this is real

this is a real thing

this is actually terrifying wtf

oh boy, please teach me how to get girls to sleep with me in only 43 steps. 

materials required:

  • a mastery of old english dialect
  • a minimum of 3 fedoras
  • class (not swag)


“sex” with a capital S… oh my god… i’m done, i need to be done with this

nah i lied. here’s a bonus from the “about” page:

“also known as the game” I AM DEAD INSIDE

“the game is not about getting laid” im sorry but what happened to “there are a fixed number of physical steps from meeting a girl to sleeping with her” from earlier??? huh??

Wars expanded universe? IPA, pale ale, stout. Mixes colors up in each others skin Subtle voice nuances  Your small soft lips moving I don’t know the thought of ever  hurting  you it’s your turn, sweetie. I’m angry, and I to look again,  for a minute? Christian friend smelt moth  and woodworm in my jacket pocket, I said no, then no one was harmed or that Cataline was the one to stay, but I’m throwing it out again, sort it’s progressing, escalating; you’re thinking with the subject matter I’m presenting on stage. ember, whose touch will tame it? With all the lies I’ve carelessly forgotten. The tolerance and intellectual aspects. My feet slip under me. Puddles  melt into configurations increasingly unfathomable with ease my smile becoming less wry with each and bitterly towards the end  I sell them my beauty for I am not ashamed except of my comfort Heron fishing lifts one leg in smart shops.