And we are ashamed for having desire in our culture. Women are shamed for having desire for anything — for food, for sex, for anything. We’re asked to only be the object for other people’s desire. There’s nothing that directing is about more than desire. It’s like, “I want to see this. I want to see it with this person. I want to change it. I want to change it again.” It’s like directing is female desire over and over again, and film is the capturing of human emotions and somehow men were able to swindle us into believing that that is their specialty. All they told us our whole life is we’re too emotional to do any real jobs, yet they’ve taken the most emotional job, which is art making about human emotions and said we’re not capable of it.
—  Jill Soloway on female filmmakers

I don’t know. I felt pretty today. I liked how I did my makeup because I purposely tried to emulate a very South Indian look. The shawl I’m wearing is Indian. The kajal lining my eyes makes me feel closer to the women in my ancestry who have donned this for years. It’s a staple item! 

So many people like to pretend they understand our culture, but we are so much more than yoga and samosas and Bollywood. These simple items I wear are hardly simple at all. My brownness is the scorching hot sun, it is the spicy, tangy food cooked with love and dedication, it is the struggle against rigid gender roles, the condemnation of violence against women and skin-bleaching products, and most of all it is my promise that I will never feel ashamed of my heritage. So think a little, and have some respect before you carelessly culturally appropriate. (Not saying you can’t wear shawls or eyeliner, but this is in specific reference to appropriation of bindis, traditional Indian attire, and so on).

i am so mad right now mom brought home krispy creme for the first time this year and only got a dozen of the glazed and got a few raspberry filled ones (I’m allergic to raspberries) AND MY 6TH GRADE BROTHERS ATE 6 EACH IN UNDER 10 MINUTES JUST SO I COULDN’T HAVE ANY THEY KEEP DOING THIS LAST TIME I MADE BROWNIES THEY HAD A FRIEND OVER AND I LET THEM COOL OVERNIGHT AND WHEN I WOKE UP THEY WERE ALL GONE THIS IS FUCKING IT I’M GOING TO MAKE FUDGE WITH A FEW BOTTLES OF LAXATIVES FUCK THIS 


- Being afraid of going to gym class when you have to do the fitness test

- having people throw food at you

-being the target to all the fat jokes in class

-not being invited to anything

-being told that “you’re nice and everything but I only like you as a friend” or “I’m more attracted to skinny girls”

-the anxiety you get when you have to eat in front of people.

-having to buy clothes from the adult section at a young age

-having your weight control your every action.

Like growing up fat is more than a hashtag. It really made me realize that I wasn’t alone.

anonymous asked:

Tell us more about what your interests are outside of fitness please :)

Okay!!! I love these questions more than you know.

I like deep red wines with really full finishes! I enjoy high fashion even though I don’t fit in anything cool. I’m really into German cars but I’m hoping (soon) to enjoy an Italian car. I like Mexican food and sushi a lot. I really like being alone and escaping life from time to time. I like black iced coffee. The bitter the better. I’m really into aliens (and ancient alien history), and I’m fascinated by outer space! I love seeing new places, bonfires, and a sky full of stars. I really like plain bagels with plain cream cheese. I like learning about people’s lives and how they got to where they are today. OH I like fall in Wisconsin more than anything. Chelsea football is a big like for me. I like real estate a lot. I think in another life I would love to be an architect or interior designer or something cool.

I like pandas. Lol.

I love being an underdog, facing adversity, dealing with challenges, and fighting when other people would see a complete dead end. Quite honestly I just love my job. It’s a good thing I do, because I didn’t list one thing above that I do outside of or instead of ‘work.’ I don’t have a life outside of work because work is just a huge part of my life and I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. Fitness, business, modeling, marketing, brokering, whatever it is that I’m doing on that specific day, I do it because there’s room to grow and opportunity to be or do something fcking epic. I think I just enjoy chasing my dreams more than anything. So I guess my answer is work. I just really love work.

Showered. Went out and wrote and edited for several hours. Ordered groceries. Did dishes. If I can vacuum the sofa and give the cat a pill I will call this an excellent day.