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Could you do the Inquisition companions dealing with a teenage herald's mom threatening them to keep their child safe please?


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Iron Bull:

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i used to not like kpop at all until my cousin visited and introduced me to got7 and blackpink and now i kinda feel weird talking to her about kpop groups bc she's always side-eyeing me like "i thought you said you hated it" 😂

haha I know what that feels since you said you didn’t like kpop at first lmao but you need to tell your couz that you like them maybe you guys could spazz together :D

I suddenly remember this story my sister told me… are you familiar with this drama weightlifting fairy kim bok joo? they were watching it at school and suddenly a friend saw them and says, ‘why are you guys watching this?! THATS CORNY’ then the day after, that girl has the same hairstyle as kim bok joo 😂


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The best (non-spoiler) thing about Voltron Season 2

… was my child (4 years old) watching it with me and being unable to pronounce “Shiro”. Her names for him were as follows: - Zero - Chiro - Chiko - Cheeto And then when I had her slowly sound it out with me: “Shi… Shiiii-ro…(short pause) That’s too hard… Let’s just call him Taco!”

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When you see a hot girl for the first time and realise that you might not be as heterosexual as you first thought.


this will live forever in history as the best got7 vine of all time