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fun story: last night i was in the bathroom of a gay bar hiding from a clingy guy i’d just hooked up with. i’d started telling this girl and her girlfriend about how i was hiding from a boy and they were like “say no more” they then proceeded to call everyone in the bathroom, all gay girls, and ask for their help. they formed a big circle around me, made me duck down and walked me straight out the door in an orderly fashion.

in conclusion i fucking love girls who love girls so much because they formed a human trojan horse around me and helped me escape a pest of a boy.

fun question

what was the song that got you into bangtan? notice  i’m not asking what you think their best song is just the song that made you have to find out more about them… mine was  좋아요 (i like it) back in 2013. once i heard that i was like who are they?! so i’ve pretty much been into bangtan from the beginning * so since it sounds “pretentious” to some people in no way am I saying knowing about them from the beginning makes me or anyone else a better fan I was merely pointing out when I got into them… It’s cool if you knew about them from as early as 2012 to as late as 2016 that’s really not important…

I like boys.

I like boys who go out of their way to understand why I write. I like the boys who stay up until 4am so they can call me and hear me stutter my vulnerabilities through the phone. I like the boys who spend steady hours searching and upon their success correctly identify my writing as what’s breaking me together not what’s holding me apart. I like boys who deliver coffee and ask if I know that I ramble like Kerouac and speak like Caufield. I like boys who wear tshirts with literary references and beanies and who know their way around NYC’s cafes. I like boys who give journals and books and pens as presents. And I like boys who kiss my hands because they need me to survive and I need my hands to write; they amount to the same thing after all.

But most of all I like the boys who are not steeped in literature. I like the boys who don’t carry books under their jackets in the rain and don’t know about my prose being a result of my love for Shihan or my poems being a dedication to Kerouac’s Road. The boys who don’t know a volta or a rhyme scheme and who really can’t understand the difficulty in slaving over a sestina. I love the boys who let me love literature alone. The boys who ask frustrating questions about the most vulnerable line in my favorite poem because it just “doesn’t make sense”. The boys who try and fail and frustrate me. Those are the boys who are just as confused with how to grasp me as I am about myself. The ones who can never quite get it right. With them there are no right answers, simple conclusions, easy arguments. They are the boys who spend hours buying books, and listening to music they don’t like, and not quite understanding the allure in all these words I am so madly obsessed with.

And if I’m lucky, they’re the boys who show up with tea and find comfort in the silence of a love affair with me while I read. And write. And search for the simplicity they’ve already found.

Q&A: Jodie Comer (AKA Chloe)

We caught up with the lovely Jodie Comer who plays Chloe and asked her YOUR questions submitted via Twitter and Facebook. Keep reading to see if your question was answered.

1.) If you had to pick a member of the gang to go onto a desert island with for a week, who would it be?

That would be CHOP! Sexy parties, say no more.

2.) If you could give Chloe one piece of advice what would it be and why?

I would tell Chloe to stop doubting herself. I’d also say take a break from boys.

3.) What is it like playing Chloe and where do you find inspiration for your role? Who inspires you?

I love Chloe to bits. She’s so much fun to play. Yes, at times she’s a bitch and she doesn’t think before she speaks but who does? She’s also fun and loyal and honest. We all do things Chloe does whether we like to admit it or not.

4.) Do you think Chloe is a good friend to Rae, and vice versa?

Chloe and Rae are best friends. They BOTH make mistakes and BOTH don’t realise just how much they need one another and that’s what’s so beautiful. In Series 2 they learn together just how much one needs the other. I hope the audience enjoy watching that, it was great to film.

5.) What’s it like working with Sharon? Is it nice working with a close friend?

SHARON IS THE BEST. As soon as we met at the read through for Series 1 we were joined at the hip. We’ve had some amazing scenes together especially this year. They were my favourite thing about filming - working on scenes and coming away like, * high 5 * BUT she gives me terrible giggles on set which isn’t good because then I get shouted at!

6.) Chloe has loads of amazing 90s outfits. Which costume/outfit was your favourite to wear during the series?

I love all my costumes on the show! I used to go onto the costume bus with Hannah Wood the designer and we’d look for the funkiest stuff for Chloe’s wardrobe. Chloe’s Ellesse trainers are my favourite. ALSO the pink fur jacket Chloe wore to the fun fair… it was amazing but the fur got everywhere and costume were chasing me around set all day with a lint roller!

7.) What was your favourite scene to film, and why?

The gang scenes are always great to film. They are so much fun because everyone really brings the best out of each other. It’s through the gang scenes you really get to see the individual relationships and you learn something new each time.

8.) If you could choose to play another role in MMFD which would it be?

I couldn’t pick another character to play as I think everyone plays their characters so perfectly! I really couldn’t I’m sorrrry!

9.) What’s your best memory of filming Series 2?

