She's Kinda Hot (Late Night Drive + Tunnel)
  • She's Kinda Hot (Late Night Drive + Tunnel)
  • 5 seconds of i love this song
  • you aint never heard nothin like dis

So by much much MUCH request, i’ve made another tunnel edit :) // This is the type of song that has lyrics that should be sung loud and proud, so do just that as you imagine driving to this song. Then when the guitar solo comes on, you stick your head out the window, feel the wind breezing through your hair, and you’ll feel limitless

You know what? I’m sick of feeling like an inferior Swiftie because I only became a fan a little over a year ago. Do you know why that’s when I became a fan? Because that’s when I needed her. That’s when songs like Enchanted and Dear John and Tell Me Why and The Story Of Us got through to me when NO ONE else could. That’s when she pulled me out of myself. Ans I did not love her in 2006 or 2009 or even in 2012, but I have always liked the songs by her I had heard and I NEVER called her a slut or any other horrible thing, and I remember one time even coming to her defence in late 2013 because I remembered listening to “Mean” and for the first time in my life feeling empowered by a song, and because deep down I already knew she was a good person. And maybe I haven’t lived through all her tours, and cheered on and understood all your inside jokes. But me needing to listen to All Too Well or Last Kiss when I remember losing my best friend, or me listening to Sparks Fly or Treacherous when I feel myself falling in love with my crush, it’s all just as valid. Those things only recently happened to me, I could not have appreciated Dear John in 2011 like I do today. I would’ve also been too young to appreciate the lyrical genius of Speak Now or Fearless or even Taylor Swift. I became a fan in 2014 because that was when I needed, more than ever, someone to turn to. And that person was Taylor Swift.

So what’s wrong with that?


Pix from Otakon!! I’ve never had so much fun at a con before and I hope hope hope I can hang with these people again because they were the literal BEST.

Hisoka l Feferi l Vriska l Karkat l Aradia l All 3 Captors/the middle Tav are me haha bye

I bought like a ton of bee stuff because I’m garbage and I held up that bee for a few pictures I’m so sorry lmao. And Casey I totally stole that selfie from you sorry not sorry huehuehue


When ‘Cocky Rodrik’ wasn’t too busy with his lord in training
duties, Elaena would feel a small spark of excitement ( not that
she would EVER confess it, she was much too proud for that )
it had only grown into a flame as the visits were prolonged & more
often. She knew he would set out to find her first, it was something he
had started doing recently & she had begun hiding behind a rather
large tree that was perhaps a stone’s throw away from the tree they
always counted at.

Elaena’s stomach was a mess of butterflies when she heard Rodrik’s
making his way towards her hiding spot, she knew what was going to
happen, he would poke around the other trees, maybe joke & ask aloud
‘where could Elaena be?’ but he would always find her, not that it was hard.

“I don’t want to play hide & seek anymore, Rodrik. I’m NOT a child.”

Though, the stubborn maid did sound a bit childish in saying so as she
revealed herself. Not even pretending to ignore the way Rodrik’s face lit
up, perhaps she would tell him that she had changed her mind about the
betrothal, but only if he asked.

He had made his way through the usual bushes, taking, as usual, a little more time than necessary to take peeks behind trees he knew had not been used as hiding spots.
The boy knew exactly where to look, yet he took his time, each step a cacophony of cracking twigs and leaves. 
Just as he was about to turn around and speak to tease the slightly younger girl, he saw her coming out of her hiding spot, leaving the coverage of that by now familiar tree with a pout.

“Found you.” 

He walked towards the lady, smiling like he hadn’t seen her for who knows how long. His expression turned amused at her words, his mouth curved in a slightly smug grin. 

“Oh, come on, Elaena. It’s not just children who can have fun.” 

He deserved a bit of a distraction from his duties, fencing with ser Royland had become quite boring and, despite taking his lessons very seriously, he wasn’t fond of Lord etiquette.
Sure, it would have been more fun to actually try and look for her instead of going straight to where he knew she would be hiding; but actually, it wasn’t a mystery she wanted to be found.
Rodrik had started questioning her behavior towards him. She wasn’t as stubborn and obstructive as she was some time ago; they had been sharing longer talks, longer stares.

The boy had made it clear he did have an interest in her.
Still, he didn’t want to force Elaena. Their fathers had started discussing the possibility of a betrothal, but the idea didn’t make her as enthusiast as he was.
He hoped she would soon change her mind.

“Come on, help me look for Gared. You know he’s the hardest one to find.”

It was an obvious excuse. It had been years, and by now he knew where to look for everyone. He just wanted to spend some time with her, alone like they never were.

Let’s go.”

He  offered his hand, hoping she would take it. 

we did it folks we climbed this whole mountain

yes that’s right look at this shit right here:

We even got one to spare. 

Anyway I promised you all I’d do a giveaway when I reached 100 followers and MY WORD IS TO BE TRUSTED. THERE SHALL BE A SICKNASTY, CRAZY, FOOTPRINTS-ON-YOUR-GRANDMOTHER’S-CIELING-AFTER-TOO-MANY-SPIKED-CAPRI-SUNS, GIVING OF AWAY. And by “away” I mean “rocks.” You are getting rocks. 

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// Hey guys! I never got any requests for the 100 follower thing ( :( ) so I figured something out. As soon as I got my new computer, I started thinking of something and drew stuff. So, say hello to this new character!
He is like a second character to the page. He is a 16 year old Batter, but looks younger. I came up with him, and I felt like since other people make new characters and stuff, I wanted to do it as well. (Plus, my beloved regular Batter is a bit plain.) He is overly confident, kinda naive and innocent, but deals with anger problems. One day while Batter was purifying some spectres, he suddenly appeared, seeming very interested in the fight. He calls himself Nest for no apparent reason, which Batter finds confusing, considering it’s an a!u him.
(Is about 5′7, male)

Also, I’ve found a design for Zacharie on my blog!

// For some reason, I really liked him with his mask propped up!
And then of course there is the Bad Batter baby. You are all welcome to ask stuff to all of the characters. Nest/Youngster!Batter, Batter, Bad Baby Batter. You guys can even ask Zacharie if you want!

// So what do you think?
I would love it if you guys answered in my ask box being like;
Did you like the new drawing style? Should I continue it that way?: Yay/Neigh
Did you like the Nest/The new character?: Yay/Neigh
Did you like the character designs?: Yay/Neigh

I love all of you so much, thank you guys for following me! You all make me so happy!

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