“When I told my mum you left she said ‘Look on the bright side’,” she laughs with blank eyes, “'you’ll have more time for yourself and your schoolwork’.”

“So I suppose,” she clutched her hands together and notices the way her fingers interlock, “on the bright side my hair won’t be tangled anymore because he used to kiss me so hard and weave his fingers through my hair while he did so and it would always take me hours to unwind the knots he would tie with his wandering hands.”

“On the bright side,” she whispers, “I won’t always have to reapply my lipstick whenever I walk past him in the corridor because he could never resist dragging me into an empty classroom, wrapping his arms around my waist and pressing his mouth against my own, even if just for a moment.”

“I’m trying…” her voice cracks. “I’m really trying to look on the bright side but I can’t hear anything but this ringing noise in my ears and the thought that he’ll never help me paint the nails on my right hand again.”

—  Heartbreak has no silver linings, 19/08/2015

Happy 8th Debut Anniversary to the loveliest lady that I’m proud to call my bias. 

Thank you for always giving us 110% of your love and dedication, for always working hard and gifting us songs when we least expect it, for making each and every one of us smile and laugh along with you. Thank you for creating music and singing for us even when we ask for more and also, 

 Thank you for being you.

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Gif reaction of the boys when you freak out over the turning point of your favorite drama

my chest hurts from laughing so hard ooh god

Jin: *feels awkward* You look like you need a minute…..I’m just gonna leave you to be with your feelings

Rap Monster: *pretends to freak out with you* i know I knOW girL I KNOW i KNow, girl did you see the way he got down on his knEES?!

J-Hope: *your screams scare the living shit outta him*

Suga: *genuinly confused* All she did was kiss him…why are you crying?!!

Jimin: *sneaks out the room quickly* I am not getting hit with another remote again.

V: *laughs at you screaming at the TV* This is so cute oh god

Jungkook: *doesn’t know wtf is going on* Okay then.

|Admin Raine|

Reasons not to like Carla VanGuiness:

- She beats her horses
- She’s arrogant
- She’s a real pain
- I don’t like her hair
- She smells weird
- Her vag is tight
- She killed a guy
- She likes cheese
- She eats all her sandwiches one ingredient at a time
- She cuts people at Starbucks
- She hits dogs with other dogs
- She eats cats
- She juggles hamsters
- She tears down houses
- She eats Lamborghinis
- She shits rainbows
- She’s purple
- She doesn’t like The Smurfs
- She swims funny
- She’s not a fan of the fourth Chipmunks movie


*translation is from bottom to top

1. EXO are very humble, especially Zhang Yixing. He didn’t stop bowing to the staff members and saying “You’ve all worked hard”

2. EXO as a group are very united. As they were rising towards the stage during the rehearsals, everyone played around and made jokes with each other, like a bunch of kids. However after they rose to stage, their expressions immediately changed to one that was serious and then continued to work hard completing their rehearsals. So that’s why they say, people can not become successful randomly/carelessly. As a person who was just a passerby, as a person who did not follow them, i want to say to the people who hate on them “u can u up, no can no BB” ***

3. About Zhang Yixing (laughs): When we were backstage i said “fighting!” to Zhang Yixing. Zhang Yixing then took out his earphones and with a serious expression he told me “I am Chinese” (laughs) (laughs) (laughs)

4. Also about Zhang Yixing: After EXO’s performance, Zhang Yixing walked at the end and thanked every staff member. As he passed me i said goodbye to him. He immediately turned around and clasped my hand, bowing low as he said “You’ve worked hard”. Momentarily i felt i had received recognition for my work. Months of staying up all night, i wasn’t tired at all, i felt a sense of accomplishment. How can a person like him not be liked by others? 

*** “u can u up, no can no BB”

It roughly means if you can be successful, you’re at the top. If you can’t be successful, you don’t get the girls (thank you sehuniette!) 

Final Descent

I should be doing homework, but then soprana-snap did a thing and now I wrote this! (I’ve read the end of this book so many times! I practically know it by heart!) PJOxFT crossover! Whoo!


Natsu is a son of Helios

Lucy is a daughter of Athena

Gray is a son of Boreas

Gajeel is a son of Hephaestus

Erza is a daughter of Aries

Wendy is a daughter of Zephyrus

Jellal is a son of Hermes

Lucy laughs, her hand squeezing Natsu’s with as much strength as she can muster after everything that’s happened, nearly crying in joy when he squeezes back twice as hard. They’re alive. They’re still alive. And she finally has him back after all this time. She couldn’t ask for anything else. She’s just happy he’s back.

