a second.

I nodded softly and smiled back.

“So, how did you two meet?” I glanced at the voice that asked the question and saw Khloe smiling at us.

I was so nervous that I could even forget my name.

“Um…we met through mutual friends. At a club,” I smiled shyly.

“Nice! How old are you again?”

“I’m eighteen” I answered Kim’s question feeling a bit more relaxed.

“Do your parents know about you and Kenny?” This time, Kylie shoot the question with her wine glass on one hand and I felt myself visibly gulping.

I was literally sweating under the huge chandeliers and my tongue felt too dry.

“Actually…my parents don’t know about me” I hesitantly answered and waited for someone to roast me.

Or even kick me out?

I couldn’t even look Kylie in the eye while answering her question.

“Kylie, it’s none of your business” Khloe cut the silence and I felt the tension between each of us on the table.

“No- no. It’s okay!” I quickly spoke and gave a small smile to both of them.

Literally a small smile. Maybe even a half?

“No, I’m sorry, it’s really none of my business. Sorry for asking,”

“More pie anyone?” Kris finally cut the tension between us and offered more pie -apple pie, heck yeah- and I couldn’t be happier.

“I’ll get some,” Kourtney chime in.

They were all very nice and as the minutes passed, I felt myself getting relieved and more relaxed in front of them.

“You okay?” Kendall turned her attention to me and put a strand of hair behind my ear.

I shyly nodded and felt my stomach dancing in excitement.

“I love you,” she whispered while she leant in and kissed below my ear which made me squirm and giggle.

“I love you too, Kenny”

“You’re always gonna be my girl, you know that right?” She asked and I made an inhuman voice inside my head wishing that she didn’t notice my facial expression.

“I wouldn’t want anyway around”


Monsta X Reaction: You grab their crotch under the table while eating with the other members

anon asked: Monsta X reaction to you eating with the other members and you grab his crotch under the table?

rofl thank you for your request anon! It’s hilarious! Please note that the following post are just a bunch of jokes, please don’t take it serious it’s just some fun :) I hope you like it ~Em

Kihyun: “w-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?” *Other members stare at him because of how loud and obvious he is*

Originally posted by tellmeifyouknowmyname

Shownu: *eating dinner and then…* “J-Jagi, can you go get me some water please?” *makes any excuse for you to MOVE YOUR HAND*

Originally posted by shownuoppaa

Wonho: *whispers* “Ya need Jesus…” *moves your hand*

Originally posted by wonhobe

Jooheon: “Woah are we doing this now jagi?!?” *unbelieving*

Originally posted by kihqun

Minhyuk: “Should I wait to see what she does or move her hand…?”

Originally posted by beastdw

Hyungwon: *judgemental AF glaring over at you like the King of sass he is*

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

I.M: *temporarily forgets all the information his brain holds and can no longer answer the question Shownu asked him*

Originally posted by monxbebe

Just imagine Dan and Phil looking at you at the park like this even though you’re far away and they said:

Dan: Phil, Phil. She’s there. (Y/N). I… want to talk to her… but I don’t know how…

Phil: if you want to talk to her, do it already… or I’ll take the steal… let’s face it. She’s the most perfect girl ever.

Dan: she’s so fucking beautiful. Look at her, she’s reading Percy Jackson and laughing at the author’s jokes. Listen to that laugh… just… perfect.

Phil: it is… Darn it (Y/N). Please don’t make me fall… in love…

Dan: …

Then, you’re boyfriend arrives, because he’s picking you up for a date

Dan: so… (Y/N) has a boyfriend…

-he says as you’re boyfriend kisses you’re forehead-

Phil: wait a minute… isn’t that boy… PEEJ?! (kickthepj)

Dan: oh shit you’re right…

while you and Peej, you’re boyfriend, walks you to his car, he sneakily looks at Dan and Phil and sticked his tongue out, and after that, he mouthed: “Sorry bros.” And then he smiled and the two of you happily went off to your date. Dan and Phil were pissed AF. The end.

You’re lucky asf bc Dan, Phil, and Peej likes you (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) dayum girl you must be freaking hot

A man who'd just died is delivered to a local mortuary

… and he’s wearing an expensive, expertly tailored black suit.

The mortician asks the deceased’s wife how she would like the body dressed, pointing out that the man does look good in the black suit he is already wearing.

The widow, however, says that she always thought her husband looked his best in blue, and that she wants him in a blue suit. She gives the mortician a blank check and says, ‘I don’t care what it costs, but please have my husband in a blue suit for the viewing.’

The woman returns the next day and to her delight, she finds her husband dressed in a gorgeous blue suit with a subtle chalk stripe; the suit fits him perfectly.

She says to the mortician, 'Whatever this cost, I’m very satisfied.. You did an excellent job and I’m very grateful. How much did you spend?’

To her astonishment, the mortician presents her with the blank check, 'There’s no charge.’

'No, really, I must compensate you for the cost of that exquisite blue suit,’ she says.

'Honestly, ma'am,’ the mortician says, 'it cost nothing. You see, a deceased gentleman of about your husband’s size was brought in shortly after you left yesterday, and he was wearing an attractive blue suit. I asked his wife if she minded him going to his grave wearing a black suit instead, and she said it made no difference as long as he looked nice.’

'So I just switched the heads.’

one of my fb friends posted “i just got a fortune cookie with no fortune. this can’t possibly be a good omen,” so i responded w/a dumb joke abt how it’s a free will cookie and she controls her own destiny or w/e. and now her friends are like “i agree with samantha! your future is wide open for many possibilities…be prepared for onward and upward!!!” like i was just joking, please don’t make me look like a walking self-help book, i.e. the literal opposite of everything i stand for.

Pretty Freaking Hot - Scott Halloween Party Imagine

Request; OOH HALLOWEEN!! Would you mind writing a smut with Scott please?! Maybe her costume is quite sexy and low cut and stuff or something please? And she keeps it secret from everyone but the girls and all the boys think she’s quite vanilla and she shows up with the girls looking like hot af and the boys are like damn and quite pleasantly surprised&scott is surprised but protective of her with the guys reactions and she teases him all night and teasing smut with him later please?

Warning; smut.

