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Cobert prompt "You make me so incredibly happy."

Hi anon! You have requested this for a long time an I only got around to writing this now, and for that I apologize. I am sure this is not how you imagine this being, an again, sorry. But I do hope you like it.

Please send me and everyshipunsinkable your prompts! <3 Any sentence for Cobert! :)

Laughter|| Cobert Drabble Request


The first time he’d heard her laugh, the very first time, in another one of those balls Mama forced him to attend, he had been mesmerized. He was standing but a few feet away from her, and she was deep in conversation with a couple of other ladies, his sister included, and one of those ladies (Lady Spenser, he thought) made a joke of some sort in hushed tones, drawing out laughter from their group. He was sure he heard his sister snort, something she would kill him for should he ever tease her for it or die trying to deny it. But, in all honesty, it wasn’t what drew his attention to them, it wasn’t what had him pondering. It was her laugh—tinkle-y and soft, almost like a flutter, should it be made into an action. It was sweet and short, and he vowed right then and there that he would do everything just to hear it again.

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I loved Electra Heart back in 2012 (what Tumblr girl didn’t tbh) but I think Marina’s art suffers a lot when she feels she has to over-explain what it’s about. She kept talking about how Electra Heart is a persona and it’s NOT HER AT ALL… and like…. sis, please respect our intelligence. Let us figure it out. The joke isn’t funny if you have to explain it.

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I'm wondering if Jane was being serious or joking when she said Rosesprite was hot. She seemed a little addled, but REGARDLESS I love how her reactions to being called hot is bashful laughter.

i’ve been wondering the same thing! :OEa whichever the case i’d like to believe there was a core of sincerity to it (bi/pan jane crocker or BUST tbh). and aaaaaaaaaa yes i love that about her too 8w8(\

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Okay, so there's this girl, and she's in my group of friends, and let me just say, I like her. A lot. We sometimes fight when we're around others, but when we're alone, we get along really well. And well, I'm in a pickle. We were playing Mortal Combat the other day, and she says, "haha, you're pretty cute, Kelsie." I thought it was a joke at first but then she sighed and said, "I mean I like you, asshat." And when I just sat there, stunned, she ran home crying. What do I do?! I like her back!

OMG YOU HAVE TO TELL HER! please just find her and tell her and tell her how you were just so shocked omg you are officially my OTP until you guys are cannon

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please leave the carmilla fandom if you can't take a tweet from an AMORAL, PROBLEMATIC CHARACTER. The character is supposed to be problematic. The character is supposed to be problematic. Is every fictional character supposed to be Tumblr Picture Perfect Problematic-Free? For god's sakes. You guys will be the end of storytelling.

Except that tweet wasn’t supposed to show how Carmilla is disgustingly amoral, it was supposed to show how ~sassy~ and ~snarky~ she is. It was a joke. It was meant to be laughed at. If another character had seen it as seriously crossing a line and had called her out, opening up a discussion about the stigma against OCD, I could buy that it’s meant to show how these characters are flawed and realistic and that their views don’t necessarily reflect the views of the writers, but since that didn’t happen, it feels like it’s making fun of people with OCD. Please leave my blog if you can’t handle people enjoying a work while still criticizing it, or people with mental illness being offended by jokes about mental illness.

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Please be nice to hoof

on my first playthrough i found sten in the cage and thought to myself “i have to get you out of here. I don’t care how. I am not leaving u.”

i talked to the chantry lady for like half an hour trying to get her to let me take him out but she kept refusing??

jokes on her i know how to pick locks and im not afraid 2 steal large men

So I felt like bringing this back for this next post, because of reasons.

So today is the birthday of someone I’m very grateful of knowing. I think I have never thanked Ang for accepting her in sectumsempra, because if it wasn’t for her, probably wouldn’t have this little kitten in my life.

