idont understand what ppl want from me i know my life sounds stupid i wish it didnt and i wish i could just be happy and not post abt bad things but i cnt because thats not the hand i was fucking dealt so leave me alone and dont follow me if you ddont like when i vent

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I caught up with SOA, and its sooooo good! I never had slow build keep my attention! I get impatient when characters dont see that the other loves them when its painfully obvious, but it feels like John and Ham already know how the other feels and they're stuck on inhibitions. i wanna shake them until they love themselves, and i trust you have a plan to develop their relationship, but just PLEASE LET THEM BE HAPPYpleaseplease

I’m glad that comes across!  It always struck me as contradictory when romance stories try to push the idea that the characters understand each other implicitly- better than anyone else ever understood them or whatever- but they can’t even tell that their feelings are more than platonic.  I mean- it’s cute to read, but it weakens that understanding dynamic.
I can see an arc where the characters know their friendship is deeper and more romantic than typical bros, but they’re afraid of damaging their dynamic or losing their friendship by pushing things further, but I didn’t think that trope could apply well to Lams since both of them are passionate and bold or whatever.
So, instead they understand that they’re attracted to each other, they understand that their friendship has a lot of potential to be romantic and satisfying, but they’re worried about outside factors making a full commitment to that sentiment more painful than rewarding, threats of getting hurt in battle, of screwing themselves over with misplaced loyalties, of becoming jaded to each other, etc.  And I mean- they’re not wrong.  They just have to grow to value the benefit each other over the cost of those consequences.
I’ve been developing the dynamic in multiples of three if that helps you feel better.  I do have a plan.
ch. 3- John decides to make himself Alex’s friend
ch. 6- Alex decides to make himself John’s friend
ch. 9- everyone gets on the same page about where they stand
ch. 12- *get pumped*

  • close friend:i believe in you
  • me:omg..... they're right.... i can do this. nothing can stop me but me. im going to go get a glass of water and succeed.
  • someone that doesnt know me too well:i believe in you
  • me, getting ready to explain how awful i am:no, you dont understand-
blog rules

1: i dont allow sexist coments asks etc if i see them i will instently delete them same goes for racesism and alike

2: i dont care what youre sexuality might be just if you wanna rp im me

3: i always like to go over what triggers you the rp partner so i can avoid it if you dont give me the info and i trigger you its youre fault, wont stop me feeling shit but still youre fault

4: im dutch so my english as seen here is fucking horrible so dont mind that

5: im really alright with any scenario

6: TELL ME IF IM DOING SOMETHING WRONG, so i can repent and do something differant dont just up and leave

7: dont try to understand my muse when you just met him, everything needs time

8: like idgaf if you match my speed or lengthe of rp replys just do it though i have to be able to work of it not just a yes do something like

“yes” he/she nodded looking away not knowing what to do

im really serious about this when i do a fucking NOVEL about fighting scene dont try to match it i have rped before i kinda know what i do

9: idk have fun?

10: might be added rules later

If read send “in the darkness we hide, but fear shall never strike”

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you're so damn annoying oh my god & this is internet, your shit will get reposted - like it or not. get over it, you ain't something special.

lol since you have the logic of a fucking 12 year old let me respond to you in a way you’ll understand:

  • my “shit” gets reposted only by ignorant people like you
  • be “people like you” i mean the sad uninformed kids on the internet
  • 12 year olds like you don’t realize how rude and disrespectful it is to repost because children like you have never made anything funny or creative to share with on the internet 
  • anon, you’ve made nothing worth sharing so you wouldn’t know what it’s like to see your work being uncredited.
  • and honey, you’re the one hiding behind anon. dont be pathetic. go finish middle school and get educated first.

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You know what it bothers me of all this mess is that ET talked positive about bellarke in the past,what she said last weak about romantic right now(there's a future)and now what,i cant understand how people get dismised a relationship like bellarke really at least Bob understand and its nice to us,and the other hand that gives the antis strenght to feed it and grow attacking saying that all the cast writers hate bellarke,when we saw that its not true,what i dont understand is why we still here.

I hear you, nonny. What Eliza said was disrespectful and unprofessional - there’s no way around that. (Please don’t send her hate, though, guys! Hate is never okay!) And you’re right - Eliza has talked positive of Bellarke in the past, and just because she hasn’t said the nicest things about it lately, I don’t think it’s necessary to put too much stock into it. And a few negatively interpreted comments from one person shouldn’t be what makes you quit this show, just when we’re getting everything that we’ve waited for.