Wow, idk how to feel about this, this is literally 2174 words. Knock yourselves out (but not really, stay safe)

Originally posted by all-about-that-fandoms


“You guys better be going all out for the costumes,” Lydia told you all as you helped her decorate the house with the pack. You just placed a pumpkin onto the table before putting a bowl into it. This was such a great idea.

“Can I come dressed as a pumpkin?” you asked, joking. You and the girls had made most of the decorations and had taken some from sites like easy or pinterest and others, which was why the decorations were creative, wacky, but amazing, which the boys told you a number of times now.

“No! You’re coming dressed as something you love, which is supernatural. We’ve talked about this, it’s the theme the pack is doing,” Stiles told you, adamant at making you follow along with it.

“I know,” you chuckled.

“What are you coming dressed as?” Isaac asked.

“I don’t know. I have a witch costume,” you shrugged, knowing that he would be quite surprised once you turned up with the girls.

“Well then you do know,” Stiles pointed out.

“Shut up, smart-arse,” you chuckled, opening the LED ice cubes and putting them into as smaller bowl that was beside the other which was now filled with punch. The word ‘treat’ was carved into the pumpkin and as the LED lights would go into the punch they’d light up and illuminate the word. “Lydia, you’ve got the ice, right?” you asked as she nodded and got down from the ladder that she was hanging up paper bats from.

Your had brought your costume to Lydia’s, so while the boys left to go home and change to come back for the party, you and the girls went upstairs to change. As you walked into the room in your dress, all four of them looked up and let out small laughs.

“Where have you been hiding?” Lydia asked, walking to you and making you twirl around for them. You were wearing a tulle dress that reached a couple inches above your knees, the corset top totally black, while the skirt faded from black to purple and green. The top was lacy, and revealed quite a bit of your chest, but it was quite reserved, not one of those ‘sexy witch’ costumes. It was actually a goth prom dress, but with some modifications, you made it work, and it still looked quite sexy, which the girls told you a couple of times.

“Put the hat on, put the hat on,” Kira handed you the pointed hat which you put on and modelled it for them with a laugh.

“You look so good,” Allison grinned.

“I’m not sure Scott will keep his hands off you tonight,” Malia said with a small smile as you chuckled.

“That’s the aim,” you said mischievously.

After Lydia did your make up, you helped the others with theirs and their costumes before you were all done. You all walked down the stairs, yourself last since you had to slip your black heels on, but you got there in time for the party to be in full swing, looking around to find Scott standing with the other boys of the pack, laughing about something, holding a cup of drink. You took fast steps to him and bumped into him lightly with grin as he glanced down at you with a grin, the others doing the same before their jaws collectively dropped at the same time.

“Wow,” Isaac let it slip past his lips.

“You guys look good,” you smiled, seeing them in werewolf gear while Stiles dressed as a vampire, being the only thing you haven’t met yet. “Stiles, are you serious?” you let out a small giggle, linking your arm with Scott’s, the other pressing against his torso in a slightly protective but otherwise teasing way.

“Hey! I thought it’d be ironic,” he shrugged with a smile. “You look-“ he took a shallow breath and cleared his throat before pressing his lips together and nodding, “You look good,” he told you.

“Thanks. Of course you all look the part, but I don’t think I have to tell you that,” you said, looking at the boys before Allison walked to you with Kira and Malia.

“Are you guys serious? Werewolves? You couldn’t have gotten any less creative than that,” she told them all.

“Derek’s a mummy,” Stiles cut in, pointing to the guy who just walked in, bandages wrapped around his white v-neck shirt and his jeans and head. He did not look happy at all to be in that position. Once he spotted you, he walked over and narrowed his eyes as Isaac.


“Derek,” the beta smiled at him. “You look scary.”

“I was going for that,” he said in an even tone, making you chuckle.

“You do know what you’re doing to me, right?” Scott whispered in your ear as you just smirked lightly and look up at him.

“Full and well,” you nodded, tapping his stomach - which was quite hard - and then smiled to yourself as you went back to the others’ conversation.

“I hope you’re not planning on standing around all night,” Lydia arrived from handing drinks out.

“Come on, Y/n,” Scott gave Stiles his drink and pulled you to the dance floor as you just chuckled and followed, loosening up and dancing like never before. You had your hands holding onto the back of his neck as you moved, your eyes locking with his as his flashed red and stayed like it, smirking as you moved your hips before you turned and soon enough, your butt was rubbing against his crotch, his arms pulling you into him, crossed over your body, in almost like a hug.

“Could you try to not make this difficult for me?” he asked you.

“Nope!” you laughed before stepping away from him and allowing him to twirl you around.

After a bit more dancing, you were standing with the others again as Scott had an arm around your shoulders and you had one arm around his waist, a cup of punch in your other hand.

“Seriously, I thought you were totally vanilla!” Isaac told you for about the third time now. The boys only just expressed that they didn’t expect you to look so sexy tonight, which Scott only laughed off, knowing you were his and he was yours. Though he was too jealous and protective inside, he tried to hide it.

“Oh, she’s not,” Scott told him, looking down at you as he took the cup from you and took a long drink while you just smiled.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” you shrugged as Scott pulled you further into his side, holding the punch in his hand.

“You’re smoking,” Ethan told you as he stood with Danny.

“Thanks,” you smiled.

“If you don’t want to date McCall, do you want to date me?” Jackson asked as Lydia hit his chest, making everyone else laugh, but Scott let out a light growl as Derek chuckled at the two of you.

“I don’t think you should continue with that, last I checked the only alpha around is Scott,” he said, lifting his own drink, but his was fully alcoholic, and he was now rid of his ‘costume’.

“Yeah, I’m not sure if you’ve heard it but plenty of growls and snarls have left the guy,” Malia butted in as you just smiled and pulled him into your side as he pressed his lips to your head.

“Okay, we’re gonna go,” you told them as they groaned and let out small complaints. “Come on, give me a break!” you chuckled.

“One last dance!” Kira told you and grabbed your hand, dragging you to the dance floor. So the pack danced together before you were left with Scott, dancing like before, facing him.

“You want to leave?” you asked him.

“Hell yes,” he breathed before kissing you lightly, making you smirk.

