May Book Haul | 13 Books

↳ It was another amazing book month. It was my birthday this past weekend and received a gift card to the book store I frequent, so the eight in the stack on the left were a birthday gift to myself using that gift card. It didn’t cover the full cost, but after the gift card, membership discount, AND a coupon I had I cut the price in HALF. Let’s just say I was proud of that. Of the others, one I recieved through Goodreads first reads, two I bought for 10 CENTS, one I bought at a museum simply because it was a book of cat stories, and the last I loved the green edges of the pages too much to walk away when it was only a buck.


“it wasn’t white people that brought slaves to america. it was muslims.” <<<< said by a white person that i know who honestly thinks that the sun kills any and all germs so they literally SIT NASTY LITTER BOXES IN THE SUN TO “CLEAN” THEM!! I can’t make this shit up!!!!

and this is the same person that hates mexicans and thinks they’re filthy? you really have the gall to call mexicans nasty when i constantly see you leave the bathroom but dont see you wash ya damn hands?!?! R E A L L Y.


I only requested a friend from Japan to buy me the novels. It turns out that her cousin gave her the issue of Shonen Jump with the last chapters of Naruto Shippuden and watched The Last (which is why I have the guide book).

Then, my man took me to a simple yet fun birthday date. Just strolling in the mall, talking about stuffs, and eating. Oooh! A bonus chocolate gift!

Only few greeted me but I really appreciated those who did! Thank you very much~!

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You like the 39 clues? No way! That's one of my favorite series!

a lucian right here! I used to be in the scholastic forums for the 39 clues when it was still a wee babe and was so pumped for the series. unfortunately i grew out of keeping track with the series (my mom didn’t accept my pleas that they were “historical” and “educational” anymore past the last book in the first series orz) but yea it has a special place in my heart, always rootin for Amy and Dan u vu

5 Things I Like About Myself Tag

I was tagged my the fantastic judging-books-by-their-cover. Thanks! I’m pretty sure I’ve done this tag before, but I will do it again because it’s always good to praise yourself up now and then :)

1. I’m a really good writer. 

2. I’m hilarious (once you start to understand my sense of humor :P). 

3. I have some pretty awesome tattoos and love them all. 

4. I’m a good listener. 

5. I’m really good at not sweating the small stuff. I’m exceptionally capable of, as Taylor Swift would say, shaking it off. 

Now I tag the following lovely people with lovely blogs: weartheoldcoat madebybooks booklovingirl wordsreadandwritten cinephilesinc (welcome back and congrats on the new job!) benedictcumberbooty728 xxmementomorix 

As always, don’t feel obligated to do this :) and I also tag anyone else who wants to do this. Feel free to say I tagged you and make sure you tag me so that I can read what you love about yourself! 

ugh, i’m so mad because i ordered a used book from amazon marketplace because it was cheaper than buying it new. I got it today and it turns out to be a used LIBRARY COPY with stickers laminated to it and i am so pissed i’m not even kidding you (and this is after me having already ordered the wrong book in the series the other week). i already submitted a return request, and they had better refund me, i swear