I still have hope and faith in my ship - do you?

My personal interpretation of what Eliza said is this: she’s not just sick of Bellarke, she’s sick of being just a love interest and nothing more. Like you said, she used to say positive things about it, but I think she’s just tired now. The difference with Bellarke and C/exa is that she was not afforded the liberty of saying whatever she wants about C/exa, because she has to appear positive about everything the writers have chosen to do on the show. Bellarke hasn’t happened (yet!) and, of course, there isn’t a huge mob of crazy shippers that have chased her colleagues off of Twitter in the Bellarke fandom, so she doesn’t have to be quite as careful about her feelings coming out about ships when she is talking about Bellarke as she has to be about C/exa. Remember that gifset where she rolled her eyes and said she was sick of staring at that stupid chip every episode? That’s about as shady as Eliza is allowed to get about C/exa right now (and probably ever). 

And, let’s face it: Eliza seems to have enjoyed C/exa while it lasted. She’s a shipper. I would say that it’s probably better (and more professional) to remain neutral as an actor when it comes to shipping, but in this case I believe Eliza DOES have a preference. It’s unfortunate that she’s been so blatant about it - both for her, the show, and it’s fans - and, generally, actors really aren’t supposed to, but she IS entitled to her own opinion. 

The problem is, actors usually are supposed to keep opinions like that to themselves instead of revealing them in interviews. That’s where I believe Eliza went wrong. She was unable to hold up her neutral facade, and that was her mistake. She came off as being rude and mocking towards the fans, while also invalidating our ship at the same time. Was that her intention? Probably not, but she still made a mistake. 

It’s important to remember that Eliza has been wrong about things she has said in regards the the show, and ships, in the past. This time last year, she said she didn’t think Clarke would be able to forgive L.exa and if they did, she didn’t think they could pursue a romance after her betrayal - she was wrong. For the past months she’s been saying that she doesn’t think Clarke will be able to find love again - she owned up to that mistake yesterday and corrected herself (as did Jason). She was wrong then, too. I wonder why she would make a mistake like that? Because it’s her opinion, and she had next to no prior knowledge on Season 4 at that point. I bet you anything that someone higher up told her she needs to stop saying that, because it’s just not true. Clarke will love again.

Eliza even admitted that she knows barely anything about Season 4. She hasn’t even read the premiere yet. Jason doesn’t seem to be giving the cast much information, most likely because he didn’t want there to be many spoilers at the cons. He hasn’t told the actors much yet because he doesn’t need to. They still haven’t started filming - best to wait until he doesn’t have to worry about accidental spoilers, anyway. Eliza probably doesn’t know anything about her character’s romance yet, because they just haven’t told her and I don’t get the feeling that she really cares all that much about that aspect of her character so it’s not like she’s asking about it. And we already know that Eliza only talks about what has happened or is happening currently in the text. Bellarke is subtext right now - therefore, she will not talk about it.

Literally everything Eliza has said about Bellarke has been opinion, not fact. Nothing in the narrative matches up with her opinions. Bob’s interviews don’t even match up with her opinions. Many of the cast is positive towards Bellarke (MANY - someone has a masterpost). Literally no one, not even Jason, except Eliza has done anything even close to shutting down Bellarke. Jason even went so far as to make it clear that Clarke is bisexual, therefore she can be with either a man or a woman (and she WILL, according to him). Eliza is entitled to her opinion, yes, but that doesn’t make it fact and, at the end of the day, she has zero control over the story. This is Jason’s story, and it’s evident that his story in the past three seasons include Bellarke. 

Because some people have brought it up, it’s true that the question wasn’t about romantic Bellarke, but Eliza chose to bring up the romantic aspect anyway. Don’t put too much stock into that, either. I think it’s gotten to the point that she assumes all questions regarding Bellamy and Clarke have to do with romance. It was a wrong assumption of her, one that I hope she realizes now, but that’s my interpretation of what happened. I don’t think she was looking for every opportunity to slam us. 

There’s still lots of reasons to continue to ship Bellarke. As I said, the narrative backs it up, Jason still backs it up, Bob backs it up. Eliza is the only one who doesn’t. But one person out of many doesn’t mean anything, not when they have no control over the script. This interview doesn’t change anything - it isn’t anything we haven’t heard before. She’s been saying these things since even before Season 3, and we still got a shitload of more reasons to suggest that Bellarke is happening in 3B. Her opinion didn’t change the narrative then - it doesn’t now, either. 