“I knew it,” you said before dragging him upstairs where Lydia had told you that there was one guest bedroom where you’d be sleeping for the night, since your parents were out so you would have stayed there anyway.

Pushing the door open, Scott already had his hands on you, pushing you against the closed door, locking it as his lips landed on yours, your mouth immediately opening to let him in and explore as he wished, his hands tracing your curves and bumps as you heard him breathe through his nose. You reached up to push his headband of wolf ears down and you took your hat off, throwing it on the ground before you kicked off your shoes, Scott having to dip his head to reach you.

“God you’re so perfect,” he whispered, lifting you up against the door as you wound your legs around him, your skirt not even in the way.

“I was about to say the same thing,” you whispered, both of your eyes closed as you whispered against his lips. He let out a breathy laugh before one of his hands pushed the skirt up and his hand settled at your hip, a finger reaching under the waistband of your underwear while his lips placed themselves on your again.

Your hands pushed themselves into his gelled hair as you pulled him firmer into you, your midsections pressing against each other, making him groan lightly as you let out a soft whimper, letting it roll into his system.

Somehow, you had reached your hands down between you and had opened his button and zipper before reaching into his pocket and feeling a condom wrapper.

“Came prepared?” you asked breathlessly as he just smirked, kissing you again and not replying, making you let out a moan as his hand trailed your inner thigh and you felt one claw lightly scratching your delicate skin. “Rip it,” you whispered before biting his lower lip and you felt him hesitate.


“Just do it, I have another one for tomorrow,” you told him leaning your head back and opening your eyes, seeing his eyes red, and feeling his member bulging from under his briefs. In a couple of seconds’ worth of hesitation, you felt his claws rip through your underwear before they fell to the ground and you smiled slightly, looking at him as he smirked and a finger had trailed up your slit, rubbing at your clit while you had dipped your hand into his briefs, pumping him a few times before rolling the condom onto him. His lips were at your neck, making your eyes flutter shut as the soft, tender pecks at your sweet spot combined with the pleasure his hands were granting you sent you barrelling towards the edge.

“Ready?” he asked, his hand leaving your core, the other holding you up.

“Yeah,” you nodded before he lightly nudged your head with his nose before he took a deep breath in and then started to suck a hickey on your neck. He pulled his lips away for just a second to suck his finger before he reached down to line himself up and then pushed in, making you gasp, arching your back against him, your head hitting the door as your eyes scrunched up while he started to move, his other hand cupping your cheek as he left featherlight kisses on your jaw and neck while you let out light moans and whimpers.

It didn’t take long for the warmth to pool in your stomach before you had become louder, saying his name which mixed with his grunts and groans. Pretty soon he was a moaning mess too, one of your hands reaching down to massage your clit, the other over his shoulder, gripping and clawing at his back. It sent the two of you further towards your high points before you let your head fall onto his shoulder and you let out a loud moan, practically screaming his name as you came. He followed your lead, huffing as he released into the condom before he pulled out and kissed your cheek softly.

“Thank you,” he whispered, rolling the condom off and throwing it into the bin before he adjusted himself and buttoned his jeans up, keeping you still pushed to the door.

“Holy fuck,” you whispered, exhausted, but giddy at the same time. “I love you,” you told him, your hand caressing his face as you pulled your head back. “I’m pretty sure they all know Im yours now,” you grinned at him through your exhaustion.

“Oh yeah, definitely.”

This Is It

(This is a Dramione fic for @severus-snape-is-a-butt-trumpet‘s February challenge. Please let me know how you guys like it! I’ve never finished a Harry Potter fanfic before, so any feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated.)


Their eyes meet across the platform.

The grey smoke and fog weaves a moment around their heads.

If they were bolder, either of them, they would run and clasp hands.

And say I’ve missed you, where’d you go?

But they don’t.

Maybe it’s just too late for us, she thinks.

She takes her husband’s hand and forces a laugh when he cracks a joke.

Maybe we were never meant to happen, he muses.

His son looks up at him anxiously, and he kneels to reassure him.


They catch eyes again.


Memories lurk in the shadows of their eyes.


The door opens.

“Have you seen a toad? A boy called Neville’s lost one.”

“Who would bring a toad to Hogwarts? How pathetic.”

“Don’t be rude. If you see it, we’re in the compartment closest to the driver.”

The door closes. His eyes follow her curiously.

The Hat is placed on her head.

“Granger, Hermione!”


In the cheers, no one hears his disappointment.

“Malfoy, Draco!”


The Hat didn’t even a pause to deliberate.

The Hat is taken off his head.

No one hears her deliberation.

He pulls a smirk and saunters to his table.

She looks at him curiously.

Madame Hooch blows her whistle, and the game begins.

“You should join the team, Longbottom. If brains were money, you’d be poorer than Weasley, and that’s saying something.”

She doesn’t turn. She must have heard him.

Did she hear him?

After he fights with Weasley, she looks at him with pity.

He doesn’t want her pity.

Madam Hooch blows her whistle, and the game ends.

Wonderful Harry Potter and his perfect friends.

That’s all he thinks over the summer break.

He picks up a quill seven times and poises it over the parchment to write,

Dear Hermione

But he scratches it out every time.

She works on her potions homework diligently over the break.

Maybe this year, they won’t insult each other.

Maybe they could be friends.

Forget what Harry and Ron would say.

Maybe they could all be friends.

They see each other in Diagon Alley, and she almost says hello.

The words almost come out of her mouth before she sees his father.

His father sneers at her.

He winces and mouths, sorry.

She nods to him.

They see each other in Diagon Alley, and he almost says goodbye.

They see each other at the platform, and he almost asks her to sit with him.

They catch eyes, and he raises his hand to say hello.

She mirrors his motion.

She’s smiling. His heart beats harder.

She looks away for a moment as Lavender and Parvati call her name.

He watches them walk away from him.

He charms his way into the hospital wing when he hears.

Madame Pomfrey almost doesn’t let him in, but he smiles angelically.

His eyes tear. Madame Pomfrey lets him in.

She’s frozen like a statue and he cries for real.

What if this was it?

He’d never be able to tell her he admires her.

What if this was it?

