@graysea01 requested the three hq figure skating aus i mentioned in this post so here they are

the first is something else altogether by shimizu/ @shimiizuu and i just read it yesterday but i think it’s amazing. it’s written so well. all the characters are spot-on but i think this version of hajime is the most canonically accurate that i’ve read. i love their relationship so much and the fact that oikawa’s like “i want this one” i laughed really hard at that. i love it a lot. 

next up is Love Best Served Cold by SpaceKatEyes/ @blondie-cosplay​ and it’s a slow burn that has left me aching, seriously. the flirting at the beginning, fuck me, and Captain Iwaizumi, hhhggnnn help. and omfg the “fashion is fucking wild” line got me so hard, i laughed again when i was skimming over it. ggoddd, this fic has me hook, line, and sinker; i would lay down a life for it

and third is Chances by jellyfish_kuchen and it focuses on Bokuaka and Asanoya, and now that i’m looking back at it lmao iwa wasn’t a hockey player in this one my bad. but!! it’s hella good. it’s emotional and cute and sweet and the way the characters interact is Great. i actually read this one…last weekend i think? in like a day and a half or something like that. it’s real engaging and i didn’t want to stop *sweats*

Inspired by this post

It’s hard to explain to someone who isn’t wholly a bibliophile that yes, I buy books because they have beautiful covers and incredible stories and worlds and characters that I love to get lost in and even seeing their spines and titles on my shelves brings back the exact moment I read a scene that made me laugh so hard I cried or when I was so lost in another place, in someone else, that I didn’t realize it was three in the morning until I’d read the last line and it was completely worth the loss of sleep to spend every second inside the words printed on those pages nestled snugly on my bookshelf so I can return to that moment anytime I so wish. 

Andy Samberg: Remember the time in 5th grade when you accidentally said, “I don’t shut up, I grow up, and when I look in the mirror, I throw up” and Ilan and I laughed so hard?

Chelsea Peretti: Yes. I was trying to flip it and be like, “When you look in the mirror you throw up,” but I failed really bad. That’s the day I learned to always draw within the lines and think inside the box.


The Adventures of Tsundere!12 [Vol. 6 preview]
(in collaboration with lotuskasumi)