Her eyes trace the sharp lines of his face, skating over his cheekbones and messy hair, a tired smile on his face. He looks so much older than he did when they first met, and it’s not because of the years that have past. They’ve been through so much, and not all of it together. Her gaze trails to the scar on his neck, a harsh reminder of the war they fought in no more than a year ago. He’s dirty, covered in blood and dust and who knows what else, but she can’t remember a time that she loved him any more than she does now.

As if he feels her gaze, Natsu turns to her, his green eyes lighting up in ways she never thought was possible, and his lips quirk up, flashing a toothy smile. Her eyes never leave his and she feels like she’s getting lost–drowning. 

If she is she doesn’t want to be saved.

And maybe he feels the same way, because he tugs her to his side, wrapping an arm around her, lips grazing her temple for just a second before he turns to shout something at Gray.

He doesn’t say anything to her–he doesn’t need to. The way he’s holding her, letting her lean into his side and shifting to accommodate. They’ve always been revolving around one another; when one moves, so does the other, and they never even notice it.

Lucy sighs, resting her head against his shoulder as something tugs at her leg, and Natsu’s hand shifts on her back, thumb rubbing slow circles over her spine. Her eyes slip shut and time stands still.

She gasps, eyes flying open wide, collapsing as her legs are pulled out from under her and she hits the ground hard, ears ringing and the sounds around her muffled–as if she were underwater–her yelp of surprise is cut off as something begins to drag her across the ground at an alarming rate. It takes her a moment to process what’s happening, and then all she can hear is Natsu screaming her name.


Rocks cut into her skin as she tears across the ground towards the edge of the earth, straight for Tartarus. And then she hears Wendy shouting.

“Her leg!” the daughter of Zephyrus cries. “Cut it! Cut it now!”

Confusion sweeps across her. Why would they want to cut her leg? She winces as pain shoots through her entire body, her right leg throbbing as something jerks at it once more, pulling her faster. Natsu leaps for her, eyes wild with fear and desperation, his fingers latch onto her wrist and suddenly he’s being dragged with her, his weight doing nothing to slow them down. 

“Gray! Gajeel! Help them!” Erza screams, cradling a downed Jellal in her arms. She struggles to stand, but her broken leg gives out under her.

Gray stumbles after them, eyes wide and panicked, Wendy trying to disentangle her sword from the rope ladder, tears streaming down her face. Gajeel is still busy with the ship, and Erza and Wendy’s cries are lost in the chaos.

Lucy cries out as she hits the side of the cliff, her back making a sick ‘crack’ as her legs go over the edge. She realizes too late that she’s stuck in spider’s web. She hadn’t thought anything of the strands of silk. They’re everywhere, practically covering every inch of the ground. She hadn’t notices that some were tangled around her leg, the other end heading straight for the pit below–attached to something heavy that’s dragging her down, pulling her into the abyss.


“No, no!” Natsu mutters, panicked as the realization hits him too. Something wells up in his eyes as his fingers grasp at hers desperately. “My sword…” He can’t reach it without releasing her, and she doesn’t have the strength to fight back. 

Her body slips over the edge. Natsu goes with her. 

Lucy’s side collides with something and she winces, gasping in pain and vision going black for no more than a second. And when she opens her eyes she realizes that’s she’s fallen part way down the chasm, Natsu grasping her wrist in one hand, nails digging into her akin as he fought to hold onto her, teeth gritting in effort. His other hand is latched onto a small ledge nearly fifteen feet below the top of the pit, frantically trying to hold them up.

But the pull on her leg is far too strong.

There is no escape, a voice creeps into her mind from the blackness below. If I fall to Tartarus, you shall fall as well.

Her head snaps up, eyes locking with Natsu’s, him being the only thing holding her up. He’s barely hanging on though, his grip is slipping.

He can’t hold them both up.

Gray leans over the side, thrusting out his hand, but there’s too much distance between them. He can’t reach. He’s too far away to help. She can still hear Wendy and Erza screaming, but she knows that Gajeel will never make it to them in time.

The darkness below calls to her, pain prickling at every part of her body, gravity threatening to pull her down. The force tugging her leg only pulls harder, her leg stretching in way it never should. She’s too far down to be saved and she knows it. Natsu’s green eyes flash with agony and she knows that he knows it too.

“Natsu, you have to let me go,” she pleads. “You can’t pull me up. You have to let me go!” The words leaving her are barely more than a whisper, but she knows that he hears her as he shakes his head, face pale, and grits his teeth as tears well in his eyes.

“Never,” he croaks, voice raw and cracked. “I can’t lose you again.”