The dementors come into their compartment and she’s chilled to her soul.

Harry collapses on the floor.

Fred and George say Draco ran into their compartment.

She wants to ask how he is.

Harry shakily gets to his seat.

The words are on her lips.

Ron looks savage at Draco’s name.

The words die unsaid.

He hopes she knows it wasn’t his fault Buckbeak is on trial.

It was mentioned to his father, of course.

My father will hear about this.

But he never tells him.

She’s helping Hagrid on his defense and he’s leaving her books on her table in the library.

She sees him leave a book once.

He freezes.

She nods to him. Thank you.

He thinks she knows it wasn’t his fault.

But when he says that about Hagrid—

When he say that—

She hits him across the face.

A solid punch. Like her mother taught her. Thumb outside the fist.

“Granger! What the bloody—”

“I’m not going to apologize for it Malfoy!”



“You blacked my eye!”

“You insulted Hagrid!”

“And I’m sorry, okay, what else could I have said with—”

“With Crabbe and Goyle there? You could have said anything else!”

“You don’t understand—”

“What’s there to misunderstand? Draco Malfoy, you can’t blame them for your behavior!”




“Let go of my hand, Draco Malfoy, before I hex you.”

Defense Against the Dark Arts and he’s nauseous.

He’s heard everything from his father, of course.

Two words, and everything’s beyond repair.

And how many times his father has said them, too.

Defense Against the Dark Arts, and she’s pale when she says the words.

He can’t say anything to her.

She’d idly thought he’d say something to her when they announce the Yule Ball.

Maybe. Just think of what everyone would say.

Maybe. Maybe they’d all be friends.

But this time, she doesn’t believe it.

Part of her is relieved when Viktor asks.

And when she says no, it shatters him.

He can tell she’s sad about saying it, but he’s good at reading people’s lies.

There’s a glimmer in her eye still.

And he knows she would have said no anyway, even without Viktor.

But maybe she would have wanted to say yes.

She refuses to look at him when she and Viktor open the dance.

He cannot look away.

“One dance.”

“I can’t, someone will see.”

“Yes, you see, they’ll use their eyes. But they aren’t here.”

She knows who they are.

“Someone will tell Harry and Ron. You know they will.”

“Then you can say they’re lying. C’mon Hermione…”


“Only if we go outside.”



“Yes, really. C’mon, Draco…”

“One dance.”

She tugs on his hands. Their fingers twine into a lovers’ knot.

“Only one?”

Cedric Diggory’s name is everywhere, after.

They don’t say anything to each other.

She stays in the hospital wing with Potter.

He stays away.

She thinks about him sometimes.

He thinks about her always.

Cedric Diggory’s name is everywhere, after.

She holds her quill deliberately.

Dear Draco

How are you? I’m worried about you.

And she crumples it.

He listens to his father’s rants over the summer.

Dumbledore rants at her over the summer.

You cannot tell anyone about what this family is doing, Draco.

You mustn’t tell Harry, Miss Granger. Harry mustn’t know.

The meetings are in secret. Everyone wears black.

The meetings are in Sirius’ family home. Everyone wears Muggle clothing.

He’s smothered by their expectations.

She’s frustrated by their exclusion.

There’s going to be a war.

He starts twenty letters to her in his head.

Dear Hermione

My dearest Hermione

My dearest, Hermione

One is a love letter. This one he writes down.

He writes out the words I love you, I always have.

Then he burns the parchment.

Dumbledore’s Army meets in the Room of Requirement.

She almost invites him.

Ron would have fought him.

Harry would have helped.

She doesn’t know what she would do.

She doesn’t invite him.

The Inquisitorial Squad meets in Umbridge’s office.

It’s too pink and smells like cats.

He’s allergic.

He knows—he’s positive she, Potter, and Weasley are doing something subversive.

He wonders if he could shield them as a member of the Inquisitorial Squad.

He wonders, if he had the chance, would he?

“Hermione, I’m sorry—”

“Well, that’s a relief, then, isn’t it? That you’re sorry?”

“I am, I swear—”

“You can’t keep apologizing and expecting me to forgive you, this isn’t how friendship works—”

“I didn’t mean—”

“—to call me Mudblood? You said it directly to my face, Malfoy.”

“Granger, listen—”



“Why do you always call me ‘Granger’ when we argue?”

“Why do you always call me ‘Malfoy’ when we argue?”

“Do I?”



“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, Hermione. I don’t know how I’ll ever make it up to you—”

“I don’t know that you can, Draco.”


“Don’t you think we aren’t meant to be friends?”


“No, listen. We’re on two opposing sides. We shouldn’t even be talking.”

“Hermione, this is an assigned patrol.”

“Yes, but there’s a difference between patrolling because we have to and patrolling because we like talking to each other.”


He takes her hands.

“You like talking to me?”


“Only sometimes?”

“Well, sometimes you insult my heritage and I have to jinx you.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I know.”




“You can let go of my hands now.”

Their fingers fit together perfectly.

“I could, yes.”

His father sends a letter in cypher after dinnertime.

Take care, Draco

It says.

Stay out of trouble

The usual messages, but the writing is shaky.

I cannot say more now, but the plans are in motion

Hadn’t Potter gotten in trouble today for trying to contact someone?

Potter will be caught in a trap

He racks his memory.

Him, and whatever friends he’s bringing

Potter wasn’t at dinner.

He knows there was a scuffle after Potter was caught—he was in it, after all—but.

Madame Pomfrey fixed the Inquisitorial Squad with a flick of her wrist.

He’d thought they’d been taken to Umbridge’s office again.

Hermione wasn’t at dinner.

He jumps to his feet and runs as fast as he can for Umbridge’s fireplace.

She makes it out.

Most of them do.

But they aren’t the same.

She never thought it was a game, but it felt like one.

When they were protected in the castle and the biggest danger was Umbridge catching them.

When they had beds to fall into after lessons.

(When Sirius was alive.)

She makes it out.

But she’s different now.

His father goes to jail and now he understands the letter.

He keeps his head down.

He doesn’t say anything to her.

He starts thirty letters to her in his head.

I’m so sorry

I tried to tell you

My dearest, Hermione

He doesn’t send any to her.

