What they’re not telling you [1/?]

Now what we see here is something all of you’ve noticed while looking at the mirror and have probably tried to get rid of, something most of you would call blackheads but this is a commonly made mistake! I repeat THESE ARE NOT BLACKHEADS. What you can see on your nose is called sebaceous filaments and  they cannot be removed and are a permanent part of the human skin. They are not disgusting, they’re supposed to be there so don’t waste your money on trying to remove them.

So, about The Martian by Andy Weir

First things first. This is not my kind of book. While I may be a lover of science fiction I tend to stick mostly towards fantasy and all the chic lit that anyone could read. It’s cute, unproblematic, and usually full of fast reads. My kind of books. And, usually, I don’t spend time writing anything up about them unless they really and truly touch me.

Well, The Martian did. Which is odd.

I read it for a few reasons. 1. It sounded interesting 2. I needed a book to take on a trip to the beach. 3. I was fixing the media section at work and it just called to me 4. The trailer to the movie which did sound interesting 5. I’m almost positive someone on my dash read this book and raved about it.

So, it’s a book about this guy named Mark Watney and he is hilarious and kind of an asshole in all the best ways. He’s sarcastic and sardonic and so absolutely brilliant and self-deprecating that it’s almost impossible to not fall in love with him and root for him.

The story is what we would call a man vs. nature story (Which again, not my cup of tea, and I love tea). It’s the story of a man who through a series of events gets left on Mars and it’s him on his own trying to figure out how to survive so of course everything goes wrong. But he never gives up.

The reader also gets to meet a few other characters briefly and you can feel what this would be like for the world at large if this were to ever happen. How it would feel for NASA and for the people that actually left him behind.

On another note, it is so scientific. I haven’t encountered science by my own choice for years but it was so strange to read scientific information and math that was done faster than I could process what was being done and wow did that just endear Watney to me even more.

The point is, this is the kind of book that just gives you hope for humanity and that truly impresses on one how amazing the work that Astronauts is do. It’s inspiring and important and I was blown away.

What’s even more amazing, it was written like a fanfic! This was never intended to be a published book. Weir wrote this because he thought it was fun, and he wanted to know “what if” and he posted it on his website/blog (I can’t remember) and people liked it so much and encouraged him to write more of it and then he put it on Amazon as an e-book for $.99because they wanted to read it on Kindle. At some point, well, it took off and he was approached to publish in print and of course now the movie with Matt Damon. I love stories like this and I didn’t know until after I read it but it’s just another show of the awesomeness of the internet. So, go on and read it. You’ll be sure to love it.

I wonder what Julia is thinking right now! She’s probably thinking Austin is on the block and about to be evicted. She’s going to walk in and be so pissed to see his face. 

I’m so excited for Julia to enter the game because I don’t think she will stick with Austin as much as they all assume. I have a feeling she’ll pull Liz away from him which will piss Austin off. I would love to see the twins form a side alliance with John, Becky and if they can get Steve. I just don’t see the twins, especially Julia sticking with this Sixth Sense to the end because she’ll figure out that she’s low on that totem poll when it gets down to it.


I had to. I couldn’t possibly wait until I got the gems together to get her iri/shim or crystal/shim. I couldn’t. I had to get those horrible tiger and stripes genes off of her. I needed her to shine.

So say hello to my wonderful generation one, two year old Wildclaw, Oahu!! I can not WAIT to dress you up, my girl. <3 <3 <3

anonymous asked:

what do you think of tsukishima?

eh, tsukki? hmm my feelings for him are complicated haha

when I started the anime, he totally was my fav character, but idk, his attitude soon started to annoy me. and I don’t like the way he treats our beautiful cinnamon roll yams, like yeah I know that’s how their relationship works, yet I wish tsukki would show a bit more respect towards him (he probably does respect him a lot, he even said so in the manga himself, but uuh the constant “shut up yamaguchi” just breaks my heart)
I usually like mean characters, but not when they’re mean without a reason; and I don’t see a reason why he sometimes treats Yamaguchi like that (yes I know he’s probably got trust issues because of his brother and everything, but that’s still no excuse for me to show that attitute towards the people who are close to him (including akiteru)

anyways, before anyone feels attacked by this, I still love him of course; I’m very pleased with his current character development, especially since it’s linked a lot to his relationship with kuroo and bokuto, and he seems to behave get along with his team mates a lot more now, and I’ll be waiting for the day he treats yams and his brother with a little bit more respect and not always this cold attitude

Babies c:

((Have some babus. Of course they wouldn’t have met like this, but if they had I imagine this is probably how it would have gone. With 50% extra Meta crying.
Bandanna and kirby don’t look too much different, heh. Dedede and Meta though have the biggest changes, in both looks and personality XD.
They’re so small and I just wanna pick ‘em up <3
As another note- yes ‘my’ Meta Knight usually has golden coloured eyes, but as a newborn, he was blind, hence the misted look to them. It was Nightmare who actually restored his vision (gave him wings too). He just altered the colour of Meta’s eyes- and gave Meta Knight those rainbow, glowing, mood-ring eyes from the anime we all know and love /shot))