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I dont know whether you have the time for this or not but i noticed how good you are at drawing curly hair. Can you show how youve done that? I hope i dont bother you and if you dont have the time i absolutly understand. Have a great day!

Hello! Haha thank you but I don’t think I’m capable of explaining anything since my way of drawing curly hair is doing the repetitive spiral shape oops
But there’re these really nice hair tutorials by misselaney 
(and also pinterest is great for references if you look for ‘curly hair’ or ‘curly hair drawing’)

oh btw I could explain how to bullshit drawing hair: lazy artist edition (or, well, the first and the last step how to draw proper hair but I often skip the parts in between so oops sORRY)

start with drawing an outline for a general shape of hair, without filling any details yet, just like… look up for some references and draw the most simplified version of the hair shape you are able to
also after you’re done with hair, whether you’re rendering it or flat colouring, whether hair is curly or straight, I found it’s great to add some wild hair strands here and there. Adds a little bit of life, you know?

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My and my bf have been together nearly a year,we argue a lot about silly things as hes over protective;doesnt like me meeting other boys and i think thats understandable 👀 however all my friends say that hes a fuckboy and i can do so much better,but i love him and i dont want anyone better 😭 idk what to do anymore should i listen to my friends or should i listen to myself 😓😓😓

You don’t love him, I don’t even have to know you or your relationship to know that, just you simply messaging me a stranger for relationship advice is obvious you don’t really want to be in a relationship. There’s a difference between being over protective and someone not trusting you, over protective is when a child want’s to go out and a parent is afraid they’ll get hurt or lost. Someone not trusting you is exactly what your experiencing, your boyfriend’s scared in case you go out and guys flirt with you and you enjoy it. That’s not understandable that’s delusional, lots of girls with boyfriend’s have guy friends, not all guys are attracted to all girls or have any intention other then being human and friendly. 

I feel like you both need a huge reality check of what a relationship is, what love is and what life is, because this is not that. It sounds harsh but I’m telling you straight because this relationship is controlling and delusional. He sounds like the type of person who is scared of being alone and is a control freak, these type of guys trap girls and get them pregnant so they can’t go anywhere and try to make everyone else’s life as miserable as how they feel. So I’m doing you a huge favour by being real with you. 

Listen to yourself, and I guarantee you will come to conclusion that this relationship is not what your worth. But there’s a possible chance instead you will listen to your ego and try and convince yourself that this relationship has more meaning then it does and stay there because you let your ego make the decision for you. 

Sorry it probably wasn’t what you wanted to hear, but I’m at work and have no time for sugar coating things and I’ve said a million times on my blog don’t ask me relationship questions, I don’t like them, I don’t enjoy relationship problems, It’s over stepping boundaries into people’s personal life, it’s uncomfortable for me, I’m not a nosy person I don’t like knowing people’s personal lives. Once you dump him though I can give you great advice on how to start loving yourself and appreciate yourself for what your really worth, I enjoy helping people feel beautiful and to know how much their worth  ❤️

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ok, listen here. I have something to fucking say, and I am quite pissed about it. I don't even freaking know you but I love you and your family so damn much. Like you don't understand I live for your posts about you and your daughter. Then photos of you and your man give me hope. I talk about you as if you are an actual friend, I DONT UNDERSTAND BUT YOU ARE SUCH AN AMAZING ROLE MODEL AND PERSON. MY HEART, MAN. MY HEART.

I was scared for a moment reading this.. BUT FUCK YEAH. THANK YOU <3

You’re adorable.

do you know what i dont understand? why people think how much hate or how many struggles people endure are a contest like im so sorry that i finally feel comfortable in my own skin and im minding my own business but please feel free to knock me down and tell me that im not worth it because i dont suffer as much as you do apparently
even though this site originally helped me feel more secure in who i was, sometimes all i feel is more alone than ever.

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Why aren't people allowed to not like Zayn? Like I understand people who still do, that's their opinion and I've got no issue with it. But if you don't stan him you're all of a sudden "searching for drama" or "overreacting". No, it's how other's feel. It's not invalid simply because you feel differently.

good fucking question. i don’t know why people are attacking me on my own blog because of the way i feel.

like all i’m saying is that he shouldn’t have lied? because he hurt fans? i dont think what i’m saying is all that nasty honestly people need to calm the fuck down i’m just expressing an opinion the people starting drama are the ones messaging me with angry opinions. 