When he gets it, it burns.

That’s the only sensation he understands for a long moment, the burning.

It stings and pulsates unpleasantly when the Dark Lord touches it.

He wants to cut off his arm.

And when the Dark Lord whispers his task in his ear, he masks his unease underneath arrogance.

He has a plan.

She stays with the Weasleys over the vacation.

It’s quieter, more subdued than usual, even with Fleur’s announcement about her and Bill’s engagement.

She degnomes the garden with Ron, who lets his hand linger just a second longer than needed as he hands her gloves.

She finds she doesn’t mind much.

She doesn’t think about Draco.

They see each other on the platform, and she doesn’t almost say hi.

She does study him, though.

He’s thinner, his face drawn. He looks like an empty house.

She wants to hug him.

She doesn’t.

He wants her to.

He’s standing with his mother in a dark suit and he feels like an empty Quidditch pitch.

He studies her, too.

She’s standing smaller, somehow. Not hunched, just more compacted.

Like the pressure has finally settled on her shoulders.

And as much as he’d like to carry some of her burden…

They see each other on the platform, and he doesn’t almost say goodbye.

He almost kills Katie Bell.

He almost kills Ron Weasley.

And he wonders if he’ll almost kill her too.

And he wonders if she knows how much he needs her light right now.

And he wonders how much she hates him.

She runs to the hospital wing when she hears.

She doesn’t have to charm her way in.

What if this was it?

What if this was it?

“Draco? Is that you?”


“Are you…are you okay?”

“How’d you find me?”

“Moaning Myrtle found me, said she’d heard someone crying in the Prefects’ bathroom.”

“And you decided you had to look.”

“I wanted to make sure whomever it was was okay.”

“Do I look okay to you?”


She studies him.

“No…what’s wrong, Draco?”

A hysterical laugh.

“I can’t tell you.”

“Draco. Please.”

“Hermione. I can’t. I can’t I can’t I can’t—”

“I could help you—”

“Everyone wants to help me! Snape, you, my aunt, everyone! Let me ask you, Granger, who’s helping you? What’s anyone doing to help you?”


“Hermione, why don’t you hate me?”

He asks the last question in a whisper.

“I’ve tried. I don’t know why.”

She takes his hands.

“I’ve been awful to you.”

“Not entirely true. Mostly, but not all true.”


She smiles sadly.

“Is this…Draco…?”

She slowly pushes up the sleeve of his left arm.

He doesn’t stop her.

He hangs his head.

She traces the Mark.


And then she kisses him, slowly, sweetly.

Her hand stays on his left forearm.

He closes his eyes.

She tastes like a benediction.

And then she’s gone.

Why couldn’t it have been Pansy?

This is his only thought.

It would have been so much easier.

She lets herself linger on the kiss for a few moments after she leaves.

Then she files it away.

There’s a battle.

They’re fighting all up and down the Astronomy Tower, and nothing makes sense.

They’re in the middle of the war.

They see each other on opposite sides, and she doesn’t curse him.

He’d be lying if he said he didn’t want her to.

He’s at the top of the tower now.

Dumbledore is disarmed.

And Dumbledore falls. And he himself falls closer toward the end, and he can’t stop.

She dodges curses that rain down on all sides.

He comes down the staircase.

They see each other on opposite sides.

And there are no words to say.

They both stare at blank parchment for a long time before sliding it wordlessly into a drawer.

He’s thought about her.

She’s thought about him.

And neither wanted to.

He finds out about the Death Eater attack on the Ministry and at the Weasley wedding when they do.

He can’t say anything when his father tells him.

There aren’t any words on his lips.

And his owl is too old to carry letters.

She finds out about Severus Snape becoming headmaster through the Prophet.

He’s known for weeks.

September rolls around, and he’s back at Hogwarts.

She isn’t.

He misses her.

She tries to forget about him.

Winter rolls around, and she’s at Malfoy Manor.

So is he.

They see each other on opposite sides, and he does his best.

He doesn’t recognize Harry Potter.

He does, but he’s a good liar.

Even to his parents.

But she’s harder to cover.

And her screams are hard to ignore.

He eases his wand into his hand and just before he can aim at his aunt—

She looks up, and there’s Ron.

Ron, storming up the stairs, Ron yelling her name.

And she doesn’t need a knight, but damn if she doesn’t love him then.

She looks at Draco, frozen in the act of cursing Bellatrix.

And damn if she doesn’t—

Dobby disappears with all four of them.

All four of them, and a silver knife.

All four of them, a silver knife, and the echo of his gasp when he realizes what may have just happened.

His aunt smiles darkly.

He screams at her.

She hears what Harry tells her about the Hallows and the Horcruxes, and she’s proud.

Proud that Harry’s fighting to stop Voldemort instead of fighting to keep the Hallows.

The three of them come together and create a plan.

She wonders what he’s doing.

She looks at Ron.

And immediately she makes herself forget him.

There’s going to be a war

He writes to her.

This is the war

She replies.

No. This is the beginning of the end



We are the war

Yes, and?

Strip the leader of his war and what does he have left?

And so.

They sneak into the Hog’s Head and sneak along the secret passageway.

Harry tells his plan, his needs.

She stays behind with Ron and his family.

Ron whispers, “The Chamber”.

And so.

They march up the lawn in the dark and march into the school.

The Dark Lord tells his plans, his needs.

Harry Potter is mine, the Dark Lord says.

He nods and shields his mind.

His mother whispers, “Find her”.

“Hermione! HERMIONE!”


She keeps a cautious grip on her wand.

“Listen to me—the giants are coming—be careful—duck!”

He pulls her to the ground.

The window explodes above them.

Their faces are inches apart.

“What are you doing here?”

“Same as you, Granger. Fighting a war.”


She sobs.

“Shh, shh. Don’t cry.”

She wipes her face on his shirt.

“I’m sorry about the…”

“Don’t worry, love. It’s fine.”

“Love? Oh—hold on—”

She spells a tumble of bricks headed for them to fall instead on a group of acromantulas.

“You called me ‘love’.”

He hesitates.

“Yes. I did.”


“Hermione, you must know how I feel about you.”

“Draco, is now the—time?”

“What better time than now? What if this is it?”

