hi please read + im sorry

Hey im baku and im sorry for making this post but I start college in september and I dont have money for anything. This is my third year (I live in the uk) so this is my last chance to get education, as my first two years were ruined bcos of my mental health.

I need clothes and I need supplies, I come from an incredibly poor family and sometimes I struggle to just buy food. I dont want a lot, but I just want some clothes that dont have holes in and that fit me, as most of my clothes i have are 2-3 years old and make me horrifically dysphoric/miserable to just wear- and I really want to be able to buy my books and some stationary for this year so I can do well.

TL;DR I have one last shot at education because my mental health ruined the first two and I desperately want to make this year a good one, but I can’t afford any clothes and supplies and at this rate I may not be able to go back. I need some donations/help.

I dont have a bank account of my own so I have to borrow a family members paypal, so please inbox me for the email so you can donate. Even $5 will help, please dont put yourself at a disadvantage, please just give what you can or just reblog this to help. Thank you.

yall be calling rhysand an “asshole” and “abusive” but be acting like duke perrington doesnt exist???? ok

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I thought I used they/them pronouns? When I was saying he/him I was talking about Oz -anon who resent the headcanon

im guessing ur the same anon, dont worry u corrected the pronouns, zea goes by they/them oz doesnt (on this blog), with the post i was referring to other anons who didnt correct their mistakes :’)

I survived 10 weeks of work!!! 10 weeks of getting up at 5am ,going to drivers school after work, going to tennis after drivers school and in between coaching the kids, getting uni shit done, taking care of dad in hospital and lets not forget I biked there every day through no matter what weather , what a damn nice feeling ! so if anyone wants to call me “spoilt” ever again, try me

I’m so proud!! Especially because one girl was supposed to stay 4 weeks but quit after 3 weeks, weak ass
Alright everyone say it with me


There are many important things to consider when writing a character. But there’s one I tend to overlook before I get to really know them, something that is  buried so deep inside of them that most people don’t even think about it most of the time, even if it is at the core of who they are and how they act. Something I thought about recently regarding Cenric.

Their deepest fears.

viafr, since you said you’d read this, buckle in, it’s gonna be an hell of a ride ;D

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“Ahm.. I think you have tha’ wrong motel room, this un’s booked ‘till tomorrow..”

#sockssaturday, #selfiessunday, and the Gerard Way tag.

Oh yeah, also I needed to get your guys’ vote on something.

Do you think we should continue to put #sockssaturday and #selfiesunday in the Gerard Way tag? #sockssaturday was always well and fine because it was maybe what, a picture of socks every hour? But #selfiesunday is clearly not at the same volume level (last time it was like one selfie every three minutes maybe), and I want to go about both days the same way.  

On one hand, I feel like its a good bonding exercise for the Gerard Way community. On the other, I don’t mean to flood the tag, and a casual fan who wouldn’t know what gwaypositivity is would just be confused. It may not be fair to them to clutter the tag like that.