The girl gang scenes especially the common room scene.  I’ve never laughed so much in my life and I think I can vouch for all the girls on that!  Sacha, Jodie, Kirsty and Suzie came fit right in from the beginning and were just brilliant. It was quiet when they left!

10.) How do you prepare for the difficult emotional scenes?

Emotional scenes can be tough because you may have to do eight takes before you get the right one, so it can get pretty tiring. However they’re great because they challenge you. I try my best to focus on what it is I’m doing and really think about what it is I’m saying.

au where wash gets kinda drunk and tries to text york abt maine (more specifically how great maine is and how much he loves maine) but that was the day south switched around all of his contacts for fun so he accidentally sends it all to a very surprised maine who’s just like ‘wash you texted maine. i’m maine’ “haha vERY FUNNY YORK ok so back to what i was saying”


“I played in Milwaukee, and we kind of had one,” Latta said. “Not like this one, though. Our group text is hilarious. It’s going every day, constantly. Guys are getting chirped in there. I feel bad for some of the guys with wives at home; their phones are blowing up and their wives are probably like, ‘What is going on, who are you texting?’ It’s like, ‘Oh, I’m texting the boys.’ ‘You were just with them all day!’ But I think that kind of speaks to the team we have this year.”

“In years past, it stayed pretty much to [logistics],” Tom Wilson told me. “This year it seems like there’s a little bit more kind of fun and stuff going on in there. If important stuff’s going on, like a national championship, you see guys kind of piping up and chirping back and forth and stuff. It’s just fun stuff. I can’t give you too much information; obviously it’s private. But it definitely kind of keeps everyone in touch. You’ll wake up from a nap one day and you’ll have 40 texts on your phone because the guys have been going at it.”

“Oh yeah,” Alzner said. “You wake up sometimes in the morning, it’s like 35, 40 texts.”

About what?

“Just whatever,” Alzner said. “You probably don’t want to know. Well, you DO want to know probably. We talk about great TV shows and how much we love doing housework and stuff like that. Just banter back and forth. …Usually one guy says something and then everybody jumps in on it, and then someone else will start something and then we all jump in on that.”

Do Mike Green and Joel Ward and Troy Brouwer ever show up and ask to unsubscribe?

“You take those guys off, obviously, because there’s team stuff,” Alzner said. “But we have a couple of old [chats] with them still on it, so that’s fun to see.”

And who writes the most?

“That’s a good question,” Schmidt said. “Who dishes out the most? … I’d probably say Ovi. He gets at the guys a lot. He just puts in stuff that he thinks is funny.”

Describe Ovechkin’s texting oeuvre.

“He’s the most absurd texter, maybe,” Wilson said. “He says the funniest stuff.”


“It’s not even emojis,” Schmidt said. “It’s the parentheses stuff, you know what I’m talking about?”

Oh sure hahaha)))))))).

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Little Irwin - part 2 (Michael Clifford)

Requested : Yes

  • Do you think you would make a second part of ‘Little Irwin?’

  • Do you think you could do more parts of 'little irwin’ and it can be about the week and he could fall in love with her and stuff, love your writing! X

Rating : R

Word count : 1,6K+

Story line : You’re Ashton’s little sister and have a little fun with Michael


The week was coming to an end and I knew I was going to miss life on tour with the boys. I had had so much fun following them around backstage; taking part in their crazy rehearsals and going clubbing with them. I got to know the three boys better and it kind of felt like I now had four big brothers… Or more like three big brothers and a sex friend.
Michael and I were the ones who probably had the most fun this week. There had been blowjobs in the tiny bathroom of the tour bus, quickies in the dressing room, make out sessions in both our bunks… And I had to admit I was going to miss it, but it was time for me to go. I knew myself well enough to notice that I was starting to develop feelings for him; which was the worst thing that could happen.
We decided to go out clubbing for my last night with them but we knew we couldn’t just party the night away as I had to get on a plane early in the morning and they all promised they’d be here to say goodbye.
I put my sexiest dress and my highest heels on and joined the boys in the main room as they were ready to go and waiting for me. Their eyes widened as soon as they saw me and I smirked as I swirled around so that they could see me from every angles; that was exactly the reaction I was expecting.
“Okay so I’m gonna be the annoying big brother tonight” Ashton sighed and I laughed as they all got up and started walking toward the door.
Michael let the boys walk in front of us before wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me close to him; placing his lips by my ear as he squeezed my sides.
“Are you trying to kill me?” he growled against my ear and butterflies erupted in my stomach as his hand traveled to my backside.
“If you’re nice enough we could go for a last round later on” I replied as my left eyelid dropped into a wink.

Michael managed to convince my brother that dancing with me was the best way to keep other men away from me. We spent two hours on the dancefloor; grinding on each other, stealing a few kisses from each other’s lips every now and then, when Ashton wasn’t watching and whispering a few words into each other’s ears as we anticipated our last night together.

