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Name: Ghina
Age: 19
Country: Indonesia

Hello everyone, my name is Ghina and I’m 19 years old from Indonesia. I am a proud Slytherin and ISTJ. I’ve done this a couple of times and found some great friends but I’m always up to make new friends so here I am again.

I like travelling, reading books and fanfiction, listening to music, watching youtube and tv shows. I listen to different kind of genres from kpop to alternative rock. My favorite tv shows are Game of Thrones, Westworld, Stranger Things etc.

I can be a bit shy at first but I’ll try to make the conversation going so we won’t get bored when talking to one another.

Preferences: I don’t really have specific preferences as long as you’re nice and not a creep

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I feel like Pixelberry will never come out w a book without romance options and although it sucks I see why. Most people play for the romance, and I feel like there would b a lot of backlash if there were no romanceable characters. Plus the romance scenes I’m sure are where they get most of their income! As a fellow aro, it does kinda suck, but I am totally not expecting a romance free book and I understand it

Hii! I agree with you. I know that it’s just a small ‘dream’ that they won’t include romance into everything. It makes money and is the only reason some play and I understand that.

It just would be nice if they wouldn’t shove the whole romance part into the players face.

The way they handle it in ilitw and es is great. There is mystery AND romance and we can decide to skip that.

I get that books like Roe or TRR are basically driven by romance, without a real plot outside of it but they should deliver on their “promise” to be an unique game with plot and different genres.

And I am honestly almost always single when we can be.

TAZ Characters as Quotes From My Family
  • Taako: You make a valid point, but see, I'm better than you. That point is invalid.
  • Magnus: My general reaction to things that could kill me is to poke it with a stick.
  • Merle: *TV turns on by itself* IT'S THE POLTERGEIST!! Or it's just Jesus.
  • Lucretia: I like books, okay? Fuck you.
  • Barry: I've never seen you not wearing denim. What the fuck. Why.
  • Lup: 90% of the time when people ask if I'm your sister, I say no. I don't need that association.
  • Carey: If we stay under the table she won't see us, it's foolproof. We're fucking ninjas.
  • Killian: I would punch you in the nose if our mom weren't in the room.
  • Kravitz: What do you thing death looks like? *long, awkward silence* ... What? It's an actual question.
  • Johann: *angrily playing the viola* SHUT *strum* THE *strum* FUCK *strum* UP *long, high pitched screeching note*
  • Magic Brian: I'm not scared of spiders because I identify with them. I, too, am a demon who just wants to chill out in one place for my whole life and drag unsuspecting people into this mess with me.
  • John Hunger: I'm gonna vore it. And yes, mom, it's an internet thing. Don't question it.
  • Remy: Fidget spin the pain away.
  • Nadiya: I would love to, but I don't care, so no.
Rereading Good Omens...

…and I’m amazed that there’s still things I didn’t notice the first few times I read the book. Like that moment at Warlock’s birthday party where Aziraphale basically kills a bird, and CROWLEY is the one to bring it back to life. Not Aziraphale, the angel, but Crowley, the demon.

“It’s late”, said Aziraphale.
“I can see that”, said Crowley. “Comes of sticking it up your sleeve.” he reached out and pulled the limp bird from Aziraphale’s coat, and breathed life back into it. The dove cooed appreciatively and flew off, a trifle wearily.
“Not the bird”, said the angel. “The dog. It’s late.”
– Good Omens, Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett, page 79

I just want to take this moment to point out that not only did Crowley just casually revive a bird, but also did Aziraphale not do or say a word about it. I’m not saying he wouldn’t have revived the dove eventually, but it’s obvious he’s more concerned with the matter at hand (aka, the hellhound not showing up for the “Antichrist”’s birthday), while Crowley brings it back to life without comment or hesitation. Does this sound like typical demonic behaviour to you?

Point is, I love both of these guys to death, and it’s great to discover all these small things that are easy to miss if one isn’t paying attention and / or reading the book for the millionth time.

Paper Planes

Sequel to Paper Hearts. Works as a standalone too. For the anon who requested the other half of this fic: El drawing hearts in her notebook and Hopper or Mike finding it.

