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Maybe peter would be a child of Janus (from the other camp ofc.). Since he could have done the right thing and stayed with the marauders but decided to join voldey. It was a way more important decision for him tho since his dad is the god of decisions and doorways. Peter, like Janus, can never make up his mind and is very two faced. Opinions?

…that’s actually super clever. holy sHIT?? i don’t know how they’d all meet if only one of them is roman (sirius/james/remus just don’t strike me as roman tbh?) but, that’s a good idea. 

i also like ananke / “The goddess of inevitability, compulsion, and necessity.” for peter :D

[ -SPITS DRINK- yoooooOOOOO WHO REMEMBERS MY HEADCANON ABOUT THIS FROM LIKE 5 MONTHS AGO ?? About Peter being a good mechanic and like ???? How he made that custom reactor thing for the Milano so it had an emergency button in which it could go at the speed of light and blablabla ??? I’M GONNA SCREAM THE MECHANIC SIDE OF HIM IS CANON I’M LITERALLY LIKE SCREAMING RIGHT NOW I CAN’T BELIEVE I WAS SO LATE TO READ S-L #3 LIKE FUCK MY LIFE I’M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW kJHDSFDF . ]

So I kid you not, a second after I made my last post about the email Shane sent me and feeling like poop, my phone went off and I was getting a call from Peter. (The guy I’m set to have a date with.) and I’m just like staring at my phone all wide eyed, not knowing what I should do… I literally said “what the heck” out loud and just picked up the phone haha. With a shaky and nervous “..helloo…?” I could’ve sworn I heard him laugh a little bit at that, which instantly made me smile haha. He told me how he felt bad for not replying to me because he had to go in for an emergency shift at the fire station, and explained how they were getting a high volume of 911 calls and everything. And okay so like, me being miss introverted over here, I have NO idea how to talk on the phone at all lol! I was pacing back and forth in my room, laying on my bed, tossing and turning and just looking like a lunatic haha! So I asked him, aren’t you supposed to be driving? Not talking on the phone? & he said, hey! My car has Bluetooth and I can hear your voice through all of my speakers and the guys are here too so they can hear everything. To which I said… Oh..uhhh…okay! Well- and then he said he was kidding haha. I told him how I was just going to say hi to them all and that he was a jerk xP we had little awkward silences here and there but he broke one of them and said something like “I gotta say that you sound really cute over the phone rather than through text” and that was it for me. I was DONE. I started laughing nervously and said thank you and strictly became speechless. LOL. Shortly after, he got to work and I told him to be safe, and he said “I’ll try, just for you. Just so we can go on that date!” That little piece of.. LOL. I can tell he’s going to get a bunch of punches from me if this behavior continues haha. He texted me and somewhere along the way I told him thank you for calling me because I’ll definitely be sleeping with a smile on my face tonight. He said, “You are very welcome, my princess 💖” & I swear to god I got the breath knocked out of me LOL. What did I do to deserve someone like you?!? He’s so kind and sweet and I just cannnnnttt. Sigh.

It’s been much too long since I’ve felt this way. Baby steps.

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im curious about my doctor so MY URL PLEASE SWAGNES :D


  • opinion on;

character in general: honestly i haven’t really seen the newest seasons of dw…since i don’t like moffet as a writer at all and his habit of making the main character basically like a mary sue and the characters around him just there to make the main brilliant. and their flaws aren’t really flaws only the other characters being stupid or wrong….i could actually go on. i have written a speech in my English class about it.     what i do like about the character is the actor, i have seen  peter as the doctor and i think he plays through the writing which gives the character life.
how they play them:     so from what you get i don’t like moffat’s building of a character, but i adore you. like i said in the ask from before you bring this rawness to your characters. idk how to put it any other way but you make them real. there is the real emotions that is missing for me in the writing and exists in peter. and you make me want to start up watching again since you fill out the frustration i have with the writing on the show.  and you actually make me want to watch the show again, since to me it make so much sense and the way to make him speak and the reasoning behind his actions is something that seems so natural and that is something you always have done but i don’t think i actually really understood how good you were at it until i saw your doctor.  i really envy that about your writing so much.  
the mun: a friend of mine in real life said that talking to me made her happy and as that was probably the best complement i have ever heard,  i started to think a lot about if i had someone like that and your name come up really fast. you are one of the nicest people i have met. idk sometimes how i am managing to keep you with me since i mean there must be a line wanting to be your friends.   

  • do i:

rp with them: no and that is honestly my fault with my flakyness
want to rp with them: yes i do very much. 

  • what is my;

overall opinion: actually the only twelve i follow and the only one i will be following.