I lied in my bunk for twenty minutes before carefully stepping out of it and letting myself in Michael’s. He immediately wrapped an arm around my waist and helped me get under him as he hovered over me in the small bed.
“We’re not only gonna have to be quiet; we’ll also have to take it really slow so that they don’t hear a single thing” he very gently murmured against my ear and I slid a hand in-between our two bodies and placed it over his boxer.
“And that turns you on” I replied as he bucked his hips into my hand; I started stroking him through his underwear as he placed his plump lips into my neck; pressing sloppy kisses onto the skin as I felt his breathing getting uneven.
“I thought I was going to lose it on the dancefloor” he confessed and I threw my head back as he slid his fingers under the elastic of my pajama short and started stroking my core over my panties.
“That was my goal” I cheekily answered as I wrapped an arm around his body and arched my back into him as he started rubbing my clitoris over my underwear.
“Naughty” he murmured as he bit down on my earlobe. 

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Rich Games pt. 21

Summary: School has never been anything but a time waste and game for rich boy, Yoongi.
Members: Yoongi x Reader (Appearances by EXO and BTS Members)
Type: Student! AU/ Drama/ Angst/ little Fluff
Length: 7,240 Words

Thank you guys for making the past 7 months of this blog so much fun. I really hope you guys like this chapter. There should only be about one or two more chapters in Suga’s POV and then it will be back to the normal story line <3

-Admin Kat

Pt. 1, Pt.2,  Pt. 3,   Pt. 4,  Pt. 5,   Pt.6,  Pt. 7,  Pt. 8,  Pt. 9,  Pt. 10,  Pt. 11,Pt. 12, Pt. 13,  Pt. 14,  Pt. 15,  Pt. 16,  Pt.17, Pt. 18, Pt. 19, Pt. 20,Pt. 21, Pt. 22, Pt. 23, Pt. 24, Pt. 25, Pt. 26

“Yoongi!” Kristy’s high pitched voice sent shivers down Yoongi’s back. She was the last person who he wanted to deal with. Especially so early in the morning. He had a tough enough weekend. Not only did he have to deal with his overbearing mother, but also with music block, and for some reason, he just wasn’t able to get you out of his mind. Ever since the party, he was feeling guilty for having got you into the whole mess with Suho. Although it wasn’t his fault that Suho had told his friends he slept with you, and it was best that you learned about it eventually. But if it wasn’t for the plan to get Suho to break up a fight, you most likely wouldn’t have heard about it, wouldn’t have been hurt, and wouldn’t have turned to alcohol. He could only imagine how bad you felt the next morning.

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You know, Lauren, the equipment in this studio is so old fashioned! I hardly know how to use any of it! Nothing like the high-tech equipment we have back home in Desert Bluffs! But there are many reasons we have to do our broadcasting from here.

It sends a message.

It sure does! It sends several fun messages for everyone to enjoy!

>> Anyway, the boys in Sales, who are all named Sean, came by and with their help, I was able to make this studio feel a little more like home. They put up a bit of a fuss about the changes, but that’s just because no one likes change. There are some people who don’t understand progress, you know.

I’ll miss the Seans.

>> I’ll miss them, too. But look how much nicer this place looks! You can see the Seans contributions all over the desk!

And running down the walls! Yes! So much nicer!

>> And now, listeners, a deep rumbling sound, like a giant dragging its prone, misshapen body across baked, waterless earth.

>> That’s my favorite mandatory part of the daily broadcast. I don’t know what it means! It’s so fun!


Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 47 - Company Picnic


David Tennant during Children’s in Need back in 2011 with a young boy named Harley who suffered from severe Meningitis and had all his limbs removed because of it.- I absolutely adore how David Tennant is around kids and how he treats them with respect no matter what. He tried making this interview as comfortable and as much fun as possible for Harley here. And he made sure that Harley knew that the reason why they were doing all of this, was for him and kids like him all over the UK and other parts of the world. He made sure that Harley and not himself was the more important star at the moment. That Harley after having to go through the struggles with his illness and all the loss he had to endure that he was the MVP at this moment. And you can see that, and if this doesn’t make you love David even more than you already do, then I don’t know what else say. He is absolutely perfect when it comes to kids, and I love him for it. 

Link to video: http://youtu.be/RRqsBtK0N6U

anonymous asked:

The White Bang Gang should have a club house, well, maybe an apartment would be more affordable for a bunch of reckless young adults who fight crime

a bunch of…reckless young adults….living under one roof…. whoever came up with this idea will regret it soon

Brett- Not Human

Request-  Could you do a Brett X reader, where the reader and Brett have been dating for awhile so they decide to have him meet their parents, but their part of a family of Witches who really resents werewolves?