He traces the curve of her cheek, settling his hand along her jaw.

“What if it is?”

She says this last in a whisper.

“There’s something I ought to tell you, in case it is.”

“What’s that?”

They’re both speaking softly now. The battle rages around them.

He lowers his face closer to hers.

“I lo…you were my first kiss.”

Ron yells and shoots a curse at him and they separate.

Ron takes her hand and asks if she’s okay.

She nods.

His eyes follow her.

She doesn’t look back.

His father yells and shoots a curse at Lupin and he runs toward the wall.

His father shakes his shoulders and asks if he’s okay.

He doesn’t respond.

And then the fighting ceases, for a moment.

And the Dark Lord announces Harry Potter is dead.

This can’t be happening

It isn’t supposed to be like this

Not him

They worry suddenly for the other

What if this is it?

What if this is it?

He’d die without telling her.

What if this is it?

She’d die without seeing him again.

And then they hold their breath where they stand, ringing the Great Hall.

And then Harry announces the truth of the wand.

The truth of Riddle, the truth of the prophecy.

The truth of everything.

And they cast their spells—

And this is it, finally, at last, this is it—

And they see each other on opposite sides, but the sides are crumbling.

Harry stands over the shrunken body of Tom Marvolo Riddle.

And the Hall erupts in celebration.

Not an explosion, but a sigh, a great release of breath and shouts all at once.

She hugs Harry while he stands awkwardly in the corner.

Ron kisses her.

Ron sweeps her up in a grand circle and they sway on their feet.

Her eyes open for a moment.

They see each other over Ron’s shoulder; her, apologetic but resolute.

Him, shattered.

Him, heartbroken and stunned.

And there are no words to say.

They lose touch.

September rolls around, and she’s on her way to Hogwarts.

He isn’t.

She misses him.

She reminds herself to stop looking for him.

Winter rolls around, and he’s at Malfoy Manor.

She isn’t.

Memories crowd to the forefront of his mind, superimposed over the spot where Bellatrix…

She isn’t there, but the ghost of her is.

He can’t shake it.

He’s not sure he wants to.

The Prophet shouts about her every day.

Hermione Granger graduates Hogwarts

Ms. Granger, the smartest witch of her age, campaigns for the rights of house-elves

Hermione Jean Granger to wed Ronald Bilius Weasley

Eventually he stops paying for the paper.

She hears from a coworker at the Ministry that he’s engaged to Astoria Greengrass.

She nods and smiles and inquires politely about his health.

When she can, she walks quickly to the bathroom and composes herself.

It’s unfair of me, she thinks, to have imagined us together. Selfish.

She fiddles with her engagement ring.

She reminds herself to forget him.

“Congratulations, Mrs. Weasley. A healthy baby girl.”

Ron beams at her. She smiles back exhaustedly.

“A girl,” she says. “We’ll call her Rose.”

And on the other side of the hospital—

“Congratulations, Mrs. Malfoy. It’s a boy!”

And they name him Scorpius.

He sees Ron in the dimly lit cafeteria.

Of all the Muggle hospitals they could have gone to.

Ron doesn’t say anything.

They nod tersely.

And suddenly he realizes what must have just happened for them, and it strikes him like a Bludger to the chest.

And guilt claws at him immediately.

He reminds himself to forget her.

“You’ll never guess who I’ve just seen.”


“Draco Malfoy?”

“Really? Here?”

“Strange, isn’t it? Who’d’ve guessed he’d go to a Muggle hospital?”


He doesn’t tell Astoria.

They see each other in Diagon Alley, and she almost says hello.

She studies him.

He’s standing in front of Flourish and Blotts with an armload of shopping bags.

There’s an almost imperceptible sag to his shoulders, but when he sees her his eyes brighten.

She smiles back him, and he straightens, a smile hesitant at his lips.

The words almost come out of her mouth before she sees his wife.

Astoria Malfoy exits Flourish and Blotts and hands him her purchases before glancing to see who he’s staring at.

But she’s ducked her head and walks away.

They see each other in Diagon Alley, and he lets her go.

And now—

Their eyes meet across the platform.

I love you, he’d say.

Instead, he kisses the top of his son’s head and waves as he goes into his compartment.

I had hope for us, she’d say.

Instead, she gives her daughter one last hug.

The train puffs and pulls away from the station.

They catch eyes.

They stand on the same side, at last.

But the train turns the corner—

Ron pulls on her hand—

And she leaves with him.

She looks back once.

He’s watching her leave.

The fog and smoke clear and their eyes meet.

His heart beats harder.

He raises a hand in farewell.

She smiles sadly.

And there are no words to say.

Monsta X Reaction To Minhyuk’s Sister And Jooheon Secretly Dating And The Members Find Out About It When Minhyuk Introduces Her To Them


*Looks at Jooheon*
“Son? You didn’t tell me?”


“Did you know she’s Minhyuk’s sister? How did you two meet? What is this?”


“Hold up… Sis? And Jooheon? Please tell me this is a joke… Not Jooheon… Jooheon is mine!”


“Jooheon!? Why Jooheon? You have poor taste in men”


“Did I hear right…?”


“Can I kick Kihyun? I feel like he really deserves it”


“I knew you were hiding something from us! Never expected it to be a girl though…”

I hope you liked it~
Feel free to request more!

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Can we please take a moment to appreciate how happy Letty looks in the first of the F8 trailer? Partially due to her storyline, I feel like in F6 and F7, she was a bit more withdrawn and hesitant. Sure she laughed and joked a bit in F6 and F7, too, but it was not the same In the trailer, she actually looked like the same Letty from F1. It just makes me so happy to see her seem so happy.

I feel exactly the same way. I missed seeing her like that. Too bad Dom going rogue changes that, but anyway. I am sure gonna love the Cuba scenes. It’s like a breath of fresh air. I hope Dom gets to smile a lot in those scenes too, ‘cause he didn’t have a lot to smile about these last movies, did he? Basically, those Cuba scenes will be a real treat considering everything goes south after that.