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I don't know what gender feels like or the concept of gender at all. Technically I refer to myself as female but literally only bc I'm dfab at birth. Anyway I never really understand the whole concept of feeling a gender and it makes me extremely anxious bc I hate not knowing who I am. agender even seems like too definite a decision when I don't understand gender at all. do people feel agender? as in its own separate gender or do people use agender bc they dont feel a gender.

Hey there,

Agender describes a feeling of lacking gender, as does gender neutral and gendervoid. They’re handy labels when you can’t put your finger on any particular gender feeling.

When you say you feel extremely anxious because you hate not knowing who you are, remember YOU are not defined by a list of words on the Internet.  Those words might help in relating to your gender or lack of it and describing it to other people, but you are so, so, so, so much more than that. Instead of getting anxious about your gender identity, try writing a list of words that also describe you - smart, curious, kind, creative, etc, - what kind of friend you are, the things you enjoy, and so forth.  I’ve often found exploring those things have helped to shine a light on my gender identity as well, and also kept my mind open to so much more that I could be.

All the best,

- Mod Aldwin

  • Me:pinch me once more and i promise you'll regret meeting me
  • Gio:*pinches my cheek*
  • Me:*breakdown and cries*

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hey this is weird but i think i have bpd but this thing happens where i cant remember or understand things - i'll be halfway through a conversation i dont remember starting, or i'll struggle to understand the simplest things bc a sort of mental fog descends on me when im hearing something i know is important and i need to remember. is that a bpd thing? sorry

Why are you apologizing? It’s perfectly okay to ask me questions! :)

This happens to me too. Sometimes it’s simple fatigue–I get hit with a sudden wave of exhaustion and my motor skills/cognition declines (happened last night in public. Thanks BPD.) Sometimes it’s dissociation. I can’t understand anything while dissociated and sometimes I dissociate out of nowhere. My memory fails me and I need people to repeat themselves many times before I understand. This may not be specific to BPD–you might see this with other illnesses like depression and PTSD, or perhaps due to medication–but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were common.



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Hey, I dont mean to be mean or anything, but your blog is actually full of thinspo and this is triggering for others. I would like you to take those posts down or else I will have to report them. Please dont think Im hating on you or anything, I just think you and I, we both dont want others to get motivated to develop an unhealty eating habit, right? I hope you can understand me and I wish for you to get better! :)

I don’t know what’s your problem. Seeing something that many people like is triggering? Yes, you DO hating, because there is nothing wrong with my blog. I’m not promoting ana or mia attitude. I keep recommending healthly lifestyle, but still liking skinny body (not anorexia looking). There is countless amount of pictures of skinn and/or beautiful girls on the internet and nobody can do anything about it. 

There is no reason to wish me to get better. I’m good. Living healtly and admiring pretty people on the web from time to time.

I really can’t wait until Troyes new album bc I want to listen to one of his songs for the first time and get that bubbily feeling in my stomach and smile uncontrollably and get tears in my eyes like I did the first time I listened to TRXYE


Pix from Otakon!! I’ve never had so much fun at a con before and I hope hope hope I can hang with these people again because they were the literal BEST.

Hisoka l Feferi l Vriska l Karkat l Aradia l All 3 Captors/the middle Tav are me haha bye

I bought like a ton of bee stuff because I’m garbage and I held up that bee for a few pictures I’m so sorry lmao. And Casey I totally stole that selfie from you sorry not sorry huehuehue

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Show me the razzle dazzle!

th….the razzle…..dazzle…?

Whats the razzle dazzle?

What’s it’S special ability?

Where did this come from??

Should i play it????

Is…is iT A GAME??





My Biggest Thought on Shermy

You know what really gets me “???” about Shermy?

The fact that in the principal’s office (before we know Shermy exists), the principal stares at the parents of Stanford Pines and declares

“Now Mr. Pines, I’m going to speak very frankly with you, if I may.”

“’Very frankly’ is the only way I speak.”

“You have two sons: one is incredibly gifted, the other is named Stanley.”

The principal, speaking FRANKLY to Mr. Pines, mentions TWO SONS. Not three; TWO. At this point and time, Shermy has definitely been born into this world, we see him crying the next evening and mom sure wasn’t pregnant in that Principal’s office. The Principal probably knew of this child; it’s hard to miss it when parents of the kids that have been attending the school for 4 years suddenly has a new bun in the oven. THEY WOULD KNOW.


Option 1: Shermy is actually a GIRL.