A/N- Here you go. Fun fact: this is actually the first time I’ve posted something while my ask is still open since last summer. Go ahead and keep requesting! Also, can you guys believe it’s been five years of teen wolf? 

You stood in the mirror, smoothing down your hair until you were sure it looked perfect. You liked to think that you wouldn’t spend so much time and effort on nothing more than dinner with a boy, but that wasn’t entirely true. You were currently trying to tell yourself that it didn’t matter what anyone else might think, because you were confident that making yourself look calm and collected would only combat the chaos that was about to ensue.
After two months of dating, you had decided that it was time for your boyfriend Brett to meet your parents. Actually, you hadn’t so much decided as Brett hadn’t stopped begging you to bring him home, but you had given in nonetheless. It wasn’t like you were afraid they wouldn’t like him, you knew they would, but they had a tendency to be a little over the top.
Instead of him scaring them, you were confident that they would scare him. Aside from how you looked on the outside, you weren’t exactly the most cookie-cutter family in Beacon Hills. Then again, in a town full of werewolves, wendigos and banshees, a family of witches wasn’t so out of place. Brett didn’t know that though, and you were determined to keep it that way. The last thing you needed was to scare away your boyfriend, as long as your family didn’t do it first. Brett was a perfectly normal guy and as far as he knew, you were perfectly normal too.
With one last deep breath, you opened the bathroom door and headed down the hall. You turned the corner and walked into the kitchen where your parents were milling around. Your mother looked up from the pan she had just pulled out of the oven and she smiled as she saw the nervous look on your face.
“Y/n,” she called when she saw you.  “Will you help me with this lasagna? I just need you to sprinkle the cheese on it.”
“Now, Y/m/n,” your Aunt Violet remarked from where she sat at the already-set table. “You’re standing right over it. Why can’t you do it?”
“Maybe I’m tired from slaving over a hot stove,” your mother shot back. “Honestly, Vi.”
Your aunt smirked. “I think you’re just trying to distract her.”
“Mom,” you complained. “I don’t need to be distracted. I’m just nervous, okay?”
“Well, I can’t imagine why,” your father told you. “We’re just like every other family, Y/n.”
“Except for the fact that we can do magic,” your aunt told you with a wink.
“Violet,” your mom complained.
“Oh, hush,” Violet told her, swatting a hand in her direction as if she were nothing more than a fly. “Come over here, Y/n. Drink this. It’ll calm you down.”
She slid a glass on the table over and grabbed it, waving it in your direction. You walked over and pulled it out of her hands, bringing it up to your face to smell it. “What is this? A calming potion?”
“You could call it that,” she told you with a smirk.
“When did you brew this?” you asked her.
“I didn’t,” she told you, reaching out for the glass bottle on the shelf behind her.
You rolled your eyes and gave the cup back to her. “The last thing I need to do before this dinner is drink.”
“Suit yourself,” she told you.
She brought the bottle to her lips, right before your mother swept by and yanked it from her hands. “Stop it. Y/n certainly doesn’t need your mentoring right now.”
“Well, I don’t need yours,” your aunt grumbled.
You groaned. “This is why I’m nervous. If you guys act like this when Brett’s here, I’m swear I’m going to join a convent.”
“Don’t worry, sweetie,” your father told you as he leaned against the counter. “This is how you weed out the weak.”
“Dad!” you cried.
“What?” he protested. “I should know. I can’t do magic and I’m still a part of this family.”
“Besides,” your aunt piped up. “Convents are no fun. And you’re a witch, Y/n. You’d probably burn up if you even set foot in a church.”
“That’s a myth,” you argued.
“But have you ever been to church?” your aunt asked, wiggling her eyebrows at you.
“Stop it,” your mom complained. “Y/n, you have nothing to worry about. As far as Brett knows, we’re a normal family.”
“I really like him, mom,” you told her.
“And I’m sure he really likes you if he’s willing to meet us,” she told you.
“And if he’s strong,” your aunt added. “He’ll survive the night.”
You shot her an exasperated look, but before you could say anything, the doorbell rang.
“That’s him,” you stated with wide eyes.
“Well,” your mother said. “Go answer the door.”
“Right,” you said, swallowing hard and turning down the hall.
You took a deep breath and opened the door, telling yourself that everything would be fine. At the very worst you might have to escape your family and go get pizza, and you could live with that.
“Hey,” you told Brett as he stood in the doorway. “You look nice.”
He wasn’t wearing anything too fancy, but the button-up shirt and jeans were a very different look from the lacrosse uniform or hoodie and sweatpants he usually wore. He also had a bouquet of flowers in his arms, no doubt for your mother, which caused your heart to swell.
“Don’t sound so surprised,” he told you with a grin.
“I’m just shocked that you thought it was safe to wear something nice to my house,” you told him with a smile.
Brett raised an eyebrow. “Should I be expecting a food fight at dinner?”
“If my aunt has her way,” you mumbled.
“What?” Brett asked.
“Nothing,” you told him. “But, um, I’m just going to apologize in advance for anything my family might say or do. And if you’re too scared to come back, I understand.”
Brett smiled and leaned forward. “Nothing could ever scare me away from you. You look beautiful, by the way.”
He leaned forward, intending to press a kiss to your lips, but as he stepped forward, it was like he had slammed into a wall of pure energy. He stumbled back, his skin stinging from the buzz of whatever had been blocking the door. He barely caught himself before he fell back, but when he looked up to meet your eyes, you were staring at him in horror.
“Y/n?” he asked. “What just happened? Are you okay?”
The concerned look on his face might have caused you to smile at any other time, but you couldn’t ignore the fact that Brett hadn’t been able to get past the barrier. To anyone who didn’t know it was there, they had no clue that the front door of your house was lined with a heavy coating of mountain ash, as well as the windows and any other way inside. It was meant to keep out any supernatural creature that meant to do you harm, because after several incidents in other towns, your mother had decided not to take any chances in Beacon Hills.
If the fact that Brett couldn’t get past the mountain ash barrier hadn’t set off warning bells in your head, the glowing yellow of his eyes certainly did.
“Oh my god,” you whispered in horror. “You’re a werewolf?”
“What?” Brett asked, quickly closing his eyes and shaking his head. “No, I, uh-”
He stepped back and opened them again, and you realized that they were once again their normal blue. While your boyfriend’s eyes may have looked the way they had before, you couldn’t deny what you had just seen.
