llywela13 replied to your photo “Harry Sullivan, in most parts of the fandom, gets ignored. Granted, it…”

So nice to see someone else defending Harry for once - I do it so often, it bugs the hell out of me to see people casually defining him as an imbecile just because the Doctor unkindly and unjustly called him names one time; everyone just ignores the rest of Harry’s contribution to the show and his brilliant chemistry with his companions, his entertaining and endearing personality, etc. I adore Harry :)

Harry’s actually one of my favorite companions, of the ones I’ve seen, anyways, so I’m always up for defending him. A lot of the reasons why I like him were outlined in the essay - he’s smart, sensible, kind, and humble, things that people take for granted in exchange for such characteristics as say, sass. (Not that I hate sassy characters, but there’s so much more to characters than just witty remarks)!

And the essay was also sort of a refutation of tendency to define characters (especially in the DW fandom) by epitaphs - think of all of those gifsets with the New Who ladies christened by their titles - ‘Bad Wolf,’ 'the Girl Who Waited,’ etc. Epitaphs are good for short-hand communication, but when used as a defining image they whittle down a character to a basic, memorable line and rob them of their complexity, and in the case of Harry and Mickey, their respect and dignity.

Sooo long story short, extensive use of epitaphs suck and I agree, the world needs more Harry love; I will totally be your brother in Harry Sullivan related-arms.