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Congratulations Autumn & Hailee 💕Your dedication, originality & imagination are so inspiring. tysm for existing💕Could I get uuuhn Organa-Solo ship?😜Jemma, 27 Loyal,Stubborn,Cautious, Ambitious, Sincere, Shy, Pessimistic, Awkward, Disorganized, Hopeless Romantic. I'm meme obsessed. My current ringtone is Diet Mountain Dew by Lana del rey. I like food more than I like people. And if I could live inside a store. I'd want to live inside World Market.

I ship you with Ben! Every day might be a little messy but it’ll be the happiest mess ever!

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i am so mad right now mom brought home krispy creme for the first time this year and only got a dozen of the glazed and got a few raspberry filled ones (I’m allergic to raspberries) AND MY 6TH GRADE BROTHERS ATE 6 EACH IN UNDER 10 MINUTES JUST SO I COULDN’T HAVE ANY THEY KEEP DOING THIS LAST TIME I MADE BROWNIES THEY HAD A FRIEND OVER AND I LET THEM COOL OVERNIGHT AND WHEN I WOKE UP THEY WERE ALL GONE THIS IS FUCKING IT I’M GOING TO MAKE FUDGE WITH A FEW BOTTLES OF LAXATIVES FUCK THIS