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I think Blue is like that super hot mom that unknowingly teases everyone, like the don't realize how much they bend over or how much stuff falls into his shirt. With that thicc body and Dust is just waiting for someone to get out of line so he can kill them lol.

Hahahahaha xD

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Hey hey! I am looking for more kpop/aesthetic/pastel blogs!! Could you rec some of your faves? (& btw i totally support your side blog idea!! looking forward to itt) 💯👀

hi!! sure i have to distract myself from my thoughts anyway jagshka & thanks for ur support♡

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if i missed any mutual/friend im v sorry im not feeling that great lately my mind is all jsgsjshs ><

also,, i wish a lovely happy birthday to @strawberrymochu ​you deserve all the love nd happiness in the world!! 💕👀

Here’s my drawing for @shavothehusky for the Lance birthday trade (@voltron-bday-trades). I hope you like it!

Blue knows how much Lance misses Earth, so she brought him to a planet with an ocean for his birthday 💙

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other bad things tbh: the way henry was 100% made the token gangsey poc. the way orlas nose is repeatedly called large and her 1 unattractive feature when shes coded as being an african american. the way blue is at the end of the day a pixie dream girl and idk the way shes written as 'not like other girls'. lowkey sexism from ronan. the way ronan and adam making fun of henrys accent is seen as like a fun bonding moment. the way pynchs development was rushed whilst bluesey had like 4 books of it

lmao her racism is a whole other thing like i was so uncomfortable with henry’s internalized racism shtick she had going on + the fact that the vancouver crowd are all asian and yet they are all fair skinned? lol, we can see ur racism margaret, i h8 how orla is resented by blue like Oh Angry Feminist Blue TM suddenly doesn’t care abt feminism and supporting other girls now that her boys r looking at orla lmao honestly i dont like blue and ur right, in the end she is a manic pixie dream girl lmao

and yes god!!! like tbh personally i dont see pynch at all but they were so rushed and the fact that their inside joke is a racist joke abt accents is so ???? how u say???? gross as shit. i do feel pynch wasn’t on the same footing at bluesey at all like sorry i had 2 sit thru blue pining abt cheating on adam, u gotta give me more than “ronan kinda likes adam lol”

the best parts of the raven boys (featuring me crying)

- adam and ronan literally dragging each other on moving dollys behind the bmw like what nerds

- “if it had a social security number, ronan had fought with it”

- noah told them like 400 times that he was dead why was this news

- ronan being so extra about picking fights with declan. school? sure. monmouth? hell yea. nino’s parking lot? let’s fuckin go!!!

- the first thing blue ever sees ronan do is run into the light hanging above the booth at nino’s #clumsygay™

- ronan’s number on the nino’s bathroom stall door (honestly what the fuck)

- president cell phone

- gansey describing his friends as “the sulky one” and “the smudgy one”

- take a shot every time blue or adam call gansey condescending 

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  • Adam: You're smiling, did something good happen?
  • Ronan: Can't I just smile because I feel like it?
  • Blue: Gansey tripped and fell in the parking lot.