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Matt and Josh?

Who asks the other on dates: Matt. Josh wasn’t sure where they stood after the events of the last trip to the mountain, so he waited for Matt to make a move.

Who is the bigger cuddler: They’re both pretty big cuddlers, but Josh is more likely to instigate it. He craves contact, and Matt’s always happy to give it to him.

Who initiates holding hands more often: Matty boy! He’s all about the little things and showing affection. Plus he likes the quiet sort of pleasure it always brings Josh. He can just see it whenever they link fingers.

Who remembers anniversaries: Matt. He’s ridiculously sweet and on point with these things, whereas Josh is more scatter brained. It’s why he’ll plan the night/gift so far in advance sometimes, so he doesn’t have the chance to forget.

Who is more possessive: I’ll have to give this one to Matt again. His boy’s a natural flirt, even when he doesn’t mean to, and he still gets a little paranoid after a certain *erm* past relationship.

Who gets more jealous: Josh. He’s quick to spot someone whose a little too charmed by Matt’s, well, charm, and he’ll let them know what’s up right away. Not in a threatening way, usually. He’ll just make a point to be extra affectionate until it’s just embarrassing for everyone else present. It’s like a game to him.

Who is more protective: Easily Matt. He knows all about Josh’s mental illness and his survivor guilt, and he does his best to protect his babe. He’s been scarred enough for this life.

Who is more likely to cheat: Neither. Matt was so affected by Emily’s cheating, and Josh is just so loving and loyal, not to mention grateful for Matt “putting up with his problems”, that they would never even think of cheating on each other.

Who initiates sexy times the most: Josh. We all know how quick he is to throw out the word “pornstar” or offer payment in exchange for a live show. *Wink wink* That boy is the biggest horn dog!

Who dislikes PDA the most: That depends. It can embarrass Josh at times, when he thinks Matt is trying to baby him during one of his bad days. On the other hand, it can also annoy Matt just a touch sometimes when Josh goes over the top with it to get his attention or put someone in their place for being too flirty with Matt.

Who kills the spider: Matt. Josh is probably a little weirdo who tries to hold it for a bit before letting it go.

Who asks the the other to marry them: MATT. ON MY LIFE, IT IS MATT. Unless Josh does it on accident when he’s going on one of his rants, which is also very cute.

Who buys the other flowers or gifts: Again Matt, the cute son of a bitch.

Who would bring up possibly having kids: Josh would probably do it as a sort of shock-tactic, just trying to stir things up. But he’d get the idea stuck in Matt’s head, and it wouldn’t be long before they had to sit and talk about it.

Who is more nervous to meet the parents: Josh, holy shit are you kidding me? After everything he did, the boy’s quaking in his boots. He tries to play it off, but he really doesn’t want Matt’s parents thinking of him as some kind of maniac.

Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry: I don’t see Josh getting angry a lot or being sent to the couch, but I can see Matt getting upset with one of his jokes going too far and staying on the couch for some distance.

Who tries to make up first after arguments: Josh. He just absolutely hates when anyone, especially Matt, is mad at him and he’s always quick to apologize.

Who tells the other they love them more often: Matt is the one to verbalize it more often, but it’s in almost all of Josh’s actions. Sometimes when Matt says “I love you”, Josh won’t even respond. He’ll just do something cute like grin and tackle Matt off the couch because he already knows.

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

Its honestly annoying how like I try and make plans and it never works out and I try and talk to people and people dont respond like my social life deteriorated entirely and ever since I came home from Europe boy and I don’t talk much anymore other boy broke things off and those of my friends who arent gone at college actively distance themselves from me and my Dad suddenly decided to get strict with no explanation and it’s not even for valid reasons he just wants me to spend more time with his (old, early-60s affluent retiree whose interests include blasting Boz Scaggs at Fort DeSoto every weekend and nothing else) friends like this shit wasn’t even gradual I lived this fun social whirlwind then left for 2 weeks and when I came back I found myself basically in the same state I was a year ago with a dead social life and hardly any autonomy or personal life or points of excitement and living in a tiny lifeless Floridian retirement community with an increasingly blatant awareness that im constantly repulsing people and I have no idea why ughh

I like boys.