If you ask me, I think it says a fair bit that The 100 writers almost immediately followed up that video of her saying “Bellarke shit” with “she said ship”. Obviously she didn’t say “ship” but clearly the writers weren’t particular happy with that particular quote. Which means that they do still care about our fandom. Hmmm … I wonder why? 

In any case, I hope that this was a learning experience for both Eliza as well as the rest of the cast and crew. It’s always best to remain neutral on sensitive fandom matters to remain professional. 

Eliza was unable to do that yesterday, and it’s a shame. But it doesn’t mean that Bellarke’s future is gone - it’s just beginning. So don’t give up now!

Bellarke is coming. Believe it.

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I just noticed something! The gif you put up with jikook somewhat holding hands in the bts festa, look at the way jungkook moves his hands. I dont know how to explain it but he basically pushed up jimins hands so he could hold it! UGh! im not good at explaining things! But I hope you understand what im saying because he pratically rolled jimins hands up to put it against his own.

I know what you mean nony!

Jimin sort of retracted his hand, but Kook ‘chased’ it, pushed his hand and flatten his palm against Jimin’s, all the while they were talking to other members, WITHOUT looking at each other. The gesture was so soft, so intimate, probably the reason why it got cut right after. It was so sudden, so abrupt (I am still salty over that fact) and we didn’t get to see what happened afterwards. For some reason It felt as though butterflies were floating around in my stomach, like I’d just witnessed two people in love, and I felt the love. The way Jimin’s hand looked so tiny when pressed against Kook’s, the way Kook’s fingers worked their way up to Jimin’s until they’re nearly intertwined. It’s as if they’re magnets, as if they knew what the other was thinking. Ugh I can’t with these two! THAT WAS SO SO SO INTIMATE I STILL AM CRYING!

so i made an offhand comment in the tags about how maureen is a muslim and yall…yall liked it and im so glad you did and anyways here are all of your muslim! maureen hcs ft. luke, clary, and simon too bc i said so

also if theres any words in here you dont understand feel free to come and ask me!!! some stuff is cultural and not everyone knows so! feel free im so ready to talk about this

