when willhelm’s clip has more sana content than all the previous clips this week but all anyone does is whine about nopehelm & praise isak for that text as though noora isn’t the one drafting a heartfelt speech and waxing poetic about how soft and caring sana is to her supposed boyfriend but nope, it’s all about isak…how come no one has giffed noora talking about sana!? 

Hey guys
I’m tired and cranky
So listen up.

I need y'all to tell me why Crutchie literally always seems to get the shit end of the stick in almost every single Newsies AU that isn’t explicitly focused primarily on him?? 🙃 Or why is he always there just for comedic relief???

Tell me why he’s left out of so many headcanon posts.

Tell me why people downplay his relationship with people. ( not just jack )

Why??? 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

I feel tired over all of the Cophine apologetics over time.  People think Delphine is not trustworthy.  They think Cosima was just dumb and after the sex. And they think Cosima is “a brat.”  And I just keep saying, Delphine is a relativist.  She just accepts situations and does her best to reduce harm within them.  It’s not my ethic, and it conflicts with Cosima’s, but it’s consistent and steadfast.  And I just keep saying, they clearly love one another.  They have a freaky, rare intellectual bond, and they have physical passion on top of that.  It’s rare enough for queer ladies to find one another, much less queer scientist ladies.  And I just keep saying, Cosima is coughing up blood and slowly dying.  She left her family and school behind.  She’s in a better position to understand how desperate their situation is, and she’s changed the game so many times.  Why is it like this.