Lucy hakes her head, trying to loosen her grip on him, but his only strengthens around her wrist. “Natsu, please!” she begs. “You have to let go!” 

“No!” he screams, eyes burning holes through her. “I promised I wouldn’t leave you again!” A sob rips from his chest, fingers locking around her wrist so tightly that she knows it’s going to bruise. “And I don’t plan to,” he tells her. “I can’t let you go,” he says, honestly in his eyes. “We stay together!” His head snaps up and suddenly he’s shouting at Gray, “We’ll meet you on the other side! Take care of them Gray!”

Gray’s eyes widen. “But–”

“Promise,” Natsu screams, his fingers beginning to slip from the edge. “Promise me!”

Gray shakes his head slowly, eyes horrified. “Natsu I can’t–!”

“Lead them there! Promise me!”

“I–I will,” Gray stutters, am still outstretched for them. “I promise!”

Below them the darkness cackles.

Natsu’s eyes snap back to hers, and she sees love there. Love and fear and all other sorts of emotions that she can’t even begin to describe.

“I love you,” he tells her breathlessly, fingers slipping. “I won’t let go,” he promises, sending her a smile. “I promise.” Gray starts screaming above them as she locks eyes with Natsu for what might be the last time. And she can’t find the words to make this better as she brands his smile into her mind. If this is the last bit of sunlight she’s ever going to see, than she’s glad she’s looking at him.

“I love you too.”

His face is overcome with shock for a second, his eyes widening just a fraction, but then he sends her a heart stopping smile, eyes drinking her in.

And then his fingers slip from the edge, Natsu’s arm slipping around her, pulling her close as they descend into total darkness.

I see you everyday. Walking down the hallway. Getting your books out of your locker. Talking to your friends. Sometimes, I stop and wonder, what did I ever see in you? What was it that made me fall so hard? Sometimes, I think i’ll never know the answer to that question. You’ve changed so much, and I’ll never get the chance to meet the new you. But she does. You met her last week, and you’re always with her now. When I see you two together, I remember why I fell for you. She looks up at you with a smile on her face, just the way I did, only months ago. She laughs at the things you say, hugs you tightly. It reminds me of why I loved you. Because we could talk for hours on end, you made me laugh at the simplest things, you could always make me feel better. Now, the tables have turned, and you feel that way about each other. I can tell she likes you a lot. I’m happy for you. All I want you to know is that if I can’t have you for my own, I hope there’s someone else that can make you as happy as you made me.

Full Confession:

I honestly don’t know how they did it. In SoS, I read on that Eda dies. I laughed and thought it was a bit morbid for a kids game, but didn’t think about it too hard as I went to play. In summer she’s out farming when you go visit her plot. Later, she stops caring for her garden. Then you stop seeing her out and about. Then her farm is totally neglected and you think, should I feed her animals? So there’s a whole decline … and it’s very upsetting. When they finally go to the cutscene of her funeral, I actually felt myself welling up with tears, I couldn’t believe it. I was in shock. I’ve never experienced that in a computer game before ….


kicsichii and me talked about a…erm..a very insteresting fanfiction, where Gajeel wore mascara 8I…i havent read that fic, but she has, and when she talked about it i laughed so hard like, omg plz no xD … so i did this shitty sketch about him, but i couldn’t leave Bixlow out of this hehe~

sorry that im not so productive nowadays 8I…even i have so much stuff to draw OTL…im the worst

i know i still have some color pallette challenge requests, and i promise, i will draw them!


I did my Dwarf Stream centered around my Warden Aeducan, Illiana. 

1. Illiana and her romance, Alistar. He makes her laugh. Simple as that. 

2. Illiana visits Skyhold with King Alistar because I said so. Varric, offering the hot dwarf Warden something she can’t refuse. Trade deals with Fereldan. *Varric voice* What? What did you think they were talking about? (Joined with my Cadash!)

3. And random Doodles of Illiana through her playthough. She was pretty rough and hard around the edges when she joined porque she really didn’t want to be apart of the Wardens. She just used it as a chance to get back at her brother and murder that bastard. But it was a bitter sweet victory. 

If the Inquisitor used to be in a relationship with Iron Bull but is now in a relationship with Sera:

Iron Bull: So, you and the Boss huh?
Sera: Oh that’s right. You and she had.. Sorry. right?
Iron Bull: (Chuckles) Hey, no hard feelings. Glad I loosened the lid for you.
Sera: Pfft! (laughs)
Inquisitor: That’s enough both of you!
Iron Bull: Fine fine. Touchy.
Inquisitor: If you are going to gossip, don’t do it when I’m here.
Sera: Oh loosen up you! See what I did? I did it too! (laughs) I think she’s turning purple.
Iron Bull: Not the first time.

