when willhelm’s clip has more sana content than all the previous clips this week but all anyone does is whine about nopehelm & praise isak for that text as though noora isn’t the one drafting a heartfelt speech and waxing poetic about how soft and caring sana is to her supposed boyfriend but nope, it’s all about isak…how come no one has giffed noora talking about sana!? 

  • Person: how are you?
  • Me, internally: Why were Harry and Louis touching each other behind the tables in that Z100 interview when they thought no one could see. They were literally touching each other's thighs and giggling. They would gently touch each other's legs discreetly. They thought people couldn't see. They did that for themselves. And why was Louis always adjusting his hoodie every two seconds around his neck. ....Why
  • Me: I'm good how are you?

Self-identified bisexual REG: Yo, maybe as a bi person you shouldn’t comment on lesbian things, it’s lesbophobic
Me, a lesbian who identified as bisexual for a while because of the abuse I received for daring to be trans and call myself a lesbian: Or maybe you could stop supporting and contributing to actual problems within the lesbian community, Becky?