Hey remember that Batman movie where Flash ends up in a world where Thomas Wayne was Batman and Martha Wayne was Joker and Bruce was killed instead of them?

What if the Gotham Rogues from the Bruce Wayne continuity ended up in that universe and had to find a way back?

I’m just imagining that the whole time they have to hide from Batman because, you know they all ended up here in costume and of course they don’t wanna die.

And just one day Joker like, throws a fit because he’s way too stressed and screams “DOES ANYONE ELSE MISS WHEN BATMAN WASN’T TRYING TO MURDER US?”

And everyone’s just staring at him and he just sits down like “Sorry I’m very frustrated.”

And then everyone starts agreeing with him like “Yeah that was nice.”

So when they get back to their own continuity they put up a big banner in the middle of town that says “THANK YOU BATMAN” with the signatures of all the Rogues and there’s no major crimes from any of them for like a month.

I like this, I wanna write it.