“I’m not gonna hurt you,” Brett cried, throwing up his hands and dropping the flowers onto your porch. “I swear, Y/n-”
“What?” you asked him. “Of course not.”
“What?” he asked, staring at you oddly. “You’re not afraid of me.”
“God no,” you told him. “You’re the one who should be afraid. My family, Brett, they’re not exactly normal-”
“Wait a sec,” Brett cut you off, nodding toward your door. “Is that mountain ash?”
You nodded miserably as you waited for the inevitable question that only took Brett seconds to ask. “What are you?”
You sighed and stepped out of the doorway and onto the porch. “I’m a witch. So is my mom and so is my aunt. That’s why I was so afraid for you to come over. I didn’t want them to scare you away.”
Brett laughed. “Y/n, I come from a family of werewolves.”
“Exactly,” you breathed. “And my family-they’re not exactly fond of you.”
Brett’s brow furrowed. “They don’t even know me.”
“Any werewolves,” you told him quietly. “My grandmother, she was killed by one a few years ago.”
“And you?” Brett asked hesitantly. “You don’t hate werewolves?”
You shook your head. “I don’t think they’re all bad. That’s what everyone thinks about witches. We’re not all crazy bitches will pointy hats and cauldrons.”
“Okay,” Brett said as he scooped up the flowers he had dropped. “But what about a broom?”
“Yeah?” you told him questioningly.
Brett’s eyes widened. “You have a flying broom?”
“No,” you told him with a scoff. “We use it for cleaning.”
“Oh,” Brett said, a blush creeping onto his cheeks. “My bad.”
You sighed. “We can work with this. I just have to move the barrier and if we’re lucky, my mom won’t even notice.”
“Notice what?” a voice asked you.
You whirled around and saw your aunt leaning in the doorway, staring at you with a sly smile on her face. “You’re right, Y/n, he is handsome.”
“Violet,” you complained. “Nosy much?”
“Very,” she assured you with a wink. “What are you two standing out on the porch for? Come inside.”
“Uh, actually-” you began.
“Ooh!” she cried. “Are those flowers for me? I’ve always-”
“They’re for mom,” you cut her off.
Your aunt rolled her eyes. “Whatever. She gets enough action from your dad.”
“Ew,” you said in disgust, “Please, never say that again.”
“Anyway,” she continued. “Come on inside. Dinner’s getting cold.”
She leaned forward and reached toward you, grabbing your wrist and Brett’s and pulling you toward the door.
“Wait, Aunt Violet!” you cried, but your aunt paid no attention to your warnings.
She tried to tug you and Brett into the house, but the moment Brett hit the barrier, this time with much more force, he went flying back onto the porch. Your aunt blinked in shock, turning around and sniffing the air. “Do you smell something burning?”
“Brett!” you cried as you ran back and knelt over him.
“I-I’m fine,” he insisted, but as he sat up you saw that his clothes were smoking.
You glared back at your aunt, who was staring down at you and Brett in shock. She crossed her arms over her chest, looking down at Brett suspiciously.
“Okay,” she remarked as she pointed a finger at Brett. “He’s not human.”
“You think?” you practically growled.
Suddenly you heard running footsteps and you groaned inwardly as you realized your parents were headed toward you.
“Y/n!” your mother called. “Violet, are you alright?”
Your mother leaned out of the doorway with your father right behind her, and that was when she caught sight of Brett. “Oh my god.”
“Y/n’s boyfriend walked into the mountain ash barrier,” Your aunt informed them.
“What?” your father demanded.
“You dragged him through it!” you snapped at her.
“You didn’t tell us he wasn’t human!” she protested.
“Woah, woah, woah,” your mother said firmly, holding up her hands. “Let’s all just take a breath. Y/n, care to explain?”
“I didn’t exactly know he was a werewolf,” you admitted. “Until about five minutes ago, when he leaned into the barrier. Then Aunt Violet came out, just being herself, and tried to pull us both through the doorway. End result-”
You paused, gesturing to you and Brett. “And she ruined the flowers.”
“Flowers?” you mother asked, looking at the charred bouquet on the porch. “Those are flowers?”
“They were supposed to be,” Brett informed her sheepishly.
Your mother sighed. “Get up you two.”
You and Brett both stood up, and your mother turned back to the door. She nodded to your father, who backed away as she swept her hands forward. In seconds, the dust lining the door was now revealed to the normal eye, and as your mother worked the spell, it parted for her.
“Now you can come inside without the door putting up a fight,” she informed Brett.
“What?” your aunt complained. “Y/m/n!”
“Honestly, Violet,” your mother told her. “He’s a boy. What harm could he do?”
“Much,” your aunt protested. “I say we keep him outside.”
“I say we keep you outside,” your mother told her. “Will you stop being so rude? This is why Y/n never invites anyone over. Do you want to be that family, Violet? Do you want to be lame?”
Your aunt crossed her arms over her chest and muttered something under her breath, but she simply stormed into the house. You pressed your hand over your mouth to stifle your laughter and your mother looked back at you and Brett.
“I am so sorry,” she told him, holding out her hand. “I’m Y/n’s mother, Y/m/n.”
“And I’m Y/f/n,” your dad said, stepping forward. “You must be Brett.”
Brett nodded. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Ma’am, and you too Sir.”
You grinned. “Brett plays lacrosse, dad. I’m sure you two would have a lot to talk about.”
“Oh,” your dad said, and it was evident he was pleased. “I played a little in college. What position?”
You grinned as Brett followed your dad into the house, shooting a smile back at you. Your mother looked down at you with a grin as you came in behind them, shutting the door.
“See?” your mother said quietly. “We’re not that bad. Your aunt is worse.”
“No more family dinners for her,” you said. “At least not with boys I’m interested in.”
“We’ll have to keep her around for the ugly ones,” she remarked as Brett and your father disappeared into the kitchen.
“Mom!” you protested.
“I’m just kidding sweetie,” she assured you. “But see? You were worried about freaking Brett out, but he ended up freaking Violet out. That’s a skill I admire.”
“So you like him?” you asked hesitantly.
“Of course,” she told you. “Any boy who’s willing to walk into a mountain ash barrier for you and still stick around is worth keeping. Besides, he brought me flowers, however charred they may be.”
You grinned. “Does that mean I can stay out till eleven?”
Your mother laughed. “I wouldn’t go that far.”
You sighed and rolled your eyes, but as you and your mother walked into the kitchen and saw Brett laughing and joking with your dad, you couldn’t help but smile. You had been so worried that everything would go wrong that night and that Brett would run away screaming. Even though quite a few things had, Brett didn’t shy away from a little chaos. Since that seemed to be all your life was full of lately, Brett seemed perfect for you.