Mike Wheeler was one hundred percent certain that he loved El Hopper. He knew it with every fibre of his being, knew that the warm and indescribable feeling he had every time she smiled at him or touched his hand or kissed his cheek was definitely the deepest kind of love he had ever felt.

What he didn’t know, was how to tell her.

It was this problem that held his attention during Friday’s final period, not the several algebra equations on the page before him. He had been meaning to say those three little words to El for weeks now, maybe even months, but he wanted to make sure everything was perfect. 

And, having never been in love before, Mike had little idea what perfect was. He might have asked Nancy or Steve, but the idea of telling anyone other than El didn’t seem right. He wanted her to know first. 

He had contemplated pulling a scene from one of her favourite movies, but it just never seemed to rain at the right moment and he was pretty sure the Chief would arrest him if he showed up tossing rocks at El’s bedroom window. 

When the dismissal bell finally rang, Mike was beyond ecstatic. He always visited El on his way home from school—she wasn’t able to go herself yet, but Hopper said next year was looking hopeful—and on Fridays he stayed for dinner and worked on some of his homework while helping El with her tutoring. Already flush with excitement, Mike biked over to the Hoppers’ house as fast as his legs would carry him. 

“Lucas and Max got detention,” Mike told her, grinning as he recounted the details of his day. He sat with El on the living room sofa, sharing an after-school snack of chocolate chip cookies and milk. “They were throwing paper planes at each other during study hall. Lucas never gets detention. His dad is—“

“Paper planes?” El interrupted him for clarification. “Airplanes?”

El knew about airplanes. Sometimes she and Jim would go up on the roof and watch them fly by. Jim promised that one day he’d take her on a plane and they’d go far away from Hawkins for a little while. 

“Paper airplanes,” Mike explained, “It’s just paper that’s folded to look like a plane. I can’t make them that good, not as good as Lucas or Will, but here, I’ll show you!”

He held out his hand and El passed him the notebook that had been resting on her lap, ready to be opened as soon as they finished their snack. El didn’t realize Mike was opening it to a random page until it was too late.

The page laid there before them was covered in her heart doodles and Mike’s name written several times, each “i” dotted with a tiny heart. 

El flushed, staring at the floor. “Mike—” she began, but he laughed, gently and kindly, cutting off her words. 

“Hey!” Mike smiled and took her hand “I like it. My math book looks pretty much the same.”

El looked up at him, eyes hopeful. “Really?”

“Yeah!” Mike nodded emphatically, “Wait here.” He scrambled over to the front door and returned to his seat a moment later with his own notebook, opened to a page near the beginning. El looked and saw her name doodled repeatedly across the margins of the paper, hearts and stars surrounding it. 

Smiling, El looked up at Mike with shining eyes, noting how red he’d turned underneath his freckles—she loved those freckles. Love. El’s lip quivered, words poised on her tongue. She opened her mouth to speak, but Mike beat her to it. 

“I love you, El.” 

It was said quickly, but there was no mistaking the words, or the feeling behind them. El shifted closer to him on the sofa and clasped his hand, notebooks forgotten on the pillows beside them. 

“I love you, Mike.” 

  • interviewer: so what do you guys like to do in your free time?
  • namjoon: i like to read philosophy books, there's just so much to learn
  • jin: i like to look at my handsome face you know, to remind myself how much of a blessing i am to the world
  • yoongi: sleep
  • hoseok: i like to dance <3
  • jimin: uh, shopping and seeing army *sends hearts*
  • taehyung: playing games
  • jungkook: umm, you know just watch compilations of jimin laughing, compilations of jimin being cute, sometimes I make my own compilations, did I mention I like to watch jimin fancams-
The Sides as things I’ve said in my creative writing class

Logan: “It’s not that I dislike interacting with other humans. I just like books more.”

Patton: “Keep saying things like that and I will hug you. That is a threat!”

Virgil: “I’m running on two hours of sleep, caffeine, and an all-consuming fear of failure.”

Roman: “Okay, but consider: this, but with dragons!”