(If Solas is in the party)
Solas: I am decidedly uncomfortable.

(If Cassandra is in the party)
Cassandra: Ugh.

(If Cole is in the party)
Cole: Why does she carry a jar down there? Is there something in her hands?

B.A.P: When you cover one of their songs in a super cute way but then go REALLY hard on the rap.

Oh god I laughed so hard when I first read this! Epic requests as always, so with that said I hope you enjoy~


Yongguk: *Blinks*…What…Just happened? She/He was doing so cutely before…How did she/he go from that…To this?!

Himchan: *Looks at you oddly* I’m not sure if I should be interested or disturbed… Um–That was very….good?–Question, who showed you how to rap like that? Because I think I’m going to have to have a little chat with this person.

Daehyun: I think I’m going to have to stop letting you hang out with my group so often. Because you’re becoming too influenced from certain Yongguk and Zelo rappers. 

Jongup: *Thumbs up* Nice going [Y/n], you never fail to surprise me. I’m just better off not questioning this, because to be honest I’m not really sure if I want to know.


Zelo: *Makes a heart* You’ve really improved since the last time! Good job, see? I told you that you wouldn’t regret me teaching you how to rap! Even though I had no idea you’d end up rapping like…well, this.




RUCAS FAMILY this is legit what we have been waiting for and it was good, like Riley lowkey/highkey fighting for her man doe :’)

Riley and Maya in the opening Yas (that forshadow)

RILEY getting excited because Lucas and all the dudes love Jexica….


Zay loves Celine Dion and the notebook


Again Maya surprisingly didnt piss me off this ep so praise jesus to that,she was funny :))) 



IV’E never laughed so dam hard in my life omg hahahaha 

Ava and Auggie:’) 

Maya sounds like barney the dinosaur when she says “Not me” ahahha

Topanga and Cory were funny in this Ep :))

looks like Marly is turning into missy and billy, SHE GONE

This Ep is so good, its deff’s a feel good ep, The ad made it look average but i promise you’ll be laughing all through.

Lucas in the email he sent to Riley hahah GOLD! loved it, they are happening and im Alive

what the heck did Darby say when her man out here tryna be Jexica??? 


Zay went to camp with Jexica :’)))) i cannot

Riley getting jealous because she thinks that lucas is over her but realises he wants Jexica in his life :’) her voice chage in that scene is me when i find out the dude ive been crushing on like’s me back


ohhhh Maya gets Married five time’s riley says they only know five guys… lets think Farkle who she’s already married and got divorced Lucas who she is not getting married to because Riley said so, Yogi is one of her husbands who divorce her then theirs ZAY AND JOSH!!!!! soooooo there we go maya gon end up with ZAY OR JOSH 

Also i love how natural it looks, like thank good they arnt wearing shoes on their beds and stuff lol, and even topanga wakes up with morning hair! like I LOVE THIS EP OMG

ROWAN BLANCHARD IS SO BEAUTIFUL OMG IM DYING!!!! this short hair is working

The major lesson in this Ep is to just be yourself because people will like you for who you are and if they don’t well they arnt going to be in your circle that long so just be yourself and you’ll attract good people who care for you.

I STILL CANT GET OVER THE EP IT WAS SO GOOD OMG!!!!  Riley’s final profile after she’s finished being Jexica.

There are times that it’s hard to eat with MJ, because I don’t want to look away from those riveting green eyes. There are other times where she has me laughing so hard I can’t force food down. There are still other times when realizing that I’m sitting there with -pardon the cliché- the love of my life ties up my guts up in knots the way it did when we first started going out, or when I first realized that she really did love me and I wasn’t imagining it.
—  Peter in Spider-Man: Requiem

lois and clark at that same bar and woman after woman after woman after man keeps hitting on clark and lois is keeping a tally on a napkin because if she doesn’t he’ll never believe that there were this many (eidetic memory her ass). they’re on 12, an hour in. 

then number 13 walks up and she’s way on the wrong side of sober and she says to clark “did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” and clark goes “i was too young to remember” all polite and dead serious and lois laughs so hard she falls off her bar stool

EXO when you sleep talk


*No idea what to feel about this* O…kay…


*Laughing so hard* Wait, wait she’s saying something else


*Thinks you’re adorable* I wonder what she’s talking about~



*Videotaping the whole thing*




*Trying to comprehend the things you’re saying* Tuna…reading…sunflower? What on earth is she dreaming about?


She’s saying the weirdest things while sleeping…


*Asleep so he doesn’t hear you*


Request and let’s love!