Ok so. I have a problem. And it’s flipping mermaid AUs. It started with the fanart. I was like, this is dumb, but so precious. And then there was more art. And then there was an AO3 link under one of them. And then I had to scour AO3 for all of them.

Let me tell you what. If you write a story where either Fenris, Hawke, or Anders… or any combination of the three are mermaids, I will be giving kudos, commenting/squealing incoherently/bookmarking/subscribing if in progress. True story. You’re doing the Maker’s Work. I love all these fics.

My only request? Can I have some f!Hawke too please? I LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH.

(and this is why I’m outlining a f!FenHanders mermaid au as we speak… muahaha)


Fish are Friends by @muckkles Boyfriends Garrett and Anders live together in a sweet secluded beach house and everything is sunshine and coconut oil until a very unexpected house guest washes up in their backyard.


Stranger Tides - @esperjester It is traditionally accepted by mer that the color of one’s tale was indicative of their fate. Fenris should have known that he was doomed from the start. Garrett Hawke knew the story of his parents’ escape like the back of his hand. A creature out of myth taking enough interest in his father to help aid their flight from Kirkwall to the shores of Ferelden. He had always disregarded it as an attempt by his parents to romanticize the almost impossible feat of their elopement, albeit an entertaining one. When he falls into the harbor years later, he realizes that he probably should have paid more attention.


Of Salt and Sea  by @renegadechristie - a raider/merman au in which Hawke is a raider and Anders is a merman. Explicit tag is for later chapters- the first two are pretty mild, T and up

Hidden - by xxMad_Donaxx Braden Hawke has always lived in the sea with his family. He’s considered odd by most of his village because he refuses to take a mate. When he does find someone the differences will be difficult to overcome.


Just Add Water -by foolishvessel  Prompt: Person A is a modern merperson who works as a Marine Biologist. Person B is the only one to think that something weird is up with Person A (talking to the sea creatures, animals obeying them, avoiding direct contact with water despite their line of work, ect.) Who is up for another cliché Fenders mermaid au?

Just Keep Swimming by @vanoodle- The first time Anders saw him, it was just a glimpse. The tip of a glowing tail, gone as quickly as it had appeared, vanishing into the deep. In which Anders and Fenris are both creatures of the sea.

The Witch and the Sea by lorpus- A prince with a love of the sea undergoes a terrible shipwreck and wakes, briefly, while being rescued by a mermaid. Obsessed now, he requests the help of a land witch and gives up his “charm” - looks and speech - for a tail. Silent, disfigured, and lost beneath the waves, he discovers that though he can breathe, every breath he takes feels like fire in his chest. Still, he hopes to find the mermaid who saved him and someday earn her heart… “

On The Seas our Hearts Combine by KimsyWims- Being a merman isn’t always easy and experience tell’s Anders that getting caught only mean that he’ll get hurt. However being caught by a crew who doesn’t seem to mean him any harm isn’t that scary, perhaps he can even trust these people not to hurt him. After all, they do have a very handsome elf in their crew that Anders immediately takes a liking to. Just a shame Fenris isn’t as thrilled over mythical creatures as the rest of the crew. A merman!Anders and pirate!Fenris AU.