Problem: Shermy has no female equivalent. I checked. What the heck.

Option 2: Shermy is an older brother, not the baby.


Option 3: Shermy is adopted, or is not their child and they are raising someone else’s baby in the family.

Problem: Why? Why would Shermy be adopted? If he was adopted, did Filbrick not see him as “his son”? If the baby is someone else’s child, like an older brother or sister, then why… why would Stanford be SURPRISED about a niece or nephew when he grew up in the same house as that kid? Did he not know it was some special kid out of wedlock? Ford is a lot smarter than that I would think. It’s also definitely not Stanley’s illegitimate child because Stanford would KNOW Stanley was lying right off the bat. It doesn’t make sense.

Sorry I guess out of everything I saw, it seemed SO important that the principal would say “VERY FRANKLY” (aka frank being another word for TRUTHFUL, and HONEST) and follow it up with the FACT that Filbrick had only two sons. I just can’t wrap my head arund it.


i have tons of really really cool friends in my life who wanna talk and hang out lots but i am this antisocial introverted piece of shit who is barely ever available and i hope people dont think i dont like them

like I know they’re all mostly aware of it and totally understand but i still feel like a huge letdown all the time and im constantly disgusted with myself over how exhausting it is for me just to strike up conversation even when i WANT to

you would think somebody like me would have an exploding social life but nope i sit and agonize over answering calls and messages

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I dont understand why Sasusaku is so hated in Naruto fandom? From YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr and any social platforms, all i see is "Sakura is useless" and "Sasuke is an asshole!" like wtf?!? Sasusaku is the most misunderstanding couple in the entire fandom and i dont know why. Just why???can you just fill me in please???

Well its for a lot of different reasons really. However, I’d say the most prominent one is that many people simply just don’t pay enough attention. For instance:

  • They think that the part 2 Sasuke is a truthful representation of his actual character, and completely disregard everything that Tobirama says in 619 regarding how the Uchiha are cursed with hatred once losing love.
  • They actually believed Sasuke when he said he would have allowed Sakura and Kakashi to fall in the pit of lava, and ignored everything that Naruto said afterwards.
  • They think Sasuke was being serious the 2nd and 3rd times he called Sakura annoying when he obviously wasn’t. Not only that, but they also consider calling someone annoying as an insult, which it isn’t.
  • They think Sasuke constantly insulted Sakura and made her feel worthless, when in fact, Sasuke never insulted Sakura once in the entire story. 
  • They think Sakura was still after nothing but Sasuke’s D, even though she’s never thought of how “cool” Sasuke was since prior to chapter 49. This is made even more shocking when you consider how many times Kakashi shoved it down the readers’ throats in chapter 675 and 693 that she wanted to save him, nothing more, nothing less.
  • They think Sasuke was about to kill Sakura in the Iron Country because he genuinely wanted to, and not because he was so deep in the curse of hatred at the time, that he wasn’t in the right frame of mind.

I could go on and on but I don’t wanna write an essay in response to your ask. Basically, people want every single intricate detail of their relationship to be handed to them on a silver platter, and don’t bother to read a little more carefully. This is detrimental, especially when trying to understand SasuSaku because you NEED to read closely in order to understand Sasuke’s side of the relationship. That’s why so many people frustratingly don’t understand that this:

And this:

Are not the same person. Pre-massacre Sasuke and post 698 Sasuke are who he truly is. Everything in between (especially in part 2) is a gross distortion of his character, by taking away most of the positive aspects of his personality, and replacing them by amplifying the negative traits.

All of that is just touching the surface of the misunderstood Sasuke aspects, I haven’t even gotten into Sakura’s side yet! Lol. That just gives you an idea of how complex the relationship is, and thus how it can easily be hated on if you fail to pay attention to just one aspect.

Apart from that though, there are others who simply think that as soon as a couple faces issues, it’s immediately an unhealthy and problematic relationship, and that alone is enough for them to bash it. Angst is a turn off for them. And that’s fine, but I often see people claiming the couple is a train-wreck because not everything is sunshine and rainbows 100% of the time which is quite annoying. Sometimes it’s the angsty couples that demonstrate the largest bonds because they’re able to stay devoted to one another despite their flaws. Sounds familiar don’t you think? :P

Goodness gracious, I feel as though I’ve barely answered your Q and I’ve written so much! I guess that’s what defending SS does to me! Lol, so I’ll spare you any more of my drivel =)

Thanks for the question ^_^