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online games for chires

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all are free and are safe social games or pet games, almost all are intended for children so have no icky content ! some are browser games and some are downloads ~

( some might have micropayments ! make sure to ask your carer(s) before making any purchases, or make them when you are not in chirespace ! )

all are below the cut as it’s a little long

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apparently there’s an anime that was made perfectly for me (minus the excessively hetero at one point ending song)

it’s named log horizon and it has the same premise as sword art online except it’s actually good (an MMO after a new expansion suddenly becomes real world and everyone who was logged in at the time become trapped in it and can’t log out, time to figure out how to live now)

the main character is basically a budding lord vetinari and he’s the best shy slow fuck to ever get the nickname ‘villain in glasses’ for trying to take care of the entire world at once

when you see female characters with large boobs or see pervert jokes start being made, do not despair
yes, not ENTIRELY everything is in good taste, but… the characters who really do get problems with boundaries and consent… bad problems jfc trigger warning there… are both women. there is no guys grouping girls and small boob jokes to be made here

also the women are great A+ would fall in love all over again

really p much every single character is perfect and my baby and I Will Protect Them

due to the nature of the MMO medium, the players can’t exactly have physical disabilities (and the NPCs haven’t really gotten involved yet up to where I’ve watched) but there’s a boy who was in a wheelchair IRL and was therefore much more enthusiastic about the 'this is reality now’ plot twist than most other people

this anime has a lovely habit of explaining details of things that require planning and strategy either in process or after they are executed, and IMHO at least it’s actually done in an interesting and fun way (example: people sitting at a negotiations table with completely blank poker faces, meanwhile 'ghosty doubles’ appear behind them that actually emote expressively as we hear their inner monologue)

it’s 100% Actual MMO Based, complete with the slang and mechanics, like even if some of those things aren’t a thing in real MMOs yet they could be (except for all the stuff to do with the world being real now obvs)

and it’s NOT people vs environment, this is a thoroughly tamed and mostly familiar MMO environment with combat-free cities and level-divided zones. it’s fully and completely 'some people are shitheads and this world has no laws Now What’

oh!!! an important thing that was a major draw for me: the protag is at level cap and a super famous super capable super competent adventurer. this obviously does not mean he is not challenged, just that the challenges get to be more epic and amazing and exciting

this anime is great and i recommend it completely (at least up to episode 10, i haven’t watched beyond there)

just a thought, but can you imagine the amount of hope and aspiration bangtan give to those groups who come from unknown companies and who believe their dreams and success are limited to their company size and popularity? Bts could have easily disappeared from the face of the industry and given up because of competition and lack of success, but their achievements prove that hard work, team work, perseverance and a bit of gut pulls you through


I was tagged by @rninyoonqi to post a couple selfies. I only look like a decent human being with filters though. (Also, I’m deadass tired in both of these and don’t know how to put on makeup. So there’s that. 😧)

I tag @androgynosaurus, @nickyhemmiick, @spacemurphy, and @barnns. You obviously don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.

Words cannot describe how much I adore Heidi Turner right now

The message I got from Pearl not (accidentally) killing Steven due to respecting Rose’s decision is this: When you love someone, respect their decision to grow even if it doesn’t benefit you. Even if it means them leaving you. Bc if you don’t, you could end up killing something great in the process (and you would never even know how it could’ve turned out). Let things grow. Let people grow. Let them make their own decisions even if you don’t understand them. They can come back in a different form, with a new mindset and mentality that helps you grow and learn more as a person too.