Okay but seriously can we talk about this for a second

  1. forehead lyrium dots
  2. that codpiece
  3. bare feeties
  4. ponytail
  5. boy that’s a lot of chains
  6. danarius was either really concerned about his muscles getting free or there was a new wave of chain chic in tevinter couture
  7. he’s still pretty pale
  8. double-wielder!
  9. spikes, spikes everywhere - at least that hasn’t changed
  10. seriously that codpiece, with the dangly cloth thing it looks like one of those “pull-adhesive-tab-to-remove” wall hooks
  11. forehead lyrium dots

Kyungsoo thinks love is a funny thing.

It can break you like a hammer to glass, but it can also make you feel giddy, like a child on their first day in class. It can make you smile like a fool and do stupid things, like play with confetti and laugh with that person as if the papers were snow. Sometimes love makes him stare and sometimes love makes him shy. Sometimes love even makes him want to die, from embarrassment of course. Love makes his heart beat too fast and his brain turn too slow, making words come out of his mouth sounding different than it was in his heart. Wasn’t it supposed to be I love you? How did it turned out to be I hate you? He meant to say you’re cute, but in the end it was always you’re too loud. Looking into his love’s eyes, Kyungsoo hopes at least he of all people could understand, understand that love is sly and it makes him crazy; it shuts his brain and deny his rational senses. The more he loved, the faster he fell, down a slippery slip of no control. Was that a punch or a kiss? Kyungsoo closes his eyes and wishes for the latter. If not, he could always kiss it better later.

Then his love turns around and faces him, his eyes twinkling and mouth stretched wide, like a Cheshire Cat ready to pull a prank. Confetti in his hands as papers fall through his fingers, the giant laughs obnoxiously, leaving him to speak breathlessly. What an idiotic look on his face, that’s all Kyungsoo could think of. Yet fireworks are exploding in his head and blood is pumping through his veins. His body heats up like the sun and the butterflies in his stomach flutter their wings getting ready to take flight. Reaching a hand out, he also grabs a handful of confetti and listens amusingly to Chanyeol’s chatters. Really, it is just confetti. But to his love these tiny pieces of paper are treasure and so to Kyungsoo, they also become treasure. Why? Because he is in love and love makes him do stupid things.

It makes him laugh too loud and become too childish, like tossing papers into the sky and pretending it to be snow. Love makes him greedy and craves the other’s smile, and it makes him indulge and spoil the giant without a thought. Even though his love’s happiness may be the cause of his pain and suffering sometimes, Kyungsoo accepts it and endures it. Love has given him patience, albeit sparingly, and love fills him with kindness. Watching the flying specs of white float in the air, Chanyeol’s face shines with happiness. His happy face reflects in Kyungsoo’s eyes and again and again, it makes an imprint on Kyungsoo’s mind. Heart beats fastening and body temperature rising, the man in love blinks slowly. Ah, seriously. Lowering his eyes, Kyungsoo’s lips also stretch into a smile and he thinks to himself.

Love is such a funny thing.