I like boys who go out of their way to understand why I write. I like the boys who stay up until 4am so they can call me and hear me stutter my vulnerabilities through the phone. I like the boys who spend steady hours searching and upon their success correctly identify my writing as what’s breaking me together not what’s holding me apart. I like boys who deliver coffee and ask if I know that I ramble like Kerouac and speak like Caufield. I like boys who wear tshirts with literary references and beanies and who know their way around NYC’s cafes. I like boys who give journals and books and pens as presents. And I like boys who kiss my hands because they need me to survive and I need my hands to write; they amount to the same thing after all.

But most of all I like the boys who are not steeped in literature. I like the boys who don’t carry books under their jackets in the rain and don’t know about my prose being a result of my love for Shihan or my poems being a dedication to Kerouac’s Road. The boys who don’t know a volta or a rhyme scheme and who really can’t understand the difficulty in slaving over a sestina. I love the boys who let me love literature alone. The boys who ask frustrating questions about the most vulnerable line in my favorite poem because it just “doesn’t make sense”. The boys who try and fail and frustrate me. Those are the boys who are just as confused with how to grasp me as I am about myself. The ones who can never quite get it right. With them there are no right answers, simple conclusions, easy arguments. They are the boys who spend hours buying books, and listening to music they don’t like, and not quite understanding the allure in all these words I am so madly obsessed with.

And if I’m lucky, they’re the boys who show up with tea and find comfort in the silence of a love affair with me while I read. And write. And search for the simplicity they’ve already found.

You Never Said Hello

A/N: It’s been sooo long! But this was so much fun to write. Just a short ficlet about a sweet innocent boy, caught up in the moment with a bad boy he just meets on the street. Not really fluff, more about mystery and smut-like qualities.

Words: 1,575
Septiplier ficlet : badboy!Jack and innocent!Mark

(Shoutout to kaylexx who wanted the prompt. I hope it’s ok,  I probably didn’t go the direction you were thinking but… I hope you like it!)

You Never Said Hello

It was nearing the twilight hours on a Thursday evening, the sky cascading with gentle purples and orange hues, when the young, timid man began briskly walking towards home from the library. His hands clutched a small tower of text books and notepads as the sun began to set off in the distance, the rays shining into his face which was contorted into worry and frustration.

“You have got to quit doing that, Fischbach.” He muttered to himself, adjusting the backpack hanging off his left shoulder. “Eight o’clock means eight o’clock. Ugh, I’m gonna be late. Brother Nathan is going to be upset with me.” He rounded the next corner, practically jogging down the narrow alleyway towards the following street. 

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Can I please have GOM from KNB with an s/o who feels like the boys deserve better? Also, I am all for Matchup Monday. Thanks so much!

Thank YOU! I still need one more vote for Matchup Monday, though tbh I think self ship, or MTC also sounds fun?? Cast your votes, peeps!

Akashi Seijurou: He would be pained and anxious that you will fall out of his grasp. He has continuously been trying to ease your insecurity, reminding you how important you are for him. But despite that your feelings do not change, so he holds both your hands in his warm clasp and looks into your eyes, red orbs glistening in plea. “To me, you are the better. You are the best I want to spend my life with.”

Midorima Shintarou: He would be shocked that you would feel such a way, because quite honestly, he was feeling the same. Though he never admits it you loud, he has always been thankful that you were the one by his side. He would shyly confess the way you make him feel: complete. “You coming into my life is fate in it of itself. I will never let you go.”

Aomine Daiki: You are pushed against the rooftop wall when you once again avoid his question as to why you don’t come to his games anymore. He loves playing for you, signaling you after every shot he makes and seeing your smiles in the stand. But these memories are beginning to fade away and he is not about to let them go without explanation. When you finally open up, his head falls, shadowing his eyes. “You’re right. I only deserve the very best.” You feel a clutch in your heart as he comes to realization. “That’s why I chose you.” He finishes, surprising you instead. He looks up and grins, pulling you into a hug to wash away all your fears.

