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hey dani, you know clem (@artofthesacrifice) right?? she deactivated her tumblr and deleted all her stuff off ao3 :(

I didn’t know about her on a personal level, but I knew that she was going through some difficulty. I didn’t know until she deleted until you told me, and I’m very saddened. From the things I was able to read, she was so talented and I saw so much potential in her as a writer.

Clem, if you see this, I hope you’re okay and I hope that you don’t stop writing, and one day you’ll put your writing up again. The people who were mean to you should not be allowed to sit back smugly and laugh triumphantly. I know it’s hard to stand up for yourself, especially when you’re so young, but the fact that you did is amazing. I hope one of these days you’ll come back, I’d really like to see you grow.

The shit that happened when I played that Hunger Games simulator

Be prepared for irony and stupid shit ft. my Human!AU.

Let’s start soft.

1. Never give a pyromaniac a bag full of explosives. NEVER. IN YOUR. GODAMN. LIFE.

2. That’s the karma Fede, that happens when you’re a DICK.

3. Weren’t you a soulless drug addict murderer? Just asking.

4. I’m the only one who laughed so hard at this? Yes? Oh well… I regret nothing.

5. One word. Accurate.


7. Hey, you two, stop that you sickos.

8. “I’m too old for this bullcrap…” how the fuck did he survived, idk

9. OH KARMA 2.0

10. I feel you, sis.

11. #IRONY


13. #AbueloFede


15. He did this twice. TWICE.

16. I think that all those years climbing mango trees didn’t worked.

17: “”””””””””ACCIDENTLY””””””””””

18. They are only 12 years old and they are killing everyone, damn…

19. You stupid asshole.

20. *facepalm*

At the end… Benny won. I though he was going to die first. ok im joking.

The Signs as Things my Best Friend has Done

Aries- gets so drunk she falls off a golf cart and pees herself from the shock

Taurus- asks me if tour guides live in the museums

Gemini- invites me over so we can nap together

Cancer- cried about a boy for like three days and was upset about him for a year, was only friends with that boy for a week

Leo- tries to be vegan, eats one vegan meal, quits because she wants chicken nuggets

Virgo- binge watches Barbie dream house on Netflix at 16 years old

Libra- skipped school to go get ice cream with me when I was sick

Scorpio- goes to Halloween party and laughs so hard at my joke she pees all over someone’s lap

Sagittarius- got so drunk that she forgot how to open a beer bottle so she slammed it off the table till it broke.

Capricorn- did a project on witchcraft, at a catholic high school

Aquarius- went to Italy for a month only went out four times, decided to stay in on her laptop the whole trip

Pisces- met her favourite celebrity and just stood in front of him for 2 minutes completely silent well he tried really hard to talk to her

i had to put my dogs in my room because our apartment people are coming to change out our smoke detectors today and so my one dog (who is extremely sassy) starts scratching my door and i said NO (because when they came last week to fix our broken washer and i had to put them in there she fcking dug a hole in my carpet so scratching is now banned) and after i said no she paused for a second and then did one verrrry long controlled scratch down the door like “bitch. i 👏 will 👏  do 👏  what 👏  i 👏  want 👏 “ and im just. i cannot believe i raised such a brat im laughing so hard

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Lucaya for the parenting meme. P.S. I love your blog! You posts are gold just like you. Keep on smilin' darlin'

Thanks so much sunshine!

Packs the Lunches?

I would like to say Lucas. Because I don’t think Maya trusts him enough to let him pick their outfits out for the day, and Lucas puts the best lunches together anyways. But Maya and Lucas always leave a note for their kids in their lunch together.

Blows Raspberries while cuddling?

Definite Lucas! I think he would always make them laugh so hard until the hiccup and then Maya would be laughing the entire time watching her kids and husband giggling on the couch. Lucas would always enjoy making his kids laugh, and he did it a lot when they were little.

Is tickle monster?

Maya. I would say Maya. Whenever she kisses them goodnight, she never forgets to tickle them until they hiccup. She knows their worst spots too, and Lucas just can’t do it very well.

Gives Life Speeches?

Honestly, Maya. I think she learned so much from Cory that it kind of just rubbed off on her to be a very inspirational person. But when her daughter starts liking boys, Lucas is not a fan of that so he steps in and somehow makes other boys seem like monsters.

Kisses Boo-Boo’s?

Maya! If she hears the slightest yelp from her child she runs in, picks them up, and kisses them everywhere to make sure no boo boo was left unkissed! Her kids find it really funny, and so does Lucas. It ends up being more of a game to make them stop crying, but it works.

Breaks bad news?

Honestly, Lucas. Lucas would always hug and support Maya when she’d be too upset to function. So when their childs fish died, Lucas was the one to tell the kid while Maya was crying because she didn’t want her kid upset.

Joins PTA?

Maya. With Lucas always at the Vet, Maya really likes to be connected with her kids school life. She is usually the class mom, and is surprisingly a teacher’s pet. Her kids enjoy her company at school, and Maya eventually stopped around age 10 because her kids were embarrassed and Maya was done with annoying moms.

Crashes sleepovers and embarrasses?

Both! I think Lucas would always barge in when he heard his daughter talking about boys and embarrass the crap out of her, and Maya would force him to apologize later. But Maya would embarrass her son when he was in teen years, talking about childish things and she wouldn’t stop until they locker her out.