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty

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"Well, what do you think? Do I look pretty?" Sasha to Peter

Peter looked up from his work that he was trying to do - trying being an excellent word, considering that Sasha kept distracting him - and he could feel his jaw slacking.  He hated that he was obvious, painfully obvious, about his crush on Sasha, but he couldn’t help it.  How could he control himself when she acted like this in front of him?  Looking like…that.  "You…um, I think  you…“ He wished someone would just slap him already, it make him look less pathetic and maybe stop him.  "You look gorgeous.” He mumbled, giving her a thumbs up.   He could feel the heat rising up his body.  "Now that we, um, established that…can we go back to the work?“

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'I want the K'

Send me ‘I want the K’ and I’ll generate a number

  • 5: Firm Kiss

Day without fighting, was a day lost for the both ; Peter and Jessica. Everyday she was just talking random things, and throwing something at him. Of course he used to it, and she used to being annoyed by his persona. It was a weird, kind of bond between them but they like it anyway.

He was Peter Pan. No…seriously. He was standing now , in her parlo dressed as Eternal Boy, talking that HE never go out with someone like this. “ But Peter…you promised me. How could you be so heartless. You broke my wings again”

Jessica keeps talking, teasing him by mentiong her Tinkerbell nature. But boy still refused to go out with someone like this. “But you only trying it on, so stop complaining.” She murmurs and when she looks at the handsome man, during adjusting the clothes, she can’t help gerself and jst say. “ Oh shut up, you gonna like it anyway.” And then she pins him against the mannequin forcefully pressing her soft lips, almost insistently. Then  Sica bites his lips only kissing him harder. Then she stops and just looks at boy. Seeing his shokced expression, shrugs her arms and murmurs. “So what?

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you're definitely doing the right thing. even though Evans going to hold a special place in your heart for awhile, there's no point waiting around for someone who isn't ready. it sounds like Peter could be a really awesome guy-- I'm so excited for you!! let me know how the date goes!!!

Hello Anon (:

The date went really well! He is the kindest, most genuine guy I’ve met in awhile. Someone who connects with me about music and books and movies. Just so many things. We never ran out of anything to talk about. It was light and carefree. So what did we do, you ask?

He picked me up and off to the subways we went. He learned about me and I him. Our interests, our likes and passions. Little things, simple things. The ease of talking with someone new!

A subway transfer later we made it into NYC. Food first, of course, because we were starving. A delightful lunch at the Green Cafe. We were always talking, about the little things we like and other interests. Then off to the Guggenheim Museum we went, and although half of it was closed for new installations being made, there was still some lovely paintings and exhibits to see. 

When we had done that, arm and arm we walked down Central Park East, down to The Met and all it’s wondrous art too. We loved the Egyptian exhibits. The Temple of Dendur!!! OOo Charles Engelhard Court is beautiful too! We walked around it all. The statues corridor. And we also got lost…

The cutest part: (I had to look up the name of where we were then, just now haha) Mastaba Tomb of Perneb. It’s got this small little space you walk into. Pretty much only 5 people could stand in there at a time. So it’s Peter and me. There’s just something so telling of the look you share with a person, and you just know. That’s when we kissed. It was simple yet something, something worthwhile. Loved where it happened too! ;)

Overall the date was simplistic and fun. Pressureless. There were times it felt like it was just two friends getting to know each other and hanging out. I think that’s how I see it. A strange new perspective. Peter was perfect.

It’s funny to think about how this all came about. In under the time span of a month I went from never been kissed to having been kissed by two guys, both wonderful, and funnier that they’re best friends. But in no way am I getting in between that. It was drama free. You just sometimes meet someone you hit it off well with. This Peter knew he wanted to give it a try with me. And I admire him because of it. Evan wasn’t anywhere near wanting to try with me, so he stepped aside. He didn’t get in the way of a “maybe.” 

In some way, retrospectively I sense a tinge of uneasiness, that this whole thing was a little shady. But there’s no reason for me to feel this way, I know that. Yet I’m not the kind of girl who would do this, the whole best friend switch. A few months ago I didn’t really even have a guy on my mind. And here I am, with something… how quickly the tables have turned.

Will there be something, another date, with me and Peter? Maybe. It’s all just a casual thing. I’m at a loss when I remember he’s Evan’s best friend. My chapter with Evan has closed, but deep down I feel sad that it was a chapter never fully written…

It was a chapter that ended without a period. Evan and I were like a comma instead. Something closed, but a pause and an uncertainty of what to come. I wanted to be his something, his anything, but he didn’t even give me that.

So we move one, both of us. I hope he’ll look back one day and see what he let slip away. I will turn to a new person, Peter, hoping for something worthy, something better, something worthwhile. I hope Peter may be just what I’ve been looking for, what I deserve after all this time. I want something… but I still don’t know what.

It’s all just a confusing little perfect possibility.