Murasakibara Atsushi: “Better?” He looks down lazily at you fidgeting. It takes everything in you to hold your nerves in the coming breakup, but you refuse to shake. “What could be better than you, ______-chin?” He says obliviously, and crouches on his knees to meet your eye level. When he finds you on the verge of tears, he silently offers you a lollipop. “I can’t date sweets, so the next in line has to be you.” 

Kise Ryota: Kise’s number one worry was making you feel left out with his busy model schedules. He always managed to set aside time for you, but despite his efforts, you seemed to distance yourself from him with time. The same day he decides to apologize, you confess first, and he is taken aback by the fact that he was not the reason for your sadness. He immediately pulls you closer to give you a kiss of thanks, and hugs you tightly in happiness, wiping out your insecurities. “I love you for who you are, ______-cchi. Please remember that there is nobody better for me than you.”


Day 17 - August 26th

The boys went Pea Fishing!

I have seen this around quite a bit and decided that I wanted to let the boys give it a try. Cecil took to it right away, after I showed him what was in there, he started snatching up peas as if he’d been doing it all his life. Teddy learned through watching and literally started putting half of his little body in the dish, no matter if there were peas closer to him, to grab at them eagerly. And then there was Carlos, with his perfect Whiskers, who was much more cautious and refused to participate for the greater portion of the fun. Toward the end, he came out and once I showed him where the peas were, he went at it eagerly until it was time to return to the cage for a nap.

They’re dozing now.
Happily I can imagine.

Overall rating for the boys would be something like a 8.5/10.
Not terrible, but we’d rather try to drink Mom and Dad’s coffee because they’re telling us no.

Overall rating for us would be something like a 9/10 because OMG! Look at their little hands! SQUEE! OMG, NO! LEAVE MY COFFEE ALONE! It’s over there away from you for a reason!

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3, 13, 23!

3. 5 things that irritate me about the same sex/opposite sex.

I’m just gonna do a mix ok:

  • Boys have such double standards when it comes to relationships
  • Boys who wear socks with flip-flops??????
  • That one boy in every class who starts every sentence with “ok, but,” and then proceeds to say some bullshit
  • At least where I’m from, girls make fun of and judge other girls SO MUCH and it bothers me
  • Girls who say stuff like “girls aren’t homophobic!! we’re nice to everyone!! we’re actually all kinda gay ourselves!!!” like no fuck you and fuck your ‘girl crushes’ and fuck the idea that making out with your best friend is cute/funny and fuck this belief that girls don’t say ‘no homo’ just as much as men in ways that are even more cruel, sly, and disgusting. every single homophobic encouter i’ve had involved girls and girls alone. straight girls have made me feel unsafe at sleepovers and in locker rooms and in bathrooms and you don’t get to act like you’re perfect and cute just because your homophobia is more sublte than a lax bro’s. g O D

13. one person from tumblr i’d throw off a cliff, one i’d marry and one i’d fuck.

23. my view on being tumblr famous.

  • I don’t really consider myself to be tumblr famous? I mean, it’s nice to know that people take the time to ask me for advice and send me anon messages and like my posts etc. - I appreciate it so much. Yes, that sort of feedback definitely increases when you have more followers, but that’s not what makes my tumblr experience worthwhile. I don’t think I’m more or less happy now than I was when I had 60 followers yanno.
First Day of School

Today was the first day of school. Junior year to be exact. This girl made fun of my height and disregarded me saying it was because I was “like 2 ft tall”. I got weird looks and angry glares from people who ignorantly thought I was a freshman. I get it. I’m fucking short. It sucks so fucking much. Now my dysphoria is spiraling out of control. I hate how, ever since I came out and started dressing the way I want to, I’m not taken as seriously as before. People who don’t know me assume I’m a little boy. It’s more socially acceptable to be a short female. I don’t even know anymore.

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Favourite gmw episode?

Ooo! No one has ever asked me this question before, ok. This is hard for me. 

My lucaya-obsessed self has to say Girl Meets Creativity because of supportive Lucas and also Girl Meets Yearbook because I’m all for the core four learning and growing (character development - yay!) and Lucas has some great comedic moments that episode. Also I love Lucas and Farkle’s dynamic. 

Another favorite episode is Girl Meets Home for the Holidays because I’m a nostalgic Boy Meets World fan who loved seeing the family dynamic and having Shawn and I just think the episode was really fun. 

