John swift (swazz) smut

John swift imagine:
Scream my name baby

It was a nice Saturday morning . You and John were laying down in his room. You had to get up so you could shower and get ready for the party you and the crew were attending. You had took a shower and seen it was 10. “John baby, wake up” you lightly tap him on his shoulder. “Mmmm” he goans while opening his eyes. You then forget you were in a towel and nothing under. As soon as john noticed you were just in a towel and his eyes widened. He stood up and He placed his hands on your hips. “Not now John.” You say pushing his hands off your hips and walking away. When you walk away you hear him sit down on the bed. “You’re such a tease!” He says to you while he gets back up and walks out the room. You throw on some clothes so you could relax for a while. You walk out the room and the smell of weed hits you in the face. You of course were used to it. You’ve been living with the boys for about 2 and a half months. You made yourself and the boys breakfast as usual. “Thanks y/n for breakfast it was good” Ty says to you “yeah y/n it was delicious” Nate says winking at you. Which left you confused but you shrug it off.
Couple hours later you were nearly done getting ready. “John are you guys almost ready?” Ty calls from behind the closed door. “Yeah almost” John says putting on his shirt. You put your shoes on and grab your phone and walk out the door with John filling behind you.
You arrive at the party, the party was some album release party for one of the boys friend. “y/n!” Emily screams trying to be louder then the music. “omg hey Emily, I missed you!” You say pulling Emily into a hug. You and Emily were talking for a while and you both walk through the people to get closer to the music. John was in the backyard smoking with the boys. Emily leaves to get you something to drink. All of a sudden you feel the muscular figure stand behind you it was Nate. You push him away and you walk to Emily. You didn’t say nothing about it but he came up to you guys and you could tell he had more alcohol than you and Emily combined. “Come on lil mama, come dance with me” Nate said winking at you “no Nate, did you forget that me and John are together?” You say turning away from him. “He doesn’t have to know” he says wish peering in your ear and getting a little touchy with you. “Yo what the fuck?"John says pushing Nate away from you. John didn’t even let Nate talk, John grabbed my arm and pulled you through the people to go outside. "What the fuck y/n?” He said furiously “watch when we get home” you never really seen John like this at all. He was always very sweet and playful. John was like a whole different person. But it kind of turned you on. The car came to a stop and you look and seen you guys were home. “I want you to go in the room and wait for me. Understand?” John says very sternly “ok” you say smiling to yourself. When you go into the room you really didn’t know what to do. You already knew he was going to be in charge so you sat down on the corner of the bed. You hear him walk into the house and you get nervous. He walks in the room and you immediately stand up. You can feel the tension get higher and higher. He came up to you and kissed you roughly. You guys fell on top of the bed without breaking the kiss. You took his shirt off and he unzipped your dress. You were now in your panties and bra and he had his pants and underwear on. You unbuckle his pants while pulling away so he can pull them off. Once he was don’t you and see his bulge throw his boxers. You could feel yourself get wetter by the second. You feel John pull down your panties. He slowly puts one finger in you, in and out in and out. You moan his name lightly. He then puts two more in you, all three of his fingers were in you. In and out and curling his finger in you. He then started going faster and deeper in you. “More baby… More” you say moaning. He takes down his boxers to expose himself. He stuck his fingers in your mouth so you can taste all your wetness. John puts him whole self in you with to not much time to adjust. He started out slow but faster and faster by the seconds. You scratch his back, digging your nails in him. “Scream my name baby, c'mon let me hear you scream” he says whispering in your ear. “Faster John! Faster!” He instantly goes faster making you get closer to your climax. John then starts rubbing you clit. “Yes swazz baby yes!” You knew he loved it when you called him swazz. “I’m close baby” John says going deeper hitting you sweet spot. “Me too baby” seconds later you hit your climax, As well as John. He comes out you and lays down next to you. You both, after a couple minutes go under the covers. “He won’t ever make you scream like I do baby” John says while kissing your neck and lightly sucking on it. “Mmmmm swazz that feels good” you say while he starts kissing down your body. You stop him by getting on top of him and kiss him on the lips. You slide down his body and look up at him and smirk. “Round 2?” You say looking at him, he replies with a wink letting you know to go for it.