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Can I please have GOM from KNB with an s/o who feels like the boys deserve better? Also, I am all for Matchup Monday. Thanks so much!

Thank YOU! I still need one more vote for Matchup Monday, though tbh I think self ship, or MTC also sounds fun?? Cast your votes, peeps!

Akashi Seijurou: He would be pained and anxious that you will fall out of his grasp. He has continuously been trying to ease your insecurity, reminding you how important you are for him. But despite that your feelings do not change, so he holds both your hands in his warm clasp and looks into your eyes, red orbs glistening in plea. “To me, you are the better. You are the best I want to spend my life with.”

Midorima Shintarou: He would be shocked that you would feel such a way, because quite honestly, he was feeling the same. Though he never admits it you loud, he has always been thankful that you were the one by his side. He would shyly confess the way you make him feel: complete. “You coming into my life is fate in it of itself. I will never let you go.”

Aomine Daiki: You are pushed against the rooftop wall when you once again avoid his question as to why you don’t come to his games anymore. He loves playing for you, signaling you after every shot he makes and seeing your smiles in the stand. But these memories are beginning to fade away and he is not about to let them go without explanation. When you finally open up, his head falls, shadowing his eyes. “You’re right. I only deserve the very best.” You feel a clutch in your heart as he comes to realization. “That’s why I chose you.” He finishes, surprising you instead. He looks up and grins, pulling you into a hug to wash away all your fears.