 Gives crazy nicknames?

Maya! After all, she was a pro at it, eh? Her kids hate them, but she doesn’t hesitate to call them Love Bug, Sunshine, Pumpkin, Angel… etc!

Thanks for your ask anon! <3

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oml imagine Dylan questioning his mom to make sure she saw brooks and Eric and she swears she did but Eric and brooks are swearing they aren't dating, when she sees Bric again holding hands and flirting she tells Dylan but he refuses to believe her and honestly I'm laughing so hard at confused Dylan 😂

She would just give them knowing looks every time she sees them just o h m y g o s h

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Did you see 'The Kindergarten Kid!?' Omg they parody The Looney Tunes! Steven and Peridot moments! Baby's first corrupted gem! Green bubble! Barn = Home! (= Lapidot!) Silly Peridot! Strong Peridot! Dat tongue! Ahhhhhh!

I honestly don’t think I’ve laughed to a Steven Universe episode as hard as I did in ‘Kindergarten Kid.’ It was just too great. I love Peridot even more after that episode, if that’s even possible. It was very similar to Loony Toons and I loved it. Peri is freaking durable. She can take so much. It’s surprising really. Surprising and awesome! When she bubbled the gem I squealed! She’s learning so much! And when it sent to the barn, her ‘home,’ with Lapis, it made it even better! So adorable. Oh yes. I loved the Steven and Peridot bonding too. It was one of the reasons why I was so hyped for it! That episode is in my top 10 list I can tell ya that right now.


 M E M O R I E S

“Is it on? Mommy, is it on??” She moves closely toward the camera, eyes staring at it intently. I want to laugh because she just looks so serious in this moment.

“Yes baby, it’s turned on…what are you doing?”

“I’m winking Mommy, am I doing it right?” She blinks both eyes toward the camera, I don’t think she’s really got the hang of it. I can’t help but giggle at that, she’s just trying so hard. “Stop laughing at me! Why are you laughing?!”  She points a small finger up at me, her eyes dancing with playful energy. “I’m not being funny, Mommy! I’m trying to be cute!” She strikes a pose as she speaks, and more giggles just seem to come out. She moves quickly toward me, taking the camera from my hands before pushing me out toward the opening. When did she get so strong? “Your turn now!”

“What am I supposed to do??” I ask her, standing awkwardly before starting to dance. I can hear that sound I love oh so much rising from her chest, that precious bubbly laughter.

“Mommy!!! You look so silly!!” She laughs, and my heart swells at the sound.

“I’m, dancing! Don’t you like it when I dance?? I think I look amazing!!” I call out to her, still dancing for my little camera woman. She doesn’t answer me, instead she fumbles with the camera to turn it off before running into my arms.

“I love it when you dance, I love it when you do anything. You’re my super special Mommy, and I love you like the sky loves the stars.” I can feel tears welling in my eyes as I pull her closer, placing a soft kiss on her head.

“I love you like the sky loves the stars too, baby bird.”

I’m crying I just overheard my sister talking with my dad about where she’s going to live after she graduates next year 

Dad: you could do a Hazel and come home 

Sister: I don’t want to do a Hazel 

Yeah imma just walk myself to the burns ward. When did I become the anti-role model omg

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My friend just started watching pll

And luckily we seem to agree on most things. 

Spencer is both of our favorite character, although my second in Alison and hers is Hanna. 

We both love Ezria and Haleb. She hasn’t gotten to Spoby yet and she has no opinion on Emison. 

Sadly she hates Mona, but I am hopeful that will change cause honestly I hated her at first too. 

And we have talked about all the characters and seem to agree on who we hate and like. for example I dislike Melissa, I hate Jenna, and of course I hate Ian and I believe she agrees on all of that. 

I have also found that when someone starts pll when you are on season 7 its funny. She asked me the other day if A gets revealed in season 5 and all I did to answer her was laugh. I mean A is reveled so many times throughout the show, being Mona, Cece, Toby, and Ezra its hard to answer her. 

[Kohei Uchimura’s] mother Shuko, fainted in between chairs when the arena learned her son had overtaken Ukrainian Oleg Verniaiev for gold by .099 of a point after the last routine.

Japanese photographers rushed to capture the moment as she was helped up by friends and family.

“I don’t know why my mother fainted, but it’s something she just did,” Uchimura said, smiling through a translator, when he was notified a half-hour later. “Sometimes you just don’t know why parents behave in the way they do.”


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I'm laughing so hard omg so my bro who is practically tsukishima in personality got his wisdom teeth pulled. The salty bean pole got super loopy on the meds when he woke up XD he kept insisting that he didn't have arms and was convinced that the gauze in his mouth was his tongue and cried when my mom tried to change it because he thought she was stealing his tongue. He also took one look at my dog and just went "what the fuck is that" ~Emi

Omg what? what? HAHAHAHA That’s so funny what the hell did they give him? (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖  I hope he’s okay now though hah

I am so bored I am watching watchmojo on youtube and the video is “ Top 10 Annoyingly Catchy Songs “ and on the 4th place it’s “Dragostea din tei” and honestly i died of laughing when that girl said it. It’s not hard to say words in Romanian, where the fuck did she even learn how to pronounce it. It’s like she is speaking Hungarian at that moment wtf.