  • so like i said maureen is a muslim
  • she was born into a muslim family and it was good!!
  • she loves her abu she loves her ami, she loves her sister (shut up she has a lil sis now i said so) and she loves her aunties and uncles
  • now heres the thing she was v religious as a child
  • she dreamed of wearing the hijab, she dreamed of being A Big Girl™ and staying up alllll night during ramadan esp. in the last 10 days
  • and then middle school came
  • and middle school was…strange for her (for lack of a better word)
  • she started wearing a hijab!!! v exciting stuff! now in the beginning (re. 6th grade) she wore the slip on bc like it was the beginning right? she still needed to get used to it and yall know what i mean)
  • she met clary and at first it was nothing just another friend
  • but then they got assigned together on a few projects and got closer
  • anyways maureen ended up going to clarys house once for this english project and lo and behold!!
  • she meets luke garroway!!!
  • who!! is!! praying!!!
  • and at first shes shocked bc like?? clary never really mentioned anything before so she never really thought about it
  • but oh look!! clary has a muslim step father which is so cool!!!!
  • like outside of her family and the masjid maureen had never really met anyone else you know? and was pleasantly surprised
  • anyways so she and clary get started on the project and leave luke alone to do the prayers (maureen did hers before coming over to clary bc she good lil girl)
  • and anyways they essentially get nothing done bc theyre two idiots and end up laughing at stupid things on the internet
  • (MAYBE)
  • but ohshitohshitohshit this cannot be happening and maureen freaks out bc heres the thing. the muslim community. not terribly open to the idea of a queer girl.
  • and maureen buys into what theyre saying that yeah maybe queerness is wrong and homosexuality is wrong bc no one ever told her otherwise
  • but anyways shes freaking about clary and so she tries to repress it (and fails ofc)
  • she also feels v distant from islam at this point
  • bc she thinks that her religion hates her, she thinks her religion wants people like her to to be damned
  • and she hates it
  • bc honestly she made it this far, shes dealt with people calling her a terrorist, shes dealt with people yelling slurs at her due to her race, shes dealt with all of it and no some red haired girl is her downfall???
  • so she vows to not really be in in contact w. clary
  • but that also means she doesnt hang out at her house as much
  • which is really sad bc like. she liked clary.
  • and also whenever clary wasnt home she was out on some art class or smth maureen would kinda sit on the couch waiting and she’d talk to luke
  • and the thing is that luke liked her too 
  • they both bonded pretty easily
  • over islam, over animals, over everything
  • like he became one of her most trusted adults. he came over to dinner at her familys house
  • where she obviously acted very proper and served gulab jamun and everything
  • like he was like another uncle (bc lbr any family friend just becomes another distant relative okay theres no other option)
  • and you know he was always there during eid and he did her mehndi once or twice and they got along
  • and she misses him
  • but shes thinking that she cant go over but she owes luke something and so she goes over to the house trying to figure out something
  • and just as she gets there theres someone else in the apartment
  • its a man
  • whos with luke
  • who kissed luke
  • like it was super brief, a quick peck but holyshit it was there and she saw it
  • she freezes bc what the hell isnt this bad??
  • luke sees her and for a second everything is just frozen but then all of a sudden the world is back into rushing
  • they both open their mouth and maureen instantly blurts out smth like “i thought this was unholy, i thought this was smth and the Prophet Muhammad ʿalayhi as-salām was against im confused are we both going to jahannam???”
  • and lukes eyes widen just a bit and he realizes ya Allah this poor girl likes girls and thinks shes going to die bc of it ya Allag please
  • so he quietly just tells her to come inside
  • and he breaks it down for her
  • islam, never ever ever directly says anything about homosexuality being bad. our religion is beautiful he reminds maureen, Allah wouldnt punish us for something out of our control
  • however, and he explains to her that the muslim community is v different from the religion. which sucks
  • he also explains that the homophobic muslims ‘reasoning’ is going off of a passage thats actually talking about rape
    • (the passage is a story of this group of men who went and raped anyone and everyone. men, women, children, etc. and obviously this was shown as a god-awful thing. however the homophobes pointed to the very small area where it says that the group raped innocent men and said ‘look!! homosexuality MUST be bad’ therefore missing the point of the passage and being terrible people)
  • maureen breaks down and cries after he finishes
  • he doesnt say anything, he just holds her v calmly and waits
  • once she calms down she explains that maybe she had a tiny (huge) crush on clary and maybe was freaking out
  • luke grins and kisses her temple and tells her that its okay
  • he also grins and while wagging a finger and says that maureen still needs to properly ask for his daughters hand like any other guy would
  • she lets out a watery laugh at that
  • after that she goes home and her mind is buzzing
  • she does the only thing she knows how to. she reads the quran
  • she reads her favourite stories, she cries more and when the athan comes she does her namaz
  • the next day shes a little more calmer and a lot more curious
  • she goes online. she reads and reads and reads. not everything is accurate. not everything is good. not everything is bad either.
  • but its summer and so she goes to the masjid a lot
  • she reconnects with her religion. she falls in love all over again.
  • ramadan comes and she stays up all night and she prays
  • she prays to Allah to forgive her for her sins
  • she prays to Allah to help her with her schoolwork
  • she prays to Allah to help her figure out this whole sexuality thing 
  • when school starts maureen starts to reconnect with clary
  • (her feelings. they are still there)
  • but regardless they fall into an easy relationship and maureen meets simon
  • a jewish kid who is 10000% okay with being jewish. and pansexual
  • and its nice to see someone her age still be close to their religion and also be connected with their sexuality
  • i mean granted hes still figuring out some things but its okay bc theyre young
  • OH!! its around this time that maureen goes thru what she called “hijab puberty”
  • where now instead of slip ons shes wearing actual wrap arounds and playing with styles
  • (its v exciting and luke may have cheered really loudly the first time she went to school with it)
  • anyways so school goes on the work gets harder and maureen still deals with a lot of internalized lesbiphobia
  • she also deals with literally every str8 yt boi calling her a terrorist or yelling slurs at her
  • and yeah whatever she gets used to it
  • she puts on a brave face and rolls her eyes at them
  • (the ironic thing is, even tho theyre making fun of her hijab, even tho her hijab is partly why theyre being jackasses to her, its also become her shield)
  • it gets easier to ignore them
  • in the meantime she goes shopping with her ami for different styles and colours and texture and has fun
  • she looks for kameez shalvaars to wearing during eid bc why not
  • she gets her mehndi done by luke and tells him how her day is going
  • she joins simons band and suddenly clary is everywhere and her feelings just wont go away
  • but its okay. because shes getting through life with her friends and its okay
  • and this is really long and is kinda a mess but i love maureen
  • i love muslim maureen
  • i love luke
  • i love muslim luke
  • and i love my kids and i swear i have a million hcs but heres a story? about muslim maureen and muslim luke meeting
  • and come and talk to me about them bc i could. forever.