Murasakibara Atsushi: “Better?” He looks down lazily at you fidgeting. It takes everything in you to hold your nerves in the coming breakup, but you refuse to shake. “What could be better than you, ______-chin?” He says obliviously, and crouches on his knees to meet your eye level. When he finds you on the verge of tears, he silently offers you a lollipop. “I can’t date sweets, so the next in line has to be you.” 

Kise Ryota: Kise’s number one worry was making you feel left out with his busy model schedules. He always managed to set aside time for you, but despite his efforts, you seemed to distance yourself from him with time. The same day he decides to apologize, you confess first, and he is taken aback by the fact that he was not the reason for your sadness. He immediately pulls you closer to give you a kiss of thanks, and hugs you tightly in happiness, wiping out your insecurities. “I love you for who you are, ______-cchi. Please remember that there is nobody better for me than you.”

Kris Ideal Type (In my opinion)

I think Kris would love someone who is warm hearted and very bubbly, since he’s usually a quiet person someone who could counter act that and bring him out more would be perfect, someone who is fun and doesn’t care what others think. Someone who can cook would be good for him since he probably doesn’t have much time to cook a decent meal from schedules and probably wouldn’t know how to cook many dishes, so I think he’d like someone who could look after him in that way. She’d obviously have to understand his humour and all he different sides of his personality, she’d need to understand that he looks like a “cold city boy” but really he’s a big squishy bean who is practically in love with his alpaca plushie. Honesty would be one of the most important aspects to him since he’d like to know the true you and if there’s anything wrong he’d like you to be open and honest about it so he could help you to the best of his abilities. I also think he’d be really into a girl who has a good sense of style and is always dressed amazingly, make up would be a nice touch for him but he’d love her natural face even more. PDA wouldn’t be a big thing for him and to be honest he wouldn’t be all into cuddles at home, if she initiated the cuddle session he’d go with it and cuddle with her for as long as she wanted but other than that he wouldn’t initiate them himself only if he was really tired or he missed her after tour then she wouldn’t be able to escape his arms.


Mobile Masterlist


Wanted to try a piece inspired by the work of Alphonse Mucha who was super French so I figured Enjolras would be the perfect model for my first try. This totally killed me but it was so much fun. I still have much to learn which means more barricade boys might be on the way as well as Hannigram because that is my one true love.

Tumblr might kill the quality of this so check out my deviant art and pixiv for slightly better quality and a longer description of like, why I chose the specific flowers and stuff.

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may I ask why you ship sorikai, but not sokai, rikai, or soriku on it’s own? we hardly see Kairi in the game, I don’t really get the impression they do everything together? I think they would if they COULD at this point but they don’t really get to. I enjoy all of the fun head canons people come up with for Kairi, but we really don’t know much about her at all? She’s almost treated like a side character.

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can you write a tronnor Chapstick challenge? pretty please *bats eyelashes*

AKA:Troye and Connor are with a few friends, and get convinced to do the chapstick challenge. Of course, they make Zoe, Tyler, Alfie, and Louise swear they won’t get it on video.

A/N: I hope y’all like it, even though I didn’t have them to this the traditional way!


“Come on, boys, it’s a fun challenge!” It had to be the tenth time Troye and Connor heard Zoe insist it was fun, and they didn’t know how much more they could take of it. “Couples do it all the time.”

“Couples who share their relationship with the internet,” Connor pointed out, rolling his eyes with a smile.

“They practically know about you two anyway!”

Troye leaned back into the couch with a groan, letting his head fall onto Connor’s shoulder. “We like it the way it is now, Zo. It’s not like we’re hiding it. Just don’t want it to be the only thing we’re known for.”

Tyler crossed his arms over his chest, pouting. “Come on, have a little fun while we’re here, Troye! You don’t even have to make a video out of it.”

“If we do the Chapstick challenge and you leak it onto the internet, I’m going to kill you.”

“You love me too much, Troye. But y’all will do it? Perfect!” Tyler grinned and stood up, going to grab a bag from another room.

“How much do you want to bet that they have a bunch of different chapsticks ready for us?” Connor laughed, kissing the top of Troye’s head.

“No need to bet, it’s true!” Tyler called as he came back into the room. “I’ve been planning this for ages, you know. Zoe bought them when we were on the plane here. Now we’re all together and we can have some fun!”

“Ooh, we can even do it in pairs! There’s an even number of us!” Zoe said enthusiastically, clapping her hands. “Me and Alfie, Troye and Connor, and Tyler with Louise! We can make it into even more of a challenge, team that gets the most right wins!”

“Y’all think I won’t win at this because you know, kissing a girl. Just remember how competitive I get.”

“Here, I’ll put music on, then we can start,” Zoe told them, standing up to start a playlist. “Me, Louise, and Troye will go first. You three get to guess!”