Lemme tell you something about Bruna, if you are one of those lucky people that have met her, be grateful, very grateful, because once she becomes a part of your life, she will probably make you feel like the most special in the world, she will be there for you in the darkest moments in your life and probably will never believe you if you ever say that she save you for hurting yourself. Because even when she jokes about how amazing she is, which I can tell you she is, she will never feel that way about her.

Please if you like me have the pleasure of knowing her, if you are one of those lucky people that consider you her rock, or her person, make her feel special as she makes you feel. Because you sure as hell are lucky and will be lucky enough that when she receive you in her home, will introduce to you one of the most fun and sweet group of people, the most amazing food you will ever taste, and let her get you drunk with cachaça de jambu, because you had never taste or feel anything like that. Trust me!.

So, in this day, on her birthday, if you fit in one of those group of people I said before, tell her how special she is, and how special she had made you feel or how without even realizing it, she changed your life, because I know I haven’t and let’s face it, what better day than today, right?

Happy Birthday, Baby Bru.

Muahahah yes I have a picture with her

I am literally crying over the SHIT ginger and Kenedy give violet. They call her out on being a bitch in the most patronizing and mean way possible. Like, do you hear yourselves? You are being so mean! And the worst is ginger and Kenedy are saying they don’t want violet to win because she is a ‘newbie’, how the hell will these bitches be a drag super star if they don’t want to inspire and be inspired by people who start drag?? I really liked ginger too.. She was so funny and pretty in the beginning, but she is not fucking joking when she says she is bitter, while VIOLET FUCKING CHACHKI is laughing and rolling her eyes when she is over confident. It is a fucking joke to her. And Kenedy and ginger will sit there, shaking their heads about how vain she is. PLEASE

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Does this anon even know the meaning of psychotic? How the hell is she being obsessive? Ignore her, anon just wants attention. Hell I've been following you for a short time and I knew you were joking around. Think before you press send people.

Thank you! Like I said some people have to much time on their hands. They sit and over analyse every post with nothing else to do. This person seriously must not like me, because what I said wasn't serious or that big of a deal. It wasn’t even that deep. That person is clearly a pathetic ass loser with no substance in life but to be a waste of space and talk shit behind anon. 

i dressed up as miranda sings for a party and strangest thing happened.. it started out normal and everything. i did my impression of her all night long so i didn’t think i looked close to normal or how i would be like as myself.

i was leaving and a friend, i met at the party, asked why there were lip stains on my face ( another friend had kissed me earlier on my cheek ) however instead of replying normally. i said in my miranda voice “im a lebanese” and she replied with “i could tell”, she didn’t sound like she was joking at all..

than it hit me. for what ever way i behaved i still showed my gay. im not ashamed of it but it stuck with me. i still can’t fathom what that statement actually meant. was i being creepy?  there was a part of my personality that showed my sexuality even when i was pretending to be someone else. 

god.. i don’t know what to think.

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“I thought you said you’d never leave me.” // “You’re not good for me anymore.” // “Please don’t leave, I can’t live without you.”


“You thought that? I love you, how could I ever leave you?” He said, looking at the girl, shaking his head, not believing the fact that she said that to his face. First, he took it as a joke, like, why would she tell him that? Why would she put it out there? Was he not good enough for her? “I will never leave you. Okay? You mean the world to me.”

Sebastian raised his brow, so mad at the girl, scoffing. “I’m not good enough for you? Is it because I’m your fucking rival? Is it? I think, you should tell your little fucking friends about what we’ve been doing behind their backs!” He took a deep breath, trying to steady himself from doing any more damage. “I still can’t fucking believe you, Tina. You’d rather keep us a secret than to tell your friends.” Sebastian scoffed; wanting the girl away from him, just so he could forget her. “You know what? Just leave.”

As the two were sitting together, cuddled on the bed, watching some weird sappy movie that she chose, he looked at her, smiling softly. “I’d never leave you. At all.” He whispered, kissing her cheek softly before holding her tightly; sighing softly. “You make me feel better. You make me happy, you know that? All the anger I have - you keep that away from me.” Sebastian said softly, letting the girl know how much she meant to him. “I literally cannot live without you.”