i cant believe i finally have 1k followers!!!! im so happy and i made a lot of really good friends through this site i love you all so much so i decided to make a follow forever since i reached my goal. i want to thank all of you for actually following me because this blog is hopeless all i do is scream about louis and harry but anyway i dedicate this to all the friends ive made through this site, i love you :)

credits to romina ( @harolou ) for this amazing edit!!

Special Mentions:

@punsarecool - mariaaa, my ride or die, my number 1, i can tell you anything bc we’re besties obvi i love that we can talk about anything and we understand each other, we know so much about each other it’s pretty disgusting actually, you’re the light of my life and even though we dont agree on otps i still love you (you guys should follow she’s great 10/10 would recommend)

@nineteeneightiesniall - eliava you’re such a nice person to talk to and you’re one of the first people i talked to on this site. im so glad im able to talk to people like you because you’re really nice and a really good friend with good taste in music, have fun in camp!!

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The Ass Family: @gucciadidas @peachmochis @invinciblelarry where to begin…you guys are the first groupchat i joined that is still going strong. it’s also our first year anniversary!! i know i can talk to you guys about anything and i know its mutual bc we’ve discussed it (im sorry i had to) anyway i love you guys sosososo much you’re like family to me (hence the name) and i dont know what i would’ve done in tough situations without you guys honestly i really do love you and i hope we get to meet each other soon :)

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i’m in it for the long game: chapter one

pairing: josh matthews and maya hart

word count: 6.9k

on ao3

summary: “Maya, you do understand i’m too old for you?”

“I do Josh, I know that”


“But I’m in it for the long game

a/n: this fic was born because i needed more josh and riley bonding and then decideed i also needed more joshaya in my life. this fic is canon up until after girl meets permanent record.

Josh Matthews had a love hate relationship with the subway. On one hand, it was convenient and a good way to beat the infamous New York traffic. When riding the subway you were almost always guaranteed something interesting to watch; whether it was a scandalous fight between a couple or simply a pretty girl. He enjoyed watching the variety of people who used the public transport. You had the grumpy businessmen who were always yelling at someone on their phone, the quiet reader, musicians performing on their guitars, the ones who slept on the seats, and friends excitedly babbling about whatever they were going to do. Just about all of them were drinking coffee. There was a feeling of separation and unity as Josh would watch what unfolded in the subway car as he listened to music. But, being on the subway meant that he had limited freedom. He missed driving in his admittedly shitty pick-up truck, going so fast that the lights were nothing but a blur, yelling along to the music because that was the only way he could hear himself over the volume. The feeling of freedom it gave him was indescribable. Josh hated the the fact that it sat in a spot in the parking garage of NYU that he overpaid for, only used when he drove out to Philadelphia.

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he said he wants to know me, that he is not the kind to leave but I’ve met liars before they were liars and I don’t give my trust to them until it is broken

I will tell you all my secrets if you are

not careful. I will open the birdcage in the dark

corner of my home 

but nothing will fly out. The birds whisper

about my easy afflictions

but they do not know the way my heart

was never made to be whole. They do not understand

how sometimes falling apart is the only thing that

keeps me alive. Maybe it is a disease

but I love the pain of seeing 

shadows after sticks and stones leave imprints in my mattress.

I like telling my secrets to the

men who run away the fastest, at least they will

fly, at least they are not

trapped in their own homes. I want to know you

before you disappear. I know you will leave, but I want

 something to stay.

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I dont understand how to reconcile the Louis we saw in 2015 fighting against the narrative, with the Louis we see now, crowned by that slavish performance on AGT. Why did he have the power and will then to fight back and lay out lines he wouldn't cross, but now he looks like Simons puppet? Where are his legendary 'new team' smarter and more powerful than Simon Cowell? This isn't getting at you btw Angela, your belief that the Azoff had the band gave me hope. But with Louis, it feels Simons won.

