“So…what’s your opinion on aiding and abetting?”

“What, besides it being extremely illegal? Let me get this straight. You broke out of jail, and I was the first person you thought to come to? How desperate are you? Have you lost your damn mind, Winchester?”

“Maybe I have, but you know I’m no murderer. And my mind’s not the only thing I’ve lost. Sam is still in there. The best place to try to get him out is from the outside. I need your help, Y/N. Please, if for nothing else, do it for Sam.”

“…And what makes you think I wouldn’t do it for you?”


‘You like?‘ sequel continues @ MADE in Shangai day 2

Whoever is bad talking dismaland needs to put down the salt. Its not only banksys’ work. Its multiple artists who worked hard on their art and don’t deserve all of this backlash,Of course there is a price to go see it, it takes hard work and money to make art, it doesn’t just appear from thin air. They are people too and should be treated and spoken to with just as much respect as anyone else. Just because they are famous doesn’t mean you can say hateful and hurtful things about them and their work.