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While the assassin wasn't completely pleased to be here, she still had a job to do. Ran Mao waltzed into the shop this "man" ran. Honestly, she knew Undertaker was different. He wasn't human. She could just tell, just like Sebastian. She looked around with a lazy gaze. "Speak," was all she said in her monotone voice.

“’Speak’?” he repeated, tickled smile already plastered across his face.  How bold this one was.  “I’m not a dog, you know.”  For that, she would have to find the little Earl.  

Giggling a bit at his private joke, he moved to sit atop his desk, crossing his legs and tapping long nails against dark wood.  His eyes scanned her, both trying to recognize the girl and silently appreciating her provocative attire.  Surely he knew her- her face was familiar, and a stranger wouldn’t come in and demand something of him.  But just who was this…?  

“And even if I did ‘speak’, an old man like me wouldn’t know what to say to such a pretty young thing.”  Well, not without a few jokes at least.

I have a fish now, he's black

I’ve felt so fucking shit for the last 5 months but today’s been the first day in a long time where I’ve not thought about anything crappy for the whole day. I introduced my girlfriend to my nan and they got on really well which made me so happy, and then we went on a spontaneous shopping trip to hemel. we decided we’re going to have a night in tomorrow after her grandads funeral and so got a bunch of films to watch, and then we got a fish and named it chip and he’s really cool and I like him a lot. I wanted to name him Oscar but she wouldn’t let me because she said ‘I need to let go’. I know she was only joking but what she said proper sunk in and she’s right, I’ve got to let go. I can’t please everyone and no matter how much you care about someone, sometimes stuff just doesn’t work out and it’s something you have to accept. and as shitty as this feels, I think I finally am accepting it. idk… I’m just looking forward to a fresh start, and as much as I don’t want to, I reckon 'letting go’ of things that no longer exist is the first step, so thanks chip for being that step. also please don’t die on your first night in you’re new home x

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please help me. my girlfriend has an ex boyfriend that she is still "good" friends with. She doesnt like him in a relationship kind of way buy still has feelings for him as a friend.he on the other hand wants her with everything he is, meaning he'll say/do anything he wants to get her. this weekend for example he posted suicidal looking snapchats and texted her saying how she doesnt care for him even if he died. so i told her she needs to stop talking to him in general. what do you think?

This is tough, only because suicide is no joke. If I were in your position I would do the same thing. It isn’t fair for you to pretend like that is okay when clearly It bothers you, but at the same time your girlfriend has feelings too and it isn’t easy to let go of someone who still loves you reguardless of your status. I would say express to your girl about how you feel and If she doesn’t understand have an ultimatum for your well being.

Hmm hmm...

So Iris is actually really easy to make nsfw with because innocent characters are usually preyed on in porn, no joke. Mariana… what universe is she from, I like to be accurate. Please and thank you, i’ll hand you the story when Finished with Mariana, I’m thinking of something but I need her ‘world’. THANKS LMAO

Jinn: Oh yeah Iris was easily preyed on in her universe though she’s already paired with Ark character….Ark coincidence I think not lol. Mariana comes from a universe of Gods fighting in a tournament deciding how the world should be. Good, chaotic or neutral . Mariana is actually an elder goddess , she’s an Aztec water goddess of all waters , her real name is Chalchiuhtlicue but goes by her catholic name Mariana , She doesn’t fight in the tournament since it’s for new gods which her daughter zaniyah (her baby daddy is Quetzalcoatl) is in but she plays a major role in the stories since she will be fighting against her enemy and lover Astaroth (major ass but has a sad story, they were shipped hard )the father of her current lover Grieves( Kinda of a butt with a golden heart). Mariana is probably my most complex character considering she’s a fertility goddess as well and can be quite….. Thirsty…. 