We don’t know what Simon had over him to be able to get his way to that extent–he couldn’t get Louis long-term on his flagship show, but a one-time appearance on another show, sure.

If this is the sort of thing that Louis is resorting to in order to communicate his real feelings, that tells you that he himself doesn’t have a lot of power in the situation. Which is what we had been dealing with for years–he used signs like the dagger to communicate his feelings, but he did not have the power of words. I was actually a bit :/ at this precisely because it was a huge sign that we were back to the kind of fighting that you were looking for. A fight that says Louis did not get his way.

Simon won a one-time appearance and that’s it, anon. I’m sure he wants you to extrapolate from there to infinity, because he wants to LOOK like he won.

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Dear Rosso, i still dont read the mp100 manga, so i really dont understand why everyone loves Reigen so much (not that i hate him, he's hilarious and looks like a saigen lovechild), i guess i'll know why later. But maybe you can explain me.

*i* dont even know why i like him tbh im not far enough into mobpsy to have seen much character development its just


i rly want to start a youtube channel

here’s a list of my concerns

  • idk wtf to talk about anD NO i dont wanna make a booktube. lifestyle, rants, a ~whatever~ kinda channel i guess? is that boring? am i boring
  • do ppl actually like me here?? would some of y’all watch my videos or nah
  • is my camera too shitty (wtf kinda camera do i use, wtf kinda lighting do i use, do i need a fancy af camera to produce mediocre quality vids?)
  • i dont know how to edit
  • my fucking accent what if nobody understands me

help me. id really appreciate a pep talk from you guys, especially someone that does youtube.

ive been meaning to for YEARS but never rly got to it. ive been wanting a blog for years too and i finally have that and i feel like thats the next step.

pay attention to me for once pls and help me y’all

i dont understand why luke and arzaylea wont OFFICIALLY announce their relationship

like we all know arzaylea has tried too drop subtle hints but the fact that luke wont is making me mad. if you calculate the pictures that started to show up last year and like the upcoming shit, its literally almost their one year anniversary. they have been together for this long but luke still wont officially announce. idk if he’s like afraid of the hate or doesn’t want girls to be mad, but like how long this has been going on, it doesn’t really matter anymore. i think if he just officially said “hey yeah ive been dating arz for this long and we’re official and stuff” then most of the hate would probably die down bc the center of all this hate is because no one knows if its official. people are getting mad because luke wont say anything and i feel kind of bad for arz bc she just wants their relationship to get out there because its already so obvious. 

okay say this is a pr stunt. this is a long pr stunt tbh. i think its just time to rip the bandaid off and just accept it, luke. everyone with eyes and ears and a brain can obviously see you guys are dating so theres no point in trying to point that direction elsewhere. 

id rather luke announce that its real instead of leaving us in the dust like this and i genuinely feel that the fandom will start to feel something for them bc like you know its official. you cant break up something official. 

my thoughts on calum and nia:

i think they’re friends with benefits 

my thoughts on mikey and crystal:


my thoughts on brashton:


someone give me this damn sweet sixteen spoiler before i loose my mind you dont understand this is not a normal emotion i am feeling right now i cant sleep i cant breathe my heart is wounded deeply by all those tears and i need to know what has these kids so shook. i am not @ y'all keeping things from me on my own dash i feel so betrayed

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Got7 reaction to the reader beging pregnant and shes the grumpy type of pregnant like ; "Dont touch me." "NO." "Leave me alone!" "I swear if you dont leave me alone my next craving will be your head beging smashed in the wall." ? XD

JB:He might get a little irritated just because well we all know he has a short temper.Of course he would never yell at you,he tries to understand that you are pregnant and have hormones going crazy.He would try to comfort you by rubbing your back and suggesting you two watch a movie so maybe you would calm down.

“Come on y/n lets pick a movie to watch.” He would say as he gently rubs your back.When you agree he would kiss you slightly on the forehead and smile at you.

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Junior:He would probably get a little startled at your actions because he has never seen you like this.He would try and remember that you don’t mean any thing your saying.

“Maybe we could go for a walk if your up too it it’s nice out today?” You agreed and he took your hand in his and kissed it softly. “I can’t wait to see our little one.”

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Mark: He didn’t care what you were saying because he knew you didn’t mean it.He was just worried because you were so angry if it might be bad for the baby.