Photograph (Tauren)

su(AN: I obviously know that the song isn’t a Tori Kelly song, but it’s called fiction for a reason. The song is Photograph by Ed Sheeran, if you were all wondering J )

“So we have here in the studio one of the top selling artists in the country. Please give it up for Tori Kelly!” The radio announcer for 98.5 KKGH, Keith, spoke into the mic. Tori smiled at the man from across the table, adjusting her guitar in her lap.

“Hey.” She breathed.

“Good morning.” Keith spoke. “How do you like the beautiful Minnesota weather today?”

“It’s raining, ya’ll. I’m from Cali. We aren’t used to that.” Tori joked, pushing her headphones back onto her head. She hated studio headphone more than anything because keeping them on her curls was almost impossible.

Keith laughed at the smaller woman’s joke modestly before glancing down at his cards. “So, you’re here today to promote your new album, right?”

“Yeah, it’s called Words, and it comes out tonight on iTunes, so ya’ll should check it out.” Tori giggled.

“This is your third album, right?”

Tori nodded. “Yes. Unbreakable Smile came out summer of 2015 and my last album came out last year and they both did so well that it inspired me to write this album quickly.”

“Do you feel like this album is better than the last ones?” The interviewer asked with a slight smirk.

“Um, I think that with every song I write, I grow. So, it definitely is a newer version of me, and I think that it’s definitely more of a glimpse into my life more so than the last one. Unbreakable Smile was a reflection of my journey, so to speak, and this one is more of how I feel most of the time.”

“And I hear that you actually cut down on the co-writing.”

“I did.” Tori nodded once. “The last two albums I co-wrote with a bunch of amazing producers, but this time around, I had more material to work with regarding emotions, and so I think of 14 tracks, only 4 were co-written. The others were all my thinking.”

“That’s pretty amazing.” An impressed Keith nodded. “And since you brought up emotions, I have to ask about the big scandal…”

“Oh boy…” Tori chuckled, using the gesturing to effectively cover the way her stomach dropped.

“Your break up with one of the members of Fifth Harmony, Lauren Jauregui. Can we hear anything about that? I mean, you two were together for a while, no?”

“2 and a half years.” Tori nodded with a scratch of her chin. She could feel the goosebumps rising on the back of her neck at the mention of Lauren’s name and the way her hands began to shake slightly. “Um, there really isn’t anything to tell. We just decided that we would be better off as friends.”

“Oh, so no juicy details? Like no cheating scandals or anything?” Keith joked with a nervous chuckle.

Tori shook her head with a hard swallow. “We just never saw each other because we’re both successful in the industry, so we decided that it wasn’t fair for either of us to continue on if we’re both hurting.”

“And do you think that if one of you weren’t in the industry, you’d still be together?”


“And do you think that if one of you weren’t in the industry, you’d still be together?”


Lauren’s breath hitched as tears flowed slowing down her face in the silence of her own bunk. The static in her headphones rang in her ears as the interview paused for a split second before continuing with a few more short questions.

“And you’re performing a song for us this morning right?”

“I am.” A pause a strum of a guitar was heard. “This one is called Photograph and it’s from my new album Words.”

Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes
But it’s the only thing that I know
When it gets hard, you know it can get hard sometimes
It is the only thing that makes us feel alive”

Lauren’s body immediately relaxed at the sound of Tori’s singing voice as it flowed through her expensive headphones. Her mind flooded with memories of being with the love of her life.


Lauren sighed in contentment as she was pulled back into Tori’s front, the arms around her waist circling tighter around her body. Tori’s comforting vanilla scent engulfed her in a dome of comfort as she leaned back into her girlfriend. The tub they were seated in was filled with steaming hot water that felt amazing on Lauren’s muscles as they loosened, not to mention the soft kisses Tori was placing all around her wet shoulder area.

“You’re so amazing.” Tori whispered into her ear lightly, her fingers tracing the insides of Lauren’s thighs before dipping into her center. Lauren immediately threw her head back into the dip of Tori’s shoulder and neck juncture, moaning at the feeling of her girlfriend’s skilled fingers. She thanked God for years of guitar practice.

Tori, however, remained completely still besides her busy fingers and light kisses along any skin she could reach. All she wanted to was to allow her girlfriend to relax, and she was going to make sure it happened.

“Oh, god, I’m so close.”

“Let go.” Tori whispered, biting the side of Lauren’s neck lightly as she continued to pump her fingers.

Lauren’s entire body shuttered at the feeling of her climax, sinking farther into the tub. Thank goodness for Tori’s grasp on her waist.

“I love you.” Tori whispered her emotions taking over her body as tears filled her eyes. “God, I love you.” Her arms tightened around Lauren’s waist.

“I love you, too.” Lauren whispered, reaching over Tori’s arms to grab her phone that was place on the edge of the tub. She pressed the home button and slid her finger up the screen to bring the camera up before snapping a picture of both of them in all her post-coital bliss.

That photograph quickly made its way into Lauren’s favorites and remained her screensaver for months after that.

Lauren’s tears were much larger, now as the sound of Tori’s voice filled her headphones still. Her body shook harshly through the sobs, her heart aching for the past to be the present.

Her sobs must have been pretty loud because the curtain to her bunk was pulled back and a sleepy Camila climbed in. She immediately turned Lauren around and pulled her into her arms.

“Shhhh.” Camila cooed, pressing a kiss to Lauren’s head. She hoped that she wouldn’t send herself into yet another panic attack. Those had been pretty frequent since the break up.

We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts are never broken
And time’s forever frozen still

So you can keep me
Inside the pocket of your ripped jeans
Holding me closer ‘til our eyes meet
You won’t ever be alone, wait for me to come home”

“Please come home to me…” Lauren sobbed into Camila’s chest causing the younger girl to pull her into her embrace tighter. “Please.”

Loving can heal, loving can mend your soul
And it’s the only thing that I know, know
I swear it will get easier,
Remember that with every piece of you
Hm, and it’s the only thing we take with us when we die

Hm, we keep this love in this photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts were never broken
And time’s forever frozen still.”

Tori wished her mind would shut up as she got through the second verse of the song, but the memories of Lauren continued to pour through her head.


“Lauren, stop!” Tori giggled, slapping Lauren’s hands away as she snapped another picture of her with the vintage Polaroid Tori had purchased her for her latest birthday.

