AU where literally everything is the same but they have to wear their 80s outfits bc budget cuts


Hyukjae, dear.. think again before calling Heechul ‘pabo’ ~


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everyone else in marron's family is neurotypical
  • mrs. marron:what am i going to do with my weird, silent husband
  • mrs. marron:i guess i could put him in a quiet room with my weird, silent son
  • marron sr:
  • marron jr:
  • marron sr:
  • marron jr:
  • marron sr:
  • marron jr:
  • marron sr:
  • marron jr:
  • mrs. marron:it's nice to see my boys getting along

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  • When you play Curious Village:This was a fun little adventure that ends on a bit of a bittersweet note!
  • When you play The Diabolical Box:This is a fun little adventure that ends with crippling depression!
Baby I'm So Lonely: You're My Love Belt [5/?]
Love has never been easy for Kim Jonghyun or Lee Eunsook. As an idol Jonghyun is constantly surrounded by adoring fans but he can't help but feel utterly alone. Eunsook struggles to find the right person to love her - all of her - and can only hope that when she finally does decide to give her heart to someone, she'll be able to survive it.

Part 1  |  Part 2  | Part 3  |  Part 4  |  Part 5

Here’s the newest chapter of Baby I’m So Lonely! Reminder that I will only be posting short snippets of each chapter on tumblr since they are so long. Please go to my AFF or AO3 to read the entire chapter. Comments and reblogs are always appreciated :)

“Unnie,” Gwiboon whispered, the concern in her voice matched by a gentle hand placed on top of Eunsook’s own.

“I’m fine,” she murmured, the tears that she hadn’t noticed forming at the corners of her eyes suddenly spilling down her cheeks at the lie.

“He still hasn’t contacted you?” the younger shifted forward in her seat and wiped away the tears.

Eunsook shook her head and moved back, wiping her face on her blanket sheepishly as she attempted to regain control.

“Oh, honey,” Gwiboon stood briefly, looking down at Eunsook with that knowing, sad smile for a minute as if her own heart was breaking for her.

hooOOO BOY I WANNA TALK REAL FOR A MOMENT. i wanna talk about headcanons, and ships. i wanna talk about plots and relationships, whether they’re romantic, or platonic, or whether they hate each other. i want to talk about headcanons within these relationships? idk guys, i just, i want more ships in my life, but then i want john to have more friends, but then i want john to go to war with people he really cannot stand. but then i want heartbreak and angst, and i want arguments, and breaking up, or falling out, i want the real stuff, and idk, but if anyone is interested in that stuff, you guys need to hmu.