“Y/n calm down baby.” He said as he sits you down and pushes your hair out of your face.”I know this is all hormones and stuff but just try to calm down for our baby okay? Let’s go do something anything you want.” He would kissed you softly and take your hand to wherever you two decided to go.

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Jackson: *Screams* “WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME I HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING OH MY GOSHHHHHHHH Y/N BUT I AM YOUR AMAZING HANDSOME WONDERFUL JACKSON WANG.” That just mad you even more mad and he realized it was just the pregnancy talking.

“Okay,okay y/n calm down baby,I don’t like seeing you like this.Let’s just cuddle.”

He would say as he wraps himself around you and lays your head on his chest.

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Youngjae:*stares at you with a blank face* He doesn’t exactly know what to do in this situation.

“Y/n baby please,I’ll do anything to make you happy again okay?” He would slowly come over to you and brush your hair out of your face and caress your cheek.

“Smile for me y/n it’ll all be worth it when out little munch kin comes okay?”

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Bambam: *calls his hyungs* “HYUNGS WHY IS Y/N YELLING AT YOUR BOI BAMBAM I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING.” They would try and explain its your hormones to him and you don’t mean anything your saying.

“y/n,I know your upset right now so I can leave you alone?Or if you want me to stay? Or I can go get you food?.” He would try to do anything to see you happy again.”

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Yugyeom:I actually think he would handle this pretty well.He would come up to you and hold you hands.

“Y/n look at me,I know you r mad right now and I know you don’t actually mean what you said.I love you,I want to see you happy.Tell me what I can do.”

He would caresses your hand with his thumb and then kiss your forehead.

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hey, i'm sorry to bother you but i was just wondering if you could possibly point me in the right direction to find some gifs of Lex with his motorcycle? i've looked everywhere but i can't find any. thank you x

oh its no bother at all I understand believe me! I dont personally know where you could find those but I have my @jessisters that could probably point u in the right direction :) @luthorspeachtea or @shallowjaney might know. 

also @rizahmad makes the best Lex gifs ever.

what really pisses me off is obsessive rinharu shippers.
like I understand rinharu and if you ship them and don’t get hella defensive over them then yeah sure, I don’t hate you.
but if you’re a rinharu shipper and you actually despise makoharu and shit on it just saying that they’re “just friends” and that they’re not special to each other, I will probably shit on rinharu back.

I know I sound hypocritical but hear me out; i have some reasons why rinharu is shit.

- Rin was leaving for australia, not telling the team until the day before the relay, and then telling Haru that he’ll show him “a sight he’s never seen before” but then just leaves.

- whenever Rin challenged Haru or raced against Haru and he won he would always rub it in harus face, but when he lost, the grudge he had before when he first came back to Japan in middle school and raced Haru, and lost, gets bigger and bigger to a point of pure anger (resolved in season 2 by various events)./p>

- the friendship is full of arguments and angst and that just doesn’t look good in my eyes.

- yes they figure everything out and have a happy ending at the end wow! amazing! but their friendship is still jaded and isn’t the best at times.

let’s talk about the rinharu shippers and their common opinions on makoharu:

• “makoharu doesn’t make any fucking sense”
Makoto has stayed by Haru’s side for as long as they can remember. they’re best friends and do everything together. Haru’s parents are never around so Makoto takes care of haru at times to keep him doing daily things that a high school student does.

• “Makoto is just Haru’s friend, Rin is more suitable for Haru.”
Makoto is literally like a parent to Haru and is around him, in a good way, all the time. your argument is invalid.

• “Makoto babies Haru and acts like a helicopter parent around him.” maybe you’re right but thats only because Makoto cares about Haru to an extent of going out of his way to help Haru if he is in debt.

there are many other points but i am so tired and frustrated @ the world right now and can’t think straight so this is what you’re getting.

i respect all rinharu shippers but obsessive ones that attack you because of your ship really aggrevate me and its honestly one of the most childish and rude things you could do.

go outside.

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Am i still valid as a trans guy who doesn't mind having a vagina?? Im dysphoric about my chest, and basically everythnig about myself. except my lower half. Im being told left and right i'm "Transtrending" or that im "Not valid" and I dont understand. I'm a boy, a guy, I know that. But that doesnt stop me from being comfortable with my lower body... right?

Kii says:

You don’t need dysphoria to be trans, so you are still a valid guy.