“I’m going to suck so bad at this,” Connor laughed, running a hand through his hair.

“You’re telling me,” Alfie said, shaking his head as the music started.

“Really, Zoe, your dance playlist?” Louise grinned over at her as she and Troye went over to grab some of the chapstick.

“Yes, really! Now put the chapstick on!”

Troye laughed as he uncapped the pink chapstick, applying it to his lips and hearing Tyler yelling about how his queen was on. He glanced over at Tyler and rolled his eyes as he watched Tyler get both Connor and Alfie to dance with him to Just Dance. He heard Zoe laughing at the three boys, before getting them to sit down again so they could start.

“Everyone ready?” Zoe asked, watching as the others all nodded. “Okay, go!”

Troye nudged Connor’s shoulder, smiling. “Better not let me down and get this wrong. It isn’t even that hard.” He leaned forward, kissing the older boy gently. He pulled away and rested his chin on Connor’s shoulder, watching him try to figure it out while both Alfie and Tyler did the same.

“That’s fruity as fuck,” Connor laughed, figuring out the taste.

“Oh my god, that’s actually disgusting!” Alfie complained. “Zoe, you chose something nasty.”

“This has got to be some kind of candy.” Tyler hummed. “It’s so fucking sweet! Is it like…bubblegum? Strawberry? Blue raspberry?”

“Not correct! That’s three guesses, no more!” Louise smiled. “Laffy Taffy.”

“Babe, this has to be like, strawberry or something,” Connor told Troye, looking down at him.

“Close. It’s a fruit, I’ll give you that.”


Troye beamed up at Connor, kissing his cheek. “You’re right! One point for us.”

“What the fuck, this tastes like medicine!” Troye looked over at Alfie, watching his expression turn into a disgusted one. “Just tell me what it is, I have no idea.”

“Cherry, Alfie, it’s not that hard!” Zoe laughed. “I guess Troye and Connor are in the lead. Switch places!” Louise, Troye, and Zoe took the seats of their partners and waited until they came back as another song started up, Live While We’re Young now.

Troye looked up at Connor when he came back, sharing the wide smile he had. “You look like you’ve got something good on, Con.”

“Maybe I do. You’ll see.” Connor sat down next to him, cupping his cheek and kissing the younger boy. He watched Troye start thinking about what it was, smirking up at him.

“Shit, Con, that actually tastes really good.” Troye grinned and pulled Connor forward again to keep kissing him. “Don’t really care if we win at this point,” he mumbled against his lips, wrapping his arms around his neck and pressing their foreheads together. “This has to be cake. I just know it.”

“Cake batter, but you’re still right. Two points for us. Can we drop out of the game? Alfie’s reactions are far funnier than ours are.” Both Connor and Troye turned to look over at the other four playing the game; Tyler was cackling over the fact that Louise just kept guessing random flavors until she got it right and Zoe was busy being teased by Alfie while making faces at him. The game itself started to be forgotten as Tyler got the girls up to dance to Charli XCX. Troye leaned up and kissed Connor’s cheek, laying down across Connor’s lap.

“I say we win, two points for us.” Troye hummed as he felt Connor run his hand through his curls, playing with his hair. “Wouldn’t you say?”

“Definitely. They’re busy messing around anyway.” Connor smiled down at Troye as the younger boy moved to sit up on his lap and kiss him slowly.

“You still taste like cake batter,” Troye hummed as he wrapped his arms around his neck with a wide smile before he kissed him again, ignoring the ‘aw’ they both heard from their friends in the background.

"Hunter's music is changing too much"

“Hunter’s music is changing too much.”

Oh, I’m sorry that Hunter doesn’t want to be known as a sweet little country boy who sings songs about happiness and love 24/7. Hunter’s music is changing, but it’s molding him not only as an artist, but as a human being. I think Storyline will be refreshing. It’ll be something we’ve never heard from him before, something more real and much more personal for him. His self titled album is so fun and upbeat and I love it a lot, but Storyline is going to be so much stronger and more meaningful. Have you heard “You Think You Know Somebody”? Power and emotion like thatisn’t forced into a song. You have to feel it, or don’t bother singing it at all. He knows what it’s like to think you know everything about someone, and then have all of what you thought suddenly disappear. He gets that, that’s why that song is as powerful as it is. It’s not about falling in love or being happy and cheery, this song is sad. It’s painful, but it’s absolutely beautiful. Hunter can’t just sing about happiness all the time, because that’s not life. Life isn’t always all smiles and laughter, it can be very sad and disappointing, just like music. He doesn’t want to be chained to a label. He doesn’t want to be known as “that cute country kid who sings about love and making a girl feel wanted.” He wants to be known as someone who can show every side of himself, completely bearing himself in his music. So yeah, Hunter’s music is changing, but it’s changing for the better.