“No, you’re so beautiful.” Lauren pouted, snapping another picture. “God, I’m so fucking lucky.” She mumbled, looking down at the printing picture.

Tori glanced at the picture in Lauren’s hands only to see herself with a biggest smile she’d ever had molded on her face. Her eyes were so squinted in the picture that you could barely make out the color.

She looked so happy.

“You make me so happy, Tori.” Lauren shook her head, leaning forward to capture Tori’s lips between her own. “I love you so much.”

So you can keep me
Inside the pocket of your ripped jeans
Holding me closer ‘til our eyes meet
You won’t ever be alone

And if you hurt me
That’s okay baby, only words bleed
Inside these pages you just hold me
And I won’t ever let you go
Wait for me to come home
Wait for me to come home
Wait for me to come home
Wait for me to come home.”

Tori’s voice broke at the last word of the chorus, and she had to use all the will power she had to keep her cool.

You can fit me
Inside the necklace you got when you were sixteen
Next to your heartbeat where I should be
Keep it deep within your soul

And if you hurt me
Well, that’s okay baby, only words bleed
Inside these pages you just hold me
And I won’t ever let you go

When I’m away, I will remember how you kissed me
Under the lamppost back on Sixth street
Hearing you whisper through the phone,
“Wait for me to come home.”

With one more strum of the guitar, Tori took a deep breath and used the applause around the room to lift her spirits as she was seconds away from breaking down.

She would do anything to be home with Lauren.

Wait for me to come home…

“I’m waiting, Tori.” Lauren sobbed into Camila’s chest. Reaching down into the pocket of her sweatpants, she pulled out the Polaroid of a beaming Tori and glanced at it.

“Just, please come home.”

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enochmandus  asked:

Thanks for the honest opinion. I hope I didn't come across too strongly. I've just always had a great love for Aztec mythology so I WANT to love the Quetzalcoatl character but please depict her character beyond using her as an excuse for joking about dragon rape. That's the only thing that really bothers me. LIKE WTF TOORU ITS NOT FUNNY SO STOP BRINGING IT UP

Oh, no, not at all. I totally understand what it’s like to love a character & feel like the writers aren’t giving them what they deserve. And I’m really thankful for the time you took to explain the mythology behind Quetzalcoatl. It really shows how much *could* be there behind Lucoa’s character, and gives me something to look for if she ever does get more characterization.

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Please the the sunshine trinity team up sounds so much fun. Like I just imagine bizarro slowly understanding how jokes work and just teasing them when the situation ask for it. Bizarro petting Jason's head and jason is like ok ok I don't mind? Bizarro asking Artemis if she wants him to brush her hair bc it's pretty. bizarro worrying if jason gonna be sad bc biz said Artemis hair is pretty so he's like. Red him hair is nice too and pats him on the head, Artemis is totally not smiling not at all

I am one hundred percent convinced that all of these are things that actually happen on this team. I love them so much they’re perfect. Jason totally likes braiding Artemis’ hair too. He finds it soothing.

Imagine: being better than Spencer when you and the team go bowling. ——-

“Yay! Another strike!” You cheered, high-fiving your team, which consisted of Morgan, Garcia, And Rossi. You were versing Hotch, JJ, Emily and Spencer, who was surprisingly bad at bowling.

“ I don’t understand, it’s all statistics! How could I fail?” He speculated frustratingly as he sat down, watching the box on the 7th round came up with a score of 32.

“Oh Babygirl please tell me you recorded that, I want it as my ringtone.“Morgan chuckled.

"Ah, sadly I did not. Sorry.” She laughed, getting up to take her turn. Your team score so far was 206 while Spencer’s team was 195. Emily, Hotch and JJ were doing a good job to make up for Spencer.

“You just don’t have the magic touch like I do.” You joked, kissing his cheek.

“Hey hey, no fraternizing with the enemy!” Rossi called, watching as Hotch bowled a strike.

EXO Reaction when Baekhyun doesn’t know his friend likes him

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“I can’t belive you haven’t realized Baekhyun! She even laughs at you jokes!”


*Didn’t know either* “What what?! Y/N likes Baekhyun?! I thought she liked just bacon.. not.. him too”


*Deep breath* “My god…. and he calls himself casanova… I need to give him some lessons..”


*Can’t believe it* “Baekhyun! We’ve been talking about this for 6 hours! Can’t you see it? The girl is giving her best and you are here having doubts!”


Please wake me up when he realizes okay?” This will be a loooong nap…


*Watches how they all discuss about it* “Really Baekhyun? You’ve even said it yourself and you still don’t realize it? … only you”


She said I was cute! CUTE! She friendzoned me!”


So Baek has a girl crazy for him and he doesn’t even know… but who have I? No o.. myself!” *a little jelly*


No no.. I think you got it wrong. If a girl hugs you that much… think about it… why do you think she does it?” *Tries to give him obvious hints*


*Finally has the perfect opportunity to annoy Baek* “You’ll pay! I’m going to tease you everyday!”


*He is the one helping her with Baekhyun* “I told you… he suspects nothing, you better give him that cute surprise already!”


*He is the one who spoils it to Baek* “I wish you two good luck in your relationship! .. What? She hasn’t proposed? But it was going to be today…”

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I feel like Michael is such a mummy’s boy that if she didn’t take to you warmly when you first ‘met the parents’ then it would be a deal breaker. He would notice that when you arrived, his mum seemed cautious and reserved and it broke his heart to see how hard you were trying to please her because deep down you knew that if you didn’t, there would be no long term anything with Michael. You had tried to crack a nervous joke or two, and were overly polite, making sure your hands were kept to yourself and your casual dress was an appropriate length but there was no indication of acceptance into their family. Eventually, after the cooked dinner and a few awkward conversations, you and Michael would head out to the car where you would start sobbing into his shoulder because obviously his mum doesn’t think much of you and he’s the best thing to ever happen to you so it can’t just be over and he’s never gone back on his wordyet he kisses you on your head and holds you, apologising over and over, both of you unaware that you can be seen from his house, and when you arrive to your shared apartment, a voicemail has been left from the Clifford Household inviting you out for dinner again next week, a trace of regret being heard in his mother’s tone.