I was raised to act right and have manners and for that I am blessed because lawwwd there are some douchebags in the world

We move into our new house tomorrow. I may cry. I really might. The only problem now is my insane amount of anxiety that won’t let me believe this is really happening. I don’t want this to fall apart just like everything else…but I must persist. We have paid the first 2 weeks rent and its quite literally only a matter of hours until we settle in! Fuck! I have lived in a garage, a tent, a living room floor and house-sat for a cancer patient in the last 6 months. I’m so fucking done with not having a home. I am SO READY to get my life back. Ohh baby I am ready! James will settle back into his flow and write/edit his books again. He’ll build his business and focus on his projects in our sanctuary. As for me…oh dear. I’m gong to start practicing/studying witchcraft every single day again. I’m gonna grow herbs and vegetables (lawwwd I’m gonna grow so much damn basil!!🌿) I’m gonna paint again! I’m gonna make jewellery and my own tea blends and work on my collections. I’m also going to love this house so damn well. This house is gonna be my best friend. I’m gonna love it and care for it and decorate it and never let anyone harm it. Ohhh fuck. I keep swearing because I’m just…so ready.

I am so happy for us and so scared for us and hopeful for us. We have been so strong through all of this bullshit James, and we finally have a home my love! Not long now! ✨🌿💕

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that is totally okay! i shall help you through the pain as best i can. (which usually just ends up saying headcanons that makes it worse.)

oh lawwwd i am so not ready. :’) 

OH I just bought the first book today! I’m sooo excited to start reading it. I know things are going to be different but the characters on the show are created from these characters so I think it will be cool to kind of get inside their heads a little bit idk i’m weird lol

Random Updates!

Lawwwd, I’m so bad about checking into my tumblr account. I follow quite a few Instagram accounts, which is why I am always on there posting stuff. And I like pictures. My tumblr app is a pain sometimes, too. I’ve gotten to where I just hate Facebook so I’m rarely on there anymore either.

Sorry guys! For those that ever want my cell digits, just inbox me. Best way to reach me.

So, life updates! I’m applying for a promotion at work. Namely because the department I’m in has the crappiest leadership team in the history of human existence. Nice people but they can’t run a team for shit, so I’ve been picking up the slack in that area (translation: running the department) and well…I’m exhausted. I’m keeping toe with senior leaders that make minimum 100K a year and am no where near being compensated for that. Sure, my bonus was good and I was smart, knowing I was nearing the end of my fuse for a while and paying off all my credit and medical debts so I’d be able to lower my pay if I had to seek employment elsewhere. Luckily, there’s a senior consultant position open that is a slightly higher base salary average and I don’t have to manage a gynormous team anymore. It’s with the operations teams I already work with so they all know me.

I haven’t heard back yet but basically the hiring manager was like “Unless someone else blows my socks off, you’ve got it.” So, fingers crossed. I’m counting down the days til I’m back to having a life again. #ByeFelicia ✋ 😂.

I’m doing a TON of crap around the house, as I’ve had that “cleaning” phase going on. I’ve gutted our storage units in the yard, reorganized the bedrooms, plan to nail down the office this weekend and build some bookshelves in there. I want to reassemble my gaming tower to get back into Guild Wars or something else game-wise as I miss it.

I’m also adding in shelving to my garage to move some stuff out there as I ^hate^ disorganization in the house. Like Christmas decor hogging my guest bedroom closet.

On top of that, I’m cleaning out my garden in the front and planting rose trees (hybrid rose bushes they trim in a way to make them grow into a mock tree) where some shrubs died from the freezes. I’m also adding in herbs and some veggies!!! I’m in the mood to grow stuff. I’m worried tho about pests as we have a crazy bunny population 😂😂😂 and think they might try and eat stuff. Still thinking that through.

Married life is good. We’re going to New Orleans with my brother and sister in law to celebrate Ted’s birthday the last week of April. Then we get back in time to hit the Ren Faire while its in town. So good times!

And last but not least, my proudest moment lately, I applied back to college to finally get my RN degree. Clinical advisors make roughly 70-95K/year. I have the PBM experience, now all I need is the RN. Easy money. 💰💰💰


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