Hard question, though! I have a few more that I adore, a lot of them season two actually. I’ve liked seeing the character development this season so much, it’s been so enthralling. Love it. 

Thanks for the question!!

Mer!Slit Concept Art

Okay, so far this is just the concept for my Mer!Slit. He’s a Longfin Mako Shark, who apparently likes wearing the corpses of his kills as jewelry. :D xD I had too much fun with this…. The evolution of this piece is kind of wild. o.o But, in the end, I really like this. oUo I might doodle some more of him. But, first, must finish the concept for Ted. Then I might work on Nux and Max. oUo

It’s late, I should be asleep, I have a headache, so why not draw some Mer!War Boys, right? If this gets kind of popular, I might make an AskMerWarBoysAndABloodBag tumblr. ouo

Slit © George Miller
Mer!Slit Design © Me

John Waters interview: ‘We can’t make fun of Bruce Jenner?’
Jasper Rees talks to the cult filmmaker, artist and Pope of trash about political correctness, post-ops and pubes

Then there’s transgender. While the rest of the world ties itself in knots in order not to fall foul of PC/LGBT lexical updates, Waters happily alludes to Vanity Fair’s post-op cover star as Bruce instead of Caitlyn. “The Bruce Jenner/Caitlyn thing is kind of old hat to me. I had a transgender woman in Pink Flamingos. She had breasts and a penis. She got the operation that week. That was radical to me then. Caitlyn’s a Republican, she’s on a reality show, and she’s a Kardashian. We can’t make fun of him or her?” He’s much more intrigued by girls who are now boys, he says. “It seems newer to me. They look like guys I like, so it’s even more confusing. They ask me to sign their vasectomy scars a lot, which I do…”

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What's your best advice for getting a boy you like?

It isn’t something I’m brilliant at to be honest. Every relationship I’ve had, just sort of happened in a way. But my advice would be to not focus on getting a boy. Focus on you, focus on being happy, confident, and having fun. Boys are all well and good, but I promise you there is so much more to life.

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Visual Kei asks: 07,27,65?

Oh how fun. Thank you anon~❤
(though I have answered first two before)
7. Favorite otp?
→ I don’t ship, so I don’t have one
27. What do your parents/guardians think about you listening to visual kei?
→ they hate it (ofc)
65. Do you like female visual kei musicians? -if so, who’s your favorite?
→ I don’t have a favorite, but I definitely do love seeing the rare ladies in vkei. They’re always so much more different than the boys, but in a good way. Very refreshing (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

❤Send me vkei asks❤

One day i hope she&everyone else that thinks this, get it in their fucking head“I DO NOT HATE HER”. Yes she gets on my nerves, every once in a while she doesnt but she is just too much for me. Everyone has a breaking point man, she is just mine everytime. No she aint my friend nor my homie.So i dont fuck w her.

I think she is a v beautiful girl who is much more than what she carries herself. I want her to know she is so much more than those pity fuckboys and an obsessive ex-bf. She can stop down playing it just to get a boys attention. He noticed you when you walked into the room, he just doesnt like your fake persona you put up. You are a smart girl flaunt it. She is kind, when she isnt being a devious twat. Has a great sense of style that fits her personality perfectly. Youre a fun girl, v adventurous who is down for basically anything.

But honest i dont see us being more than acquaintances, rn we arnt even that. I gave you a shot and you fucked me over. Neither the less i wish you the best.

luxdraco, continued from x

♚ –

                Who is this boy? Acnologia was pleasantly surprised when he had picked up quite a rich scent only a few minutes before. 

                The scent had obviously belonged to a dragon slayer, he knew that much before laying eyes on the blonde. He had thought it was the pink-haired one or the little girl. The heavily pierced one didn’t interest him much, but this was much better.

                 A new dragon slayer? More fun for the dragon King. Next to killing dragons, brutally murdering dragon slayers was his favorite ‘hobby.’

                 And now, Acnologia was holding a gun to the other’s face. It was a fairly new device to him, and he didn’t understand why humans used it when magic was available, but he learned long ago that it was useless to question the inferior creatures.

                                                " Do you know who I am, boy?