Had an emotional morning so I recorded an emotional scene to vent. I legitimately cried during this recording, especially at the end. 

I love Asriel to pieces and needed to do his final form scene. I’ve done Flowey before but I fucked up his name so ehh.

Thanks to Alejandro Saab @alejandrosaabva for being my intro narrator! 

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Mixing and the fanvoice by me (Michaela Laws)

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30 Days of Summer Time Doctor Who: Day Sixteen

Day sixteen: Which episode or scene made you feel all the feels?

Sadly, there have been several scenes in the show’s run that made me have feels, but two stand out in mind.

From New Who, we got Doomsday. It’s an obvious choice, but it was the only scene from the new series that I legitimately cried at. The good-bye at Bad Wolf Bay was truly heart-breaking from both sides. I don’t know who had it worse: Rose or the Doctor.

From Classic Who, we got Earthshock. Also an obvious choice, but a companion dies! (Of course, there’s been other episodes in the past where this happened, but this one was the worst to me.) Adric wasn’t my favorite companion in the TARDIS at the time, but it was the worst way he could have possibly gone. As he said, we never knew if he was right, and the silence at the end credits was what set me over the edge to crying.

I am not ignoring Loghain’s actions. Just for the record. 

Slavery is abhorrent. I love the Elves more than almost anything. You all know that. I know that. I cried to see that scene, to know that Cyrion Tabris could have been sold into slavery in Tevinter and that our Hahren was. Dorian’s views on Slavery legitimately bothered me just because I remembered the lump in my throat when I realized what had happened, especially after seeing Fenris. 

The Elves have cause to hate Loghain because of it.

It was wrong. Absolutely wrong 100%.

But if you don’t examine why he did it, you miss so much of the plot. You miss Loghain’s mental illness and how Howe took advantage of that. You see Loghain become the kind of person he hates the most, someone who oppresses others, because that’s how much he loves Ferelden and how deeply hurt he has been over the course of his life.

Does that justify his actions? 

No more than Anders’ abuse or Meredith’s religious beliefs justify their actions.

No more than Solas’ reasons or his compassion justify whatever stupid thing he is about to do.

Does it add depth to his character? Is it okay to like him in spite of the fact that he did this terrible thing? Can you still enjoy him as a person despite this and not be trying to excuse his actions because of “grey morality”?


Never let anyone tell you that you’re a bad person for liking a character or that you have to apologize for it. 

On Kol's Death

I just can’t understand why Julie and the writers would spend this time reviving Kol, redeeming him, giving him a beautiful love story, only to kill him off in 14 episodes. In my opinion, Kol is one of the most interesting characters, if not the most interesting character in The Originals. In all honesty, I feel almost like I’ve wasted my time. I got so invested in him and loved him dearly and now he’s just supposed to be gone? I can’t remember the last time that I legitimately cried actually tears for a character’s death.

However, I do have the smallest inkling of hope. I know that Rebekah and Kol made promises to each other and they didn’t go through with them, but Rebekah’s vow during his death scene gives me hope. Obviously a vow is much bigger than a promise. It could just be me trying to hang onto shreds of hope for Kol but I really feel like Rebekah will try to come through with bringing him back (hopefully with the help of Davina).

 Regarding Davina and Kol’s relationship, I don’t get what Julie was trying to do. Was she trying to get Davina to open up again only to crush her spirit once more? Is this how Julie plans on making Davina stronger? With the death of another boy she cared for? If so, then I’m calling bs. That is definitely not a good enough reason to destroy Davina and Kol. 

In the end, Daniel Sharman’s portrayal of Kol was absolutely great. I will definitely miss seeing him as Kol/Kaleb. But if the writers do bring Kol back (which they totally shoud) in another body, I don’t think I will mind too much (as long as the actor plays him to the same level as Daniel and Nate). As much as we love Daniel and Nate, we all miss the character Kol, and I’m sure we would be happy to get him back in another body if that means he can live. 

Having Kol back could mean a beginning to a new era of the Mikaelson siblings, one with Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah, AND Kol. Not to mention I would love to see Kol come back and be the one to defeat Finn, but I won’t get my hopes up. 

Thanks for reading my ridiculously long rant because I am definitely not ready to say goodbye to Kol