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Pfft! We all know I wouldn't be Joy without my narcissistic /and/ mischievous side. But - I'm only using beautiful and wise words on those who deserve them ... which means you can feel rather lucky on this one, 'cause I'm not like this to everyone. Still a ball of Joy! ... I mean, joy. Unnie, you know I can't change so easily, right? I'd die if I had to change so drastically. I'm not joking. And then ... no more Red Velvet. POUF. No more Happiness ... /ouch/

        Good. I was a bit worried for a second there. I thought an angel had possessed you… How scary would that be, right? Joy is only perfect when she is her true self. But no dying, please! Don’t even speak of this. Red Velvet is nothing without our Joy. Our hearts would be empty and our lives would lack that needed presence. I’d probably cry a trillion buckets a day – more than all the water in the Nile River. You can’t allow me to go through that pain. Or your family, or your fans. The world would fall apart… World War III over the death of Park Sooyoung.

The Infected Wolf Girl

This is about my minecraft character, and how I’ve hopefully mended her into the story of Mianite. This is just general information, and such. Please enjoy.

Name: Winter
Name Tag: InfectedWinterWolf
Appearance: silvery hair, one blue eye, two wolf ears, a grey sweater, and dark grey pants, then barefoot. The left side of her is black, like an enderman. Her eye is purple and that half of her face is also black.
Back story: Born in taint, it infected her. The infection slowly gets worse as time goes on. She became an outcast, the infection startling those near her. But that didn’t stop her from pulling practical jokes.
Currently: She ran into Andor, in the wilderness. Andor was kind to her, and told her of Dagrun, and she went there. She heard a group lived there, one who wouldn’t mind how she is. As she approached the growing city. She quickly made friends with them. All but Tucker, oddly.
Jordan: Spoken only a few times
Tom: partner in crime
Wag: still getting to know the friendly wizard.
Tucker: Target for pranks
Sonja: best girl buddies

And that’s all there really is .-. Sorry it’s lame and the usual stuff seen

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"The plan was not flawed."

{ mr. & mrs. smith. }

        “ I never said flawed, did I? “

Perhaps flawed had been the wrong word for it.

Pear-shaped.  Awry.  Glitched.
                                    A complete and utter mess.

And she still swore up & down that no matter how
much the Doctor insisted upon it, she did not in fact 
think she looked anything like Anne Boleyn.  But,
unfortunately for her, the Tower Guard seemed to
agree with the Time Lord.

Please don’t tell me that Sonic doesn’t work on wood.

        “ But from the inside of a cell, it does look at 
          least a little — underdeveloped. “

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I want her as a best friend please bc no one hurts my best friends or even friends, no one. You also made me understand all the Cheese Puff joked in the SU tag thanks B) Kinda like a secret language nobody understands, like 'whAT do you have??' omg. But how would that even happen, why would they even try to fuse, mystery~ And yes please I'll fight her too, I can't believe she insulted Garnet

who wouldn’t want lapis as a friend tbh she’s precious

oh in that case ur very welcome B)) 

IT KINDA IS ACTUALLY which is why we should use it more often and mess with their minds

maybe they got desperate or really really really bored who knows

nobody insults garnet and gets away with it so i hope u got her >B(

Just a Thought

well i been thinking about this and i wanted to get your opinions…I kinda think that SJW’s and Radical Modern Pseudo feminists are more misogynistic than the people they are trying to fight…

Just here me out. Anita Sarkeesian started talking about ow video games were sexist and how they perpetuated sexism. then Women in gaming said “please stop talking like you represent us” and….Anita ignored them. 

Tim Scahfer made his sock puppet joke about women in gaming…Kinda Mysoginistic there….

The feminists who shamed the woman on the protein world ad…basically telling her that they thought she was sexist for getting off her ass and getting herself in shape and telling other women who were in shape that their bodies were being objectified….or that their bodies weren’t real and photoshopped for the “Titilation” (sorry if i haven’t spelled the word right, only ever said it not written it) of men…..

SJW and feminists believe women should just be the victims for them to take care of…that depicitons of them should be 2d and bland…

Is it just me or is that more mysogynist then what they claim things like gamergate are about!?